Tumhari Disha


Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD Fast Forwarded by KP[Keshp15]!!!!!!!

keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 10:37am | IP Logged

hey every1

its KP

i shifted my story to this post

Love KP

ps. i will be posting the next scene in some time



As disha and Dk go inside with sumitra,everyone goes away from dk's house.Disha and Dk are both sitting with sumitra as the nurse makes her go  to sleep. Gargi and vedanth get inside the house and go to their rooms as they are tired of all the excitement and events going on. After sumitra is asleep, nurse tells Disha and DK that she needs to go somewhere and that its an emergency. Dk gets very angry and Disha puts a hand on his back as to stop him from bursting out. Nurse tells them that she will be back by morning. Disha tells that its ok and she can go. The nurse leaves and Disha turnes to DK and tells him that she would take care of sumitra. DK has no idea what to say or do and then he turns to leave. Just then Disha tells him ' DK tum fikar mat karo, main hoon na. mai mummyji ka khayal rakhungi'. Saying this she smiles at him and he smiles back and tells her that he trusts her.


It is 2 am in the morning. DK cannot sleep coz he is too worried about his mother. He gets up and goes to her room and sees that Disha is still awake and is reading a book. HE then shifts his eyes to his mother and sees that she is sleeping peacefully. He goes inside the room. Disha has not yet noticed that DK is standing there. DK puts his hand on Disha's shoulder and she gets scared.  He asks her what happened. She says that nothing happened and that she just got scared when he suddenly came and touched her. She tells DK to sit next to her by sign of her hand. He sits next to her and she tells him that she didn't expect anyone to come at this time. He tells her that he could not sleep and that he is too worried for his mother. He tells Disha that 'I don't know what happens to mummyji suddenly. One time she is normal and the next second she gets all hyped up.'

Disha is worried and looks at DK with concern and love. She is wondering if she should tell DK about the red color. She is still looking at DK when he looks at her and asks her what she is thinking. She tells him………


DISHA- DK main tumse kuch kehna chahti hoon


DK- haan disha bolo


DISHA- DK  jab bhi sumitra ma red color ko dekhti hai to who abnormally behave karti hai.


DK- yeh tum kya keh rahi ho[looks all shocked and sad]


DISHA- mai sach keh rahi hoon Dushyant. Jab bhi kuch hota hai tab kuch to red color ka hota hai unke paas.


DK- yeh tumhe kaise pataa hua


Disha- [thinks that if she takes gargi's name, then DK wouldn't believe her and it is imp for him to know this] DK maine yeh notice kiya hai ki har baar aisa hi hota hai. DK I haven't told anyone about this but I think that it is imp for u to know this. WE have to take care of the most minor incidents that go on around maaji if we want to make her better.


She looks at DK in his eyes and tells him that' DK mere liye yeh jaanna zaruri hai ki tum mujhpe vishvaas karte ho'


DK- [who is sooo shocked and has just come out of his stance realizes that he has to believe her and knows that she wont do anything right] Disha mujhe tum pe poora bharosa hai and I believe whatever you said.


Disha- relieved that finally her hubby believes her] Dushyant thanks a lot.


DK- mai chahta hoon ki hum dona mil kar maa ji ko theek kare and be with each other all the time


Disha- [who is happy after listening to all this] haan DK hum dono mil kar sab kuch theek kar denge.


Disha smiles at DK and holds his hand and presses gently to show assurance. He also puts hishand on top of hers and they both are literally lost in their own world. Disha then suddenly realizes that she has been holding his hand for a long time and gets ahy and lowers her eyes. She looks up at DK and tells him that it is late and he should go to sleep. DK tells her goodnight and tells her that she should also get some sleep, Mom will be ok now that she has taken her medicines. Disha tells him ok and when DK and Disha  turn off the light and are about to go out of the room, DK turns around and HUGS Disha very tightly. Disha is surprised.


Disha- kya hua DK. Tum theek To ho naa


DK- haan Disha main bilkul theek hoon. Thanks a lot for doing all this for me. Only u can do such nice things for  me


Disha- Its ok DK


AND THEN she too hugs him back and smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DK and Disha leave each other and Disha gets all shy. Both DK and Disha don't know what to say. Disha tells DK that we should go to bed. DK tells her ok and they both smile at each other and go to their rooms. DK and Disha think about their hug. DK is surprised when Disha hugs him back. Here Disha is in her room and she also is surprised that she hugged him back. However she thinks that she did feel good when DK hugged her. She still does not understand why she hugged him and she tosses and turns on her bed because she cannot get the scene out of her head. The next morning Disha and DK are sitting on the table and are having their breakfast that Disha made. He asks her if she made the breakfast coz he remembers that once before too she made the breakfast and he liked the taste. She tells him that she made it and asks if he liked it. He says that it is very good. Disha smiles listening to this.


DISHA- DK you do remember what I told you last night don't you

DK- yes Disha I do

DISHA- DK ek aur baat hai jo mai tumse karma chahti hooon, lekin akele mai

DK- theek hai disha hum dona mere office ke private room mai milenge. Waha koi nahin aata sivay mere

DISHA- that's fine DK, hum dinner time par milenge.


Disha and DK  get up from the table and go to sumitra's room. Sumitra is sitting on the bed and Disha asks her how she is. Sumitra listens to this and smiles. DK is surprised and is very happy. He then remembers that he has to go for a meeting for his new business and he tells his mother

DK- maa mai thodi der ke liye bahar jaa rahaa hoo. Aap apna khayal rakhna


Disha- DK kahaa jaa rahe hoo


DK- mujhe meri nayi company ki ek meeting ke liye jaana hai.


Disha- [happy to hear that her hubby is doing something of himself] smiles at him and tells that she will meet him in the evening.


DK-ok, bye!


DK leaves for the meeting and Disha goes to her room. She calls her aai. Her aai asks her how she is. Disha tells her that she is fine. Aai then asks her how is DK. Disha is surprised and tells her that he is fine. Disha asks her aai why she asked. Aai tells her that she just wanted to know and they both smile. Aai asks her what Disha is doing in the evening and asks her that she should come home since its been a long time. Aai tells her that yesterday was holi and you didn't even come then. Disha tells her that she wont be able to come sine she is meeting DK. AAI smiles and tells her that Disha is very busy nowadays. Disha tells her that it is nothing like that. Aai tells her bye coz azoba is calling her.


In the evening, Disha dresses up in a beautiful peacock blue saree with a silver bordering. She leaves for DK's office. When she reaches there, She asks the assistant for DK and the assistant tells her that he has been waiting for her . When she enters DK gives her a rose. He is wearing a turtle neck white t-shirt with a blazer on top. Disha smiles at him and she sits on the sofa.


DK- tum kya logi Disha


Disha- kuch nahi DK


DK-[was about to take liquor but then just sits next to Disha] Haan Disha bolo, tum mujhse kya kehna chahti thi


DISHA- DK mai chahti hoon ke jab bhi nurse  sumitrama ko medicines de tab hum me se ek wahi par ho. Aur mai yaeh bhi chahti hoo ke medicines har baar nurse check kare.


DK- kyon Disha


Disha- kyon ki yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki koi medicines badala ho aur uski vajah se mummyji ko kuch yaad naa aaye. Pata nahi kyon lekin mujhe bohot dino se aisa lagta hai ki kuch theek nahi ho rahaa hai mummyji ke saath . is liye main bas precautions lena chahti hoo.


DK- theek hai disha. Yeh precaution hum leenge aur hum nurse ko bhi kahenge ki who mummyji ke paas har woqt rahe


DISHA- thanks DK. Main bas yehi chahti hoon ki mummiji jal se jal theek ho jaye.


DK- no problem DISHA. Mai yeh jaan kar bohoot khush hoon ke tumhe mummyji ki fikar rehti hei.


DISHA- [is quiet for some time and then…] DK kya mai tumse kuch poochu.


DK- haan Disha kaho kya baat hai.


DISHA- Holi ke din tumne mere maang me sindhoor kyon bhara tha?


DK-[ surprised that disha asked this ] Disha maine tumhari maang me sindhoor bhara kyon ki main tumse yeh bataa na chahta tha ki mai tumse bohut pyaar karta hoo aur mai chahta hook e tum sirf meri raho……..Wink



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hey every1

its kp

here's the next scene

love KP

As DK says this, Disha gets shy and  looks down however DK cannot stop looking at Disha. He is trying to figure out what she is thinking. He takes Disha's hand and she looks up at him. DK touchs Disha's face.He gently caresses her cheeks ,then her jawline and then her lips. Disha turns her face as she gets very uneasy. DK asks Disha if she wants to go to dinner with him. Disha does not know what to say. DK continues, he says that since both of us have not eaten, we should go, Would you like to come with me?

Disha is quiet for sometime and when DK tries to say something she tells Why not and smiles.


DK and Disha go out of the officeand go to the car. DK opens the door for Disha, She smiles at him and they both sit in the car. They go to a restaurant and order their food.


DK- Disha why is it that we never talk


Disha- We do talk many times


DK- We never just talk  without any purpose

Disha- What do you mean


DK- I don't think its necessary that we talk only when we have work with each other


Disha- of how about this, Can we be friends?


DK- surprised ] of course why not


They smile at each other and are enjoying themselves.


After dinner, when they reach home, as they are going to go inside, DK holds Disha's hand and…….


DK- Disha thanks for everything.


Disha- you don't need to thank me, you know that right. The relationship that we are in, we don't need to thank each other.


Dk- yeah youre right. I just want to tell you that you are a very special person


Disha smiles at him when DK touches her face and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Disha fells really shy and they both go in.


Leap till the day before the contract……….


Disha- DK you know that our contract is ending 2morrow


DK- I know Disha[he hesitates in saying this but finally decides to say it]


Disha- [hoping that DK will stop her from leaving] so what now


DK- Disha can you stay back for some time……I mean, only u can take care of mummyji well[ he looks at her with a hopeful glance]…………………


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samy74 IF-Dazzler

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really great some fab romantic scenes i just TD producers take some lessons from this forum and especially Bluefish, yours and dikha's scenes.

Keep up the good work..


ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

wow Kp WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats all I can come up with!!! WOW!!!

I love reading your version of TD!!!!

I can actually imagine all this occuring between Disha and DK!!!!

Can't wait till more!!!! hurry!!!!


bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2005 at 12:55pm | IP Logged


 hey KP...good work..keep it up:)

want more


lucky-moon Goldie

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yeah its outstanding love to read more of urs sceneTongue

Edited by lucky-moon - 29 March 2005 at 1:54pm
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