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This is the continution of last posted topics. Please send your opinions....


hiten is in a restaurant buying icecream for himself and sanskriti, p comes there to buy ice cream for vanshita and sees hiten but avoids him as V is with him, when is outside giving v the ice cream hiten and sanskriti see him. anu calls and says she cant meet him today and that he should take care of vanshita for today. he takes her home and coaches her to call him uncle instead of papa.

g and p were to go out for dinner that night, but g tells gayatri and archana that they will not go because samay is unwell but archana tells her not to cancel her program, she is ready and comes down when p walks in with v and introduces her as his friend ravi's from delhi daughter and that they had to go urgently and since had only 2 confirmed tickets he offered to keep v at home. g takes an instant liking for v and suggests they take v out with them, p is disappointed as he wanted to go alone with g.

in the restaurant p and g are staring at each other, v orders a lot of stufff and p shows his irritation openly g stops him from doing so, he sends her to wash the aquarium and when she spots a gold fish she excitedly calls p papa and g thinks she is missing her parents and asks p to call them and let her speak to them. he pretends to dial. later at home while v is sleeping p sneaks into her room and thinks to himself that he is sure v cant be his daughter and maybe will find something in her bag.

____________________________________________________________ ____________________




ria is standing at the bus stop with yash n sees her father n brothers she runs over to them n calls her dad sir or something dad is shicked n sad to see her without saying a word to her he tells the two guys who are cousins of rias to leave ...

there are also sad n tears run down their eyes but they dot say anything n leave without saying a word to ria..ria is crying n yash consoles her.

hiten n sanskriti are talking when one of the chachas come n wants to know what hiten is doing there ..

pratham comes in just then n says that he has called hiten .he takes hiten to his room n asks him if in coll he knew a girl called anu hiten tells him u were the one talking to girls n being with girl ...pratham tells him to stop kkidding hiten says no he never knew any1 with that name .just then gauri enter the room after knocking at the door hiten asks her if she knew any anu ..gauri smiles to herself n says no why he says a friend of mine wanted to know after she leaves pratham says for a while i thught u were going to say my name n the says i dont want any1 knowing i was asking all this n now leave.(gauri had yold them that the only anu she knows was in delhi n now in london married !!)


hiten leaves

meanwhile there is a knock at the door when prathanm n vanshita are not there .

when they enter they see n are shocked to see anu there .vanshita says mom but pratham put his hand over her mouth in time

anu then says hi pratham to pratham n then says i'm back told u i wud come back from return.

she doesnt say anything to the familly other than she is pratham friend gauri wants to know why he never told her about this friend of hers anu says she went off to london .the familly is ofcourse a big fan of vanshita by now

n tells anu she doesnt need to stay in a hotel she can stay with them in the guest room as vanshitas also there .

she can sleep with vanshita

____________________________________________________________ ____________________




Pratham tells anu to get lost with her daughter. Anu tells him that the only reason she came was that she could show him that she could do anything coz she had told him earlier that if he doesnt make a decision she would be at his house and that is wot happen. She however leaves and says she will be back because now she and gauri have become good friends. Sammay is not feeling well and is at the hospital. As usually acting rude to natsha. Pratham and gauri argue ovwer the fact that vms parents still havent com. P tells her y she is so after vs parents. The end.







Anu packs her bag and is about to leave and G gives her send off. while leaving anu asks G if she can accompany her for shopping . G agrees and anu leaves. here P sits in the hall with his parents and p's dad is leavng to pune then suddenly p's mom says to p that he too can go to pune and take vanshita with him as her parents have gone to pune. then P says its better if they stay here only becoz he dont know where vanshita's parents r in pune. then P goes to his bedroom and there g will be talking on phone. then p asks her if she knowas where anu is staying then g saya u must know ur friend's address and then she says by the way thik hei mei ne addrss abhi leli . and she leaves the room lauging. and here p takes VM with him to the hotel where anu is staying. and here Anu goes out shopping with G . they do a lot of shopping . and they return and eat in a hotel. here p is waiting for anu to give back VM to her. but here anu wont turn up . frustated P is irritted by VM. she asks P to take her to hotel so that she can eat something. and here G and anu r in hotel eating then P rings up G and she says that she is with anu. and she gives phone to anu and p says anu not to tell anything to G. then G says she has to leave and goes away,. here P meets anu and says he will do whatever she says and says he brought VM with him . and they go near the table and there VM is missing. P gets shocked and anu says if anything happens to VM she wont leave him and says " tum apni bacchi ko bhi sambhal nahi sakte ho " . and the episode ends.






in the hotel P is worried ki VM kaha chali gayi hei

then suddenly VM comes near him and he shouts at her

ki woh kaha gayi hei?

and she says that use woh dish pasand ayi woh kitchen

mei gayi use prepare kanrna dekhne ke liye. then anu

says ok tum javo papa ke saath then VM says papa mujhe

yaha chodne ke liye aye hei then anu says nahi woh

tumhe mujh se lilane ke liye laye hei. then VM says

mujhe mittal house bahut pasand hei aur waha sab log

mujhe bahut pyar karte hei. then P says ok chalo .

and here G is in kitchen preparing some dish and P's

mom comes and says G kya P abhi tak nahi aya ? then G

says meri P se baat huyi hei woh VM ko ghumane ke liye

le gaye woh ate hi honge. then in the kitche even one

of the chahi is there and she says G " aaj kal P

bacchon se bahut ghoom raha hei . lagta hei use bacche

bahut pasand hei. aur kal V ke parents use le jayenge

tab woh kisse khelega?

and P's mom says aur hume bhi koi chahiye apni saath

khelne ke liye. then G feels shy and goes from the


and here P returns home and goes to the bed room and

there G lights up a candle and makes ready everything

for candle light dinner. P asks yeh kya hei then G

says " sab ne khana kha liye aur hum dono bache hei to

mei ne socha ki kyon na hum candle light dinner kare".

then P says bahut acha kiya tumne and says mei abhi

fresh up hoke ata hoon. g smiles.

P comes and sits and says mujhe bhook nahi hei then G

says to phir hum baatein karenge then P says nahi

baatein nahi sirf khamoshi . khamoshi to sab kuch

kehta hei .

mei sirf tumhe dekhoonga aur tum sirf mujhe dekhoge.

and he cathches her hands and they keep staring at

each other.

then p kisses G's hands and says G i love u very much

then G says i love u too P. P says u complete me G

and g says u complete me too P.

then G says P ab hamare pyar mei sab kuch hei pur woh

pura hoga jab hamara koi bacha ho jaise V jaise. then

suddenly P leaves G's hands and says mujhe pani

chahiye then G says juice pilo then P says nahi mujhe

thanda pani chahiye.

and goes away from there. G is sad and blows off the


and here p's mom visits rhea and says mei bahut khush

hoon tum apni ghar ki kaam kar rahi ho. she gives rhea

bangles and says mei yaha kisiko bate ke nahi ayi.

bus raha nahi gaya isiliye mei chali ayi. and here

yash attends all the classes and says to hiten ki use

responsiblities a gaye hei aur woh college se bahar

ate hi job karna chahta hei. hiten tell yash dont

worry yar tumhe job mei dilata hoon. hiten tells mujhe

sirf apni pyar ki chinta hei then yash says tum mere

jaise kuch mat karna P ko abhi tumhari jaroorat hei.

yar mere pas rhea hei pur i miss P very much yar.

then here samay is in the hospital with his mom and

natasha. then natasha's mom and dad come to c samay.

they say that swathi to ati hei pur natasha ko fursat

kaha hamhe milne ka. and they go away. and samay again

scolds natasha ki woh pura din office mei rehata hei

aur tushar ghar mei phir bhi swathi tumhari mom ko

milne jati hei to tu kyon nahi jati. then again

natasha says aisa nahi hei samay but he wont listen to


here P is on the terrace and thinks ki jab mei G se

sache pyar karne laga to yeh V agayi . then V comes

and sits beside him and calls him papa. he shouts at

her ki mei ne kaha na mujhe papa mat kehna tum . then

V shout mom ne kaha ki agar koi hei uske samne papa

mat kehna pur hum yaha akele hei ab to keh sakti hoon

na papa, she kisses his hand and says papa papa papa.

and g sees this and will drop the milk glass seh got

for VM. and p is shocked to see G standing there in


G came to know about VM.

and the clippings are G runs to her bedroom and locks

the door and P knocks the door. G packs her bag and

gets dowm the steps them P is trying to stop her.

and P's mom is not feeling well and g is there near

her. P talks something with anu and later anu , P and

g are there anu saya something and G turns her face

away from P angrily.

bus dekhna hei kal kya hoga friendssssss.





gauri overhears vanshita calling prathan papa n is shocked she gets ready to leave the house, pratham tries to stop her and explain things to her but she is not willing to listen and says it will be foolish on my part to believe u after u have broken my vishwas (trust) twice. she is about to leave when her mother  in law calls out to her and says my mann is not feeling very well lz stay with me for sometime. gauri stays on.

and pratham quitely takes her suitcase away.

pratham tells anu to keep away from gauri or else he will tell gauri what a characterless woman she is anu challenges him to do that and gauri once doesnt believe pratham at all. she tells pratham that as soon as mummy ji gets well again  i will leave the house and when i believe i will tell your entire karmana to the entire familly.

vanshita apologises to gauri but gauri tells vanshita its not ur fault coz if i thought it was ur fault i would have punished u .

anu adds mirch n masala when she tells gauri ki koi tha jo mujhese pyar karta tha aur mujhe akela chod diya ...usko chai bahut pasand thi. aur usne hi mujhe chau banaya sikghya ...she tells this to gauri when she makes tea for gauri n gauri tells her u make nice tea..gauri says its best to live alone when u get hurt.







ok well P is shouting at anu ki woh akhir kya chahta

hei . and he says ki woh gauri se door hi rahe.

then anu says its not possible and says mei gauri se

milne ja rahi hoon then P shouts at her anu says waise

g ne hi mujhe bulaya akhir mei uski achi dost jo hoon.

then here g is in the kitchen and thinking about P

and tears roll down her cheeks. suddenly anu comes and

says g sab kuch thik heina tum kyon ro rahi ho.

g says kuch nahi cook kar rahi hoon na isiliye aank

mei pani agaye. then anu says kuch to problem hei tum

bahut udas dikha de rahi ho. then g says nahi mummiji

ki tabhyat ki wajah se aur kuch nahi then anu says

kahi P ke wajah se then anu says ais akuch nahi.

anu does some shopping and brings a pink night dress

for g and gives her. g says mei abhi bedroom jake ati

hoon. then anu thinks g ne nazdeek ane ke liye waqt

lagega. and here hiten trys to tell his father ki woh

bada ho gaya aur apna responsibilities samajh raha hei

but his father pays no ear to him.

and rhea's father comes to their home and accepts

both yash and rhea and tells them he wants them to

stay with them in mittal house but yash says sorry mei

rhea ko har khushi apne khud ki kamai se dena chahtaa

hoon. and here p is in his room and suddenly he hears

kutte ki awaj.

he thinks mittal house mei kutte ki awaj then vm

comes with a milk glass and p shouts at her mei ne

kaha ki khane ki cheez kamre mei mat lane ke liye

dinig table pe hi kha lena then vm says mei apne ke

liye nahi kutte ke liya laya. P is angry on vm ki

bolta hei yeh kutta kaha se agaya . then vm says yeh

mera nahi hei bajoo wale ki uncle ki hei.

and just khelne ke liye meri paas ayi hei. then p

says it should not be here then v says agar yeh yaha

se chali jayegi to mei bhi chali jaoongi.

and p says wow then mei ise abhi hi ise nikalta hoon

then g comes there and says yeh yaha hi rahegi. she

says to vm mei ne uncle ko bata diya shaam ko kutta

vapas karenge ok. and g says to p bahar ki cheez nikal

sakte ho pur apnon ko nahi .

p is angry and goes out of the room.

and here in the night p comes to the room and trys to

explain to G but she does not hear to him then he

catches her hand and g says p meri hath chodo. then

sudddenly VM gets up bedsheet ke niche se P is shocked

and says tum yaha kya kar rahi ho.

then g says aaj se yeh yaha soyegi . yeh akeli nahi

so sakti hei.

yeh yah bed pe soyegi aur mei niche soungi. aaj se

hum dodno ek hi kamre mei do ajnabiyon ki tarah

rahenge. and aaj se tum VM ki dekhbahal karoge aur yeh

tumhari responsibility hei.

p gets irritated. VM says mujhe milk chahiye . then g

says p use milk lake dena. p goes and gets her the

milk glass.

and goes out of the room. vm thanks g ki uski wajah

se P uska take care karne laga.

thats it .






P is sitting in the drawing room when G comes & throws an envelope to

him saying sign these papers. He says there is no need to hasten

things up. How can you take such a step without consulting me. G

says " hasten things" to which P replies " no need for divorce


G says " these are not divorces school admission for V & you have to

sign this as it requires father sign & you r her father. P says no

I will not sign since I'm not her father. G says you will have to

sign & leaves the room. Meanwhile Anu overhears everything & tells

P that good V's admission is taking place & she will have the name

Mittal. P says I will not sign to which Anu says knowing G, I know

she will make you sign.


P leaves & G comes in. On seeing G, Anu says I came to see Mummyji,

how is her health to which G says I don't go into her room & see for



P is sitting on the bed in their room all depressed when G comes &

sits next to him & asks him if he signed the papers to which P says

I will not sign. G says you will hv to sign since you are the father

to which P says "What proof you hv I'm the father". G says I don't

need prove your past reputation is enough proof. To which P says

unless there is a proof I will not sign the papers. So she says why

don't you produce the proof so P says how can I when I don't even

know V. So G says "Ok then do a DNA test" P says "DNA test" & G

says "afraid" & turns to leave. P says "I'm ready to do the test" G

looks shocked for a split second & then leaves the room


P is having breakfast & G is serving him. P tells G get ready lets

go for the test. She says you go you need the proof. She says you hv

already fallen really low & no can get any lower than that. P says

please don't do this to which she says what diff it will make he

says it does make a diff. Please come with me Please Please he

repeats so she says OK & leaves the room.


At the hospital Samay & Natasha hv collected Sam's reports & see P &

G in consultation with Dr. Natasha wants to meet G when Sam stops

her saying P is not with another woman he is with G which makes

something fishy. So Natasha thinks probably G is pregnant. When P &

G return home, the 2 chachis & N teases them saying we know

everything to which P & G look at each other shocked. Then Kav

chachi says we know P has become a father I mean going to become a

father. P says its nothing like that I went for a check-up which

shocks them. So he says it was for insurance purpose.


Later in the bedroom G is thinking of how their relationship changed

with the background song "Toote hua dil ko maine manaya tha" She

then says to herself "I will not forgive P at all but V I will not

punish her for other's mistake.


Later Vanshita tells P to take me for an outing to which P says I

have no other work only to take you for outings. She says in front

of G Aunty you say something else & with me you say something else.

P says what do you mean ? She says u said you would take me to

Fantasyland. He says not Fantasy but Magic land which is nearby so u

can go with Raghu. At that moment G enters & V says plans have

changed I am going with Raghu. G says no you will go with P, Go get

ready & V leaves. P says I am not going anywhere G says you will

have to go. P says why. She says bec u r her father & learn yr

responsibility. All this time V has been without a father. Now you

will hv to make up for it. P says what do you want me to do ? She

says I don't want u to do anything 4 me. You will hv to take V

wherever she wants to go & do whatever she says. Now r u taking V

out or not. So P says on 1 condition "U come along with us – I am

under yr doubt till the DNA results r out till then u come along" &

it ends



I'll mention in brief the scenes shown other than P & G

Hiten's father gets a marriage proposal 4 him. Later he & Yash tell

Hiten's father of his interest in Sanskritti. Later Hiten's father

goes to meet Umesh Mittal at the office but since he is late he

speaks to Sanskaar & tells him of his interest in getting Hiten-

Sanskritti married & to inform UM.

Yash & Riya r happily teasing each other & Y is sketches Riya's dream

house & jewellery which he wants to give her. Meanwhile Sanjay

Chachu has told his brothers Umesh & gang that Yash refused his offer

to stay with them. UM is happy about Yash's stand & says those who

want to stand on their own feet achieve a lot. Samay's father

proposes inviting Riya & Yash home to dinner & UM says yes. Then he

asks abt Prathaam to which Ajay Chachu says "I'll make P understand"


Monday's snippets

G& V r on one seat of the giant wheel & P & Anu r on the other

Later at the park G,A & V r having snacks when P comes & sits down

next to them

Later G is confiding in A something & P has got aworried look






P takes G and V to the park. there P goes to take

tickets for rides and tells the man to give 2 adult

and 1 child ticket then suddenly G comes and says "

nahi 3 adult and 1 child tickets plz". then P laughs

and says G yaha sirf hum do adults hei aur V is child.


then G says nahi hum 3 hei dekho waha and shows anu

and V standing far away. then P gets irritated and

says G tumne use kyon bulaya. then G says dekho P tum

aur V ghoomenge yaha aur mei ne socha mei akeli yaha

bour ho jaoongi isliye mei ne anu ko bula liya. aur V

ko tumhari zaroorat hei. dekho waha V apni papa ka

intzaar kar rahi hei. then P takes the tickets and

goes away angrily.

P and V are sitting in the ride. and Anu and G are

looking from down. then after the ride P says ab mei

bahut thak gaya hoon and says V to get down . then V

says nahi aur ek baar ride lenge. then P waves his

hand to G and asks her to come for the ride . then G

says anu dekho tumhara friend tumhe bula raha hei then

anu says " nahi G P tumhe bula raha hei.

G says P mujhe nahi bulata hei. tum javo. then ANu

says ok and goes. Anu andP are sitting in one seat and

V sits in another . anu says dekho P akhir tum raaste

pe a rahe ho. then P says plz shut up.

and G looks at them from down and is off her mood.

and here at home sansruti is sitting at home and

putting nail polish then sanskar comes into her room

and says to her that woh is ghar mei reh rahi hei aur

use babuji ka bahut bada abhaar hei. then Sansruti

says haan bhaiyya aur tum kyon aisa keh rahe ho then

he says aaj hiten ka pita office aya then she is

shocked. and he says rhea aur tujh mei farak hei and

goes away she is cryingggg.

here P , G , anu and V are sitting around a table in

the park and P oders for 3 coffee. then suddenly V

says use baloons chahiye then P says nahi woh gate ke

paas hei isliye chup chap baito. then G scolds P and

says javo P vv is asking right. then P says ok and

says pur mera chai then G says dont worry mei pioongi.

and P takes V with him and buys her balloons then V

leaves them into the sky and P says tum jake gadi mei

baitho mei laoonga . then V goes and site in the car

and is playing with a ball suddenly the ball falls

into the front driver ceat and V tries to take it and

keeps her hand on the horn and suddenly her left hand

strikes the gear and the car starts going back. then P

sees and runs and here G and anu also see the car

going and they also rum near the car.

and at last P manages to jump into the car and puts

the break. then anu and G rush open the door and anu

tells G ki woh V ko pani pilane jayegi. and P is

upset. then G says akhir apna khoon to apna hota hei.

tumne yeh sabit kar liya P. then P gets angry and

shouts now enough is enough . mei ne use bachaliya to

tum mere peche pade ho aur nahi bachata to kehthi thi

ki mujh mei insaniyat ki koi baat nahi hei. and he

shouts for god sake plz leave me alone.

then G goes away from there.

and here P is in his bed room and anu phones him and

says meri cheque delhi se ane mei der huyi hei so

mujhe hotel ki bill ke liye 20,000 rupees chahiye

.then p says miljayenge anu sys mujhe tumse yahi ummid


then P says ok. and switches of the cell and thinks

peecha to chootegi. then suddenly G hears this and

goes near him and says tum to meri peecha chudane

chahte ho. and goes away angrily. P trys to stop her

but he fails.

and P thinks kya mei kuch nahi kar raha hoon aur yeh

sab kuch ho raha hei.

and G is praying to god and says meri dil nahi manti

ki V P ka bacchi hei. and abhi meri relation P ke

saath acchi huyi to yeh V agayi.

plz ab is mushkil se bahar nikalneka shakthi tumhe

dened hei bhagwaan she prays and is crying.

here P goes and meets anu and gives her money . she

says thanx and saya bahut jaldi agaye then P says

jitni jaldi choote utna accha hei.

and he says ab kya chahte ho then anu gets angry and

suddenly someone takes a photo and P hinks accha mujhe

yaha bulake photo nikalke mujhe blackmail karna chahte

ho. then anu says mujhe paison ki kami nahi hei meri

cheque ane mei der ho gayi hei isliye mei ne tumse

udhar maanga hei jab meri paise ayenge mei

loutadoongi. pur ab tumhara paise nahi chaiye and

gives himhis money back and goes away. P does not

understand anything and goes near the person who

clicked the photo and slaps him. them that Person says

hey P mei hoon yar . then P says tumne mera photo kyon

nikala then he says tumhara photo nahi woh ladki jo

tumhari peeche baithi hei uska nikala . uski husband

ko uspar doubt hei isliye usne mujhe uske wife pur

nazar rakhne ke liye bejha. i am a detrective yaar he

says to P. then P says ok and suddenly asks him to

help becoz he is in a problem and tells him everything

and P says he wants full information about anu.

his friend says ho jayega. and P is at home and this

detective calls him and says ki usne anu ke baare mei

sab kuch pata kar liya nad tells P ki nau is linked

with the underworld.and says woh underworld ke dada ki

girlfriend hei . and tells P to be carefull and says

kisi bhi tarah anu se peecha chudale.

and P is worried and says ok. suddenly he goes into

the hall and sees G studying a magazine and G is ready

. and P asks kahi ja rahe ho kya then G says ya anu ne

mujhe hotel bulayi lunch ke liye.

then P says mei bhi aoonga then G says naihi/ then

suddenly P's mom comes and p rushes near his mom and

says mom dekho G anu ke saath luch ke liye ja rahi hei

mei bhi uske saath jana chahta hoon. then G says nahi

mummiji woh kya hei P ko bahut kaam hei isliye mai

nahi chahti ki woh apna kaam kharab kare. then mummiji

says thik hei. and gives P prasad and also gives G but

g says mei baad mei leloongi. then G says mummiji P

lele ya mei loon ek hi baat hei na. and mummiji says

mei chti dadi ke liye juice banane ja rahi hoon G says

mei bhi aoongi and sees at P and goes away,. suddenly

the bell rings and P opens the door and anu is

standing in front and she says hi P . then P smiles

and oh hiii anu and welcomes her and asks her to sit

down and P is smiling at anu. anu is surprised to see

P and asks tum hik to ho na P then he says haan tum G

ki dost ho to meri bhi dost ho na. then anu says chalo

ab samajh mei aya tujhe.

and anu pur jis tarah se tumne hotel mei mujh se

baat k i mujhe aisa laga ki tum mujh pe naraaz ho.

then kya ho gaya tumhe P says dekho Anu mei tumhara

problem samajh gaya hoon. tumhe kitne bhi paise

chahiye mujh se puchan. and he anu keeps her hand on

P. then g comes and says kya aaj doton ke bich kuch

khas baat chal rahe hei. P says woh kya hei ki anu

Problem mei hei. isliye. and Anu and G go away. P

then calls his friend detective auraj and says abhi

nau meri biwi G ke saath bahar gayi hei plz uspur

nazar rakhna .

meri biwi pe nazar rakh aur mujh pul pul ki

information dena. then his friend says mei kaise

pehchanoong tumhari wife ko then P says jo ladki anu

ke saath hei

wahi meri wife hei . then switches the phone off and

the serial ends.


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ive seeen kutumb 1 n kutumb 2 so i dun need it......but itz very gud...........

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