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My Script:Romantic Scenes for TD by Veda. (Page 6)

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Posted: 30 March 2005 at 9:52pm | IP Logged


it was AWESOME... simply brilliant..... and i like ...no love the way teh story is twisting ..... its very beautiful.... and romantic.

keep it up. Hug

bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 12:42pm | IP Logged


  Hiya guys,


      WOW..love ur comments...thanks a bunch for the amazing appreciation and support...and a million thanks for wishing me good health..

   I wanted to post more yesterday but im still not completely okay..this stupid headaches and fever keep coming and going when ..:((( feel like banging my head on something ..

   I came to the forum several times to read but didnt have the energy to sit down and type..anyway will try to post the next part soon..during one of my up-times.

 DK addict: thanks for liking my name..by the way rebecca is one of my favourite names too:)

 Diksha: my littl one's fine..started eating cereals :)

  Jaslove : sure will ask for ur help when i need it thanks:)

  Aahliyah, Ranger :Samy74. KP,sweet n sour,Asian Princess,ronitpf,lucky-moon, sabjc,ugababe,culture,vera, mitto, kareen's world,bombaygirl4eva,prettywoman, lilly.... guys thanks million and keep em coming.

 I have tried to get all the names as far as possible ..please forgive me if i have let a name out ..it is accidental.

 By the way wish I knew ur real names guys...its so difficult to vizualize people with these names...dunno if they are girl/boy :)) anyway i shouldt be saying this coz my name BLUEFISH is an animal name:))

  anyway..thanks a lot will post soon



diksha Groupbie

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Hey  Veda,

Please please please Write the next scene...Its like I'm having the withdrawl syptoms already...Please yaar samjha karo.....Embarrassed
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

yeah can't hold myself plzzzzzzzzzz post the next scene as soon as possible pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSmile

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged



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CAN U PLZ WRITE MORE UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOOO BLUEFISH!!!!!! U RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 31 March 2005 at 3:46pm | IP Logged

Awwww veda you deserve it you storys are simply greatBig smile-  i love reading them

hope you get better sooon!!!!!!!!

take care Love Asian princess- lol i definetly a girl no doubts about that loll LOL

bluejalpari Goldie

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   Okay next scene guys ...

   The next day DK goes for work in the morning and the day is uneventful...Disha meanwhile keeps everything ready for the jaagran in the evening..she cooks for DK and Mummyji and keeps everything ready as has her habit been for the past few days. Though she has to go away only for an evening she feels very werid..she is so attached to the house now that going away for some time also makes her feel homesick..When this thought strikes..Disha thinks: " I dont know when this happened..but now i feel like this is my house..and this is the place where I am at peace and happy with myself." She remembers DK telling her that she is the Malkin of the house so she can anything she pleases. With a smile on her face she thinks of doing the interiors of the house soon.

    She has put mehendi on her hands and thinks ki she should get ready soon...Meanwhile DK comes home. After coming home he doesnt see Disha for some time..and he becomes restless. Usually nowadays she is out of her room in the evenings as they discuss thier new business. AS he doesnt see her..he goes to her room thinking " i hope her health is okay.." On reaching the room..he sees Disha in the balcony..putting her hands in the air..as if asking the wind to dry her wet mehendi..her thoughts on how her life is changing ..she  sees her saree pallu slipping off a little...as she turns to fix it she realizes that her hands a re full of mehendi ...in confusion she looks at both her hands and then at her saree...and worst..she is shocked to see DK in front of her..

   She turns around immediately ..and starts to put her right hand ..even with the mehendi on it on her saree to fix it..but before she does that she sees DK's hand coming up from behind..he holds her pallu..and and quickly encircles her covering her totally with her pallu. Only then he looks at her face..Disha has this " what the hell just happened look on her face"..first she was frustrated at having her sarre fall with mehendi in her hands, then shocked and embarrased to find DK there...then scared to see that he caught hold of her pallu and then is very pleasantly surprised to see that he had covered her up ..without making fun of her or making her feel further embarrased...

           Both of them remember that when she was newly married her pallu had fallen off and DK at that time had made it very hard for her with his lecherous looks and jokes. Disha observes the massive change in him..DK is calling out " Disha ? "..and D is still not out of her shock and continues to stare at his hand ..DK calls out again " Disha ? " loudly..She looks up at him and unable to look at his face turns around..

       She asks" did u want something? " ...DK smiles and softly says " no..i had forgotten about ur..what was that..some pooja..bhajan...mehendi what was that ? " Disha replies indignantly " jaagran...where we sing bhajans till late night and pray.."  DK is like " whatever..i had forgotten about it and since i didnt see you i came up here..anyway .." saying so he goes away..since she has her back turned to him and does not want to face him.

AS he goes Disha goes and sits on her bed. still reeling with shock.Then remembering what DK did just noe she smiles...he didnt want to make fun of her..nor did he just view her as a woman..today he protected her honour..saved her from embarrasment. she thinks " i never thought u could change so much DK.." and smiles.

Down in the hall DK is also thinking about the same..with mellow expressions..and thinking " anyway Disha is going to be away today evening " . Disha comes down in a beautiful magenta  jari with gold border saree...( no she is not going to wear that see through saree for the jaagraan :) ) . DK and Disha just look at each other for sometime..and Disha tells him that she has to go. DK just nods his head and smiles.Disha says " i have put the food on the table..eat on time and feed mummyji too..i will come soon " in a very wifely fasion...which DK notices. He smiles and tells her " u enjoy ur jaagran..and if it gets late call me..i will come and pick u up. and ya..pray for me also." the last part he says very humoursly.  hearing this disha is very happy.In her mind she thinks I am praying about you only DK... It sounds to them like a typical husband-wife conversation and both are content in that.She smiles and as she is about to leave..she remembers Dk telling her that her mehendi will be the best..smiles and tells DK.." Dushyant...mehendi..." and puts her palms forward for him to see..Dk comes near her and holds her hands looking at them..he sees that the beautiful intricate patterns are indeed bright brown..smiles..and looks at her.As they exchange a knowing and happy smile..Dk brings her palms to his face and smells the faint fragrance of the fresh mehendi..He doesnt say anything..but his expressions say it all..he says with his eyes that he loves her mehendi clad palms ..and her eyes say that everyword he says is important to her...Smiling he lets go of her hands and she leaves.

 As Disha reaches bhonsle house..the whole house is well decorated..Rano is already there and Rano and Suhas welcome Disha. During the Jaagran Disha's mind constanlty wavers to DK..they way he covered her with her pallu today..the way he held her hands..suddenly she is  worried if he has eaten. his dinner .Suhas sees that Disha is not concentratin on the bhajans and asks her about it. Disha says nothing and tries to pray. Then she remembers that DK might be drinking...

   DK tries to complete some work...recently he had been trying to avoid drinking especially in Disha's company...today she is not at home and his hands automatically goto the bottle..then he shakes his head and thinks" no...Disha is out there praying...its not right for me to drink..what have u made out of me Disha..." and leaves the bottle and goes to the table to eat his dinner.

     Here Disha is totally unable to concentrate.Her mind is constanly on DK..what he must be doing . She thinks " am i missing him...why cant i think of anything else? " thinking of his dinner and drinking..she agitatedly gets up..apolozies to her mom and says "i have to make a call will be back in  minute" and goes to a quite place and calls DK. As DK realizes its Disha's phone he asks her " is everything alright ? " She says ya.." DK..have u eaten ur dinner? " DK smiles..feeling very happy" ya i have eaten and fed mummy too. " He realizes she has been thinking of him. He adds " and Disha..i have not taken any drinks" knowing that she will be happy to know that. On hearing this Disha is relived and relaxes. They hang up the phone.

    Back in the jaagran...Disha now concentrates and prays...engrossed in the bhajans with 50 other women she doesnt realize the time. After about 2/3  hours she gets a call on her cell..she takes it..its DK.." Disha its late..how long will it be.? " Disha  tells him some more time. DK tells : take ur time..but tell me when u finish..its late night now..i will come to pick u."Smiling Disha keep s the phone. Suhas and rano observe this and exchange that"whats disha upto look"....After the jaagran is over , as ladies have thier prasad and chat...D calls dk to come.

       D , suhas and rano get toghether and talk..suhas is very happy at the improvement in DK -D's relation and tells disha that. AS DK comes...Disha first stops him near the entrance ..and tells " DK please dont mention anything abt the contract ..they dont know anything..please". DK exasperateldy " Disha ...as it is its u who remembers it..i have forgotten...i wont tell anybody anything.." and comes ahead..seeing Azuba he goes and wishes him hello. Rano, Suhas and Disha also join them.Rano doesnt leave this oppurtunity and starts teasing  disha. Rano:" u know azuba...today Di was not concentratin on the jaagran..Di and DK were constantly excging phones...looks like Di is very engrossed there." Disha signals to Rano to keep queit. Without heeding it Rano goes on " See Dk gifted this Om chain to her for bday"..Disha starts getting all coy and blushy and DK just keeps looking at Disha. Suhas welcomes DK into the house. Rano in her usual bubbly childish way keeps on blabbering and says .." See DK..nowadays all Disha talks about it DK this..DK that....she has forgotten us..she didnt meet us for her bday even..." On hearing this Disha is completely shy in front of everybody..goes near Rano..and making a strict face holds her ear and says " Rano..u talk too much,,keep quiet.." All start laughing at this and DK Disha keep looking at each other...

  And the the evil eye of Sukanya kaki fallas on them. She cant bear the happiness and laughter. Joining them she taunts " Wow...what a lovely family...this Disha who just gave herself up for money to this man..is a big pativrata or what..to attend this jaangran..why did u call her here Tai.." to Suhas. Everybody is shocked on hearing this. There is silence. DK looks murderous. First to respond is Suhas..who says " what nonsense are u talking" to which Sukanya " what else...isnt it true that she married him in return for money...she wanted to be rich...now what has she comehere for " DK unable to bear it steps ahead and starts to retaliate" Not one more word.." and Disha stops him..Disha not wanting any confrontations here says " leave it DK...lets go..its not the first time im hearing this nonsense.."as she turns to leave Sukanya ..still in spite says "oh i dont know which of u is more shameless...a man who gives money for u or a woman who married him for money" hearing this both DK and Disha are angry uncontrollably ..but Disha hold DK's hand and begs him to ignore..with her eyes full of tears. At her request Dk backs off and they start to go. Realizing that she is being ignored Sukanya " Oh..so this man..who is a pauper today..who has no property today..no shame..he is a support to u hah? on what basis did he come here..today he is not even worth of entering our house " referffing to the fact that he had lost all his property to Gargi.

      On hearing this Disha..who till now bore everything..tolarated insults to her time and again..was unable to bear this insult to DK..She marches staright ahead towards Sukanya with a look of a tigress. " What the hell did u just say? Kaki..let me tell u something..DK is that man who has helped me in the times of my need. He is that man who paid off the debts when Baba left us. He is that man who inspite of having married me never assaulted my honour . Inspite of me accusing him time and again...putting him in jail..he always respected me. When the whole bonsle family was against me after Baba's death and treated me as a foster child..he gave me the name of belonging to a family. Arre..its my honour to be his wife."

Everyone is shocked to hear Disha's outburst..most shocked is DK.Disha continues " its u who are shameless...ur in this house because of me and him. inspite of u and kaka troubling mom we still tolerate u..coz we condsider u as family. And he..is not a pauper. He created the Kanaka on his own and now He is creating the Keyura on his own..u will have to pay a very heavey price for this insult to him Kaki. I can bear it if u insult me..but I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY INSULT TO DK. REMEMBER THAT IF DISHA CAN DO SO MUCH FOR BHONSLE FAMILY ..WHAT ALL CAN SHE DO FOR HER HUSBAND? "

So saying she goes to Dk with head lowered and says " lets go DK "

Before leaving she turns back to the crowd and says " From today i will not step into this house anymore. " As she leaves she remembers that during her wedding at the time of that " throw back the rice to ur family " ceremony she had kept some rice in her hand on purpose. That time she wanted to fulfill her duties. Now since all duties were fulfilled..she picks up some saffron rice (akshada) and tuens around and throws them thinking " now i have no debts to this family " and leaves. The rice comes and falls at Suhas's feet.

    Suhas looking at the akshada has tears in her eyes. But not unhappy tears..suhas is very happy. She realizes what Disha has said in her actions. Disha has declared to the world..that DK was the most important to her and his honour meant the most to her. She has fromher heart accepted herself as DK's wife and as a Sehgal.She has said that now..her life is with him.


Thanks man..that was long...took a long time to type...ur comments please..



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