Tumhari Disha


Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

My Script:Romantic Scenes for TD by Veda. (Page 14)

samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 5:48am | IP Logged


Cr DIr are u the creative director on TD wowwwwwwwwww ....everyone from TD is hovering the forum nice to know...keep posting..

SamyBig smile

Aanandaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Heyyy Bluefish,

Congrats your story is specially picked up by the cr.dr...I hope it influenced them atleast one small bit and we are going to see some of these romantic moements in TD...

Pleas contine t write..
bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 4:07pm | IP Logged



Hi Friends

              Thank you so much for the overwhelming appreciation....My apologies for not writing for so long..my son has started crawling leaving me prance around him the whole day:)) so didtn come on the the comp very frequently...

           Am honored to note that the Cr Director  of TD team has chosen to comment on my writing:)  ( I hope it was really the Cr Director).  A big thanks for the encouragement.It means a lot to me..

 Major thanks to Vera..for PMing me about the Cr.Dirs comments...else i would not have known about it..thanks a lot Vera. 

  Regarding the confusion about Disha's bday...i understand the problem...but if i remember correctly Disha is elder daughter of Deva and Deva was a servant at the bhonsale family. USually in more traditional or in more uneducated families lots of events are rememberd by " thithi" and not birthdate....like 3 days before navratri or on the ganesh pooja day or on krishnaashtami etc. Usually childrents bdays are remembered with significance to some nice festival/auspicious day around that time.  SO maybe the bonsale family did remember when Disha was born or Deva could have mentioned such a "thithi" to them, since he was well informed enough to know when karva chauth was in the serial. Since disha's wedding happened around diwali time and its past gudi padva now...the festivals between May and Oct can be used!!..anyway thats just my idea.

A big thanks to all my dear friends who have posted such encouraging messages...i promise to write more starting from tommorrow...just need some  time to get back to the mode where i left:)





queen-bee Goldie

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OMG!! I can hardly concentrate at work. Damake ke baad dhameka...........

First a wonderful epi. after a long hiatus and now Veda being complemented by the Cr. Dir!! Calls for a double celebration....................

Veda, Congratulations!! Think abt a career in script writing and I'm sure this Cr dir will help you. So we have a celebraty in making!!

I'm very happy for you. Keep well and keep writing!!

Mink,who not only loves your name but also your scripts!

Nachos Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 6:31pm | IP Logged

Hey Veda,

it's good to have you back, we all really missed you. If you think that you're busy prancing behind your crawling son right now, then wait till he starts to walk..Trust me he will make you run and I am sure he will also make you see all the corners of your house.. And you will probably desperatly try to make him sit down for a whileTongue
But on the other hand I can asure you, it's all worth it really every moment ,good or bad, is special..

Anyway, I just can't wait to read the next part of your story, really looking forward to it. Keep it up and all the best to you!!

Smile Naina

keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 7:25pm | IP Logged

hey veda


hope we are seeing the furure writer of romantic and breathtakin g soaps!!!!!!!!!

cant wait to read the next part

i was so taken away by the last post of ur story

since u have been gone

we have been trying to keep up the writinbut its not working for me

hopefully u will be an inspiration to aall

love KP

samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 1:45am | IP Logged


Veda welldone yes i saw that the cr dir had read your stories and really appreciated i am sure nicked some ideas hehehehehehLOLLOL you should be over the moon and it is so nice to have you back man you are fab and your stories are an inspiration..I am sure you will keep writing after all this encouragement and we have missed u i hope your sons not wrecking stuff yet hehehehehehheheLOLLOL 

Can't wait for your story please please do write...Clap


bluejalpari Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 12:08pm | IP Logged


           Thanks a bunch dear friends..with ur inspiration and encouragement here comes my next scene...

   Im starting where i left off..where Disha leaves bhonsale house forever for Dk 's sake . My last lines were


Dawn was to come in a few hours. not being able to sleep DK works a bit on his files and office work. By morning he decides and makes a few phone calls.

He calls none other than Suhas. He asks her if he could meet her in his office. He assures her that everythings if fine after last nights' fiasco but he wanted to meet Suhas.Suhas asks forgivemess because he was insulted in her house for which he akss her to forget it. They agree to meet in his office.in few minutes.

  He then goes to Disha's room...she is still sleeping ...he checks on her and writes a note for her that he has some urgent office work and that he will be back soon. Then he leaves for office.

   He meets Suhas in the boardroom and after the initial formalities he comes to the point . He says " Aai I know me and Disha have married in peculiar situation and since marriage our relations are strained. Today i want to tell you a few things ..few truths..and i need your help regarding Disha. " Aai is very curious and asks him to go on.

DK: "firstly aai u have to swear this meeting will remain a secret..Disha should not know about it. Actually Aai...maybe u dont know..but the marriage me and Disha have is a sham..its a contract marraige in which we have agrreed to divorce each other after 6 months. When we made this contarct we hated each other." At Aai' stunned and pained expressions he goes on explain how Disha had come on the day her father had died..how she asked him to maarry her in return for bhonsale property ..their agreement about modeliing and the marraige contract.

As he explains everything...Suhas's curiosity turns to dismay...her stomach churns. She knew that Disha had taken this step to protect bhonsale fmaily but she didnt know about this contract. She didnt know that after 6 motnhs her daughter would be left in a lurch.She feels cheap in her own eyes that her daughter had to go through such lenghts and she never came to know.Her anguish is clear in the tears falling from her eyes. She asks " so have u called to tell me that ur going to leave her after all ? "

He turns back and sees her tears...and says " no aai....thats what i wanted to talk to u about.  though its a contract..with time i have fallen in love with her..and for this marrige is real and for lifetime." On hearing this Suhas feels better. Then whats the problem? she asks.

DK says " the contract is to end in 10 days Aai..and till now Disha has not expressed her love for me nor willingness to allow this marraige to be real. She has always said that she is here only for the sake for my mother and as soon as contract ends she will leave. "

Now Suhas understands the problem...Dk loves disha..Disha also seems to love him but has not accepted it.  She tells him not to worry.." im her mother Dk..she cant lie from me...i will talk to her about it and make her confess " she says.

Immediately DK says " no aai....NO NO NO...please dont do that,...i dont want to use any pressur tactics...So far in life i have coerced people into doing my bidding.,.with my strenght or my money. Even with Disha i did that..but i cant do that with my love. I dont want her to accept me under any kind of pressure"

Hearing this Suhas startes to feel respect for DK which she never had till now...Dk goes on " I love her Aai...she has changed me for the better and made me want to live life. She is an angel for me. I dont want her to go from here..i dont wat to end the marriage. but if she wants to do so...i will not force her to stop. I dont want to be her last option. I dont want her to stay with me coz she has no other place to go. If and when she comes to me..it should be because inpsite of all she has..she should still need me.Till now that option was bhonsale hosue. now its not there. thats why i called you"

" now she has no option..now if i try to convince her or cajol her she might think its my pity for her..I want her to have another option if she chooses to leave me " He says the l;ast part with a twinge..as he knows he really wont be able to survive it if she left him. The pain shows in his eyes..

Suhas touches him on the shoulder ans says " beta...i didnt know u were capable to such feelings..either i judged u wrongly or u have really changed ". Dk gives a weak smile." Aai i need ur help in this regard..I want u leave bonsale hosue"

At his last stmt Suhas is stunned " me...leaving bonsale house..what are u saying? "  

AT this DK tells her " if u and azuba leave bhonlsa ehouse and start ur life at some other house..Disha will be able to come to you if she needs you. Please dont say no aai."

After some agreement and discussion Suhas agrees to his suggesstion....They discuss this matter for some more time...and swear to keep it scret from Disha.

Then DK comes home...he sees Disha is not yet outside so he goes to her room..there Disha is still on the bed ..Dk feels worried..its not like Disha to sleep till noon...so he goes near her and touches her forehead...as he had anticipated she has fever and is burning. DK says " Disha...whats this u have fever..why didnt u tell me or call me? " Disha wakes up at his voice..but talking makes her feel more week so  she stops..DK sees her discomfort and immediately gives her water to drink. He is very axious and calls the doctor in a jiffy. Then he puts the blanket on Disha and lectures  her " whats this disha..u should have told me...u disnt eat anything from morning and u have high fever...anyway its my fault i should have been more careful. "

He keeps fluttering around her with this worried and anxious face..this brings a smile to Disha's face and she suddenly catches hold of his hand and makes him stop. " its ok DK...il be fine..dont worry. " And then she lowers her head and says " im sorry for my behavious yesterday night...i was very upset ..hope i didnt misbihave" At this DK sits down beside had with her hand in his and says" no Disha..i should be sorry. u didnt say anything. "  They both continue to hold hands and smile at each other. Dk then looks at the mehendi of her hands and asks her jovioally " so..was ur hand the best there or not ? " Disha laughs at the question...quite shy..noy knowing how to answer it. If she says yes...then that would mean she sccepted his love and to say no would be lying. So she takes a middway and says...i dont know..i didnt check everybodys' hands..i had gone for pooja ..not for checking hands " ..in a very smiling tone. On hearing this DK shakes his head wondering when this woman will accept feelings for him. They continue to look at each other..he in wonder and she with shyness.

 "How are you Disha?" says the Doctor who comes in. On hearing him both Disha and DK let go of each others hands and DK gets up. On seeing this the Doctor laughingly says says " Arre..whats this..you too have moved apart as if you both were some teenagers in love..meeting secrelty and moving apart when someone sees them.."

On hearing this both DK and Disha are stunned...though the Doc says is jokingly for both of them it has diff meaning. Meanwhile the Doc unaware of the currents passing says " Arre DK sahab...the best cure of any problem is love and affection of loved ones. im sure if u hold madam's hand her fever will go soon " so saying he bends to check Disha's forehead and temp and goes about his work. DK looks at Disha with a " i got u there " smiling look ..with a raised eyebrow as if to tease her. Disha on seeing this tightens her lips and tries to look everywhere else but at him.

The dcotoer breaks the silence by saying that Disha has fever but she will be fine. He gives some medicines and asks DK to apply cold compress to her forehead..also asks her to eat light food.

While leaving he says " anyway im sure ur husband will take very good care of you.i dont know many husbands who call so frantically when thier wives have mere fever:)) " so saying he bemusedly goes away.

 Disha and DK are at loss for words...both figit for some time and then Disha silently thanks him for calling the dcotor. He brings some ice water and cold compress and starts applying it on her..Disha objects saying she will do it herself..to which DK..says " Common Disha..i can see ur tired and weak..let me do it once u feel better u do what u want to. If nothing else think of me as a friend "

That silences Disha..in actuallity she feels blissful...she thinks she has found care and concern from a DK..she never thought that was possible...she remembers last night as he puts blanket on her and stops her from drinking..Is this how a girl in love feels she thinks. So happy, blissful..knowing that her love is beside her and she has to fear nothing?Unknown to her,..Disha keeps staring at DK.

DK realizes this and says " Disha what are u seeing " Again Disha becomes shy and says nothing. DK says Disha " i want to ask u something..." As Disha questions what DK says " why did u stand up for me last night? why did u defend me? " Disha lowers her head...she doesnt have an immediate answer...she fumbles..." DK...actually I .."

Before she completes her answer..Suhas and Rano come there. Disha squeals Aai!!! DK on seeing them gets up and goes to greet them. He realizes that his question has been left unanswered. Both Aai and Rabo sit near Disha ans DK tells them about her fever . As AAi gets hyper Disha assures tham that DK had called the doctor and given her cold compress. Rano as her usual bubbly self then says " Oh then we should no disturb..DK u continue with the cold compress" with mischief in her eyes..at which DK just smiles and goes out of the room to give the three women privacy.

 AS DK leaves the room Disha feels unhappy..she thinks after Aai and Rano leave i will talk to DK. Aai takes care of Disha and gives her some soup to eat. Then Aai tells " Disha...after yesterday night even i have taken a decision. Myself and Azuba are leaving bhonsale house. We are buying a house and decided to shift there tommorrow."

As Disha is surprised...Aai tells her that anyway where azuba is..that is bhonsaly hosue. What kaka kakai want to do is thier wish.Disha is pleasantly suprised about this ..that she wont have to meet kaka kakai agaion. Also Aai adds " Disha...sometimes when we have great jewels in our hands..we may not realize it out of our ignorance..whats the point of losing a stone and then realizing it was a diamond..? assess what u have properly Disha " . Though  they are talking of stones both Disha and Suhas know they are talking about DK.

Disha look at DK working in tha hall and thinks" i know aai...under the coal now i can see a diamond..."


Thats all for now...let the comments come in...will post next part soon


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