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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

My Script:Romantic Scenes for TD by Veda.

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     Hi Friends,

                        First of all a big thanks for supporting the foray of creative writing in the Td forum..ur fantastic feedback and cheering has brightened many of my boring days...now I write my imagination down other than just thinking it:). Im creating this thread so that u guys dont have to get further mixed up with TD fast forwarded. Hence forth i will be posting my writring onto this thread.

                        Im a picean, a romantic and place high value to relationships. These might be just my imaginary scenes in our TD..but im sure at least one of these things must have happened to someof us sometime in our lives. Maybe not like DK and Disha..but all of us have some moments of sweet affection with the person of out dreams and life:) . I will everyone all the best with thier spouses/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance' or the partner still in dreams..Whatever u do dont break the heart of someone who loves you:)

 Last but not the least thanks to each and everyone who inspired me, guided me, read my stuff and tolerated it !! :)



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 Hi..love ur story writing diksha..ur toooooooo good.

  Here is my version of the story...but i dont plan for the 3 year leap..my story starts off where DK is calling out for Disha since his mom Sumitra  is calling out for her..but disha is not at home...he thinks she is with vedant ..

     DK keeps trying to call disha and vedant on cell phones but doesnt get any response..DK like a enraged lion keeps pacing his house thinking "what has happened to Disha...why is she going with Vedant everytime inspite of knowing i don't like it ......

  Disha enters the house looking lost and kind of troubled...there is a hint or tears in her eyes but she is not crying...just then DK sees her.

  DK with his ace full of anger and disbelief " DISHA.. Mummy is asking for you from such a long time...and you were not there..how can you do this Disha.." . He doesnt see that she herself is looking worried about something..and goes on " Its my mistake i place so much trust in you..mummyi is also getting attached to you and asking for you..and you are dont bother at all? It took along time for me to put her to sleep . from today you dont come near her again. I dont want her to get used to you. "

 Disha " what are you saying DK..I checked on her before i went and i has to go in a hurry...actually I .."

  before she finished she is interrupted by DK.hurt and saddened.." dont tell me anything Disha..enough with your excuses...you still went with Vedant and you forget all about Mummy..." saying so he leaves her and goes to his room..

 Disha hearing all this feels very pained..." why does DK assume everything...I haven't even met Vedant since morning...why is this happening to me ..i have to explain to DK.." so saying determinedly walks to his room..While she knocks on his door apprehensively there is hesitation in her .warily she knocks:

  DK opens the door..with a hateful and angry expression" now what..what have you come for..."

 Disha follows him inside.." dushyant..please listen to me..its not the way as you think it is.."

  DK in his anger.." Disha please..." he has his back to her..and with his hand motions her to go away..he doensnt see the lamp next to him..and his hand hits the lamp..the lamp falls with a big crash...

 he turns around to see..there is this big mess of glass and fibre on the floor between him and disha..Disha looks upto him and sees that there is a big stream of blood running fomr his elbow..

 disha : " DK...blood..oh my god why did you do this.." so saying comes near him and holds his arm ..DK still in his anger goes farther from her "  Disha no need for your concerns...this small wound is nothing..i have faced much bigger painsin life...i dont need your help " . Disha looking very concerned and worried about his pain " what is this Dushyant so much blood is flowing wait let me clean it"..

 DK in his anger pushes her away.." No Disha " ...Disha meanwhile is very angry and determinedly shouts " shut up dushyant...who the hell do you think you are? u think you can order me around? "..Dk looks at her dumbfounded..he wasnt expecting her anger...Disha with a firm hold on his hand ..and fierce expression on her face " i will not go anywhere..untill i clean this wound...just shut up and sit here " so saying she pushes him to sit on the bed..."

 Dk just sits looking at her with " what has gotten into her " expression..Disha fiddels around in the drawers to get some cotton and bandages ( now dont ask me who kept it there..the producers of course )and comes and sits near him with a very sad but purposeful look on her face..Silently she starts cleaning the wound..removing the blood from the 3/4/5  inch long cut...Her expression changes from anger to tenderness..she is cleaning ever so slightly hoping she is not hurting him..in her stance and pose..she looks angelic to DK..who is just staring at her and awed by her loving gesture...

  Suddenly he winces as the wound hurts him..and she looks up at him..afraid that she hurt him she asks gently..as if she were asking a child" is it paining? " he looks at her...his face showing no traces of the anger which was there minutes before..full of tenderness and confusion..he just shakes his head to say no. Disha realizing that he is in pain lowers her head..and starts applying the cleaning lotion gently..before she realizes her face is wet with silent tears..she doent realize it untill a drop falls on DK's hand that she is cleaning..there is agony in her eyes as she thinks " why dushyant ..whya re u doing this to yourself..your anger overpowers you..and u dont allow me to heal you.."

DK meanwhile is stunned even more to see the beautiful tears running done her cheeks as her face reflects the misery he is feeling..in that mone t he feels that she is the most beautiful woman on earth..and it honors him to realize that she is crying for him..for his pain...

 She looks up at him...and there passes a most tender moment  between them so many questions in her eyes..and so much pain in his...he realizes that noone except for his mom ever did something like this for him,..and she wants to continue holding his wounded hand and comforting him...and in silence he raises one finger from his hand and wipes off a tear from her face...

  The contact breaks thier reverie..thier dreamworld and Disha bluhses to see she is still holding his hand tightly..suddenly her face gets clouded ..and the mask she wears on her face to hide her pain from the world is back in place...curtly she lets go of his hand and gets up..

 " DK...I had something to talk to you about when I came home today...but you started assuming things and shouting before anything else...you talk about loving me..but you dont even know the meaning of friendship" ..DK keeps looking at her..still shocked by the experience of her comforting him...Disha continues in  sad and dissppointed tone " I have some problems for which I needed someone to talk too..I was coming for your help..I thought at least you will support me..but ..anyway "

 with an expression of indifference..she says " now i dont want to talk to you about anything..nor do i want to give you any explanation..as you say i will stay out of your way"

So saying she goes out of his room without looking at him...on the way to her room she is thinking " I had gone home because Aai had called me ..the things happening in bhonsle house are going out of control ..I wish Baba was there to look after the house...I cant bear Azuba's condition...I thought I will talk to dushyant ...and request him to come and see Azuba someday since Azuba is very worried about me since my marriage to DK...if he sees us together he will feel better...but anyway reality will surface once contract is over..."

  In her room she thinks with tears " but DK..our relation comes to square one always...now i will not ask for ur help..Disha has solved problems on her own and will do so"

  Meanwhile DK in his room is staring after she leaves..his hand on his wound where she was cleaning and comforting him..remembering her face..and feeling  " so was Disha not with Vedant? what was she wanting to talk to me about? hope she is not in any problem....I have to find out"

So thinking..he looks at the wound on his hand and thinks "Disha you have comforted and put medicine on the wound on my hand..but what about the wound on my heart? "His expression profound and lonely..there is flashing of love and pain in his eyes..and then ..

 ..man se man ka kya rishta hain...

  tumne yeh samjhaya.............."


 okay guys..thattttttttttttttttttttt was bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiggggggg...hope i didnt bore you guys..let me know if i did...and tell me how u liked it.frankly guys this is my first attempt at writing after college..so i would appreciate ur frank responses....


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  Here goes scene 2....please read the first scene for continuety..

 Disha is praying to Bappa in the morning ..asking him to take care of her and to help her. She also is praying for mummyji to get better..she keeps some prasad ..and thinks..i have offer mummyji the dhoop/aarti and give her some prasad...so she takes the prasad plate to maaji and makes her eat some.

 She comes back to her room thinking" i have always wanted good to happen for everyone..as Baba tought me..only for DK I had wanted bad things to happen..I wanted to destroy him...now i dont feel that way since I know about him..but for some months i have wanted bad for him..and i have to do penance for it...bappa forgive me..."...

  On her way back she looks in the hall..DK is lying on the couch with eyes closed..she looks at him with shine is her eyes..then her sight falls on the bandage ...she goes near him..she thinks of offering him the prasad..but again is scared.." DK does not like these things..i dont know if i should offer it to him or no..." Mildly she calls out..DK..

  He doesnt open his eyes...she calls again..DK?  When he doesnt reply she says dushyant? no reply again.." She thinks he must be tired.." she is about to go away and let him rest when her eyes fall on the bandaged wound again...

  in a moment of spontaineous affection..she bends down and touches the bandaged spot...carefully..very slowly she turns to make sure he is not awake.. and then plants a sweet little kiss in the wound..gently..with utmost care and affection..but with a lot of sincereity and prays it to heal..with sweet music playing in the background..

she thinks " why does he get so angry with me that he does all this? "and then making sure that he has not got up..gets up..takes her prasad plate to leave..but the plate slips and falls down on the floor and DK gets up...like a lion gets up from his sleep to find the deer next to him.

  Dk ..with no emotion showing on has face..says Disha?

Now disha is in a biiiig mix..she thinks " og God..I hope he didnt see me carresing his hand.i thought he was asleep...was he awake? oh god what should i do now? "..meanwhile DK is still looking at her ..Disha? And Disha in her confused, embarrased state starts rambling.".I..I bought some prasad.."..her expressions are nervous..and she is fiddling with her saree and being coy...Dk asks   " prasad..........? Disha is scared now if DK will get angry for bringing him prasad...She starts rambling again" I had bought some prasad for maaji after pooja..." and then shuts up..not knowing what to say...they both look at each other and there is a moment of silence..Disha 's face is more and more confused and hassled while DK realizes the prasad is for him.

.unpredictable man that he is..he silently opens his hand for it  
 Disha is surprised..she places some prasad in his hand ...she wants to go away fast..her confusion is clear on her face
Dk is amused by her behavior ..he asks her " what happened why are you looking so lost..? what are u thinking ?" ..and disha says " nothing DK..i have some work I have to go and complete it " Dk says " disha i want to thank you..for taking care of the wound..thanks" ..

Disha is more embarrased.." its okay..take care of yourself" and rushes off....wondering still" oh god hope he was sleeping..what did I do...why did i have to go and kiss his hand..whats wrong with me?what kind of feelings are these? "

  Later in the day lying on her bed..disha thinks again of the time she bent down and kissed his hand...and wonders what made her do that...


   thats all for now....how do u guys like it?



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Scene 3:

  After Disha goes away with the plate of prasad...DK is amused and thinks " I dunot know what happens to Disha..wether i behave well or not she always seems to be running away from me...Will she ever see anything good in me? "

  And Disha is cursing herself ..." what does the future hold for me..that I care about him so much..after all its a contract..what kind of a relationship is this?


 DK gets a call from Taaj...He tells DK about a party with his new clients.DK is again floating his own company after he gives up kanaka ..the Keyura Jewellery..
He comes to talk to Disha..she is in her bedroom..

Disha: " whats the matter DK? "
DK " I have some work with my new company..." Dishas face glows with pride..she thinks " i knew he can stand on his own ...i didnt know he will do it so soon..." Her face reflects the awe she feels ..He tells "Disha I will be away in the after noon for some talks for this new deal..take care of Mummyji.."
Though he says nothing..his face shows the tension and anxiety, but poise and nerve...the mark of a man who has lost everything and dares to build everything from rock bottom again..As he leaves..D calls him from behind and says.." DK..I wish you all the best.." very softly.. DK just smiles to say thanks..and leaves.

In his office DK gets the deal and finalizes it..The other group party congratulate him and ask him to come for the party they have organised today evening in honor of the new deal with  Keyura Jewellwery. They specifically mention that he and Mrs Disha Sehgal are most invited.

 DK comes back home ..with happiness and a little of his arrogant " i can do anything i want " gleam in his eyes. He sees Disha in Mummyji's room. He goes and nods his head to ask her tocome out. As she does that he tells her.." I told you Disha..DK can build a big empipre out of nothing..I got the deal."..disha is happy..but winces at his arrogance.  "Im happy for you "she says..
Before she can say anything more he says" Disha..I want you to take care of the advertising section for me..since this is a startup I dont have many people here..can u help me till I find someone for this position? "
Disha is amazed.." DK ..me? remember you didnt like my previous ad campaign? You thought I was crazy..now why are you asking me "
DK..with voice amazingly soft " But Disha..you did get the deal..and you proved that you are worth the position..I know you Disha..you will know exactly how to market my new line of jewellery..I trust you..." Disha now lowers her eyes..blushing a little but trying not to show it.

When she doesnt say anything..DK assumes she said yes..and says " today evening there is a party for this deal. As the new AD campain manager you have to come with me . Get ready by 6.00" So saying he goes away...

Behind him Disha is furious.." What? Party...What does DK think? Why does he think he can order me like that..?"

DK to himself while going to his room " Disha...sometimes I dont know how to deal with you..We both are invited for this party today..and I want you to go with me..but I don't know if you will come as my wife..so I have asked u in the business way..but hope you want to come as my wife.." with brooding eyes..thinking resignedly "Disha.."

Meanwhile Disha is getting ready..but she is angry and thinks to herself.." If he thought of me as his wife he would have asked me to come that way...then why this Ad manager and all..Does DK manipulate everyone that way..Are people just toys for him..use and throw.." . With disgust she comes out of her room..

 As she comes out in a beautiful white and red saree looking radiant...DK stares at her..with an expression of " which world does she come from" ..As she nears him he smiles..and says "lets go?"

In the party..DK introduces Disha as Mrs Disha Sehgal and says " She will manage the AD part of it . She knows how to win the hearts of people" and everyone congratulates her. Disha is surprised with his introduction, stares at his compliment blushes a bit.

After they talk about the detials of the deal DK and Disha return to the a table...Disha feels awkward ..she realizes this is the first time she is out with him. As DK orders some drink..his eyes fall on Disha 's glare of dissaproval for his drinking habit. He cancels the order and asks Disha what she wants..Disha is surprised at the change in his attitude..She looks at him with affection and sees that he has this soft look on him..she cant meet his eyes and looks away...at the crowd dancing.

 DK follows her sight and sees the crowd dancing.." thats not for me he thinks..the world has never been nice to me anyway" looking at his left leg. Disha looking at his forlorn expression feels bad..wishes she could do something..

Here one of the guys from the other business comes over and asks DK if they are having a good time. He says " Everybody is saying that you and Disha Madam make such a nice couple..Made for each other..why dont you both join the dance floor."saying so he goes off. DK and Disha look at each other ..and the awkward moment is full of shyness and confusion..DK stares at Disha and Disha looks away in embarrasment .DK thinks " made for each other " smiles and continues to look at her.
As he stares at her she is more embarrased and looks away at the dancing floor. Wanting the awkwardness to end..she says the first thing that comes to her mind.  ." do u want to dance ?"

At DK's shocked but pained expression she just realizes what she said..She is surprised because she herself needed lot of cajolling in the past to join in the dance floor.." what did i just say..what was i thinking " she thinks. Meanwhile DK looks at her and says " Are you making fun of me Disha..you know very well I cannot dance " ..in a very serious and pained manner. Immediately Disha shoots back " NO DK..im not making fun of you ..why will I do that..I just...I just..." not knowing what to say..Then with a resolve she says " DK..who said you cannot dance..? Will u try at least? " DK is shocked..staring at her with murderous expression...she says " im there no DK..trust me ". She gets up and moves to the dance floor..DK follows her like a little lamb..just staring at her.




Thats all for now...
Takes so much time with my spelling mistakes and editing..
enjoy this for now..
and do let me know ur response..

PLEASE let me know if im boring you!!!!



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 As they reach the dance floor...
 Disha reaches for his stick..and keeps it next to the podium..she takes his left hand into hers and says " for some time think of my hand as your stick..." DK looks frozen and is touched by her ..somehow he understands that she doesnt mean to hurt him with her comments..His right hand takes her right hand and very gently they just sway to the melodious music drifting away on the floor..they hold each other at an arm's length..Slowly DK moves his foot..trying to put minimum pressure on Disha's hand for support..Disha smiles encouragingly at him..and he has a hint of a smile on his face..Slowly they are absorbed into the dance well enough to realize the song being played..

tum bin..jao kaha..
ke duniya mein aake..
kuch nahi chahaa sanam..
tumko chahke.........

 The song is all too poignant for them..Disha lowers her eyes and wills herself to dance..and For DK its a whole new experience...he just wants to continue looking at her...
They dance to the end of the song when Dk looking mesmerised tells her " you are looking beautiful Disha"..
Disha looks up at him..and gets all coy..and says we should leave DK...mummyji is alone at home..
Saying so breaks the dance and returns to the car...


As they get back in the car...DK thinks to himself.." This is the same girl whom I saw on the dance floor during the Kanaka Ad days...she was smiling then and today i saw the same shine on her face again after such a long time"..." he smiles to himself thinking that it was ironical that today he was with her on the dance floor.........
Disha is thinking" What is time trying to tell me...I married this man in desparation..and then had all intentions of destroying him..and today im here with him after a party..dancing and happy? " Both of them avoid looking at each other...Disha is to her side of the car and DK is to his side.

Dk breaks the silence by saying "Disha..? " Disha has this dreamy and contented look on her face with wind blowing her hair onto her face..she says what?
DK : " If today I would have asked you to go to the party as my wife would you have come ? "
Listening to this Disha breaks out of her mellow mood...She was controlling her anger about this since afternoon and now he has the nerve to ask her this question....
Haughtily she replies back" What nonsense DK...we both know what kind of marraige we have...you have no business to order me around..as a wife or in any other capacity. I just came because its yur new venture and I did not want to create more hassles for you than you already have"...so saying she gets down from the car and goes into the house..
DK is still in the car..face darkened ..like a child whose toy is taken away..." I knew Disha..you would have never come that way..when will you have some feelings for me? Till when will you keep casting me aside.." Angrily he takes his stick and gets down from the car...

In his room DK keeps remembering how close he was dancing to her..he also realizes that she gave him the glimpse of the life he never had...an ordinary man's life..even if it was just for a few minutes..he had forgotten about his injured leg...He thinks "Disha...you are affecting my life the wat no one did..."

Meanwhile disha is trying to sleep but she cant...she thinks" i know too very well what it means not to belong anywhere DK...What it must have felt like not be raised as a nomal teenager..with a protective family...I sensed it all .." she feels bad for brushing him off so rudely in the car..She remembers how she felt to dance with him..and how nice she felt when someone had commented " what a nice couple"...

Next morning after checking on Sumitra disha goes to the terrace with a book in her hand..( dairy/novel..whatever u want:)  She is intently watching a photograph she has kept in the book ....when DK comes from behind ..As soon as she hears the stick..she clutches the book to her heart and turns around..scared if he has seen what she was looking at...

DK says " disha ..." and sees that she is holding a book to her heart...says " what are you looking at in the book Disha...? " Disha says nothing..a picture"..DK says " Oh...ur family..? "
And disha hesitates and sayd.."ya my family.."..DK turns and sarcastically.." ur great Bhonsle family whom you love more than anything right ? "..Disha indignantly says yes..exactly..
anyway you were here to tell me something..? "

DK " ya..we have some work to do on the Ad side of the business..you will have to spend more time on it from now..Im going to be busy today..."
He has some files in his hand and he opens them..they discuss about it for sometime...she leaves her book open on the side..
After discussing she says "I will manage it..but the contract will end in a few days..."
On hearing this DKs face gets the most meloncholy expression...He says " I know Disha" A storm is gathering  in his mind..and he rises to leave..Disha meanwhile wants him to say something..feeling bleak and miserable..wishing he was more forceful in his expression ..wanting him to tell her to stay back...She walks off resignedly.
DK meanwhile thinks " i know i have pressurised u into almot evrything till now disha..fromnow on i wont do that...i want u to stay..but on ur wishes..i cant force u..."
He turns to take his files...and sees her book lying there. He picks it up to give it to  her..and the picture she has been looking at falls at his feet. He takes it in his hands to take a look..and he is stunned!!

Its a newpaper cut out of his and disha's wedding picture..

 I leave u with that for now...till i cook up somthing more:)

comments ,suggestions and critique is  most appreciated....



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Hi Friends...thanks for the support...your response surely motivates me..sorry for a late post..my cute 5 month old son tore up a book today and left me to clean the mess:)

By the way today its the DISHA BDAY SPECIAL starting...

Here goes the next scene no 5:


 Dk is stunned to see that the picture Disha was looking at was thier edding picture...he wonders why she lied to him..he remembers that he had commented if it was bhonsle family and she had said yes.....

He thinks " she didnt want me to know this.....So..she does have feelings for me..why does she hide it from me?" ..His face is bright and hopeful..There is love in his eyes as he gets doen the stairs with the book and the picture....

   Disha meanwhile is in the kitchen..thinkning DK has gone to his office...she is making something for mummyji in the kitchen. Considering herself alone at home..she is freely humming some tune ..hair tied up in a semi-knot on her head to stop it frm falling everywhere...the pallu of her saree into tucked into the saree near the waist in the indian style..with a single strand of hair falling lose on her face...reflecting complete domesticity and at ease attitude in the kitchen..( wow..can u imagine seeing Disha like this in TD...i want to see that !!! )..as she stands over the hot stove..the heat makes her irritated and she keeps brushing the heair off..she turns around to pick up something and sees DK standing in the entrance looking at her with an astonished expression..how long he has been standing there she does not know..2 min? 5 min? since when was he ther?

He keeps looking at her digesting this look of hers...Disha says " im cooking for mummyji..." by way of explanation. She is also surpsrised to see him staring at her...Dk is unable to say anything looking at her... disha asks him again" didnt u go to the office? "...he keeps looking at her hair and then her pallu...Becoming concious she removes the tucked pallu and straightens the saree...

 Then her eyes fall on the book and snap he is holding in his hands...and her breath stops...wth a thudding heart she realizes that he knows that she was looking at thier picture and not bhonsle familys on the terrace. As DK sees that she is looking at the picture in his hand..he says

" whats this Disha? why did you lie to me? "

Disha defensively says " what do u mean whats that...thats a newspaper cut out. I didnt lie anything DK...that cut out is fromwhen the news of our wedding was first printed in the newpaper remember..I had kept it since I had made the editor print it for my sake..and its been lying in the book since long. At that time you werent ready to annoucne the wedding so i decided to keep the picture..Anyway you have got hold of the wrong picture."

She does hear him and takes her book from him. There on the last page of the book is a snap of her and rano...She removes that snap and shows him. "this is what I was looking at" and roughly takes her books and pictures and goes out of the kitchen before DK says anything. 

DK looks confused for some time..but instantly realizes that she was lying indeed..." you are lying Disha..I know you were looking at our snap...and I dont know what stops you from saying so openly...what are you afraid of Disha..havnt I told you that I wont hurt you..then ? "..Exasperated ...he leaves the kitchen and goes to his work.

 He is more confused and angry realizing that she was lying to him..he is unable to concentrate on the work...he keeps remembering how she bandages his hand...his dance with her...and her in the kitchen. By afternoon he is not able to complete any work. Angry with himself..he determiedly tries to push away thoughts of her and sets himself on work..so involved he doesnt bother about the clock anymore....

  Meanwhile after DK goes to office ..Disha is in her room. She thinks " thank God i had the snap of me and rano in the book...i had just lost my breath when he asked me about it...so saying she looks at thier wedding picture with a very intense expression in her eyes...confused but with care.

 Disha gets ready ..she is shown in a lovely sarre golden bordering red..she looks exceptionally pretty and takes extra care of her looks ..outs in ncie long earrings ..prays to bappa and comes to Mummyji's room. There she touches mummyji's feet and says " Mummyji please bless me...today is my birthday..please bless your DIL..." Mummyji in her lost state gives her a look and then looks away. Disha comes away from that room.

While coming to her room she remember her previous birthdays ..how she celebrated them with fun..and gets sad. Then she rememers her and DK's conversation that morning and feels bad for lying..and remembers how angry he looked when she left the kitchen.

She decides..to do something special.

 Rano and Aai call to wish her...after thier sweet talk  Aai asks Disha to come home for dinner..so that she can spend her bday with aai and bhonsle family. She says she will call rano also. Disha is confused...she says " Aai..actually Dk is working on his new business and I have to take care of Mummyji..you know the situation here..I may not be able to come..and DK has entrusted me with lots of work..Please excuse me Aai.."

Aai is surprised and says "looks like you are getting completely involved there..anyway your wish..my blessings are with you " Disha thanks her and keeps the phone. She wants to wait for DK and celebrate her birthday with him...she thinks of preparing nice dishes by the time he comes..and starts waiting for him ...

Okay will continue from here....how did you like the DISHA BDAY SPECIAL Story??? PL Let me know...




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Next scene 6
   Takes off from where Disha tells her Aai that she will not come to bhonsle house for her birthday..

   Disha starts making her favourite dishes...thinking about how the evening will be. DK will be so surprised to see her set the table ..she hopes that the last time she made paranthas ..DK was very upset and had told her not to cook for him. She hopes that now things have changed for the better..so hopes there wont be any problem.
She thinks : " it must have been ages since DK has had nicely prepared food at home...since its my birthday hope he wont mind...today i will ask him not to drink..i hope he will accept.."

By the time its evening and its his usual time to return..she ia dressed in a nice green and brown saree..with flowers around her hair..she remembers her last birthday where her Baba had blessed her and told her that she should always be bubbling and happy like flowers. She thinks after such a long time there is a hint of normalcy in her life..very enthusiastically she goes and tells maaji..that maaji once DK comes home all of us will have dinner together ..

 Having set the table, her wait starts. He must be busy she thinks..he has been working so hard. She keeps waiting..its one hour late..whats holding him up she thinks. She calls up at his office . ..they tell her that he has already left early today!!!

 She is shocked...where did he go she thinks...She keeps waiting.She takes a littel nap..when she wakes up he still hasnt returned home . As time passes her relaxed mood dissappears. She gets more restless and agitated. She gets angry at first. Then slowly anger turns into something different..bile rises up her throat as she thinks "..i hope he is alright...i hope nothing unthinkable has happened.".With this strain of thoughts her mind gets full of tension. She starts pacing the house.She thinks" even when we were fightring so much..when things were so tension full when i used to make his life difficult..even then he never kept away from home..and now even with Mummyji here..what can keep him away from home?"

Fear gives into tears of frustration. She has called him at every possible place..and he is no where. Since its already dinner time..she feeds Sumitra  and puts her to sleep..all the while her mind is elsewhere...thinking about DK.

Controlling her tears she wills herself to think positively...where must he be?

Here DK is sitting in a room in his office...he has stopped taking calls or meeting anyone.Since afternoon he has been willing himself to concentrate on work and not on Disha. He is working on his new deal very hard. But he still cant keep Disha away from his mind. Angered at his lack of focus...he tells his assistant to tell any person who calls that he is not there in the office.He wants to concentrate...he keeps working. He takes a drink or two ...when his mind gets dull..he gets up and drives home..with no mind at what the time is.

Coming home..he sees that Disha is sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands..eyes closed..tears falling off her cheeks. In his dull and dazed mind somewhere it registers that she is looking exceptionally good tonight..there are flowers in her hair and faint nice smell..He asks "Disha? Didnt u sleep till now? "
On hearin his voice Disha opens her eyes and gets up : " DK..Oh thank God..are u alright? " saying so she runs to him..and hugs him..: " oh thank God DK..i was so so worried..i was waiting for u since evening and when u got late i was worried..i tried calling in ur office but u werent there.. thank god ur fine.."

DK confused and dazed " waiting for me? and what will happen to me..what are u asking? " The moment he speaks ..Disha smelss the faint flavour of liqour..
She instantly goes away.." have u been drinking she asks..? "
DK " none of your business..."
Disha hurt and angered by his tone.." whats this DK? where were you..why are u so late..do u know how worried i was..i was waiting for you? "

Now DK in has dazed,and a bit tipsy mood..says " i was working..anyway i dont have to answer all ur questions..as u alwsy remind me..this is a contract marraige and i dont have to tell u anything.Who the hell told u to worry for me? And why were u waiting for me all of a sudden? "

Hearing this..Disha is totally stunned and hurt. With anger rising with every breath.." DK...do u know how many tears i have wasted on you in the  past 3/4 hours? I spent the whole day waiting for you today..thinking that i want to spend this time with you and maaji..and you are asking me these quesions? and on top of that ur drunk? It was my foolishness to think that you could be capable of giving or receving affection DK...ur a heartless creature and u will always be so. I wanted to spend today evening with you..but now.."
She breaks down and runs away to her room and closes the door..all her anticipation since morning is crushed and she breaks down crying on the bed.

DK is meanwhile stunned to see her breaking down..seeing her cry and run brings him out of his drunken stupor..with a sinking heart he realizes something is very wrong....he has hurt her vert badly..but he doesnt know whats wrong.
The phone's shrill ring breaks the silence. DK picks up the phone. Its Aai on the other line. Aai tell DK to ask Disha to call her back again. Azuba wanted to wish her for her birthday and couldnt so so since morning..he wanted to talk to Disha. On hearing this DK goes still...Aai further tells him that she had invited Disha to bhonsle house for her birthday but Disha refused..so everyone on bhonsle house was missing her a lot.Saying so she keeps the phone.

DK keeps the phone ..very shocked..So it was Disha's birthday today..and he didnt know about it. His eyes fall on the nice table set..with so many dishes..he realizes Disha had made all that and was waiting for....HIM.!!! AS realization strikes..he sits on the couch with a bang..Disha..his Disha wanted to spend her birthday with him..had gone to the lenghts of preparing a nice dinner..had dressed like a dream..and was waiting for him!!And he had come home late, drunk and was rude and angry to the core! So it was right..she had rightly called him heartless. She had hugged him, cried for him and he like an idiot and cruel person had thrown it all away.

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He sat there stunned for the next 10 min. When he got up his face was resolved . He changed, checked on his mother.took something out of his cupboard  ...and then knocked on Disha's door.Disha answered that she was going to sleep. DK persists and asks her to open the door just once. AS the door opens he sees that she has also changed..into a usual saree. He goes in her room.Disha : i dont want to talk to you DK...just go away i have a headache".
DK with a pleading tone " Disha please...im very very sorry..I didnt know it was your birthday..."
Disha " no DK..i dont want to hear anything...you were ruthless and will alwys remain like that "
DK : " Disha please.." holding her hand " if i had any idea that its ur bday today then believe me ..i would have done anything for you today..i had a lot of work in the office..it was frustrating and i had told that anyone who calls should be told that im not there. I had no idea u were calling or that u would be waiting for me...please believe me Disha..."
After a lot of cajolling Disha looks at him..and says " and what about how rude u were..when u came home..i was gone nuts worrying.." DK says with a soft llok in his eyes.." Since our conversation in the morning..u were in my thoughts Disha..so much so u were affecting my work..I was angry with you..and myself.." Hearing this Disha's expression changes to bewilderment.
DK continues" I wanted to put u out of my mind...so i drank too..belive me Disha i was away from u but all i could think about was you...Im very sorry i spoiled ur day.."

Hearing this..Disha doesnt know what to say..she is surprised to hear these things from him. DK assumes Disha's silence to be her anger. DK : "I know Disha..i have been very rude and bad today..im feeling very bad about it.You even cooked for us today..ur right i deserve ur anger.." His eyes fill up with water..
Disha looks at him and is moved to see him that way. But the long hours of waiting for him make her doesnt allow her to give in so easliy. She stands mute.
Seeing this DK :" I know u wont forgive me..but please accept this. " Saying this he takes out a beautiful small chain fomr his pocket. It has the locket of " OM " in it. Dk " happy birthday Disha "..Disha just keeps looking at him.
DK : " Disha i know you. I can offer you the best diamonds of the world or most beautiful jewellery..but you are not the kind to be happy with that. So i want to give you this small but most valued possesion of mine..the om locket. "
Disha ..all anger gone form her face..looks at him surprised.
To her DK explains" Disha..this is a chain my Mom made for me. I never used it much..but i always kept it as her rememrence ..even when she was not with me. Its the most important possesion i have. And i want you to have it.Happy Birthday Disha. .."

As Disha does not move..he keeps the chain on the bed..again apoligises and  leaves the room feeling miserable and rotten .

Disha slowly assimilates everything .." he was thinking about me in the office? is he saying the truth..? she remembers his eyes filling up and accepts that he really felt bad and was feeling guitly. " she quietly picks up the chain..she remember her bappa locket which she gave to rano..and smiles. Now DK had given has something..something to hold even when the contract ends..even when the mangalsutra would have no meaning for her..this locket would still be there for her. She decides to forgive DK..

She goes into the hall and sees food is untouched.She fills a plate and goes to DKs room. Seeing he is not there she goes finds him on the terrace..looking lost and sad.
Disha jokingly says " whats this DK..its my bday and u have not fed me any sweet." On seeing her DKs face lightens up and his features soften.
Disha silently offers him the place..and DK takes the sweet ( say gajar ka halwa) and feeds her..both  smiling at each other ..and enjoying the moment. DK observes that Disha has worn the chain. He looks very happy and thanks disha for forgiving him.
DK " I wish you all the best in all that u want Disha.." with utmost sinerety.
On hearing this disha is coy and thanks him. He also tells her" you were looking so beautiful when i came home..i thought i was dreaming..." and is quick to add " ur beautiful now too..as always". And for the first time..Disha accepts his compliment with a smile.
disha " im very hungry..waiting for u i didnt eat anything.."
they both start eating and joking and laughing..like they both were waiting for this moment for ages. All her pain of waiting and worrying gone, all his anger and frustration gone..they were enjoying these moments of bliss with each other.


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