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Harshad Chopda FC : Mohan's volatility!!!

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Dark thoughts
Admist a smiling face
He knows how to live life
But he also knows there's no living in a race

There are times when Mohan gives the impression that he has a lot more to him than he shows the world. It has been only a few months or so since he has arrived from abroad, and so many cats are spilling out of his London Express luggage-the fact that his degree is fake, that he may have not really got a chance to make his family's name proud, that he is no longer innocent Champu, and not just because he changed his hairstyle. The new Mohan is not just physically different, but is also now ambitious...compared to the boy who he was earlier, who was so dour-faced and childish when bidding his mother goodbye at the airport, he is now confident and somewhat impassive. He enjoys life to the fullest-drinking, smoking, dancing, partying...he doesn't care that all these qualities are not appreciated by his Baapji. He has a mind of his own that he wants to follow. But at the same time, he is prepared to go to any lengths to get what he wants from life.
He wants to touch
The top of the stars
And yet his feet
Keep him earth-bound

At the same time, Mohan's ambition does not make him arrogant. He still has a sense of what is wrong and right. He was honest enough to tell Kastur that he did not love her, but he never degraded her or made her feel inferior simply because he did not consider her worth being his wife. He may not feel the obsessive attachment for Saroj that she displays towards him, but that again is a sign of his maturity, as he loves his mother, but at the same time, he does not want to be a pawn for his dreams. He is too caught up in his ambition to notice the family drama around him, but at the same time, he defends Kastur when he knows Saroj has insulted her, but makes sure that Saroj does not grow upset at him and become depressed. It is this quality, which, if he uses it well, can make him a quite successful businessman. Wink

He wants to be
At the top of the ladder
And once he's up there
Never look down

They frequently show Mohan gazing at the skyscraper outside his house, and he even told Saroj once that he wants to stand on top over there. Mohan is the kind of man who is obsessed with his dreams without becoming their slave. He will struggle and fight and claw his way up to the top. He will cheat and lie and break hearts, and he will also get into a soup because of these misadventures. But his conscience does not plague on him, because he was being true to himself all the while. Usually we think about the mistakes we make once we achieve success and get time to reflect upon our lives. But Mohan still has a long way to go before he achieves any time to do such philosophical rambling.

He knows there are challenges in the future
But they are not less dangerous
Than the remnants of the past
He is complex, yet simple,
And full of secrets
And yet he knows how to make someone laugh

Many people, while striving for success, are blind to the obstacles ahead. Mohan, however, is not just building castles in the air or wasting his (fake) degree. He is actually determined to go for the top. But for him his biggest problem is his past. He has built up a mountain of lies to get to what he wants-the impression that he loves Kastur, his London degree, and goodness knows what else. LOL But all this does not, in any way, make Mohan a dark or closeted man. He does not give any impression of being stuck in some kind of melancholy past. Instead he appears to be a man who lives in the present and has his eyes trained on the future. He knows how to console people, to cheer them up. He is essentially very good-natured, and not really the cut-throat businessman he is aiming to be.

The true side of him however
Is the man everyone dreams of being with
That innocent smile, that humorous face
Total perfection, ain't it?
He's not really evil
And yet he believes in lies
He's just a bit liberal
As free as the skies

The true Mohan, as said before, is not really the 'modern' Mohan. If anything, that could just be a charade to pass himself off as the foreign-educated, sophisticated man he claims to be. He is still, somewhere, a Champu as far as personality is concerned. He is not exactly corrupted or full of vices. Mohan's amibition should not be mistaken for villainy. In many ways, Mohan is just a carbon copy of many young men of today who want a lot from life professionally, and they enjoy the freedom to drink and smoke and do whatever they want. Juxtaposed against a conservative family, perhaps Mohan's character sketch looks like that of some useless playboy, but he is generally just a free-willed person who, like many of today's generation, really doesn't have the time or inclination to listen to his conscience. He was somewhat arrogant earlier, when initially rejecting Kastur, as in his dreams of higher society he forgot he was almost as lesser-educated as Kastur was. And perhaps he really doesn't know how to fully appreciate the greater qualities of people yet. But as they say, banda dil ka bura nahi hai. Wink

His name is Mohan
Borrowed from that notorious flute player
Who charmed everyone
Who could raise a mountain on his finger
He is his own master
But the mountains that he brings up
May push him down faster
Than the dangers that always linger
Like clouds around a sun

Mohan's name itself signifies what his family expects from him-for Saroj, he is the son who will bring her salvation after years of slaving for an ungrateful family, and for Baapji he is the grandson who was supposed to take his masale ka business to great heights. Everyone expects him to lift their respective Govardhan-sized burdens for him. LOL But Mohan listens only to himself, and perhaps that may be the thing that finally drives him over the edge. Currently he is trailing a thin line between being a starry-eyed aspiring businessman, and a full-on cheat whose acts will disgust his family once they come out. He is like the sun, brimming with energy, but there are always clouds that threaten to stomp him out.

He needs someone to understand him
Just the way he wants to be
And he's got someone whose life
Is entwined with his destiny.

Thus, here ends Mohan's character sketch. He is certainly a very unpredictable character, as, said earlier, he is almost walking a tightrope between two sides of the balance of life. Excess of anything is harmful. Just as Mohan is right when he tells his family members, or more precisely Baapji that no one can be stuck in the same rigmarole their whole life, everyone else is also right, as life cannot be simply measured in terms of turnover. Hence, he needs someone who can understand him, can see that he is not just some shallow, spoilt brat, but a character with actual depth who has a golden heart inspite of all his failings. It is over here that Kastur comes into play. She had simply adored and worshipped him earlier, but now she is genuinely on the way to understanding what kind of a person Mohan is.

Mohan is the kind of person who is neither a romantic hero, nor a bad boy. He is somewhere nearer to an anti-hero or a gray character. Hence his love story will certainly be unusual. But Harshad Chopda has always put sizzle into all his scenesWink and Mohan's bond with Kastur is something that is already very mature and firm even though they may not be in each other's arms yet. LOL Something tells me that somewhere inside him, Mohan does have a reserve of passion stored, which he currently puts into his dreams, and not into wooing his wife. LOLBut as a character he is certainly beautiful, but at the same time dangerous.Cool He will make you cry and smile in the same breath, and you won't regret it. Wink
(Credit : Megz)

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(Credit: Sugi)
The Diary-Story continues...
Dear Diary

Home is not always good especially when it is a home like mine. Anyways leave it! Done with party'.. it was awesome. Guess what,everybody is now calling me Mr. Unpredictable. some with affection,some with surprise,some in a doomed mode and some in a sarcastic way.sigh'yea there is those famous endless taunts of grandpa' what's his problem man? He wants me to remain a puppet of his hands forever. Awww well don't worry, I will not trouble you by bringing him here.

In the party,gals were going gaga over my deadly looks(nothing new). It was really good to see that they welcomed changed MG with open arms literally*winks*.infact everybody is loving me except BJ. NO!NO! I m not bringing him here!! I can't be that cruel to you!!!! I know its strange but I am feeling happy and safe here but again confused at the same time.It is obvious yaar, I m just being myself and pople are behaving like they have found 8th wonderof the world. They are treating me like I am a suspense thriller moviein which nobody knows what is going to happen next. For almost every person I am full of surprises.well the gals love surprises!!!!:D

You know what'being pleasantly unpredictable for my pankhis is one thing and taking someone's bitter feelings hidden in the very same title is another thing. I m happy being a surprise package for gals but someone's endless taunting to maa for my newly discovered quqlities is taking on my nerves.

Moreover, dad is irritating me by justifying that person. NO!! its not like I don't love or respect my dad. I love him to the core and I know he loves me too,but is just loving your kid is enough for being a g dad? Shouldn't hhe have taken a stand for me and maa?Wasn't it his duty to give me those lessons which I got in London in a very brutal way. But he never fulfilled his duty and now he is justifying his dad in front of me as if I am gonna buy his so called ethic "elders are always right" NO!! NOT AT ALL!!!!! I can't! anyways if I will talk about my dad's unfulfiller duties,you will be filled in a day.so move on

So, we were talking about my unpredictability.hey I think for BJ I have become annn Unpredictable, ,unavoidable,unbearable, fear more than just a nalayak guy of his khandan.(needless to say , I m loving it,afterall it was my childhood dream !!!!!!!!!!what???? I was always a champ from heart)'' but I wonder,my changes are toh simpler of simplest,then what the heck is giving BJ such a tough time and the whole family zor ka jhatkaas!

After torturing my brain for a day and for the sake of this weirdos,I concluded that the reason behind my unpredictability for them is their own mindset about me. they thought I am a simple guy without knowing my complexity.yea this is the point! They never let me explore myself and now when our London did this then they are in an unexpected shock!!(as if it is my fault if their expectations were so bad)

Till date for them I was nothing else but a breathing pulp come robo programmed by BJ.* sigh*yea just a robo to satisfy his saddist ego. Huh!! In those days my duty was to listen his crap by looking at the floor as if I am in love with it and serve his masala world, with a voiceless mouth.

But now I am a human with a eyes to speak,eyes to look into his frightening eyesbrain to think(well this is not a characteristic of Gallas,but I m an exception),a heart to feel and above all a desire to live for MYSELF which is the biggest offence in the books of bj.

Things are not going according to my plan. My creditors are after my life. I thought, I will be safe in India but I was wrong. I know if I will not return their money, I will be finished but you know what, I m least bothered about it! The thing that is pissing me off is my own bitter truth! I fear what will happen if my family will learn about the scandals (for my family,they are SCANDALS) !!! oh!! BJ is gonna kill me by his poisonous sarcasm!! What will dad and others think? Whatever I am least concerned! The only person for whom I am running from my reality is maa! I can't see her heart broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her pain is unbearable for me!! NO!! I will not let that day come!! I will not let my her dreams shattered'.NEVER

Am I being emotional? What to do yaar? I am senti about her to mental levels. When it comes to maa,all my numbness get vanished, I love her more than anything in this world'..and this making me feel even more guilty.

You may ask " if you love your maa that much then why the hell you came back without a degree?",but I really can't answer, I don't wanna give reason for that because giving reasons will be nothing but a straight justification and I can't justify anytjing which hurts maa'not even in my case! Sigh' actually I don't even have a justification for my helplessness'

Hey! If you are thinking I regret my cool habbits then you are absolutely wrong. I don't regret anything except breaking maa's trust. How on earth anybody can regret those kisses of wine,directly touching the heart through lips!!! Yea, as far as BJ's rules are concerned they deserve to get broken and I love messing with them.

I drink! I gamble! I flirt (sometimes) because I love them'.Ahhh I love to do whatever pleases me without giving a damn to world! This is what you call style!!! And you know it very well that I am the man of style!!! Sounds arrogant na? after all I am a spoilt brat,what else you expect???? Yea some weirdos can take my bratty ways as an insult of their so called riti riwaj but my BIG heart is ready to forgive them'*winks* poor souls!! How would the citizens of masala land know the fun of getting spoilt'the bliss of freedom'huh! BJ says he was a freedom fighter K oh!!! Really he know what freedom means? Aww I know,this is wrong question to put for a person who is constantly practicing dictatorship on the name of discipline!!!

Huh at one time even for me freedom was nothing but a term we used to find in books having no use in real life'.*pause* again I am going into flashback mode'sigh' what to do yaar? Wherever I am today! Whatever I am today! Has a lot to do with my past! Don't know how many times I have told you that I was always a champ from inside but I can't deny the fact that somewhere in me that poor innocent guy is still alive' I know I am talking all insane but its true. I was never a complete champu neither I am a comlete champ now.they both are my integral part and without any of them I am incomplete..strange na! I hate the way I was but I can't get rid off it! I am the same but with my own identity this time. So what if I have some habbits which are BAD in the eyes of this world! Well is everything in the same world is good? No! but the world is beautiful with its merits and demerits then why the hell my family can't understand this? Yes, I am getting annoyed,because hiding and unnecessary lying is pissing me off!gosh I m back in prison! If they will come to know about my habbits they are gonna treat me like the Most Wanted Criminal of country!

Pheww poor me! Previously I was too good to live now I am too bad to live! Moral of the story is "I can't live" previously they never tried to find out my complexity now they are unable to see my simplicity. My question is have anybody ever tried to understand me? not even maa? come on yaar! I am not that complicated! Since childhood we both shares same dream of me being on top of the world but sometimes I think was it something I wanted or I was too preoccupied by maa's dreams to think about my wishes? What was her priority my bright future or proving BJ wrong?

No! I am not questioning maa.. can I? not at all? It was just a question which came to my mind. Some questions are not meant for answer. Anyways lets talk about my future plans. Honestly if you see,then I haven't done anything on my own so far. I am just flowing since the very first day of life. Previously with the fear of someone and later with my charming temptations( temptations are always appealing and irresistible).

But now, I don't wanna flow neither I wanna change. All I want is to be SOMETHING,to fulfill maa's dreams. If it is my fault that I haven't tried to make anyone happy toh I promise I will try my best to make me happy and for that I will keep doing what I love to do! I don't know my decisions are gonna please others or not but they are gonna please me for sure.

(Credit: Silky)

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(Credit: Sugi)
Born in Gondia, a town near Nagpur India, on May 17th 1983, Harshad Parkash Chopda's family decided to move to Pune, following his graduation Harshad excelled in the later years of schooling and went on to join an engineering college.  His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams and thus they enrolled him into an engineering college. Harshad audaciously states, "I only did engineering because my parents asked me to do so. However, I was clear in my mind as to what I wanted."

Later after completing his studies he headed straight to Bombay to pursue his acting career hoping to make it big one day just like Salman Khan, his favorite bollywood actor. He struggled hard during these years waiting for his big break but before that break would come he found himself successfully auditioning for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of the actor Harshad Chopda!

He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. This role found him a small measure of fame as he starred alongside actors like Rajeev Khandelwal but he feared typecasting and so he soon quit the show. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara soon after quitting Left Right Left. He essayed the role of Akshat and his performance was acknowledged at a larger scale. Unluckily, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long due to problems with the production house. 

After remaining off screen for a short period of time, Harshad bounced back strongly with the Balaji show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil where he portrayed the character of a passionate lover, Prem Juneja. He was recognized for his outstanding performance at various award functions.
After desh...harshad bounced back in action to essay the character of anuraag ganguly...a character which had various shades as anuraag's journey to discovering love unfolds...where ultimately harshad played insanity to such perfection that paagal onu had his own exclusive fan following...
After tere liye...harshad is all set to shed the lover boy image of telly and play the grey shaded character of Mohan Gala in Dharampatni who is far from being the perfect and loving husband...as he portrays the role of a drunkard and womaniser who ultimately discovers the positive things in him to create a success story.

 Below is a brief description of Harshad's five characters he has played so far!



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Mohan Gala Fan Page On FB
MohUr: DP Promo # 27: 22nd November 2011*Kya Janegi Kastur Rishte Ki Sacchai*




Mohan Scene # 1: 3rd October 2011 *Mohan Not Happy Wearing A Sherwani*


Mohan Scene # 1: 1st November 2011 *Mohan Plans A Boys Night Out*

MohUr Scene # 1: 1st November 2011 *Kastur's Innovative Excuse*

Mohan Scene # 2: 1st November 2011 *Mohan Speaks To Saroj For Kastur*

MohUr Scene # 2: 1st November 2011 *Mohan Teases Kastur During Puja*

MohUr Scene # 3: 1st November 2011 *Mohan Saves Kastur From Fire*

MohUr Scene # 4 :1st November 2011 *Kastur Takes Care Of Mohan's Burns*

MohUr Scene # 1: 2nd November 2011 *Kastur Helps Mohan Change*


(Credit: Sugi)

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First Promo of Dharampatni has been shot

Harshad Chopda - Eligible Bachelors of TV


New jodis & their sizzling chemistry




Love to blossom between Mohan and Kastur

Black Magic

Cute Quotient
(Credit: Sugi)

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(Credit: Sugi)


























 Lrl fan

 Delhi_ princes








 Sweety rajveer























































 Raksha- -athena-



















 Alina Zaidi







 Sara - S_sara












 Noor Abdullah







 Pari _Rinki




















 Nandini- - nansy-






 curled up











 Kanak - tere_bin


















           iheartchai  Sweta2005  Amira  Silky_Harshad
 .Angedkripa.  x-Sundus-x    

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Harshad wins naya sadasya award at SPA 2008

Harshad wins yoga jodi award along with Additi Gupta at SPA 2008

Harshad wins best new on screen couple award with Additi at New Talent Awards 2008

Harshad wins best jodi award with Additi Gupta at SPA 2009

Harshad wins Gr8 face of the year award at ITA 2010

Harshad wins best actor award at Telly Awards 2010
Harshad Performing in Femina Miss India
Harshad Introducing Femina Miss India Contestants

Harshad's performance in SPA 2011(The Venetian Macao)

SBB/SBS Videos Till April 2010

Videos of Ali and Akshat Along with VMs on Harshad

Prem and Heer Scenes from March 2008 till May 2009

Prem and Heer Scenes from June 2009 till February 2010

Prem and Chahat Scenes

Eternal Classics of Harshad as Prem Juneja

Harshad Chopda Performance Links Till March 2010

All Articles till May 2011
Please Check The Link Below For All Videos On Harshad
(Ali, Akshat, Prem, Anurag and Mohan scenes)
(The Page is still in the process of being updated)

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Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Akki-We Miss You


The News Letter


Caption Contest Result


A New Beginning


Harsh Is Back


Jab We Met


Rock On


Journey Continues


Iss Pal Ko Jee Le


The Only Prem In Our Life


Come Join d B'day Caravan


Proud Of U-Cheers To Harsh


Rise To Stardom


Master Of Our Hearts


Summer Treat- White


Monsoon Hungama


A Walk Down Memory Lane


Rains &Awards Season


Live It Up




In Appreciation


Silver Jubilee Bash


Smiles Galore- 1


Smiles Galore -2


Simplicity And Humility


Hands To Die For


Its In Ur Eyes


Cuteness Personified


You Are A Winner


Journey Of Prem -1


Prem's Love Journey


Prem:The Journey Continues


Thanking You


Prem:The Journey Continues


Tara Zameen Pe


Telly Screen's Badshah


Curtain Raiser


Fan Interactive special


True Colours


Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1


Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2


Winter Wonderland




A New Beginning


Sweet Memories


Rock On


Celebrations Galore


Missed You Harshad


 Welcome Back Harshad


Tere Liye


MoonSon Magic


The Name Says it


Jeet Liya Dil


An Ode To Anurag Ganguly


Anuragging is Still On


You're Mine


King of Angels


Eyes that Speak


And the Hunt Goes On


Aa Gaya Hay Mohan Galla





Big smile
* This FC is like a second home for the fans and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and respect

 * Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also his personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what  he does or who he is with off screen. 

 * Please don't spam the FC, I hope we don't get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spam. No One Liners and Hi Byes' are allowed!  
* No abusive language
* Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . Still if you want to fight use PM service for that. 
* Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated  
* We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.  
*New Members are requested to introduce themselves, giving their names and telling existing members that what is it about Harshad that makes them a fan and how did they learn about the FC? 
* Members are requested to please check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info or pictures so that the same info or pictures are not posted again and again, it will make the FC look messy.
Members are requested not to forgot that this fc belongs to harshad chopda and discussions are limited to his onscreen chemistry...
if any personal discussions are made...those should be limited to him ONLY.

* This is Harshad's FC so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. As a true Harshadian you must be aware that past is past and it will never come back but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising, so look forward to it with open mind and arms! 


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