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hey bhaggu so many of my Q's were answered....u guys r gonna kill me for this but I actually logged on so many times so that most of my Q's could be answered coz they wouldnt forward so many Q's belonging to the same person na Wink LOL

check out the details written in the brackets in black carefully ...dont be jealous ok  Wink LOL

What will u both do if Yamini and Aditya are back in ur

yuvi-ashi says, "we will make them go around with each other! priya: i dont know what we will do, our romance is over and done with it, but if they are back in our lives, we will kick them!"
indya presents the speaker with question #11 from guest31:
Priya u were brilliant as shyla devi….how long did it take to get in that avatar with that make up and stuff……and how comfortable were u in a saree ( this was mine and Raj's reply was so sweet na) Embarrassed

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: usually it takes only 25 min, for that role we had to use a wig, a saree, i started the body language, i took just three hours, Raj: U look too cute in that"
indya presents the speaker with question #29 from ritz_ashiyuvi:
what qualities do each of u hav as a leader..which should make us vote for u?
yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: ashi is a born leader, she is honest, daring, she is very optimistic, what we see our ashi, she always fights for justice, ashi does not need to advertise, Raj: well i am the cute bad girls, all the bad girls should vote for me ---"

indya presents the speaker with question #46 from stuti4000:
Hi! Raj and Priya this is Stuti Arora .I would like to ask you that do you think that Remix is having horrible repercussions on kids and parent-child relationships .Don€™t mind this is asked by my mom as she thinks so.

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: i dont think at all, remix portrays relationships, Priya: i dont think so, kids and parents needs to have a certain level of good understanding, i do get mails that the relations f parents with the kids are better and that they all like it, they have become even closer after that"
indya presents the speaker with question #61 from guest31:
When r the 2 of u going to patch up…..last time u patched up it lasted only for 2 weeks….now when can we see the 2 of u together for a really long long time…your fans are waiting for that day to arrive (this was mine too....all ashi yuvi fans jaago and send mails asking for their patch soon )

yuvi-ashi says, "all of them who wish this patch up to happen must write up to the channel! Raj: bombard the channel with your feedback and i think they can make it happen"
indya presents the speaker with question #68 from guest52:

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: ofcourse! today's day and age nobody waits for u! Raj: priya's is always on time,"
indya presents the speaker with question #77 from guest40:
What Do Ashi -Yuvi have that Tia-Ranveer don't have

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: everything!!!! Priya: we are kids with attitude! we are not the typical lovey dovet relationship, tia and ranveer is coventional"


indya presents the speaker with question #33 from ashiyuvirock:
was sonias complaint abt ashis hair jst a passin comment or a hint? is ashi gettin a makeover??
yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: i asked my hairstylist, but that went well with the theme"
indya presents the speaker with question #41 from guest44:
The crossing the gates scene between the 2 of u is by far the most passionate scene ever in the history of remix….how was it shooting for it…..were u guys comfortable shooting it ( ye wala bhi mera tha and what an amazing reply Embarrassed )
says, "Ashi: raj and my chemistry is damn good since day 1, it was just brilliant, we had a great time, we were never un comfrtable with each other, Raj: We give it more then 100 % we give it the best"
yuvi-ashi says, "it really fun when wer are there together it so much understanding"
indya presents the speaker with question #80 from ashiyuvirock:
u both share the rockingest chemistry evr...but wat do u prefer? actin as friends/enemies/or as a couple? bcos whole india agrees tht ur chemistry is rockin either way,but id like to know wich do u prefer actin as? :">

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: anything gets monotonous, what makes our relation differant is becoz it always changes, there is so much diversity Raj: and i agree with the fans, yuvi ashi chemistry is good"
indya presents the speaker with question #10 from guest24:
how did u celebrate holi on d remix set

yuvi-ashi says, "Tia, Ranveer and i were left, we burnt holika, next day again all my friends came and we had baang, i still have colour on my hair but the red colour covers it!! Raj: i played my real holi on the set, i watched many more movies that day"
indya presents the speaker with question #86 from ashiyuvirock:
Acc. to you which was the best romantic scene b/w ashi-yuvi?

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: we love the gate scene, we call it the nottingham scene, it was great."

indya presents the speaker with question #79 from guest58:
Do u guys visit forums like IF and Indya where u guys can come across so many diverse opinions on a day to day basis….especially wanna know this from Priya coz Raj does visit the forums ( u guys gotta thank me for this too and I am so happy to know that Priya too visits the forums Big smile )

yuvi-ashi says, "Yeap!! we do"
indya presents the speaker with question #36 from guest17:
Remix is a Copy of Rebeld ..Ur take on this

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: its a very good copy, they are very less youth oriented serials in india, Raj: i like the fans to go by the remix style and the story and not by the feeling that its a copy or not"
indya presents the speaker with question #65 from vaish_36:
If and IFF the elections are declared a draw...will there be more romance between ashi/yuvi or rivalry?

yuvi-ashi says, "Priys i have not idea, as of now the romance will happen Raj: we on complete war as of now, i feel we must start going out again"
indya presents the speaker with question #123 from stuti4000:
Do you think Remix can overtake the Saas-Bahu serials?

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: i would be honest, our viewers are more niche and the saans bahu crowd is differant. They are two differant leagues Raj: Remix is differant, a lot of moms also watch it, it in a differant league"
indya presents the speaker with question #184 from guest107:
All girls r crazy over Yuvi's hair….and Ashi u had the chance of running your hands through his curls twice to be precise……now u gotta share the experience with us coz we can never experience this ( it took a lot of guts to ask this coz I thought it was a foolish Q but the answers were totally hilarious LOL LOL LOL)

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: i think he is luckiest guy, raj has beautiful hair, becoz i fantasise, he has jet black hair, probably u will one day see raj with a bald head as i would run away with it"
yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: i am colecting Ashi's red hair so i can auction it one day

Priya how does it feel when girls actually say that ashi is my idol my inspiration….and Raj how does it feel when u see so many girls falling totally flat for u ( ye bhi mera tha and the reply was good )

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: its so humbling, it so crazy that they put me on a pedistal, it nice when u hear that they want to be like me, it also gives me a lot of responsibility"

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: Honesetly speaking, i was perplexed before, i think they go flat over the show, they go gaga over the show,"
indya presents the speaker with question #57 from guest51:
U guys were brilliant when u hosted the ITA red carpet…infact loved the way u

guys made everyone dance to the remix title track….so if u guys are asked to host a show in the future would u accept the offer ( this was mine too but I missed the reply can someone tell me plzzzzz)

(I missed the part inbetween someone plz tell me the answer to this plz)


yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: we have been asked this 1000 times, i am not seeing anyone, Raj: There again u see ashi broke my heart,"

love ur fights on u both also fight as much off screen?
yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: onscreen and ofscreen i beat him up"
indya presents the speaker with question #304 from guest107:
Priya who amongst these comes closest to being your ideal soul mate….Yuvi , Raj, Ranveer, Karan ( this again took a lot of guts but the answer was good enough )

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: itn wold be the mix of Yuvi and Ranveer -"

Raj what is the one thing u would like to change in ashi's character ( this was mine too but I like ashi to be abnormal why did Raj say this )

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: i just she could be just a normal girl,"
indya presents the speaker with question #348 from guest51:
Performance wise which scene between the 2 of u has been the best scene till date ( this was harshu's Q asked by harshu thank me ok )

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: we have so many Raj: i remember, our first outdoor, ashi chucks my guitar in water, Ashi: i drowned and i choked, they were on a mission, the director was involved, we do so many scenes half the time"
indya presents the speaker with question #449 from ashiuvrox:
ashi, do u share the same kind of relation with ur mother as ashi does with sonia ray or is ur mother very strict?

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: I dont share the same relationship... they are very cool. they are modern, i tell them give some rules so i can break them"
indya presents the speaker with question #442 from guest96:
How has Remix changed your life

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: it has changed my life completly , i am the luckiest in the country, it has changed my life for the better Raj: Remix has made me the actor i am, i love my job as an actor, i hope in the future also i keep entertaining all of them like i do now."
indya presents the speaker with question #232 from i_luv_remix:
hi ashi and yuvi please tell us what are your future plans after the remix, are u both have any "offers" from the BOLLYWOOD???

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: i never make plans, i hope remix continues still more, i am very choosy, i cant jump around and dance around tress. Raj: as long as the fans want remix to go on, it will go on, i dont knwo if i fit into the bollywood brigade as such"
indya presents the speaker with question #244 from phoenix_ashi:
How adept are you raj at playing the guitar since guitar is very imp. for your character yuvi?
yuvi-ashi says, "I am damn good actor"
indya presents the speaker with question #462 from guest110:
in furture is ashi and yuvi also goin to go on a island like tia and ranveer
yuvi-ashi says, "Oh god yaaa that corny man! i dont think so, i would go on a bike with yuvi to ladhakh"
indya presents the speaker with question #609 from ashi_rox:
Have you seen rang de basanti? who did u like the most in it?
yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: i loveeee the movie Ashi: i love amir, i love sharman joshi, all credit goes to the director"
indya presents the speaker with question #613 from luv_remix:

yuvi-ashi says, "Priya: it was so much fun, anthing for peta, Raj: it was a very novel experience"

Why are they completely ignoring the ashi-yuvi LOVE track these days

yuvi-ashi says, "we have already answered the question, you fans must do it"

Hey Raj n Priya ! Who's ur fav from Remix Gang apart from Karan n Shweta?

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: i am close to Sid, Archana, Meher, Brinda, they have made my life in mumbai great. Raj: Karan is my best friend ofset," Raj: i am close to Sid and Varun"

if not this present role which other characters role in remix will u like 2 do ( question 4 both)

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: i cant think of anything other then ashi, Raj: we are perfectly cast, i dont think u can interchange, i think the credit goes to goldy bhel and STAR"

Priya di when u came in popcorn u said that the only thing common in you and raj bhaia is music so what kind of music do u like
yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: music is my passion, alternative rock is my favourite, i like U2, i listen to trance hip-hop Raj: i had always an open mind, i listen to anything, i love Jim Morrison, he changed my lifre,"
indya presents the speaker with question #446 from guest164:

yuvi-ashi says, "ashi: i was really moved by a girl in pune, she just cried,she said i have changed her life as her parents seperated, and that ashi gave a lot of confidence, i started crying, i would call her my true fan"

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: i think remix has fans all over thecountry, i think calcutta has moree,"

many girls also idolise Ashi and also follow the rude ways. what are your messages for them?

yuvi-ashi says, "ashi: i dont think ashi is rude, she is not a hipocrate, she is very blunt, she is usually correct, she is witty"

Priya if u were told that u are supposed to loose the tennis match that was shown between u and yuvi would u have agreed to it..considering u were a national level tennis player…and Raj how was your experience playing against Priya ( I thought this was my best Q of the entire lot Embarrassed )
yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: the script demanded, it would have been too difficult to beat,"

How would u guys rate Priya, Raj , Karan and Shweta as actors…..rate them in the order of your preference ( this was mine too and I loved Raj's reply coz he placed Priya 1st Embarrassed Big smile )
yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: Priya, Karan, Raj, Swetha, but then i think it depends on the character"

hey priya, u were once a model. home come u never took part ina beauty contest like miss india? anu
yuvi-ashi says, "Hi anu! people did want me to enter the contest, i find it queite dumb,"

indya presents the speaker with question #593 from breeze_912:
is there sumting u dislike about eachother?

yuvi-ashi says, "Ashi: we have reached a great understanding, Raj: its been one and half years, we have a great understanding, nothing matters between, its fantastic that i have a co star like this!"

yuvi did u have long hair in school?if yes ,were u ever scold fr it and how did u deal with it

yuvi-ashi says, "I did have long hair since the age of 15, i was forbidden to give my board exams in 10 but my parents supported me"

read in a magzine long ago that priya, u were asked u want to be reborn as??and u said chimpanzee as far as i rmbr!!why?? do u love animals

yuvi-ashi says, "I love animals, i dont think i must have said that, the question was what animal would u be reborn as,,, and so i must have said that"


yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: lot of girls say i am hot, Ashi:half the people get scared of me, they just say i am their idol... they just go on and on and said its a wig"

what do you think about your fans

yuvi-ashi says, "Our fans are our priority and i love them. u guys make us work harder"

indya says, "That's it guys! The chat will be wrapped up with one last message each from Yuvi and Ashi. Ashi / Yuvi, your last messages to your fans? And any email IDs where they can reach you?"

yuvi-ashi says, "Raj: Remix fans are the best in the whole wide world"
yuvi-ashi says, "just be yourself"
yuvi-ashi says, "have fun be safe"
yuvi-ashi says, "we love u all"

"rajsingharora@yahoo ,

indya says, "Thanks, Yuvi / Ashi! That was a great chat. Keep rocking on Remix!"

"we both thank"

That was Priya Wal and Raj Singh"

indya says, "More than an hour and hundreds of questions! That was a great chat, people. Keep logging in for more exciting chats on"
indya says, "Remix Rulez! Bye and Take Care!"


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thanx ashitaEmbarrassed
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thanxxxx ashita...baaki ka...i was only their for last 2 mins.....stupid skool had to take for field trip aaj hi Cry
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Thanx a lot yaar...The interview seems awesome Clap
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lol ashita........tu toh badi chor nikli! tere wajah se hum sab ke questions ko indya ne dekha bhi nahin! LOL

LOVED the chat!!! it was so sufi!!!! N the best part was tht I could make it! Big smile Big smile Big smile

thanx for posting d transcripts ashita! u rock! n keep on rocking! Tongue

Only one of mine was asked, but then again, I wanted all of ashita's questions to be dat makes a lotEmbarrassed

How adept are you raj at playing the guitar, since it's very imp. for your character yuvi?

Raj gave such a hilariously great answerLOLLOLLOL: I'm a very good actor! (which he is!)Embarrassed

Edited by ashi rocks - 20 March 2006 at 5:54am
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thanx a ton ton ton akshita Big smile
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Thank you so much. I love you for this.

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