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Hi friends,


I (Princess), *Reemz* (Moderator) and Srk_Rulz (Viewbie) will be moderating this section and all we will try to help you as much as we can in making this section a fun place for you. We have made several sticky notes for your convenience.


Written Updates:




On members request we have decide to make few changes with the updates. From now on (July 2nd, 2005), update will be posted in a sticky topic, but members are welcome to comment and discuss. When the new update is ready to be posted, the current one will be moved to the folder which contains all the updates for that month. A new update will be make sticky and members can discuss and comments.


Sindoor Tere Naam Ka Gallery:




I (Princess) has moved all the pictures in the gallery. This is for pictures only; therefore, post only pictures here. Please do not any "Thank yous" or any other comments. If you like the pictures etc, you can send a PM to the member who posted the pictures and thank him or her.


Synopsis, News & Articles about Sindoor:




Post all the news & articles from other sources in this thread. This will prevent members from posting the same topic again & again. Whoever post the article can make a seperate topic and comment on the article and other members are also welcome to comment. When starting a new topic regarding the article, please put the link in the article, so members can find the article eaisly. Also, if the member who posted the article did not start a seprate topic, whoever see it first can start the new topic regarding the article. Please avoid saying "thanks", "thanks for sharing", "nice article", "thanks for posting" etc. We


STNK - Sticky Info, FAQ & Characters – Before you start a new topic with a question, please check in this topic if the question has been asked before, and if your question was never asked before please post in this topic only. The member who knows the answer can post a reply. Any post that is not a reply or a question will be deleted. This thread also have information about the characters in the show.


Vidoe Updates:




In this thread, Kimi_Dost AKA Kiran and Miss England will be posting videos. They do not provide regular video updates. They provide the videos when they can. This video thread is always closed, only I and Khushi (srk_rulz) can open it and update the thread with new links provided by Kiran or Miss England. I will be posting the date in the title to inform that it's been updated. Please do not open new threads asking for videos.


Suggestions/Complaints - For the Mods:




In this folder, members can give the Moderators team suggestion, so we can improve the way the section is working. Members are also welcome to tell the moderators if they don't like something or they have a complaint.


Thank you,


Sindoor Dev. Team

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Sindoor Tere Naam Ka - Characters and Information

Virendera Raizyada: Naresh Suri

Head of the house. Married to Kavita Raizyada. Had an affair and a son with Sundari during this youth years.

Kavita Raizyada:  

Tanvi Azmi (Previous)

Kiron Juneja (Current)

Wife of Viren. Very loving and caring. Antariksh Raizyada is Kavita's life. She did not gave Dhurv the same love, as she held him responsible for Antariksh's disability. Although it was an accident. Kavita is now dead in the show. She died saving Dhurv and Niharika from the fire.

Sundari: Sumukhi Pendse Viren's affair woman. Mother of Antarisksh Raizyada. Very evil woman.

Antariksh Raizyada: Prachin Chauhan

Oldest son of the Raizyada family. Son of Viren and Sundari (the affair child). Antariksh's left side (or right) does not work properly, due to the accident when he was a kid. He limps a little and can not use one of his hand/arm. Antariksh was switched with Kavita's first son Rudra at birth by Sundari, so Antariksh could have his dad's love. Antarisksh was married to Niharika, but when he found out Niharika's affair with Rahul, he kicked her out. Later rapped her. Antariksh was also responsible for making Vedika mad again.

Rudra Raizyada:  Sharad Kelkar

Oldest son of the Raizyada family (born at the same time as Antariksh). Son of Viren and Kavita. Sundari took Rudra at birth and gave Kavita Antariksh (Sundari's son). She bought up Rudra, but never loved him. She used Rudra to get back into Viren's life. Later, the Raizyada discovered the swith at birth. Rudra hated Sundari and became Kavita's son. Now married to Niharika Raizyada.

Dhurv Raizyada: Sachin Shroff

Second oldest son of the Raizyada family. Son of Viren and Kavita. Very loving/caring. Loves him mom and sister Tara a lot. Always wanted his mom to love him, but she held him responsible for Antariksh's condition. Thereofore, he never got her love. Married a mad girl Vedika to make his mom happy and also to get Antariksh married to Niharika. Now married to Vedika. He was married to Arti for few months as well.

Karan Raizyada: Sachin Shroff

Second oldest son of Raizyada family and Dhurv's identical twin brother. Kavita had given Karan away to her sister Urvashi at birth. Urvashi had lost her husband and was alone; therefore, Karan was given to her. No one knew about this, but Kavita and Urvashi. Karan came into the Raizayad household during the time when Dhurv was believed to be dead. Karan is a criminal and wanted by the Canadian Police. Therefore, he wanted to take Dhurv's place to escape. He shoot Kavita and made Vedika mad.

Tara Raizyada:  Shweta Gautam

Youngst member of the Raizyada family. Daughter of Viren and Kavita. Loved by her brothers and bhabhi. She is bubbly and a doll to all family members. Was married to Rahul. Now married to a police insepctor Abhi.

Kajol Raizyada: Gunn Nayar Antariksh's second wife after Niharika and oldest bahu of the Raizyada household. Kajol came into the Raizyada family with a mission to distroy Sundari. Sundari had caused Kajol's mother's death by hitting them both with her car and then espaced the scene. Kajol pretended to be blind and Antariksh married her out of guilt. However, everyone now know that she is not blind and she is well settled in the family.

Niharika Raizyada:  Kirti Kelkar 

First wife of Antarisksh Raizyada. Currently married to Rudra Raizyada (real life husband) and second oldest bahu of the Raizyada household. Vedika's older sister. Had an affair with Ruhal (Tara's husband). Loves/cares for Vedika very much. Married Antarisksh only for Vedika's sake.

Vedika Raizyada:  Gurdip Kohli

Wife of Dhurv Raizyada. Was not mentally stable due to her lover (Suraj) dieing in an accident. Dhurv married her for his brother Antariskh's and mom's sake. Later fell in love with her. She is now normal. Loves Dhurv very much. Loved by all family members. Youngest bahu of the Raizyada household, but smarter than other two.

Rahul: Anand Suryavanshi

Was Niharika's lover. Cheated her and married Tara for money. Later died in the serial.

Abhi: He is a police insepctor. Married to Tara. Living happily.

Titali Mami:  Jayati Bhatia

Wife of Kavita's brother. Stays with Kavita's family with her husband and son. Very funny, sweet, loving, caring. She takes Tara as her own daughter.

Suraj:  Vedika's boyfriend. Was shown dead, but he was alive. Vedika was about to get married to him, but said no as she was Dhurv's wife.

Arti:  Gulrez Khan

Dhurv's girlfriend, but just friend's after Dhurv's married to Vedika. She's a lawyer. Was Dhurv's wife, when Vedika was mad.

Alisha: Aanchal Anand Karan's girlfriend. She took Dhurv as Karan during Dhurv's "dead" time. She is in love with Dhurv now, but she know he's Vedika's Dhurv only.

Uma Agarwal: Vedika and Niharika's mother. Kishore Shahane

Pamela Singhania

Vishal Bedi: Prashant Bhatt

Krishna Raizada: Son of Alisha & Dhruv, adopted by Vedika. Alisha became pregnant with Dhruv's child when she mistakened him for Karan, she was going to abort her baby when Vedika stopped her and told her she would give motherly love to Krishna.
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FAQ - Sindoor Tere Naam Ka:

1. What is Antariksh's real name and what serials has he been a part of?

Antariksh 's name is Prachin Chauhan. He was the one who played Anurag's brother "Subroto" in Kasauti for some time. He was also the main lead in Kuchh Jhuki Si Palkein. He was also playing the cousin of Pratham Mittal in Kutumb 1.

2. Could someone give a little information on the actor who plays Dhruv?

Druvs character is played by Sachin Shroff. Dhruv used 2 play the character of Ram is Zee's earlier serial Vishwaas & he used in Shagun as well.

3. What's Niharika's real name?

Niharika's real name is Kirti Gaikwad.

4. Does anybody know the name of the actor who plays Rahul?

Rahul's real name is Anand Suryavanshi.

5. Does anyone know Arti's real name and which shows has she done?

Her real name is Gulrez Khan. She used to play the main character of Manasha, in Zee's Manasha.

6. Who is Sural?

He played Pyush in Kahin To Hoga and Vishal in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

7. Can anyone tell me the real name fo the character - Mrs. Singhania?

Usha Bachani.

8. What is Rudra's real name and does he come in anyother serial?

Sharad Kelkar. He was in CID and now in Saath Phere.

9. What's the real life name of Uma?

Kishori Shahne.

10. What is Kajol's real name?

Gunn Nayar.

11. What is Vedika's real name?

Gurdeep Kohli.

12. What is Tara's real name?

Shweta Gautam.

13. Does anyone know where I can get the title song lyrics?

Do zindgi ek hogaye sindoor se

Khilne lage sapne naye sindoor se

Maang mein jo bhar jaye

Zindagi sanvar jaye

Chahat ke sindoor se

Do zindagi ek hogaye sindoor se

                 Khilne lage sapne naye sindoor se

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sheila_r Newbie

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Posted: 24 March 2006 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Can someone pls tell me the real name of Sundari?
mayuri180 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2006 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Her name is Sumukhi Pendse
Mohsin Vahora Senior Member
Mohsin Vahora
Mohsin Vahora

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 8:24am | IP Logged
What is the real name of Alisha, Kajol, and Urvashi? 
xen10 Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 11:52am | IP Logged
hey kajal' real is not mouli ganguli its gunn nayar
mouli is kritika of sarrkar

alisha's real name is aanchal anand
vanny Newbie

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Posted: 29 March 2006 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
what is the real name of vedikia and where have she act before?

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