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Amey Dedication - Dnt post yet pls

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This is a dedication to our Indian Idol AMEY DATE from all the Amey Date fan club members. Since our fan club is really huge and increasing day by day we are making this thread for amey to visit. 


Note to all fan club members:
Each of you please write a msg for Amey. Be as creative as you want. Dedicate a song, write a poem or a shayiri. Some of you can even add those lovely animated siggies we use or you favourite pics. GO CRAZY! Big smile


Fan Club Part 1

Fan Club Part 2

Fan Club Part 3

Fan Club Part 4

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On the Indian Idol 2 section of India Forums we have fan clubs for all our favourite idols.
Our mods started a contest to add some more fun to our section of the forum. Every week it gets more interesting and fun for all the member of this section.Every week after the entries have been judged one house is eliminated as per its performance. Now the houses left in the contest after 6 rounds are Amey, Antara and Neha house. Here are some of our entries for the contest.
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You have design a dress of your house contestant as per the theme of gala round. They will be performing on two songs, one is patriotic song and other is dance number; according to it, you have to design dresses for individual song. This also should be best suited on house contestant. Here is our entry:

Picture of Contestant:      

Pop song: Aashiq Banaya Aapne Remix(Himesh Reshamya)



Oo oo

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya (2)

AAshiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Tere Bin Sooni Sooni Hain Bahain

Tere Bin Pyaasi Pyaasi Nigha Hain

Tere Bin Bin Asar Main Riahain

Tere Bin

Tere Bin Sooni Sooni Hain Bahain

Tere Bin Pyaasi Pyaasi Nigha Hain

Tere Bin Bin Asar Main Riahain

Tere Bin

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Tere Bin lamaha lamha sataye

Tere Bin Bekarari Jalaye

Tere Bin Chen Mujh Ko Naa Aye

Tere Bin

Tere Bin lamaha lamha sataye

Tere Bin Bekarari Jalaye

Tere Bin Chen Mujh Ko Naa Aye

Tere Bin

Meri Nigha Hon Main Tera Chehra Rava Hai

Cheherai hain armaan

Janeja Pagal Sama Hai

Meri Nigha Hon Main Tera Chehra Rava Hai

Cheherai hain armaan

Janeja Pagal Sama Hai(echo)

Ooo ooo

Tere Bin Jeena Nahin Hain Gavana

Tere Bin Dilka Nahin Hain Guzaara

Tere Bin Hole Apna Sahara

Tere Bin

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Oo oo

Bechaniyon Ka Faasolon Ka Silsila Hai

Darde Jigar Ka Yeh Sab Ab Hum Ko Mila Hai

Bechaniyon Ka Faasolon Ka Silsila Hai

Darde Jigar Ka Yeh Sab Ab Hum Ko Mila Hai(echo)

Oo oo

Tere Bin Raat Kat thi Nahin Hai

Tere Bin Pyaas Mit thi Nahin Hai

Tere Bin Doori Ghat Thi Nahin Hai

Tere bin

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya (2)

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Tere Bin Sooni Sooni Hain Bahain

Tere Bin Pyaasi Pyaasi Nigha Hain

Tere Bin Bin Asar Main Riahain

Tere Bin

Tere Bin lamaha lamha sataye

Tere Bin Bekarari Jalaye

Tere Bin Chen Mujh Ko Naa Aye

Tere Bin

Oo oo

Aashiq Aashiq

Oo oo

Aashiq Aashiq(echos)

Traditional Song: Vande Maatram(A.R. Rahman)




Yahan vahan saara jahan dekh liya
Ab tak bhi tere jaisa koi nahin
Main assi nahin, sau din duniya ghooma hai
Naahi kaahe tere jaisa koi nahin
Main gaya jahan bhi, bas teri yaad thi
Jo mere saath thi mujhko tadpaati rulaati
Sab se pyaari teri soorat
Pyaar hai bas tera, pyaar hi
Maa tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Amma tujhe salaam
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Janam janam tera hoon deewana main
Jhoomoon naachoon gaaoon tere pyaar ka taraana
Main jeena nahin soch nahin duniya ki daulat nahin
Bas lootunga tere pyaar ka khazaana
Ek nazar jab teri hoti hai pyaar ki
Duniya tab to meri chamke damke maheke re
Tera chehra sooraj jaisa chaand si thand hai pyaar mein
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Tere paas hi main aa raha hoon
Apni baahein khol de
Zor se mujhko gale laga le
Mujhko phir voh pyaar de
Tu hi zindagi hai, tu hi meri mohabbat hai
Tere hi pairon mein jannat hai
Tu hi dil, tu jaan, amma
Maa tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Amma tujhe salaam, maa tujhe salaam
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram
Vande maataram, vande maataram

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In this contest you have to praise your house contestant through some song. Composition can be of from any movie song, you can change the lyrics of the songs as per your wishes. You can praise in your own way. You just have to change the lyrics of a song as per the house contestant. You can again upload dresses. Here is our entry:


Song: I am the best
Movie: Phir bhi Dil Hai Hindustani



Mai hi hero yahan baaki zero yahan
amey jaisa kahin rockstar hai kahan
sur, taal ka raja performance ka mein hoon baadshah
hai sach to yeh doston
ho I am the best I am the best I am the best
Yes, Amey is the best.

Duniya mein, Ameyria phela doon
hai aisa jadoo mujme ladkiyon
ladko ka bhi favourite hoon
mein number ek hoon, saab yeh jaan lo
arre bhai wah kya awwaz hai
arre bhai wah kya taal hai
are bhai wah yeh hi tho Indian Idol hai

mera jo smile hai
woh sabse cute hai
hai mujhme versitality
aur x-factor bhi hain
sur,taal ka raja--performance ka mein hoon baadshah
hai sach to yeh doston
I am the best I am the best I am the best
Yes, Amey Is the Best

Mujh mein hai ajab jaadugari
Ki mujhsa charming koi hai kahan
Kya karoon hain deewani meri
Kahein mujhe darling sabhi contest ki ladkiyaan
Arre bhai vaah kya soorat
Arre bhai vaah kya kismat hai
Arre bhai vaah yeh hi tho Indian Idol hai
Arre bhai vaah kya soorat
Arre bhai vaah kya kismat hai
Arre bhai vaah yeh hi to Indian Idol hai

Mai sab se best yahan baaki bekar yahan
Magar koi nahin Amey jaisa yahan
Main kaun hoon tumse main kya kahoon
Hai sach to ye doston
Ho I am the best I am the best I am the best
Ho Amey is the best
Amey is the best you are the best
Amey is the best
Oh yes yes yes yes yes
Say it again
Amey is the best
Amey is the best Amey is the best
Amey is the best

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Love – Valentine Day – In this, Main lead will be your House contestant and every member should play some role. Here is our entry:


"The Blossoming Passion"

Characters (10)

is the male protagonist who was sent to London at the age of 8
Megha is the female protagonist and also Amey's childhood best friend, she was in love with Amey since childhood
Malvika is Amey's girlfriend and Megha's favourite cousin
Menahil is Amey's younger sister, who is getting married
Ayesha is a close friend of Amey, and also a good friend of Megha
Siddh plays the DJ
Prapti plays Megha's mom
Adi is a friend of Amey
Sneha is a family aunt of Amey and Megha
Brownie is the name of Amey's pet dog

Background INFO

Megha and Amey were childhood friends. They're families were also very close. At the age of 8, Amey was sent abroad to London for his studies, and Megha was left behind in India without Amey because she could not leave her mother Prapti alone.

Amey lived in London for about 15 years and Megha had been waiting for him for that long. She was and still is crazily in love with him but never expressed her feelings to Amey. For Amey, Megha was always his best friend, whom he could share anything and everything with.

It is the occasion of Amey's younger sister, Menahil's wedding, and Amey finally returns back to India after 15 long years. Also, Menahil is very romantic so she wanted her wedding near Valentine's Day.

THE STORY BEGINS!!!     (2 & 1/4 Pages from here on)

It's the morning of February 14 and after living 15 years abroad, Amey is finally returning to his home on the very day of his younger sister Menahil's mehendi. His house is full of guests and relatives. Everybody is waiting desperately for Amey's arrival, especially Menahil and his childhood friend, Megha, who happens to love Amey dearly. Prapti, Megha's mom, Megha and others are helping Menahil get ready for the mehendi ceremony. But instead of Menahil, the centre of attention is Megha. Since everyone, except Amey is well aware of Megha's love for him, everyone links Megha with Amey. Every time Amey's name is mentioned, Megha blushes and tries her best to change the topic.

Suddenly a doorbell attracts everyone's attention. Amey enters the house looking dashing as always. Megha's heart skips a beat. She leaves Menahil's room and runs downstairs trying to catch a glimpse of Amey. Meanwhile Amey wants to see how his sister is looking on the day of her mehendi so he greets everyone in a hurry and runs upstairs. Megha flies through the stairs but since she is excited to see Amey she doesn't notice a child and bangs into him. She loses her balance but Amey swiftly gets a hold of her. She twists her ankle but Amey doesn't seem to notice, and does not recognize her either. He leaves without saying a word as he is in a hurry to see his dear sister. Megha is left spellbound by his touch.   

As the day passes by, Amey catches up with almost everything that had happened since he left for London. Finally when he gets a chance to escape everyone he goes to his room to freshen up. In his room, he sees his childhood photo with his best friend Megha and wonders where she is now. As he is thinking about Megha, his girlfriend Malvika calls him. He seems to be irritated by her call especially when memories of Megha were flooding back to him. Amey then tells Malvika that he is really very busy and will talk to her later. Then Amey's dog Brownie enters his room and licks his face. As naughty as he is, Brownie takes away the photograph from his hand and then runs with it. Amey follows his dog helplessly, shouting behind him.

Brownie runs towards the garden where Megha is sitting alone, lost in the thoughts of Amey. Brownie drops the photograph there. Megha picks it up but before she could see it, Amey comes and says, "Uhh woh meri photograph hai." Megha hands him the photograph without saying a word. He's about to leave, but turns back and introduces himself to Megha and asks if she is okay since she had a close call at the stairs. He then asks Megha her name. As Megha is about to reply, a bunch of kids come shouting, "Megha Didi Megha Didi" and take her away along with them. Amey just stands paralyzed.

Amey then thinks of following Megha. She is playing in the garden with the kids. Amey blocks her way and says, "Tumne ye bataya kyon nahi ki tum meri Megha ho?" In return Megha says, "Mujhe laga ki aap apni Megha ko pehchhan loge." Then the kids ask Amey to join them in the game of catching-catch, which was Amey and Megha's favourite game of childhood. Amey is the first one to be blindfolded. Since Megha is unable to run around with a twisted ankle, Amey ends up catching her easily. Amey opens his blindfold and finds Megha in his arms. Amey gazes straight at Megha. But Megha lowers her eyes in embarrassment. Neither of them want to let go of each other. Amey remains still admiring Megha, her beauty, her lowered gaze, her smile, everything about her. Just then a kid comes running to them and says, "Amey bhaiyya hum catching-catch khel rahein hai, statue-statue nahin" and runs off. Both of them pull back and then Megha's aunt Sneha calls her inside to put mehendi on her hands. Amey decides to follow her inside since he has nothing better to do. The mehendi ceremony completes and everyone starts getting busy with the preparations for the sangeet in the evening, which is also accompanied by a Valentine's Day dance.

Amey gets changed for the evening party and is heading downstairs. Megha, the lady of the night, comes out of a room in a golden/nude colour sari with a noodle-strap blouse. Amey is spellbound and stunned by her's beauty. She looks at Amey from the corner of her eyes and feels his gaze on her, but she can't gather up the courage to stare back at him. Finally unable to resist the temptation anymore, Amey advances towards her, stops and then suddenly leans towards her. Megha is too stunned to react but her heart starts beating rapidly. Slowly Amey reaches for her hair clip and lets her hair loose. He says nothing except "Tumhare baal khule zyada achchhe lagte hain" and he leaves. Megha can't react and finally when she gets back to her senses, she blushes deeply. She thinks about what Amey did with the hair clip. She begins thinking if he has the same feelings for her and loves her as much as she loves him.

The sangeet finally begins and Adi, one of Amey's friends comes and tells him that someone 'special' has come to meet him. While Amey is searching for that special someone, Megha spots her favourite cousin MALVIKA sitting with Prapti in the living room and is really surprised. She hugs her cousin and they share a special moment together. Amey spots Megha and Malvika together and is really surprised to see that they know each other. He introduces Malvika to Megha as his "good friend" but Malvika interrupts saying that she's his girlfriend and that they are hopefully going to marry each other soon.

Megha is shocked and heartbroken, she excuses herself and heads towards the kitchen. There, she starts crying and keeps questioning herself as to why she's crying instead of being happy for her cousin. She wipes away her tears and decides to join others at the party. Meanwhile, Amey is wondering why Megha left. He gets pissed off and asks Malvika why she had to mention 'marriage' in front of Megha especially when they had yet to discuss it. Just then a waiter comes with masks for the mask-dance. DJ Siddh announces that you have to dance with the person who's wearing the same mask as yours. Megha and Amey end up having the same mask so they dance together.

For Megha, there couldn't be any worse punishment than to dance with Amey, how could she enjoy and dance when she had just seen her dreams getting shattered, how could she just let go of the dream she had cherished for 15 years in just a few hours? She turns away and tries to walk off but Amey has a strong hold on her. He couldn't let Megha leave when he is just beginning to understand his strong feelings for Megha. He thinks, "Is it just a love for a childhood friend or something deeper and more intense?" Megha couldn't fight off Amey's hold on her as the emotional battle going inside her had left her completely powerless and feeble. Just then Amey notices a tear rolling down Megha's shimmering cheeks. He couldn't bear to see Megha crying. He didn't know why she was crying but he wanted to protect Megha from everything in the world, no one could hurt her. Megha's tears turned into sobs. Amey desperately tries to explain to Megha about his and Malvika's relationship but Megha is not ready to hear anything from Amey.

Amey leaves the dance floor and a sobbing Megha decides to leave the party. But Ayesha, Megha's best friend, requests Megha to sing a song. After many protests, Megha finally agrees to sing a song when Menahil says Amey will give her company. Megha pours her heart out singing the song "Hum Mile Na Mile" from Kisna.

After she finishes the song, Megha is determined to avoid Amey at the party. Amey is desperate to know why Megha is acting so awkward. Just then Megha passes by Amey and he grabs her hand and corners her. Megha is suddenly aware of Amey's presence and the few inches between them. Her heart starts racing and she can feel every beat of Amey's heart and even realizes that it matches her own. But Amey is ignorant about all this. Megha's heart is suddenly heavy with her crushed dreams so she pleads him to leave her alone. Amey suddenly leaves Megha and proceeds towards the terrace leaving Menahil and Malvika astonished behind him.

Amey struggles to find the answers when he spots Megha on the terrace as well. He thinks he's dreaming but Megha is REALLY standing there. He goes up to her and is about to touch her face when Megha turns away, yelling 'Amey?!' Then through the corner of his eye, he notices Megha's tear-stained face. Amey then looks deep into her eyes, eyes full of questions, pain yet beautifully glittering with tears. He asks her what she's doing on the terrace and she simply replies that one of her biggest illusions has just been broken and she doesn't want to be at the party.

Amey feels guilty because of this so he tries to tell Megha that he is not serious about Malvika but before he is able to utter a word, Megha interrupts him saying that there's nothing to talk about. Megha is about to leave but Amey holds her back. A chilly breeze makes Megha's silky brown hair cover her innocent face. He tucks those silky locks behind her ears, lifts up her face and wipes away her tears. Amey brings her face closer and whispers that he wants to tell her something. Megha tries to pull away but Amey pulls her back even closer this time. They are only an inch apart from each other and could sense each other's breaths. Amey just can't continue talking; he's lost again in Megha's beautiful face. Megha then snaps back to reality, pulls herself out of Amey's arms and runs down to the garden.

Ayesha spots Megha running, so she goes to meet Amey who explains to her everything that has happened between them. She tells Amey that sometimes a single moment is enough and sometimes even a lifetime falls short to realize that you love someone. She also tells him about Megha's love for Amey since childhood and how she feels about him marrying her favourite cousin. Amey is shocked, he asks why didn't Megha ever tell him anything before. Ayesha replies that everything doesn't need to be told and that there are some things that are just felt and that Megha assumed that even he would have the same feelings for her.

Amey goes down to find Megha but he can't find her anywhere. He spots Malvika in a room and decides to talk to her about everything because Malvika was more of a friend to Amey than a girlfriend. However he struggles to find the right words to tell her everything without breaking her heart. Malvika apologizes to him for talking about the marriage before discussing about it with him. Then she hugs him and tells him how much she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. He pulls away and imagines her to be Megha. Then he ends up pulling her back into his arms saying, "Megha I love you", repeatedly.

Meanwhile Megha is sitting on a swing in the garden, crying. Amey moves towards her and taps her on her shoulder. She turns around and is upset to see him. She asks him to leave her alone. He tells her that he left her alone for those 15 years and now he doesn't want to spend even a single moment without her. He also says that he always treated Malvika as a friend and again tells her that he loves her and only her. Megha tries to act very strong and tells Amey she hates him. But deep into her heart, she knows she never loved anyone as much as she loves Amey. She keeps telling him how mean he is and that she is too good for him. Then in all that anger, she breaks down in his arms and confesses her everlasting love for Amey. Those three magic words brought back the passion in both of them, which they had been burying deep down inside their hearts for the last 15 years. They share a compassionate hug on the night of Valentine's Day, under the shimmering stars and the full moon....

And their love blossoms……

This is how our lovebirds uniting on Valentine's Night. Embarrassed

***Credit goes to each and every person who contributed even 1 word to this story, even if your word wasn't used. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR GREAT HELP***
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In this round, all houses need to collect past information of their house contestant as much as they can (images can be very useful) and also write futuristic story of contestant ten years down the line. Like what they might be doing after 10 years of this 2006 Indian Idol 2 Contest and what happen with them within these 10 years. This time you can use the names of other contestants but in a very friendly way. Here is our entry:



By: Amey fans Smile



Date of Birth: March 31, 1979

Age: 36 (10 years from now)

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Currently Residing in: Mumbai

Education: Undergraduate from Ruperal College, Mumbai

Family: Parents are separated. Has elder sister, Aparna

Guru: Suresh Wadekar


Amey sat cross-legged on the plush blue carpet of his music room. His four-year-old son Abhay sat across from him with an eager expression on his impish face. Abhay wanted to be just like his father and enjoyed watching him practice everyday. In between the two was an old harmonium; the same one Amey had practiced on for years when he was a student learning music from his guru Suresh Wadekar ji.






Nowadays Amey is a guru to many aspiring singers who are desperate to learn everything that had made him so famous. But what made Amey particularly satisfied was that now he was able to share his knowledge with Aniruddh, his close friend Connie's son. It was after all a very small price for all the support Connie had given him and his fans during his rise to fame.

But the fame didn't come easy. And it wasn't easy to teach ambitious, impatient students that it takes much more than a good voice and proper 'sur' to become a star. It seemed impossible to impart his 36 years of knowledge and experience in one-hour sessions with his students.

It was only after years of hardships that Amey rose to heights of success, his talent got recognized, his voice was appreciated, and he became someone whom everyone wanted to be; he became a national icon. Ten years ago, when he lost the Indian Idol title, he had known he would eventually overcome the setback just as he had after placing second in the SaReGaMa mega finals in 1998. His renditions of Madhuban mein Radhika, Thaiya Thaiya and Parda Hai in SaReGaMa had garnered him praises from an elite panel of judges including the likes of Zakir Hussein and M.S. Subalakshmi. Amey knew he had the potential in him and was determined to prove Pandit Jasraj's statement about Amey being a moti ('pearl'), right.






His exit from Idol had resulted in an offer from music director/Idol judge Anu Malik. Amey thought this was the break he had been waiting for. Though some critics appreciated Amey's voice, the song's poor lyrics and unoriginal music made it a failure and Amey was soon forgotten. People vaguely remembered his name as a contestant who had once brought glory to the Indian Idol stage with his superb performances and was now a lost talent.


Amey's friend, Avadhut, who owned a recording studio, tried to help out Amey by arranging meeting with several music directors but all Amey got was empty promises.

Following the Anu Malik disaster, Amey was in despair thinking that his talent would be wasted just like so many other people in India. But he wasn't completely shattered. His mother, Daksha Date and his elder sister Aparna, were and still remain the strongest pillars in his life, and they always supported him. Even though his parents were divorced, Amey felt, his mother more than made up for the absence of his father.





A singer herself, Daksha encouraged him from a young age to participate in small singing shows and background choruses.




Daksha remained the most important woman in his life even when he got married 3 years after Idol, to one of the Idol contestants, and Amey's favourite female singer, Meenal Jain.







It seemed that after his marriage, things started to fall into place for Amey. It was always Amey's dream to find the perfect person to spend the rest of his life with, and he had found that perfect someone in Meenal. Meenal and Amey had many of the same tastes- a passion for music, a great love for nature and trekking, an addiction to the Discovery Channel, a never-ending appetite for seafood, and an obsession for card games. Amey felt that at least one aspect of his life had worked out and he was immensely happy. This happiness and the desire to fulfill the rest of his old dreams fuelled Amey's ambition once again to overcome his failures and prove his detractors wrong.





It just so happened that soon after, Amey received an invitation to attend the album release party of his fellow Indian Idol contestant and winner of the competition- NC Karunya. Karunya was still doing well and was already on his fourth album. Amey was hesitant at first but his wife convinced him that it was a good opportunity to meet people. Little did Amey know that waiting to meet him at the party was the most popular music director duo, Vishal-Shekhar. They churned out hit after hit on the Bollywood music scene and were looking for the perfect voice to give playback for the hottest young actor around. And they found that voice they were looking for when Karunya made Amey sing "Laga Chunri" and "Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se" in the party. Vishal-Shekar knew they had found the perfect playback singer.





From that day on there was no looking back for Amey. He went from being an obscure ex-contestant on Indian Idol to becoming the biggest craze in India. He recorded a solo song titled 'Aasman Se Ooncha'. While the slower version of the song was critically acclaimed, the remix version was what rocked every single party. Playback offers started pouring in and private albums were recorded. But Amey thought it would be better to be more cautious in his decisions. He became extremely careful when selecting from the offers because any mistake at this stage could cost him the hard-earned stardom; he had to wait for the right opportunity.

And that opportunity came in the form of AR Rehman. Rehman was looking for the right voice to match the likes of Nihira Joshi for the song 'Zindagi Ke Rahi Hai', but no one fitted the bill. Rehman was beginning to doubt if he could ever find the right voice, until he had heard the winner of the 'RD Burman Upcoming Music Talent award' crone to a medley of songs, ranging from Atif's 'Juda Hoke bhi' to Sonu Nigam's 'Tanhayee' to Hariharan's 'Tu hi re'. Rehman had heard Amey's song for Vishal-Shekhar before, but Amey's performance in the concert spoke volumes of his versitality and strength in classical singing- a quality Rehman had been looking for.





Rehman invited Amey to the studio along with Nihira. The moment the first note was struck, Amey knew that this song would be a rage; he knew that it would take him closer towards his dream of becoming a great playback singer. And he was proven right. The trio of Rehman, Nihira and Amey had proven to be deadly. Amey won awards left, right and centre for his singing; the whole country was suffering from a highly contagious disease--Ameyria. Some raved about his looks, some raved about the classical touch in his voice, and others raved about his versitality. He was also recently felicitated with a padmashree title by the President of India for his valuable contribution to India's musical heritage. He had become a star.













The music room Amey and his son were sitting in had shelves lined with these awards, his albums and posters. He looked around and wondered how one person could be so lucky to have gained so much love and success. Just then his son Abhay banged his tiny hand on his fathers knee and said "Papa, gaon na?" Amey smiled and began singing for his youngest student…"Tum jo mil gaye ho…jaahan mil gaya"




                                               He Was Late But An Idol Nonetheless

                                                                     A Legend




** THANKS to everyone who contributing anything to this post!!!! even if ur ideas were not used!!!! Special thanks goes to Karishma, from all Amey fans Hug, and thanks to everyone else**

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This time, assume all contestants visited their hometown or home, you have to describe, how they were welcome and what all happen in their city of their stay of 24 hours. How did they spend 24 hours in their home, hometown, what was the reaction of general public. How they arrived there n who all came to receive them, etc.

And also design a winning poster of your house contestant with slogan by your own; it could be few lines of poem also as if you are doing campaigning for your house contestant. Here is out entry:


After all the hard work and anticipation, Amey has made it to the Indian Idol finals! But before the last episode is shot, he gets a chance to go back home and see his family, friends, and fans for one day.

Amey awakens early in the morning eager to leave for home. He gets into the car and prepares himself for what's to come. After making so many public appearances, he's sure he'll be able to handle the crowds with ease, but he was not at all prepared for the enormous throng of people awaiting his arrival. The car is forced to stop and thousands and thousands of fans draw nearer surrounding the car from all sides. Amey is overwhelmed and steps out of the car smiling. Garlands are being hung around his neck and people are grabbing at him and patting his back. Just to his right Amey notices that standing among his fans are his family and closest friends. He walks to his mother who is holding an aarti. While she takes his aarti, her eyes are welling up with tears of happiness and pride. Amey hugs his mother and tells her that he is home only for a short while and wants to see a smile on her face. She smiles then and puts a tikka on his forehead and tells him the first thing he should do is go to the Siddhivinayak temple.

Amey pushes his way through the mass of people and heads to the temple thinking of the countless things he has to thank God for. People are following him wondering where he is going. All the people who had come to pray in the temple shift their gaze towards Amey as he enters the temple. Amey feels really awkward as he realizes that even in the temple he is under the public's scrutiny. Amey decides to ignore the constant gaze and closes his eyes as he asks for God's blessings and the strength to accept whatever the outcome of II may be. The pandit ji gives him Prasad and reminds him to remember God in good times and bad.

He leaves the temple feeling renewed and heads for home; the fans who were waiting impatiently outside the temple begin trailing him again. The door to his home is open and as he enters, his sister's kids rush at him and hug him tightly. His beautiful sister, Aparna, is beaming as she feeds Amey some home made modak (maharashtrian sweet). She pulls him into the house to see the others who are waiting for him. Amey is delighted to see that all of his cousins, aunts, uncles, friends etc. are there to welcome him.

A little later in the morning, Amey sits down to have his favorite batata-poha specially prepared by his mother and sister. He is just finishing the last few bites when his sister's children come running into the room with a bongo. They beg him to play it, just like they had seen him do on TV. Amey laughs and starts beating on the bongo while the children jump up and down to the beat. After the kids tire of jumping, Amey and his friends decide to have a little fun like old times.

They get on their bikes and race to Shivaji Park. The park is filled with people enjoying the beautiful day. Amey notices a 12-ft poster near the park with his voting details and a sense of pride fills his heart as he realizes the amount of effort that is going behind fulfilling his dream. Amey and his friends go to their usual spot to check out beautiful girls like they used to. Amey is looking at a particularly pretty girl when a middle aged woman suddenly blocks his view and asks for an autograph. More and more people start recognizing Amey and before he knows it a crowd has formed around him making it impossible to move. All the kids playing cricket in the park leave their game and come rushing towards him begging him to sign on their bats or gloves. The crowd attracts even more curious onlookers and he is soon being mobbed. His friends come to the rescue and pull him out of the crowd; they quickly get on their bikes and speed back home.

It is early afternoon when Amey gets home. He remembers that in half an hour he is expected to make an appearance at his old school so he quickly changes, fixes his hair, and heads to the school. A huge crowd of students and teachers is excitedly waiting for him. He talks to the students about his journey on II, performs several songs, and ends his visit by signing autographs and shaking hands. Amey is exhausted and looks forward to spending the rest of his day at home with his family. But he has one more stop to make. Now more than ever he needs to see his guru, Suresh Wadkar ji, for last minute advice and aashirwaad for the upcoming finals. Suresh ji welcomes Amey with open arms and praises him for making it so far. The students in the academy get excited seeing him and bombard him with questions about the Indian Idol experience. Amey's students excitedly tell their fellow students that he was their music teacher. Amey does some riyaz with Suresh ji and leaves feeling more confident about winning the title.

Amey arrives home in the evening and finds that his family and friends are waiting to eat dinner with him. It's an enjoyable evening as everyone jokes and has a good time. His friends tease him about Meenal, his mother fusses over him making sure he's eaten enough, his sister's kids laugh and talk the loudest. Following dinner everyone sits down to a game of cards and they chat until late at night. When Amey finally goes to bed that night he thinks of how much life has changed in such a short time span. He falls asleep imagining how much more things will change if he is to win the title.

The next morning, it is time to go back to the studios. Amey's family is torn between sadness that he's leaving and excitement that the next time he returns he may very well be the Indian Idol. Before getting into the car Amey touches his mother's feet and hugs her tightly. Tears begin to well in her eyes and Amey has to remind her to smile but she can't this time. A huge crowd is standing outside Amey's house to wish him luck. Amey reluctantly gets into the car which begins to take off. He looks back through the window and sees that his mother is still crying. Seeing his mother's face slowly fade away in the distance Amey decides that nothing will stop him from winning the title- he would put a smile on his mother's face forever.


____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________


This time respective house contestant will be thrown in public to perform live in different cities and different places. Now, your work will to present whole show of your house contestant. One contestant one show, no other contestant will be part of that show. In between the show, you need to describe one incident which happened between the show and how contestant dealt with that situation. Here is our entry:


August 13, 2006

Dear Diary,                                                                                    

I have never felt so in the last 16 years that I have been learning music for. Never felt so in the last 4 months that I had spent singing in Indian Idol in front of a huge throng of people. Never felt so in the many stage shows I did. Never before had I experienced the anxiety, the nervousness, and the eagerness that I felt today. Today, August 13, 1 day before the Independance day of Pakistan, and 2 days before the Independence day of India, was certainly the day I will remember for the rest of my life. There was this embryonic feeling of fulfilment and elation while I was doing the show. Yes, there were a few moments of embarrassment but they are now buried deep down beneath those numerous sweet memories that I will treasure forever. Yes, it's a dream come true! 

What a huge event it was and what a big purpose it served! Today I got a chance to meet so many respected personalities who were there, just to watch me perform. It was truly an honour that my concert was held at India Gate to symbolize the unity between India and Pakistan.


I knew that MY show was going to be sponsored by big brands like Airtel, Nike and Sahara but I had absolutely no clue that personalities Dr. Manmohan Singh, President Musharaff, Sonu Nigamji, Lataji, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, Sohaib Akhtar, Shahid Afridi, Imran Khan, and A.R. Rehmanji were the chief guests.

When I heard about it backstage, I was totally shocked and went numb all over. I couldn't calm down. I started feeling queasy; this was the first time I was going to be performing in front of the people I had admired all my life. And not to forget the huge crowd who were bringing the noise and my nervousness to a crescendo. Aai was by my side like always, helping me calm down; she knew better than anyone else how important this concert was to me. I was getting increasingly restless. I still don't know whether I was restless because of nervousness or excitement, or was it both? But, Aai's faith in me helped to bring back my confidence. 

As S. Tendulkar, R. Dravid and MS Dhoni entered the stage carrying the Indian flag, and Imran Khan, S. Akhtar and S. Afridi carrying Pakistani flag, I could see the Star Plus and NDTV cameras focusing on them. As the national anthem of both countries were played and the flags were being wave, a sense of nationalistic pride rose within me.


As I remained there analyzing my feelings, I heard Shah Rukh Khan's voice. He was there, hosting the show! I didn't know about that either!! Yes, it was my concert but many things came as a surprise to me. He was giving some speech but I didn't get to hear him because I had to get ready for the concert and in all the anxiety I hadn't dressed yet. After entering the dressing room, I put on the clothes that were set-aside for me. The outfit consisted of a black full sleeve shirt, a slick leather jacket, and a pair of leather pants. I looked at myself for the last time in the mirror and felt that at least I was looking presentable. I looked up at the television to see SRK and prime ministers of India and Pakistan shaking hands. They were saying something that had to do with the rising talents but I was not paying attention to them. I was thinking about how I should be performing and how would people react to my performance.  I was mumbling the Hanuman Chalisa to myself when SRK's words hit my ears. I heard SRK announce, "and now ladies and gentlemen…please put your hands together…for the latest heartthrob of the nation…at his very first sole live show. The amazing Ameyyy Dateee!" And then my heart skipped a bit.

I took a deep breath and ran to the place from where I was supposed to make my entrance. I could hear the drum roll, and loudly exclaimed 'ganpati bappa moriya' to myself. The light hit my face and so did the cheer of thousands and thousands of people as I appeared on stage.

As I took a step forward I could feel the heat of the light hitting my face. My body went numb all over; I couldn't hear the crowd anymore. The sound of the bass drum hit my ears and I shut my eyes to sing the song that was so close to my heart. As I began by singing the words 'vande matram' the crowd volume started to build up but I was drowning into the feel and depth of the song, and then when I sang the words ' maa tujhe salaam' I felt this new feeling of fulfilment and freedom. All the anxiety within me had all been released in those few words. Every word I sang seemed to come naturally. I was in a world of mine, totally oblivious to the cheers of the crowd. A chill passed down my body, as I heard the strings build up.

I opened my eyes after singing the last alaap and a thunderous applause struck me. I could hear millions of people clapping & screaming out my name. And then I got the biggest shock ever as I saw President Kalam wipe tears from his eyes and AR Rehmanji giving me a standing ovation. The man who had composed this powerful song was actually applauding my rendition. I had never felt so satisfied in my entire life. I wanted to scream out of joy, but all I could do was smile sheepishly at the adulation. I looked back to see Aai who was standing backstage, and even she had tears of joy in her eyes. I felt the happiest at that moment. I had finally managed to bring that happiness on her face that was missing for so many years.

As the crowd began to calm down, I only managed to mumble a thank you. The whole place had gone silent; everyone was waiting for me to speak and I was totally lost for words. I tried to remember the speech I had planned last night, but I couldn't remember a word, so I simply thanked the crowd and all the organizers. All the effort I had spent mugging up that speech had gone down the drain!

I headed backstage to prepare myself for my next performance. I met my Aai there and talked to her about how I was feeling. As she had done earlier, she got me back to my original self and she told me that I had done an amazingly good job. I was prouder then, I valued my Aai's comment over everything else and she said that it was my best performance ever so I was really very delighted.

As the time approached I got ready to appear at the stage again but this time I didn't hear SRK's voice calling me onto the stage, it was some lady's voice, which was so sweet and so familiar. I immediately thought I loved that voice and ran onto stage.

As I appeared on the stage, I saw some tall lady in an elegant red sari approach me. For a second I thought I was dreaming, as I saw her walking slowly towards me, with that magnetic smile on her face. My jaw dropped as I saw Sushmita Sen'ji', only a few metres away from me. I could hear the crowd hooting and I went beetroot red in the face. What a fool she might be thinking I am. I stood at the middle of the stage staring at the gorgeous lady standing in front of me, urging me to sing but I couldn't think which song I was supposed to sing. 

I mumbled something for a few seconds and suddenly burst into singing 'who lamhe woh batein'. I don't know why I sang that song; it was really impulsive. The orchestra was stunned because we hadn't prepared for this song. I could hear the crowd whistling louder than ever, when I sang the line 'sagar ki gehrayi se'. God, I still can't forget how much I blushed. I could feel the heat rising to my face as the crowd hooted louder.

But I couldn't take my eyes of Sushmita'ji'; she so beautiful. Everything about her was so genuine and I'll never forget the way she said 'mashallah' after I finished singing. Even now I turn red, when I remember that boyish grin I had on my face when Sushmita'ji' complimented me.

The performance went well. After I finished singing, the crowd gave a huge applaud and the chief guests were also nodding their head in satisfaction. The last breath I took was a sigh of relief. Under normal situations I wouldn't have expected such response from people at anybody's such stupidity but today I was witnessing it; people were clapping and really appreciating me for my stupidity. And I was standing in front of them thinking about Sushmitaji, and how much I got carried away by her that I ended up signing the wrong song and how embarrassed I was! But now the embarrassment was gone and it was replaced by joy as I realized that I could get a good response even in the song, which I sang without preparation and without music!

"This song had been stressful," I thought as I sat backstage. But I was still smiling remembering the wonderful surprise.

But that wasn't it. I thought I had my share of surprises to last a lifetime, until I saw what came next. I went backstage to get ready for my final performance. I quickly dressed myself in black pants, with a matching black jacket, with matching shoes and a belt. On stage I could hear SRK reciting some funny incident. Sushmitaji had given the stage back to SRK. I thought that was a relief, at least, I could give my last performance without being distracted and to the fullest of my ability. I was feeling much more confident this time. As I made my entrance at the stage for the third time, the people whistled and cheered with no less enthusiasm. I had to shout at the top of my lungs to get myself heard. I'll never forget the way this crowd cheered for me.

I greeted the crowd saying 'Hello Delhi!', and I must admit that a wave of arrogance hit me when I got an overwhelming response. I thought of interacting a bit more with the crowd, so I asked if anyone from the crowd wanted to accompany me for the next performance. Little did I know what was coming. Loads of people put their hands up and were jumping catch my attention. I was confused; I didn't want to upset any of those people.


They all had such eager expressions on their faces. A young teenage girl in a bright orange shirt caught my attention, so I asked her to come onto the stage. Just as she got out of her seat I saw some elderly lady pull her back and what followed was a huge fight between the two ladies in the crowd. I was totally lost; the crowd was getting impatient, so I decided to call someone else. Just then I saw the elderly lady running in my direction and came up on stage. Her steps were really heavy and the stage literally shook as she walked towards me. I could sense that something terrible was about happen. The elderly lady told me that she was the orange-shirt girl's mother, and that she wished to accompany me. Honestly, I would've loved to dance with that cute young girl, but I was stuck with her mom. But that wasn't it. Only after I started singing 'Sayoni' (by the band Junoon) did I realise the height of embarrassment I was going to face.

The moment the first chord was struck, the lady broke into an obnoxious dance; or should I say fit. Luckily, I had practised this song many times before because seeing the way this lady was dancing was surely distracting me. I could hear people in the crowd laughing like hyenas and some were even booing. And to top all of that, the lady put her arms and all her weight on me. I could feel the stage shaking. An unknown kind of tension was building up within me. As much as I love female attention, I have to admit that this was one time I really wished that I didn't receive any. I could hear the thuds the women's feet were producing on the stage; the thuds were matching the beats of my heart.


The crowd smirking away didn't help to calm me down either. I knew something was amiss; something was going to go wrong. I tried to concentrate hard on my singing but before I knew it the floor beneath me collapsed. It all happened so suddenly. I had fallen down with the broken stage planks around me, and the elderly lady on top of me. My mind went totally blank for those few seconds. I still can't recall what happened after that. I was unaware of what happened in those few moments or how I was brought back home.

It was truly one the most memorable day of my life. I can still picture the crowd cheering, Rehmanji applauding, Sushmitaji's charisma. I did have my share of embarrassments today. Perhaps the ending of the show wasn't perfect. But I guess those embarrassments and mishaps is what makes this day even more memorable. The most perfect thing about it was that it wasn't all that perfect. It was something that even dreams aren't made up of.

____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

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