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dayita Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2006 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Thanks Sudha for the interview.

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dayita Goldie

Joined: 01 May 2006
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interesting parts from the interview with a r rahman


Q:what are the jingles u have done

arr:john umbrellas,MRF,boost,titan,leo coffee, and i dont remember (giggles) (ofourse how can he remember 300 ads!)

Q:did u expect roja to be a national hit

arr:we did roja with a lot of conviction that it will reach internationally
and by god's grace it happened.

Q:How was the feeling getting a national award for the  debut film roja

arr:i dont have time to cherish the joys and repent the failures in life .i
go on with my work not caring
about the response i have got of my previous works(pretty cooool!)

Q:How did you come into films?

arr:My father, R K Shekar was a music director in Malayalam films. He assisted Salil Chowdary, Devrajan and others. He died when I was nine. At eleven I came into the field, playing on the keyboards and later as an accompanist. I worked under various music directors in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam- Ramesh Naidu, MS Vishwanathan and Illayaraja. It started becoming a bit monotonous. I thought advertising would be a good alternative. This went on for three years. I built my studio and took to different forms of music- pop, rock and so on. It was then that I met producer Tirlok Shardha, cousin of Mani Rathnam at a party. He (Mani) came to my studio and heard some of my tunes. We agreed to work together though we did not decide on which movie. Only later he told me it was to be Roja, which he was directing for K. Balachander.

Q:Despite your success you do not seem to be working on a lot of films?

Rather than making money I believe in making people happy, all other things are secondary. That is why I am not interested in a lot of movies but only in one at a time. I like directors whom I can vibe with. Ten years of experience in this field has made me quite frustrated. I've evolved a technique, which requires a lot of time. Other music directors record a song in 7-8 hours. But I am different. We do a basic sitting and we record it. We record the voice and I add instrument by instrument to improve the quality.

Q:Do you use computers in your film tracks?

arr:No, not computers. The technique is different. In fact they say the music in Roja was computerized. As I said earlier the recording takes time. You can hear the same flute in a different way. It is not computerized music. Nearly 40% "Veerapandi Kottayily" (a song from "Thiruda Thiruda") that does not sound like computer music and "Vellai Mazhai (from Roja) is synthesizer oriented. I do not restrict the musicians but ask them to play whatever they feel. Then I record what I want. I spend a lot of time on lyrics too. It takes around 4 days. We write something in the first instance and then improve. So it take about a week to complete a song. rts.htm

dayita Goldie

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n t e r v i e w

india talkies interview

Why is it that you shy away from public appearance? You have also restricted exposure in 'Vande Mataram'. Why so?

In five years of my film career, by doing a non-filmy song -'Vande Mataram', I could reach out to the Indian heart, irrespective of religious differences. All barriers were overcome by this song, which was appreciated by all. That, I consider, is the best compliment. As for public appearance, our country is so wide and demands come from every corner. You can't be everywhere and that way you end up offending some people. It is not just the physical presence. It is more of a mental thing. Even if it is a small meeting, things like what I'm going talk there, keeps worrying me. So I'd rather not accept to be there at all. As for appearing in my album, I don't feel I'm cut out for it.

Did Ram Gopal's constant dig at music directors in 'Rangeela' influence your lax in scoring good music for 'Daud'?

'Daud' was more of a shallow kind of a film. It would have clicked if some magic was there. Music is always a reflection of the script.

People say you give your best only to a select few.

People who understand what I'm going through will know how it works with me. Like, I took one and half months to score the background music for 'Kabhi-na-Kabhi' and they released it in mono. If I were told that it will be released in mono, I would have spent about 10 days on it. I spent a month to give better imaging and finally when it was released in mono, it fell flat, and all the energy I'd spent on it went waste. I get better inspiration to work for directors with whom I have a better rapport, like Mani Rathnam. Every film maker wants to work with me, but I am incapable of doing 30 films a year. I can work only in 5 films, and therefore I displease them. Suppose, I am involved with some cassette company like Venus or Tips, they will back me up. If I don't accept their films, they don't have reason to promote me at all. Why should they promote me if I am not involved with them? That is the way the industry runs, favours-and-favours-in-turn, the link is like that! But I'm just an individual who goes by my own instincts. People won't like that. I don't want to be in a position which is volatile. I want to work in my characteristic independent style, and though I feel uneasy, I can't help it. I have never turned down offers because of my ego. I have done so out of my incapability of delivering it. I can't hide it. I work 18 hours a day. I can't do any more!

Where do you rate yourself in comparison to Ilayaraja?

He is a genius by himself and is completely self-contained.

People say your entry washed him away and he holds you responsible for his lack of opportunity. Is there any cold war between you both?

I wouldn't say he was washed away. A new trend had come, and the whole set of directors that existed then, also receded. The entire scenario changed in every field of film making in the South: music, direction, cinematography, everything changed together. It was not a single element. So, I got to the right people. The right young directors who made films in a different way. The change in the trend was welcomed and so was I. There is no such cold war.

Which among your recent work is your favourite?

I liked my work in 'Dil Se' and 'Doli Sajake Rakhna'. It is more on the lines of tumri. I have also scored a different kind of music for 'Fire' which is more thematic than melody based.

How do you rate your standing in the industry today?

I have managed to appeal to the younger lot in the country. One can't cater to everybody. Mostly, I try to keep away from vulgarity in my songs and try to touch the purer side of one's heart. erview.htm
dayita Goldie

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i n t e r v i e w

i didn't fund fundamentalists!

An interview about the controversies surrounding ARR. A R Rahman has been in the midst of a controversy storm. He has been accused of numerous things; funding findamentalist and throwing out his father's close associate amongst other things. He is a person very shy and publicity wise a hermit,a person who keeps a very low profile,hardly attends functions and socialises. That such a publicity shy person,has come out in the open to clear his name of the various taints only shows the extent of his hurt. Here he gives a very open heart to heart interview with IMN dealing very clearly what had happened and why his name has been ragged through the mud. He first burst on the cinema field in Mani Ratnam's Roja. The songs and the background were a hit and he never looked back since. Before 'Roja',he was composing music for advertisements and his music for the instant coffee advertisement is a classic. Here are the excerpts from the interview he gave us.

Tell us about your childhood.

The only thing I remember clearly of my early childhood is,of frequent visits to hospitals. My father Sekhar,leading music player,was fequently hospitalised for stomachache. The doctors operated upon him thrice but they could not find anything wrong with him,He died when I was 9 years old. The responsibility of looking after my mother and three sisters fell on me. My studies were ended and I started playing the keyboard to earn a living. We later received some indications that my father died of black magic by jealous rivals.

When did you convert to Islam?

Since I had been struggling from such a tender age, for sometime afterwards I stopped believing in God. But later when I stabilised myself the concept of God in Islam was very appealing. So I and my whole family converted to Islam. This was around 1989. Anyway my mother was from a Muslim family. Family probelms and the need for peace of mind made me convert.

About the recent controversies.

It is better that I clear everything up. About the rumour that I had fundamentalist,how can it be that I provide funds for them, when I have received death threats from the extremist and the state government has posted police personnels to guard my residence? Another rumour concerned my giving away money as charity to such organisations. Charity is done to satisfy my urge to do more for the poor. And anyway I have to tell you,I don't give charity only to Muslim charities,I donate to
Hindu and Christian organisations too. The money I give as charity is limited as I have to improve my instruments. I have invested heavily in technology and there is not much left to indulge in mass charity. The amount I give is definitely not enough to help the extremist to buy arms with my money!

About the rest of the controversies.

I am coming to them. Another rumour has been going around that a beggar I picked up at a Darga has become an absolute tyrant and has become the reason for sending out M K Arjun. M. K. Arjun was a a very close associate of my father and my adviser. The truth is Arjun's son wanted to set up a recording studio in Kerala. I gave him some of my instruments. And M. K. Arjun went back to Kerala to help his son set up his recording studio there. Therefore there was no question of an outsider making him leave,was there? And while on this point, I did not pick up any beggar on the streets. Another rumour which is spreading is that I convert people close to me. What nonsense. If I had converted people,Noel,Shivakumar etc would have changed religion! When I am not perfect myself,how can I convert others? I follow my religion, let others follow their own.

Whom do you think is behind these rumours?

The whole thing was cooked up by a freelance journalist called Bismi,who married my sister and later divorced her. He met her when she was doing some stage shows and we sort of forced her into marriage with him. But unfortunately we came to know that he was only after my money. He used to be very upset with my giving to charity. Anyway as soon as my sister came to know that he was only after the money she separated. But during the time when he was around he learnt a lot of the family's inner issues and now he is spreading rumours to upset me.

Let us forget the bitterness. How did you get your first break?

I was doing the music for many advertisements and they slowly picked up. By this time,I had invested heavily in the latest instruments and technology. The break came when I was asked to do the music for for Mani Ratnams film'Roja'in 1989. That was my turning point. My computerised instrument technology has helped me to move ahead. God has given me a chance, an ideal and I do not intend for rumours to upset me. I want to provide many more years of quality music by God's grace. tm
Sudha_rn Goldie

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O Nach Le

Hindi Song Title: O Nach Le
Hindi Movie/Album Name: LAKEER

Hindi Lyrics:

O Nach Le
Na Na Nach Le
O Chal Taal Taal ach Le
O Soniye Heere Motiye
O Chal Haath Thaam Chak Le
O Nach Le Nach Le
O Chal Taal Taal Nach Le
O Soniye Heere Motiye
O Chal Haath Thaam Chak Le
Darana Kya Oy Oy
Ham Tere Oy Oy
Hain Rabba Sang Tere
O Nach Le
Ve Saiyaan Saiyaan
Ve Saiyaan

Dharti Ka Zarra Main
Ambar Ka Hai Taara Vo
Phir Bhi Yeh Mel Ho Gaya
Khamosh Thi Vo Haseen
Humne Bhi Kaha Naheen
Aankhon Mein Hi Khel Ho Gaya
Ve Saiyaan
Dharti Ka Zarra Main
Ambar Ka Hai Taara Vo
Phir Bhi Yeh Mel Ho Gaya
Khamosh Thi Vo Haseen
Humne Bhi Kaha Naheen
Aankhon Mein Hi Khel Ho Gaya

Ye Hai Qamaal-E-Ulfat
Naazaan Hai Dil Pe Kudrat
Zanzeer Na Deewarein
Na Roke Koi Taaqat
Milan Ki Dhun Jo Lage
To Phir Duniya Na Dikhe
Jale Hon Shole Raahon Men
Lage Hon Kaante Paanon Men
Sochana Kya
Phir To Chale Vahaan Jahaan Lai Chala Hamadam

Teri Nigaahon Ka Saaya Mila Mujhe
To Mili Hain Ye Saari Khushiyaan
Teri Duaaon Se Hi Mere Armaanon Ki Bhi
Ab To Sajegi Duniya
Hai Farz Ye Hamaara
Aur Haan Sada Rahega
Utthi Jo Tujhape Talawaar
Sar Apana Hi Katega
Chhad Ab Saare Bawaal
Achchha Sa Mahoorat Nikaal
Bana Ke Tujhako Dulaha
Chalenge Tere Sasuraal
Baaje Dham-Dham Dhol
Aur Nacha Baind Sabako Chham-Chham


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Sudha_rn Goldie

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Dayita, Thank u so much for the wonderful articles Hug

dayita Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2006 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Welcome Sudha and thanks for the lyrics...keep on posting.
dayita Goldie

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i n t e r v i e w

filmfare interview - Interview with A R Rahman appeared in Filmfare magazine (in early 1996).

There have been rumours that you have been been dropped from 'Shikhar'?

What! This is the first time that I've heard such a rumor. Let me tell you, I am doing 'Shikhar'... I'm committed to the project. Mr. Subhash Ghai was in Madras and he attended my sister's wedding... Perhaps there is a hostile group which is trying to spoil our relationship.

Speaking of weddings, is it true that your getting married in March?

(Blushing..) Yes. It's an arranged marriage ... her name is Saira She is the sister-in-law of the actor Rahman.

At this point can you tell me what attracted you to show business?

(Laughs) The need to survive. My father was a music conductor and arranger in Malayalam films, I would often accompany him to the studios. When I was 11, my father passed away suddenly. It was difficult to make both ends meet; I had to get a part-time job and fast. So, I joined Illaiyaraja's group as a keyboard player.

Were you formally trained in music?

Let's say, I had a working knowledge of music. I could identify the varnams and the thumris. I'd studied Hindustani classical music. I had a taste for ghazals. I could play everything from folk to fusion music.

As a result, did your studies suffer?

They did. I was cutting classes regularly [...] bit of money for the house. But my principal refused to understand. I used to get a right royal yelling every day because of my poor attendance. After ninth standard, I was forced to move from Padma Seshadri to the Madras Christian College. After that, I joined a music college. I enjoyed school; it was fun.

Was working with composers of the stature of Illaiyaraja and M. S. Vishwanathan also fun?

It was. I learnt what I should do and what I shouldn't. Abroad every year, a sensational new discovery explodes on the music scene. But here new talent is rare, we keep working with the same singers in film after film and with the same orchestra. It's easy to fall into a rut. I wanted to be different, to be wild. But it wasn't easy...


Because a composer is given only eight hours to deliver. Where's the time to sit back... reflect... experiment? Whatever you churn out in that time is accepted. MSV used to compose a phrase and ask his musicians to play it over and over - he'd improve on it every time. The 'feel' had to be right. Illaiyaraja writes out the entire score... He's a genius. I just give my musicians some rought notes - they play them over and over until I am satisfied.

How long do you take to compose the song?

Depends! At times, I finalise a tune after an hour... at times, I have to allot another session. A song can take me two days or two weeks. 'Uyire Uyire' ['Tu hi re, Tu hi re' in Hindi] from 'Bombay' took me ages... so did kuchi kuchi rakkamma. On the other hand, Veera pandi kottaiyile ['Pyaar kabhi na todenge' in Hindi, from 'Chor Chor'] from 'Thiruda Thiruda' was ready in a week. Occasionally I've had to change the singer.

Which was eaiser to compose-Muqabla in Kaadhalan or the more melodious Ennavale?

Composing a peppy number like 'Muqabla' is easy. I just have to be spontaneous, let myself go. It's like gorging on Chinese food once a month. But melodies, like 'Chhotisi asha', 'Chandralekha' and 'Ennavale' ['Sun ri sakhi' from 'Humse hai Muqabla'] were more difficult... 'Ennavale' was inspired by a song which is 2000 years old. For the songs of 'Yodha' [his sole malayalam effort], I did a lot of research in Nepali and Chinese music. I know 'Ennavale' and the songs from 'Roja' and 'Puthiya Mugam' will be hummed for decades.

And Muqabla?

'Muqabla' and 'chiku buku rayile' are needed to break the monotony. They're needed to sell a cassette. I don't know how long they'll remain popular but at the moment everyone is dancing to their beat.

Would 'Kaadhalan' have been a hit without 'Muqabla'?

The film was an entertainer... the songs were only a part of all the tamasha.

It's said that for 'Muqabla' you lifted a Dr. Alban number.

I was inspired by a beat which also seemed to be the inspiration for Dr. Alban. I heard his number only after my song was composed. After Muqabla, I haven't turned to the same beat... a beat which we call a 'loop'.

But you've already started repeating tunes already. In fact, the two Telugu films you've done are nowhere close to your usual standards.

Everything I do is so new that even if a single note is repeated, it's noticed immediately. You may hear tHE same tabla beat 1000 times and no one complains. As for my Telugu films, I can only say that it's upto teh director to inspire teh composer. Moreover the Telugu audience is different, [...] sing a song.

Why did you turn to ad films? Was it the money?

I wanted a change. After a year with Illaiyaraja, I wanted a break. So, in 1987, when I was offered teh Allwyn's Trendy Watch campaign, I grabbed it. I went on to do almost 300 ad films: Leo Coffee, Boost with Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, MRF Tyres, Hero Puch... there were so many. The Asian Paints ad which I did with cinematographer Rajiv Menon even won an award. Money isn't important, creative satisfaction is. You can never achieve quality if you just want to make a fast buck.

What made you veer towards feature films?

Mani Ratnam. His cousin, Sharda Trilok (Trish Productions) had produced one of my ad films. I met Mani at the party hosted by her. I invited him to visit my studio.. he came after three months. He must have been impressed with my work because he offered me 'Roja'. I was quite happy in my ad world. I had no intention of joining the film industry as a composer. The pace is much too hectic. But Mani's offer was too tempting to refuse. I love his picturisations, he can elevate a routine song by 400 percent; give it a new dimension. Also the audience is larger... much larger.

Did you expect Roja to be such a mega-hit?

We used fresh voices and a fresh approach. We weren't sure if the attempt would click, but we had created something new. After 'Roja', 'Thiruda Thiruda' was quite easy... Bombay wasn't. After 'Roja' there are greater expectations. [Reportedly Mani Ratnam had planned on six numbers for Bombay. But he had to settle for five because A. R. Rahman couldn't deliver the songs on time] Bombay was very demanding. I admit that I gave Mani some problems, but he was very patient and understading. We composed the title song first. The others followed smoothly if slowly. I think 'Humma Humma' will be the most popular number of the lot. When I accept a film, I make it clear that I take my time over my scores. There's a clause to this effect in my contract.. so no one can complain later. My directors are confident that despite the delay, I'll give them good music.

Is it true that you were paid Rs. 1 crore for 'Shikhar'?

The rights were sold for quite a high price but I wasn't paid much. In fact, I was paid very little. (Shrugs) That's okay. When you work only for money things don't turn out right. I wanted to work with Mr. Ghai. He's a dedicated film-maker.

Success seems to have gone to your head. In an interview, you've been quoted as saying that your cassettes sell more than Illaiyaraja's.

That's what people tell me.

Have you met MSV or Illaiyaraja after becoming a music director?

I met MSV a couple of times. Since my studio's at home, I don't go out much.

Is it true that you're a threat to their position?

That's what the media says. I don't think so. Illaiyaraja is doing 25 films a year, I have only 10 films on hand.

Whom do you consider your closest rival?

The man who's inside me and constantly trying to distract me from doing good work.

'Bombay' has run into heavy weather with the censors.

I believe so, but I'm sure it'll come through. It's a good film, we've all worked very hard. God will surely help us. It focuses more on the need for humaneness than communal issues. I remember someone saying that every perfect Muslim is a Hindu and every perfect Hindu is a Muslim.

Are you a perfect Muslim?

We're a very secular family. My sister's married a Hindu. We didn't try to stop her from marrying the boy. It's her life, she had to make her decision.

There was some talk that you were very close to a chorus singer.

Chorus singer? What're you saying? In the studio, we're all brothers and sisters. That's the only way we can work late into the night... without getting involved in messy affairs. All the girls I work with treat me like their bhai.

You've sung the Bombay number 'Hamma Hamma' yourself. Does this mean you're changing lanes.

No way. I'll sing only when it's absolutely essential.

Are you fluent in Hindi?

Not really, but I'm learning. Besides my six Tamil films and my non-film album which I expect to bring out in eight months, I have three Hindi films on hand ('Shikhar', 'Rangeela' and a film being directed by Priyadarshan). If others can copy my tunes and make it to the hit-list, why can't I? m

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