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Straight Answers


Kailash Kher Singer on his world tour with music director A R Rahman.

'Indian music is getting the attention like it never did before'

How has the world tour with Rahman and other singers, been like?

We started our world tour July onwards and have been to UK, Australia and Singapore. Also with us on the tour were singers Hariharan, Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam and rapper Blaaze. Our next destination is Bangalore, after which we'll perform in the US and Hong Kong.

When Indian musicians perform abroad, the audience present is generally the NRI community. Does it imply that Indians are yet to get appreciation on a larger scale?

That's not entirely correct. When we were performing in Birmingham and then Sydney, the one thing that struck us was that not just the NRIs but even the foreigners had collected in large numbers to listen to us.

We were not limited to any genre like classical Indian, instead we played world music, understood by one and all.

It was rather interesting to see a middleaged Japanese woman in the audience, get up and dance enthusiastically to my Mangal, Mangal track.

What has been the high point of the tour?

The track that A R Rahman has composed for the UN Pray for me received a phenomenal response from the audience wherever it was played.

Interestingly, the outfit I had designed for myself inspired by the Gujarati dhoti called vanjda, became an instant hit with the audiences and I got a lot of interesting queries about it from the foreigners.

Do you think Indian music is making a headway on the international scene?

Most certainly. And right from classical raagas to the new-age tunes, Indian music is getting the attention now like it never did before.

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Happiness unbound

IndiaGlitz [Monday, October 03, 2005]

Surya is in great joy now for his Ghajini has opened up in a big way and also his Aaru directed by Hari for director Charan's home production has shaped up well.

Also, reports have it that Surya and Jyothika would team up again for another movie. The movie titled Jillendru Oru Kadhal which will go to floors soon would star Surya and Jyothika in the lead role with Asin playing the second fiddle.

Asin, who missed out an opportunity to act with Surya in Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kaalam, has acted with him in Ghajini. Now she is cast opposite Surya  again in Jillendru Oru Kadhal. The movie would have music score by A R Rehman. Produced by Studio Green, who are currently churning out Paruthi Veeran starring Surya's brother Karthik in the lead role.

Jillendru Oru Kadhal will be directed by a newcomer -Krishna. He was a one-time associate of Gowtham and worked with him Minnale and Gharshana, a Telugu remake of  Kaakha Kaakha.

About the film, Krishna, says, 'it is based on a real -life story and the screenplay has come very well'. R D Rajasekar will handle the cinematography while editing is by Anthony. The shooting would begin very soon and would be released April next year.

Meanwhile, Ghajini's openings are breaking new records. It looks like it is on the way to be becoming a big hit.

Way to go, Surya!


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The Hindu - Interview

Passion for music

He is an icon of Indian contemporary music and needs no introduction. A free-wheeling chat with A.R. Rahman.


Today, A.R. Rahman is one of the world's most successful musicians. With a brand name like Rahman, movies rake in millions. But it isn't just Rahman's exceptional enthusiasm that's so contagious, but also the quality and success of the work he's churning out. The man has redefined contemporary Indian music and an icon for millions all over the world — a man who needs no introduction. In Melbourne, Australia, for a concert for Charities through Indian Arts in Australia (CHARINDAA) in aid of Udayan's destitute children, Rahman shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview.

WHAT is the one thing that has made you what you are today?

I can't limit it to one thing. But definitely it is passion, dedication, enthusiasm, well-wishers, all my singers and my team.

How did you begin?

I was selected for the scholarship in Trinity Music College of London. Later I returned to India with a dream of bringing an international and contemporary world perspective to Indian music. Slowly I initiated my own sound and recording studio and began experimenting in sound engineering, sound design and sound production. I started with a collection of sounds creating one of the most comprehensive sonic libraries in Asia.

A.R. Rahman as a person, what is he like? What do you enjoy apart from music?

I am a very simple person at heart. I enjoy time with my family in Chennai. I love having my family around. I also like catching up with friends and chatting.

With your music and a recording studio at home, how do your neighbours react while you belt out music (and we all know you do it at an ungodly hour)?

(Laughs) Thankfully they don't queue up! Seriously, my neighbours are not intrusive, there are some school kids who might use my music at night as an excuse not to go to school, but it's all good otherwise.

You seem to pick a nobody and make him or her a star. How do you recruit talent?

Well, they are singers with a passion. And I find them at auditions, through friends and at studios. I like working with raw talent and encouraging their voice. Recent finds such as Kailash Kher I feel is the "Chota Nusrat" and Madhushree who sang "Kisna" tunes is a dedicated and sincere singer.

We also have successful, established singers with passion I am sure... .

Yes, but these raw talents can be modulated, nurtured and moulded. And I love working with fresh voices.

We know that casting couches exist in the film industry. Do singing couches exist in the industry?

That is something I haven't been asked before. (Serious look)... Not in my case.

You have done many Bollywood films but also expressed disinterest in working in Bollywood. Why?

Too many period films in Hindi — "1947-Earth", "Zubeida", "Lagaan", "The Legend Of Bhagat Singh", "Water", "Bose: The Forgotten Hero", "Kisna". I've worked hard on each theme, but the end result hasn't been worth it. The songs were either pushed into the background or not used at all, or worse still, used badly. I feel very frustrated by this. But what can I do? Composing tunes is my job. How they are used is not.

How important is formal training for a singer?

Not much. One has to have the talent. Then with riyaz one can polish the voice.

Don't you thing that the guru-sishya breed is dying?

No. I still feel people, with a true passion and genuine interest, are willing to accept a guru and learn from them. It's always a two-way process. The guru learns too.

You have always claimed "Roja" is your personal best and always seem to deliver a hit for Mani Ratnam. Why the favouritism?

(Laughs loudly, pauses and then nods) Call it first love. Mani knows the art of using good music. Also "Roja" made me what I am. It was a turning point for me. Many films were being made. But "Roja" was a turning point for the music industry too.

You have recently penned the U.N.'s Poverty Anthem... how did this happen?

The U.N. approached me to either work on a "STOP TB" campaign or with poverty issues around the world. I felt drawn towards the plight of the poverty-stricken. Especially being an Indian, this was closest to my heart. I wrote it along with Blaze, a hip-hop rap artiste, and it is in English. The song is very emotional and close to my heart.

What other causes are close to your heart?

Child welfare, health issues and of course charities of any kind inspire me.

You have also sung "One Vision" penned by President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?

Yes. The song has the conviction to touch each Indian; the belief to give voice to the children of India. The President is passionate about children; so am I. We have used the voices of children to elevate the experience. Also it comes with a promise of becoming the symbol of dreams for India's children.

"Bombay Dreams"... How did that happen?

I was keen to work on a musical dance extravaganza... When Andrew Lloyd Webber approached me and there was no looking back. And Shekhar Kapur who introduced me to Webber told me that he was impressed with my "Chaiya Chaiya" tune and wanted to meet me.

Your views on piracy? Being a "music legend", you have the right medium to spread the message, why haven't you come out and spoken about piracy?

I think piracy is bad and should be punished. But sadly India doesn't have strict laws to curb it. It is not under my control and there is no point in battling piracy unless the people realise that to support us artistes they need to buy original tracks. The onus is on the people to make a conscious decision. We showcased Indian culture to a global audience melodiously through music and gracefully through dance.

Upcoming project that fans should look out for?

"Rang De Basanti".

Your message for young singers?

Always follow your dreams.

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A R Rahman thrills capacity crowd at Singapore Indoor Stadium

By Rahul Venkit, TODAY
Time is GMT + 8 hours | Posted: 26 September 2005 0755 hrs

A R Rahman's voice sent shivers down the spine and brought the 8,000 fans to their feet.

SINGAPORE: "LIKE there's only one Taj Mahal in India, there's only one A R Rahman," said singer Udit Narayan during Saturday's concert.

The thunderous roars that then reverberated around the Singapore Indoor Stadium showed that the 8,000-odd fans there agreed.

A R Rahman was indeed the man of the moment.

Organised by MediaCorp TV12's VizPro Entertainment, the excitement at the 3rd Dimensional Tour concert was palpable right from the start.

Amid chants of "We want Rahman", the maestro wasted no time in wowing the crowd with the latest Bollywood hit, Fanaah.

Singers who performed with Rahman were straight from the who's who list of the Indian music industry. The star-studded line up included Hariharan, Udit Narayan, Chitra, Sadhna Sargam, Madhushree, Kathik, Rajesh "Blaaze" Raman and Kailash Kher.

Songs such as Chaiyya chaiyya, Dil se, Mitwa, Taal se taal mila, Saathiya and Humma humma had the crowd dancing along, while Tamil audiences were enthralled by Thithi ke rain, Valihari and Blaaze's punchy rap rendition of the title song of the hit movie Baba.

Excellent pyrotechnics and thematic stage props made the concert a visual treat, too.

Special mention must be made of percussionist extraordinaire Sivamani.

In an improvised version of the song Konjum yerrupu, he let loose a 15-minute-long drum solo that whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Along with Bosnian singer Alma, Rahman also performed a much-appreciated number he composed for director Ping He's Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

The best was saved for last, though. All the performers joined Rahman to croon the patriotic Maa tujhe salaam that brought the entire stadium to its feet.

No one could possibly have left without getting goose bumps.

All hail the maestro. - TODAY/dt

Copyright 2005 MCN International Pte Ltd

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Superstar AR Rahman makes Singapore his only Asian stop

By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia
Time is GMT + 8 hours | Posted: 23 September 2005 1920 hrs

SINGAPORE : There are few superstars who can sell S$500 concert tickets in Singapore at a snap. Indian composer AR Rahman one such star.

He is the musical brains behind such varied hits as the West End's "Bombay Dreams," Hong Kong's "Warriors of Heaven and Earth," and Bollywood's Oscar-nominated film "Lagaan".

Singapore, the first city Mr Rahman says he visited outside India 20 years ago and which he says is special, is also the only Asian stop on his 3rd Dimension World Tour, which kicked off in London.

From the stirring national anthem that rocked the country in the mid-90s, "Vande Materam," Mr Rahman has gone on to constantly re-invent himself and create music that defies pigeon-holing.

"I can't define my music -- a lot of other people define it," he told Channel NewsAsia.

His work, though, kick-started a trendy and international sound that incorporated mixed influences into Indian film music, which had been languishing under tried-and-tested methods.

Said Mr Rahman, "When I started doing music 15 years back and composing, I thought Indian music was on a shelf and it has so much potential to break barriers and get exposed all over the world. One of my intentions was to package it in such a way so people could relate to it -- there's reggae, hip hop, world music and African music."

And it doesn't stop there.

He is now working on the music for the stage version of "Lord of the Rings" in Canada, which will premiere in March next year.

The maestro, who usually works through the night, pays a price though for his inventiveness.

He said, "The problem is, once you do something and then there are like 10 people getting influenced by it and then if I do it again, people get upset. In a way, I could never do the same thing again." - CNA /ct

Copyright 2005 MCN International Pte Ltd

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Music in 3 dimensions

By Rahul Venkit, TODAY
Time is GMT + 8 hours | Posted: 23 September 2005 1456 hrs

India's top 5 musicians to attend
A R Rahman 3rd Dimensional Tour

It sure was an offbeat media lunch. Samosas, salads and pepper chicken for the main course and an impromptu jam by five of India's top musicians for dessert.

Having flown into town yesterday morning, the performers of the A R Rahman 3rd Dimensional Tour were a bubbly bunch prior to tomorrow's concert, full of praise for the main man of the show.

"Playing with A R Rahman is a spiritual experience," India's top percussionist Sivamani Anandan told Today. "Rahman has a knack for bringing together people from all genres and blending their styles of music to perfection."

It's no wonder then, that the concert boasts a galaxy of stars such as Bosnian classical music singer Alma, ghazal (sung poetry) maestro Hariharan, Punjabi singer Kailash Kher and sufi (devotional music) specialists Murtuza and Qadir Mustafa.

"There's something magnetic about Rahman's music. His appeal is international," said the 27-year-old Alma, who caught the former's eye two years ago when he approached the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra with regard to a Bollywood film.

Today, Alma can sing in Hindi and Tamil.

"People are always surprised when they see a white girl singing and pronouncing Indian songs well. Luckily, the surprise has always been a pleasant one," she said with a smile.

The voice behind hit Bollywood songs such as Mangal mangal and Yun hi chala chala, Kailash Kher's performance tomorrow will mark a personal triumph.

"Ten years ago, I had to come to Singapore looking for singing opportunities, but was unsuccessful. Now, I will get a chance to fulfil my dream of performing here. I never imagined I would do it with such amazing company though," he said.

And with the inclusion of the sufi-singing brothers Murtuza and Qadir Mustafa in this leg of the world tour, music lovers can expect to hear melodious fusions in the three hour-long concert.

"We will give Singaporeans a night to remember. Being lost in Rahman's mesmerising music, the three hours will simply fly past," said 37-year-old Murtuza, who has sung for films such as Saathiya and Fiza with younger brother Qadir.

"That is the power of Rahman's music — it strikes a connection with your soul." - TODAY/sh

What: A R Rahman – The 3rd Dimensional Tour
Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium
When: 6:30pm, Saturday
Tickets available through Sistic

Copyright 2005 MCN International Pte Ltd

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Fete at city dargah

NT Bureau | Chennai, Sept 22:

Music director A R Rahman and chief Khazi to the government of Tamilnadu Dr Salahuddin
Mohammed Ayub performing 'Fatheha' at the annual day celebration of the Dargah Hazrath
Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi, known as Anna Salai Dargah, in Chennai on Tuesday. 
The annual day celebration of the Dargah Hazrath Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi known as Holy Anna Salai Dargah was inaugurated by music director A R Rahman here recently.

According to a press release, the Chief Khazi to the government of Tamilnadu Mufti Dr Salahuddin Mohamed Ayub Saheb performed the 'Fatheha' in the presence of Chief Hereditary Trustee and Muthavalli Syed Mainuddin and other trustees as also thousands of devotees. A prayer was organised for the welfare, unity, peace and harmony of all sections of the people of the State, the release added.


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Posted: 09 April 2006 at 12:00pm | IP Logged - Article

Pray for me, sings Rahman

By: Vickey Lalwani | September 21, 2005

Close on the heels of A R Rahman and Blaze's My Wish Comes True (touted as India's answer to Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On), the duo have now rendered another English song together.

The song, titled Pray For Me Brother, is based on the theme of eradicating poverty. Rahman is also the international ambassador of the UN anti-
tuberculosis campaign, Stop TB.

Wake up, world

Speaking to hitList from Chennai, Rahman said, "The anthem isn't just music, but a wake-up call to end poverty." Says Blaze, who wrote the lyrics, "Rahman and I got along fabulously during the making of the Kisna song. Some time back, Rahman asked if I was interested in penning something for his anti-TB campaign.

There is some rap involved too, and I got quite charged and agreed. Actually, the millennium campaign covers a wide perspective of issues and poverty is one such issue. Besides, poverty is definitely one of the reasons for tuberculosis." Like most other songs, the tune was set first and the lyrics came later.

"It's an awareness anthem, which would inform people on how to make the world a better place. The main line in the song is "Are you searching for a reason?".

We want to tell people that they don't need a reason to be generous," pointed out Blaze, adding, "It's a pleasure to share the stage with Rahman. I do my role of rapping, especially during the chanting which happens in the second half."

Aussie wave

The duo has been taking the song on Rahman's world tour. They first kicked off in Delhi two weeks back, followed by Melbourne and Sydney.
"The reception in Australia was mind-blowing and the atmosphere, electrifying.

When the lights went off and we began, the crowd switched on their mobile phone lights and started waving in rhythm. Such a response enhances the mood and importantly, instantly tells you that you are on the right path."
"The song is growing day by day. Very soon, we should have it on the video," Blaze added.

The duo's next stop is Singapore, on September 24, where they will perform the song with Rahman's repertoire, followed by Bangalore on October 8.


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