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A Tribute to Himesh Reshammiya (FANCLUB) (Page 314)

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Dancing with the Deols

Shilpa Shetty talks about keeping step with the three Deols

Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Shilpa Shetty's dancing abilities were put to a test when she matched steps with the three Deols – Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby for Anil Sharma's forthcoming venture Aapne. While Shilpa is known for her grace and agility, two of the Deols (Dharmendra and Sunny) are famous for their lack of it.  But, in spite of these differences, the actress had a blast.

The sequence is a family function, and requires the three jats to keep step with Shilpa under the direction of choreographer Ahmed Khan, with music composed by Himesh Reshammiya. For Shilpa the entire experience was memorable.

"Dharamji is so cute, he would give a shot and immediately go to the monitor to see how it looked," says Shilpa. "He is not a dancer. Even in his earlier films he would refrain from doing dance numbers on screen. In fact, he has his own style of dance, which people imitate and this has become his signature step. In spite of his limitations, he is extremely dedicated to whatever he does and exudes energy."

Like his father, Sunny Deol is an equally stiff dancer and uncomfortable doing dance numbers. "Sunny is a sweetheart," says Shilpa. "He loves action sequences but is uncomfortable with dance numbers. In fact, Dharamji enjoys dance more than Sunny."

According to the actress, the best amongst them is Bobby. "He has been groomed like that. He loves music and he enjoys dance. It's difficult to rate the Deols, each has their own style," she says.

Shilpa is equally impressed by the respect the two Deol brothers show their father. "They just adore their father," says Shilpa. "Even at this age, Sunny never argues with his dad, nor does Bobby. They can keep talking about their dad and childhood memories." p;articleid=5302006234994535302006234833828

himeshji wid another movie in his kitty Clap.Clap.......but i don't like da Deol factor here Dead

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aa has dis been posted before ??
Chup Chup Ke

Chup Chup Ke seems to have an interesting combination of a comedy director Priyadarshan, music director Himesh Reshammiya and an exciting and fresh cast of Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Sunil Shetty and Neha Dhupia along with all time hit comic actors Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav. The combination of all these seems electrifying. A comedy film that has the Kareena-Shahid jodi, where Kareena plays the role of a mute girl. The music score has been done by Reshammiya, who continues to dole out one hit song after the other and one expects nothing less from this album too. And with current favourite singers like Sonu Nigam, K.K, Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal the music album does have high expectations. The lyrics have been done by the one and only Sameer.

'Shabbe Firaq'- Himesh Reshammiya adds his lucky touch to the album with his rendition along with co-singer Tulsi Kumar. Himesh gives his voice a new dimension which varies from his usual predictable nasal twang. Tulsi Kumar too boosts the pitch of the song. The song has a mixture of old-world charm along with modern music which makes it unique in style. With beautiful lyrics like 'Shabbe Firaq' and the catchy 'Aa Re Aa Re' the song has a blend of Middle East and Indian. A promotional video done by Gulati only enhances the appeal of the song in its all white avatar. The lyrics are fresh and nice, tune is interesting and the song has lively upbeat beats. There's a 'Remix Version' by Akbar Sami which gives the track a dance feel. Definitely a song that will get listeners humming along and one that will slowly climb the charts.
Score: 7/10

'Dil Vich Lagya Ve'- This is a funky, fun and groovy number which has a Punjabi flavour. Himesh sings two lines of the title himself but then Sonu Nigam takes over and delivers extremely well. Newcomer Akriti Kakkar is also smashing in the song. The song has energy and non-stop dance written all over it and Shahid's zestful dance moves are a further booster. Kunal Ganjawala also joins in the crooning and the trio delivers a great performance. The song is full of life and just makes you want to get up and groove along with the lead pair Shahid and Kareena. The lyrics are chilled out and you eventually start singing along. Beats are lively and pacy. Akbar Sami's 'Remix Version' turns up the notch a step further and adds a dose of western influences with the bhangra-rap, pop-dance and hip-hop feel making it sound awesome.
Score: 8/10

'Ghoomar Re'- A song by the talented K.K and Sunidhi Chauhan which has a folklore style. The song begins with an Indian tune and then a few western musical arrangements are thrown in to make it more interesting. Lyrics are average and the beats have an average pace. The rhythm and tunes are lively and catchy. The 'Remix version' by Akbar Sami is not much different from the original version and merely adds a few more beats. An average number that has been fitted into the album well.
Score: 6/10

'Aaya Re'- The song is a typical Reshammiya composition with lyrics done by Sameer. This song sung by Kunal Ganjawala keeps up with the other songs in tempo and beats. Basically like the other numbers, this one too is racy and lively. Sunidhi Chauhan and Arya give him company on the vocals. It has Indian music with traces of western influences. Beats are fast paced, lyrics are pleasant and it has a nice melodious tune. The 'Remix Version' is done by Himesh's favourite Akbar Sami which is a slightly pacier version and one which you can dance to. The original version is more captivating, as much of the Indian essence is lost in the remix version.
Score: 7/10

'Tumhi Se'- A soft and melodious number by Vijay Yesudas and Shreya Ghoshal. It is a romantic number with soothing lyrics. The rendition is done in an extremely subtle and sweet manner. The song has a very non-filmi tune to it which makes it stand out in the album, but in a good way. A number that calms one, the lyrics are nice enough, beats are soft and tune is interesting. There is also an 'Unplugged Version' by Kunal Ganjawala which is again a nice, soft rendition and prolongs the mood for a few minutes more.
Score: 7/10

'Mausam Hai Bada Qatil'- A Sonu Nigam rendition, this one has a 70's feel to it. It's a slow song that has Indian and western musical influences. The beats are averagely paced and the lyrics are average. It has a trademark whistle at the end of the song, which is also a 70's feature. However in spite of the good rendition, the song is just about average.
Score: 5/10

The songs of Chup Chup Ke are continuously being aired on music channels and each time one hears the numbers like Shabbe Firaq and Dil Vich Lagya Ve, the more one tends to like the songs. These two numbers are making the most impact, however even numbers like Aaya Re and Tumhi Se have good potential. One more hit album from Himesh, definitely a good and entertaining album. Especially for those who like dance music, most of the songs both the original and remix have lively and fast beats. So dance away people.

    Reviewer: Rachel Fernandes
    Score: e.html

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HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Himesh Reshammiya: Jhoom macha de!
Deepanjali B Sarkar
The country seems to be 'jhoom'-ing to Himesh Reshammiya's chartbusters such as 'Zara jhoom jhoom' and 'Jhalak dikhla ja'. He is particularly popular with truck drivers and cab drivers, similar to Altaf Raja, who was a rage with drivers with his 'Tum to thehre pardesi'. Unlike Altaf Raja, Himesh is not a one album wonder. He has struck gold with a string of hits like 'Just chill', from 'Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya', 'Odhni', from 'Tere Naam', and of course 'Jhalak dikhla ja' from 'Aksar'. He is the only music composer in the history of Hindi films, to have won a Filmfare award for best playback singer. Even Kishore Kumar and Hemant Mukherjee did not receive such recognition. Small wonder that Kumar Sanu told 'The Times of India' that in a country, which elevates Emran Hashmi to a superstar, anything is possible. Coming from someone who became a super hit with his nasal 'Ashique' songs in the 90's, the wheel appears to have turned a full circle.
Himesh Reshammiya naysayers unite on one point—they cannot tolerate his high nasal tone. A colleague who was holidaying in Simla recently, expressed her irritability since she was forced to listen to Himesh's renditions, as the driver would insist on playing only his songs. As Sonu Nigam fumed after the singer won an award for 'Ashiq banaya apne', how could such a composition even be nominated.
 Himesh Reshammiya might be topping the charts but he is definitely not the toast of his contemporaries. His colleagues, to put it mildly, do not think too kindly of him. Here is what Kumar Sanu had to say, in an interview in 'The Times of India', "He is very lucky." The five times Filmfare winner (who withdrew his name from subsequent nominations) and one who features in the Guinness Book for recording 28 songs in a single day, says Himesh Reshammiya's success is due to "media, hype and promotion." He goes on to say, "we are all aware of Himesh's capability as a singer and how much he has been promoted." In an interview on Radio Mirchi, Sonu Nigam was asked if he and Himesh were friends. "No we are definitely not friends," he said.
On receiving the Zee award for Best Singer, a bellicose Himesh said, "Hope this proves a point" and when he received the MTV awards for both Best Singer and Music, he said, "Yeh awards maine kharide nahin hai". It seems his fraternity is not willing to give him his due, while the masses can't seem to get enough of him.

 Himesh Reshammiya has acquired the enviable attribute of star celebrities: one can either hate him, or love him, but no one can ignore him (or his pinched nose plaintive crooning!). Himesh insists he is not a nasal singer. He says he merely sings in a high pitch, because he has seen that only such songs work at the box office. He defends his style of singing by comparing himself to the maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who he says "sang for 30 years in a high pitch and nobody called him nasal." In an interview on a TV news channel, he somewhat petulantly complained that he had sung in lower, middle and high octave in his songs, and yet had been typecast as a nasal singer. He feels it is only when he sings in high octave that his songs are a big hit.
Himesh Reshammiya's tryst with Bollywood started with 'Pyar kiya to darna kya', a Salman Khan-Kajol starrer that did modestly at the box office, but whose songs became a big hit on all the music channels. Remember the bare chested Salman Khan singing 'o o jane jana'? Sung by Kamal Khan, that was Himesh Reshammiya's first composition, and it went on to become a resounding hit. The other popular number from the movie, 'odh li chunariya tere naam ki' , also did remarkably well.
Himesh says he had initially wanted to produce a film with Salman Khan, which never took off. But Salman Khan promised to give him a break, and true to his word, offered him "Pyar kiya to darna kya'. Himesh has composed for several of Salman's movies, including 'Hello Brother', 'Yeh hai jalwa', and 'Tere Naam'. With 'Tere Naam's' phenomenal success at the box office, Himesh Reshammiya became one of the top music directors of the country. His 'odhni' (Himesh seems to be having a penchant for 'chunariya' songs. First there was 'odh li chunariya' from 'Pyar kiya to darna kya', then 'teri chunariya dil le gayi' from 'Hello Brother' and then 'odhni' from 'Tere Naam') was one of the peppier numbers in the plaintive album, but his mournful songs from the 'Tere Naam' album paved the way for the forlorn "tera suroor', 'samjho na' numbers, compositions that helped Himesh carve out a niche for himself. Himesh was exposed to film music at a young age: his father introduced electronic instruments in India and dabbled in funding low budget movies. On receiving the Zee awards for best playback singer, male, he thanked God, Salman Khan, his mentor and his father, for his success.
Foot-stomping numbers that reflect pain and anguish, is how the composer would like to describe his compositions. He attributes his phenomenal success to the Almighty and to destiny, dismissing talent as necessary, but not the key to a successful run at the box office. In "Mind Over Matter", in the Sunday edition of The Times of India, the singing sensation says, "I personally think that all the hard work and talent in the world cannot be replaced by that tiny but extremely relevant piece of divine intervention that makes one a winner. " And he is definitely a winner, having won the Filmfare, Stardust, Zee and MTV awards. He would like to believe he is a creative genius, having given 27 hits in 6 months and having over 1000 compositions in his stock.
 For those who wonder how the clean shaven, chubby Reshammiya (picture on left) metamorphosed into the angst ridden, unshaven rock star we see in his videos, here's how it all happened. Director Adita Dutta was looking for a fresh voice for his "Aashiq Banaya Aapne" and felt Himesh had just the right kind of voice. The video was directed by Himesh's good friend Prashant Chaddha, who persuaded him to put on the baseball cap and to keep the stubble. The makeover turned Himesh into a star. And he has retained the look for his subsequent albums.
Himesh Reshammiya says his role models are Laxmikant Pyarelal, R D Burman, Shanker Jai Kishan, and the one composer he would be glad to work with, from the current generation, A R Rehman. The immensely talented Rehman, who ushered in a completely new genre of music in Bollywood, was among the very few who complimented Himesh on "Ashique banaya apne". But unlike Rehman who has boldly experimented with his compositions, Reshammiya tends to get repetitive, with fast, foot-stomping numbers that go down well with teenagers. As he himself admits, he caters to the "23 year old dude" who downloads music from the Net. The pragmatic composer definitely has his finger on the pulse of his listeners. Here is what some of them had to say:
"Great piece of work and catchy soundtrack. Aap ki Kashish is another very powerful song. The melody and juggling of modulations and tones of Aashiq Banaya Apne, creates such an ambience that it engulfs you. Once again it confirms our faith and trust in Himesh ji. Thanks for such a wonderful and creative piece. I vote for this album to be the best album of 2005. " - Simi Suri, Maryland, USA on (the BBC Asian Network Film Caf Awards for Best Album for 2005). Says Aneesa from Birmingham: "This track was brilliant because not only were the songs romantic they were dance tracks too!!!! the songs were sung from the heart which is why this track is so poplular!!!! "
But then there are also those who are very vocal about their strong dislike for Himesh Reshammiya. One surfer went so far as to say he should be given a nasal decongestant before inflicting listeners with his "oh huzoors'! When a Bollywood site carried news about the singer getting operated for a nose polyp, one wondered if the site was merely being malicious! But it looks like the "o huzoor' star was indeed getting a 'nose job' done. Maybe now his detractors will have less to complain about! And his rivals will have something more to worry about, for last week's music charts show that Himesh Reshammiya, featured among the top 10 scores, not once but thrice. His 'aashiqui meri" from '36 China Town' was at number three, 'jhoom jhoom' from 'Tom Dick and Harry' was at five and 'Mundya aa bhi jaa', from 'Shaadi Se Pehle' was at 10. Except the last number, the other two were both sung and composed by him.

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hey guys , !!

reading my last artical - do u'll think Sonu nigam shld work  with Himeshji again !!!!- actually Himeshji should not choose him 4 ne of his compsitions !! mean can sonu be : " not we r not at all friends ' Angrytat is the meanst line i've ever heard ......

wonder if himeshji knows abt it - ok he slhd be know abt it - but still wants to work with Sonu : AngryAngry

on 1 side i slhd bow to dis gr8 man , Himesh reshammiya Clap

even though he is blamed , accused & hated by SonuAngry ......he chooses sonu to sing in his movies ........i think he is really really gr8..he tolerats all dis stuff ....!!! gr8 !!!!!

but on the other hand : how is himesh ji manging all dis ........... reading dis artical i had such hatered towards sonu & had tears in my eyes .......i never thought sonu nigam was like dis !!!!!Angry ..................

& abt Kumar sanu - he is another @$^&&^%*& ........

hate these ppl soooooooo much !!!!Angry

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whoa ash sis big outburst there Confused ya that's true though himeshji is a great man Embarrassed Wink lekin its also true that it hurts when ppl talk about him like that Ouch o well. i never really liked sonu nigam's voice anyway Tongue   i always thought it was vinit who deserved his fame Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed

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i know im late again everybody Ouch but please forgive me Embarrassed and congratulations on 300 pages!!! Big smile
love yooh guys!!!

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Posted: 30 May 2006 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
hey friends Big smile jusss messin around with my psp8 again... Embarrassed
love you guys!!!


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hi all nice siggys

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