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A Tribute to Himesh Reshammiya (FANCLUB) (Page 302)

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Hi all again thans on articles here ash and on pics at PZ Smile

Guys we really rockin the place

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Phir Hera Pheri
Producer: Firoz Nadiadwala
Director: Neeraj Vora
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Bipasha Basu, Rimmi Sen, Johny Lever, Shakti Kapoor
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Tulsi Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Rakesh Upadhyay, Sunidhi Chauhan and Kunal Ganjawala
Audio On: T-Series
Number of Songs: 12
Released on: May 15, 2006
     Reviewed by: Gianysh Toolsee
Reviewer's Rating: 5 out of 10 Cumulative Rating: 7.54 out of 10
Rated by: 107 unique users
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While some of us are waiting for his next album, like if it's his last one, others simply don't care. Likewise, Himesh Reshammiya also doesn't care about them because he has already a fan base. And he is even singing for his fans! It is early to say that Himesh Reshammiya has arrived yet. Lately, his music has been the 'star' in most of his movies. Definitely, his popularity is increasing. Credit should also go to Akbar Sami, who has been professionally remixing all his songs. This sequel is hugely awaited. Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar have improved so much in comedy during the last six years. The original had music by Anu Malik and lyrics by Sameer.

'Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri' has a hip hop atmosphere due to the distinctive singing and offbeat sounds. The 'mukhda' relies on a thin techno sound. Himesh's voice forms an integrating part of the tune. Low pitch and high pitch singing are fittingly balanced in the song. The Reshammiya effect has also smacked Sameer, as he is rapidly progressing with him. Sameer incorporates the title in the song as well. With an innovative chorus and a hip-hop background, the song settles as an average track. Those who have been complaining about his nasal voice, well, don't listen to this one. The first four words of the title is pronounced in an acute nasal rendition.

Remix by Akbar Sami ensures that 'Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri' will at least be a hit, but not a rage. The hip hop strength is picked up by Sami, who throws beats at selected places, to transform it into another clubby dance track. The pace is increased and he is best at these remixes.

If you are still addicted to 'Jhalak Dikhlaja' and can't get enough, here's some good news. 'Ae Meri Zohrajabeen' has a solo Reshammiya singing a half baked 'Jhalak Dikhlaja'. Is he back in form or is his style back again? Himesh uses his favourite instrument; the solo violin, heavy percussions and a sexy female chorus to give the song a tonic. This ordinary tune will turn into a hit, simply because of the excellent rendition by Himesh. As the song progresses, it becomes predictable. Sami's trick with the remixing is pretty average this time.

When Himesh Reshammiya and Tulsi Kumar are credited, there is no surprise that there is a hit in the making. 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re' lives up to the expectations. Cooked in the same mould as 'Dil Tumhare Bina' from 36 China Town, the start is catchy and the tune is rhythmic. Himesh again influences the tune with a nearly perfect rendition of the word 'Ek Tere Siva'. Tulsi Kumar's voice sounds innocent and she executes with precision. The Reshammiya-Kumar duo gels well. Akbar knowing that he has a potential hit in his hands, goes another route in remixing. The echoing of the voices is the main scoring point. The mixture of the voices with the techno sounds are apart from what he has been doing.

Few would remember that trendy Himesh has composed in 2001, for the Govinda-Juhi starrer Aamdani Attanni Kharcha Rupaiya! 'Ta Thaiya Ta Thaiya' was one of these below average tracks. Back to his old style, Himesh comes with a number which has shades of the village masala songs mass composed in the 80's and early 90's. Remember Sangeeta Bijlani dancing in a village surrounded by hundred curious people watching her! 'Pyar Ki Chatni' is self explanatory now. As a situational number, it is no harm for the ears. Sunidhi Chauhan performs as requested. At least, she knows that she got the chance to sing such a song. The remix only comes to worsen the track.

Firoz Nadiadwala is in fact, one of the most loyal producers to support Anu Malik. For more than a decade, all his projects had popular music by him. Different scripts require specific types of music and sounds. Since Firoz Nadiadwala has been producing mainly comedy and action movies lately, music was not a highlight. Nevertheless, how can we forget 'Tera Chehra Na Dekhoun Agar' from Ram Shastra? The producer felt that the spicy Malik's music is clearly missing in this particular assignment. Call it coincidence or whatever, but the next two songs are very much Malik's hangovers.

Dil De Diya' has an electric and energetic performance of Sunidhi Chauhan and Kunal Ganjawala. The catchy lifted prelude gives the song a stale feel right from the first note sung by Sunidhi. The flow and delivery of the antra is strikingly reminiscent of the energy of past Anu Malik tracks in the late 90's. The most annoying part is that the 'borrowed prelude' is repeated so many times. And what is it with this stupid chorus chanting an unknown language? In short, a quickie! The remix is passable.

Let's term the next track as a fun and currency song in the typical Nadiadwala style! In the original Hera Pheri, Abhijeet, Hariharan and Vinod Rathod were singing 'Denewala', which was about raining money. In this one, Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Rakesh Upadhyaya are singing 'Phir Hera Pheri'. The theme and the rhythmic patterns of the songs are almost similar. Isn't it interesting to see how the same formula is used again? Shaan impresses with this dollar-euro-rouble-yen-rupaiya situational number while Sonu Nigam is lost somewhere in the chorus. Himesh borrows the classic notes of Ennio Morricone's 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly' as one of the interludes. No doubt, this is going to be a fun number! Music and arrangements follow his old style and beats are standard. Akbar goes over the board with this one and extend the rupaiya piece a bit longer making the track crazier but a mess for some!

The album is not instantly satisfying like his last albums. Most of the songs don't have this super hit edge. Though the album loses some steam at the end, Himesh who is in charge of the mike for the first three numbers, produces a different genre number and two formulaic hit songs. Is it fair to say that though he is being repetitive, his singing is improving? Being a comedy, there is little scope to explore music but this is only a barrier to produce a hit score. The bottom line is that Himesh delivers as the music director and singer. However, expectations are not met because he himself has set his standard high lately. Two songs match the Anu Malik style and it is intriguing. After kicking Anu Malik out from the camps of Abbas-Mustan, Subhash Ghai, Deepak Tijori and now Firoz Nadiadwala, is there more to invade?
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Phir Hera Pheri - Music Review

Monday, May 15, 2006

Phir Hera PheriRamshastra, Kartoos, Hera Pheri, Awara Paagal Deewana, Aan - Men At Work and Deewane Huye Paagal - What's common between all these films? Producer Firoz Nadiadwala, who has always believed in giving his directors a larger than life canvas! What's the other common factor? Music director Anu Malik, who has more often than not given the kind of music that a Nadiadwala film warrants! But with 'Phir Hera Pheri', there is a slight shift in plan as composer Anu Malik is replaced by current numero-uno Himesh Reshammiya to come up with the film's music. No wonder, it doesn't come as a surprise to see as many as 3 tracks sung by Reshammiya himself as Akbar Sami churns out a remix for each of the 6 tracks in the film. Also, when there is Reshammiya, lyricist Sameer is bound to be the one doing all the writing and same happens in case of this 'Hera Pheri' sequel that stars the usual suspects Akshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty and Paresh Rawal along with Bipasha Basu and Rimmi Sen.

On you mark. Get. Set. And Go! Welcome Reshammiya who goes hip hop this time for 'Yaad Sataye Teri' and guess what, delivers in this genre as well! A smooth sailing number set at a decent pace, it gets your neck in motion as you hear a Reshammiya number for an umpteenth time in the course of your normal day. If you have loved Himesh compositions of last six months, you are certainly going to enjoy this one too. As expected, DJ Akbar Sami's added zing further spices up the song that moves at a much faster pace in its remix version and rocks the show in a big way. Not surprisingly, it turns out to be much more entertaining and makes this hip-hop number into a full fledged dance number. Enjoy!

Phir Hera Pheri Reshammiya singing 'Ae Meri Zohrajabeen'? Is that really possible? Well, don't rub your eyes in disbelief as that's what exactly happens when Sameer comes up with his own lines while keeping the opening words intact from the classic track in 'Waqt'. The song is rendered in a high pitch by Reshammiya as he composes this rhythmic dance track that has all it takes to be yet another hit for him. Musical arrangements are made of an excellent fusion of Western and Indian instruments that give an edge to this song that has potential to be popular. A spiced up number that makes you look forward to the high-on-energy remix by DJ Akbar Sami, one wonders why was this song not chosen over 'Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri' for the kick start of the album's promotion?

Tulsi Kumar, who has already given a couple of hits with Reshammiya ['Mohabbat Ki' -Aksar, Title song - 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye'] arrives with Reshammiya for the first duet of the album 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re'. Purists may have all the reasons to say that the song is in the same style as numerous other Reshammiya numbers but his fans certainly won't be complaining as he delivers exactly what he promises and what his fans expect! The song is in succession to the numerous love songs composed by him in 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', 'Aksar' and 'Aap Ka Surroor' and 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re' continues to keep his flag high. Starting off with high pitch, for certain unexplained reasons, he suddenly knocks on the Bappi Lahiri territory at places, that makes you wonder if that was really required. Nevertheless, Tulsi Kumar, who gives good company to Reshammiya, can be rest assured that her work won't go unnoticed as the song is one of those kinds that should keep the music channels busy, both in the original and Sami's zingy remixed version!

Phir Hera Pheri Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Rakesh Upadhyay get together for the theme song 'Phir Hera Pheri' that it interspersed with the tinkling sound of coins. A fast paced fun song that is about the three prime protagonists in the film who lust after money and can do some 'hera pheri' again to get more of it, it is situational and should have some of its parts appearing as a part of film's background score or some critical junctures in the film. Also, expect a grand choreography for the song in true Nadiadwala style.

Anyone who follows English music would be able to relate to the beginning of 'Dil De Diya' where Sunidhi Chauhan's crooning is a clear lift from a popular western track. Kunal Ganjawala joins her in this love duet that has a melody of the mid/late 90s and in fact sounds more like a Anu Malik track than Himesh Reshammiya's. There is a bit of rap-n-reggae too [that is rather unnecessary] but overall the song still manages to pass muster. Both Kunal and Sunidhi sing in a high pitch here and it's their spirited rendering that helps the number go on smoothly, though there is nothing new in the song to talk home about. One factor that may not make the song noticeable if the choreography is done in a lavish and eye candy manner.

The title itself of Sunidhi Chauhan's 'Pyaar Ki Chatni' suggests to be made for the gallery as the opening shifts from a 'bhajan' setting to 'dhinchaak' beats a la the signature beats of Laxmikant Pyaarelal's '1 2 Ka 4' from 'Ram Lakhan'. A song that seems to be designed as a 'nautanki' number, it turns out to be exactly as one expected, i.e. aimed at a specific gentry. Watch out for the lyrical gems that go as:

"Dil Ke Pudine Ka Ras Tapka De, Thodi Si Chaahat Ki Mirchi Milade;
Madhoshiyon Ki Ilaychi Girake, Tu Narm Ungli Se Mujhko Chakhade'

A situational item song picturized on Dia Mirza, it can easily be given an easy skip and best forgotten once the album is over, be it in the original or the remixed version that has an overdose of the word 'chatni' interspersed throughout the song.

'Phir Hera Pheri' has 3 foot tapping numbers; all sung by Himesh Reshammiya ['Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri', 'Ae Meri Zohrajabeen' and 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re'], a couple of average tracks ['Dil De Diya', title song] and an apology of a song 'Pyaar Ki Chatni'. If you have already become a Himesh Reshammiya worshipper by now, then the first three songs (along with their remixed versions by DJ Akbar Sami] should be good enough reasons for you to enjoy the album of 'Phir Hera Pheri' for a few weeks to come. But a super success like 'Aksar', 'Aap Ka Surroor', '36 China Town' or a 'Tom Dick and Harry' is ruled out.

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If anything I have repeated let me know and will edit it Jem okay...basically posting on phir hera phiri stuff luv the music that is why,,,,

Want to welcome all Members \
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Phir Hera Pheri

Banner: Base Industries Group
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Bipasha Basu, Rimi Sen, Johny Lever, Shakti Kapoor
Direction: Neeraj Vora
Music: Himesh Reshammiya, Sameer

Music Review

Phir Hera Pheri - Can be heard for a few days
By Aelina, IndiaGlitz [Monday, May 22, 2006]
As a guest composer, Himesh Reshammiya came up with a superhit title song for Akshay Kumar in his last release 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye'. It appears as if it was just a trailer as now he arrives as a full fledged composer for Akshay's upcoming film 'Phir Hera Pheri'. Would he, lyricist Sameer and remix maestro DJ Akbar Sami combine to come up with yet another super successful score for this Neeraj Vohra directed sequel of 'Hera Pheri'? Let's hear on the album to find it out!

1) Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya]

The album begins on a good note with 'Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri', a song that goes with the cool image of Akshay Kumar. Reshammiya gives both his composition and singing style an edge by making the number sound more urban and contemporary while changing the tone of his voice too. There is a certain squeaky feel to the entire number that goes well with the hip-hop rhythm of the song. Featuring Rimmi Sen as the center of attraction, this Reshammiya solo has Akshay gyrating to the beats in a cool dude manner. Rimmi too looks sensational by coming with a variety of pouts while bearing an uncanny resemblance to Bipasha, the other Bengali beauty in the film. As expected, DJ Akbar Sami version is further racy that never allows you to keep your feet from moving. Overall a positive beginning to the album.

2) Ae Meri Zohrajabeen (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya]

One of the most awaited songs of the film; one keenly looks forward to the promotional music video of 'Ae Meri Zohrajabeen' that is touted to feature the entire starcast of the film. No, as the title may suggest, 'Ae Meri Zohrajabeen' is not the remix version of the yesteryear hit from 'Waqt'. Instead it is a fresh new song written by Sameer that is sung in a full throated manner by Reshammiya. A rocking number that sets the tempo rolling from the very first note, it is racy, zingy and typically Reshammiya. One can comfortably call the song to be belonging to Himesh Reshammiya school of composing'n'singing and DJ Akbar Sami school of remixing! A sure shot chartbuster number that should be highly appealing to all those who have loved Reshammiya songs during last one year.

3) Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya, Tulsi Kumar]

For the first time in the album, a female voice is heard in the form of Tulsi Kumar. The young girl has been primarily getting recognition with her duets with Reshammiya and she gets an opportunity to gain it further on with 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re' that belongs to an instant coffee variety. Reshammiya doesn't attempt to break any new grounds with either his composition style or singing and that in fact works very well with the listeners. Hear the song, enjoy it and get the mood livened up further on with Akbar Sami's remix version.

4) Phir Hera Pheri (Original and remix) [Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Rakesh Upadhyay]

Finally some other singer apart from Reshammiya gets a chance to sing a song! And this time the entire male force comes into action as Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Rakesh Upadhyay share credits for the title song 'Phir Hera Pheri'. A fun sitational number in which the trio of Raju, Shyam and Baburao cherish an Indian rupee more than a dollar, pound or a yen, it has been shot at foreign locations with bevy of beauties all around them. A fast paced number, it is the first song in the album that deviates from a style that Reshammiya has been so famous for!

5) Dil De Diya (Original and remix) [Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan]

After 'Dil Na Diya' [Krrish], it's time to give your heart away with 'Dil De Diya'. A dance floor number where Bipasha sizzles with Akshay Kumar in tow, it is a 'masala' number that suits the on-screen temptress image of the lady. A fast moving number that is yet another song which is different from what Reshammiya composes today, 'Dil De Diya' has both Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan letting their hair down and enjoying every bit of this eye-candy number. No wonder the Akbar Sami version builds up hear further on and creates much more excitement in the proceedings due to the spiced up musical arrangements. From 'Rockstar' [Humko Deewana Kar Gaye] to 'Di De Diya' [Phir Hera Pheri], the 'silsila' of foot tapping Akshay-Bipasha songs continues!

6) Pyaar Ki Chatni (Original and remix) [Sunidhi Chauhan]

The worst is left for the end as Sunidhi Chauhan sings perhaps one of the worst songs of her career in the form of 'Pyaar Ki Chatni'. Though the setting seems to be somewhat similar to Kashmira Shah item song [Chalka Chalka] in 'Aankhen', it is hardly a number that would excite anyone part from the front benchers. Reason? It is downright vulgar and you don't really have to read between the words to understand the meaning; it's all so very straight forward! A nautanki/bar number where Dia Mirza tries to hog some limelight in a guest appearance, 'Pyaar Ki Chatni' is Indian in look and feel but overall so very uncharacteristic of Reshammiya. Akbar Sami tries to do his bit to extend the song's reach but this situational hardly stands a chance to make any impression.

Those who have been accusing Reshammiya of repeating himself may have something to cheer about as the composer/singer changes his approach for at least half the album. The album is fine but listeners now have very high expectations from a Himesh Reshammiya score. Now one looks forward to the next keenly awaited album from him i.e. 'Chup Chup Ke'. Till then have some fun for at least a few days with 'Phir Hera Pheri'.

Phir Hera Pheri' Events Coverage
'Phir Hera Pheri' Press Meet - [Updated on 2, May, 2006]


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Thanks for the articles Ange Clap
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thanx! Embarrassed Clap
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'Chand sifarish' tops the charts

New Delhi: Most songs hold their position in the top 10 Hindi melodies of the week, except for "Pyaar ki ek kahani" from "Krrish" that has climbed to number four from 10 and "Mundya aa bhi jaa" from "Shaadi Se Pehle" that has slipped to the bottom of the list.

The top 10 Hindi songs are:

1. "Chand sifarish" - Film: "Fanaa"; Singers: Shaan and Kailash Kher; Music: Jatin-Lalit. A mixture of Arabic and Indian music, the enchanting song has entrenched itself on the charts and enjoys top ranking.

2. "Ya Ali" - Film: "Gangster - A Love Story"; Singer: Zubeen; Music: Pritam. Music lovers have lapped up this Sufi song.

3. "Aashiqui meri" - Film: "36 China Town"; Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Sunidhi Chauhan; Music: Himesh Reshammiya. Demand for this seductive number has soared since the film hit the screens.

4. "Pyaar ki ek kahani" - Film: "Krrish"; Singers: Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal; Music: Rajesh Roshan. The romantic number rendered beautifully by the two talented artistes has been lying low for some time, but is steadily moving up the charts and might reach the top.

5. "Jhoom jhoom" - Film: "Tom Dick And Harry"; Singer: Himesh Reshammiya; Music: Himesh Reshammiya. People are still crazy about Reshammiya and this feel-good song crooned by him is going places.

6 "Fanah" - Film: "Humko Deewana Kar Gaye"; Singers: Sonu Nigam, Tulsi Kumar; Music: Anu Malik. The song's popularity has surprised music enthusiasts.

7 "It's a beautiful day" - Film: "Aryan"; Singers: Shreya Ghoshal and Hamza; Music: Anand Raj Anand. A sentimental romantic song for lovebirds!

8. "Roobaroo" - Film: "Rang De Basanti"; Singers: A.R. Rahman and Naresh Iyer; Music: A.R. Rahman. The Indi-pop composition is making waves.

9. "Right here right now" - Film: "Bluffmaster"; Singers: Abhishek Bachchan and Sunidhi Chauhan; Music: Vishal-Shekhar. Its popularity has slipped with other newer numbers making the grade, but this still finds place on the charts.

10. "Mundya aa bhi jaa" - Film: "Shaadi Se Pehle"; Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan; Music: Himesh Reshammiya. A foot-tapping naughty number just for time pass! 64

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