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A Tribute to Himesh Reshammiya (FANCLUB) (Page 251)

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HR ki sayyonni

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Posted: 13 May 2006 at 12:46pm | IP Logged


chup chup ke- da remix vid of dil vich is on air ...

                       - da FULL vid of shabe firaq A.K.A aare aare is also on air ( lemme tell u , da song ROCKS melts me like chocolate Embarrassed)


 [ V] - there was a concert called da big V concert where himeshji performd was sumwhere in jan 1st week .........

himeshji performed many songs LIVE ...& now on [V] they r show ' naam hai tera - LIVE' ..its awesome to see himeshji's live performance again & again ........hope they play it in all channels as well

B4U - on RAW B4U wale show 36 chinatown , & yes i did see himeshji, he said he like da TYPE of music of 36CT ...he said he is more like tat , very Uthfull , etc ......

he said 36CT was a thriller ..& after seeing da movie , i agree wid himWink


nowadays i see many Adds playing himeshji's songs ....2 bike adds play " dil kehe raha hai ' frm kyun ki & " jhalak " frm aksar

& on a local channel they also play jus da music of ABA 4 a jewellery add tooLOL

who said himeshji dosen't creat wonders....Wink



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HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Posted: 13 May 2006 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
It's important that I reinvent myself'
Salil Jayakar
Thursday, May 11, 2006  19:17 IST

In what could well be a first for him, music director-singer Himesh Reshammiya will be performing at suburban hotspot Squeeze today. Confirming the performance, co-owner Suved Lohia says, "Himesh will perform at the club tonight with percussionist Shabaz."

Reshammiya himself is very excited about the performance. "I'm going to sing two of my songs along with percussionist Shahbaz," he reveals. Of course, he is not willing to disclose which two numbers he will be belting out. "That's a surprise for my fans," is all he'll say.

According to the singer/composer, performing live in front of an audience is a completely different experience to singing in a studio. "Recording is very mechanical, so you can achieve perfection easily. But performing live has a completely different feel to it. In a way, you draw energy from the crowd," he reveals.  

Interestingly, Squeeze also has plans to start a 'Himesh Reshammiya Night' where his songs will receive maximum playtime. Informs Lohia, "Himesh is one of the most successful singers in the industry right now and all his songs make it to the top of the charts. So it makes perfect commercial sense."

And what does Reshammiya have to say about this? "It's nice of them to think about something like this. For me as a musician and a singer, it's important that I constantly reinvent myself and come up with something new every time." Well, for Reshammiya fans, you know where you need to be! 7




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HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Posted: 13 May 2006 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
hey ppl ............i don't think its a gud thing to watch TDH .....
coz reading all these reviews ( which will be my nxt posts)...i do feel its kinda bad
& even sum friends of mine who saw da movie y/day told me tat its really BAD - except 4 da part where himeshji is seen is 2-3 songs ..
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HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Posted: 13 May 2006 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Tom, Dick and Harry
Tom, Dick and Harry
Deepak Tijori
Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Celina Jaitley, Anuj Sawhney
Comedy is serious business! There are unwritten rules one needs to follow while attempting a comic caper: Cast names that have a flair for comedy, opt for a script that has light moments aplenty, add a dash of glamour, throw logic out of the window, shake and stir it for the next two hours and voila, a laughathon is ready. Of course, the chef [director] ought to know how to mix-n-match the masalas efficiently. Of late, the success of films like NO ENTRY, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM, MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA, GARAM MASALA and MALAMAAL WEEKLY have triggered off a trend of mindless, nonsensical entertainers that defy logic. TOM DICK AND HARRY follows the same route: Leave your brains at home while watching the film. But there's always a slip between the cup and lip… After attempting diverse themes such as male stripping [OOPS!], slasher-horror [KHAMOSHH - KHAUFF KI RAAT] and obsession-murder mystery [FAREB], director Deepak Tijori now steps into an alley he had never ventured into -- comedy. But the problem with TOM DICK AND HARRY is that it rests on a waferthin plot and worse, the writing [screenplay: Kamal Pandey, Yunus Sejawal] is so undeveloped and juvenile that you actually pinch yourself, Is this for real? Agreed, films like NO ENTRY and GARAM MASALA also threw logic to the winds, but those senseless films also made sense at the end of the day. Most importantly, they entertained. Sadly, TOM DICK AND HARRY takes the audience for granted. Or, perhaps, treats the viewer as a mere spectator with pea-sized brains. The film rests on a carelessly penned screenplay, resulting in complete chaos. TOM DICK AND HARRY tells the escapades of three physically impaired people: Tom [Dino Morea] -- deaf, Dick [Anuj Sawhney] -- blind and Harry [Jimmy Shergill] -- dumb. They live together as paying guests and their lives takes an endearing turn when Celina [Celina Jaitley] comes to live in the bungalow opposite their house.  Tom, Dick and Harry start making moves to impress Celina, who is least interested in acknowledging their presence. There's Bijlee [Kim Sharma], a machchiwaali, who is completely besotted by Tom and does not leave any stone unturned to express her feelings. Then there is Suprano [Gulshan Grover], who is out to prove that he is the worst villain ever. He is in the business of kidnapping pretty girls and 'exporting' them to various countries across the globe. Tom, Dick and Harry unknowingly become the target of Suprano, by being the biggest barrier in his business deals. The general feeling within and outside the industry is that TOM DICK AND HARRY bears a striking similarity to the recent release PYARE MOHAN. But let's clear the misconception at the outset: The storyline of the two films is as diverse as North Pole and South Pole. Of course, the lead characters in both PYARE MOHAN and TOM DICK AND HARRY [borrowed from the Hollywood film SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL] are physically impaired, but the similarities end there. Actually, there's a bit of ALL THE BEST [play] and PADOSAN in this film too. On the plus side, TOM DICK AND HARRY has a couple of enjoyable scenes, which do tickle your funny bone. The Rakesh Bedi-Kunika-condom track at the start of the film is hilarious. Gulshan Grover's introduction is another sequence which works well. Besides some scenes, what comes to the rescue at times, are the dialogues, which cater to the masses completely. But there's a flip side as well and it is this flip side that causes more harm than anything else. The screenplay is the biggest villain of TOM DICK AND HARRY. Not only is it too childish, even the escapades of Tom, Dick and Harry hardly excite you. In fact, you lose interest midway through the enterprise because there's no movement in the story. Director Deepak Tijori plays to the gallery this time. He has his fundas right: Make a hardcore timepass film. But his choice of the story and screenplay is what acts as a major turn-off. The music is the only saving grace and Himesh Reshammiya is on a winning streak yet again. Here's another score that works big time, but the placement of the two fantastic numbers -- 'Jhoom Jhoom' and 'Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye' -- look completely forced. Cinematography [Manoj Soni] is up to the mark. Dialogues gel well with the mood of the film. Of the cast, Dino Morea tries hard, but in vain. His timing is just not right. Jimmy Shergill doesn't deliver either. And why is he looking pale at most times? Anuj Sawhney is excellent and is the best performer in the crowd. He's a complete natural.

Celina is wasted. Kim Sharma will be loved by the commoners. Gulshan Grover is efficient as the weird don. Shehzad Khan gives an extremely good account of himself. Rakesh Bedi excels. Kunika is first-rate. Avtar Gill, Javed Khan and Shakti Kapoor are mechanical. On the whole, TOM DICK AND HARRY is too weak a fare to leave any impression whatsoever. At the box-office, the hit music and lewd jokes may appease the front-benchers to an extent. That's it! ctid=5&cid=2425
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HR ki sayyonni

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Touching the 'special' cord

May 12, 2006

Cast: Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Anuj Sawhney, Celina Jaitley, Gulshan Grover

Director: Deepak Tijori

: The film is a romantic comedy. It revolves around three physically
impaired people. There is Tom (Dino Morea), who is deaf, Dick (Anuj Sawhney), who is blind and Harry (Jimmy Shergill), who is mute. And the three live together as paying guests. Things are going smoothly for them till Celina (Celina Jaitley) comes on the scene as their new neighbour. The three set out to try and im press her but she ignores them completely.

Besides there is Bijlee (Kim Sharma), a fishwerwoman, who is besotted to Tom and does not leave any opportunity to express her love for him. And in this scenario steps in Suprano (Gulshan Grover).

Suprano is out to prove that he is the worst villain ever even as Tom, Dick and Harry unwittingly become the biggest hurdle in his business deals. A wild goose chase, with the cops chasing Suprano, who is chasing Tom, Dick and Harry leads to the film's climax.

USP: Foot-tapping music by Himesh Reshammiya.

Masala maar ke... A lot of producers are making sequels these days. The latest being the makers of Tom Dick And Harry, who are keen to make a sequel, which would be titled, Tom Dick And Harry In Bangkok. But there is a catch here. According to director Deepak Tijori, they would go ahead only if Tom Dick And Harry clicks.
Deepak Tijori has also shot a promotional music video for the film. The music video features Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Anuj Sawhney, Celina Jaitley and Kim Sharma.
The music has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya who has to his credit the chartbuster, Jhoom Jhoom from the same movie.,001100030010. htm

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HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Save us from Tom, Dick & Harry

Sonia Chopra | May 12, 2006 19:30 IST

Deepak Tijori insists on making films (Oops!, Khamosh, and Fareb) and tormenting an unsuspecting audience. The tragedy is, his enthusiasm is in sharp contrast to the dwindling quality of his creations.

As you are already informed by the screaming posters, Tom Dick and Harry is 'a mindless comedy of deaf, blind and dumb.' It's nice of them to warn us, except that it's not a comedy. No siree, whatever else it may be, a comedy it certainly is not.

Deaf Tom (Dino Morea), blind Dick (Anuj Sawhney) and dumb Harry (Jimmy Shergill) somehow come to share an apartment; how and when is explained at leisure for about an hour and a half, interjected by a couple of foreign-babes-in-bikinis songs.

The apartment is owned by someone called Happy -- a Sardar, complete with a loud 'Punjabi' voiceover whenever he enters the frame. A lecherous man, Happy is not above paying the maid for sex and ogling girls half his age. This is all, of course, supposed to be funny. The 'heroes' fall for a neighborhood hottie (Celina Jaitely) and subject the viewers to more 'gags' as they fall over each other trying to 'patao' her.

Enter Gulshan Grover, in a strange costume and named Soprano, who profoundly speaks to the mirror in bad English, and keeps portraits of Osama Bin Laden and Hitler as inspirational tools. He is in the 'business' of trading girls to foreign countries (yes, women really get the deal in Tijori's films. They are either kidnapped, molested or being pataoed, when not being referred to as 'items').

While Himesh Reshammiya appears and disappears without warning, the three save Celina from the kidnappers and get entangled with Soprano.

The villain has on his panel of advisors, Mogambo (I feel silly even as I write this), Gabbar Singh and Shakaal, while in the dhishum-dhishum climax scene, the three heroes dress up as Mangal Pandey, Salman Khan from Tere Naam, and 'Anthony' from Amar Akbar Anthony. Sigh, we get it, he's trying to make it spoofy. If only it were that easy. The film ends up looking like a bad fancy dress competition.

Predictably, even the 'items' -- Celina and Kim Sharma (one of whom turns out to be an undercover cop), bash up the baddies, and all's well even before anything begins. The man behind the 'sting operation' to nail Soprano is, by the way, a cop played by Shakti Kapoor, in a bizarrely uninspired casting decision.

The dialogue is cheap, regressive and completely lacking in wit. The three protagonists are repeatedly called 'defective pieces'. Eve-teasing too is supposed to be fun, as Dick takes advantage of his blindness to grope women. Other "comic" bits include at least a hundred jokes on condoms, and then there's the mandatory Bobby Darling cameo.

Interestingly, the parts that are serious actually end up being comical. Like the Hollywood-inspired scene where Soprano plays with the globe: now those graphics are certainly worth a chuckle. Towards the end, Shakti Kapoor talks directly to you, the audience, and requests you not to leave as the film is not yet over.

The cinematography and production values are unbelievably archaic. Himesh Reshammiya provides a few hummable numbers, unimaginatively filmed. Dino Morea and Anuj Sawhney put in spirited performances, while Jimmy Shergill, who has proven himself in films like Haasil and Yahaan, seems a bit lost. Kim Sharma is likeable as the motormouth fisherwoman, however inconceivable her character may be, and Celina's toned stomach and pout do their job.

In a recent interview, Tijori called the film a comedy of errors. Unfortunately, this film has more errors than comedy.

Rediff rating:

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HR ki sayyonni
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Totally Dumb!
Deepa Gahlot | Saturday, May 13, 2006 11:23:11 IST
Film Review
< name=frm ="return chksubmit()" =site_search/sitesearch1.asp method=post> </>

Since Deepak Tijori honestly calls his own film Tom, Dick and Harry "mindless", why argue with him?
Mindless comedies sometimes do work, but this one's juvenile, vulgar and most unfunny. One of the easiest ways to ruin a comedy is to beg for laughs, like this film does - look at the caricature villain (Gulshan Grover looking uncannily like a local Page 3 denizen), and the three handicapped heroes, who are referred to as "defective pieces", the condom and gay gags. What kind of film - whether it has a mind or not - looks at trafficking of women as a joke!
Tom (Dino Morea) is deaf, Dick (Anuuj Sawhney - best of the lot) is blind and Harry (Jimmy Shergill) is mute. They live in a sex-starved Sardar's (Rakesh Bedi) home as paying guests and drool over their neighbour Celina (Jaitley) as if they have never seen a female in their lives. The half-dressed fisherwoman (Kim Sharma) completes the menagerie.
The villain Soprano (Grover), runs a female smuggling racket, and aspires to be the worst 'bad man' ever - for comparison he has Mogambo, Shakal and Gabbar Singh! The cops (mainly Shakti Kapoor) can't trace the people who kidnap girls in large numbers, though they drive around in a conspicuous car.
The three heroes rescue Celina from the kidnappers and for some reason are asked to describe the criminals, and for the three of them communication means a complicated dance of signs and lip-reading, when it would be easier to write things down. Also, Celina has seen the kidnappers too, why can't she describe them to the cops? At one point, the three mistakenly deliver Celina to the villain's den and then rush to rescue her.
Logic is obviously not this film's strong point, but then neither is anything else - except two very good Himesh Reshammiya songs (Tanha jiya and Jhoom) forced into the narrative. Quite a few gags are lifted from a recent play, Teen Bandar Resort Ke Andar, which also had disabled protagonists.

Tom, Dick and Harry
At: Gemini and other cinemas
Directed by: Deepak Tijori
With: Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Anuuj Sawhney,
Celina Jaitley, Kim Sharma, Gulshan Grover
Rating: H

1 STAR Poor; 2 STAR Average; 3 STAR Good; 4 STAR Very good; 5 STAR Excellent

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so reading ALL these reviews .............i doubt  watching da movie !!

maybe we have to see da movie only 4 Himeshji in only 2-3 songs .....which we have already seen .......

so i don't see a point in watching da movie @all

& & !! it is said tat TDH is a dubbed version of a Kannada movie ........& i've seen tat movie & it did suck !! ....but it didn't have SUCH stupid gagsAngryAngryAngry


neways its upto u'll if u'll wanna go & watch da movie !!....i mean every1 has a different oppinion ......& we have to respect it

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