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A Tribute to Himesh Reshammiya (FANCLUB) (Page 243)

HR ki sayyonni IF-Dazzler
HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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hey all !!..

dis is a Transcript of live chat with Himesh Reshammiya,
i saw a part of dis artical frm da Times of india ( Chandighar) ....& My bloody News paper ( Times of india Bangalore) didn't even inform us abt dis chat .......Cry

New Article

Transcript of live chat with Himesh Reshammiya, Singer on April 27, 2006

I have always tried to be as versatile as possible whether its pure classical Banaras or a semi classical Tere Naam

Himesh Reshammiya

Rrr> Your music and your voice is the talk of the town. You are doing great. You have really brought a revolutionary change to the music world. I am great fan of yours. Your song tere naam is my favourite. Keep up the good work.
Himesh Reshammiya> Thank you very much. With admirers like you on my side, it inspires me to work even harder.

Kittu> You started your career ten years ago. What took you so long to reach to the top?
Himesh Reshammiya> I think with the grace of god I have always been blessed with success. God has been very kind. I started off as a producer and my serials like Andaz , Amar Prem , Aaha and Asshiqui did very well. Then I went into music direction and I won a lot of awards in that category and then started singing too. People have loved my music. I started of at the age of 16. Today at 31, I couldn't have asked for more.

Cool.Nick> You have a complete rock star look, will you ever act in a film?
Himesh Reshammiya> I believe that if I have to act it will be only for my own music videos. I will never act in movies because I am a music man.

Shooby> It's really good to see someone working so hard and moving up the ladder of success so fast! Kudos! When are you planning to change your genre from Sufism to other?
Himesh Reshammiya> God bless you. I have always tried to be as versatile as possible whether its pure classical Banaras or a semi classical Tere Naam or very cool pub tracks like nikaama, bardast, mohabat hai mirchi, gela gela, janab e ali, just chill and the sufi rock tracks like aap ka saroor, akshar and aashiq banaya aapne and the futuristic tracks of "Tom Dick And Harry" and "China Town." My next step in music would be folk music blended with world music with a very contemporary orchestration and a rocking beat.

Manoj> I am really big fan of yours. I remember seeing in one of your interviews without a cap. You were looking really good. Show us your corporate looks once again, and let me tell you we will still love your songs.
Himesh Reshammiya> My new look will be out soon in about a couple of months but one must never forget that this cap and bearded look gave me crores of fans all over the world and I am in debited to them.

Punita> Where have you done your schooling from?
Himesh Reshammiya> I went to Hill Grange High school on Peddar road (Mumbai).

Cooldude> I am from Detroit, came to know you are coming here for a show, what kind of show should I expect?
Himesh Reshammiya> I will be there in August. It will be my first live concert in Detroit. I recently had a live show in Dubai which was a huge success .

Ashi> Which is your favourite song amongst the one which you have sung so far?
Himesh Reshammiya> The title track of Aap ka Saroor . It has a combination of pain and rocking rhythm which is very rare but I have been able to achieve it in that song.

Cool.Nick> You haven't given the music for any Shah Rukh or Aamir Khan film, as yet. Wouldn't you like to compose for them?
Himesh Reshammiya> I would and hopefully you will see this combination happening soon.

Jyoti> Your music score in Tere Naam was so melodious. But now your music has become some what stereotyped. Almost every song you compose is similar to the previous one. Why so?
Himesh Reshammiya> Every track of mine has worked. The day any of my tracks stop working I will shift to my next phase of music.

Cool.Nick> It has been seen that after marriage the luck changes positively, is marriage on your cards?
Himesh Reshammiya> I am already married.

Sahil> Where did you get your singing lessons from?
Himesh Reshammiya> From my dad Vipin Reshammiya. He was the first person to introduce electronic instruments in India and was also a leading musician .

Punita> What made you shift from a music director to a singer?
Himesh Reshammiya> I had singing plans long ago but took some time to take the final plunge as I didn't want to open all my cards together.

Punita> What is your opinion on the reality TV shows, searching for new singing talents. Are they really genuine or is there some back stage politics. Consider the case of "Indian Idol" where the voice of a participant was altered while airing the show on TV.
Himesh Reshammiya> I can't comment on "Indian Idol" but Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is extremely genuine and everything you saw on your screen actually happened. I can vouch for it. And as far as these reality shows are concerned one can't ignore their importance because so many new singing talents get a platform and recognition, thanks to such shows. There is definitely a difference of opinion in the way you judge a particular voice but then everyone has their own point of view.

Sign off Message> I will work even harder, be with me. God bless you. Love you all... Himesh .

HR ki sayyonni IF-Dazzler
HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Originally posted by HR ki sayyonni



Cool.Nick> It has been seen that after marriage the luck changes positively, is marriage on your cards?
Himesh Reshammiya> I am already married.

Sign off Message> I will work even harder, be with me. God bless you. Love you all... Himesh .



now dis was da 1st time .....i ever seen himeshji agreeing tat he is married ........yea it is kinda sad ...

& i love his " sign-off message "....tats soooo sweet.!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

himeshji gives all nice sweet blessing

& wat do u'll say girls ......u'll r gonna be wid himeshji na....say YES ( or else ..i'm gonna get u hanged in 12 hrs.....LOL)


BTW ppl want himeshji to work " even more harder " ...i don't want him to ..or else it might affect his health ...& tat would be another Broken Heart 4 me

wat do u'll say ???

HR ki sayyonni IF-Dazzler
HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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Boys will be boys

Manish Gupta to make film based on a real-life boys' hostel drama


   Perhaps for the first time in Bollywood, a film will be made on the real-life goings-on in a boy's hostel. Directed by Manish Gupta, the film, titled Hostel, will star Vatsal Seth (of Tarzan: The Wonder Car fame) and Tulip Joshi.
   It's supposed to be a hard-core realistic film with no songs and dances. Slated for a September release, the movie will be completed in two months flat and will be shot on real locations. The film will also be a first for Himesh Reshammiya, who will compose heavy metal rock tracks for it, as the background score.
   The director of the film Manish Gupta has been with the RGV camp for quite a while. Starting off as a scriptwriter, he has written films like films like D, James and Sarkar. However, more recently, he directed one of the episodes in Darna Zaroori Hai. Hostel will be his second full-length feature film.
   Gupta who has researched extensively on hostel life says: "I plan to deal with the issue of sexual harassment and explore the psyche of the students who indulge in ragging. I have spoken to both victims and troublemakers."
   He clarifies that although the film will not have nudity, it will have bold scenes. "My film will also deal with homosexuality which I think has been a major issue in many boys' hostels," he says.
   Hostel will mark a comeback for Vatsal Seth who has been lying low after his debut vehicle Tarzan… bombed at the box- office. "I was not willing to sign any films after Tarzan…," says Vatsal. "I didn't want to make any mistake, and have waited for more than a year to get this role."
   Vatsal plays the protagonist in the film. Speaking about his role, he says: "I play a student who is ragged by his hostel companions and has no option but to bear the traumatic conditions."
Source : times of India news paper ( TOI)

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thx Clap
badi Senior Member

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Thanks Ash - once again - great interviewClap

Hmmmmmm........ I am already marriedEmbarrassed  To whom????? Do you know?Ouch  kind of..... sort of .... sad ah?Cry

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Here is the latest Interview from HR...

On a success roll

Rajiv Vijayakar speaks with Himesh Reshammiya who has taken the Indi pop scene and film music by storm with his voice and music.

He's sensation incarnate. "The process of becoming a rock star has already begun!" declares Himesh Reshammiya. The smile may be too low-voltage for the term, but the attitude is just right, and that's what has worked big-time in his videos as well. A frayed baseball cap, a cheek adornment that can be best described as a stubble-meets-beard, a trademark jacket without which the man does not step outside his suburban duplex, and a melancholy, wistful, pain-laden expression that is studiously maintained even on celebratory occasions like his music launches or award speeches – like with his music, Himesh Reshammiya has tailored even the rock star leitmotif to a homeland that is more known for kheer than caviar.

Himesh today can afford to be magnanimous to past critics and present detractors who term him a huge bubble that will burst soon, and to those who ridicule his voice and singing abilities, calling him a lucky man in the right place filling a void in which contemporaries and music sales are floundering so badly.

"Rehman lavishly complimented Aashiq Banaya Aapne and called it the most rocking album of 2005. And T-Series tells me that Aap Ka Surroor, my first album as a composer-singer, is the biggest seller ever in Indian non-film music," crows the composer. "For over six months, I have also topped the film charts with Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Aksar and now Tom Dick And Harry. I can only thank the Almighty and my fans for this, apart from my writer Sameer and T-Series."

Move over Karunya and Sandeep, here is the new Indian Idol. At a time when music sales in physical format (as in CDs and cassettes) are plunging by the day, Himesh albums sell like hot cakes across the nation, bridging the gap, as only a few composers like Shankar Jaikishan, Laxmikant Pyarelal and R D Burman (incidentally Himesh's idols) have accomplished before, between the small-town and rural masses and the pub-hopping metro youth. And what is truly unprecedented besides his complete takeover of the charts is that this son of musician and small-time music director Vipin Reshammiya and the protg of actor Salman Khan has done it in two capacities – as music director and singer.

"My voice is taiyyar and classically trained," says Himesh. "When they wrote me off for my nasal rendition in the high octave in the title-tracks of Aashiq.. . and Aap Ka Surroor, I showed my range by doing Jhoom jhoom (Tom Dick And Harry) and my latest hit Aashiqui hai meri (36, China Town) in the middle octave and Chhed de pyar ki baat in my album in the lowest one, which were not at all nasal.'

He scoffs at the overkill theory (over 20 tracks as singer within six months when other music directors sing just a few songs every year) and says, "I must be doing something right if almost every song I have sung has become a hit. Successful albums do not just benefit me but the entire industry. In the past, the music of Kya Dil Ne Kahaa, Chura Liya Hai Tumne and Yeh Hai Jalwa did well even when the films bombed. That is because when I take up a film I only concentrate on doing my best!"

The Gods are raining fame and fortune on him in a mega-dose: how does he react to that? Is he cocksure he knows the public pulse, insecure of whether he may fall soon, or doubly motivated?

The music maker ponders for a few seconds and replies, "The only thing I am sure about the public is that they want something new every few weeks, not every few years as it was earlier. You are only as good as your last release, and so I intend to keep bringing changes fast – before I lose my audience. At the same time, I cannot afford to think of my recent successes when I am making music, but must keep doing my best. Music is one field where the more you work the better you are – the great music makers of yesterday did their best work in their busiest phase."

He adds, "I have made it a practice to compose two to three good melodies every day. That sounds impossible but it happens on most days and I can only thank divine intervention for that."

He presents a footnote: "But what I will always maintain, irrespective of whether I am experimenting with different sound, styles or packaging is the solid core of Indian melody. All my hits have had the base of Indian raags regardless of their beats, which is why every kind of listener has liked them. The melody must be strong and must dominate over the orchestration."

How confident is he of sustaining, which is where most sensations fizzle out? "I have always opened my cards slowly," he declares. "I composed my first melody as a kid. I produced TV serials from my own stories (like Andaz) wherein I tested my tunes on the masses as their title-songs. Then Salman bhai gave me the break he had promised with one song in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. Branded as a traditional melodist in my first few films, I showed my youthful shade with Mohabbat hai mirchi (Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne), gave raag-based melodies in Tere Naam (the biggest-selling film soundtrack in the last five years), a Sufi-rock blend in Aashiq Banaya Aapne and the Banaras gharana style in Banaras – A Mystic Love Story. There are so many cards to go!" For Himesh, success has never been a gamble. It's about having the right tricks up the sleeve.


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Thanks Ange - Clap

Hey all, today I was able to get the VCD-Surroor and also the CD. I am so happy - I just browsed the VCD because I dont have much time - wow, he looks super, super cool - I know some of you would not like this and he himself dont - but I think he would be really hot in acting.   Embarrassed
HR ki sayyonni IF-Dazzler
HR ki sayyonni
HR ki sayyonni

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hey badi - ur Welcome ...Smile

agree its kinda sad !!..Disapprove

neways @ last u got da VCD u don't have to feel sad & don't have to miss himeshji nemore....Embarrassed

i'm happy 4 U........EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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