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A Tribute to Himesh Reshammiya (FANCLUB) (Page 17)

teenindia_usa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 10:21am | IP Logged

I am re-introducing my self here and my reasons here since some may not know

Originally posted by teenindia_usa


Hi My name is Angela

My liking or becoming afan of HR's music was accidentially

I started watching sa re ga ma pa because of Paresh a singer who also was part of Rock's gharana later in the show.

As I watched, the more interested, I was of the mentors. I started looking things on them on the web, and to my suprise, out of no where Idiscovered that songs that I liked were eithercomposed or sangby HR like "AbA", Aksar "Mohabbat Ke" and many more, This is what turned a avid listerner into a  supporter of his music.

This thread,  as some of U may know was started at the sa re ga ma pa section, a tribute to him and to HR lovers.

I am so happy  to know that many share these views as I do and please post thoughts and ideas here since we want this thread tobe huge in honor of this man.

If things go as planned and we get many supporters I and Jem(HR's admirer) should open a website together with the help of U great poeple.

Again, thanks Guys and welcome to the thread as U are posting articles also tell a litttle about U'r self So we all get to know who each are: 

GUYS we want this tobe the NUMBER ONE THREAD OK Clap


Keep posting guys and introducing U'r selves We are a happy groupEmbarrassed



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badi Senior Member

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Thanks Angela, for your introduction, and here's a bit about me and why I am interested in HR.

Where there is Bad…. There is also good

Since I had some time this morning, I thought of penning a few thoughts about one of my current so want to know people – Himesh Reshammiya

I have not heard about him before Saregamapa. As I have mentioned before I am not an Indian but have always being very interested in the culture, music, people and also the bollywood world. I started to watch Saregamapa because I thought it was a very good show – very well presented, good talent and style. Although I did not understand the language I love music and have an appreciation for good music around the world. I also watched the show because the show had mentors. Mentoring is a very interesting topic since I am a professional coach, counsellor and also a mentor – not in music but in a different field. So I was very curious as to see how the mentors were performing at the show. I had no idea who Himesh Reshammiya was at that time – my first thought was "hey, this guy is quite good looking and quite outspoken".

As I saw Himesh on screen I thought that he was initially doing well as a mentor. You must understand I don't understand the language at all but it's amazing how someone can pick up the clues on body language and tone of voice. But then he changed – became more arrogant and as he started to promote vinit – He only promoted Vinit, he did not acknowledge other contestants from his group. That is not good mentorship. I am not blaming him. I am sorry to say that none of the mentors did well because they were not trained as mentors or coaches. No offense to any of the music directors but one can be an excellent music director but when it comes to mentoring and coaching it's a different story. I did not see professional behaviour from any of the mentors. This is probably because none of them had the training as a mentor. Mentoring is not about promoting. Mentoring is also not about just prepping someone to sing. Mentoring is about helping individuals to become their very best in every aspect of life, not just in performing, acting or singing –its about coaching them about the ability to problem solve, cultivating good ethics and morals, standing up for self, etc., etc. Wining the award as the best singer is very different from surviving the life as the best singer.

Himesh – as much as like him – did not do a good job as a mentor. He certainly could be a good music director, a good singer. Many of us got to know him through the Saregamapa – I certainly did. Sadly, many of the people also started to hate him because of his actions in Saregamapa. He probably didn't do well as a mentor because he did not know any better. As a matter of fact, I don't think any of the others did any better either. I am very curious to know whether the mentors had any training at all in mentoring. As you know, we live in a borderless world, I catch the show in North America and I am sure many other non-Indians also watch. Unlike those days, because of technology we get to see what is happening in other countries and cultures. So what you produce and present does not only limit to people of a particular country – it goes out to the whole world. Good or bad – it goes to the whole world.

I admire Himesh as an artist for so many reasons. (I know through life experiences there is a lot we don't know about people – even your own family members) He appears to be very devoted and dedicated to his work. What ever he is interested in life he looks like he wants to give his heart and soul to it. He has the qualities of a true winner.    As I saw him for the first time I knew that here is a guy who is going to go places – then when I heard that he was going to get award after award I knew my instinct was right. Himesh has the ability to capture a large audience because of his work and also his persona. I also feel that if he is good – he will be very good and if he is bad – he will be very bad. I hope he will not choose the latter. He can do a great job as a leader – I don't mean as a political leader but inspire and motivate youth to go for their dreams. His marketing skills come way before his musical talent – He is truly a good businessman. He knows what he is going after. And he knows how to promote it. He is ambitious, hard working and perseverant, and is not shy to go after what he wants. He believed in Vinit so he gave all his time and attention to him. He did not change his word from the beginning to the end. I have watched some of his music videos and I think they are done in good taste. He is fully clothed and his dance moves are decent – does not touch any the women but still able to capture the true feelings of the song. I consider that as a good thing. I am tired of seeing fully naked or half naked young men and women with all kinds of indecent dance moves. My point is Himesh is young – belongs to the young wave of musicians, but yet he is careful of his boundaries. That is a very good quality. His music is accepted by the youth.

I don't belong to his young fan group. He is going after the 23 year olds and I am way older than that but young at heart!!!! – So I like his music. I am very interested in helping Himesh become a very good mentor. He can still be an excellent music director, singer and a great mentor. I think we must encourage young, talented men and women to take charge of leadership. Today, whether we live in the east or the west, unfortunately we cannot turn to our political leaders for guidance. We must be creative and seek leadership in others – others people look up to. Such as artists, actors and sportsmen and women.

I have tried to make a contact with Himesh for this purpose and so far I have not been successful. Perhaps it's a crazy idea on my part – but I have to try. I don't know why, I have to try it – if and when I fail, I will know at least I tried.   So, if any of you could give me contact information please do so. As a non-Indian, I have limited access to information in the community. Any feedback, comments ?????
Jem4Himesh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

wow badi thats a long post on "relationship" w/Himeshji is posted below....

Well I first heard Himeshji's wonderful melodious music w/the song 'Oodhli chunariya tune mere naam ki' (I have covered a veil on myself in your name)(*thats the loose translation*) which was for the movie "Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya" *Why be afraid if you are in love* way back in 1998 & I have been following his music ever since - so when he was going to release a private album "Aap ka suroor" *Your attraction*, it was a real treat for meEmbarrassed.

Then I never realised how much I had in common w/Himeshji...that all came later when i got to see him twice a week, for 7months on SRGMP. SomeTongue of the similarities between us include:

We both play piano & keyboard (I learn piano & am hoping to teach it in future & am self taught on keyboard)

We are both GujaratiEmbarrassed

There is 9/10 years age diff - which is not a lot Tongue

Both our surnames begin w/R & we both have a doubleM in one of our names Wink

his bday in july, mine in june Tongue

We both love & respect our parents a lot - I have seen Himeshji w/his father always at award ceremonies & he will always mention his "daddy" in his interviews....its such a nice qualityEmbarrassed

There are a few more but they are minor unlike the ones above Tongue

I guess another one is we are both very emotional - You all know how I can't bear to see him bashed by people who don't even understand him. But when they say they hate him i guess it means they are jealous of him Wink

The other quality which i love about him is that 'woh sachche dil se gaata hai' *he sings straight from his heart* & this shows in each & every song of his Embarrassed - a true musician.

I have been lucky enough to send a message to him through a special friend - he (Himeshji) has my email address but I know he is extemely busy & so will not have time to reply....I know what he said when he received my message & know that he knows I exist which means a lot to me Embarrassed

& all - I am planning to create a separate website for Himeshji in the near future so will keep you all updated on that Smile

Let's Rock- Rock the World!Wink

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Celina7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 4:11pm | IP Logged

Music Review
Tom Dick Harry - Tom, Dick, Harry and Himesh create a storm
Aelina, IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, March 22, 2006]
Wake up to the song that is taking the nation by the storm. And it is titled 'Jhoom Jhoom'. After 'Dhoom Machale' created 'dhoom' all over, its the time for 'Jhoom' to make you sway to its beats - courtesy a man who is surprisingly being criticized by many today - HIMESH RESHAMMIYA! The composer/singer who has found a hit formula for the magic portion of creating popular music, Reshammiya churns out yet another chartbuster score for the film 'Tom Dick and Harry'. A small film by Deepak Tijori that is now suddenly becoming BIG due to the song's presence and phenomenal publicity, 'Tom Dick and Harry' is now one of the most keenly awaited film this April, courtesy 'Jhoom' that has got it into this season's map. Sameer writes the lyrics while DJ Akbar Sami does the remix for each of the songs except one.

1) Jhoom Jhoom (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya]

Is there really any need to detail the song? So much has the popularity soared for this number in a matter of a fortnight that the album is being picked up from the stands just on the basis of 'Jhoom'. The video has been shot in the same manner as most of the recent Reshammiya numbers and this promotional number is certainly vying for the top slot in a couple of week's time. Sheer rhythm that makes 'Jhoom' and instantly catchy number, it has that feel-good factor that makes it immensely popular amongst all age groups. After 'Jhalak Dikhlaja' [Aksar], 'Jhoom' is now the talk of the town with Akbar Sami's remix adding on to the spice.

2) Tere Sang Ishq (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya, Tulsi Kumar]

Highly popular track in the making - that's the way to aptly define 'Tere Sang Ishq' that falls in Reshammiya's territory. A fast paced number sung in high pitch by Reshammiya along with Tulsi Kumar who has been consistently delivering hits since she started off with 'Aksar', 'Tere Sang Ishq' is again based on rhythm and one can expect a music video to be out soon. This is THE kind of number that deserves to have a remix version and one has great hopes from Akbar Sami to deliver. Deliver he does, and in style as he comes up with such an arrangement that makes you long for the dance floors. Don't worry about the lyrics - just get into the groove!

3) Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya, Ahir]

Reshammiya, the singer, makes it three in a row as he comes behind the mike once again for 'Tanha Jiya Na Jiya'. A song with melody and a faint attempt at hip-hop, 'Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye' is a love song presented in Reshammiya brand of music [yes, he does have a brand name to his music now], and it doesn't disappoint at all. Newcomer Ahir gives him able company as he goes ahead with his rendition. Such is the power of Reshammiya as a singer/composer today that on hearing his song, one can't imagine anyone else apart from him in his trademark attire and a mike close to his mouth. This too, when there are as many as 3 heroes in the film!

4) Yeu Kasi Kasi (Original and remix) [Sonu Nigam, Richa sharma]

A fun number targeted for the front benchers, 'Yeu Kasi Kasi' gets you back to the 80s mood in terms of styling. A kind of time pass masala number that could have made Bappi Lahiri proud, 'Yeu Kasi Kasi' is a rhythmic number that is high on beats. Inspite of Sonu Nigam's presence, it is Richa Sharma's voice that stays with you once the song along with its much faster remix version is through.

5) Cheena Re Cheena (Original and remix) [Sunidhi Chauhan, Arya]

Things continue to move at high pace, this time with a flute dominating the proceedings that carries on the rhythmic mood. Yet another track that has the potential to scale up to the charts, this Sunidhi Chauhan number may just be restricted to being an item number but even then does well to create a space for itself in the album. Sameer's lyrics may belong to the 'have heard this before' category, but that doesn't deter Reshammiya from coming up with a masala tune that is remixed to good effect by Sami. A good time pass number!

6) O Mitra Re (Original and remix) [Kunal Ganjawala]

Towards the album's end, it's the turn of Kunal Ganjawala to croon for the solo 'O Mitra Re' that from the very onset appears to be a fun number. With some 80s style disco arrangements plugged along with the tune, 'O Mitra Re' brings the album to a logical end as it maintains that there is no single moment throughout its duration. Also, Sameer's lyrics too drive a point home that when it comes to creating a masala score, he and Reshammiya make a good team.

Needless to say, 'Tom Dick and Harry' is bound to be another successful album for Reshammiya who has at least three hits songs in sight - 'Jhoom Jhoom', 'Tere Sang Ishq' and 'Tanha Jiya Na Jaaye'. Expect a Himesh Reshammiya Top-10 soon after the release of 'Tom Dick and Harry' as it may feature all hit songs sung by him in 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', 'Aksar', 'Aap Ka Surroor' and now 'Tom, Dick and Harry'!

Celina7 IF-Rockerz

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Shaadi Se Pehle - Entertaining

Himesh Reshammiya is on a roll. And everything that he is coming with these days is more often than not turning successful. Even 2006 has been great to him so far with 'Aksar' and 'Aap Ka Surroor' being hits and now 'Shaadi Se Pehle' looking promising too. With the backing of Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts and a team of director Satish Kaushik, lyricist Sameer and young brigade of Akshaye Khanna, Mallika Sherawat and Ayesha Takia, things should only be on a upswing for 'Shaadi Se Pehle'.

1) Mundeya [Sunidhi Chauhan, remix by Akbar Sami]

A rocking beginning - that's the way to describe 'Mundeya'. A naughty number choreographed on equally naughty Mallika Sherawat, expect 'seetis' and 'taalis' all over the auditorium once the song is played. Sunidhi Chauhan teases and invites while singing this rhythmic foot tapping number that is fun filled and makes for a conventional Bollywood number, though the setting is a little inverse with this time a girl after a boy! As expected DJ Akbar Sami peps up the mood further with his remix version (which is in fact a trend for all but one song that doesn't have an accompanying remix version)!

2) Ankhiyon Se Gal Kar Gayi [Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, remix by Akbar Sami]

After Harry Anand, it is the turn of Himesh Reshammiya to get 'inspired' as he does his own version of Pakistani singer Abrar Ul Haq's 'Assi Teri Gal Karni'. While Harry did a note by note and lyric by lyric copy of the original, Reshammiya thankfully plays a little different by just borrowing the basic rhythm of the opening lyrics 'Assi Teri Gal Karni' and instead converts it to 'Ankhiyon Se Gal Kar Gayi'. For the remainder of the song, the tune is completely different with Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan at the helm. Inspite of Ayesha Takia's presence, this is yet another number in quick succession that is choreographed on Mallika Sherawat and she exudes enough heat to pep up the proceedings. Overall this song with a complete North Indian flavor falls in the 'come today gone tomorrow' variety and is just fine while it lasts. Since the song has a Punjabi base, it is just apt for a 'dhol' version to come soon which is created effectively by DJ Akbar Sami.

3) Tuteya Ve [Daler Mehendi, remix by DJ Suketu]

It's time to go a little slow with 'Tuteya De', which is a little surprising as the singer behind the mike is none other than Daler Mehendi who seldom goes slow! And isn't the changeover simply amazing!? It is great to hear a different Daler Mehendi as he is accompanied by another male voice in the background (is it Jayesh or Krishna?) that continues to go 'Ae Dil' throughout the song's duration, hence creating a haunting impact. A love song with a difference, one wonders how Himesh Reshammiya - the singer - may have sung it if given a chance? A much more involving outing comes in the form of DJ Suketu version that simply takes your breath away and forces you to continue playing on the song. One wonders why the song is not on air yet. Or is it a smart strategy to hold the best till the last?!

4) Bijuriya [Alka Yagnik, Sukhwinder Singh, remix by Akbar Sami]

You realize that the most foot tapping number of the album is reserved till the end when 'Bijuriya' is played. After 'Mundeya', this is yet another naughty number choreographed on Mallika and she keeps her fans happy with her moves and pouts! Sukhwinder Singh too joins in a little later to provide support but it is Alka Yagnik who is at her spirited best while singing this 'qawalli' based item number. One can simply freak out on this number that is only bound to grow if the movie turns out to be a success! And DJ Akbar Sami's version only helps the cause!

5) Tere Liye [Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, remix by Akbar Sami]

A routine 'naach-gaana' number Himesh Reshammiya ishtyle, it has its dose of melody and rhythm but the deja vu factor goes a little against it. This duet by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik that also appears in Akbar Sami version may work only if accompanied by eye candy visuals. Otherwise this song with ordinary and conventional lyrics may just turn out to be an ideal candidate for a popcorn break!

6) Sache Aashiq [Sukhwinder Singh, Alka Yagnik]

A conventional Bollywood 'bhangra' number, 'Sache Aashiq' is fine but not an ideal candidate for a chart topping material! Just like 'Tere Liye', this routine 'dance on the streets' number by Sukhwinder Singh and Alka Yagnik has any chances of working only when aided by good choreography that may keep audiences glued to the screens. Otherwise expect the song to fade away soon after the movie is out of the screens! Surprisingly this is the only song in the album that doesn't have a remix version accompanying it!

'Shaadi Se Pehle' is more of a David Dhawan score than a Subhash Ghai score. If at all one has to compare, it comes closer to Satish Kaushik's 'Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai' in terms of vibrancy, fun and frolic due to an overall peppy mood. A time pass 'masala' score that comes with a purpose of entertaining and is successful in doing the same in most part of the album.

My Rating ***** !!!! ROCKING AS ALWAYZ....


Celina7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
Hey everybody, this is Celina...(i've posted my lil opinion bout HR on page 5 or so) I LOVE HR...I am his second biggest fan cuz nobody can take Jem di'z position.... I LOVE ALL HIS MUSIC!!!!!!!!! hez my fav...I dont have a fav from Himeshji'z work cuz they r just toooo good so pickin a fav one is hard... Thanx 2 everbody who r contributing to this page...thanx a lot everybody.... ps: Jem di ur siggy is so awesome...i want 2 have one like it but i dunno how 2 do nething...but ...LETZ ROCK...ROCK DA WORLD..Himeshji is da best....all da best 2 him n I truly wish him good luck all da time...LETZ ROCK!!!!!!
NBA ALL-STAR Senior Member

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In the news

The love fever in the malls of big cities began much earlier. In places like Delhi's Ansal Plaza, festivities ran on for nearly a month before reaching a climax on February 14th. The customers not only shopped for the people they loved but could also enter into contests to win free gifts. India is the only country, which celebrates many festivals with great pomp and show. Even small occasions for Indians are of great importance. With great enthusiasm and cheer they celebrate every occasion, be it a friendship day, Friendship week, Rose day or a Valentine Day. Valentine Day in Delhi was celebrated with a great pomp and show as the music director-turned-singer Himesh Reshamiya enthralled the V-couples in Ansal Plaza. Every lover expressed love to his beloved. Reams have been written on the subject of love. Wars have been fought over it; emperors have abdicated their thrones and people beheaded in the blind rage. All for love. February 14 signifies love - Valentine's Day when people express their affection for others.

Music being an integral part life of every Indian, one can express love with romantic songs. And the same was done by the new age singer in his magical voice as he sung numbers, which filled romance in the air with romantic collections. The night proved to be a gift to the Delhiites, as lovers captured the romance and style of the generation in each song. Himesh said that like any other year he enjoyed Valentine's Day going out with friends and sending cards and flowers to the loved ones especially his mother, as he is able to spend very less time with her. "It's a time to express your warmth to all those you care for. I feel this day is not just for those who are in a relationship but for everyone of us; so, being single never dampens my sprits to celebrate the day."

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Why Himesh didn't attend the Filmfare Awards

     Himesh Reshammiya, the first music director to win the Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer tells Subhash K Jha why he couldn't attend:

You've made history!
Yes, it's quite something. Unfortunately I couldn't attend because I had a prior commitment out of Mumbai. Also to be honest, at an earlier popular awards I was neither nominated for my music nor singing in Aashiq Banaya Aapne. I felt baffled. Aisa kyon kiya unhone? Filmfare revived my hopes. And I was all set to catch a flight back to Mumbai. But got delayed and reached at 11.30 p.m. My dad did go to the awards. But twenty minutes late.

For the first time a music director won the best playback singer award.
It doesn't mean that I see myself as a threat to the playback singers who were nominated alongside me. I do feel sorry that I didn't win the best music director's award. The award for the best playback singer is special because it's the first song that I recorded for a film. I don't think anyone else got an award for his first recorded song.

People ridiculed you for being nasal.
That's over. After the stupendous sales of Aap Ka Suroor where I've explored my entire range, that has stopped. Now those who still call me nasal are just talking for talking's sake. I've sung seven super-hit songs, the latest being Jhoom in Tom Dick & Harry which I predict, will be the biggest chartbuster of them all. I insist, I am not a professional playback singer. I'm a music director first. If I sing one out of my six compositions, what's the problem?

Would you sing for other composers?
Only if A.R Rahman asks me. No one else. He's the No. 1. And he did say in an interview that Aashiq banaya aapne is his favourite track of the year.

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