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She is one of the most obedient, soft spoken and obedient girls in Maurya. She is perfect 'homely' and hardworking girl who is t on good terms with her mother. She loves and almost lives for her younger sister, Sheetal who is physically challenged. She would go to any extent to make and keep her sister happy.
She is a scholarship student and is good friends with Tia and is one of the Tia's angels. She is hard working girl who has to bend before her family's whims , on and off.
She has the face of an angel though she is the devil. She is super confident, never caught on the wrong foot. Able to twist the world around her little finger. The audience loves to hate her and yet hating her is not that easy. Because the intelligence she possesses takes aback everybody, every time she introduces a new twist in the tale.
She is as hoity-toity as Tia and a prospective rival for Tia, especially, since she has her eyes set on Ranveer
He is a scholarship kid who hates everything about the rich. He hates the elite gang in the college, and wants to get back at them, for just being rich.
Siddhartha aka Sid
He is the cool bubbly 'dude , with a roving eye. He falls for every second girl he meets and thinks that she is 'The One ' who he wants to spend the rest of his life with !! Yuvi's best buddy , he belongs to a well - to- do family …
She is the 'out caste' in the college fraternity because of the wrong deeds she has committed deliberately, till date … she thinks that the whole world is conspiring against her. She the college Principals' daughter .
He has no time for the scholarship students and believes that the elite class should not mingle with the 'lower' class. Manav Gohil, with a complete new look, plays the vice - principal of the college who got thrown out of the college after getting caught in a scandal .
He is the college Principal. Just and balanced in his views, he always wants to please his higher authorities .
Puneet Ahuja
He is the brother of Tia's dad Sumeet Ahuja. He has left the country for good and has now settled abroad.
Sonal Masi

She is Vrinda's Masi and is very protective towards Vrinda. She runs the canteen in Maurya and is very popular amongst all the kids. Her kind hearted nature and motherly affection has made her a respectable and loved figure in the college.

Yashwant Dev

Yashwant Dev is a powerful politician. One of the country's biggest power brokers, Yashwant Dev is an important man and has an image to maintain. He calls himself "junta ka neta" and is very popular because of his pro-masses policies. Yashwant's family has always been in politics and he expects his three sons to do the same. He sees no hope in Yuvraj, his youngest son and is extra hard on him, because he sees all his own negative shades in Yuvi without the positive ones. Yuvi is manipulative and corrupt without having the intelligence and seriousness to be an example to his vote bank. His other two sons have done him proud but Yuvi is way too much of a spoilt rich child to do so. Yashwant is therefore always hard on him, and bends over backwards infact, to set an example to the media and the public. Not realising that he is creating a never ending schism between himself and his son.
Ranvir Sisodia
Ranvir Sisodia, belongs to a Rajput clan settled near Jaipur. He is rustic and different to the other chilled out kids in the school. He wears a sun earring in one ear, the emblem of his clan and a bhawani maa pendant which belonged to his dead father. Conventionally good looking, older than the other kids and coming from a different background than them, Ranvir pretty much stands out. He also has a different dialect from all the others at Maurya and uses "hum" and "aap" and words like "bana" etc which are alien to the other, primarily urban lot.

Ranvir is an intense young boy with an agenda- to avenge his father's death. He is from a good family that came into bad times after Ranvir's father; a textile merchant and exporter; committed suicide. Ranvir was very close to his dad and decided to find out the man responsible for driving his dad to suicide. Ranvir blames Sumeet Ahuja, business tycoon and fashion and textile king for it all and decides to avenge his father's death.

Ranvir finds out that Sumeet's biggest weakness is his only daughter Tia, who studies at the Maurya Public School; the elitist and the most renowned high school in the country. He decides to join Maurya, even though he had to repeat a year to be in her class. So Ranvir leaves Sanganer, near Jaipur where his family lives, and decides to join Maurya and destroy the man who destroyed his family. He leaves behind a mother and sister. His mother, a sensible and kind woman who knew that the desire for revenge is baseless and that Ranvir will realise with age and maturity that his father was a weak and ordinary man who couldn't handle it when his life went haywire.

Ranvir gets admission to Maurya with the help of Sonal, the aunt of another scholar, Vrinda. Ranvir makes friends with Aman and Vrinda. Tia's fat friend Priyanka falls for Ranvir and he takes this as an opportunity to get close to Tia. Pri and Ranvir start seeing each other, much to the annoyance of Tia, who doesn't like Ranvir.

As they leave for the summer camp for the children whose parents are too busy to take them home for vacations, friendships and rivalries have already begun. Ranvir doesn't let Yuvraj Dev and his friend Siddhartha bullies him, but on the contrary is ready to pick a fight with them. Ranvir and Yuvraj hate each other thereafter. Till Ranvir saves Yuvraj from the shantytown goons. After that Yuvraj and Ranvir do not cross paths for a while but they still don't like each other.

Pri has by now become possessive about Ranvir as he is the only man who has ever liked her. Her self confidence begins to depend on him, which makes Ranvir guilty. Pri also defends him to Tia who just doesn't like him. (Actually, the attraction between Tia and Ranvir is hinted at but Tia backs off when she realises Pri's interest in him.)

Ranvir and Aman get rid of the very annoying Nakul who is their roommate and send him to be Yuvraj and Siddhartha's roommate. They get Varun, the stammering, nerdy guy to be their roommate. The groups are now divided.

Ranvir meets Tia's father, Sumeet Ahuja and strikes a rapport with him. He tells him that he admires his business sense and that would like to do a paper on him for his marketing and business studies exam. Ahuja allows him to come and meet him thus giving Ranvir a chance to get closer.

Ranvir is inherently nice though and feels guilty for leading Pri on. He admits to Aman after much interrogation that he has no feelings for Pri but needs her for some personal matter.

Pri doesn't like Ranvir's friendship with Vrinda and warns her off. Vrinda tells Ranvir this and asks him to be careful about how he treats Priyanka. This gets Ranvir worried and he decides to break it off with Pri. But a visit for Pri's mother and her contempt for the underachiever and fat Pri makes him stand up for her and tell her mother what a wonderful girl she is and how he is proud to be dating her. Aman thinks he's crazy but Ranvir cannot hurt Pri.

Tia Ahuja

The spoilt, rich, beautiful daughter of Sumeet Ahuja. She is exasperatingly self centred, full of herself and a snob. She has a limited vies of life where only she, her makeup and her clothes exist. She is very spoilt by her dad, who gives her a lot of substitutes for not being there for her.

Beautiful and conceited, Tia takes immense care of herself and being a Punjabi, her biggest fear is to put on weight. A victim of every form of diet and exercise existing, Tia is also an expert on fashion and changes her wardrobe every few weeks. Personal manicurists, masseuses and demands for cream baths and a spa in the school are some of Tia's eccentricities. She will have her own signature tune and signature gesture. Tia has never seen her mother, she is dead and her father doesn't have a picture, Tia misses her mother, especially since her father is so busy and is never with her. All she has of her mother's is an empty photo frame. There is an element of mystery involved in Tia's mother. Her father is strangely tight lipped about her.

Tia is the leader of the girls pack in school. She has 2 sidekicks Priyanka and Meher-a fat under-confident girl and a scholarship student who wants to belong.

Tia undertakes these "hopeless" girls as her projects and thinks she can groom them to be better. But Meher and Tia are spiteful to each other behind their backs and are always teasing Pri. A situation that is often used to create trouble by Anvesha.

Meher makes her moves on Yuvraj by saying that Tia is childish and a virgin, she latches on to him as his girlfriend. Yuvraj goes along with it for the time being.

Tia's dad doesn't turn up at her last day function and she decides to get his attention by doing a sexy dance on stage in front of everyone. Her vacation to Europe is cancelled as punishment and she is forced to spend her holidays at the summer camp. Tia is upset with her dad and decides to get his attention in other ways. She sends him a fax that she is depressed and ill which worries him no end.

She sees Ranvir and is instantly attracted towards him but when Pri shows an interest in him she backs off. She thinks Ranvir is wild and crude and starts to dislike him. She tries to get Pri to back off on him but Pri has found her love, it leads to a lot of confrontations between them.

Tia's nemesis is in Anvesha Bannerjee Ray. She hates this upstart who is wild and uncouth and crass and yet is always the centre of attention. She's the only one who has not bowed to the greatness of Tia but infact since she arrived made life miserable for her.

Tia also takes Vrinda under her wing which Priyanka doesn't like as she doesn't like the Vrinda and Ranvir friendship. At the summer camp Tia also kisses Yuvraj to prevent Latika from noticing that he's drunk. This is blown out of proportion by the bulletin and creates trouble between her and Meher. But this is later clarified by Yuvraj.

Tia thinks Anvesha's star mother Sonia Ray is as crude as Anvesha. Tia holds a garage sale of her clothes every year and invites Vrinda to it, Anvesha thinks Vrinda is an idiot to hangout with Tia.

Tia's father realises his daughter needs him and decides to shift his office to his home so that he can be close to Tia.
Tia tells him that she misses her mother and would at least like to see her pictures. He says he doesn't have any; he is worried and talks to Peter, his man Friday about his daughter's sudden need for her mother.

Tia also has a dance club in school which she heads and casts for. She has donated a hi-tech stereo system to the school and thus now has a say in the club. Anvesha thinks this is unfair and breaks it and then buys her own so that she has a say in the casting of her own dance group. Tia is most annoyed at Anvesha's growing popularity.

Anvesha tells a journalist friend of hers that Sumeet Ahuja molested and attempted to rape her star mother Sonia Ray. This results in a hue and cry and a legal battle between the two parents. Tia is shocked to hear this but clarifies with her dad.

Tia clicks some pictures of Ranvir and Vrinda to prove to Pri that he laughs at her behind her back. But it backfires on her as it comes out in the bulletin and Pri is hurt. Tia too starts realising her feelings towards Ranvir.

Yuvraj Dev

Yuvraj or Yuvi as he's called is a good-looking, rich and spoilt boy. He is the son of a very important politician Yashwant Dev. Yuvi is a rogue, a manipulator to whom the end justifies the means. Repressed by his father at home, he is the exact opposite of what he is expected to be.

He is selfish and has a drinking problem. His father is a Jat but Yuvi has always lived in Mumbai and has no peculiar dialect. He infact is a naturally cool and "with it" kid. A born leader, he is the hot favourite at school. Everyone expects him and Tia to get together, but they are both to arrogant and self centred to be with each other.

Yuvi has 2 older brothers, Yudhishthir and Yatin who are also great achievers and are exactly what their father expects of them. Yuvi resents his father's literal running of his life and doesn't understand his father's need to put his political image ahead of his son at all times. He has a big complex about his father's strict attitude and realises that nothing pleases his father.

Yuvraj is as corrupt and manipulative as his father and is heavily into drinking. Though he doesn't know and will not believe that his father is in any manner corrupt.

Yuvi has to spend his vacations with his elder brothers in Europe as his father makes some foreign visits but Yuvi would rather be here, away from the watchful eyes of his dad and of the political circus that will ensue. He decides to hide in his friend Sid's house for a while so that his parents leave him behind. But a night out in a car (which he is underage to drive) results in an accident and Yuvi is punished severely for it. He has to spend the hols at the summer camp and do community service at the nearby shantytown, which is known for its notorious criminal record. Yuvi doesn't like this one bit and hates the fact that it was his own father who handed him in to satisfy the media.

These are the incidents that have shaped Yuvi's character who feels that his dad can only care about his political career and not his son.

Yuvi and Ranvir have many face offs where they both start hating each other. Yuvi too like Tia wants to be the undisputed leader of the boys but Ranvir doesn't bow down to him. Infact Ranvir has an intense side to him that scares Yuvi. At the summer camp, he starts thinking that Ranvir is passing nasty bulletins against him and they have a showdown. He also tries to get Ranvir in trouble. But then he meets with an accident. At the shantytown where he has to do his community service, he meets a couple of goons who rough him up and run away. Ranvir, sent by Shyam comes and rescues him. Yuvraj and Ranvir thereafter come to a cease fire after that. Yuvi still thinks that Ranvir is the one writing out their secrets but soon all evidence points out to Ira/Anvesha.

Yuvi and Anvesha hate each other and play the dirtiest tricks to get the other into trouble. These tricks far outdo childish pranks and are dangerous and damaging. While Anvesha tries to get his politician father in trouble by spreading news about him, Yuvi almost drowns her.

He also catches her at a lonely spot and threatens her, almost managing to scare her. Yuvi decides to go back to the shantytown with his friends and teach those bullies a lesson, but Anvesha's anonymous call to his dad puts an end to it. Yuvi's father comes and stops Yuvi, not only that, he also gets those bullies arrested unfairly and requests the Principal to throw out Shyam Rao who knew all this and yet didn't do anything to stop it. Yuvi once again is sidelined by his father's dictates.

Anvesha tells a journalist friend of hers to inquire and collect evidence proving that Yashwant Dev has unfairly arrested some kids and has bribed the principal to excuse his son's misdemeanours.

Meanwhile Yuvi who is going out with Meher, asks her to get information on Anvesha and also incriminates her of stealing his wallet, which is planted in her room by Sid. The Anvesha and Yuvi problems continue.

Anvesha Banerjee

Spirited, spunky and downright crazy, Anvesha is a rebel for the heck of it. She has a complex that her film star mother gets and craves all the attention that she should be getting instead. She thus wants to be the centre of attention all the time too, but in the exact opposite way of her mother. She is wild and a prankster and will stop at nothing. She dresses wild (ref: Amrita Rao in Main Hoon Na), cares nothing for anyone and lives to shock. She is not a tom boy though, she fancies herself as sexy and wants to be in the dance group as well as get the summer camp teachers' attention.

She hates her mother's flamboyance but has her own brand of the same. She had been brought up by her mother and travelled with her all over the world on shoots etc. Her father, whom she doesn't like, sends her to Maurya as he thinks she needs proper education. She doesn't want to go but has to; as her mother would lose custody of her if her father took them to court. Also her dad doesn't allow her to appear in magazines with her mother which she resents.

She is always competing with her mother but by nature is much wilder and rebellious and alternate looking. Hates it when her mom becomes the centre of attention. And is really rude to her, but she obviously admires her mother and is fond of her in her own way. The one thing that she absolutely loathes is her mother calling her by her nick name "mumum". She asks her friends to call her "Ashi" which is hipper. She hates her father who left them but still wants control over her life. Sonia had married Arunab at the early stages of her career but as she became more successful, Arunab and she started having problems. Anvesha has been with Sonia since she was too young and needed her mother and now she hates this man who didn't have time for her when she was growing up.

The Principal of Maurya Mr. Jambwal had an affair with young Sonia before she stepped into show biz, he still has a soft corner for her and lets Anvesha join the school. She is sent to the summer camp before school starts so that she can be judged and seen if she fits in. At school she comes across Tia and her friends whom she calls "brainless". Anvesha ridicules them and pulls all sorts of stunts on them. She creates trouble between Meher and Tia and tells Priyanka how Tia and Meher are mean to her behind her back.

Anvesha likes Shyam Rao, the young good looking teacher at the summer camp. She dives into the sea even though she doesn't know how to swim to get his attention, which she does. To her embarrassment and annoyance, her mother shows up to meet her daughter. Anvesha is already angry but when Shyam tells Anvesha that he likes her mother and would like to take her out. Anvesha makes up some really rude lies about her mother and misbehaves with her. Sonia realises that Anvesha too has fallen for Shyam and leaves. She bumps into Tia's father in the middle of a dark deserted road and has a showdown with him.

Anvesha feels bad when she hears that Sonia has left and calls her up. Sonia realises that Anvesha isn't really ok for her to call like that. Anvesha is having a tough time putting up with the snooty Tia and the dangerous Yuvraj. They think that she is the one printing sneaky bulletins about their secrets and decide to punish her. Yuvi pushes her in the lake to teach her a lesson and she in turn decides to spoil his fun by telling him that his dad is corrupt, Yuvi is really angry at her lies and decides he'll teach her a lesson.

Anvesha also kisses Shyam and is seen by their principal. Jambwal is really angry and she is summoned to his office. But Sonia intervenes and Anvesha is given one more chance.

At the camp, Yuvi catches her in a lonely spot and threatens her; she gets scared for the first time and runs away from him by calling her mother and telling her to take her away from here. She tells the Principal that she has an asthma problem and leaves.

Back in school she moves in with Maria Priya and Vrinda, and Tia now has Meher and Pri with her. Anvesha likes Vrinda but gets angry with her at her non-controversial stands. And the fact that she hangs out with that brainless Tia. Even in school, everyone still thinks that Anvesha is the one writing those sneaky bulletins but Ranvir takes her side.

Yuvi tries to get Anvesha into trouble by planting his wallet in her room. She is almost expelled when Vrinda comes up with an alibi and bails her out. Anvesha demands a public apology from Yuvi which he gives but makes himself look like a hero and her like a fool. This angers Anvesha and she decides to get back at him. She tells her journalist friend all about his corrupt politician father and requests an investigation into some arrests that Yashwant Dev made in the shantytown where Yuvi went.

She also gets a news item published with her mother charging Sumeet Ahuja with molestation and attempted rape. This creates a big legal battle between the two parents. Sonia discovers that this was all a prank of her daughter's and publicly apologises to Ahuja. While Anvesha makes up a great sob story to get out of trouble from her mom and instead gets her sympathy.

Anvesha smashes the expensive stereo system that Tia had donated to the school and buys her own to form her own dance group.
The journo friend of hers digs up some dirt on Yashwant Dev and asks Anvesha to pick up a letter which has the details. When Anvesha goes to town to collect the letter she is met by not only a letter but also a little kid.


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other pix posted by parul Big smile
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yiiii achcha Confused
pata nahi i can c them Ouch
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i guess its bcos theyre big pix LOL
mebbe theyll cum after a while Big smile
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they are toooooo gooooddd thanx a lotttttttt
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i posted them shobha .. u can see dere too .. thnx fr d text niyu .. i didnt post text as it's old ..
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dis is da new meher guys
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