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28th June-Update:Don't copy without credit


Day before yesterday one of the characters which would play a vital role changed, n  tonight another character changed, its none other thn N……………………………..



Nah not Nimmo but Natassha, well Jenifer aka Sneha of KZK has stepped in as the New Natassha n she looks gorgeouacts well n she hope she doesn't have a cold vibes with Ejaz ,however if Ejaz would have taken up Prem's character then we would have seen this Jodi as Bhai Bhen, anyways televison ki duniya main aaisa hota hi rehta hai,so lets begin with the update


Verma Residence:


The episode starts with where it was left yesterday Natassha comes n stands rt in frnt of Kunu,Pam is happy to see Natassha,But Varsha isnt, Pam says Hi Honeybuns, n Aarti asks whether she knws them Natassha says tht she knws them as she has met them before she says tht she knows Kunu n his wife Nimmo.Kunu is really Happy n he gets the laddoo,Natassha makes him eat the ladoo by her hands n as Natassha considers Saket as her bro,Nimmo is happy tht her plan is working she is happy for Kunu, however Kunu does take out the laddoo, n as he is abt to feed it to Natassha she stops him takes a small pinch of Mithai frm the ladoo by her hand n eats it herself,to much of Kunu's disappointment, as a furious n hurt Natassha leaves.



Mathuria House:



Swati is leaving for office n Anand tells her tht she is going to the office inspite of the fact tht he has asked her not to,Swati firmly tells him tht she is going to the office to resign,Anand is happy n he tells her tht she is doing the rt thing now she can find a job where she doesn't have to work as a watch man[ tht jerk is the clerk,pata nahin boss kaise ban gaya gadhaDead] Swati tells him tht she is resigning but she has surely not taken Retirement frm the JOB,she will find a new job in the media field,Anand tells her tht he always has supported her , n he wants her to work ,but he is thinking abt her good,Swati goes towards the office.



Kay Channel:

Swati enters the cabin n The jerk looks upon like a zombie[ I have got it this guy should b wrapped around with bandages n sent to Eygpt as Mummy,best option no one will see his face evenDeadAngry],Swati submits her resignation letter n he accepts it, A hurt yet Firm Swati Leaves, n the Jerk who is sitting in the chair reminds Swati tht they have spent a entire trip together n asks her whether it hasn't affected her even a bit[ u %#@%#$^%^& I don't have any gallis n I don't wanna use it here ,U better go to Eygpt, asapAngry],Swati holds back, n the jerlk gets up on moves towards her by trying to EBM[emotional blackmail her]by saying tht they had increased their frndship n asks her tht whether all this doesn't matter to her anymore[well actually u need a electric shocksAngryDead] ,Swati turns around n tells him  firmly tht they have spend 3 days together ,n this time they had come really very close they shared out their lives with each other, almost everything likes dislikes,etc, only he forgot a little detail n the biggest truth  tht he was Married,he closes his eyes n Swati tells him tht she can never forgive n forget tht n she leaves,n the jerk opens his eyes n looks disappointed[ u deserved itDead.]


Sehgal House:




PS:i felt like jumping in the screen n hugging Kunu,never Mind he did hug NimmoEmbarrassedHug]


Nimmo consoles Kunu,he hugs her n Nimmo questions to herself abt her actual feelings abt y is she feeling bad for Kunu,coz he is hurt or cozz he is hurt for some1else:

Kunal is standing n is upset[on the corridor] looking down at the Hall, n is upset,Nimmo is standing behind n tells Kunu tht everything will b fine, Kunu turns behind n is almost on the verge of crying, we see small drops of tears in his eyes, he is really hurt as Natassha wouldn't listen to him, n she is really mad at him, he asks Nimmo tht he is feeling really lonely and asks her whether she is there with him to help him,Nimmo tells him tht she has told him before and even now she stands by her words tht she will always b there with him[hello yeh story toh bahut hi fast bad rahi hai, chalo I m happy anyways,only Kunu realizes it nowEmbarrassedWinkSmile],Kunu is happy to hear tht Nimmo is there with Him,but he is really hurt coz of Natassha n tears roll down his cheeks,Nimmo places her hand on his shoulders n tries to console him,Nimmo is really not happy n she is upset seeing Kunu upset, She tries to console Kunu,Kunu hugs Nimmo n says tht he really loves Her [Natassha],n Nimmo who still has a feeling when she again feels his touch hugs him to console him back, n she is thinking tht y the hell she is feeling so bad after seeing Kunu in pain, is it cozz Kunu is Hurt or is it becoz Kunu is hurt for some1 else[ the second reason offcourse,This grl has jumped in the pool of true love ,the battle goes on,thankfully Viuk's hangover is fusssssssssssss yipeeeeeeeeeeBig smile]


Kunu-Nimmo's room:


Nice Scene EmbarrassedClap


Nimmo helps Kunu to get ready she gets the perfect suit,watch n perfume,Kunu is surprised n he says her tht she is spoiling his habit as he will get use to her n miss her in her absence when she leaves,Nimmo seem to b hurt:


Fresh Day, Kunu has taken bath, n he opens his cupboard n is searching for the perfect suit,however he moves to his side  to see Nimmo holding a shirt for him,he is quite surprised, he doesn't understand the sudden change in Nimmo's behaviour,however he likes the selection and he wears the suit tht Nimmo decided[chalo ki na pati wali baathEmbarrassed]He then thinks abt the Perfume n before he gets confused again Nimmo appears in frnt of him n tells him to try the perfume, she sprays it as a trial in the room n asks Kunu whether he likes it, n he does, n then b4 he searches n gets confused for his watch Nimmo gives him a perfect matching watch with his suit,Kunu asks her the reason for a sudden change,Nimmo says nothing special n asks her whether he didn't like her help,Kunu tells her tht it was really nice of her to help him but this way she will become as a habit [true she already has become as a habit for u,if H is removed a Bit remains n if "A" is removed then Also Bit remains and if "B" is removed then it remains,honey this marriage n Nimmo will always remain in ur heart safelyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed], and after a year when she leaves him after the contract expires it would b  difficult for him to manage his life without her[silly it would be something like tht only,u would miss her frm the core of ur heart],Nimmo is slightly hurt when Kunu mentions the contract marriage thing.Kunu tells her tht he will go to the office Nimmo waves him bye merrily[like normally a wife does] n he leaves.


Verma residence:


Cut to Frm Nimmo waving bye n Aarti opening the door of the house ,she sees a man with a huge floral bouquet,Just then Natassha passes by, she is shocked to see the boucque   The man tells her tht this boucque is for Natassha, Natassha is shocked she asks her who is the person who has sent this bouquet for her,the Man tells her tht the person hasn't disclosed his name but he said tht looking at the flowers she will understand,Natassha get furious n she does understand tht it has been sent by Kunu, she tells the man tht she doesn't who has sent it for her n he better throw it in a Gutter[How Mean] n asks him to leave.



Kunu-Nimmo's Room:


Best scene-2


Nimmo scolds KB for making Kunu Upset n shocked KB looks at Nimmo:



Kunu tells KB and Nimmo tht the boucque was thrown in the Muncipalty Gutter,Nimmo feels bad for Kunu as he is really upset,KB is shocked tht such a expensive flowers were thrown in the Gutter[ lol, KB bhi na]she asks Kunu whether Natassha is a mad female tht she threw the expensive flowers in the gutter,she tells him tht this will chock up the gutter n during the rainy season Watter logging will occur becoz of this n his WWW car which is parked in the Basement will get damaged as the Water will accumulate in the basement[Haila sachi door ki sochi,jokes apart Mumbai has gone through floods, n watter logging has become a major prblm in Mumbai],Nimmo corrects her n tells her tht its BMW ,Kb says so wht it has a WLOL Kunu is not interested in arguing with KB,he is serious n hurt both,he just firmly tells KB  tht everything is not a joke n leaves,Nimmo feels more bad n moreever she is mad at KB,for the first time she actually shouts at KB for her behaviour, which takes KB by surprise as Nimmo as never behaved in such a peculiar way,Nimmo tells KB tht this wasn't the time for jokes,she tells her tht Kunu already has been facing many prblms in his life he has business prblms,then Her contract marriage n Natassha is one of the reasons for his worry, n KB just worsen the prblm by behaving in such a way n making him more upset as he already was upset coz of his prblms,KB who is totally shocked asks Nimmo tht she always behaves in such a manner, n asks Nimmo abt her strange behavior for Kunu, y is she overreacting if he is upset,Nimmo tells her tht she knws tht this is KB's normal behaviour nshe doesn't knw y is she reacting in such a manner n she leaves.KB is left thinking[abb tak tubelight nahin start hui].



Mathuria House:

Swati is on a phone where she is talking abt the new Job, n Anand is standing behind her  hearing the entire conversation,Swati says tht she will prefer a day job ,though she doesn't mind working for late hours, she gives her contact No, n when the official conversation ends,Anand tells Swati tht he is happy tht she has listen to him to make matters normal between the show n too diminish the bitter past happenings he tells her tht he wishes to have a breakfast with her,Swati tries to avoid n Anand interupts n tells her tht he knws tht she will say tht she will get late for the interview he asks her not to worry as they wont get late for the interview, as he will make the breakfast quickly , he tells her tht he will make Oumlate for her n tht too the one she likes with less onions in it,n Anand leaves, Jerk comes with his car n pulls his car just outside Swati's house, a shocked Swati comes out of the house, n faces him,she is mad at him for arriving there,he says tht he wanna talk with her she says tht she aint interested,however she tells him tht she doesn't want to create a scene here,in frnt of his dad,he tells her tht fine he will leave n will wait for her at the coffee shop at 5-30pm n he knws tht she will come,she says tht she wont come,n asks him to leave n never come across her house, n He leaves so does she[ This guy is so shameless, idiotic foolAngry]


Sehgal House:Hall


Nice scenes:[till the makeover]



Riti is going to a club,Kunu says tht he n Nimmo had also planed to go to the club n they go to get ready:

Nimmo is sitting on the Sofa when Riti is fully dressed up n looking really pretty ,N asks Nimmo how is she looking Nimmo tells her tht she is looking really pretty n her dress n the Belt r also looking nice on her,Just then our hero enters n tells Riti tht the dress really suits her n she is really looking pretty,n asks her abt the special occasion of her being so well dressed,she says tht she ,Saket,Aarti,Ashutosh and Natassha have made a plan to go to a club, Kunu gets a ray of hope n he says tht they both[Kunu-Nimmo] had also decided to go the club today, Nimmo who initially doesn't understand but later on understand sings the tune along with tht they had decided their evening plan,however Riti is sort of confused as Nimmo didn't mention anything abt their plan to her,Kunu says addressing Nimmo tht she has indeed became forgetful these days ,Nimmo doesn't deny Kunu, Riti decides to wait as Kunu goes to get ready asking Nimmo to get ready,Nimmo goes to get ready.


Kunu-Nimmo's Room:


Nimmo selects her dress, n her transformation starts:Smile


The grl who was never cautious abt wht to wear n how should she look, is busy fiddling with her clothes n confused abt wht to wear,then she gets something in her mind n she picks up a dress,we see Nimmo with opened hairs getting ready, n she is applying Kajal in her eyes n is having a smile in her face as she remembers the old time when she was supposedly in love with Vik n Swati asks the reason for wearing new kurta n applying Kajal n asks her abt the matter n Nimmo says tht there is nothing and she aint in Luv,Nimmo smiles to herself n also blushes after remembering the moment. N gets ready.[ummmmmmmmmmmm ur totally in luvwith the person with whom at one point of time u never thought tht u could love him so deeply]



Sehgal House Hall:


Riti is surprised to see a completely changed Nimmo,who looks gorgeous:


Riti is waiting down n a New and Improved Nimmo comes down the stair case wearing a beautiful black western outfit n she is looking gorgeous[she does,thnlfully no ponytail this time],Riti is taken by surprise looking at Nimmo n Nimmo asks her how does she look to which Riti replies tht she never thought tht she can see this avatar of Nimmo, Nimmo asks her y doesn't she look ok,Riti replies tht she does look like a Rockstar n today Kunu wouldn't b able to let his eyes off her tonight, these words create a spark in Nimmo's eyes n she also blushes a bit.




They reach the club where Saket,Aarti,Ashutosh and Natassha r waitin,Natassha is not happy to see Kunu,Saket asks Riti abt being late Riti says tht if some1 gets so well dressed then they had to b late,she actually points at Nimmo, n Nimmo kinda gets embarrassed,however Kunu says high to Natassha n gives his hand to her so tht they can shake hands ,however Natassha avoids it, leaving Kunu disappointed,N here Nimmo is with Aarti n Ashutosh n Nimmo doesn't shake hands with Ashutosh n instead says Namaste to him as she doesn't like his presence after witnessing the slap[who likes tht jerk's presence anyways],Just as Saket,Aarti,Nimmo Kunu n Riti r talking a grl accidently touches Saket[bumps off] n says sorry n leaves,Saket is looking at tht grl n literally is in a flirting mood n as the grl leaves he says tht he didn't mind,Aarti pulls his ears n Riti says tht few men r like tht no matter how pretty their wife or fiancee's/Gf's r they always eye on other women,Natassha who taunts Kunu n says tht atleast Saket isn't married yet,she knws a guy who was dreaming abt other grl on his honeymoon,Kunu feels guilty n to avoid the topic he asks everyone to dance n everybody steps on the Dance floor,Aarti n Ashutosh sit n have dinner n watch the youngsters enjoy,Saket n riti r dancing together n Natassha is also on the dance floor, Kunu n Nimmo r dancing, N Kunnu tries to dance with Natassha,Nimmo after few mins brings Natassha n Kunu dance next to each other n she herself dances with Saket n riti,Natassha tries to leave when Kunu stops her n tells her tht he wanna talk abt something to her,she says tht she knws wht he wants to say tht he loves her,he says no, he just wanna ask her whether she luves him or not she says tht she doesn't love him n as she is abt to leave he holds  her back n tells her tht she is lying n she really luves him,Natassha is furious n tells Kunu tht his sister is gonna come to their house, n everyone is present there rt now,she asks him to stop the tamasha he is doing for the betterment of others [everyone n leaves]Kunu is hurt.


Best scenes:Thumbs UpEmbarrassed

Kunu-Nimmo close dance:Thumbs UpEmbarrassedClap


Kunu is in the bar n is busy drinking n meanwhile Natassha is dancing with Saket and Riti,Kunu has drunk a lot n almost is semiconscious n murmurs do u knw whom i luv[yes Nimmo though u havent realised this yet],just then Nimmo comes n asks him not to behave as a looser n stop drinking ,Kunu tells her tht Natassha doesnt want to talk to him n isnt interested in him,Nimmo tells him tht he really wanna knw tht whether Natassha really luves him or not a confused drunk Kunu looks upon ,Nimmo holds him n takes him to the dance floor n tells his plan tht they would dance closely she says it by wraping her hand around Kunu's neck,she continues If Natassha is still in love with him she would defiantly burn with Jelousy Kunu's face lightens hearing Nimmo's plan, he puts his hands around Nimmo's waist n Nimmo still feels when he touches her[special feelingEmbarrassed]Natassha has her back towards Kunu n Nimmo n Kunu start close dancing n both observe Natassha to chk out her reaction,however Natassha is not looking at them as her back is towards them,Kunu and Nimmo dance n the sad version of KHNK plays as they dance closely[the song was perfectly blended this time n suited the situation][I remembered the song Mere Haath mein tera haath hoo, it would have suited as well]


Sach hai ki dil toh dukha hai


Humne magar socha hai,


Dil ko Hai gham kyon ,


Aankhen Hai Nam kyon


Hona hi tha jo Hua hai,


Us baath ko ,Jaane Bhi do


Jiska Nishaan,Kal ho na ho.


Kunu hugs Nimmo,after Natassha leaves burning with jelousy:


As the song ends,Natassha turn around only to see Kunu n Nimmo looking at each other's eyes, n Natassha is indeed Jelous,n she heeds outside the club, but she stops sideways at a distant frm Kunu n Nimmo who observe her n she leaves getting jelous n hurt,Kunu is happy n he tells Nimmo tht her plan worked Natassha still luves him thts y she cant see him closer to anyone,Nimmo is happy to see Kunu Happy,Kunu is greatful to Nimmo n is really happy n he hugs her,Nimmo has a feeling n she almost looks both happy for Kunu n Hurt coz second time history is repeating herself as she fears loosing Kunu,n the episode ends on Nimmo's face.[don't worry huney this time u will b luckyEmbarrassed]



Preview for 2morrow:Nimmo meets Ashutosh n informs him tht Aarti has a doubt on him n Pam has promised her tht she will find out abt the grl with whom he had gone to the Hyderabad trip, she tells him tht she is not interested to knw abt his feelings for Swati,but she just came to warn him,as if Pam finds out tht Swati was the grl involved it would not only spoil Swati's name, but will Affect Saket n Riti's relationship,she asks Ashutosh to stay away frm Swati.




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29th June-Update:Don't copy without credit







The episode starts with Natassha turning  around only to see Kunu n Nimmo looking at each other's eyes, n dancing close with each other n Natassha is indeed Jelous, n to increase the fire Kunu n Nimmo dance more closely n enjoy n she heeds outside the club, but she stops sideways at a distant frm Kunu n Nimmo who observe her n she leaves getting jelous n hurt,Kunu is happy n he tells Nimmo tht her plan worked Natassha still luves him thts y she cant see him closer to anyone,Nimmo is happy to see Kunu Happy,Kunu is greatful to Nimmo n is really happy very happy he doesn't knw wht to say to Nimmo n in his happiness he hugs Nimmo,n he hugs her tightly, Nimmo again feels her touch, n there is something special going within her heart she definetly enjoys it, n is touched by it, n rt on the centre other couples r on the side dancing n Kunu hugging Nimmo tighly n movng in a circle[let her get out of the feeling, Kunu,hope u feel the same too][PS:I felt like hugging Kunu in a similar fashionEmbarrassedEmbarrassedTongue.]Not only tht Kunu Picks up Nimmo n moves in a circle or I remember Nimmo sways in Kunu's arms[remember a Fan fiction yet againEmbarrassedEmbarrassed] anyways When Kunu hugs Nimmo One of my fav paras of the movie KHNK plays in the background which suits completely[ n wht a coincidence I actually used this words in a siggy as my signature,will put it up againEmbarrassedEmbarrassed],The Para is played with the scenes n the its truly very symbolic. Btw the song is in the female version



Palkon Ke leke Saaye……….[Kunu holding Nimmo's hand when she first time feels something when he touches her,remember "dekh lena Nimmo main hamesha tumara saath Doonga" dialogue]


Paas koi Jo aaye [The symbolic n the powerful scene when Kunu goes to Mathuria house to bring Nimmo back to the house, n he first firmly holds his hand so tht Nimmo holds it back n goes with him but she doesn't n he holds Nimmo's shoulder firmly n takes her, they also showed a sec scene when Kunu puts Sindoor on Nimmo's forehead during marriage]


Lakh Sambhalo Pagal dil ko dil dhadke hi Jaaye[the scene teasing wala, when Nimmo gives him the tea/coffee, n then she puts her hand forward so tht Kunu shakes the hand]


Par soch lo Is pal hai Jo[Yesterday's hugging scene, when Kunu Hugs Nimmo when he is really upset n she tries to console him]


Who Daastaan Kal ho na ho[really symbolic, as Thr will b a mini separation, anyways the scene aired was rt in the present when Kunu hugs Nimmo n she seems to feel tht this moment would not last longer.]


Kunu breaks the Hug n Nimmo stares at Kunu lovingly n totally lost,he is actually not able to understand wht happened to Nimmo n he keeps on asking her wht happened to her she comes in the present world[kya yaar thodi dair aur rehne dete usse khwabo ki duniya main,chad ur chance will also come sweetheartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed],Nimmo says nothing happen,Kunu is really happy tht now he is sure tht Natassha is indeed in luv with him,he says tht they should celebrate this moment of his happiness,Nimmo says how he says tht they will have a small glass of drink[awwwwwwwwwwwww he was looking n acting as a adorable baby who got the toy he always wanted,so many shades to the same character thts y I just love his characterClapEmbarrassed],Nimmo says no n tries to stop Kunu, but agar koi itne pyaar  aur cute tareke se zid karega toh koi kaise uski baath nahin manega aur woh bhi tab jab dil main kuch kuch hota hai, yes Nimmo gives in.


Sehgal House:


Kunu is totally drunk [remember the drunkard sceneEmbarrassed] n the Nimmo n Riti  bring a semiconscious n drunk  Kunu Inside the house, giving him sahara,Nimmo says tht he has drunk a lot, n they stop in the hall n Kunu repeats his question do u knw whom do I love,Nimmo gets panicky but doesn't show off,she gets tensed as Riti is looking at Nimmo n Kunu with interest but her expression says tht she is certain tht Kunu luves Nimmo,n she thinks if Kunu blurts out Natassha's name then it would invite troubles,However Nimmo doesn't let Kunu complete n she says tht she knws very well ,Riti looks at Nimmo,Riti looks at Nimmo n flashes a sweet smile,Nimmo tells Riti tht she go n sleep as tomorrow is the marriage n she will take Kunu Upstairs herself[haa chance maro,just kidding the prblm is just tht she loves him a lotWink].



Kunu-Nimmo's Room


Nimmo brings Kunu to his room[again the room has become small a king side bedroom became a small room again ,who cares until we get to see a cute sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed], n lays her down in the bed,but before tht they sit on the bed n Kunu tells her tht she is lookin BEAUTIFUL,Nimmo is totally taken bu surprise she didnt expected Kunu say a thing[yipeeeeeeee i wanted to see this,n i was taken by surprise n was literally feeling like giving Kunu a tight hug but i always feel thtEmbarrassed Embarrassed] She Blushes n then tells him as to sleep now, she sees to it tht he is comfortable n takes a good care of him tht he is lied down on the bed in a proper position, she is turns around to leave n Kunu holds her back n  repeats wht he said, he asks her tht whether she knws whom does he loves,Nimmo says she does, Kunu says tht he LOVES HER,[he is totally confused by heart n this scene proves itSmileEmbarrassed] Nimmo is taken by shock or surprise she is not knowing how to react, then Kunu kinda realizes wht he said but he has a kashmash with his heart n his confusion is perfectly open in frnt of the viewers as he says tht he loves Natassha, Nimmo is hurt,Nimmo looks at Kunu who says tht actually he loves EVERYONE[AND EVERYONE LOVES U BABYEmbarrassedEmbarrassed], n he is gets a small nap, Nimmo frees her hand frm Kunu with great difficulty, n her hands just hit the alarm clock  next to the bed n on the table n the alarm rings,Nimmo remembers her past, when Naina[whose hair is totally messed up as she just got up frm the sleep, lekin main to dar gaye na not fairLOL] n she tells Nimmo tht whtever she says now doesn't matter, n she says she will confront her the day when she hears bells ringing when some1 special enters her life[ LEH,Remember the first mulaquat of Kunu and Nimmo, she feels down coz  Oscar the cupid n both the connection-tht is Kunu n Vik-the confusion as perfectly said by Humare bhagwaan Siddhu Paaji said when she heard one bell ringing when she looks at Kunu-indicating Connection n 2 bells ringing when she looks adoringly at Vik- indicating confusion,the scene was quite symbolicEmbarrassedSmileEmbarrassed],Nimmo comes back to the present world only to see Kunu who is mumbing water,she says tht Kunu is thirsty n she goes to Bring water for Kunu,as the jug is empty.[EmbarrassedEmbarrassed]


Pam's Room



Pam is taking on phone[hey bhaggu is aurat ko satbuddhi deDead] with Aarti n she says her not to worry as she will find out who is the grl who is in Ashutosh's life n she promises her tht within 24 hrs she will surely find out who is the other women in his life ,who accompanied him in the Hyderabad trip n for whom he got so many presents,however Nimmo who is gping upstairs[haila  itni jaldi Nimmo ne kapde badal diyeConfused] with a glass of water n she overhears the conversation as she passes by Pam's room,she thinks tht Pam is showing so much interest now when she doesn't have a clue abt Swati, n if she comes to knw tht she [Nimmo] is related to this matter then she would definetly create more troubles intentionally  n she decides to warn Ashutosh before a major crisis occur.


Kay Channel:



There is a knock n Nimmo enters Ashutosh's cabin who warmly welcomes her, n asks her the reason for coming there n he tells her tht Swati has not come yet[wht a jerk abbe ullo tujhe RESIGNATAION ka matlab bhi nahin pata ur not even fit for a clerk's jobAngryDead] Nimmo tells him tht she has come to talk abt Swati n him, she tells him tht she isn't interested in knowing tht wht was going on between Swati and Him she says if there was anything it has now certainly ended n Swati has accepted this  as well, Jerk tries to open his mouth[he is a shameless creep,PESTDeadAngry] Nimmo  informs him tht Aarti has a doubt on him as she got the credit cards n she got all the info regarding the gifts he got for Swati n Pam has promised her tht she will find out abt the grl with whom he had gone to the Hyderabad trip,Jerk gets paranoid n tensed both[ chuha sher banne ka natak kar raha tha] she tells him tht she is not interested to knw abt his feelings for Swati,but she just came to warn him,as if Pam finds out tht Swati was the grl involved it would not only spoil Swati's name, but will Affect Saket n Riti's relationship,she asks Ashutosh to stay away frm Swati.She asks him to make Aarti understand  tht there is nothing between him n Swati n he holds the special place in his life.





Kunu-Nimmo's Room


Nimmo enters her room[okkie the king size room is backEmbarrassedEmbarrassed] to see Kunu waiting for her,he asks her where did she go,she avoids the topic n asks him tht he went to the office n howcome he came back[yaad aa rahi thi,aur gift khareedne se Fursat mile toh woh office jaayega,lekin appke pati dev apne kaam se "bhi" bahut pyaar karte haiEmbarrassed],Kunu says tht he remembered a imp work n so he came back, he then takes out a gift wrapped slim box,n Nimmo sees in amusement,he unwraps it n removes a box,jewellary box n gives it to Nimmo,n shows it to her, Nimmo opens it only to find a beautiful and expensive bracelet/neckpiece n says tht its really nice n asks him who is it for, Kunu says for KK's GF[kyaa abb KB ka kya hogaWinkLOL] Nimmo says nice, n Kunu calls her buddhu[awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwEmbarrassed] n tells her tht its for her,Nimmo is totally taken back by surprise n she lovingly looks at Kunu n tells him tht there wasn't any need for this gift, n says tht she cannot keep it,Kunu doesn't like it n tells her tht she has to keep it, he says tht its true tht their CONTRACT MARRIAGE IS fake[hey bhaggu abb is buddhu ko jaldi is baath ka ehsaas karana ki inki Shaadi kya maine rakhti hai inki zindagi mainEmbarrassedEmbarrassed]Nimmo looks at him slightly disappointed,he adds tht but their FRIENDSHIP IS A TRUTH, n she has to keep it for their frnship,Nimmo gives in as Kunu says tht he is gifting this to her for many reasons n he lists out 3 of the reasons:


1]cozz because of her he came to knw tht Natassha still loves him [Nimmo is hurt n kinda envy as well,observe keenly]


2]cozz she took care of him n she did handle him yesterday when he was totally drunk n she had to bear his speech as well in the drunkard state[ hello honey now she doesn't bear u anytime,she loves being with u,cozz this grl is completely bowled over by uEmbarrassedEmbarrassed]-Nimmo smiles


3]n she did help him with his suit ,shoes,perfume selection, n he really felt very nice when she did it-she continues smiling n I think she also blushed a bit.


And then Kunu asks where is Kataben,Nimmo is amused to hear y Kunu asking abt KB,just then KB enters n her usual tone she asks him tht y all of a sudden he remembered her,He says KB tht he wanted to apoligised for his bad behaviour till now with her,KB is shocked,he says tht he is sorry for the rude behaviour yesterday when he got Angry on her regarding the bouquet issue[yaad hai Muncipal gutter main phool phickwa diye the Natassha ne n KB was joking aroundSmile],Nimmo is surprised by Kunu's gesture n KB gets emotional when Kunu hands her over a gift which when she opens n finds a Saree he tells her tht it's the goose for all his mistakes he did in the past,Kunu tells her not to say wht Nimmo said tht she cannot accept the gift,KB who has tears rolling down her cheeks looks at Kunu n tells him tht no one has ever gifted her a saree,n he is like her son, Kunu looks upon n Nimmo gets senti n has tears filled in her eyes as well,she continues wht she is saying tht if she would have married then she would have had a son like Kunu[KB is fond of Kunu,they always fight for petty matters but they do have respect each otherSmile],both Kunu n Nimmo carefully hear wht KB is saying n since the matter has become so emotional,KB comes up with her jokes n says tht if Pam starts gifting her saree for each of her mistakes then she doesn't need to buy a saree for her entire life[thts true, Sareeo ka stock khatam ho jaaye ga, Pam ke bure karam kuch aaise haiLOL],Nimmo n Kunu burst out laughing n Kunu takes leave n goes to his office.


Sehgal House:Kitchen


Nimmo is cooking in the kitchen where Pam enters n tells her tht Aarti has a doubt on Ashutosh n tells Nimmo tht Swati n Ashutosh had gone to the trip alone[hello ur late ur fit for nothing cant b a good detective ever in ur lifeDead],Nimmo asks her y is she saying it to her,n y does she always interfere in others life[yehi toh har kisi ke mamle mein apni taang adanaAngry]however Pam says tht this their house matter as Riti is gonna wed Saket n Ashutosh is his brother n she is corncerned for Riti[corncerned,kabhi apne khane aur pine aur doosro ke kaam bigadne ke elava kuch socha hai zindagi mainAngryDead],she asks Nimmo tht Swati resigned inspiteNimmo tries to avoid her topic n Pam taunts Nimmo she tells her tht Swati is following her footsteps,she also used to work under Kunu n had an affair with Kunu n got married to him n entered this big house[Nimmo is totally diff frm her sisters,n Kunu-Nimmo's love story has just begun, apni gandi nazar mat lagaao is pyaare is rishte main lady dracullaAngryAngry], her taunts does hurt Nimmo,n she tells Nimmo tht Ashutosh is married n if Aarti comes to knw abt Swati n his affair then she would b in a big trouble[do one thing go on a long honeymoon trip to a deserted island with ur honeybunsDeadAngry],Just then a servant comes n informs Pam tht Aarti is waiting for her in her room, she heeds towards a room giving Nimmo a looks which says "Now u had it" n leaves Nimmo seems to worry.


Pam's Room


Aarti is waiting for Pam who comes to break the news abt Ashutosh  n create prblms in Nimmo's life, N before she can utter the poison frm her mouth a happy Aarti tells her tht she was doubting Ashutosh for no cause[now ur wrong tht guy is totally not trustworthy]however she tells her tht Ashutosh came home early today n gifted her all the presents he got frm Hyderabad[haan Nimmo ne dose jo diya tha gadha dar gaya,gaana yaad aa gaya gabber singh yeh kehkar gaya ji dar gaya who mar gayaDead], he mentions tht he also gifted her the pearl necklace n she tells her tht these gifts were a surprise for her for their wedding anniversary[wht, n no celebrations wht nonsense,but agar pati aaisa ho toh log dhoom dhaam se apni divorce anniversary manayengeConfused],Pam is shocked she tries to plant the seed of hatred in Aarti's head by telling her tht only Swati accompanied Ashutosh in the Hyderabad trip,Aarti tells Pam tht Ashutosh told her n Swati is his collegue n they were there for the official purpose morever Ashutosh told her everything abt His n Swati's interaction during the trip,Aarti leaves as she has to prepare for the weddin n leaves,As Aarti goes Nimmo comes inside to taunt Pam she tells her tht thts y she told her not to interfere in others matter, or else u face the insult[good one Nimmo], she tells her tht she had done so much of hardwork for gathering information for Aarti but she didn't listen,she tells Pam better not to repeat this in future,however Nimmo leaves by saying this n Pam says tht there would definetly b Dhamaka in the wedding tomorrow,its certain frm her expression tht she is upto something devilish[grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr draculla kahi kiAngryAngry]


Sehgal House-Hall:


The wedding day has arrived n Varsha is hyper abt the preparations,[like normally a mother is] she comes down the staircase n is trying to make sure tht everything is perfect,she does find out nooks in the lights,etc,Nimmo stops her n asks her to relax,she asks her y is she so hyper,Varsha says tht its cozz she wants everything to b perfect in the wedding,Nimmo who was also busy in preparations tell her not to worry everything would b perfect, Varsha gets emotional n says tht today Riti will leave the house n then Nikita will also leave after marrying leave her alone,Nimmo tries to console Varsha and Varsha wipes off her tears n says tht she forgot for a moment tht her 2 daughters would leave her,but Nimmo is like a daughter to her n she knws tht she wont leave her n their house ever[she wont, if she does tht will b for a short span of time as she will come back,soonSmile],Nimmo looks down n is kinda guilty, Varsha when asks her tht is it rt, Nimmo looks down n nods ,but then some1 calls Varsha n she leaves,telling Nimmo to chk out everything is perfect upstairs[the preparations and all],As Varsha goes, she looks up n fights with god,[aloud though no one hears her conversation] she blames tht cozz of him she has to break the trust of so many ppl[bcoz of him u r married to Kunu, n u came to knw wht a gem he is,u met ur soulmate n realized it ,god just help u to clear the confusion n also make u realize tht who is ur connection actually]



Pam's Room


Pushi[both the witches r togetherDeadAngry] picks up the envelope n sees Ashutosh n Swati's pic, actually she is curious to knw wht will create a dhamaka in the wedding[Preet wouldn't have supported this] , n also reads out  a letter,when Pam asks her to which is obvious a fake letter , n it is supposedly frm Swati to Ashutosh n Swati mentions tht she really luves Ashu[thts wht was written in the letter] n cant live without him ,etc etc, Pam tells Pushi,who is curious to knw her plan, tht she got the photographs with a great difficulty n the letter was just a addition to add fuel to the fire n she has actually written the letter[chalo we have a proof,ur handwriting.hope Kunu catches hold of the letter n the handwring n comes to knw who is the one who tried to create a prblm],Pushi asks Pam tht how will this affect Nimmo, Pam says tht Nimmo will b the one who will distribulte these envelopes to all the guests in the form of Shagun[mera hi naam mila tha,anyways jabb le hi liya hai toh keh deti hoon job hi hoga Kunal aur Nimmo ko Kareeb le aayega] n she will b in a big trouble, Pushi is happy with the plan, Pam[overconfident foolAngry] smiles over her brilliant plan n says today Nimmo will get trapped n the episode ends of the lady draculla's scheming face.[AngryDead]



Preview for Monday[nice Preview]:SmileNimmo is lovingly looking[may b at Kunu,n tells KB who is asking Nimmo wht is she thinking tht after a year when they leave the house they will miss everyone,KB is shocked n looks at Nimmo n tells her tht this is a contract marriage n they r there in tht house only for an year n she better keeps tht in mind






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UPDATE 3rd July- by Shagun








The episode starts with Kunu standing in frnt of Mirror n confused as usual [n making me fall in luv with his character moreEmbarrassedTongueSmile ]Nimmo comes n he asks her to help him,She does, n then also asks him tht y he is getting ready for, it seems tht he is getting ready for his wedding,LOL,Kunu tells her tht cozz Natassha is coming thts the main reason for getting well dressed as he wants to b at his best look[fine u don't need to work hard u look rocking,grls already r fida on u] n u should see Nimmo's face grows red in jelousy[arre baap re baap itna jelous hona,natassha se jyaada to tum Jelous ho rahi ho sweetheartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed],however Kunu shws her some red roses Nimmo takes it frm him n blushes[my my she really blushes so much tht u can start blushing she is indeed falling more n more love with himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed] she takes the flowers/ roses n says thnk u, kunu who clears her confusion[honey first u come out ur confusion] by telling her tht this is for Natassha n not for her[Phikir not honey u will 100 of them in futureWink] n now tell me if something like this happens with u wht will u think of doing crushing the roses by ur feet, rt, n guess wht Nimmo does snatches the flowers frm Kunu's hand , crushes it,taking Kunu out of his mind but he does it in a cute way,she reminds him of her plan of ignoring Natassha to make her burn with jealously[lekin sab toh ulta hi ho raha hai na sweetheart],n she tells him tht he better sticks to her , Kunu says no way[THT WAS RUDE] Nimmo is hurt but tries to hide it but with a disappointed look she asks him whether she is tht bad,to which he says tht she isn't,n says he cant live without talking to natassha[soon u wouldn't b able to survive without her contract wife u will become an essential part of ur lifeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed],Kunu continues to say tht he would not ignore Natassha n In comes our KANTABENLOLLOL, n gives Kunu a nice dose n warns him tht she will keep an eye on him n see to it tht he maintains a distance with Natassha,Kunu is irritated n behaves like a stubborn kid n says tht nothing can happen when KB n Nimmo r surround him,but he smiles n leaves he is happy tht the plan works he would get Natassha,he leaves, [u guys should see KUNU KB chemistry n Kunu's expression when KB scolds him, I m out of words to praise himLOL],Anyways as Kunu leaves KB tells Nimmo tht Kunu is looking so happy n she says tht she wishes tht he gets his love back in his life n he gets married to his love, Nimmo whose eyes r looking in the direction frm where Kunu just passed by is actually lost in her own thoughts , nKB asks her n she says tht they would surely miss everyone after a year when they leave the house[ohh u bet n MR adorable confused one is gonna miss u a lot,he has already become dependable on uSmileEmbarrassed]



Well the barat comes n every one is dancing,Kunu Nimmo n KB come downstairs, n Kunu looks at Natassha in order to get closer to her he goes n dances with the baratis, Nimmo is just looking at shock at Kunu so is KB, Kunu dances n  tries to look at Natassha lovingly,KB looks at this n in her own comic yet maha gussa style she goes to Kunu who stops dancing looking at her n is again highly irritated as a kid , n Gets a dose frm KB yet again n like a small kid who is behaves after getting a punishment goes to Nimmo stands with her,n Nimmo is looking at him in frustration in gives him a typical teacher look who gets angry on her student for not doing the HWLOL[excellent performances]],Kunu stands with Nimmo keeps his hand around her shoulder , n then observes Natassha who is highly jelous when Kunu-Nimmo pass by her, n then stand just in frnt of her to make the grl hurt, Kunu's eyes properly follow Natassha, n as Natassha leaves Kunu tells Nimmo tht their plan is working indeed,however Nimmo tells Kunu tht she will b back in a moment,Kunu is not ready to leave her ,she assures him tht she will b back in 5 mins n frees herself frm Kunu's arms n leaves.



Just as Nimmo is abt to open the Shagun[hey my nameWink] n she takes out a pic of Tht psycho n Swati[she holds it upside downConfused], A hand firmly holds her, n guess whose hand is it Kunu's who actually scares Nimmo, n then he tells her actually he complains tht she had said tht she will b back in 5 mins n she took an hr[nah she didn't,u miss her alreadyEmbarrassedBig smile]Nimmo keeps the upside down pic, n also tells Kunu tht he scared her n she asks him wht would he had done if she hadn't been there,he says tht he doesn't knw, n continues tht but she is there now, so he knws n he takes her with him just to make their plan work[hello honey u cant realize wht has happened to uEmbarrassed]



When Saket n Riti start taking pheres[reminded me of Kunu-Nimmo pheresEmbarrassed] Kunu Nimmo come to throw flowers n Kunu's eyes search for Natassha he seems to b restless however but then he gets his peace back after looking at Natassha,however Kunu throws Flowers on Natassha n then hides,I mean leans a bit backward n Natassha cant spot him as a man is standing between Natassha n him, however KB observes this n she does have an eye on Kunu she comes n as Kunu turns he sees KB standing in frnt of him[teacher stands in frnt of a student with a stickLOL]Kunu looks down n then Nimmo also looks at him n realizes  childish behaviour  abt wht has he done[seriously his character has all the shades n u just keep on loving him thts itClapEmbarrassed]However KB asks Kunal "Kaye chale Kunal" meaning Whts GOING ON[hey I remember the song whts going on-oops bad joke kya karron I m still in a hilarious mood after watching a marvelous episodeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedSmile]Smile,n also confronts Kunu abt Kahin toh Nighahe n Kahi toh Nishaana, Kunu is highly irritated yet again in a cute adorable way n is caught in between Nimmo n KB on either side,he doesn't knw wht to do, behaves as a kid[he was a total kid in tonight's episodeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed]n says tht stop spying on him n he aint a kid n leaves only to leave Nimmo back who is actually seems hurt.Nimmo is walking in the corridor n Kunu suddenly comes n Hugs her frm behind,Nimmo feels the majic yet again n poor thing does not realize tht he is actually doing all this as Natassha would witness this, Nimmo asks Kunu very softly wht is he doing n he asks her shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, n asks her tht where was she n he missed her a lot as he cant stay without her[I wish he was serious but I bet he would b in futureTongue], n Here Nimmo closes her eyes n feels Kunu's majical touch n gets a special feelin n is very happy n Natassha who witnesses all this leaves n Kunu leaves Nimmo n says she is gone,Nimmo's hurt again[Poor thing , I really sympathise with herCry] n looks at Kunu who says sorry to her for hugging her, n tells her tht since Natassha was there thts y he did tht, n he also said their Plan is working perfectly n asks Nimmo to come with him ,Nimmo says him to go ahead n tells him tht she will join him in some Mins,Kunu who is again adamant gives away n goes ahead,N Nimm remembers the Shagun work n she walks in the straight direction she was heeding in,however she is hurt.


Other  happenings:


KB actually praises Neeta's design n also gives back to Pam in the party[this scene was really too good] esp the part when KB tells Pam tht her[KB's] sari was gifted to her By Kunu as he was sorry,Pam looks in disbelief, n uske upar KB tells her tht she can wear her sarreee if she wants n if she really likes it, pam still looks in disbelief n KB adds don't worry I would wash it nicely n then give it to u for a trial, Pam leaves n KB is happy[so am I]LOL



Saket n Riti's wedding does take place finally[preview said something else na]


Anand suspects Pam as she talks very sweetly


Preet aka Dadi  returns n both the senior most member of the family do the Gathbandhan


Natassha n Nimmo begin frnds again,Natassha initiates the talk tells her tht she has forgotten wht happened in Mauritius n they can start afresh,Natassha also assures her tht she wont come back in between Nimmo n Kunu[Nimmo just looks at Natassha she seems to b hurt n seems to b really at the peak level of fear of loosing KunuCry]



Nimmo distributes the Shagun card which Pam wanted her to distribute n she asks every one to open it n every one is shocked n Pam is happy tht her plan is working in rt direction[this happen in the extreme end,however I think Pam's plan did flopConfused]


Preview for tomorrow:Dadi calls Ashutosh n Aarti n talks with them alone, secretively n lazy bones PAM thinks hard wht is she talking abt.[honey buns dont strain ur kneesLOL]


Rating scale:I will give tonight's episode  8.5/10,tht too all credits goes to the best scenes of the day,they were too good to b missed so plzz don't miss those scenes,Wht a episode, the humour element was actually back n with a full flow, n I would advice don't miss tonight's episode was as it was really rockingClap


 Performance: Ejaz Khan was teriffic,actually Kunal's character is not only confused but also diff, sometimes a he seems like carefree guy who doesn't care abt anyone except him,most of the time as one who has an ability to think [oh gosh he does has tht ability to think for sure], sometimes a Mature man who cares n understands everything n sometimes like a 5 year old kid, n he was a like a small kid in tonight's episode ,yet so adorable,u cant stop saying ohh man this guy rocks. Sanjeeda aka Nimmo was too good, her character is like Kunu's a little carefree but with a tinch of Maturity, Nimmo has fallen in love with Kunal , infact she is hopelessly in Luv with him n this has been wonderfully potrayed by Nimmo aka Sanjeeda truly,u feel bad to see Nimmo hurt, ur heart does melt for her, KB too good, she makes u all come out of ur witts n laugh out, her comic timing with Ejoo is too good, watch out all the humorous scene n also the scene where she gets back at Pam, in short every one performed well n this is for Ejoo,Sanjeeda n Bharti:




















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4th July Update by Marvish

dadi changes the envelopes at the end and put God pics in it and fires at pam that what what she thinking if anyone had seen it then it would have been shhgals insult and then announces that she is giving ashoutosh a big responsibilty n he will look after the US office and hands the newly weds their honeymoon ticket,Kunal hugs dadi n says i miss ya n she says i have a bigger surprise for you and then the vidai happens n kunu aslso gets emotional as he won't be seeing Nat anymore and nimmo sees kunu sad n becomes sad herself n Kanta throws loads of questions on her as t o why shes crying
Next day all r at dining table when Nat walks in as dadi have asked her to stay at sehgal house and explains that she will be working with kunu and gives the responsibity to kunu that he will help her in the office and kunu was andha kia cahay do ankhain and was allll happyyyyyyyyy

When Nat comes out of the room kunu again gives nimmo a hug and was all lovey dovey with her leaving Nat jelous and then Vik comes and tells nimmo to talk to her dad regarding his n naina's wedding which Nimmo does and dad says yes and nimmo realises that what she had for Vik was not love as it's fading now Smile

Naina returs home and finds out that dad says yes to her proposal for Vik
and is shocked

preview :naina goes to Vik and fires at him that who is Nimmo to decide who she will marry and there is nothing between us and all is finished as you can't give me what i want yeah money Angry
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Posted: 04 July 2006 at 11:25am | IP Logged      Quote marvish
pam is shocked when people open the envelope and are not shocked and then nimmo's dad says cant believe that you have changed soo much these envelopes have god's pic n mantra in it and pam take the envelope from anand and anand is shocked and asks is it someone elses envelope and pam says no i bought this from my yatra and asks nimmo if you have distributed all the envelopes and nimmo says yes then pam n dadi are shown where dadi is scolding pam that were u out of yur mind it's good that pushi told me about what you were going to do our enmity is with nimmo not saket arti or ashoutosh till now you have been defeated by nimmo now i will do something and then announces that ashoutosh have handled our project so well that i have decided to send him n arti to US for 6 months for our next project and for the honeymoon couple 2 tickets for switzerland and hugs riti n saket and then tells ashu n arti that want to talk in private with u 2 and the convo is all silenced and we hear in the end thati hope u 2 dont have any problem n ashu says i's fine with us and she goes to kunu and kunu hugs her and says i missed you but you were supposed to come few days after and dadi sys it's a surprise for u and then tells kunu there one more surprise for you but for that you will have to wait till tomm and says you said you don't like spending time at home and from now on you will only be seen at home and kunu says excellent but what will happen that will change my habit and dadi says i told you it's a surprise and nimmo overhear them
then vidai is taking place and kunu says look vidai is taking place and dont know when i will meet nat again so i wanna be with her and kanta says tu kidher jaraha hai and kunu leaves and kanta says i will stop him and nimmo with a sad face says dont stop him let him go n kanta says u r strange sometimes u say stop him n sometimes u let him go this way there relationship will end b4 starting and nimmo is all sad n kanta says ab tujhay kia ho gaya
dadasays the house will be soo empty now and dadi says yes n dada says i see the pain of riti's departure on yur face but i also see a happiness too and says it's been 40 years that we r married but sometimes i fail to understand certain things and walks away and dadi says yes i am sad with riti's departure but happy with someones arrival it's a norm that someone leaves and someone takes it's place
varsha is doing morning pooja n kanta sitting on the sofa scolds the servants that didn't you guyz get this months salary do yur works quickly and the door opens n in walks nat with her laugage n varsha stops her n says yesterday u were here as a guest and we very well know how to wel-come our guests but seeing yur lauggage i thik u r not upto something good and nat says i dont have such intensions and i have been called here bu someone and kanta thinks if she comes n live here then it will be good for nimmo n me and we will be out soon so she tries to say something to varsha when she stops her n says to nat i know how to handle such people i have called nimmo my daughter n she is kunua's wife if someone harms her i will not spare that person so u better leave and this shocks nat when walks in dadi devil and says who are you to decide who will stay n who will leave i have been the one taking such decisions and will do so in the future too n i have invited her n tells the servant to give nat the room next to kunu's and walks away leaving varsha shocked
kunu wakes up n in his night dress when he sees nat walking and thinks dadi must be talking about this surprise and if it is so then it's a gr8 surprise and nimmo walks behind him and is shocked n sad to see nat there
at the breakfast table kunu comes and says kanta ben jai maharashtra and then nimmo walks in with parathas and serve it to dada and then comes in Nat all r shocked and kunu just gives a straight sober look and dadi says nat have done her MBA from Canada n we r hiring trainees and then asks dada if it's fine with u and dada says u handle business if it's fine with and dadi takes his words n says Nat have no problem and tell kunu she will be under yur training and yur associate and nimmo is shocked (i guess she knows what game dadi is playing)
kunu the naughty is at the exit door with nimmo and tells her u know what to do and she says yes and then when he sees nat coming puts his act where nimmo puts his coat on n fix his tie and says you take such good care of me if u r not arong nothing seems nice and nimmo says if i don't care then who will afterall who do i have except you and and kunu says and you are for me and both laugh and says ok can i go and nimmo very shyly says come back soon n kunu says ofcourse jaldi aaon ga how can i forget a candle light dinner and a long drive nat is watching all this and have a smile on her face kunu leaves and then comes back when nimmo is in her thaughts and gives her a kiss on her cheeks and says i forgot this now it's ok and goes and in comes Vik al lexcited and tells nimmo lets go to yur house as you promised that you will talk to yur dad after riti's wedding n nimmo says i need some time as i have to prepare myself Vik makes her sit on the sofa and says suppose i am yur dad n say and then they show nimmo telling her dad that Vik n naina like each other n want to marry and anand walks away leaving all in tension then says why r u all soo quite go n get the sweets and tell Vik we used to talk about yur n nimmo's marriage b4 but all happens for good as Nimmo is happy with Kunal an d naina will be with you and swati is learning too am really happy and when Vik hugs Nimmo she thinks that this time when Vik hugged me i did not feel that vibe
naina comes in and is shocked to see everyone happy when anand tells nimmo told us about you n Vik and she have bring yur proposal for Vik and we are happy that Vik will be our son-in-law and naina leaves from there leaving all in a shock
Preview:naina yells at Vik that who is nimmo to decide for or marriage all is over between us our choice n life style is different and i don't think we can be united

Edited by marvish on 05 July 2006 at 9:29am

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