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May 31st by Shagun

The episode starts with Kunal,Nimmo and KB at Kunal and Nimmo's room KB is upset tht Nimmo took the blame of the massage parlour on herself and she is ore upset and tensed with the fact if Nimmo's dad comes to abt this then Nimmo will b in a Big trouble, Kunal explains her tht it was his plan and Press is not involved , it was KK whgo disguised himself as the press reporter and did make a call and he said tht Dadi will definetly not allow this news to go out of the Sehgal house, also he repeats tht he Press is not involved this news will remain inside the house , Nimmo is relieved so is KB, he also says by evening they Nimmo will b back in her house and Kunal will get his lost freedom back.

Meanwhile unkown to Nimmo and Kunal tht this major plan is yet another of those which is to b short lived , Namrata Sehgal owning a massage parlour hits all the newspapers and Swati in her office is shocked to read the news , she is pretty sure tht Nimmo cant do such a thing she immediately calls at her place and ketki picks up the phone , Swati tells her abt the news and tells her tht Dad should not read the newspaper at any cost she tells her to hide the newspaper frm dad , however as soon as a shocked and baffled ketki keeps the receiver , Nimmo's dad comes and she hides the newspaper,Ketki mumbles a lot in frnt of Anand[nimmo's dad], but is successful in taking the paper , and not allowing him to read the paper, Anand is actually confused by Ketki's strange behaviour.

The guest Mrs alluwalia is climbing down the steps and where she says tht their plan has being successful and now they r safe, and guess wht Varsha overhears everything and decides to teach her a lesson[ way to go Varsha , I really Pity when u knw abt ur own daughter wht mental trauma u have to go through]

Nimmo is sitting across the window and is happy , tht finally she will b out of the house, she also taunts god tht he will never b successful in defeating dadi, coz Khadoos Dadi ke samne unki nahin chalegi., Nimmo is very happy and she starts dancing with joy and the song "aaj mein upar aasmaa niche" plays in the background and after dancing  bit with joy she involves KB who is not interested and is busy packing their bags, KB says to Nimmo to check each and every thing before leaving the house, Just then Kunal enters and is unhappy tht they r not yet out of the house,.he also tells her tht he will also pack and send the things which doesn't belong to them and says them to hurry,KB tells him tht its all easy for him, its Nimmo and her who have to face the consequences when they reach home with all their stuffs they will b the one who will b asked wht r they back with all the bags, and she tells Kunal whether he will call and explain her family, and Kunal's cell phone rings and its swati who has called , Kunal takes Swati's name aloud , he is actually no clue y Swati has suddenly called him, Nimmo is pretty excited listening her Sister's Name , Swati tells Kunal everything and Kunal is really scared , Nimmo takes Kunal's phone frm his hand and Swati tells Nimmo everything,Nimmo is also tensed and Kunal is also confused abt wht to do, Swati asks Nimmo abt the news to which Nimmo acts innocent and says they donno anything abt the fake news[ yu[ dear]and she says tht she doesn't knw who the hell does spread such rumours , Swati tells whether she should come and take their interview, Nimmo avoids the topic and after disconnecting the phone she confronts Kunal abt the News, Kunal says tht he doesn't have any clue abt it , and KB in Nimmo r scared if Anand reads this then ,it would b really difficult for them, Kunal says if Dadi reads this news then there might b a disaster.

Meanwhile in the Hall the entire Sehgal family is being questioned on the phone calls abt their daughter in law being involved in the massage parlour scam, they avoid the topic and Preet is disgusted and she says tht disconnect all the phone lines, Dadaji is upset also ,The press is outside to enquire abt the matter, Dadi thinks afterall who is the one who is responsible for leaking this info out, the guest ,Parkati Pushi's bhateeji is actually tensed but happy indicating the viewers tht she is the actual culprit, Pushi tells its coz of Nimmo and now they should throw her out of the house, Varsha supprts Pushi[ actually taunts her],Shraddha doesn't want Nimmo to b thrown out of the house , But Varsha says tht she agrees with Pushi and she says she has called the police who will come and arrest the real culprit, PP's bhateeji is really very tensed now, IN comes the fairy god mother of this version of the Cindrella fairy tale , Siddhu as an inspector, in his usual style saying Punjabi kahawat.

Siddhu enters and introduces himself with a big Name and Varsha and Siddhu have hilarious scene where she asks him abt him abt his cast and then abt his huge name so he tells everyone tht they can call him Bhagwaan.[seriously nice humourous scene]LOL

He comes inside and asks for Namrata Sehgal, Nimmo, Kunal and KB enter, Nimmo is shocked to see the Sardarji again, Siddhu asks her tht frm when she has been operating this Massage Parlor she says frm quite some time[ actually she says 2 years I don't remember exactly] he asks her where is the Massage Parlour she says tht its In Virar, Siddhu gives her a clean chit, and then he says tht some1 wanted to frame Nimmo and so tht person called the Press and leaked the false information  and then he says tht is the person and he says tht person is the one who is actually the owner of the Massage Parlour, and he says tht he has the cell no of the person and he makes a call on tht No and it turns to b Mrs. Alluwalia's no , she hides her cell and later attempts to make an excuse tht her cell is not ringing ,but in vain cozz she is exposed, Varsha then tells everyone tht she overheard her talking on the phone and she understood everything, she also taunts Pushi and also Taunts Alluwalia's big entertainment business , also she says tht Nimmo's goodluck saved her,Dadi is very frustrated on her[guest] and she is also disgusted as she broke their trust, Before going she accepts of running the parlour and also leaks out tht it was Aniket who informed the press abt Nimmo, no one believes her, before going she warns Aniket and also her Pushi chachiLOL, Nimmo is not happy cozz again the plan faild ,also Kunal is dejected, Preet thnks the police and he says Press has an habit of spreading rumours and every thing will b ok just as she comes out and signs some papers, Nimmo goes out to sign the papers. Dadaji appoliges to Nimmo and requests her not to leave,KB is adamant to leave.

Outside the Press is impatient to know the details , Siddhu tells them tht the culprit is here and Nimmo is not involved in the scam and they start fire question on the Embarrased culprit, Nimmo is Upset tht her plan fail and she argues with Inspectpor Bhagwaan for Ruining her plan, he says tht god is present everywhere n tells her let the things go on as they r going on n and also tells her time will move at its own speed , also he asks her y is she trying to change her destiny , he tells her tht god is with her to protect her , and finally the conversation ends , as after the argument Nimmo tells tht almost all his words go as a bouncer, Before Leaving He tells Nimmo tht he can see Videsh Yatra[Foreign trip] on her Mathe ki laker.

Nimmo doesn't understands and enter the Sehgal house , where KB is all ready with the packed bags to leave and Varsha pulling the bags so tht she doesn't leave, KB says its not a joke it took her 2 hrs to pack the stuffs and now they will leave,Nimmo sings along with KB tht they will leave this place whre no body trusts them and always insults them, Pushi tells tht its Nimmo's fault she has not told them where was she the entire Night,Dadaji asks her y did she lie abt owning the massage Parlouir,Kunal is really tensed, Nimmo tells tht she did whatever her pati Parmeshwar Kunal told her to, after all she is the "adarsh Patni", KB is confused for wht rather y  Nimmo said so , rest every one is taken aback, Dadaji is furious and Kunal is angry on Nimmo for taking his name and he is like "y did u take my name , now I m dead, how could u do tht to me", Dadaji comes near Kunal and Gives him One tight slap every one is taken aback ,especially Nimmo and KB.

Preview for Tomorrow:Dadaji and Varsha talk abt Kunal and Nimmo's honeymoon trip and he asks Varsha to go behind them secretively and know whts the problem between the 2 which is coming between their love ,he also tells tht they have to do something to bring them close[ I m pretty excited]and then he says tht no one should knw tht she will also be going to Mauritius

Varsha is surely an angel in disguiseSmile


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1st June by Shagun

The episode starts with where it ended Kunal getting a tight slap and every1 shocked.Kunal handles the matter[he does have brains], he tells dadaji tht he did suspected the guest Nirali[ Mrs Nirali Alluwalia- finally got her name] so he intentionally had put the blame on Nimmo ,coz he knew she would commit a mistake and she will b caught and the same thing happened she did call the press and got exposed.,he sits on his knees and asks dadaji to forgive him.[ I hope he does a similar thing to propose Nimmo]

Dadaji is upset with Kunal tht how can he put Nimmo's character at stake, Kunal looks down, he tells Kunal to ask for an Apology frm Nimmo, Kunal who doesn't wants to but for dadaji's sake he does ask for an apology and he has an expression "I wont spare u, coz of u I was almost dead today",Kunal tells dadaji tht he did say sorry, Dadaji says go and hug her and then say sorry, Kunal is reluctant ,Nimmo is shocked as she doesn't want kunal to hug her and doesn't knw wht to say, KB is like no this cant happen, but dadaji is adamant[ way to go dadaji , dadaji ke samne kisiki nahin chalti], Kunal pretends to hug Nimmo and tht too not touching her but just surrounding his hand around her.

Dadaji says this is not done, he says u do it properly or I will give u one more tight slap, Kunal who doesn't want to get a slap hugs Nimmo[ gosh they look really cute][best scene-1]

Dadaji is at his room,in comes Preet with Pushi and tells him tht he should have let Kunal say wht he wanted to b4 slapping him, for tht Nimmo, Dadaji says tht it was his fault he should learn, Pushi tells Nimmo didn't completed her words and was sounding like Kunal did try to frame her,she also says tht Nimmo doesn't love Kunal and Kunal married her coz he wanted to save his property,Dadaji refuses to believe it he says it true tht Kunal Nimmo marriage was in a hurry but they do love each other a lot, Preet says tht they should let Kunal divorce Nimmo as he wants tht and Pushi adds tht preet has also found a grl for Kunal. Dadaji is shocked and he makes an attempt to make them understand tht if Kunal gets a divorce he would never marry again and do whtever he wants to but in vain , and he leaves ,however it seems tht dadaji has something up his sleeve

The Best scene 2

Kunal-Nimmo's Room:

Kunal,KK ,Nimmo and KB r there,KK asks Kunal whether he needs a ice pack for his face as it really hurts , Kunal is really furious at Nimmo[ in a cute confused way]He asks her y did she take her name ,he mimicks her and says tht she said it Badha chadhake ,and he also says she said it as if he is a wife beater he is a very bad guy, Nimmo is also mad at Kunal and the Argument began, She said tht she said it Badha chadhake and she asks him wht when he does the same and gave examples, mimicking him, "dadaji dadaji Nimmo and I had a Fight,Dadaji Nimmo regularly visits disco, dadaji Nimmo has insulted u,dadaji Nimmo loves to wear the Mini skirt ,Dadaji dadaji Nimmo runs the Massage Parlour", Kunal actually knws tht he was at fault and he says nothing but looks down, Kb continues tht good tht his relative was involved or else Police would have indeed arrested Nimmo and   Anand would have heard this news then he would had his second attack and he would have only one life line left, Kunal looks guilty.[atleast he knws tht wht he did was wrong]

Hilarious scene[don't do any imp task u might def burst out laughing]

Just then Rishab enters the room running and shouting Bhai Bhai, and Kunal and Rishab fall on the Bed ek ke upar ek,Nimmo,KB ,KK giggle and try not to burst out laughing, Rishab asks in a very cute tone "Bhai maine suna aapko padhi" , Kunal says yes and he shows him the side of the face where he got a slap, which has dadaji's finger print, Kunal also says tht Dadaji's slap is also as strong as his slap[ I m still laughing]

KB says tht Dadaji would never throw Nimmo out of the house , but can throw Kunal instead coz he really loves his bahu, also she says tht Nimmo will stay in the House until her death [thts true let the trip b over n then we will see whether Nimmo has any kind of a transformation]and then she adds tht thnk goodness tht now the matter is cleared otherwise wht would have Nimmo's family especially Anand would have felt bad, Nimmo thinks tht she should go and clear her Family's misconception

Nimmo's house

Anand,ketki,Swati and Valab ,KB r present and Finally the misconception is cleared , Anand says now he understood Ketki's strange behaviour, then swati apoliges tht she did tell Ketki to hide the news paper coz she didn't wanted him to get hurt, KB says good she did tht or else the news paper would have had the headlines tht a father killed his 3 daughters,Anand says so they did it in an attempt to save their life, Swati tells Nimmo tht if she agrees she will def humiliate tht Fatehaal[ Parkatti Pushi] and her fraud Bhateeji, Nimmo tells her not to do such a thing ,as they r related to their family now and she doesn't want them to get humiliated, however Anand is happy tht Nimmo thinks abt her new family, Ketki asks Nimmo whether she will have a cup of tea made by her , Nimmo gets emotional and says she will she misses it, Ketki says they miss her too, KB adds but Nimmo is not a Miss anymore she is now a Mrs.

Anand tells Nimmo abt Naina's contest and also tht she is going to Mauritius.Just then Kunal calls Nimmo , Nimmo picks up the Phone ,Kunal trying to b sweet tells her tht Dadaji has urgently called every one down as he wants to announce something.

Shegal house

Every 1 is down and Preet and Pushi discuss tht may b dadaji has realised his mistake of slapping Kunal and also accepted for the divorce, Dadaji comes and Kunal and Nimmo also assemble, Dadaji asks Kunal to forgive him coz he slapped him, Kunal feels bad and he says dadaji he has a right to hit him, Dadaji tells Kunal tht today he has been made realised tht He doesn't want to continue this marriage, he says tht he also has been made understand tht, kunal married to save his property and now he wants a divorce, Kunal,Nimmo and KB get tensed,Dadaji tells tht if he wants to get divorced then he can ,if gets happiness by signing the divorce papers then he can take divorce ,Nimmo,Kunal and KB the trio r happy, Kunal tries to say thnk u and tht he does but before he starts his words Dadaji adds then according to the will the property to the trust, Kunal,Nimmo and KB, look down Aniket and Samar also don't wanna this to happen, Dadaji says tht he has brought his Mauritius tickets for both of them, he wants them to go to Mauritius and get to knw each other well, and Stay with Nimmo for atleast a year. Kunal doesn't like this at all.

Dadaji says if he doesn't approve of this then he has another option, Kunal without hearing the second option Dadaji continues tht Kuna-Nimmo will have to stay together and if before one year they part then the business which he has made so successful with loads of hard work will not go to the trust but b equally b divided between all the members and Kunal will get Rs.15000 per month as his pocket money,Kunal doesn't like this at all, But Samar and Aniket r in approval of this change their expression shows it all.[ u will really b happy later baby cozz u will find true love]

Kunal-Nimmo's room

KB ,Nimmo,Kunal and Rishab all r there and KB says tht is this "Will" thing a joke or something, Nimmo wonders tht now wht to do,Kunal says now they cant do anything till a year is gone, he adds tht this Honeymoon week seems to b a good holiday for him Nimmo looks at him in a surprise and he says atleast they wouldn't have to play this Hubby-wife game in Mauritius,Nimmo looks happy with tht……..

Coffe shop:

Vikrant and Naina talking abt Naina's contest and he says tht he will accompany her to Mauritius and will remain with her till the contest ends and she wins.

Dada-dadi's room:

Preet and Pushi talk and Preet says tht The marriage breaks b4 an year would b better for Kunal, she says she has to send some1 behind Kunal and Nimmo who can create rifts between them and throw them apart, she chooses Pam for this Job[how abt sending Pam to chinch pokli]

Meanwhile in on the other side of the house Dadaji tells Varsha tht the entire family wants to increase the bitterness between Kunal and Nimmo and break their relationship , he says her to go behind them at Mauritius secretively and then try to figure out the thing which is preventing the love frm blossoming between the 2,Varsha agrees.[angel in disguise]

Meanwhile KB says tht how can she leave Nimmo alone she will also go to Mauritius.[ok I hope tht u also find ur true love KK, u guys will def make a cute couple]

Kunal-Nimmo's room

Kunal talks to KK which is supposedly at Mauritius he tells him to book 2 rooms one at Kunal-Nimmo's name and the other at KB's name, and he says tht he wants him to arrange an party and not to worry abt the grls as grls always follows him where ever he goes[this time ur rt,there is a huge line for u honey] and ends the conversation.

The best scene-3

Nimmo is siting on the sofa listening to wht Kunal is saying after the conversation she asks Kunal ,y did he book 2 rooms Kunal explains her so tht no one suspects them,Nimmo says she understood everything except the thing abt grls,she says she says u think u r a dude tht grls will follow u, I had a majboori, Kunal [irritated]says tht grls r crazy for him[yes I fully agree], Nimmo says tht yes only Crazy grls go for him, Nimmo says if she was not majboor she would have rejected him when she saw him, she tells him abt his Jacket's choice, Kunal gets more irritated and the argument starts , tht have u ever seen ur face, Nimmo's turn to get irritated and she gets up frm the sofa and asks Kunal wht he was saying abt her face Kunal says [ahem]:ur face ur face, Nimmo asks wht tell tell, and Kunal completes it isn't tht Bad[ not bad Mr Sehgal I love ur honesty,I wish I was actually in Nimmo's place,who wouldnt] and Kunal moves in frnt, Nimmo is actually a bit surprised and she comes and stands in frnt of him and says it isn't tht bad then then ur Jacket is also not tht Bad, Kunal looks relieved and Kunal and Nimmo stare at each other and the Kanyadaan music plays behind[ attraction started ohhhhhhhhhh wht a scene][Kunal was actually looking at Nimmo and was lost for few seconds,so does Nimmo]

KB enters with the small hand bag and she says tht she is ready[ I first time felt tht she should have entered a bit late , Kunal and Nimmo look at her and Kunal tells her tht they r going to Mauritius and not a some Indian place [he does take a place name which is in India] KB says tht yeah she had a misconception she tells him to go to Mauritius and bring her a big suitcase so tht every one knws abt the contract marriage,Kunal gets irritated coz of KB's Joke and Nimmo giggles.

Dada and Preet dadi talk, Dadi says tht now she has Nimmo to help in her family business and lets see till when she stays ,dadaji says tht she will remain in the house,Dadaji says tht this trip will definetly bring them closer ,Dadi says may b after coming back frm the trip they might have parted their ways , dadaji says tht no and he says tht there is a thin line between Hate and love and he says tht 2 ppl who hate each other can fall in love[ awwww dadaji I agree they will b madly in love and atleast get close to each other after returning]

Dada and Dadi r there down in the hall when Varsha and Raj[her hubby finally I got his name hehe] Dadi asks her where is she going and dadaji says tht she is going at Haridhwaar to pray for her family,dadi says y is she going dada says so tht other doesn't need to go, then Varsha leaves Raj goes to leave he outside, she Is going to pray for the family they leave, then Aniket comes with some suitcases dadaji's turn to ask where is he going to which He says tht he is not going but Pam is , Dadi covers up for her and says tht she is also going to pray for family's peace,dada says if pam is out Peace is in then comes Kunal,Nimmo and Kb, dadaji tells Kunal to take care of Nimmo and b together[they have too] ,Kunal nods and takes blessing frm every one ,Pushi asks KB where is she going she says to drop Nimmo at the airport and after tht she will go to to pilgrimage , dada says to pray for family peace ,Kb says no so tht the peace is here in the family they leave, Dada and dadi hug each other and Dadaji says tht Every one has gone to pray lord Shankar and now this house will all all the blessings frm him

The end

Preview:Varsha sees Pam and she is talking to dadaji and she disconnects the phone and hides , Nimmo sneaks in the Washroom and Pam sees Nimmo and tries to hide frm her ,But Nimmo sees Pam, and at the end Varsha and Nimmo r hiding inside, the washroom connected to each other, btw KB is also in the hiding list
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June 5th by Shagun

Mathuria House

The episode starts with Ketki packing for Naina, the bag is not closing and then when Anand chks it tht Ketki has filled the bag with Tiffins which consist of all the things especially made by ketki for the trip, the matter get sorted out as Anand and Valab get those eatables out of Naina's bag and disappointed ketki agrees to give it to some1 else, when Anand enquires abt swati ketki tells him tht she has gone to office as she has some urgent task


Kunal Nimmo [sitting in the back seat][looking really cute] n KB sitting In the frnt seat with the Driver[ nahin KK ka dil tooth jayega], KB suddenly asks the driver to stop and gets out of the car for Shoping, Kunal is lost he doesn't knw wht to do


Vikrant and Naina r waiting at the airport and Anand , Valab and Ketki come there, Ketki creates an embarrassing situation by asking every one where is the platform, Valab asks to keep quiet, Vikrant tells every1 tht Kunal and Nimmo r going on a honey moon on the same flight and they all will b together, and they decide to wait for Kunal and Nimmo to give them a surprise……………….Just then a car stops out side the airport and a new and Improved KB gets out of the car and orders some1 to bring her luggage in, and then the back doors of the cars open and guess who comes out none other thn the Indian Alladin and Jasmine aka Kunal and Nimmo, Kunal who is [giving one of his best expression ever] both confused , irritated at the same time, Nimmo is smiling, meanwhile Vikrant, Naina and rest of the family members r waiting for Kunal and Nimmo , ketki confirms whether Kunal and Nimmo r gonna board the same flight or not , Vikrant says yeah they will and then he says they arrived early and Kunal and Nimmo will b here any moment……….In comes the trio Kunal, Nimmo and KB, KB whispers something in Nimmo' ear [ nothing she wants to go to the wash room] , Nimmo tells her ok and KB leaves and Kunal is damn irritated and wanna knw where is KB going to which Nimmo says she will just come…………….. And Vikrant and rest notice tht the much awaited Honeymmon couple have just arrived, and Ketki calls Nimmo's name aloud both Nimmo and Kunal r rather shocked, Kunal wonders and asks Nimmo wht the hell the entire family is doing here, and Nimmo is also having the same question and She asks Kunal wht too do he says lets go there or else they will come here

Wonderful performance by Ejaz

Vikrant tells Kunal abt the Big surprise Kunal[ ejaz u get better as the each day passes , u rock sweetheart Sigh………..]and ketki says she has come for sendin off she does goof up and embarrass Valab and Anand but Kunal being Kunal understands and says u mean c off and Kunal is actually trying to cover up his frustration+irritation on Vikrant for his "SURPRISE" rather "SHOCK"[however irony off life u will actually miss Nimmo a lot sweetie] and smiles and slaps vikrant with soft hands yet it seems it he wanted to literally beat him up for ruining his plans Vik also asks Nimmo how was his Surprise Nimmo pretends to really b surprised…………he says tht Vik does has an habit to surprise him always………………Nimmo remembers abt KB and she excuses herself and leaves inorder to save KB frm getting caught by others…………..

Anand tells Vik to take care of Naina, to which Vik replies don't worry I would see tht she doesn't talk to anyone else and he will surely take care of her, for Him Nimmo and Naina r the same[ buzz off Nimmo and Kunal r deatined to b together, Naina is the one u suppodely love ] , Anand asks Kunal abt the Beauty contest, but before the conversation can proceed Naina manages the conversation to close, however Anand tells Kunal to take care………………

Nimmo stops KB frm coming outside and get caught by rest of the family members……… she tells KB tht she will leave her to the chk in counter and tells her to board the flight…………however KB tells Nimmo tht she is new to the place and unlike Railway station there is no TC out here whom can she approach and who will guide her to the correct place, and KB says wht if by mistake she boards the Kolhapur train, Nimmo tells her to chill and also tht nothing of this sort will happen she tells her just to b careful so tht she isn't caught by her family members……….And she leaves and Joins them………….. Kunal,Nimmo ,Vik and Naina bid good bye to Anand and go to board the flight……………….

Meanwhile Varsha and Pam who r waking around the airport come face to face, Varsha doesn't get surprise but Pam is initially shocked to see her there and then they both taunt each other abt the holy trip they were supposed to go on, Varsha tells Pam to accompany her in the domestic airport ,Pam understands wht Varsha means and she confronts her abt going to Mauritius just like her, To which a confident Varsha doesn't deny it , she tells her tht yes she is going to Mauritius to save Kunal and Nimmo's marriage and she will do her best to save their marriage.. and she tells Pam to do wht ever u wanna and make an attempt to break this marriage and Kunal-Nimmo's relationship and she will b there sort out the things and see tht nothing breaks their relationship , their marriage , way to go Varsha………….


Drolling section for all the grls hold ur breadth

Kunal and Nimmo reach Mauritius and r waiting outside the car[ Kunal changed his dress and is looking so hot , grls hold ur breath sigh……………] and Vik and Naina come holding KB, and Vik asks KB tht when did she get a hrt prblm, KB makes an excuse and Nimmo tries to cover it up but Is unable to cover it up and Makes an ishara to Kunal so tht he covers up KB's fake illness, Kunal says tht and the doctor asked Kb to go to Mauritius as here is the Doctor who definetly has a cure for KB's illness infact he is the one n Only who can do tht…………..[cute scene covering up for his wife], then they decide to go to the hotel…………..

Sehgal House

Dadaji is sitting on the Sofa Shraddha comes in with a juice and asks him tht Kunal and Nimmo might have reached Mauritius by now, Dadaji says yes the time says tht they have , they might b busy chking in the room , and tells her not to worry they would surely call and inform them tht they have reached safely as soon as they r free……………..Shraddha requests Dadaji tht don't let this Marriage to break, Dadaji tells he will do his level best to keep this marriage working, Shraddha leaves and Dadaji has a determined yet a worried look on his face……………..

Meanwhile Kunal Nimmo and KB r driving , Kunal driving Nimmo sitting next to him and KB behind and jumping rather swaying with joy and excitement…………,they reach the hotel and get down off the car and Vik and Naina arrive and KB says tht a Indian Maid[ Bai] doesn't have a future here, when she is asked y , she replies the road is so clean , infact look around the envoirment here is so clean, Kunal comes and interrupts in between and says tht yeah u knw y it is so cozz here the visitors are Indians and they come in and don't litter around out here , the ones who spit on the Indian roads and make the road untidy, but here they don't even throw a piece of paper……….. , gradually takes an owth not to litter around frm now on and at the end Kunal joins and says by doing this they will definetly make their city a better place to live in[ I hope this is practiced by one and all]

They go inside and there Kunal signs the register and then he tells the attendant to keep his luggage in 201 and rest in 202…………. Vik and Naina r shocked and Vik asks Kunal y Nimmo's Luggage in KB's room, [as usual the hubby wifey covering up game starts] Nimmo handles the matter by saying tht Most of KB's belongings r in her bag and she will just shift them in KB's room so tht , Vik completes so tht no one can disturb u guys The "Honeymoon couple" rt, Kunal says yeah after all we r here for a Honeymoon…….

Meanwhile, Vik asks Kunal abt his plans and Kunal says tht he has made a beautiful plan , night at beach, and a romantic date with SU……. But as he is gonna slip put his date's name he looks at Vikrant and takes Nimmo's name, Vik is Happy for Nimmo and says u both will enjoy KB says 3 of us as I am also accompanying them…... Vik and Naina r shocked and Vik asks her tht she is unwell and how can she go, KB gets bogged up and shouts at Vik, Nimmo makes her to cool down and this time hubby dear's turn to covr up he says tht due to her illness KB has become more irritable and hence she gets angry very fast…………. Vik asks Naina abt her plan , Naina says she has a boring plan and she says tht she has to attend a party tonite as it is related to her contest…….

Kunal,Nimmo and Kb leave , and Vik and Naina r signing the registers and chking in and Vik thnks Naina for giving an excuse of the party , to which Naina seems uncomfortable with Vik and tells him she is going to the party tonite and she has to prepare for the contest and she has to work hard in order to fulfil her dreams, Vik does feel Bad as Naina goes away but he wanna make her feel happy so he says ok[ already complications in the relationship]

Phone Rings at the Sehgal House , Shradha picks up the phone and its Nimmo, who has called her to say tht they reached safely.Nimmo n Kb r at the beach , KB holding her skirt dancing and jumping with joy in beach[ water] and Nimmo is takin to Shraddha , Shraddha asks Nimmo abt Kunal and she says he only told her to call her and inform them tht they have reached safe and sound………….Shraddha asks Nimmo to take care of Kunal ,Nimmo says She will and then she hungs up the call, n Over excited KB comes and tells Nimmo to enjoy…….

Kunal [wearing white] arranged a table for 2 for his date and tells waiter whn she comes just lead her here, Kunal is very happy, and then he sees Pam and he is totally shcked and he says , I haven't started drinking yet and wht am I seeing , [ he thinks tht he is imagining Pam], he goes towards Pam [strange who doesn't tries to hide frm Kunal] she asks him tht whether he is enjoying his freedom , she also says tht tht grl[Nimmo] is not his types and she can very well see tht he is enjoying his freedom without her, Kunal makes an excuse tht Nimmo was not in a mood to come thts y she didn't come, Pam says to Kunal no need to pretend in frnt of her, She is there as Dadi asked her to and she says he can share his secret with her , and she will make sure tht he parts with Nimmo and gets his freedom, Kunal thinks tht Pam chachi should never come to knw abt Nimmo and Me………. And tries to make another excuse looking at the arrangement he made, and comes Nimmo wearing a Jeans and Kurti, Kunal is so happy and he sighs Nimmo's name in excitement and goes towards her and pretends to b happy and smile and says Nimmo u r here, Pam is totally shocked on seeing Nimmo there, Kunal holds Nimmo's hand n he says Nimmo to have a look on who is here Nimmo looks at Pam chachi n is kinda shocked but Varsha chachi enters frm Behind to make already shcked Kunal more shocked……… Kunal asks her tht she is also here, to which Varsha says tht they all r in the same Hotel and same place and she says Kunal not to worry no one will disturb u guys on ur Honeymoon and she tells Pam lets go and she also mentions to Nimmo tht she will Take care of KB , and now Pam's turn to get shocked and asks tht KB is here too, Varsha takes her away with her by saying tht she will explain her later and thy leave and tells Kunal tht No one would disturb them………… Kunal and Nimmo leave their hand getting irritated after all the spies leave………… and donno wht to do………………..

Preview for Tomorrow[ Kal kab aayega]: [night]It seems tht Nimmo was Missing and Vik tells Nimmo tht Kunal has really changed I have never seen him worried till date , and today he was really worried abt u, and Vik starts to leave, Nimmo and Kunal r in a commotion where Kunal asks her tht where was she, Vik turns around and says "BTW U GUYS MAKE A CUTE COUPLE" n leaves Kunal and Nimmo r totally taken aback, Nimmo's infactuation and attraction for Vik the feelings rise again and she has tears in her eyes Kunal who doesn't even take 2 steps turn around and tells Nimmo tht for a year she is his responsibility and tells her not to disappear again , but it seems he doesn't notice Nimmo crying
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UPDATE 6th JUNE 2006 by sweet_shagun

The episode begins with:

Varsha, Pam r walking and Varsha says tht such a coincidence tht they both r here one to create prblms between kunu and nimmo and other trying to solve the Prblm , Meanwhile KB sneaks in [ really funny] when they r talking and following them and hear wht r they speaking, and when their conversation is abt to end as Pam says tht she will prove tht Kunu and Nimmo don't wanna continue their marriage, KB pops out frm behind, Pam who is disgusted more than shocked to see her there asks her wht the hell is she doing here, to which Varsha says tht KB maasi is there coz she is not well and she has come here for seeking medical advice,Pam says tht she doesn't look ill anyways , to which KB taunts her back [KB being KB]rather gives it back to "Phatehaal" and says tht she wont understand as "Yeh Andar ki Baath Hai" ,Pam leave in furstation and Varsha tells KB tht she has come here to see tht no one creates Prblm for Kunu and Nimmo and she will see how does Pam succeed in her plan and leaves,KB worried for Nimmo and says aloud tht poor Nimmo has to save herself from so many ppl

Sehgal House

Dada and Dadi r lying in their room , both looking worried coz neither Varsha nor Pam has given them a call yet, and both r waiting for the call, and both their cell phone rings one after other, however Dadaji's phone start ringing first followed by dadi's cell phone[wht a coincidence na , ok it's a kekta show I think I actually forgot tht little detail], Both look at each other coz both don't want their little secret to b out , Dada and dadi do pick up the call, dada is out in the hall and his detective Varsha[my angel indisguise] gives him the information tht the [opposition party] Dadi has sent Pam and meanwhile simultaneously Pam also informs dadi tht Dada has sent Varsha and KB is also there in Mauritius, However both assure their respective bosses tht they will take care of their enemy and make their respective mission successful[ God is with Varsha , abb tera kya hoga Pam , lets see who wins good or bad ], Dada and Dadi come face to face with each other and Dadi queries whether Varsha reached Kedarnath safely and Dada inquires abt Pam reaching Badrinath, however dada asks Dadi tht he knws tht Pam is there in Mauritius, Dadi confronts him abt Varsha , Dadaji says tht he is very well aware tht wht Preet aka dadi wants[waise dadi rt now u seem Preet kam and Parayee more oops, PJ again]and he will never let this Happen at any cost, Preet says lets see, and the Battle begins between the oldies and dadaji who is confident asks "Honey Buns" to lets go and sleep………………and she is irritated[way to go dadaji]

Cute scene-1

Nimmo is unpacking n Kunal says this is a Strange trap in which they r trapped in, he says they thought tht they would b free from this marriage within a month and now they have to continue atleast for a month or else his property will[hello sweetioe she is with u for rest of ur life………Before he completes the sentence Nimmo tells him Not to worry n tells tht she has signed a contract with him with a year and she will b with him atleast for an year or even a little time more thn tht , she will b stay with him till the Time he doesn't gets his property, and she tells him tht however he has done a lot for her and her family, he had returned her their house back and also paid the bills when her father was in the hospital, she says as long as he needs her she will b there for him[ how abt rest of ur life, this guy has started going bonkers over u honey], Kunal tells her tht now she has to Bear him atleast for an Year, Nimmo says its ok….. [ irony of life u married the only one made for u and now u want the the year passes by soon and ur free, and in near future both of u will say Kash yeh waqt rukh Jaata]

Just then some1 knocks at the door, Kunal and Nimmo wonder who can it be, Nimmo asks Kunal to chk out whether who the hell is there, and she says it would be a new family member who is there to b with them ,she says tht they r supposedly on a honeymoon and there is no room for privacy,In comes Sue when he says comein in Comes Sue Kunal's hot and sexy GF, and Nimmo is shocked to see her and also disappointed with Kunal when Kunal tells Sue tht Nimmo is his far of Family relative[door ki rishtedar has made a special place in ur heart,though it's the beg and u have not realised it as of yet] and she has come in his Room [ahem ,in future u will regret these words] and he asks Nimmo to go out ,Nimmo doesn't like this and disgusted Nimmo aks Kunal so tht u can do whtever u wants to, Kunal says she is misunderstanding him, and says tht He n Sue will play cards[ okkie Honey plz tell me in ur language the defnation of playing cards], Nimmo says ok and is irritated and she leaves the room, meanwhile Kunal takes Sue inside his room[bedroom] and then Pam chachi who has taken the room just in frnt of Kunal while closing the Curtains watches Kunal going inside the room with a sexy grl, she doesn't sees his face and she is confident now tht there is definetly something wrong going on between Kunal and Nimmo,and she is adamant to find out.

Meanwhile a irritated and frustrated Nimmo is waking outside the hotel and she is pretty disgusted and disappointed with Kunal and she says all men r the same, and she is not liked the fact tht Kunal threw her out of the grl for tht grl [sue][ waise feeling tht bad] she says she thought she will come here for a week and enjoy her life but she has become like a ball , rolling between 2 rooms, and as she walks she sees Varsha chachi coming frnt of her and towards her, however Varsha chachi is far and she is not able to see Nimmo as she runs off, so tht she doesn't get caught and Kunal is saved frm getting into the soup

Meanwhile Mr Womeniser [ahem] is taking a bath with his GF Sue[ hey I thought some1 said tht he was playing cards huh…………… this is ur defnation ] [ PS: well kekta did forget tht this is supposed to b a family show] . As Nimmo runs to save herself frm Varsha chachi and she reaches the loby she sees Pam heeding towards her room, In order to save Kunal frm getting in a Fix she rushes in the room and knocks the bed room but no one is there, she goes inside and sees the towel on the bed and she knocks the door and tells Kunu tht both their Chachi's r heeding to their room and both r outside and Kunal comes outside, and Nimmo tells him tht both his chachi's r outside,Kunal is tensed wht to do, Nimmo says good u sent ur Frnd or else we could have been in a big trouble, Kunal then looks down and makes an attempt to make Nimmo understand tht Sue is still there, Nimmo looks around and sees Sue's clothes outside lying in their Bed room, Nimmo is disgusted and Kunal tells her to give Sue the Dress, Nimmo doesn't agree initially but after refusing twice a digusted Nimmo gives her the dress in the bathroom, standing outside and quickly closes the door and she is fuming tht if their chachi's would saw this they would surely ask wife is outside and she is in[ true,Kunal is guilty at the same time thinkn],Sue Comes out as soon as Nimmo says the "Wife" word, Sue is irritated at Kunal and she asks him tht he lied to her and she is also disgusted with her, Kunal says tht she doesn't knw the actual facts , but he admits tht Nimmo is his wife, Nimmo says Kunal is rt he was not cheating on U and its true I am his wife but I don't mind[ hello u do confrnt ur soul]such things[hadsaas] happen to me always and I m used to it,but Sue is irritated and she is abt to leave, but Kunal stops her and tells her to understand and says her tht both her Aunt's r outside and if she goes out they will b in a big trouble, Sue holds back and then wonders so wht r they supposed to do, then Kunal comes up with a plan, [ remember wht he told Nimmo to do , exactly play cards sitting on the sofa, so now I think his confusion is clear,]and all of them r bored, Kunal goes and chks through the window whether the coast is clear, First he sees Pam who is sleeping , on his next visit[game of hide and seek] he sees Pam sleep and she has a company Varsha who is almost asleep, and then at last when they[this time both Nimmo and Kunal r there to see whether the coast is clear,looking cute] spy they see the trio sleeping Varsha, Pam and her long lost sister KB.

[Nice scene]Finally its Night and they both have to Share the same bed, Nimmo is quite disgusted with Kunal and she puts 2-3 pillows between them below the Blankets, Kunal gives her the look [hey common I wont do anything to u] , and Nimmo sleeps , and when she sees Kunal she changes her position and faces opposite to Kunal and sleeps , where as Kunal also sleeps, and he is into his dreams and the song frm the movie No Entry Plays………."Main Akela,Main Akela……………." Where he is romancing around with hot n sexy grls in the swimming costumes,and enjoying his freedom ,and atlast he is coming on a motar boat where he sees a "hot and sexy"grl walking in the beach, her hairs r open and , her back is towards him, he is definelty attracted towards her and he follows her and when the grl turns around she is none other than Nimmo wearing swim suit and looking diff ,Kunal is definetly surprised to see her in tht avatar and starts praising her[hey i remember the fan fic again]…………….then its seen tht in the bedroom Kunal is continuing his conversation [dream] with Nimmo, and Nimmo who is awake is shocked to hear wht Kunal says tht she is not tht bad, he didn't knew tht she can wear this thing and she is looking really hot……….Nimmo who is disgusted at Kunal for seeing such a dirty dream, Makes Kunal come back to reality and , Kunal is shocked to see Nimmo in her old avatar and he asks wht is she doing here, Nimmo is disgusted at Kunal who is also embarrassed a bit, she says she didn't knew tht he could go tht far……….. however Kunal says she is actually more dangerous than a real wife , she doesn't even spare him in his dreams[ lol honey u enjoyed it ] and Nimmo is doubtful abt Kunal and asks him whether he did this intentionally, Kunal doesn't like this and says no and turns around and sleeps and starts snoring, [ characters exchanged, till now it was Kunal who was disturbed by Nimmo's Snoring in the beg then latter during the time of wake up it was Nimmo's turn], Nimmo is disturbed by Kunal's snoring who is sleeping like baby and she tosses around and at the end she gets up and goes out of the room.

There she meets Vik who is also awake as he wanna wake up Naina in the morning and he thought if he didn't get up then Naina might have to suffer so he decided to b awake, and he also tells her tht his love Naina means everything to him,Nimmo is impressed by this "sweet" behaviour of Voik[ Sugarly Sweet], Nimmo tells him tht she was not able to sleep thts y she came for a walk , Vik joins in and they sit, he asks her tht she also did fell in Luv and he asks her to share her experience when she did fell in luv, she remembers all her meetin with Vik and says tht when she saw him[ Vik thinks she is referring to Kunal] first she knew tht he is the special one, she felt something , she says tht she felt tht she could have trust him blindly, and he can always bring a smile on her face, and says tht she knew tht he will fill he heart with Happiness, and he is the one of whom I always had dreamt of[ Wait for some time , for sweet fruits as the results][ not bad Kunal had started dreaming abt u, this guy is really falling in luv with u ]

Best scene[acc to me]

Vik says tht Kunal is a lucky guy, he hasn't changed , u love him so much and tht Fool is sleepin[ no u fool he isn't ] , as soon as he says we see Kunal worried abt Nimmo out side the hotel and searching for her, Vik n Nimmo r in conversation and Kunal comes there and he asks Nimmo tht at this hr wht the hell is she outside at tht hour and he also scolds Vik abt is this the time to talk and roam around,Nimmo who is shocked to see Kunal's this behaviour, she says sorry to Kunal and says she thought tht she will take a walk, Kunu says tht he was worried for her when he didn't see her , Nimmo is shocked and says sorry to Kunal again ,Vik observes all this, Kunal also tells her tht if something would have happened to her then, and he realises abt wht he uttered and rectifies it by saying tht this a new place and she should roam around alone , he also says tht She is HIS RESPONSIBILITY, a shocked Nimmo hears it all , Vik is abt to turn and leave but he holds back and says tht he was wrong Kunal has indeed changed a lot, and tht he has never seen him worried for some1 so much till date, Kunal who actually tries to hide his feelings and ignores the comment made by Vik and starts continues his scoldin section, Vik turns back again and says "BTW u guys make a cute couple"[ who can deny that], smiles turns around and leave, Nimmo's eyes r filled with tears, Kunal leaves asking Nimmo to come inside, Nimmo trying to smile[ kunal doesn't sees her tears] and the sad version plays and all the flash backs

"Sach hai ki dil toh dukha hai,humne magar yeh socha hai Dil ko hai Gham kyon Aankhe hai Nam kyon hona tha jo who hua hai, us bath ko jaane bhi do jiska nishaa kal ho na ho"

[also the scene when Kunal applies Sindoor on her[Nimmo's] forehead, the wedding scene is shown in the flash back] , Vik turns around smiles at Nimmo and waves her bye and leaves……… as Nimmo smiles with tears and the episode ends on Nimmo's face who has tears in her eyes yes trying to give a fake smile.

Preview for Tomorrow: KB,varsha,Pam and Nimmo r ordering the break fast and KB is irritated tht there is not a single good dish like Misarle Pav and Dhokla r not ,here and says they get better food in her "gli ka Nukad" so they better leave,Pam taunts her and tells her tht she has gone crazy, and however the menu is in English so she will not b able to read it, KB says she knws English she again with the famous KB jokes and she asks Pam what is the opp of Nag Panchami, Pam is irritated , KB says she doesn't knw the ans so wht, the opp is Nag Don't Punch me, Nimmo giggles,so does Varsha but Pam doesn't seem to like the KB joke again
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The Consolation Scene[ one of the best scenes of the week][ i actually wanted to go and give Kunu a hug]

Best scene-1

The episode begins where it ended yesterday, Nimmo crying and Kunal heading towards the room, he sees tht Nimmo is not coming and turns abt and goes towards Nimmo to ask her y is she standing, But he feels bad when he sees Nimmo crying ,and he thinks tht she is crying bcoz he said so many things to her,he feels bad, and he takes out hishandkerchief and wipes off her tears , Nimmo doesn't like this, but he sweetly continues wiping of her tears and he tells her don't cry , Nimmo tells him tht she is not crying for him , but coz she remembered some1, Kunal sighs as he is relieved tht Nimmo is not crying coz of him,he guesses tht she might have remembered her family members as she is far off from them for the first time, Nimmo says No she remembered a friend, Kunal thinks she is talking abt one of her Sahelis[Girl friends], And Nimmo sits , Kunal sits in front of her and Nimmo is crying she says tht she did remember him, Kunal now understands tht she is talking abt a guy, he understands tht wht she meant to say, he asks her u mean the love thing, Nimmo's tears says it all ,Kunal in a sweet way tries to calm Nimmo down, he feels Bad for her and he does share a secret with her, he tells her he has not told abt this secret to any1, and says tht he also was "once in Love"[sweet heart u both have gone to the same phase phase of infactuation, and Infactuation and love is to things apart],Nimmo is still crying but she is slightly taken aback when Kunal shares this little secret with her, he says but the matter didn't go far it just ended[good u were saved],and then he tries to console Nimmo and Nimmo blurts out tht she did love him, but he was never meant for him, coz he loves some1 else,Kunal does feel bad for her, he looks at Nimmo who is crying and is upset and he tries to console her ,rather make her stop her tears, he hits her on her head with a soft hand[ actually he is tryin to pat her, hello thts wht u do in the back, but tht was sweet honey love u more],Nimmo gets irritated and asks her wht is he doing to which Kunal says he is making an Attempt "Tunhe chupkarane ke liye", Nimmo asks him whether this is the way to make anyone stop crying, Kunal says tht he doesn't knw, Kunal tells Nimmo who looks at him, tht he has never done tht before in his life, and he was doing it for the first time, he almost starts sharing facts of his life with her,He tells her tht he was very small when his Father passed by, and frm them everyone in the Family took care of him, he never had to take care of any1,uptil now and today he is just trying ,he asks Nimmo to go back in the room and rest so tht she feels better and then Nimmo who is crying and Kunal r heeding towards their room, Kunal is giving her the tissue but she is not taking it n sobbing, Kunal is initially walking behind her, but as they progress walking its shown tht Kunal is walking with her, trying to stop her precious tears[the heart beat is going on in the background]………..and the song plays……….she is abt to trip[fall] when Kunal holds her and prevents her frm falling, and Nimmo takes his hand off her[ they repeated this scene twice as the song played in the back ground]

"Ki na kabhi jiski Parwaah [ when kunal Nimmo walk, and Kunal trying to stop the poor grl crying],

Aaj woh Bana Mera Aapna [refreing to Kunu baby, she trips and Kunu saves her, the scene was first showed during this line ],

Rehta tat ha jo Dhadkano mein[ her scenes with Vik]

Bangaya who ek sapna…………[scene when Naina and Vik Hug]

Is dard ko tanha sahoo [Nimmo trips]

Bechainiyaa Kal ho na Ho[ Kunal prevents her frm falling the scene repeated ] and they leave………..

The Next Morning

K Channel[Swati's office]

Swati is in a meeting, where is against the person who wants a rape Issue to b presented as a publicity, she gives him a lecture tht the thing wht he wants them to do is wrong, if other news channel does this cheap publicity then they cant follow suit, after all the commotion the meeting ends things r in Swati's favour and everyone leaves Swati's boss comes and tells her tht he liked her attitude and tells her tht he was in agreement with wht she said, he tells her tht she hasn't changed , then swati who is taken aback looks at him which a shocked look and then he says tht 54 yrs ago she was doing a project and she did was a successful in tht and he says it was due to his recommendation she got through as he was observing her work, she thnks him and he asks him to b part of his new project, which initial denial Swati finally agrees to do the project with him.[ a new love story seems to begin]

Mauritius[ cute scene ]

A set of car key is thrown on the table, out side , in the cafeteria , and Kunal asks Varsha chachi who keeps the car keys , abt y wht is the car keys for , Varsha chachi anmd KB is also standing with her Varsha tells Kunal tht Nimmo has been there for the first time and since Nimmo and Kunal r for a honey moon y don't he takes her to a Mauritius tour ,so tht Nimmo is familiar with the place, Kunal and Nimmo both r shocked, Kunal makes an excuse tht his stomach is aching by keeping his hand on his head[he was too good with his expression as usual], Varsha is not convinced and then Kunal says he meant tht he has a headache so he cant go anywhere, Pam comes in and tells Kunal he should take rest and not go out, Varsha gives nehle pe dehla, she tells if thts the case Pam thn she has a better idea tht she would lock Kunal and Nimmo in the room for the day and the room will b opened only twice forlunch and dinner and Nimmo will take care of Kunal and his headache and Kunal will rest inside the room and Kunal thinks tht Full day in the room locked with Nimmo[ Hum tum ek kamre band ho, I wish u do tht intentionally VArsha.though i feel tht the day will soon arrive whn Kunal actually will want this], Kunal has agree to go with Nimmo on the Mauritius tour, and he says placing his hand on his head tht his Stomach doesn't aches any more, Pam is not happy to hear it , as Kunal continues tht He and Nimmo will go and enjoy in Mauritius , Nimmo and Kunal leave [forcefully], after they leave , Varsha is happy with her Victory and tells Pam tht this Is the second win over her and she tells her tht this is just the begening, and she leaves leaving the fuming Pam standing

Naina and Vik talk and Vik tells Naina tht he has made a sweet plan[sugarly sweet] for her, Which Naina doesn't approve, she says tht she will have the breakfast with her collegues,other contestants and she doesn't wants her modeling carrier to b affected for not being "Single", she doesn't want others should come knw tht Vik is her BF[oh please],Vik feels bad, but he doesn't show in front of Naina tht he felt bad, he pleads to Naina tht atleast he can drop her to the Van, While covering tht Distance Naina tells Vik tht she knws tht he felt bad, and she is sorry for her, vik tries to avoid the topic and he leaves her to the car and he tells her tht please try to b there for Shopping , they have made a plan and he wants her to b there as he has told every one tht he will b there , he reminds Naina again before the Van leaves.

Cute scene

Nimmo and Kunal reach the beach , not knowing tht Varsha,KB and Vik r following them, As they walk along the shore A motar boat is shown and Anita is rt there in the Motar boat[ today I saw KA, remember how ejaz rentered today, similar fashion Anita was introduced in KHNK, but her face was shown frm the begening], Kunal is totally bowled over looking at Anita, who is having her introductory song[ Aashiqui me Teri jaja jayegi jaan meri…….. frm the movie China town], However as the song ends Kunal[ he hasn't wore the shirt, [lagta hai KA aur KHNK ka shoot ek saath hua hai], excuses himself frm Nimmo when Anita gets down frm the boat, he goes there and tells her tht it seems tht he has seen her before, and frm the water emerges Mr. attitude, Shabbir[ song Jeene ke hai char din, the music of the song], he comes and stands with Anita as Kunal introudes himself As Kunal Sehgal, Shabir introduces him as Shabbir Alluwalia and his frnd Anita and tells him tht he very well knows to Handle guys who r Kunal type and trying to act smart, Anita and Shabbir leave and Kunal looks at Anita and Anita looks back at Kunal [and the KA tune is played], however Kunal is standing and Nimmo pops in and teases Kunal tht his plan failed[she says Jaan pehcchan bananane gaye the anjaan ban kar chali gaye], Kunal is irritated and sad in a cute way[ I felt like hugging him] Nimmo then realizes tht she went overboard and asks for an apology From Kunal, however Kunal tells her tht she was rt and he also tells her tht bcoz of him she has to bear his boring company[BORING, oh Nimmo babes lets exchange places], Nimmo who doesn't give an answer initially says yes and Kunal tells her tht she can roam around and enjoy around alone, Nimmo is happy and she confirms tht she will enjoy and he wont b around Kunal assures her as Nimmo leaves to have fun in the beach…………

Best scene-3

As Nimmo leaves and Kunal turns around he sees Varsha,Vik and KB who r there as Spies and he also sees Pam in the opposite direction , and he knws tht he is in a fix, and the Spies r trying to hide frm Kunal, Kunal so tht the cat is not out of the bags goes towards Nimmo and Picks her up and Moves around a circle[ have u seen couple enjoying in movies], Nimmo is actually shocked and asks Kunal wht the hell is he up too, Kunal continuing his smile tells Nimmo to turn around and look and she would knw the reason she does as Kunal says tht his chachi's r there, Nimmo is frustrated and looks up at the sky and her tu tu mein mein with god starts she says she knew tht he can never see her happy, Kunal thinks tht Nimmo has gone insane as she is talking to herself, to which Nimmo replies tht this is cozz of their family, so Kunal and Nimmo pretend to enjoy together,KB doesn't like this ,Pam is shocked Varsha is happy, but she notices tht Pam is also there, Varsha tells KB abt Pam's presence , KB is shockd to see "Phatehaal there", and suddenly they r not able to see Kunal and Nimmo.

Best scene-4

Later on they r searching where is Kunal and Nimmo and they finally see them enjoying , hugging , romancing, the background song plays "Samundar main nahakar aur bhi Namkeen ho Gayee ho", Pam is shcked, Varsha is happy to see her Bacha enjoying.

She[Varsha] imagines herself with her hubby enjoying in the beach but she comes back to reality, KB comes and stands behind her, she tells KB tht look tht her baby Kunal is so happy, KB says tht Baby, she should have given him 2 tight slaps when he was indeed a baby , then he would not have been wht he is now[ flirt], however Kunal and Nimmo go on the boat ride, and Varsha and KB r not able to see them so they decide to search for them,, Vik is cycling around, KB and Varsha take the cycles initially but later on give it up and start running[leaving the cycle there].

Best scene 4[ -minus kavita's entry I m dead sure she is here to b short lived , hey how abt sending her to Jhumri talaiya, for a long long break]

Meanwhile Kunal and Nimmo r on the boat riding and [KAVITA MAKES THE ENTRY], Kavita coms out of the water and Kunal sees her he is shocked and he wonders tht wht is "NATASHA MALHOTRA" doing here [ ab inhe bhi mera hi surname churane ke liye mila tha kekta don't come in frnt of me grrrrrrrrrr], anyways then he cant catch her again , suddenly , a person aims at Nimmo and shoots , Nimmo [who was holding Kunal ]falls down in the water, and Kunal jumps in the water and saves Nimmo and is bringing her out of the water[ hero comes to the rescue], The rest see this and come running towards Nimmo, every one is worried for Nimmo, Kunal brings Nimmo out of the water and keeps her on the shore, everyone [the family-Varsha,KB,Vik, Pam-mere spectator] trying to get Nimmo back to conciousness, when Nimmo is unconscious they see blood stain on Nimmo's hand and r shocked and Vik tells Kunal to give her Breathe CPR and save her, Kunal who doesn't wants to do this but doesn't have anychoice as he gotta save Nimmo at any cost, is abt to give her the breathe[Chand wah kya bath hai ek aur co incidence,keep writing honey], KB pushes him off, and she is able to aid as water comes out frm Nimmo's body, and finally Nimmo gets conciousness, Kunal helps Nimmo to get up and holds her,and looks at her life jacket which has 2 holes in them, Nimmo leaves with the rest and Kunal thinks to himself[ gosh this guy does have brains] , and adds 2+2=4 as he adds the 2 major points first Stain on Nimmo's hand and other 2 holes in Nimmo's life jacket,he wonders tht this was another attempt to kill Nimmo, he wonders who could it b who is still following them even at Mauritius. The episode ends on Kunal who is shocked and equally worried and adamant to find out abt the culprit.

Tomorrow's preview:Swati is going out of the house for the project and Anand is stoping her which leads to a big argument between the 2, as Anand decides to call and speak to her boss Swati disconnects the call and tells Anand not to interfere in her life and leaves, this Makes Anand Upset
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Sehgal House:

Swati's Boss and his wife[yes he is married and ready to have an extra marital affair] r at Sehgal's house discussing his younger brother and Diti's[Varsha's other daughter] wedding day and fixing the date,dada however says tht its better if they fix it after Varsha is back, however dadi says they should fix the date, Varsha will come and the ceremony begins, however Diti and Saket seem to b in love they sneak in her room, where both r trying to b cosy, However Varsha calls and talks to Diti and tells her to remain in her boundries atleast till her wedding which will soon occur , and she tells her she should learn something frm Nimmo who even after marriage stays away frm KunalLOL Diti doesn't understand however Varsha says tht Nimmo is like tht only and she tells her tht she will b back soon, and the conversation ends, however Diti's is missing her mom and Saket observes this and also understands this he tells Diti tht she does miss her mom and also says tht she is lucky and says tht he has never seen his mom , his brother and his sisterin law have been like parents to her, he says tht his sister in law is his motherly figure[ oh gosh kekta grr], and he says tht he prays to god tht no one can come between his borther and sister in law[ kekta grr again an extra marital affair] Diti says no one will and then they hug each other.


KB,Pam ,Varsha ,Kunal n Nimmo reach  the Mall and KB is surprised to look at such a big shopping centre, Varsha tells her tht they shall only do window shopping , to which Kb says she doesn't need to buy windows, LOL,Pam doesn't leave the oppourtunity to insult KB by saying tht she cant afford to buy anything frm here as she doesn't have any money, Kunal doesn't seem to like this, However Varsha gives KB money and tells her tht now she does have money and they can buy anything, Pam is fuming as Varsha made her swallow her words. However then they enter the Mall and start shopping, Kunal-Nimmo r shopping together, Naina and Vikrant joins in, Kunal selects plenty of Purfumes and hands every thing to Nimmo to hold[ being confused he selects almost all varities of Perfumes, Meanwhile Naina is also selecting perfumes but then at the end she is left of with very few of it, She feels jelous of Her sister's luck[she always aimed high in life afterall].rest all r busy shoping

Nice scene-1

After Kunal's shoping is finished he enters a jewellry shop and tells the sales grl to give him the heart shape Pendants which is their speciality ,she asks him wht u did take last year to which he says yes. He gift wraps it for NATASHA[gosh he still seems to b in Natasha hang over, like Nimmo is in Vik Hangover], Varsha and Nimmo joins in and Varsha asks Kunal tht he is buying a gift for his wife, Kunal has no other option as he cant deny he does hides his gift, and then Varsha asks Nimmo to select something of her choice, Nimmo stands with Kunal ,Varsha leaves ,Kunal asks Nimmo to go ahead and  take[pick] whtever she likes, Nimmo says sorry to Kunal and tells him tht he is in a fix coz of her, Kunal tells her its not a prblm for him and tells her to pick up anything and keep it and he will pay it as her frnd, Nimmo after initially denying on Kunal's insistence agrees to do so but only on one condition tht she will return everything back to him after a year, Kunal says ok u can go ahead.

Meanwhile Naina and Vik also join in as Nimmo is selecting some jewellary for herself, Naina not feeling nice,as Vik will not b able to give her expensive things,Naina likes a heavy and really expensive Jewellry which Vik doesn't buy and instead selects a delicate necklace for her, and says it will look good, at this moment Nimmo starts noticing Naina and Vik after clearing her bills, Naina tells Vik he can tell her the truth tht he cant afford it she will not feel bad and she walks off ,Vik does feels bad abt it as Naina doesn't take the necklace which he selected, Nimmo observes tht he something wrong is going on between her sister and Vik.

Nice scene-2[esp whn Nimmo tries to console Kunal as he did the other day]

Kunal comes out of the Mall and notices Natasha who is walking by, he tries to talk to her but she disappears and he starts searching her like the entire Place and he bumps on Nimmo who comes out of "Ladies Toilet" and kunal sneaks in there to search for Natasha ,Nimmo wondrs whm is Kunal searching in there, Natasha is not in and disappointed Kunal does come out and When Nimmo asks him wht was he searching he tells her tht he was actually searching for Some1, and says he actually knew tht she would b in Mauritius around this time period, Nimmo tries to figure it out , initially she is not able to guess, but looking at Kunal who is very much anxious she understands in second attempt tht he is looking for his "love"[hey but ur rt there honey], She tells Kunal tht she understands how it feels, Kunal tries to cut out the situation and now its time for Nimmo to console Kunal she does try to console him the same way he did, hit his head [oops pat his head] Kunal who is still trying to figure out whre is Natassha is and tells Nimmo its ok[ after she tries to console him] while Consoling him Nimmo tells him tht dont worry everything will b fine and Kunal says some things never change, the situation sometimes are never in control, rather in ur favour [ he says "Kuch cheeze kabhi theek nahin hoti], and leaves to search for his so called lady love,as Kunal leaves Nimmo tells to herself aloud tht she understands how it feels[how Kunal actually is feeling] [ actully Nimmo feels bad fot kunu , thts cute, Dil ka rishta gehra ho raha haiEmbarrassed].

Kay Channel

Swati completes her work , shows it to her boss who asks her for another file , it seems tht work is pending, Swati is left with no other option and she goes to her cabin and starts completing her file, she does overtime and its almost 2 in the morning when Anand calls and asks her abt her whereabts and tells her tht he didn't have dinner as he was waiting for her, Swati however tells him tht her work is almost finished and she will leave the office soon, however as she disconnects the Phone and turns around she sees her boss standing there hearing the entire conversation, he tells her when he asked her before abt staying up late night in the office she didn't say anything, Swati tells him its not a prblm its just tht her father is a bit reservative thts it and for her work is the first priority, Her boss tells her to convince her parents abt working till late hours at office as she has the potential to make it big,and he offers her to drop home, after initial reluctance she gives in eventually when he tells he can wait till her completes the file and goes with him[ again extra marital affair is abt to begin]Confused

The VERMA HOUSE[ Swati's boss]

His wife is waiting for him to come and she doesn't even has her dinner,he tells her tht he already had his dinner, and also tells her tht he has told her plenty of time not to wait for him for dinner, his wife[ hey tht lady seems to b really a good human and a nice lady],she tells him tht they need to do so much for the wedding as its approaching,however he tells her tht Preet has given him a responsibility and he needs to prove himself in frnt of her and also tells her tht he will concentrate more on work and so he will often b late[ yeah coz ur a fool to have an extra marital affair], his wife doesn't utter anything against it, he leaves and poor lady is standing there n seems to b upset


Kunal,Nimmo.KB,Pam and Varsha enter the casino, evry one goes and starts playing, trying their luck except KB and Nimmo[Kunal is there but is away frm them], KB is confused where is she to which Nimmo replies tht they r in a "JUa Khana",KB is actually shocked how can ppl play Jua like this in  such a atmosphere not hiding frm anyone but enjoy playing it.Nimmo tells KB tht however they cant play as they don't have a penny, Just then Kunal comes with 2 mugs of coins and gives it to them and asks them to play and when Nimmo queries y is he doin this he tells her after all she is KUNAL SEHGAL'S wife[how sweet kunu u care for herEmbarrassed], KB jokes initially but takes the mugs and Kunal tells them to play and not to worry the mugs will not b empty howmuchever they play.However every one is busy playing and KB looses all the money as luck doesn't favours her as it favored the person playing before her , she shouts at the lady attendant who aid her initially how to play and was shooed off by KB , after she looses as she wants her money back, Vik comes is he is in a embarassin situation and he closes KB's Mouth with his hand n takes her away and saves a scene frm creating,Meanwhile Pam is also shown loosing her pennies Nimmo again bumps off on Kunal who asks her y isn't she playing[ not bad u r indeed taking care of ur life thts sweet honeyEmbarrassedHug] he tells her to go and play there n his manager is there she can take his guidance if she needs any, Nimmo heeds towards the place and a Unknown person [the killer] attachs a chip over the lever, and leaves he calls some1 and tells now its only a matter of few seconds as Nimmo pulls the lever there will b blast, Nimmo goes there sits at tht particular place but as luck favours her she doesn't pulls the lever as some1 calls her.Meanwhile the stalker calls and tells the person on the other end tht probably today the time is not rt,and the rt time will soon come.

Nice scene[unexpected for me to like the scene actuallyLOL,Natassha Nimmo meet]

Nimmo comes and sits to play a game she sits next to Natassha and tells the person tht she bets on Number 21, Now conversation with Natasha and Nimmo begins as Natassha tells her tht NO.21 is taken away by her, to which Nimmo says thn its ok she will choose another no to bet on, Natassha changes her mind as she sees the sweet behaviour of Nimmo and she tells her tht she can bet on the same no she choosed initially as her luck is not favoring her these days, she says might b she might prove lucky for her tonight,might b she bribgs back her lucky charm back in her life[ hello now he is taken away] and god might have favired her with luck, Nimmo says in tht case they better not bet on the no. as God has wriiten only bad for her, Natassha is sure and she says she is sure tht this might prove lucky for her this time, and they bet on NO.21 and they do win, both r happy and Nimmo is not able to believe tht she won, Natassha tells Nimmo tht today she met her and so she had to win today, they both shake hands and introduce each other, Nimmo introduces herself  as Namrata, Natassha tells her tht she actually stays at Canada but she is also having her house here at Mauritius and she is having some memories with this place,however when she asks Nimmo tht wht is she doing here she tells her tht she is actually for a kind of Honeymoon, Natasha doesn't understand she says wht do u mean by Kind off ,Nimmo says she doesn't knw she is a bit confused,Natassha says tht she cant believe her hears she says tht Nimmo reminds her of her EX BF[it seems tht Natassha has got over with Kunal], he was always confused, Nimmo tells her tht her husband is also the same always confused[ well Kunal jaisa confused koi nahin,both r discussin abt the same person], Natassha tells Nimmo it was very nice meeting a sweet grl like her, and tells her tht she needs to rush or else she might have definetly met her hubby, she tells her bye and leaves, Meanwhile outside the casino Kunal sees Natassha when she comes out of the casino and is walking, Kunal says excuse me and Natassha turns around and she is shocked and her face shows bitterness for Kunal , and the episode ends on her bitter face.

Preview for Tomorrow: Vik plays and he wins[as he bets on No.30 which Nimmo told him to bet on] and he hugs Nimmo and he tells her tht she is indeed lucky for him and thnks her, she tells her just for the game to which Vik tells her coz its coz of her tht he got his Love Naina back in his life but this is not only the reason he is also greatful to find such a dearest frnd in her. Nimmo tries to hide her tears.



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UPDATE-12th June


The episode starts with where it was left yesterday, Kunal and Natassha come face to face [ it seems Kunal is still in "Love" with her], Natassha is shocked as well as her face shows a kind of old Pain, Pain of loosing him [ it seems she was really serious abt her] She asks Kunal wht is he doing in Mauritius as he said tht he will never come back to Mauritius, Kunal tells her as if she doesn't knw,he also tells her tht he never forgot her , Natassha tells him tht she doesn't wanna talk abt the past, Kunal convinces her to meet at the place they last met the next day, he tells her tht everything might b a past but they atleast knw each other, she tells him tht its not of any use meeting , and she wont come ,Kunal says he knws tht she will and he will wait for her, However Pam is witnessin all these things out there, and wanna knw who is the grl Kunal is being seems so serious abt inspite of the fact Nimmo is there,however Natassha leaves and Pam [ who is hiding frm Kunal] thinks tht she should find out abt the grl abt whom Kunal seems to b serious.

Vikrant is loosing all the money when Nimmo joins in, The attendant asks Vik to try Lady luck, however Vik goes with the idea and asks Nimmo to pick a no. and she initially asks him whether he believes in all these things, But then After Viks insistence he picks up a No. No.30 and LADY LUCK does favour him as he wins the JACKPOT and thnks Nimmo [buy giving her a hug] , Nimmo says just coz he won the jackpot for her, he tells her tht its not the only reason, bcoz of her he got his Love Naina in his life and also he has found a true frnd in her , however he gives her another hug and says her Thnks Nimmo's wound which is still not healed does Pinches her[ arre yeh pati-Patni ki jodi bhi na, ek jaisi halat hai dono ki……………EmbarrassedEmbarrassed]

The Next Morning:Mauritius[jelous Naina she needs to learn a lot she behaved like a gold diggerAngry]

Naina is sitting  out side the hotel [ she is surrounded by beach , wht a pleasant atmosphere, I really wanna pack my bags and visit Mauritius for a day, any company],Nimmo comes there and she has some bags, she tells Naina wht is is doing there, Naina tells her tht she has a rest for a day and frm the next day the final round will start, However Nimmo tries to cheer her up and tells her tht she got her something she takes out the necklace and gives it to Naina, Naina remembers tht it's the same Necklace she liked but couldn't take it coz Vik couldn't afford it, however Naina gets irritated and her the Envy sister does pour her heart out in frustration, first she asks Nimmo whether Vik told her anything[she tries to b calm],however Nimmo tells her no she tells her tht Vik only told her tht she cant spend quality time with her coz of her busy schedule, Naina is frustrated on seein the necklace and she asks Nimmo tht wht does she wanna Proove tht she is married to Sehgal's and Naina is Not, Nimmo's heart broken,she tries to make Naina understand, but Naina continues does she wanna prove tht Naina cant afford it and Naina leaves in frustration, Nimmo is left back Crying , she thinks tht Naina is having misconception abt her, she doesn't understand how lucky she is , she has got a guy who loves her a lot, she blames god for this , she makes an antithesis while thinking tht [blaming got,not fightin] she has everything yet she is left with Nothing, she thinks how can she make Naina understand tht wht is Her actual relationship with Kunal[ u dont knw ur future]

Naina and Vik Bump and Vim tells her tht he missed her in the casino and since she wasn't with him he was loosing but as soon as Nimmo joined him[ Naina feels miserable when she hears her sister's name] the luck favored him and she won a jackpot, Naina blutters out "Actually Nimmo has won the jackpot", she tells him tht Kunal took Nimmo for shopping and she took whtever she liked, Vik is shocked[ now understand the diff between Gold and rod], Naina tells him tht Kunal is the Jackpot Nimmo has won, she tells him tht whenever they used to go for a shopping they always used to pick up things looking at the price tags ,she also says tht she always got the best things not Nimmo but this time she got the best[ arre first come down to earth then think abt picking up the best]however she knew once she becomes a model she wouldn't need to see the price tags and she would b able to afford everything, Vik Makes her understand tht Nimmo is married to Kunal the millianare[ tht he is both even at heart as well as financially] and he owns many company and he is just an employee, now tht pinches Naina she tells Vik tht she always aimed to reach higher in life, but she didn't even today she has to buy things acc to the price tags , and Nimmo doesn't need to think over this, she blabbers out all her jealously with respect to her sister [who sacrificed the guy she loved] tht she[Nimmo] is married to Kunal , and at the end she also says tht she aimed the best but never got it instead Nimmo did [coz she deserve it, not u,she reminds me of a golddigger,y the hell did u say yes to Vik then ,thts so stupid]

Nimmo is her in the room and she is looking at her [Mathuria's] family pic and does remember her family, just then her dad calls, Anand asks her abt her well being, he speaks softly coz Neeta has told him to as Nimmo and Kunal r on their honey moon and Neeta is sleeping so he doesn't wants to disturb her and Anand also asks abt Naina, he also asks her tht whether she is taking care of Naina, Nimmo has tears in her eyes and she tells him she just met her and Naina is happy, Anand is happy to knw tht both the sisters r happy and enjoying, he tells her after they come back he will tell Kunal to leave Nimmo at his place for few days ,and he will ask Swati to take a leave [she wont even in her dreams] and the sisters will share the same room as they did before marriage,however Nimmo tries to hide her emotions frm her dad , so does Anand as both have tears in their eyes Remembering the old days, Nimmo pretends tht she cant hear anything she says Hello ,hello and hungs up the Phone crying.

Mathuria House[ okkie remember the preview they had shown last week but skiped the scene here it is, TUBELIGHTS]

Swati enters with some bags which has gifts for every one [ hey Neeta is back], She gives the  respective gifts to each and every member of the family and she breaks the news of her promotion she tells every one tht  till now she used to work,she then tells her tht she has got the new car frm the company which will pick and drop her home, Anand is not happy and he returns the gift she brought for him saying tht it's a bribe so tht they give her the permission to continue the job so tht she can come home late, Swati doesn't like tht her father doesn't trust her, She tells him tht if everyone starts thinking the same then no grl would work late hours, however Anand tells her tht its not abt working for late hours but he says if anything happens to her then, he tells her tht he is worried abt her, her future, when she gets married, however she tells him tht she hasn't given marriage a thought and asks him not to interferein her life and leaves , however Anand feels bad, Neeta takes Swati's side, tht they should give her permission and they should b proud of her tht she is being successful in her carrier.


Ummm Nice scene:

Kunal is in the hotel room and has got ready and is practicing wht to say in frnt of Natassha , he starts tht its being 2 years tht they separated and this gap of separation made him realize wht importance does she hold in his life, he tells tht he has realize tht he loves her a lot, and then he practices his entire conversation and leaves saying tht today he will speak his mind out.[wht a performance ejooClap]

However outside as he is on his way to leave the hotel premises , Varsha chachi gets hold of Kunal who tries to escape, she asks Kunal tht where is he going to which he makes an excuse for Swimming[ yeah pure kapde pehankar] then he says tht is going for a jog, Varsha asks him wearing this clothes, to which Kunal tells her ththe will go for a jog then he has to go for an Official meeting, Varsha tells him tht its better tht he takes Nimmo along with him so tht they get to spend more quality time with each other, Kunal doesn't wants to take Nimmo, but this time he doesn't as Pam comes and asks him whether he is going for his imp meet or not,[ strange he doesn't understand tht his Subhranakha version tht is Pam chachi is keeping an eye on himConfused] Kunal convinces Varsha tht he is going for an imp meet and he cant take Nimmo , he tells Varsha to give Nimmo his msgs tht he will miss her and he luvs her, however Kunal leaves, Pam has a victorious look on her face and she tells Varsha tht she better makes a habit to see Kunal alone[ no more devdas plz, well I think ur hubby might hve become a devdas without u], Varsha is irriated with Pam and she does a Punjabi style whtever[ remember K3g, The way Kajol did Chad , her hand movements, tht is the Punjabi style Whtever,hope I made it much clearer].

Nice scene-2

Kunal and Natassha meet in a church [so they parted out side the church, see jesus wanted him to meet and marry his soulmate Nimmo, but this guy is confused as usualWink], Kunal tells Natassha tht he knew tht she would come, Natassha tells Kunal tht she is trying to get over her past, Kunal asks her allow him to speak this time, he years frm the time they have parted he always does come To Mauritius , thinking tht he will find her, he tells her this this separation period has made him realize how much he loves her, he tells her tht he has never loved any1 else other thn her, He also tells her tht he wants to Marry her,he also adds he was the first grl who rejected him[Nimmo is the grl who hated u to the core and rejected u as well], Natassha asks him he wants to come back to her coz she rejected him, Kunal says no coz he loves her thts y,Natassha tells him tht first he wasnt ready for marriage now she isnt, he tells her no one can take her place in his life[ahem lets see]………Pam enters the scene, hiding and listening the conversation with long ears of hersLOL] , Kunal tells Natassha tht he loves her and cant live without her and she means a lot to her, Pam is thinking abt the grl with whom Kunal is having an affair with, Natassha seem to b thinking abt Kunal, Just then Kunal notices Varsha chachi and KB crossing the road and coming their way, however Varsha calls out Kunal's name aloud, Kunal tries to escape but isn't able to,Pam doesn't like Varsha n KB in the pic, however Varsha tells Kunal he was supposed to b on a meet so wht is he doing there, to which Kunal tells her tht he just met his Old frnd and introduces Varsha and Kb as his Family members to Natassha, however Varsha asks Kunal is this the way to introduce them ,she herself introduces themselves,however, Kunal thinks its better tht they don't  tell Natassha tht he is married], But then Varsha aks Kunal tht y didn't he invite Natassha In his wedding ,all his frnds were there except Natassha, however Kunal is a bit scared tht now it will b difficult to explain Natassha, however he tells her softly tht Varsha chachi has a habit of craking jokes, he tells Varsha not to crack up jokes,however Varsha tells him y will she crack jokes, she didn't see Natassha in his wedding and adds tht Kunal has come to Mauritius for his honeymoon with Nimmo, Natassha is shocked , and a disappointed and equally Mad Natassha says To Varsha tht Kunal was just telling her tht he cant live without her[ varsha think she is referring to Nimmo] and Natassha CONGRATULATES KUNAL and leaves, Kunal is angry at chachi tht y did she tell abt his marriage in frnt of Natassha,however Varsha tells him tht he didn't call her at his wedding its his fault not hers, Kunal runs behind Natassha to convince her,Meanwhile Pam who is keeping a watch on Kunal , wonders abt the grl in Kunal's life,whom kunal claims tht he loves ,she thinks to inform abt this Grl[one of kunal's gf] to Preet and also get all the details abt this grl……………………..[try ur lck honey buns this grl will turn the tables against uthe episode ends.

Preview for 2morrow: Both Kunal and Nimmo seem to b drunk and lying down in the water [not even 2ft ] just over the Kinara [of the beach] and Kunal is not conciouss he is ,and Nimmo asks Kunal tht whether he wanna knws whom does she love, n then she does blurts out Vik name and repeats her words tht she loves Vik Sir, Kunal is not listening,Nimmo's confession however Nimmo asks Kunal whether he is listening,hitiing[patting] him on his shoulder………[I wanna watch tomorrow's episode]



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Indian Temple:[Ek sher toh doosra sava sherLOL]

Dada and Dadi r there at the temple praying , however dadi is doing Daan to all the poor ppl, she is distributing all the clothes , Then she comes inside the temple, and hubby dearest asks her tht y all of sudden she decided to pay visit to the temple, Dadi says tht simply coz she got wht she wanted, Dada said wht a coincidence tht he also got the thing he  had asked for, and he says how come god gave the grated both their wihes at the same time[ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wohi toh main soch rahi hoonWink]they both close their eyes and start praying Dadi prays tht "Pam's phone call made her day, now only if Kunal and Nimmo part she will b really happy, she bribes god and says if her prayer is granted she will offer 101 coconuts to the diety…Dada also prayes he says tht he is really happy tht Kunal and Nimmo r together , he is also happy of the fact tht they were dancing in the water[lol good both the jassos bang on target, giving the information to their respective bosses],Dada [he does knw his wife very well] also offers the bribe he thinks tht He knws tht preet will offer 101 coconuts to the diety, but if his prayer is granted then he will offer 202 coconuts[LOL nehle pe dehlaLOL] both of them open their eyes and dada tells his wifey tht shall we go, when she asks where he says to buy the coconuts for offering, n they leave


Nimmo is sitting in her room,with a can of softdrink, she has tears in her eyes, she is sitting close to the window, and she is remembering Vik [ well get over Vikrant's hangover]and the song plays in the background:she remembers every all her moments spent with Vik, also when he told tht he loves Naina[ he surely regrets it now]

Jise maine toot ke chaha

jisne maine pyaar kiya hai ,

 who chahae aur kisi ko ,

Jisse maine dil yeh diya hai,

chup hi raho sehti rahoon

yeh imtehaan kal ho na ho-[2][ u dont knw how lucky r u to have a person like Kunal as ur lifepartner ,so does Kunal

BEST SCENE:[DRUNKARD SCENE][the entire scene awesome, both Ejaz and Sanjeeda gave brilliant performances, do watch this scene guys , u would love it, I think this is the scene which might turn out to b one of the best scenes of this weekEmbarrassed]

Kunal enters the room he has a bottle filled with bear and he has already drunk half the bottle, Nimmo looks at him and asks him whether he is drunk he says he is not drunk but he is drinking , he comes and sits rt in front of Nimmo,Nimmo asks him y is he drunken so much to which Kunal replies coz he is  little upse,then he observes Nimmo, whose eyes r red and still has tears in her eyes, he tells her he is drunk coz he is upset, then he notices Nimmo's swollen eyes [ even at such a state not Bad Mr Sehgal u do care for herEmbarrassed], he asks her abt her swollen eyes and then notices her tears and then he tells her tht she is indeed crying, he asks her wht happened , Nimmo says nothing , she remembered some1[ yeah who is haunting u], he makes his attempt of consoling her [remember hitting her  head softly, but only for a second]Kunal gives her an advice her tht she should drink a bit she will surely forget everything and surely feel Better[u do care for her huneyHug], Nimmo gets irritated and tells Kunal tht she wont drink and she leaves to wash her face keeping her soft drink can there itself,she keaves and Kunal picks the can and starts mixing drink with the soft drink [ lol tht was funny he wanted her to feel better and wasn't in the state to realize tht wht was he doing]while completing his mission of filling the entire bottle he says "Fine u don't wanna drink then also u have to drink, u will feel much better"[Evil SmileEJAZ was excellentEmbarrassedClap ], Nimmo comes out washing her face,wiping her face with  a towel, Kunal is now sitting inside on the sofa and drinking, Nimmo sits on the place where she initially was sitting ,picks up the can ,she is still upset looks at Kunal and starts drinking looking outside, after having the first sip she does feel a bit strange[hiccups, coughs], then she sighs tht she wished Vik was thee with her today[Confused,ur lucky tht u have Kunal with u Embarrassed] but then she drinks it all, and then cut to the scene now Kunal is sitting in frnt of Nimmo, both r drunk, and out of their senses, however Both have not let a single drop of alcohol in the bottle and the can respectively, however both r laughing and Nimmo asks Kunal y is she feeling a bit different after drinking, [both of them were excellent,well done ,and the chemistry was surely visible]Kunal tells her its coz he had added a bit [he I entacts , the quantity] with ur soft drink, Nimmo holds Kunal's shirt and says u cheat, Kunal[having an expression ohh teacher I cheated in ur paperLOL] and Nimmo[ had an expression u cheated and shameless ur telling it to meLOL] both smile, and she tries to tke have some more but realizes tht the can is empty, she tells Kunal its empty,Kunal tries to  fill the empty can with the empty bottle and later realizes tht the bottle is also empty they both think now wht to do next, Kunal says lets go out to get drinks, they both leave the room[Kunal holds Nimmo's hand n take her out of the room. Kunal and Nimmo r walking around the beach and  They have one bottle of Bear which both of them r sharing, turn by turn, and the song plays"Zara sa Jhoom lo main"[ reminded me of ddlj and also other movies which shows both the couples drunk and walking around a new place,and later fall in luvEmbarrassed], the both have fun walking around having fun ,like a couple does normally,holding hands drinking turn by turn n in the end Kunal trips and lies down at the Kinara Nimmo ,offers Kunal her hand to help him to get up,however Kunal is not able to get up, but this attempt lead Nimmo also trip and she lies next to Kunal, they both start laughing, then both r on the verge of crying,they share their little secret ,Kunal tells Nimmo tht u knw y is he upset coz of his love,Nimmo tells him tht she has lost in luv, and she feels bad tht y does always happen to her, she tells him in this matter he is more lucky, he has so many GF's, He tells her tht he met his love, he says tht she doesn't love him and its of no use, but he does love only her and he knws tht she is the one [special one, tht is Nimmo hony n u will soon realize thisEmbarrassedwht a performanceClap],and Kunal looses his conciousness,Nimmo tells him tht he knws the person whom she loves and he is none other thn Vik, she repeats her sentence and later also adds tht she really loves him a lot,and misses him a lot, and then when there is no response frm Kunal she pats and holds his shoulder to ask him whether he heard wht she said, But Kunal is unconscious. [ Embarrassedcute scene indeedEmbarrassed]

 Nimmo is smiling n a bit relieved after speaking her heart out, just after a second when she looks up she sees a man[stalker, covered his face with scarf and wearing gogsConfused] standing in frnt of her with the Gun , she stands up, calling Kunal aloud, who doesn't regain his conciousness,however she is at the Gun point making an attempt to get Kunal in the real world ,which doesn't seem to work.However Vik comes to Nimmo's rescue and the staker runs away,Vik follows him but he escapes,Vik turns back and looks at Nimmo who is observing at the chase[initially she looks at kunal who is unconscious],however Vik comes back and before he says or asks something, Nimmo also trips and falls down next to Kunal [both r in their dream date with each othr, I m so rt like hubby like wifeEmbarrassedWink],Vik hits himself at disappointment and looks at both Kunal and Nimmo who r lying unconscious in each other's arms.[EmbarrassedEmbarrassed]

Verma house:

Saket ,Riti,Neeta and Arti,[Saket's bhabi] r having a chat, Neeta's design is being praised and saket tells Neeta to design for both Riti and His bhabhi, actually Neeta is being asked to design for the entire Verma family along with Riti,Aarti tells her tht she had gone for a shoppin and did get suit pieces for both Ashutosh and Saket, Just thn Aashutosh is abt to leave  when he is being stopped by his wife who introduces her hubby to the guests,she tells him tht she got some suit pieces for him, he needs to select, he tells her tht its Saket's wedding and he will select,however she tells him tht she has got it for everyone and it will b better if he selects, Just then his cell phone rings and its swati's call, after listening to the call he seems to b upset and when his wife asks him to select some clothes he scolds her softly ,says sorry to the guest and leaves, his wife feels bad, she she says tht she knws tht he doesn't knw his choice,Neeta tells her tht its common even her hubby[Anand]doesn't like the wat she designs for Him, Aarti gives him a fake smile but she is hurt.[I pity his wife, this guy is so rude he needs a good bashing Angry]

MAURITIUS[ Nice scene-2]

Kunal,Nimmo,Pam,KB, n Vik r sitting in Kunal-Nimmo's room, KB is sitting with Nimmo,Kunal seems to drink a hot coffee/Tea, and Nimmo who is having a headache nd she has also caught cold n she is massaging her own head, gets a scolding frm KB[so does kunal],KB tells Nimmo tht Kunal is already a spoil brat , y the hell she drink, she says thnkfully she is saved or else she would have given this speech on her shok Sabha, and she if anand comes to knw then, she scolds her and also hits her, Kunal tells KB to relax and they were just having fun however this time Vik also doesn't support Kunal, he tells Kunal tht this time he was wrong, however Kunal looks down [he seems to b guilty],KB also confronts Kunal abt  y did he make her drunkwhy does he want to make Nimmo a spoil brat like him,Kunal looks down[he knws he did a wrong thing],Pam also is not happy with Kunal she asks honey Buns tht getting drunk and loosing conciusness is such a downmarket thing, she says when she was an youngster she never did such a thing,though he enjoyed,Kunal is hearing all those bhashans ,Kb gives it back to Pam by saying tht good atleast she accepts tht she is no longer a youngsterLOL, to irritate Pam however thy all wonder who could b the one who tried to Kill Nimmo, Kunal is thinking,Pam asks Nimmo whether she can remember anything, to which Nimmo replies no she cant, Vik tells every one tht he has filed the Fir n the police says tht might b the local criminals might have been involved in this and they might have done this to get money frm Kunal and Nimmo, Kunal is not convinced and is still thinking tht Initially there were 2 bullets on Nimmo's lifejacket and today some1 tried to Kill Nimmo, who is the person who is doing it all, who was the actual victim Nimmo or Me" and does wanna find solve this mystery soon.[Kunal is intellegentEmbarrassed]

Pam leaves the room and calls her Huney Buns and aks him y didn't he involve her in his plans, Aniket is shocked and asks her abt which Plan she is talking abt, she says, tht he means he didn't send any1 to kill Nimmo,Aniket Denies but he tells Pam tht its surely one of the family members,Pam asks him how is he so sure abt it, he tells her cozz according to the will the if anything happens to Nimmo n Kunal does the Property n Money  would b equally distributed between the family members [Now wasnt aware of this thingConfused]

India:coffee shop[it seems the affair will start any time soon,sick guy,atleast i didnt expected this frm Swati,bad idea these ppl (script writers)seriously need clases on creativity or show one an the same thing again and again thts nuisance at time, grow up pplThumbs Down]

Swati is upset and Ashutosh her boss reaches there, he comfrnts Swati as she is upset for being rude with her father and she never behaved in such a rude way with her father,Ashutosh consoles her[placing his hand on her hand] and also tells her tht every father is overprotective abt his daughter, he also tells when she reaches the heights of success his father and the entire family will b proud of her,he tells her tht their project has been selected in the final round and they gotta go Hyderabad for the final presentation, this will b her opurtunity it's a big event and every one will cover them,however Swati feels tht Anand will definetly not permit her to go,Ashutosh gives her an Idea she should tell her father tht her collegues are also accompanying her, he wont Mind, Swati seems to b in 2 minds but she makes her decision n tells Ashutosh tht she will do wht Ashutosh said as her carrier is of Utmost importance.[well atleast u were guilty of being rude to Anand anyways i think Anand and Neeta adopted Naina and Swati

Mauritius:[Nice scene-3]

Kunal n Nimmo come out of the Hotel premises and r roaming around[ in the roads of Mauritius] Kunal is just fed up of Varsha chachi[as she follows them all over LOL], Nimmo tells him to relax tht Varsha chachi is however not here today as she has taken KB on a Mauritius Tour, Kunal is happy, and he looks at Nimmo who is holding her head, he asks her wht happened to which she replies tht she has a headache and bodyache feels bad says sorry to her and tells her it might b the hangover as she has drink for the first time its still there, he tells her to wait,looks around,and finds a chemist  and says tht he will bring the medicines[aww how sweet u do care for ur wifeEmbarrassed] .He goes to the chemist to buy the medicines and Natassha comes there, she looks at Nimmo and come towards her,however [she recognizes Nimmo frm Behind], Nimmo is surprised to see her new found frnd,Natassha tells her tht their goodluck is again as they meet again,Natassha addresses Nimmo by her original Name Namrata, Meanwhile Kunal has taken the medicines and he turns around to come towards Nimmo and is shocked to see Natassha there with Nimmo and he hides behind a wall, and listens the conversation between Nimmo and Natassha [he is also shocked tht Nimmo and Natassha knw each other], Nimmo and Natassha r happy to meet each other,she asks Nimmo wht is she doing there shopping and asks abt her confused hubby,also asks how is the "HONEYMOON couple" are,Nimmo initially is trying to figure out where is Kunal,and then  Nimmo tells Natassha she is there with her hubby who has gone to buy medicine for her and will b back, in some time and looks for Kunal,Natassha tells her tht he is as usual confused, Nimmo asks Natassha abt her confused  BF, Natassha is Furious and Kunal is tensed,She tells Nimmo she better doesn't asks her anything abt tht cheat, she yesterday he met her here at Mauritius n asked her to meet him outside the church and there she came to knw tht he was married n was there for his honeymoon and he claimed tht he still loved her,Nimmo  sympathises with his wife says her wife is really unlucky[nopes she is lucky very luckyEmbarrassed]Kunal doesnt like wht Nimmo is saying and  she also says tht he is such a shameless guy who being married is flirting with her, she says tht Natassha should have given tht guy 2 tight slaps for cheating on both his wife and , Kunal doesn't like the ideas which is put forward[wht if Natassha actually follows the IdeaWink], Natassha tells her its good tht his relatives came there on the rt time and told her the truth, Nimmo is shocked entire family on Honeymoon, Kunal is looking at Nimmo and Natassha and gets tensed listening to the entire conversation, Natassha tells Nimmo tht the way Nimmo reacted was her reaction when she came to knw tht the entire family is on the Honeymoon, Chachi and Mausi and also those ppl were really downmarket[arre nimmo abhi nahin samjhi everything is so similar to ur life,confused hubby, family on honeymoon chachi, mausiTongue],Nimmo is still wondering, and feeling bad for the guy's wife and Natassha tells her tht HIGLIGHTS  of the day she got to knw  his wife has the most stupid name ever,Natassha tells Namrata tht his wife's name is NIMMO, Natassha asks Nimmo if the Name is so stupid how will b his wife,Nimmo is shocked and totally taken aback,Kunal is tensed[it seemed he felt bad as the truth came out in frnt of Nimmo], Nimmo looks at Natassha with a shocked face and then realizes everything[finally adds 2+2=4Thumbs Up],she thinks to herself tht this means tht this is the grl, whom Kunal is madly in Luv with".The episode ends on Nimmo's face,which is both shocked and thinking.

Preview for Tomorrow:KB,Varsha, Nimmo r there at Naina's changing room, Cheering her up,just then Pam enters and asks Naina tht her entry is by the name Naina Mathuria and she asks her abt her contestant no. every1 is shocked , however KB says its not her Bussiness , Pam tells Naina tell her [contestant no.] as she is the Judge and she can do something good for her, every one is shocked as Pam's words r indicative of Doing something Fishy,Mostly KB is shocked to knw tht Pam is one of the Judges and thinks tht she will definetly create some obstacles in Naina's path.


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