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update--may 17th, 2006 by minnie

Hillarious episode !!!!!!

Kanta and nimmo come for breakfast and Kanta comments that it looks like it's a mourning session LOL.Nimmo whispers that's what happens in high society.

Kantaben comes and sits where Aniket was supposed to sit. Dadi points out 'yeh Aniket ki seat hai'. kantaben - in her incorrigible style - 'acha, maine socha leather ki seat hai !!'Cool ( I thought it was a leather seat). Dadi puts a napkin on her lap. Kantaben asks why is she putting tablecloth on her lap. Dadi irritably replies that what wud kanta know of table manners. Kanta retorts that Dadi must be used to drop food on her lap Clown. Dadi blows up and asks her to leave. Dadi, Pam and evil sister try their best to make Kanta leave. Kanta says she will if Dadi answers her question. Dadi says she does not like to answer anyone's questions. Kanta, shocked, wonders how dadi passed her exams Evil Smile!!!! Dadi asks if she cud speak in English. Kanta says yes she cud. So could they answer what is Pizaa hut's opposite ?? Dadi blows off and leaves the table in a huff. Kanta gleefully replies, Pizza Hut ka ulta - Pizza hutna mat !!!!!!!!LOLLOLLOL

Kunal mockingly scolds kanta, but dadaji says that it's OK, dadi needs someone to answer her back Clap!! So they shud sit and eat. Nimmo pretends to grumble about the food, there is no spice, so dada says they wud have aloo paranthaTongue. Chachi jumps up to prepare aloo parantha for all Thumbs Up!!!!!! Nimmo, kanta and kunal look at each other .

Anand calls nimmo and they all share an emotional moment on the phone. naina teases Nimmo about her first night (uff these girls are bold.....what girl talks this way in front of her parents????) Swati is already asking favors of Nimmo (for K channel)Thumbs Down. Nimmo gets irritated. Kanta gets emotional on hearing Anand voice and tells both nimmo and she miss them.

Kunal starts to leave for office, so Nimmo tells him that she is not going to stay alone, what if she blurts anything out and their plan is exposed?Ermm. Nimmo suggests that she cud say she is going to office. Kunal if very happy at her suggestion and even compliments her Embarrassed.

So kunal walks towards the exit. Dada calls him, and Kunal stops abruptly. Nimmo bumps straight into him Star (how chweet !!). When asked, Kunal says he is going to office,and so is Nimmo. Dadaji and Dadiji object. So Nimmo says if Kunal can work, so she cud too because she is a middle class girl, and middle class girls are always self dependent. Dadaji is proud of her and gives her permission o work elsewhere. Dadi angrily walks off Dead.

The mystery man informs someone that Kunal has just left in his car - the brakes have been failed.

Kunal and Nimmo sit in the car and happy about how Nimmo insulted dadi. But then the car starts acting up, and finally they crash into a tree. They are both OK.

Meanwhile Anand mathuria and his wife reach Nimmo's place. Dadi and Pam insult them, and parminder taunts that middle class people cannot live without work Dead. And dadi quips that this is the first time any bahu of Sehgal handan has worked outside Sehgal industries. But Anand says that he knows that nimmo is working because she wants to return the loan she had taken from kunal for the house, so he is proud of her Clap.

Dadaji is very happy and says this is called sanskar Thumbs Up!!!

Kantaben quickly calls Kunal ( behaving like a jasoos LOL) and demands to 'ishpeak' to Nimmo. Kunal makes a face and hands over the phone to nimmo. Nimmo tells Kunal that her parents are at his house and now she cannot go to their house as they have been told that she has gone for a job. She decides to go for a movie and then think of something next day.

Vikrant tells Kunal that Samar has been withdrawing large sums of money. But Kunal tells him to cover this and put it under his name. Vikrant asks why is he is always saving Samar, and Kunal replies he wouldn't understand and nor would Samar, but he feels it's his responsibility.

Then kunal and KK discuss about the recent threats and the morning break fail, and wonder if someone is doing this for the property, because it all started happening after dadaji changed his will ( I guess they are referring to the change in will which stipulated Kunal would have to marry or else the property wud go to the trust). They are unaware that Dadaji is listening to all this from outside. Kunal asks KK to find out who was the last person to handle the car.

Dadaji comes in and chats in general with Kunal. While leaving, Dada thinks that because of money and property, he lost his son, (they show a picture., it's the guy who played the second brother in kahani ghar ghar ki).But he cannot not afford to loose Kunal , so he would have to do something about it. The camera freezes on dadaji's face.


Parminder orders Kanta to leave. kanta said she would, but they need to answer her question. She points to her index finger, and says, 'this is Pankaj'. then she bends the finger and asks'what is this'. At parminder's perplexed look, flips the finger straight and says'this is pankaj and then bends it again and says' this is Pankaj Udas !!!!!!'LOL


I love kantaben. She is terrific !! Probably one of the funniest character ever !!!! And Kunal sure seems to have started appreciating Nimmo, at least a little !!!

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May 22nd by Ritz

it starts with nimmo's parents coming overr to sehgal house to visit their daughter....anand, neeta, ketaki, and swati hav come..

its kanta who opens the doors...

that moti parminder sees them and starts insulting them ..asking where is their she thinks they have come to stay....kanta ben as usual retaliates..and parminder goes away in a huff

in their room kunal is giving nimmo her medicine....and advicing her on how to behave notoriously with the family members...

just then nimmo's family comes..and are happy to see kunal taking care of nimmo.....

suddenly ketaki call him kunal kumar!!!!....bechara kkunu..was shocked out of his life....anyway ketki expalined that gujj's called their son in law's kumar ...

then anand was impressed with kunal and he is not even going to office to take care of nimmo...again getting a jhatka(kunu was all set to go office)...kunal drops his bag....nimmo understands and savwes the situatuion..and kunal goes to khushi khushi to office....

on the other hand a mahabharat is going on in sehgal house..

samar isangry with dadi for handing over kay news to saket..when he,samarwas supposd to handle it...he then accuses dadi of favouring kunal..but dadi sticks to her decision...

ultimately samar had to relent and say sorry

in that kay channel where swati works..they are having probs in accepting the new management....swati and her colleagues are quite upset with saket...but saket overhears their conversation and warns swati..abt her behaviour

in the house parminder is busy blabbering and boasting over the phone abt the new merc which she bought at a vey cheap price...her dialogues..irritates kanta...who happens to be standing there

so the next phone comes..and kanta ben picks it up...and starts saying exactly he dialogues which parminder had been saying...there was a scene where she says.."delivery hua hai..nahi nahi bachche ki nahi..gaadi ki" was hilarious....

then nimmo comes there and that moti insults her along with kanta...nimmo also insults her..then kunu's mom comes there..and pacifies the situation..nimmo is then very nice to her

then kanta ben and nimmo decide to use parminder as their key to get out of the house...

kanta hires some driver wh has been chucked out of job 122 times..and who has always managed to crash the cars he has drove..

he then crashes parminders car very badly

pam almost had an heart attack seeing the car

inside the house..everyone is discussing abt the car...then nimmo comes and says she did this to the car...

pam is very angry..then nimmo expalins that it was pam who told her...that travelling in an auto lowered their family's esteem..and nimmo cud take any car from the nimmo decided to learn driving with pam's brand new car

kunal is delighted to hear that...he then starts fighting with nimo...and ultimately pam says "is ghar ya to mein rahoongi ya phir nimmo"..kunal automatically tells that its nimmo who should go..and even goes on to almost slap her

but dadaji says that they both will go and stay in the juhu outhouse

but nimmo says she has ben insulted a lot...and is abt to leave the house..when police comes

they ask for parminder..and say that they have come to know that parminde has bought a stolen merc for a very low price..and she will hav to be jailed opr sumthing..then the sub inspector goes to search the garage and doesnt find the car(as it is in garage for repair)

they then say ..maybe they had misunderstood...and goes away..dadaji tells pam..that nimmo only saved her life...and nimmo will go nowhere.....

pam had to say sorry to nimmo on dadaji's insistence

and lastly..kuanl, nimmo & kanta ben drop their heads in despair as another plan goes down the drain!!!

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May 23rd by Ritz

The episode starts with kunal, nimmo, kantaben, kk,& rishabh having a coneference in kunal's room abt all their plans failing…suddenly kantaben gets angry with kunal..and goes toward him threateningly…bechara kunu is damn scared seeing kanta's that avatar…

Then they are busy discussing their failing tactics when kunal says that sum1 has to make dadaji realize that until the contract breaks no one can ever stay peacefully...exactly at that moment dadaji enters the room..and overhears the last sentence ..he then asks kunal…what sort of contract is this…which if breaks will be beneficial to all..kunal then sidelines the whole issue…..anyway dadaji says that he has bought sum property and gives the duty of the property to kunal

Then a servant comes and tells nimmo that varsha is calling her…nimmo goes there…and varsha uski muuh meetha karti hai..coz nimmo for the 1st time had shut parminder's big fat mouth….anyway nimmo says that she snt very happy abt it..varsha says..moti is like that only..and not to consider her rude remarks..

Then varsha remembers that she had called nimmo ..coz they had karva chauth the next day & nimmo would hav to get up at 4 to be ready for it..nimmo is out of her wits to hear it…she sidelines the whole thing saying that she doesn't believe in all this so she wont keep the vrath…..she also says that men don't do anything for theie wives so why should women do all the things???...varsha then agrees with her and tells her its fine if she doesn't keep the vrath…that moti pam overhears this convo and is determined that nimmo keeps the vrath

Late at nite when nimmo and kunal are sleeping..sumbody knocks on their door…nimmo is thinking who could it be..when it turns out to be moti pam…with a smile plastered on her face…seeing that smile nimmo tells to herself..that surely there must be sum problem…pam tells her she has come to wake her for the eat sumthing before sunrise..nimmo says ..if pam is hungry and wants to it..what can nimmo do?...pam says…that the thing is neeta and swati hav come with the sargi(not sure abt the spelling)…

Nimmo is angry but goes to meet her mom..neeta then tells her that she has come for the sargi..nimmo tells that she is a gujju so there is no need of karva chauth for her..but her mom says that now she is a Punjabi bride so she will hav to follow…her mom then asks her why was she not taking the vrath..but kanta saves the situatuation saying coz nimmo was not well…

Then they start the rituals..and ppl u shud hav seen moti gorging on the if she will eat 1 year's food in 1 day!!!! their room kunal is angry with nimmo for keeping all this vrath..but nimmo says she isn't dumb to do all these things…then kunal tells her..that she should do the things exactly as he has taught her to…if everything goes according to plan….then dadaji will chuck nimmo out of the house before the moon comes out…

On the other hand pam is complaining to her husband…that she is feeling hungry..he tells her..that not even 4 hrs hav passed when she ate all those food and immediately she is felling hungry!!…her hubby even comments that "kya halat banayi hai tumne apni"..shaadi ke waqt kya figure tha(I hugely doubt)..then pam also says that shaadi ke waqt to tumare sarpe bhi baal the..hearing this her hubby retaliates saying "yeh sab to tumhari diya hua tension ka natija hai"…disgusted he goes out..and leaves a plate of toast which he was eating,pam on seeing that makes frog like greedy eyes and is abt to eat it..when her hubby comes along and takes it away!!(serves her right)

Meanwhile nimmo is shown to be walking on the roads complaining to God abt the miseries in her life,and says ki the thing which she did today will hav to be success….when a group pf boys on a bile..goes past her ..and sprays mud over her..she is angry with them..and goes behind them..when she suddenly sees a scene…which shocks her out of her wits…..

The boys group around a girl lying on a bike…wearing almost a swimming costume like dress…and that happens to be no one other than nikita (varsha's daughter & kunal's religious sis)..she is shown to be smoking..and bunking classes, I thought maybe it was a twin or sumthing(like all of ekta's soaps…but she told that "I am nikita sehgal" that confirms it)….but nimmo doesn't charge her…coz she knows that doing that will also burst her bubble

At home..nimmo and kanta maasi go to the kitchen to sneak in some food for nimmo..they are abt to go away when nikita comes clad in a salwaar...looking as if she doesn't know a single thing other than"puja"..she tells nimmo to take the aarti nimmo asks her where was she all day..nikita says she was in college attending lectures and stuff(the dumbo!!)…kanta maasi is very impressed with nikita..and says that she is the nicest person in the house..but nimmo says that kanta hasn't yet seen her true colours!!..kanta asks her abt it..but nimmo says she will explain later

Precap: kunal's mom sharada is giving nimmo a kangan for the vrath but she doesn't want to accept it…varsha is also there…kunal then coms and tells nimmo "itni pyaar se de rahi hai to le lo"..varsha is very happy to hear that..and tells sharada for the 1st time kunal has considered her emotions..and all because of nimmo

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Posted: 24 May 2006 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
May 24th by Shagun

According to me the best touching scene today was just before the break which was shown in the preview, Shraddha giving Nimmo the symbollic kangan's and she not accepting it, Kunal enters and asks Nimmo to take it and she does S ef feels Happy and Varsha is happy and she does expresses her pleassure in words and then Shradha and Kunal has eye to eye contact it seems Kunal does have a some kind of love and respect for his mom but then he has never been close to his mom and then after she leaves n Nimmo asks him tht y didnt he talk to her mom and he changed the topic , Nimmo got a clue and she will definetly kick all the stones in the way of Mother and son and bring them closer and will make their bond more stronger

Nimmo again coming in frnt of Vikrant and u knw she she used to like vikrant and the sad version of KHNH was aired however i liked the scene when Vikrant and Nimmo r taking Kunal comes and Vikrant leaves was kinda symbollic

I feel tht Preet is like a coconut [as discussed earlier] she loves her hubby and she respects him a lot also when Nimmo insults dadaji Preet was so furious

KB was hilarious truely she did take her revenge , by making Pam eat secretively and then asking every one to feel her "ek nivala" frm each and every one in the family

Also the last scene ,Kunal does say Nimmo all the best b4 the plan starts and it was a strong plan indeed and Nimmo actually does insult dadaji though she is sorry for her behaviour frm her heart but as usual the plan fails as the deal which was cancelled was profitable as the land belong to the fraud dealers, and Kunal after Nimmo insults every one he almost claps but then he starts his act and says now Nimmo cant stay in the house

and at the end Nimmo's argument with god tht "she knew tht he will def interfere in her attempts of breaking her marriage and geting out of the house n her challenge tht whtever he does she will get success in her plan of getting out of the house"

All in all a good episode

Btw tomorrow's preview has made me think Aniket suspects something is wrong some where, when i saw this preview i remembered one of the fan fiction, May b Naina's fan fic Luv hua, where rishab overhears and warns Kunal n Nimmo, i think this might happen tomorrow ,but its a possibility if this doesnt happen then its sure tht Nimmo and Kunal's plan will not b exposed so early ,if it does it will b then when both cant live without each othe

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Posted: 25 May 2006 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
May 25th by Ritz

Moti, aniket and samara are on a hot discussion in moti's room…she is very frustrated and says that gradually nimmo is getting very close to dadaji..and ultimately will get all the property and they will be left with 'phuti kauri'(nothing!!)…suddenly that devil aniket starts saying that surely 'dal mein kucch kaala hain'…he has the feeling that kunal and nimmo want sumthing to happen but unfortunately some thing else happens…..then that bad samara starts saying that dadi to had always favoured kunal..and now dadaji is favouring nimmo….but he wont ever let this happen…if necessary he will fully remove nimmo out of the way…pam and aniket both arched their eyebrows at this...saying this samar goes out….and aniket is left smiling a devilish smile saying that their arrow has hit the right target and gradually the whole property will be theirs…pam moti is elated to hear this

In the garden kunal, nimmo, rishabh & kanta ben are upset as usual as their plan has failed again…being frustrated kunal calls nimmo a 'manhoos'(unlucky I guess)…nimmo retaliates…saying she is not…bechara kunal..takes back his words and says that he himself is a manhoos!!.....bechara kunu being at the height of frustration asks rishabh for a cigarette ….rishabh to denies it straightaway saying "bhai aapko to pata hai na ki mein cigarette nahi peeta"…kunu says rishabh stop acting…I know very well u hav one…rishabh then had to gibe kunal the cigarette…just as he was abt to smoke they see dadaji coming..again an idea flashes into kunal's handsome head…he gives nimmo the cigarette..and not knowing what to do she hides it behind her back…anyway dadaji comes and asks what they all are doing over here…kunal says just like that..then suddenly dadaji gets a smoky smell he asks where is it coming from…kanta ben asks him ki did he come all this way to know abt the smoke…then dadaji says sum1 must surely be smoking…he asks kunal…he to like an innocent boy…shows his hands…and says he has never even touched a cigarette… dadaji then asks nimmo to show her hands…she to is invariably holding one…kunal automatically says…nimmo how many times hav I told u not to smoke …dadaji asks nimmo whether she really smokes or not…bechari nimmo says she has always been smoking..then dadaji asks her to give a demo of this smoking…fidgeting nimmo tried …but coughed soo badly that dadaji understood everything…he then accused kunal of lying to dadaji..and putting the blame on nimmo…he also tells nimmo that in today's world…its not good to be soo innocent…he also tells kunal…ki his wife is a 'devi'…(all roll their eyes on hearing this)…and she had saved dadaji from being insulted…anyway then dadaji tell kunal that he has organized a party tomorrow for kunal's b'day…kunal to had almost forgotten abt it…but dadji warns tha their should not be any private party this year…but a normal party…saying this he leaves…automatically kunal tells rishabh to organize a bachelor's party and to invite all his girlfriend's there.

At night kunal is all set for the party….but he just cant choose his watch…he also tells nimmo that she should create an hungama in the party…which should hurt dadajio…and that will surely get her out of the house…nimmo readily agrees…seeing kunal's frustrated state she selects a watch and just then vikrant comes with a cake…saying that every year he has always wished kunal on his b'day nite…kunal then cuts the cake…and he is abt to give it to vikrant when he says that he should 1st give it to nimmo….but even there vikrant says that they both should hav either ends of the cake together….they try to avoid…but ultimately had to do it…then suddenly nimmo says that this cake isn't eggless..and withdraws….and they both are relieved!!!(but it was very sweet)…then vikrant asks kunal wat are his plans…kunal says nothing as such…then vikrant says…why don't they all hit the disc…nimmo doesn't want to go at 1st…but vikrant says ki'apne pyar ke liye'…automatically nimmo thinks of vikrant and agrees…then vikrant says he will also pick up naina on the way….just then swati's phone comes on kunal's cell…to wish him…then she talks with nimmo….and nimmo asks her what churidaar shouldshe wear to the disc…swati is shocked to hear this thing..and suggests sumthing to nimmo..which she in turn is shocked to hear!!!

At the disc all of the arrive…nimmo wearing a mini skirt & top…looking good(except for her stupid ponytail at the top of her head!!...again)…but nimmo is very conscious abt her skirt….and keeps pulling it down…naina tell her to stop…kunal then spots his friend and goes todnace…vikrant tells nimmo not to ind kunal…but she says she is fine with it…they both give each other the necessary space…then vikrant and naina force nimmo to come and dance with them…they go to the floor but nimmo doesn't dance…she mutters to herself seeing kunal that, "ghar mein to yeh kunal amol palekar jaisa dialogues deta hai…aur yahan matakne mein to ladkiyon ko bhi fail kar dega"!!!!.....suddenly she spots nikita there….she says to herself again ki yeh santoshi ma ka pujaran yahan kya kar rahi hai…she is abt to go to nikita…when nikita also spots her…and goes away from there….then nimmo goes to tell kunal…and kunal is so busy dancing with closed eyes…that he takes nimmo's hands nd dances with her for a long time till he opens his eyes to realize its her….nimmo drags him from the floor saying she has sumthing important to tell kunal….but suddenly nikita's phone come on kunal's cell…and she asks them to visit sum mandir before coming home…nimmo is very surprised to hear that…and later tells kunal she has forgotten what she wanted to tell him…she then wants to go home…kunal says li u go urself..i will come later

At home nimmo sees nikita clad in a salwaar busily doing puja..(it was hilarious)….nikita asks her when did she come…in turn nimmo asks her when did she also come…nikita said ki the whole day she was at home only…nimmo then asks her what does she like doing…nikita says that puja is always her 1st priority…but other than that she likes studying…and cooking sumtimes…nimmo rolls her eyes on hearing this…then nikita asks her to take the aarti…and there on her hand is the stamp of the disco..nimmo spots that….nikita immediately draws back her hand…and nimmo thanx god for clearing her confusion!!!
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Kunal is upset cozz the party doesn't have his gf's to which KK says tht his GF didn't came coz his craze has reduced after his lost his bachelorhoodLOL[thts not true all Ejoians here at IF still love u and their love increase day by day ]Kunal Is upset and he picks up 2 glases KK asks him whether he is confused abt which glass should start with,Kunal says No and breaks the both the glases

Kunal doesn't come home entire night and in the morning he changes his clothes inside his car,parked in the garage, Preet's Parkatti Sister witnesses all this and she is doubtful y did Kunal change in his car

Kunal enters the house secretively n when dadaji catches hold of him he pretends tht he was jogging and then he asks Kunal for a gift and then Kunal says he always has given him whtever he wanted but he never asked for anything so he asks tht he will give him wht he asks for and Dadaji wants a Little Kunal, Kunal who is totally shocked and taken aback gives a big smile, Dadaji leaves and he says to himself tht Dadaji's expectation is increasing day by day. PP[Pakrati preet's sis] enters n she confronts Kunal abt changing at the Car

Dadaji invites Nimmo's family at Kunal's party n Nimmo's dad decides to Surprise Nimmo with their Surprise Entry,a hilarious scene is between Nimmo's dad, Kekti and her hubby, and the news is Naina has made up to the final and her next round will b in Mauratious and Ketki says she will tell Bhabhi to design the clothes for Naina[ almost confirm where Nimmo-Kunal r going for a honey moonEmbarrassed]


Shradda and Varsha r in the kitchen and Shraddha prepares a sweet dish for Kunal , She prays to god tht his son gets whtever he wants in life and she also says tht her son has a long life , she gives the Prasad to Varsha and tells him to give it to Kunal he will not take Prasad frm her hand, Nimmo enters and asks Sharddha to give it to Kunal herself to which Varhsa says tht she knws Kunal well tht he will not take it frm Sharddha's hand Nimmo is left thinking

Nikki gives Kunal aarti and his birthday gift Lord Ganesh's idol and says tht he will always protect his bro frm all the harms, Nimmo and Varsha enters n Nimmo says to herself the sita aur gita act ,Kunal says tht his sister is too religious[ baby u will soon see the true colours the future awaits for a big shock] Varsha offers him the Prasad and Kunal says he wont have it as he doesn't believe[hello confused again] but on Nimmo's insistence he takes the Prasad as soon as he has It he understands tht his mom has made it for him and he says to Varsha tht tell mom the sweet was very nice and Nimmo just looks at Kunal he tells to Varsha it only Shraddha can make such a delicious Sweet[halwa] ,Nimmo tells Kunal tht y doesn't he himself go tell this to his mom, Nikki leaves , Just then Kunal gets a msg tht Dadi has called him, Nimmo wonders which is the wall between Mother and Son , to which Varsha replies This is the wall Preet Sehgal,[I bet nimmo is indeed gonna bring Shraddha and kunal close]........

Dadi gives kunal his gift ,it has keys to the new office of London  and Kunal is the MD of the office, She says tht she wanted Kunal to get married to Mr Malhotra's daughter and which would have been profitable in the business sense but he let hr down by marrying Nimmo, he says tht now also this is possible .Mr malhotra has agreed to get his daughter married to Kunal[separate the professional and personal life] ,Kunal is actually taken aback[does dadi knws it all is the expression on his face], Dadai and PP give him the divorce papers and dadi tells him to get it signed and be free and then tie knot with Malhotra's daughter[no atleast in 7 births marriages r not a game to play , which kekta shws in all her shows I hope this show is spared atleastBig smile],Kunal makes an excuse and leaves , which keeps dadi thinking

Nimmo's head is paining and KB comes and gives her an idea to get drunk and create a scene in the party so tht they r kicked out of the house,btw KB s getting ready to b in the page 3 coz atleast she is related to Kunal so wht if its fake[ time will sort out the difference between the truth and the so called fake things]

Party begins

KB has an Argument with Preet and PP and PP says tht she will throw her out of the house and KB says they want the same , and she says they always give dhamki's but don't do anything, Preet looks suspicious , but KB is successful in being sure tht is there in the pics of 2 sisters

Nimmo's dad,Kekti and her hubby enter and PP and Preet r not happy to see them in the venue ,one of their guest Praises Ketki's clothes and she says her sari is really awesome and she is giving them a complex and kekti says her bhabhi has designed it for the party, obviously both Preet and PP doesn't like it dadaji welcomes Nimmo's family[incomplete],KB is shocked to see Nimmo's parivaar in the party and she goes to Stop Nimmo to make a tamasha but Nimmo is not found in her room, Dadaji n Nimmo's dad r talking [anikt and Varsha's dad is also there] and Nimmo's dad asks abt Kunal ,then enters our hero with his rt hand and left hand Rishab and KK n the query is done abt Nimmo, then next seen KB  tells Kunal abt her plan and also says she is not able to find Nimmo and she says tht she has asked KK and Rishab to look out for her but Nimmo is not found anywhere even by Rishab and KK ,and then dadaji asks kunal time has come he should come and cut the cake and call Nimmo and he says yeah he is searching for her then he says tht he will call her ,dadaji tells KB to bring Nimmo, KB says yes and is worried where could b Nimmo

Nimmo is in the hospital waiting to meet the doctor and her head is aching but the clerk[I think ] is busy goissiping Nimmo enquires 2wice but he asks her to wait and then she asks where is the bathroom and she goes there and as she  goes inside one of the room's inside A man's shadow is seen on the Door

It seems tht Nimmo's life is in danger

Preview :Kunal[I thought he was worried], KB and KK r searching for Nimmo[in the car] and kunal says now they will def he will get the divorce and KB says tht she thinks tht he has only kidnapped Nimmo, but Kunal says he hasn't ,KK doesn't believe in wht KB said , Nimmo's house Nimmo's dad gets a call and he enquires whether they got the news abt where Nimmo is





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May30th By Shagun

Nimmo is locked in the washroom by someone, the componder asks some1 whether there is some1 inside he says no and leaves ,Nimmo gets n thrugh da window and shouts for help and the person who has locked her hears smiles and goes away[I thought it was Samar],However Nimmo has to spend the entire night in the washroom,Nimmo tries to contact Kunal she also has 5 missed calls but sadly her cell slips frm her hand

Nimmo is no where 2bound then Kunal puts up an act coz everything is there in his favour he says to dadaji tht Nimmo and he had a small fight and Nimmo has went to one of her frnds house in anger and thts y she is not here and he insists on cutting the cake , ]

Dadi and her parkatti sister[ btw the trio was again incomplete by Pam I wonder where is she may b in for a diet Karwah chawth par extra dose ho gaya na] r frustrated and cozz Kunal's wife is not there dadi in order to save family reputation decides to call off the party and the Party is indeed called off but the reason is tht dadi is suddenly not feeling well thts y, Nimmo's dad and rest of the family members present[ketki and Valab] inquire abt dadi's health

And then PP says tht party was called off bcoz of Nimmo and she insults Nimmo by saying tht she might have an habit of staying out of the house late nights but this will not the case here in Sehgal's house [ ahem look who is speaking]and she also says tht Nimmo has been the pain in the Neck , Kunal and KB r hiding behind a leaves and KB says I think now she has crossed a limit n then Kunal stops her by saying tht good tht the fire is there don't interfere our job is being made easy, Nimmo's dad is really upset and PP also insults abt KB and blabbers more , Dadaji tries to explain but Nimmo's dad is really upset with her daughters deeds and at the end he wanna scold KB but he gives her a disappointed look and goes away

KB feels bad,ketki tells KB tht if They get any information abt Nimmo they should Inform him then and there , Nimmo's dad says no need to inform them

Kunal, KK[on the backseat],KB [frnt seat ] r searching for Nimmo, Kunal seemed to b worried abt Nimmo's whereabts and KB is upset tht now Nimmo is really face Her had's anger , he felt bad, Kunal says a relationship is gonna break some or the other person will and has to fel bad,n he is upset tht Nimmo is not pickng up his calls, and KB thinks tht Nimmo might have wnt to her house [Miaka] so she calls at Nimmo's dad's place he picks up and asks whether any info abt Nimmo, KB lies and says tht Nimmo went to Churchgate and while coming back she directly reached Virar and so she ws late ,now is back, he wanna talk to Nimmo, KB is speechless not knowing wht to say,KK acts her and tells her to say tht Nimmo slept ,meanwhile Kunal is just not knowing wht is KB speaking, yes he again seems to b confused[ I think so] KB handles the situation

There is a new member in the sehgal family a new guest[ now wht did u think] she is daughter in all of on of the richest families the Alluwalia's, there is an article of a in the newspaper abt a rich daughter in law running a massage parlor at night, the guest seems to the culprit, Varsha is being taunted by PP in frnt of the guests, dadi and all discuss abt the massage parlour, dadi says if he was in the place and one of her daughter in law's would have done the same then she would have thrown her out of the house,Kunal overhears this and he has a plan

The compunder or the wardboy opens the wash room and he thinks tht he has seen a "Bhoot" Nimmo shuts him up and scolds him for locking here,she wanna meet the doc n she goes and makes a call to Kunal, Kunal is happy tht Nimmo called him ,he thanks god tht his everything is moving very smoothly,&he talks very softly and then moves out of the house and then asks Nimmo abt her where abts and says tht he will pick her up, she asks Kunal wht will she say to every1, Kunal remembers the massage parlour discussion going inside the house , kk comes and Kunal tells him to something, he has something up his sleeve, KK calls PP and tells her tht he is a journalist and the daughter in law is none other thn Nimmo,PP is there in Aniket's room with the guest ,PP decides to confront Nimmo

Kunal and Nimmo r in the car and Nimmo is not in the approval of the Massage parlour idea, Kunal convinces her abt the idea, Nimmo doesn't want this news to reach her parents , Kunal says tht they will get a divorce before tht, and also says tht his family has no proof abt the massage parlour thing also she has the proof the ward boy/compounder is the witness tht she was there in the washroom the entire Night, Nimmo is actually not excited abt the plan she tells Kunal tht she hopes tht this plan doesn't fail like other plans[ well ur rt god is not in the favour of the plan to fail]he tells Nimmo not to worry ,this time their plan will work and by the end of the day she will b In her house and he will b back in his house every thing will b normal

Dadaji tells PP tht how can she believe a stranger ,he should ask Nimmo first then make conclusions, Nimmo and Kunal enter and PP fires Nimmo with The questions Aniklet joins in,PP Nimmo's family in the pic Nimmo gets pissed off and tells her to keep her family out of it and she says yes she does have a massage parlour which she runs in the night, Dadaji is heart broken and he says tht today she broke his trust Nimmo feels bad, disappointed dadaji tells preet tht she can do whatever she wants ,he will not interfere and also he says tht in his life for the first time he has placed a wrong judgement abt a person n dejected dadaji leaves the room, Preet seem to feel bad looking at her hubby's dejected face, Kunal also feels bad and he says to himself tht he is really sorry tht dadaji's trust has been crushed so badly but he didn't have any other option ,actually KB didn't have a idea abt this plan n she is taken aback whn Nimmo confesses abt the massage Parlour, Varsha also is dejected by Nimmo and she also tells Nimmo tht she broke their trust, she always supprted her and she did a very wrong thing,Kunal puts up his act and scolds Nimmo abt running a massage palour, he also says tht now she cant stay in his hosue ,Pushi tells Nimmo to pack her bags and leave and Nimmo looks at KB who makes an ishara to get out of the house as soon as possible............

Preview for tomorrow:Siddhu enters with his words which he meant tht god has come to the rescue, police is also there[I think Siddhu comes as a police officer]then he is shown to talk with dadaji ,and rest of the members of Sehgal family, Nimmo ,Kunal,KB and KK r not in the picture and he says tht where is Namrata Sehgal

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