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4th May Update

Courtesy mabel
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Post Quote mabel

God cums 2 nimz house n tells every1 dat vallabh had invested sum money in nimz name 17yrs back n now de insurance bond has matured so dey will g8 5lakhs...every1 is happy dat dey can take care of de marraige expenses while nimz is angry wid God dat he brought de money so late...if he had brought it earlier she wudnt hav 2 marry Kunal!

Shraddha n Varsha r talking as 2 nimz is a nice girl...n dey talk 2 dadi about de jewellery...dadi n pam tell varsha 2 make use of old she doesnt deserve nething more!Shraddha is upset

De engagement party theme is white!Kunu luks handsum as ever n nimz luks gorgeous too!Kunu slips a 3diamond studded ring into nimz finger...n nimz slips a 6diamond ring into kunu's finger!(all thanx 2 God given 5lakh rupees!)

Vik tells kunu dat since dey r half married...kunu shud kiss nimz!de helplessness on kunu n nimz face was worth watchingkunu,although a casanova was having difficulty kissing his fiance on her cheek... anand tells dadu dat dey hav a tradition of feeding de boys family members sumthing which i cant recollect(sorry)!dey do dat n den every1 pose 4 a family photo... nimz notices dat sharaddha is standing she tells kunu 2 call her 2 pose wid dem...he says dat why shud he....if she wants her 2 cum den go ahead!nimz goes n calls sharaddha...n when she refuses tells her dat de family will b incomplete widout she agrees 2 cum. Dadi sees dis n is not very pleased n tells pam dat she always kept kunu away from sharaddha (i had guessed it differences between kunu n his mom r created by dadi)n so dey shud keep an eye on nimz so dat she doesnt bring kunu close 2 his mom!

anand tells dadu dat de entire sehgal family shud cum 2 dere house n hav food as it is a gujju tradition followed after de engagement n dadu agrees.

kunu n nimz r forced 2 stick 2 each other all de while n Kk n rishab follow dem.nimz sees oscar n begins 2 run when kunu stops her n tells oscar dat dis is nimmo n she will b wid us atleast 4 a month.a photographer comes n takes a photo of kunu wid oscar n requests kunu 4 a family photo..dat is kunu,nimz n kunu's son(oscar) n dey oblige!

nimz sees bhagwanjibhai n tells kunu dat wat if he tells papa dat kunu freed their house!rishab asures her dat nothing of dat sort will happen...but pam over hears n goes 2 anand n tells him dat she wants 2 introduce him 2 sum important ppl...n infront of those ppl she belittles n insults anand saying dat he was a clerk in their company n dat their house was in dept of sum 50lakhs n since kunu was in luv wid nimz he freed de house 4 dem!anand doesnt believe dis but pam tell him dat he can ask his daughter!

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May 8th update

Thanx to cloudn09 from tele- chemistry it's after watching her video update that i get to write this update,btw it's my first update so sorry for any mistakes.

Epi starts off with the flashback of dada blessing and Pam tellig the others bout the house then we see kanta behan discussing that she can't find anything thing to eat among soo many dishes then a guest askd her would you like to have some bamboo shoot with red chilli or pasta or mexican so she said no you need to eat this ghass phoons to maintain your figure for my figure i need something spicy and fried and nimmo's mom says Kanta behan you are too much.then we see nimmo,kunal,kk,and that cousin and nimmo says it's good if you don't know about your future and all this while kunal carries an irritated look on his face and nimmo without noticing says these ppl are enjoying because they think we are getting married and i can't even do so knowing the truth and in the middle class family it's not considered good if a girl gets divorced so early and kk says that we understand your emotions and all you are doing for your family and that cousin says we will think about something before the divorce and then comes naina n swati and naina with a scocked face still asks what are you guyz talking about and nimmo says nothing just presonal and then she asks kunal should i call you jijoo or kunal n he says kunal is fine and then she have this shocked face so he asks what happened and swati says ever since she found out about your wedding with nimmo shes shocked and kunal says even we are and said nothing then swati teases that lock all your fav posessions in a cupboard as nimmo will break everything but one thing she can't break and that yur heart and then chachi comes asking for anand who have left the party in the middle and when allreturn home he asks nimmo is it true that kunal gave you this house for that she says it's a lie and he slaps her leaving everyone stunned and then enters Kunal and says it's time that i tell you the truth and nimmo thinks in her head plz do tell them but he says that nimmo signs a contract with me that she will work for my company till she pays off the money for the house it's just a loan although she could have taken this house from me as shes marrying in such a rich family but she did not do anything wrong and then he says you should be proud of her and he says after all i am like your son now and anand says yes come for the lunch tomm n he says definitely and in the car acted like a brat and makes fun how i delivered those dialouges and wonder how they popped up in my head then receives a sms on his cell from nimmo saying thanx n says with an irritated face thats looks like she got emotional n when kk inquires are you getting emotional too he says i don't get emotional and saying that takes the ring off

Next day the mathuriyas are preparing for the lunch and kekti prepared the food anand says vallab n his wife will do kanyadaan as they have 3 daughters they will do swati's and kantabehan will do naina's so kanta behan says so are very miser anand you saved the money for 4 yatras (i guess) they they hear the horn Nimmo says kunal's mom didn't come with you guys and dadi says she was unwell Pam says we in a hurry coz of the sangeet preps so will go to dinning table after seeing the floor arangments dadi says i can't sit on floor and so did pam but dada says preet you will sit with me and tells anand we respect your traditions nimmo serves kunal giving him a look eat or die he eats then nimmo's mom gives kunal food and asks how do you like it he picks dhokla and says it's good aunty esp this dadaji says shes your would be mother-in-law so say mom giving an awkward look he says it's amazing mom and nimmo to herself says aisey bol raha hai jesey gali dey raha ho kantabehan asks how is the food pam says soo soo dadi says in a low tone it's a bit oily and pam says it's oily but very tasty then kanta behan comes with kachori and pam says starter and kantabehan says ender will end you and then says one is more spicy for luck and the last two are left on the plate dadi tells pam to pick first she takes a bite and yells for water nimmo runs to grab the water and as she is very clumsy trips on the mat and the food lands on dadi she yells disgusting and leaves then leaves kunal very happy and he looks at nimmo and winks (love the way he winked)and nimmo have a smile on her face with that the sehgals leave n nimmo n kantabehan the sangeet the theme is guyz maroon laies in green nimmo n kunal are in black so dadaji says why is the party so dry then they show punjabi music and then suddenly they show dandiya n gurbaras dadaji says don't be surprised gujju bahu is coming so the dance will be both then they show kunal n nimmo who are standing together but aloof without giving each other a glance and nimmo talks to god that you must be enjoying while playing with human emotions how ppl are enjoying in this fake wedding
tomm kantabehan gulps down 2 glasses of wine and dances on  bluffmaster song with glares n gloves.

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Update 9th May

they show kanta behan n nimmo at the sangeet and kanta saying laga lley laga ley when you will reallyget married you will have practice then they show naina saying i will apply the mehandi 1st and nimmo's mom says wait grooms mom applies 1st and calls shradha and dadi's sis says yeah right you dont have any color in yur life so let nimmo.......and shradha applies mehandi on nimmo's hands and bless her to be happy always they show dadi n pam's face in the background and then pam says what love is brewing between saas n bahu will be a fun to kick both of them out together then others apply mehandi and again dadi's sis come and says shocked after seeing soo much money it's our tradition just wait n watch and nimmo gives an irritated look then a servant comes and says dadaji is calling as sangeet is about to begin and 1st event is a skid kanta behan says skid? did someone slip and dadi's sis says skid means natak kanta behan says that happens daily in your house and she says you come you will get to know then dada announces for the skid kunal's cousin perorms on he was rich and eligible and then the song kaisa jadoo dala rey nimmo's family have an irritated look then samar n cachu perform on ankh ler gaee nutoon ki tijori khul gaee na biwi na bacha na baap na bhai the whole truth is that k sab sey bara rupaiya then pams n dadi's sis perform on yeh larkee middle class ki thi kismat us ki 1st class ki thi kesey hi chabuk laga karooroon ki milat ka larka phansa mar dia jai k choor dia jai bol terey saath kia salook kia jai nimmo walks to her dad and ask don't you think it's too much they are directly hitting on us and dad says yeah but i don't have any tension cause they way kunal talked to me at home i think he will always keep you happy and nimmo gives a sarcastic smile then they show kanta behan gulping down 2 glasses of wine and then with glasses and gloves sings ho gaya hai kanta ko susoor sukoo tu aa ja nirma tu aaja ,aaja kanta bai ka raag sub ko suna ja she sings something and nimmo bai something and don't trouble her preet k baal katay hain preet k haal phatay hain parminder bhi hai jesey hospital bhag k mental ( (this was a replica of bluff master on which eijoo performed on spa)the second song she performed on kajra re (the whole thing is too hilarious) then she faints and dada ,dadi n her sis come home and dada was praising wow what a song kanta behan sang but who was she refering katay baal then dadi sys only you encourage them that does not mean they can insult and dad says they just answered you back n dadi's sis says they will always be middle class no matter nimmo marry kunaal or bill gates then dada scolds that don't try to break the marriage the marriage or i will give the property to trust and dadi woes that nimmo willhave to pay for this then kanta behan says dialouges in her drunken manner then nimoos dad n mom geting emotional nimmo heard all that then they show kunal getting ready for the party when that gujju aunt came with a dagger n lemon that it's for luck then dada comes with a sword and kunal says meri shadi hai am not going on a battle field and dada says for me it is and he says something bout dadi and says you are distant from yur mom i was worried bout you after me but you have selected a perfect life partner n they hug then kunal looks at the mirror and takes the sword out and kk comes he said you are still not ready he said i am confussed kk said bout the dress i will select it for you but he says no not that do you think i am cheating on dada as he's soo happy about my marriage and he puts the sword back n says party cancel he opens his wardrobe and is shocked to see nimoo's poster with a red cross on it and on it is written i know about the truth
tomm: dada talking to his lawyer and says you know that on whose name you have to transfer the will(ofcourse NIMMO) the door opens he looks back but can't see anyone
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Update 10th May

update provided by Naila from tele-chemistry so all courtesy to her and thanx for the update

Dada-dadi talking…………..dada telling preet that if she will not come to the gujrati marriage…he will do flirt with someone else in the wedding…..then dadi agrred that she will come n will also wear gujrati sari…………

they all tensed about the crossed photo of nimmo.they think that it's a work of family member becoz the photo was found in kunal wardrobe……………and decided to find out the person but after marriage……..

dadaji talking to lawyer on fone alone in a room that he did the drama of will so that kunal can marry n now to whom the will has to be made the lawyer know………..suddenly the door opened like someone was listening to the talks…..but wen dadaji moved towards the door to find out ……no one was there…….

Nimmo talking to herself n remeberingnall her old moments with vikrant n kunal………..she thinking that she had never thought of this…..she was doing a normal Rs10,000 job n now she will marry owner Rs 10,000 crores man ……..god gives those things which a human never wants…….patanahin kya hoga nimmo ka.if her papa will know this he will die so she asked god to do a favour on her…by taking her life n making her dead before marriage ………….

Then a man stting on chair whose face was not visisble but he talking on fone saying to kill nimmo brfore her wedding n she should not reach phere…….the taget is nimmo……


Nita—anand got emotional by seeing their daughter in wedding dress….n her dad thanked for all those things that she has done for nimmo…………..

Anand told nimmo that she can want anything today..nimmo said that she wants kanta bahan to go n live with her for sometime…n she has sked kunal n his family also…..there is no problem………anand replied---yes

They were sitting in car….n a man was standing just opposite to them who was making point on nimmo by gun to shoot her…suddenly an auto came in between….
Nimmo went in car n they didn't know anything….the auto mirror was shot u know who was in that auto….god….who after coming out said….jisko raakhe saaiyan maar sake na koi………………..he saved her life……………

Pam—aniket in anger n telling rishabh that y is he so excited for kunal marriage……rishabh will get nothing becoz will says that 80% property goes to kunal n he will give it to nimmo then rishabh said no dad kunal bhai after 1 year will give……………………n he suddenly stopped n changed the topic by saying that kunak bhai is very good by heart…….then kunal called himn he went…..

Shradha telling samar to get ready for his brother's marriage but he refused to go in his real bro marriage…….then aniket came n convinced him to come in the marriage………..

All sehgal's doing pooja….then the baraat started n reched the wedding place …..all dancing …..mathuria's on gate for welcome….

Kant---thank god I m so happy that kate baal wali teeno nahin aayi….nita n ketaki laughter….suddenly kanta saw pam preet n preet's sis n got upset…oh they have come………..

God came n helped kunal in coming down from horse gave him blessings….vikrant came n forced kunal to dance……………….
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11th May 06 update by Shanelle

shaadi preparations r on. kunal is sittin in the mandap. ketki nd vallabh r also sittin there. naina is wid nimmo in a room givin final touch to her make-up. nimmo is thinkin bout evrything thts happened to her - bout her family, kunal , contract marriage etc. suddenly she says- nahii. naina asks kya hua. nimmo says nothin i need sum water. naina goes to get sum for her. nimmo says to herself why did i sign the contract. i cant do this. i hv no other option left at this moment. next panditji is doin havan and lightin the fire. a person outside nimmo's room is pouring kerosene on the walls and then throws a match-stick. naina returns to see fir e all over. she shouts for nimmo. then runs to the mandap to tell evrybody. evrybody runs. aniket just wondersAngryAngry

evryone cums outside nimmo's room . vik and evrybody splash water to put off the fire. kunal tries to control nimmo's father.

next scene : nimmo is walkin on the road (yes, she has run awayLOLLOL. she is talkin to herself tht money is not evrythin . i wont sell my emotions, my family's luv for money. its better to run or die than to hv a contract marriageConfusedConfused. she is walkin aimlessly and sayin tht i dunno where i m goin but certainly i m not marryin. then a truck cums in front of her. she stops suddenly.

its our fav sardarji steppin from the truck. he asks her where is she goin. she says there is one similarity btw god and him - wenever she is in trouble they both laugh at him. siddhu says but its we who take u out frm the trouble. it luks like u r runnin away frm ur marriage and ready to dieOuchOuch. why do so. cum and sit in the truck. nimmo agrees. siddhu drops her at her place. nimmo sees evrybody gathered and fire and smoke at the place. she wonders wat happened thereConfused. she gets down frm the truck.

meanwhile, fireman says there is no one inside the room. anand shouts how can this be. she must be inside. then they see nimmo cumin. anand asks where had she gone. she makes an excuse tht she went to siddhi vinayak templeLOL. ketki says lord ganesha saved u . then they all go to the mandap.

KK whispers to kunal tht this fire may be the reason of the threat we got. kunal wondersConfused

nimmo's dress has changed from white to blue(the promo one). kunal and nimmo r havin the pheras, then mangalsutra tying, sindoor and all.

after tht nimmo is seen standin out and talkin to god tht u must b very happy today. why did u put me in this mess. meri shaadi ko ek khel bana diyaCry. u must be dancin wid joy today

here, we see siddhu dancin wid joyLOL. ketki cums and says u seem to b very happy. are u from the groom's side. siddhu says i m neutral from all sides. this story is different. ketke says i dint get it. siddhu says dun worri we jus hv to see kya hoga nimmo kaWink

vidaai scene: evryone is weepy here. choti dadi says to preet lo inka drama shuru ho gayaAngryAngryAngry. nimmo hugs her dad. anand had a talk wid kunal tht i am givin u my daughter. take care of her and all tht. then KB says tht lets go now. nimmo, kunal and evrybody else go in their cars.


Next epi: anand sees nimmo's photo in his house and remembers her

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Mink''s Pink
Mink''s Pink

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15th May update by Minnie

The scene starts with Dadi wondering what Kantaben is doing in the car with Kunal and nimmo. Dadi's sister reminds her that it was Nimmo's condituon that kantaben come with her after marriage. Dadi decides that ' main kantabai ko dekh lungi !!'

     Kunal and Nimmo throw off their garlands in the car and Kunal grumbles how people marry happily. Nimo grumbles back that now his problems have finished and hers have started as she would have to pretend to be someone's wife and someone's daughter in law inspite of the fake marriage. Kunal tells her that she would have to really behave badly with everyone in his house so that all are convinced that they are very unhappy with each other, and KK adds that Nimmo would especially have to break Dadaji's expectations as he thinks Nimmo is the ideal wife for Kunal. Kantaben objects that Nimmo too has a reputation to protect, and to that KK says that if that is so then Nimmo can happily remain married to Kunal for 1 yr and then resign the contract for life LOL. Kantaben's face falls and nimmo again starts grumbling under her breath.

    They reach Kunal's office where KK gives Nimmo a modern dress to change into.

    Anand and his family remember Nimmo while the song 'yadein' plays in the background. Some cute flashbacks of nimmo as a child, Nimmo taking care of her sisters while they are studying etc is shown. All share a lovely moment with each other. Very touching scene.

    Sehgal family waiting for Kunal and Nimmo to arrive.Dadi says a few unkind words for Nimmo being middle class and all, and that she would not allow Kantaben in the house . The gujju chachi replies that it would raise their status if they told everyone that their bahu got a bai with her (go chachi !!Clap).  Dadi argues back that she would not allow anyone to be a part of her family. Dadaji loses his temper and warns everyone that they should accept that Nimmo is Kunal's wife, and that a family does not mean just living together under a roof but taking care of each other which no one does here. He also adds that he is the head of the house and his will be the last word.

    Nimmo gets down from the car wearing a black dress boat necked (Juhi chawla style) and short, leaving her legs exposed below the knee. She tries to pull it up and down at the same time, grumbling about it's inappropriateness.  Kunal asks her to be smart and tells her that she should behave as if she is used to wearing such kind of dresses. Nimmo makes a face . kantaben is angry with her and offers to say that on her behalf LOL.KK cutely says that if she says that then she would have to wear such a dress herself. Kantaben makes a face at KK and wags a finger at him. Nimmo finally agrees.

   They enter the Sehgal house and everyone is shocked to see Nimmo in that dress. Dadji asks what she is wearing when Nimmo nervously blurts out that Kunal asked her to wear it. Kunal makes a miserable face and tries to scold Nimmo that why is she lying and that it was her idea. Both look equally miserable when Dada says that she is allowed to wear that dress. Chachi quips that why not ? If the daughters of the house can wear it, why not the daughter in law ( I love you chachi Hug). Everyone is shocked, and most of all are KK,Kanta, kunal and Nimmo LOL

   Kunal's sister asks Nimmo to push the kalash with her foot, Nimmo gives it a hefty kick LOL. The evil sister makes a sarcastic comment comment saying it's upshagun when Dadaji intervenes saying it's OK as Preet too had kicked the kalash when they had got married and that was a good shagun. faces fall all around.

   Nimmo comes and takes ashirwad of all, dadi whispers evily in Nimmo's ears that she would throw Nimmo out soon. Nimmo happily thanks her God LOL

   Kunal's sister goes around introducing Nimmo to everyone. Samar behaves rudely with Nimmo and walks away. Nimmo's sister asks for forgiveness. Nimmo wonders what money does to relationships, where her sisters cannot live without each other, here a brother does not even want to see his siblings face !

   Kunal takes his buddy cousin outside and they talk about the fire and wonder if someone from the family was responsible. Kunal says that he does not want anything to happen to Nimmo while she is in their house Embarrassed ( something cooking here !!!!Big smile) so they would have to be alert.

   Chachi ad kunal's mom talking ( K's mom sadly saying she wants Nimmo to have all the happiness she did not have) when Dadi makes an entry with her eveil sister. The evil sister insults both of them saing all three are middleclass and that they don't fit in their status. Kunal's momasks chachi to take milk to Kunal. The sister and Dadi together then insults Kunal's mom and  dadi blames her saying she is responsible for her son's absence, and tells her that this time they will see to it that only that happens which dadi wants. The scene ends with kunal's mom unhappy face.

  Tomo: Someone says they have failed Kunal's car break and if both he and Nimmo travel in that car, it would solve all problems.

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update: may 16th, 2006---posted by marvish
courtesy naila

Kunal—kanta—nimmo-entered kunal's room n kunal's bed was full of flowers…suhag raat ki tayyari kar rakhi thi………

Kanta—kunal---nimmo shocked to c it………..

Kunal told nimmo n kanta that his family does not know about the contract marriage that's y they did this………………….

Kanta scolding kunal that if he will touch nimmo .she will not leave him……….

Kanta told kunal to get out of the room n sleep somewhere else……………..kunal replied that if I will go then wat my family will think……………….

Varsha brought a glass of milk n told kanta to come with n her n leave nimmo—kunal alone…………..

Kanta was trying not to go but varsha took her out n suddenly kanta told varsha that she is coming. she has to give a message to nimmo

Kanta warned kunal that he will not touch nimmo or she will……………..

Kunal n nimo alone in the room………kunal moving toward nimmo n opening the buttons of his shervani n nimmo telling him not to come close to her n not to touch her………..then nimmo fall on the bed n kunal still moving towards her n then he took out the keys of the cars kept under pillow…………….n told nimmo that her girlfriends r beautifull then her………………..

Kunal took out divorce papers n told nimmo to sign so a to avoid further problems………..nimmo signed it n thinking that today is the night wen all girls celebrate their suhag raat n I m the first girl who is signing her divorce papers

Now kunal going out to hang around with his friends. he opened the door to go out. Then suddenly dadaji n varsha came in asked kunal that where is he going kunal told that bathroom but dadaji replied that the bathroom is already in ur room ………………he said ya then he went bathroom n dadaji told nimmo that he know kunal from his birth. He was going to his frnds……………… so I have brought the keys so that I can lock the door from outside…nimmo tried to convince dadaji not to lock the door but dadaji locked it n went away .varshan wishing nimmo all the best… ……………kunal came out n got upset after knowing that dadaji has locked the door……………………….

A man talking on fone n telling that he has failed the breaks of kunal's car n now that man (to whom he was talking) has to c whether kunal goes alone or along with nimmo…………………….

Nimmo kunal alone in the room…………….kanta seeing kunal—nimmo from outside the key hole of the door…………………kunal also seeing n kanta told kunal to open the door or she will not leave him..kunal told kanta that dadaji has closed it.kanta shouting is nimmo ok?call nimmo………..

Nimmo came n they told kanta that she is ok …………….u can go.becoz dadaji has locked it…………kanta was satisfied n she went away………….

Kunal scolding nimmo that why kanta bahan alwys do this……….its my fault that dadaji has locked it frm outside………………..

Nimmo said sorry on behalf of kanta bahan n kunal also said sorry to her

Kunal switched on the tv n seeing movie in which the girl n boy were on bed…nimmo seeing it n feeling embarrassed n told kunal to switch it off becoz she cannot c it with nimmo ……….kunal asked why .nimmo replied ok lets sleep


Nimmo----I mean to say u on bed n I will sleep on the floor becoz I m in habbit of sleeping on bed…………..

Nimmo snoring n kunal not able to sleep whole night……now its morning n kunal snoring

Nimmo wake up n shouted kunal……………….

Kunal woke up---wat happened

Nimmo-----u r snoring a lot ………….i was nit able to sleep

Kunal---u were doing that n I didn't sleep

Then there was knock on the door n it was dadaji…….kanta bahan also came running n asking wat is happening here……………n after seeing bed of nimmo on floor .she was satisfied……………..

Dadaji asked nimmo about the bed on the floor….nimmo replied that she fell down during night……then dadajhi asked ok ur pillow n bed sheet also fall along with u

Kunal told dadaji that true is v had a fight n nimmo slept on the floor

Dadaji holded his ears n warned that this should not happen again……..

Dadaji told them to get ready as all r waiting for them on the breakfast table

Now the real fun started

Kunal was confused that which toothbrush he should use ……which tooth paste he should use…which blade or razor he should use for shave……….he ahs a lot of them

Then confused which towel he should use.nimmo gave him a the towel which he liked as it was matching with his bath towel suit……………..he came out in an underwear…nimmo then took bath n was closing her eyes after seeing kunal………….kunal was again confused about his clothes…..nimmo again helped him n gave him the clothes………………he again liked them becoz that was matching his underwear……………………how funny it is . n confused too………………nimmo was making expression like she was thinking ufff wat a man he is????????????a confused person?????????????

Nimmo also got ready ….she is looking cute n simple…. she wore a green color suit.,…………..


Nita & keataki fighting that they will not do the work alone…………….anand asked swati n naina.both of them run frm there making excuse………………anand at last said that ok he will insult himself in front of sehgals n will cakll kanta bahan………….

Then nita—ketaki agreed that they would do the work………………..


Kanta bahan sitting on sofa by putting her legs on it n talking on fone bout srhgals to her friend that +I m having no fun here…………….suddenly pam & dadiji came n pam asked kanta that how dare she is sitting on sofa…………..

Kanta replied –kya

Pam----talk slow n in sophisticated way

Dadiji----talk in low pitch

Kanta bahan was too funny

Kanta---ok if ur house will get fire. I will call all of u but shouting in low pitch so that no one can listen……..

Then she pointed pam n said-----if this moti will fall frm stairs I will call u all ver slowly………hey see moti gir gayi,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok I will say all this very slowly………now its ok

Pam—shut up

Kanta---hey talk in suffocation manner…………….slowly    

Suffocation instead of sophisticated………………..   

Dadi to herself---------first I have to kick this kanta out then nimmo

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sweet_shagun 18 3271 25 December 2006 at 8:01am by GK-KK~ROCKS
IMP: read this....regarding updates

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Author: miracle83   Replies: 16   Views: 1341

miracle83 16 1341 19 September 2006 at 8:31am by åpoiuy
updates for today

Author: ROSENI_918   Replies: 2   Views: 406

ROSENI_918 2 406 08 September 2006 at 8:13pm by Virgo_Stars

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Author: sweet_shagun   Replies: 32   Views: 1881

sweet_shagun 32 1881 24 August 2006 at 8:24pm by dramaiya
19 July updates-resham_tam / sunshine1983

Author: Virgo_Stars   Replies: 0   Views: 1896

Virgo_Stars 0 1896 19 July 2006 at 11:18am by Virgo_Stars

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