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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 7:22am | IP Logged
20th highlights by Twincool

mauthrias shift to kanta bhen's house

want to hate naina then have to watch this episodeAngry , as she left  house in the midnight writing a letter , according to which she didn't want to stay in such poor conditions so she is going to her own world!! naina goes to vicky's house!!

Nimmo's dad after listening to nimmo reading the letter gets a heart attack!!Cry and is hospitalised , nimmo calls up vicky and inform him , he is shocked

KK suggests to kunal to get married on contractual basis for a year on paper , that also to a girl who is hated by all in the family , kunal(poor baby) was against it but later agrees to it as he can't stay with one girl all throughout his life, kk asks to search for a girl who is in need of money , the idea is supported by rishi -kunal's cousin(one who was with him in the swimming pool)

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April 24th Update by butterfly 04

Tongueyes people Nimmo was porposed todayClapbut before you all get too excited it was not by KunalCrybut KK insteadLOLConfused

So the epi starts with Swati being able to get the 20 grand but they need much more for the operation as their dad had a heart attack.

Virant is there comforting Nimmo

Naina feels bad b/c the dad insurance won't cover the expense of the operation b/c he didn't put money in it last month, cause he gave that money to Naina beauty peagent instead.

Nimmo is in the cafe eating where she see an add about a job.

God is there too Wink

she rushes to the intreview, appearntly KK is interview wife canidatesLOL

anyways he instreview Nimmo and selects her as she fits his qualfication of women who doesn't want marriage and needs of moneyTongue

So KK tells Kunal about it, but leaves the name of Nimmo out.

KK offers nimmo the job and the money both nimmo and kunal think their problems is over than Nimmo asks what does she have to do in this job

KK tells her about the marraige and Nimmo gets mad and scolds him that a person in his age wanting to marry herLOL

KK tells her that actually it is a rich and handsome young guy instead, but he can't tell her his nameWink

Nimmo gives back the money and leavesClap

She goes to Vickrant sir house and hears that he put all his money into a house he wanted for his wife as a surprise

Nimmo leaves and walking on the road with the song Kal ho na ho playing.

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Posted: 25 April 2006 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
APRIL 25TH UPDATE BY twinecool

loved to c the fight of kunal and nimmo  reminded me of Hum Tum movie!!LOLLOLLOL

nimmo agrees to sign the paper she reaches the hotel to meet KK , on the other ahnd KK is the room with kunal saying one or the other girl will agree to marry on contractual basis and kk offers a new plan to which kunal says shut up KK

nimmo who asks the receptionist to call up kk  but sice teh line was busy she asks teh location of room(interesting she had been there in the morning!) Nimmo reaches the lift and presses the button ,on the other hand kunal enters the list , later when kunal reaches downstairs There she bumps into Kunal in the elevator and Kunals lappy falls down. Kunal calls her a fool, who never does any job correctly.
Nimmo shouts at him saying this hotel doesn't belong to him. Later Kunal realizes that his lappy has broken LOLand he blames Nimmo for his loss. Nimmo with attitude tells Kunal to send her the bill for his loss as she has got a job and she will receive salary, which his company employees can only dream of.  kunal says he never heirs fools like ehr in his company They both try to lift the lappy at the same time but bang their head. Nimmo makes fun of Kunal saying he is one confused soul who cannot select which color towel he wantsLOL. kunal replies to nimmo saying atleast i am confused but not carless like u.

Kunal tries to leave the elevator but bangs the door, to which Nimmo laughs.
Nimmo meets KK and sign the papers and ask him to add a clause that the boy has no right to touch him. KK to himself "do not worry Kunal will never come close to a girl like you". Nimmo ask KK will there be any problem after marriage, to which KK replies that's what we want. Nimmo ask what about divorce, he says it would not be a problem.

KK informs Kunal that the girl has signed the papers and Kunal does not bother to ask who the girl is and calls for a family meeting.

all the members of the sehgal family were present.Kunal informs his family that he is getting married and all are very excited(which is very short lived for sure) one of the family member inquires is the girl of their status, is she a punju, they ask him when will they meet her and how is she. Kunal is confused and says let me meet her first and when  dadi asks waht he emans he tells that he has to fisrt meet her family , when they ask him whether its a love or what he replies its arranged cum love; and Dadaji calls Kunal and holding his ears ask him when did all this happen to which Kunal says as soon as you made the announcement about your will. Someone asks him again does the girl come from a rich family to which Kunal replies Love is blindWink

dadaji was showing the kundalis to a astrolger , the guy tells they match very well, kunal's mom asks dadji whether kunal gave the kundalis to which dadji replies that kk gave,later dadji says i just hope this girls brings kunal near u.on the other hand pam tells her hubby and samer that once kunal gets maried they will c to it that the girl brings distance between kunal and dadi.

KK informs Nimmo that @ 8pm he shall send a car to collect her for her to meet the boy. Nimmo informs Kanta Behn that she has to meet the charitable trust ppl, who have arranged funds for her fathers comes to pick up Nimmo and Kanta behn is surprised to see a big car. Anand MAthuria's operation is successful. Nimmo reaches the hotel and asks KK who is the boy???? as she has the right to know that , kk replies that he is a rich guy whom all girls love to marry! and seeing whom nimmo will be overjoyed((ofcourse!)kk also tells that teh boy is having contract wedding because of the will

kunal in a delighted mood enters the hotel room nimmo was seated , she gets up kunal and nimmo face each other , they point fingers at each otehr and say :TUM: their faces become red!

TOm: nimmo walking in the mid of the road cursing god for sending all types of villans(kunal)into her life and wonders from where she will give abck 3 lakhs to kunal as she greatly told that she will do so

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Posted: 26 April 2006 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
26th April update by Shanelle

the scene strts frm the hotel room. kand n sayin tum to each other. kk says gud tht u 2 know ech other. nimmo says soz cant marry this man. kunu says me also not interested. nimmo says tht i shud hv known tht only one person can buy a wife for money. to which kunu says tht i shud hv also known tht only 1 person can do contract marriage for money. nimmo says i hv sum majboori. and says to kunu i will return ur 3 lacs but will not marry u

next scene: nimmo curses god. says why this person only. if u hv to giv problems, giv to me but not my family

then at hospital , 3 sisters talkin bout money problems. nimmo thinks bout it.

at night , she thinks all tht is happenin wid her papa. then she wakes up, goes in front of mirror and says tht to buy happiness for her family, she wud jus hv to marry kunal for 1 year. she says aloud and kantaben hears.

next kantaben talks to her bout her life nd dreams. nd asks her to think bout evrythin b4 takin such a step.

next mornin: kunal in the swimmin poolEmbarrassed. cumin out of it, rishab nd kk try to convince him bout the marriage. they say its only a matter of a year. bas ek hi saal jhelna hai. in fact , dadi wud kick her out much earlierLOL

next scene: at office, dadi sees nimmo nd kantaben & they have fight..Meantime KK & Kunal was there too but they were kunal askes kk what if nimmo tells dadi about a contract thing then...So KK went out & ask Nimmo & Kantaben to leave...& dadi tells the office guards not to let them in again in the office....

next: kk nd kunal r at office. kk agen tries to convince kunal  . kunu says to kk but she wont agree now. to which kk replies she has signed the contract nd also taken 3.2 lacs. she wud agreeBig smile


tomorrow: kunal meets nimmo nd kantaben. dey talk bout the clauses of the contract. i think within next week, marriageWink

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Posted: 28 April 2006 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Short update of 27th By MeWink

Show starts with Kunal & KK coming in the search of Nimmo...They went to Kantaben's house...& Kunal finally askes Nimmo to Marry him...LOLLOLLOLbut on contract thing...Then Kantaben says let's go to some hotel as this is not the right place to they went to the hotel....Where Kanta ben orders lots of things...& then she says there are some conditions like after marriage Nimmo won't do any work,she will come to her house once in a week,Kunal can't touch her,Kunal has to take her to the party etc...Then Nimmo says for people we are husbond & wife but Btw us you are my boss & I am your employee...Kunal agrees then they decided to leave.....outside of the hotel....Kantaben says lets come to reality & let's find a bustop near here...& then KK says he will drop Kantaben & Kunal says he can Drop Nimmo as hospital is on the way...(Nimmo was going to hospital while kantaben to home)...In the car Kunal askes nimmo that wheather she is going to tell her family about the contract marriage or not...she says her dad is still not well....Kunal askes what was the problem...Nimmo tells him about the house things...Kunal says It's so good that they love eachother a lot...In high society people only lives for them selfs not for others...& he tellls her some more about himself....& he drops nimmo finally at hospital....

Then they show that Aanad is finally coming back home...everyone is so happy....Then Vik shows Naina the plan of their house which he was going to build for themselfs...Nimmo gets sad while looking at them...Kanta ben saws all these...she Tells nimmo ke you are happy when others are happy so just don't get sad...nimmo says she is not sad but she is happy for naina....Then Kanta ben shows Kunal's car in the Chawl so she askes nimmo to come with her to buy veg...& took nimmo from there...They met Kunal & KK...Kunal being so sweet gives Nimmo the paper for her house...Nimmo says she can't take it...Kunal says take it for the sake of our friendship...nimmo says she can't take it 'cause they are not good friends...In that Kunal says fine then I have increased ur salary now as a part of it take it...Finally she takes it...Then kunal askes her to get dressed as he is taking her to his that time Dadi calls 'cause she came to know that Kunal has bought that house from bhgvanjibhai...she gets angry on kunal....& ask him how could he do that & she needs explanation....Kunal says I am coming home with the girl I am going to get married to..we can talk there...& episode ends there...

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Posted: 02 May 2006 at 7:18am | IP Logged
1st may by twincool

kunal enters his house and the whole family is waitng to c the girl but dadi wants to know the reason for buying mathuria house as dadji asks him to show the girl dirst ;kun asks KK to call hem in .

maiden entry by kantaben and nimmo , kantaben first , all were shocked . dadi says now i got the explanation to my question

all ask him how he fell in love with nimmo

kunal begins off saying that he knows that nimmo has gone against samar, dadi and infact scolded him the office , later one day he sat in the park and thought about nimmo

during this kataben tells nimmo look look this guy is making up stories like anything.

kun tells eventually after he met nimmo many times he fell in love with her

dadaji who delighted says i am for this marrige

poor baby kun tells dadi i am marrying only if u permit me , as i don't want to sacrifise my family for the sake of my love

dadi gets and moves towards kun and nimmo

kk tells rishab look now there is going to be a atomic explosion

kun looked all hopefull that dadi will say no

dadi tells kun that she is proud of him and infact today he proved that he has taken training under him(samer and his chachu and pam unhappy). dadi asks kun who the ,lady is(kanta) kun like a poor baby points at kanta an tells she is kantaben dadi and nimmo says she is going to stay with us after marriage ,infact her dowrykanta asks dadi whether she ahs forgoten their previoues meetings

dadi goes near nimmo examines nimmo

dadi tells she is for the marriage and asks nimmo whether she has told this to her family , nimmo has no words to speak ,she says no , kun was above to crydadi tells that she will come to nimmo's house at 5pm with shagun

Next scene

Nimmo ,kunal kantaben and KK in the garden.all were looking helpless

Nimmo asks so now should we get married ,don't we have any other go

Kun says no we don't , we was looking desperate

Nimmo sits next to kun and asks now what do we do ur dadi will come with the shagun ,

Kanatben and nimmo decide to go home and break the news ,kantaben asks kun to pray ;kun looks at the sky!!

kun mom excited infact getting rady with shagun to visit nimmo house but dadi says that she need not come , later she cries dadji consoles her

Swathi and nyan had applied face pack ,swathi reads the paper and tells kunal is getting married ,nayan was sad , nimmo then tells I need ur help , as I have liked a boy and want to marry him and today the family are coming with shagun ,saying that she goes out .

Nayan and swathi are under the impression that the boy will be poor , nayan says never mind lets help nimmo in life………exactly then they show 5 cars parking infront mathuria house. Its dadi ,dada, pam in another car kun and kk.dadi tells herslf this is the house I wanted to destroy but today I am going here with shagun

Bell rings neetu opens the door,

Neetu was shocked ,dadi asks will u not call us inside. she Calls them inside. nayan with the face pack was in the sitting room , nimmo eating choacolate, all were shocked.

Dadji tells that we are here with shagun asking ur daughter's hand to our grandson kun, kun was loking hot in white!!

Stupid nayan thinks the proposal is for her . tehn dadji tells ur daughter nimo and kun like each toeth and they want to marry ,

she faints when she hears that its for nimmo

Dadji asks nimmo didn't u tell ur family about this , her dad calls her in a anger tone and enquires with nimmo who nodes her head saying yes

Dadi then starts pff saying its an honor for u that our kun selected ur daughter , now overnight u people will become rich , we have brought shagun , infact u people have to give us dowry(hey what about kantaben) but we are giving u lots of wealth ,

Kun was now happily smiling and telling himself …….now he will say no!

Her dad goes wild and shouts until now I kept quite not because I have agreed nut because I din't want to insult u people , I am not givng my daughter . all were shocked but kun , nimmo and kantaben were happy

Tom:nimmmmo hugs her dad who appeared sad and tells from now on I will never raise kun's name in this house .she tells herself from now on real life filled with masti

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thnx to and wild princess Smile

May 2nd:
Anand Muthuria is really irritated with the snobbery of Preet Sehgal and Pam and he refuses to get Nimmo married to Kunal. The Sehgals leave and Daadaji is worried for Kunal.

Kunal and Nimmo celebrate as their wedding has been called off...

Nimmo is happy and elated and reassures her Dad that she'll forget Kunal in two minutes and that she is okay with his decision. She hugs her Dad and for once, she thanks GOD. Kunal on the other hand makes a cry-baby baby-face and tells Daadaji that he will not marry anyone now as Nimmo is the only girl he ever loved...and that Daadaji can give away the property to somebody else....Daadaji is emotioanlly blackmailed and says that property will remains Kunal's only no amtter what the fate of his marriage..Kunal is elated...

Kunal parties with Vikrant and his girlfriends while Nimmo dances with Kantaben that the wedding is no more materializing ...Kunal doesn't tell Vikrant who the girl is with whom he couldn't get married dur to family problems....

Naina, Swathi and Kandy try and knock into Nimmo's head that she should convince Anand to agree to the wedding....but Nimmo is adncing around and saying that she can't go against her Dad's decision...

Next morning, Nimmo offers GOD a coconut..only to come back into the house and find Kunal's Daadaji and her own father hugging each-other and telling her taht all misunderstandings are cleared and Kunal-Nimmo will get married..Nimmo wants to scream! =))

Kunal is partying till morning and is heavily drunk..when Daadaji comes over there he tells him that he is partying in depression of Nimmos' separation. =)) ...Daadaji gives him the good news that his wedding with Nimmo is on and that their engagement party is on...Kunal goes uncoscious in shock.... =))

Kunal, Nimmo, Kantaben and KK meet at a restaurant ,...Kunal quarells with Kantaben and Nimmo and KK cool tempers...they all put their heads together to give one last try to put off the wedding....Nimmo asks KK to speak in a low tone as she doesn't want GOD looking at them and hearing their plans....and the episode ends on a wallpaper of LORD GANESHA on a laptop eright behind their table.... <:-P [-O<

PREVIEW:Kunal-Nimmo looking like scapegoats while their families argue over what tradations to follow for the Junior Loser Love Birds wedding."
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May 3rd Written Update

This update is NOT written by me.
It is written by Naila from

So here is the update

Mathurias to sehgal house: in ambassador white car

Guard stops them n ask where r they going
Kanta v have come to make relations with ur madam
Anand-nita happy n shocked seeing the sehgal house,n they talk that they did mistake in knowing their nimmo. She is simple but her heart has a lot many big dreams

They entered the sehgal house n nita stunned ..kanta shouting is anybody in the army of servant came.nita again stunned.

Dada-dadi came n welcomed themkkkunalpam all came afterwards

Pam ---I know u r shocked to c our house

Kantano ur guard was shocked to see our white car

Dadajilet me introduce my familymy two sons n their wives varsha n parminder

Pamonly these r important members

Dadjino the most important member of today is shradha kunals mom..

Shradha gave ganesh ji small stachue to nimmo n blessed her

Kunal-kk-nimmo were upset that how to stop it.

Dadji decided to do engagement tomorrow marriage after 4 days

Kanta the marriage will be done in Gujarat style

Dadithe marriage will be done in Punjabi style or I will not come to the marriage

Dadaji sorted out the problem by saying that marriage will be done in both ways
Kanta quietly in nimmo ears----this old man will made you to marriage in another 7 births also.

Kunal---kknimmo---kanta stunned


Nita n all other family members preparing for nimmos marriage.swati excited n shocked of nimmo marriage.
Naina still in shock


Nimmo found no one on the door but a letter on the floor n that was highly confidencial.written on itshe came out n opened it n stunned n afraid after seing it
Kanta also came out she was also stunned..that was kunals photograph n date of birth was written n death date???????

After that v c a shadow of man.

Then kkkunalkantanimmo

All r upset n dont know wat to do..

Kunal told nimmo that he will look this mattershe need not to worry.

N his dadi n aunty hates her so they will take advantage of this thing n after sometime they will get divorced..

Nimmobut I dont want to make it media issueplz keep away our marriage from the media..


Nita excited seeing nimmo photo n kunal on the front page..n she showed it to all members.all stunnedkanta also
Nita went to show nimmo.nimmo swatinaina all sunned


The whole family was busy on fone becoz after reading newspaper all called up..


Vikrant coming n angry with nimmo that my best frnd is getting married with nimmo n noboby told me.i should be the first person but I came to know from media.
But he is happy he said..

Nita told vikramnt that they were thinking of nimmo n vikrant.

But vikrant replied that I want to marry..

Naina gave him signal not to tell..he cut his talk n went saying that he will meet later.

Nimmo went out to see off vikrant.

Vikrant ask nimmo that she has to talk about vikrant n naina marriagenimmo only seeing vikrant n song goes.such hai ke dil to dukha hai.hona hi tha jo hua hai.


Anand talking to nita that how will they cope up with sehgal familythey r so rich

Nita replied that god is greatdont worry

That u r shameless.wat have u done???? The marriage is lie n my family emotion r truebut u will never understand.. I know.the emotion the problems of middle class people.

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