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Posted: 11 April 2006 at 8:02am | IP Logged
6th April Update by Aakriti

  • kunalz family talkin about wht they should do to nimmo!
  • kunal and bauji weight liftin he tells kunal that he should get married before he dies(bingo)
  • nimoo gives a regination letter and vikrant tears it apart
  • he invites her for a dinner.
  • she thinks that it is a date and gonna propose her!
  • she tells these to swathi everyone is happy
  • she(nimmo) has a lil discussion w. her father.
  • she goes to the dinner and then meets naina.
  • she tells her how she feels about vikrant and tells her that vikrant is goin to propose her
  • naina gets shocked and vikrant arrives
  • naina tries to talk to vikrant but then he tells them to hurry up and have a seat..
  • they all sit and then vikrant says that he loves naina!
  • nimmo is shocked..she pretends to smile and then says tht she has a important work to do and then takes a leave.
  • outside: she is walkin in a road and then she yells at god and says that she is not gonna cry when a drop of tear falls from her eye.
  • it starts to rain( thts kinda weird)
  • and then the same punjabi guy comes and then says will vikrant realize his mistake if he doesnt then kya hoga nimoo ka!
  • next scene is nimoo gettin hit by a bike and then fallin! she yells at god again and then leaves for home!
  • she gathers all her spirits and then goes in the house
  • she sees the sandal that she threw at vikrant and starts to cry.. there is a background song frm kal ho na ho!
  • she goes in and looks at mirror
  • she yells at herself to shut up and stop cryin and look for her sisterz happiness!
  • just then naina and swathi enters the room and nimoo runs in the bathroom quickly and starts to hear wht they are talkin!
  • naina is cryin and tellin wht happened to nimoo. and then swati asks if vikrant knows this! naina says no
  • naina is havin a hard time to decide whom to chose either her sister who has fallen in love once in her whole life or vikrant who is soo happy

episode ends

next week: nimoo sees the robot that waz predictin about her love other day and yells at him! says that itz all lies! and then the robot starts to talk

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Posted: 11 April 2006 at 8:04am | IP Logged
10th April by Sandy

The episode start with Swati and Naina talking that Nimmo also loves Vikrant. Nimmo listens and comes out of bathroom and start acting like nothing happened, she starts saying that she doesn't like Vikrant, she just wanted to c if Naina loves Vikrant cauuz Naina didn't tell any of her sisters.

the next scene we c nimmo going to office and then kaki comes and syas that nimmo's mom wants to talk to her and nimmo ask where is she and kaki says that she is in mandir and then nimmo says that she can't go there cauz someone is there who she doesn't like and kaki says y eah i know u r talking about kanta behan nimmo starts laughing and then talkes to her self not kanta behan par bhagwan so then leaves.

Then we c nimmo's father and nimmo's chacha ji talking (sorry dunno his uncle's name) her chahca convinces nimmo's father to invest some money into some business, Nimmo's father is not quit agree, he says that he needs to talk to his wife neeta but uncles says that dun worry they will not say anything then her father agrees and then we c that same landlord old man standing out side of the window and listening to their conversation.

then nimmo goes to office and there she is talking to Vikrant (sorry can't remember their convoOuch) then Vikrant's cell rings and he talks to someone and nimmo gets up to leave, vikrant says that because of nimmo he has Naina today, he also says that he appointed nimmo on the job only because to get Naina back and then nimmo gets sad.

then we c Dadi (Kunal's dadi) talking on the phone and then Kunal comes and they r talking about some chol, they want to break the houses and want to make buildings. Dadi tells Kunal to handle this deal but kunal says that his younger bro and another guy ( sorry can't remember their name) will handle this project, dadi says they dunno anything about business but kunal says he didn't knew about any business before but x now he knows everything so he tells dadi to give them a chance, and dadi agress but says if anything goes wrong she will hold Kunal resposible.

then next we c Kanta behan, nimmo's mom and dad at their clothes shop. A lil kid comes and tells then that a buldogger(spellingLOL) has comes and is ready to break their houses so nimmo's father says that let's vacate the shop soon . Kanta behan gets lil sad , she says she has lived in this chol for 40 yrs and now they r leaving it.

then next we c those two guys one is Kunal's bro and other that guy they r telling police to vacate the houses but ppl r protesting , they r not ready to leave they say that they got notice only today and they dun have enought time so kata behan comes in front and start speaking she says run the buldoger over me let's c who has the himmant and all that then those two guys c coming kanta behan toward them so they start running and gets into the car but they hit a man and the man falls on the ground and he has blood all over his face so kanta bhean notes the car number down and then they reach at the hospital then we c swati there she is with her reporters as she gets ready to take the interview, she again c her family thereLOLbut she says now she will not stop the interview so she takes the interview of Nimmo and nimmo says that they didn't got enoguh time to vacate the chol that is wrong they can' do that and all and then we c that all Kunal's family is watching that news on t.v so dadi gets mad.

The endBig smile

Preview: Kunal's dadi is at the police station, she is coming out and Kanta behan starts saying that how come they r releasing her and all and dadi gets mad and speaks in english that she doesn't talk to  maids and then kanta behan says what r u saying in English let Nimmo and naina come they will deal with u in EnglishLOL

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Posted: 12 April 2006 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
11th April by Sandy

Ppl r protesting in front of the police station. Nimmo comes and says that dun worry let's talk to police inspector. They all go inside and they tell the police inspector to write the report but police inspector says that he has to talk to commisonaor then he calls the commisonor and he talks to him and says ok he will take the action right now so he tells the crowd to tell what happened aur kis ke nam per FRI likhwani and then ppl all r staring at each other's faces and then nimmo says write my name.

Then at Sehgal house dadi is holding Kunal responsible for all this then Police comes to Kunal Sehgal's house and takes Sammar with them. then Kunal makes a call to police commisionor but he is out of town so later kunal says that Sammar will get bail but dadi has to go to police cause SK comapny is under dadi's name so dadi says that she'll go so as she goes the meida stop the car at the door and starts question her and she says no comments but then they says if Sammar proves guilty then would she still support him then dadi says not she will make sure he gets punish and then leaves.

At the hospital doctor r saying that they need to operate that guy and they need money then they all says that where would they get money from?

Next we c that sammar is relased he goes home and dadi and her lawyer coming out of police station, Kanta behan stops them and says eh kate balon wali bili vo kaise choot gaye something like that and then dadi says who is she and lawyer says that she is maid and then dadi says that she doesn't talk to lowly ppl then kanta behan says to english main kya bol rahi ho let neea and Nimmo come vo bi english bolonge to tumhe sab chinese, english bhool jayegi and then dadi leaves.

then Nimmo comes and kanta behan tells her that police relesed sammar then nimmo says let me call Kunal he will hels us. then media start taking interview of nimmo and nimmo says that they will not leave the company and on the other hand Kunal's whole family is watching that interview and Kunal gets mad and says what does she think of her self and then that women (dunno her name but chachi of kunal who speak a lot) says that isn't she is the same girl from that day and says bad about nimmo then kunal gets call it's nimmo's then nimmo says that sir we need ur help and tell the whole situation and then kunal says that company is our and sammar is my bro then Nimmo gets shocked and hangs up the phone. Nimmo tells this to kanta behan and kaki they also get shocked then they tell neeta and Anad and to all other ppl the same thing and they all r surprised. kaki says humhe is jamele main padna hi nahi chaiye tha but nimmo says dun say that kaki, we need to help the chol ppl. she says what if she loses the job she will find another one but will get injustice.

At the hospital, police tells all the ppl that the guy has changed his statement that sammr didn't hit him but he came  intentionally in fornt of the car so they can stop this buldoger (spelling), they all get shocked then there is that guy's dad is sitting and nimmo asked why did his son changed his statement and he says that he needed money so a man came and gave us money and told us to change the statement and nimmo says that his statement was their last hope they all gets sad

Nimmo outside is talking to bhagwan she says bhagwan only help the rich ppl but not poor ppl

And then a man with swati, he comes to swati and says that he has taken pictures of that man who has given the money to that guy and then swati gets excited and says very good then she says she will publish then in newspaper so she callas her boss and he comes and gives the photograph to him.

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Posted: 15 April 2006 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
12th April update by Sanaa

Episode starts w/ nimmo getting up early to get the newspaper. As soon as she gets the newspaper from outside she looks for the story that was supposed to be printed w/ Samar's chachu bribing the guy in the hospital. Nimmo is shocked to see that the news was not printed. Instead it just has news abt Samar getting bail. Nimmo tells everyone including Swati. Swati is shocked. She calls the editor that was supposed to print the story. The editor says sorry & Swati asks him how much was he bribed. Editor says he didn't know that the news was against the Sehgal family.

Next Scene shows Samar coming to his chachu's room (the one that bribed). Samar says thank u. Chachu says there's no need for it. He says that the editor was a good friend of his. Samar says I love u chachu. Chachu says that there is someone that else that loves u more, your brother, Kunal. Samar says yeah I know how much he loves me. Samar lleaves tehe room. In the hallway he sees kunal asking a servant to bring some books. Servant asks kunal which specific ones. Kunal is thinking & is confused so he tells the servant to bring all the books. Samar comes to kunal & asks him why is he always so confused. He also says that there is only one thing he is never confused abt, & that's him Samar. Kunal tries to explain but Samar says even I have some business sense then why does dadi always have to put me down.

At the breakfast table in Sehgal house, Samar & his fav. Chachu comes. Dadi & Kunal are having breakfast. (Eijoo was looking so cute eating. ) Chachu tells Kunal abt Namrata Mathuria. Chachu says that he went to the hospital to see the injured guy. He saw how he didn't have so much money so he gave some money. He says that while doing this Nimmo had gotten her sister to take pics of this. He accuses Nimmo & Swati & tells Dadi that they were trying to show that Chachu was bribing. At this, Kunal gets up & says that Nimmo Mathuria is finished. At office Nimmo reaches there & a peon comes & tells her boss is calling her. Nimmo thinks Vik is back & is calling her. She goes to the cabin & finds Kunal there. Kunal starts yelling at her. Nimmo doesn't stay quiet & also starts saying things. She says how the company works just bcoz of the middle class ppl. The big bosses just give orders but it's the others that do the actual work. She also says how rich ppl don't have feelings & they showed this by not visiting the injured guy at all. (While all this fighting is going on, the Kutumb backround *shall i say music* the whole HEY! HEY! is playing!)She says that she has no relation to the guy but still the whole colony is with him. Kunal gets really mad & tells Nimmo that she is fired. Nimmo says he cant fire her because she quits. Kunal tells her fine & that he'll make sure that she doesn't get a job anywhere else. Nimmo says don't worry sir & now you'll see what I can do.

Next scene: Nimmo is gathering her stuff to leave. As she is doing this, everyone is watching her. After her things are gathered she tells everyone that she knows she has caused a lot of trouble but now it wont happen as she is leaving. Nimmo is leaving but sees that the elevator is not working. She takes the stairs. As she is going down she is talking bad abt Kunal. She wishes that he gets a flirt girl like himself. She also says that she shud always fall. at that time nimmo's foot slips & she falls. Siddhu ji arrives & gives her a hand. He says some good consoling words. Nimmo tells him that she & god are like tom & jerry & that they always fight. Siddhu ji tells her that the ones we love are the ones we fight with. Siddhu ji leaves in the elevator. Nimmo is shocked bcoz she was not able to use the elevator & now it is fixed.

Next Scene: Anand, his wife, & Ketki are doing some finance & talking abt their expenses. KB tells Anand that Ketki has been using the money to buy pills to get slim. Anand is like we need money right now. KB tells him not to worry & that Nimmo will come right now w/ her check. Nimmo comes & says that she wont have a check. She says that she has quit. Anand is okay with that & tells her that middle class ppl can only give their children education & self-respect. KB says that Kunal should go & fall in some well. & then restates & says in a well that is empty & without water. Swati comes & tells them that the lawyer has said that they cant get a stay order unless they have the papers from some Mohan bhai who sold the papers to Sehgal family. KB says she knows where he can be found.

Next scene: KB & Nimmo arrive at a house where Mohan bhai is. She starts yelling at him & asks for the papers. He says what papers, he doesn't have any papers. KB says Nimmo call the police. KB also threatens Mohan Bhai that she will call his wife & tell her that he is with another woman. KB takes the cell phone & says hi Kamla (Mohan bhai's wife). KB tells Kamla to come to this specific house right now. Mohan Bhai is like nooo, KB quickly asks for the papers again. Mohan bhai gives it to them. KB then reveals that she doesn't know any Kamla. They leave.

Next scene shows a big group of ppl marching towards Sehgal house. Nimmo & KB are leading them. Swati comes in a bit. They reach the gate. At that time kunal's dadi is leaving in her car. She comes out of the car. She tells them that they cant do this. Nimmo tells her that she doesn't need to tell them what to do. Nimmo gives her the stay order & says they have 2 months. Dadi says don't be so happy as 2 months is not such a long time. Nimmo tells her that she knows its not a long time at all but in that time, if Sehgal company doesn't take back their orders, then the Sehgal house wont be there for the family to live in.

Episode ends on Kunal's dadi.

Tomorrow: Vik is at Nimmo's house. He tells her that he's ready to take her back for work. Nimmo refuses & says no & that now u will get a much more efficient PA. & this time he can choose one & their merits instead of any recommendation.

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13th April update by Sanaa

Episode starts w/ nimmo bringing more fruits. KB asks why. Nimmo says she wants to get more fruits for God. She goes to the mandir & puts all the fruits there. She says to god you're surprised right just like KB. She leaves the fruits there & Naina calls. She tells Nimmo that Vik is waiting outside & wants to talk to you. After nimmo puts the phone down & a song is played w/ nimmo remembering previous times.

Nimmo goes to the terrace to find naina & vik there. Vik asks how did all of this happen. Nimmo says whatever happened for the best. Now he doesn't have to tolerate her anymore. Vik asks Nimmo for a favor. He says that after Naina, Nimmo is the one who knows him best. Vik tries to defend Kunal. Nimmo talks back. Vik asks Nimmo to ask them for forgiveness. Nimmo says that they shud ask for forgiveness first and then she'll say sorry. She leaves after that.

Naina asks him why did he ask Nimmo to ask for forgiveness. Vik tells her that not only Nimmo but the rest of the family will also be in trouble. Swati's news channel is financed by the Sehgals & Naina's beauty contest is also sponsored by them.

Nimmo, Naina, Swati are getting ready to sleep. They are talking abt how a news of Nimmo is in a newspaper & that now Nimmo will be able to get a job. Naina says yeah nimmo will get a job as soon as she apologizes to kunal. Nimmo & Swati are shocked. Naina explains what Vik had said abt her beauty contest & Swati's news channel. Swati says Naina how cud u be so selfish. Nimmo tells naina that what will happen to the self respect & that it will be lost if she says sorry. Swati reminds naina that nimmo is the one who gave her money for the beauty contest. Nimmo says forget all that & they all go to sleep.

Anand is looking at expenses in his room. Neeta comes & asks whats wrong. He tells her that this month their expenses have raised extensively. & that the only source of income is neeta & swati. Neeta tells him not to worry & she'll do something if anything goes wrong. She tells him to go to sleep. Anand is still worried.

Next scene is at breakfast table in morning. Nimmo tells Naina to hurry up as she has rehearsals after nimmo is at home today. Everyone stops as soon as nimmo says this. Nimmo is like what?? Anand & Kandy start singing the kabhi khushi kabhi gham song. Anand tells nimmo that she is not gonna stay at home because she is gonna go for an interview. Nimmo thanks him & says she will go.

Lawyer talking to Kunal's dadi. He tells her that the stay orders wont matter as the case is weak from the other side. Bhagwanji Bhai talks abt selling Mathuria Villa's house papers to dadi. She tells him he'll get any desired amount of money for it. Angry

Anand & Kandy's dad (Vallab) are talking abt the share market. Vallab says their shares have doubled. Anand says then tell Bhagwanji Bhai to sell them. Vallab says that Bhagwanji bhai said that they will double even more. Just then Bhagwanji bhai calls & lies to Vallab that their shares have fallen & are not worthy of anything. Anand tells him to tell bhagwanji bhai to do something. Vallab says he said he will try. Anand yells at him & says what try?? If their house is gone, they will come on the street.

Anand & Vallab tell nimmo everything. Nimmo yells at them. Nimmo & Vallab go to see bhagwanji bhai. Bhagwanji bhai says its not his fault that vallab & anand put the house papers in share market. Nimmo wants to see the papers abt the shares. As nimmo sees the papers she & vallab leave. Bhagwanji bhai says in his mind that even after so much education they still don't understand things abt the share market. He calls them "the same middle class ppl." (Isnt he middle class too?Confused)

Nimmo yells at vallab. She says he shudnt have trusted bhagwanji bhai. She tells him that anand had done so much to make their house. & now because of vallab, the house seems to be falling apart.

Bhagwanji bhai calls dadi. He tells her that her work is done. Dadi is happy & says that if the colony is not broken down its okay but im gonna take the mathuria house & have it broken for sure. Bhagwanji bhai reminds her of his commission. Dadi says ok & puts the phone down. After putting the phone down, dadi talks to herself & says im gonna destroy nimmo mathuria's family. While all this is happening, Parminder is looking at Dadi & is quietly smiling.

Next scene: dinner table at Nimmo's house. KB asks abt how anand & vallab don't look like in any mood. Naina asks for money. Anand yells at her. He tells her that these new fashions & trends are not gonna help as she will have to get married & stay in a kitchen. Naina retorts saying kitchen is not the place for me. Anand tells her to come into reality. After yelling at her anand goes into his room & locks the door. Naina also leaves & everyone leaves after her. Vallab & Nimmo are the only ones left. Nimmo gets up & knocks on Anand's door but no use. She yells at Vallab again saying that because of him anand had to yell at Naina. Episode ends on Vallab's face.

Next Week: Anand is looking up. Nimmo tells him not to do so as god will not listen to them. Anand tells nimmo that whatever he did w/ naina was right. He had to break her dreams to bring her into reality. He tells nimmo that only a father goes thru something like this if a house runs on his daughter's salary. He wishes that such a time never comes to anyone's life.


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April 17th update by Sanaa

Sorry for the delay guys! Such a cute episode.

Eijoo was fab.Clap Just had to get all the details!LOL

Episode starts w/ the Sehgal family sitting down playing tennis. Kunal is playing against his dada. Dadaji starts talking about how Kunal should get married now. (Uh-oh, bad news for kunal!Tongue) Kunal starts trying to talk & says finally that he cant get married as he has to concentrate on the business. Aniketh (the evil chachu) thinks in his mind that now he will def. make sure that Kunal is married. Kunal is trying to give silly excuses to not get married. He says that he is not even of age. It is his age to party. Kunal & dadaji are trying to play chess & keep checking (as in chess: check & mate) each other. Kunal finally wins the chess game by saying that he will get married but only if dadi stops working! CHECK MATE!!! Aniketh says to Kunal that he plans to never marry? As dadi will not stop working. Kunal leaves & dadaji also does too. As soon as they are gone, dadi asks aniketh if kunal should get married. Aniketh says yes & dadi starts to think abt it.

Next scene: Kunal in his room w/ oscar. There is a pic on the table next to the bed. Dadaji comes, takes the pic in his hands, & looks at it. He says to Kunal that you are just like ur father even though he is not in this world anymore. Kunal is like his father because he is so dedicated to work. Dadaji says that there is only one difference btwn the two. Kunal doesn't listen to Dadaji while his dad did listen to him. Kunal says off course I listen to you. Dadaji says then why don't you get married. Kunal starts going in different parts of the room to avoid dadaji. He tells dadaji straightly that he does not want to get married right now. Kunal leaves the room. Dadaji talks to himself & says how will you not agree. You have to agree because Kunal's chhoti dadi is coming.

A plane landing is shown. At the sehgal house, now kunal's chhoti dadi is shown with loads of pics of girls on the table with Kunal lost in his own world just trying to ignore chhoti dadi (sorry guys, didn't catch the name. I'll call her CD for right now!LOLLOL) CD is trying to make Kunal look as various pics. Kunal gets sarcastic & asks abt a girl's pic. He then tells CD that he doesn't like any of the girls. CD says that its ok if Kunal doesn't like girls at national level. She has many from international level too. KK says that CD went on a 15 day trip to Australia & got more that 1500 girls info! (Wow!LOL) Kunal is trying to get away while KK is also there. He asks for coffee. Kunal's sis comes & starts talking abt a specific girl that she likes. Kunal gets irritated & pulls her ears saying isn't it passed ur bedtime?! She leaves. Kunal also tries to leave. As he gets up, CD says dadaji is here. Dadaji comes & asks him if he's in love w/ anyone. (Yesss, ANITA!Big smileLOL) Kunal says no, how can he be in love. To clarify, he asks KK also. KK says no Kunal doesn't love even if he only does dating. Kunal gives KK a very cute but mean look & quickly leaves. KK leaves behind him. Dadaji comes to CD and asks what is dating. CD answers saying dating is when a guy goes out with a girl even if he doesn't love her. CD leaves after answering leaving dadaji shocked.

Next Scene: Anand is looking up. Nimmo comes & says don't look up as god wont solve their problems. She says we can solve our own problems. Anand comments by saying that its not possible for him as he is a father that has to see his daughter's money running the house. He wishes that it never happens to any other father. Anand asks nimmo if he was too harsh w/ naina as she still seems mad at him. Anand feels as if he did the right thing in breaking naina's dreams at once. Nimmo brings up the topic abt the house. Anand says that vallab is gone to talk to bhagwanji bhai. At that time the phone rings & anand picks it up. Its vallab calling from bhagwanji bhai's office. He tells something to anand which is not heard by the audience. Anand says WHAT??! Nimmo gets up & asks what happened.

Anand tells nimmo that they have to pay 20 laks for the house to bhagwanji bhai in 10 days. He also says that this will only extend their time for only 1 month. Nimmo is shocked. Later, siddhu ji arrives at the house w/ a donation box. Nimmo asks him what he wants & he says donation for a new mandir that is to be built. Nimmo talks to god in her head saying that he is making fun of them. She says how they are in need of money & yet you send ppl to collect money in your name. She also says that she is having difficulties deciding that god himself came in the form of siddhu ji to make fun of nimmo. Siddhu ji asks again & nimmo replies that she doesn't want to donate. Siddhu ji speaks some encouraging words & leaves.

@ Sehgal house: a girl walks into the house. All the members are forced to come out. She says she has heard that kunal is getting married. CD also comes there & tells her to leave. I think parminder is the one to ask why does she care if kunal is getting married. She says that she has to care as she is going to be the mother of kunal's child. Parminder, Shraddha, & the other lady (Kunal's sister's mother) are shown altogether covering their mouths. Kunal's sis comes to her & congratulates her. CD says this is all rubbish as she may be lying to get hold of Sehgal property. Parminder says not to leave just as yet. CD says fine & to let jijaji to decide. (BTW, dadaji is CD's jiju, I think that's what she said. So CD is dadi's sister). Dadaji comes & asks her if she is telling the truth. Dadaji calls for Kunal to come. Kunal comes in a robe. (this time it's a greenish one! Not too green though. Haila!Embarrassed maardala! LOL) Dadaji tells the girl to speak clearly what all this is about. The girl says her name is Ritu. She says that she & kunal met in pune. Kunal is trying to think what is going on here?!! She says that in Pune, she & Kunal were together & that night Kunal felt really tired to drive so they stayed at his farmhouse. At this aniketh comments saying that didn't kunal go to pune for a meeting sometime earlier. Kunal is like yes but still looking confused. He tries to prove himself innocent by saying that they shud call all his friends & ask. Vik is also there so kunal says you can ask Vik also. When dadaji looks at vik, vik is like yes & then no & says he doesn't know as he wasn't there. Dadaji is furious now & says that Kunal has 12 hours to prove himself innnocent or else he will have to marry Ritu. Dadi is also there & tries to help kunal but dadaji just doesn't want to hear anything. He tells ritu that she can stay in the guest room till then.

Next scene: nimmo's house. Everyone is sitting in front of door waiting for vallab. Ketki says he has gone w/o informing anybody. Kandy comes & says he cudnt find anything out abt vallab. Naina also comes. Anand asks her if she found anything. But as naina is still mad at him she walks past him to neeta to tell her that she also cudnt find him.

Kunal, Vik, KK, & oscar are in kunal's room. Kunal yells at vik saying he cudnt lie once for him. Vik says that its not his fault as kunal himself doesn't know how many girls he has been with til today. Kunal looks so lost & confused. He tells the two of them to help out. He asks KK if he remembers anything abt ritu. KK says that in the past 9 months kunal has been with 159 girls but KK doesn't remember any ritu from them. KK also says that he doesn't know abt the past 15 days as he was away & if kunal met ritu then. Kunal tells him to shut up & says that no one can get pregnant in 15 days. (Oh I loved eijoo's expressions in these scenes!)

At nimmo's house: everyone is still waiting. Swati says that they shud complain in the police. Just then KB comes w/ vallab dragging him along. The others see vallab in a drunk state w/ mud all over him. KB tells them that she found him trying to commit suicide by a gutter. She says he was totally drunk so he attempted to jump into a gutter to kill himself. Ketki yells at him for trying to do something like this. He tells all of them abt the 20 laks story & how they owe bhagwanji bhai in 10 days. Everyone is shocked. Neeta starts yelling at him so just then anand also takes the blame saying he also signed the papers. Anand & vallab both leave the room. Episode ends on all the others.

Tomorrow: aniketh brings papers to prove ritu's pregnancy. This was supposedly the plan of parminder, aniketh, & samar. Aniketh tells ritu to sign a contract saying that after she marries kunal whatever property she gets it will be transferred under samar's name.

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18th April update by Sanna

Episode starts w/ Vallab on the terrace. Anand comes & tells him that we are one family. We have always been together in good times & in bad. Anand succeeds in consoling Vallab & they have a brotherly hug.

Inside Ketki tells Nimmo to tell all of them what happened. Nimmo tells them abt the situation Anand & Vallab were in. Nimmo says that this was the reason Anand refused to give money to Naina & yelled at her instead. Naina feels very bad & says that all this time I misunderstood dad. Swati decides to be quite negative abt it & says that it is still dad's fault that we are in this situation. KB goes up to Swati & tries to tell her that anand had has majbooris to do such a thing. Neeta tells both of them to stop & Swati leaves the room.

Next Scene: Sehgal House:- Aniketh, Parminder, Samar, & Ritu all have a toast cheering their half victory. Samar is worried that they might be caught. Aniketh says that he has another trump card. He shows all of them some fake pregnancy reports that prove that Ritu is pregnant. Aniketh then tells Ritu to sign a contract. Ritu questions it & Aniketh tells her that in this contract, if she marries kunal & gets any property under her name than it will be directly transferred to Samar's name. Ritu signs the contract while Samar questions why shud it be under his name. Aniketh asks Samar does he not want 60% of property or shares of the Sehgal business. At this Parminder looks a little shocked. Aniketh convinces samar by saying that samar is like his own son even if he isn't his real son. Samar agrees. Aniketh tells Samar & Ritu to leave as anyone can arrive any moment. They both leave. As soon as they do, Parminder asks why did he tell all of this to Samar. Aniketh says that if their plan succeeds then Samar will treat Aniketh w/ so much respect & authority & it will be easier for Aniketh to get hold of all Sehgal property. He says that if their plan fails then Samar will be the one caught not him. Aniketh also says that either way he will get hold of all the property & then he drinks to that.

Next Scene: Nimmo's house:- Neeta comes out into the living room & sees that the bhagwan murti is gone. She starts yelling out saying that. KB comes & neeta asks her. KB jokes around & says that it cant have walked away cud it. It will come back. Neeta tells her to stop joking. Nimmo comes out & says that she has removed it. Neeta yells at her for doing so. Nimmo says she was right to do something like this as god is abt to remove them from their house & still he wont do anything abt it. Neeta tries to make her understand but Nimmo just walks away. Neeta folds her hands & says to god that nimmo is nave & to forgive her. Nimmo comes back & still has not changed her mind abt bringing the murti back & yells at neeta.

Anand & vallab are counting money at the table. Anand says that all this money just equals to abt 1 lakh. Ketki comes & brings her jewelry saying that they can sell it. KB also comes w/ some property papers from her village. Naina comes & says she'll try & find a job. Neeta says that she has also gotten some new orders & that will also give us more. Swati again tries to be negative & says that all that is only gonna equal abt atleast 8 lakhs. She says that she wants to see the mortgage papers again & tells nimmo they shud go see bhagwanji bhai. Nimmo & swati leave.

Next scene:- Aniketh & Samar come to ritu's room. Aniketh tells her to be ready for her little acting. They leave. Outside in the garden, kunal comes. Apparently everyone including dadi have morning exercises. dadaji asks abt his evidence. Kunal keeps looking at the gate. He says he'll have to prove or else he is ready to marry. But then he also says that doesn't ritu also have to have proof that she is pregnant. Parminder comes w/ the fake reports & says ritu gave them to her. She says that the report says she is 2 months pregnant. Dadaji tells kunal to prove himself now. Kunal looks at the gate & says atleast let her come first. Then we see a car & kk goes to receive a woman. Kunal tells the family that she is a very famous gynecologist. Aniketh, samar, & parminder all share weird looks. Kunal tells dadaji that nowadays there are many tests in which you can find out the father of a baby before its born. He asks that the doc shud check ritu if dadaji gives permission. Aniketh is like yeah the doc shud check ritu. He tells samar to go get ritu. Samar runs into the house. As soon as he reaches ritu's room he tells her to go away. Ritu is worried abt her money. But samar gives her the contract papers & tells her to go for now. She is leaving when we see oscar getting up. Ritu starts running w/ oscar running behind her. Ritu gets frightened of oscar & accidently drops the papers. Kunal's sis comes out & tries to stop oscar from barking. She sees the papers & picks them up.

Samar didn't notice any of that. He comes outside & says ritu ran away. Kunal proves his point saying that she was a fraud. Aniketh tries to be all good towards kunal. Dadaji comes upto kunal & is abt to say sorry but kunal stops him saying that dadaji has every right on him.

Next scene:- at bhagwanji bhai's office nimmo & swati reach there. Swati asks to see the papers again. She warns him that he is gonna be in a lot of trouble if something is wrong w/ them. They leave.

Naina is out w/ Vik. She tells him that she is gonna quit the beauty contest. Vik tells her not to. & naina tells him that anand is under a 25 lakh debt w/ 20 of them due to save the house. Vik says he'll try & help out as he doesn't want naina to make compromises w/ her dreams. Naina doesn't agree & leaves.

Next scene: sehgal house: shraddha & dadaji are talking abt kunal. Dadaji asks shraddha if she is mad. She asks why wud she be mad. Dadaji tells her that she is kunal's mother & despite that when dadaji asked kunal for proof, shraddha didn't say anything. He asks her why even as being a mother is she so separated from her son. Shraddha tells him that sometimes small things keep others distant from their own ppl (something like that.) she says she has no problems as dadaji & dadiji are also like parents to kunal. She tells him that she feels that kunal is wandering away from the right path. Dadaji tells her not to worry. There is a party tonight that kunal's giving & this DJ (dada ji) will try & do something special.

Next scene: nimmo is in her room fixing bed when wind starts blowing. She closes but it opens again. She comes to window again & says to god to stop showing special effects. She closes the window perfectly & says now try to open it. Just then the doorbell rings. Its siddhu ji. He asks for KB. KB comes & says if he wants to sell something then he can leave. But if he has come to give something then its ok. Siddhu ji says that KB has participated in some games for prizes & won. KB is confused what he is talking abt but still takes the gift. KB opens it to find a bhagwan ki murti in there. Nimmo says she had tried so much to keep him out of the house & still he comes back. Siddhu ji says that god always finds a way back. Siddhu ji leaves. Neeta comes & says that it is a shagun. Just then bhagwanji bhai comes & tells nimmo that he brought the papers that she & swati asked for. He tells her that there is also a legal notice w/ them saying they have to empty by tomorrow. Nimmo, KB, neeta are shocked. Bhagwanji bhai leaves & nimmo says that as soon as the murti entered the house, it brought problems w/ it. Episode ends on nimmo's face.

Tomorrow: vik, naina, swati, & nimmo are all together. Vik gives nimmo a check of 20 lakhs but nimmo refuses. She tells him She tells him that anand will be upset if he came to know that outsiders know now abt their situation. Vik asks isn't he a part of her family?!

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19th April update by Butterfly

vikrant and kunal findout the sammar did this pregnancy scam, kunal's sister gives him the paper, kunnal say's it is b/c when he was in USA. sammar was dotted upon now that he is back everyone is paying more attention to him so samar is jealous, never mind.

Vikrant ask for 20 lakhs, kunal gives it to him

Nimmo won't accpet the money b/c the check is signed by Kunal and she hates himLOLLOLLOL

Kunal is at the party dancing with all these girls and his DJ comes and announce as we expected, that he has to marry in a month or all him money will be taken away from him and leaves.

Kunal and Vikrant and KK are left and thinking, kk say's that kunal has gotten 200 proposals in 1/2 hourLOLLOLLOL blah blah he says that dadi will fix this problem

Dadi talks to Dj and Dj say's that his mind is made up and only kunal's marriage will fix this problem.

over at nimmo's they are packing there bare min. to take with themCry

the end.

precap they are getting their house sealed.

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