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Posted: 24 March 2006 at 7:50am | IP Logged
23rd march Update by Nisha

the serial starts with the 3 sisters talking in their bedroom about their dad. then, somehow their conversation shifts to guys. they ask nimmo whether her heart ki ghanti has rung yet for someone and Nimmo seems quite lost and remembers the scene where she hugged her boss when he told her she has got the job. Nimmo doesnt tell them about this incident though and also that she might feel something for her boss but instead she says: haan jab hum mile the, ghanti to baji thi.        &n bsp;       

Her sisters say together: kya?

Nimmo: phone ki ghanti baji thi...


The 3 gals realise that kanta bahen is evesdropping so they go and surprise her. Kanta bahen tells them that she has just pacified Anand their father and asked them not to annoy her and if they want she will tell them her jawani ki lovestories and the gals say a big NOOOO!!!


the next scene is where Nimmo's mother is praying to god and telling god that last night was the first time she had to lie to her family and she never expected this from God whom she prays everyday.

Nimmo passes by and overhears her.

Her mom leaves and Nimmo goes again and taunts Lord ganesha and tells him I doubt whether you exist or not and then a flower falls down from lord ganesha's garland. Nimmo asks him to stop showing these useless special effects and do something worthwhile for their family.

Now the scene shifts to the breakfast table where Anand, swati and Naina are sitting for breakfast. there still some awkward moments between anand and swati coz of last night. naina and swati are eager to see the newspaper to see if their mom's photos from the party of last night are there or not and then their mom comes and tells them she and and kanta bahen didnt get entry into the party as they were not invited and also got insulted. then Nimmo comes with a poster with her mom's fotos and she tells her : it doesnt matter. after all your fotos are in our hearts. this cheers her up.

Kanta bahena s usual goes: aisa scene maine kabhi bhi serialon mein nahin dekha chalo nashta khaao...

everybody goes: kanta bahen, you are too much


Nimmo then leaves for work and as it is her first day everybody wishes her best of luck.

Well she arrives at the office and finds the employees standing at the door with bouquet of flowers. she goes to them and says thank you for welcoming me on my first day and then they tell her that these flowers are not for her but the new executive officer.

well she then goes to her boss's office where the boss tells her that she has been promoted as his personal assistant. he asks her for a favour in the evening that is to bring him his suit at a party.

Well there were some romantic illusions by nimmo concerning her boss

next scene is all the ladies in Nimmo's house is helping her to get ready for the party. Nimmo tells them that she just needs to drop the suit and she will be back but they dont listen to her.

then she leaves and her mom prays to god asking him to get Nimmo's foto printed on the next day newspaper and she will consider her dream to be fulfilled. Anand looks at her wife with a funny expression.

next scene is Nimmo arrives at the party and she sees a dog there and the dog is barking non stoppingly at her. her boss comes and takes his suit and then he tells her that she is looking very smart. Nimmo tells him that she has to go to an engagement party embarrassingly. The boss asks him to wait as he will give her some file to drop at Mr gupta the next morning.

Nimmo looked at the barking dog and asks god to teach the dog a lesson and then the dogs chain gets broken and starts running after Nimmo. this creates a big scene at the party. finally the dog catches up with her and licks her face and swallows one of her earrings and starts wriggling on the ground helplessly. Nimmo becomes concerned and so does everybody else coz it is supposed to Oscar, the apple of the eye of Kunal (eijoo) the big boss of the company.

Nimmo gets scared and doesnt know what to do. everyone agrees not to call kunal and tell him the situation coz they are going to make the dog well before he comes to the party. Unfortunately one of kunal's ex girlfriends calls him.


Eijoo is sleeping wearing a sky blue satin pyjamas. his alarm goes off and Main aisa kyon houn from lakshya is playin gin the background. Kunal wakes up, gets ready, there are some dance moves...very sexy i and then he finally decides what to wear. he wears blue jeans with a jean jacket. he looks very cool. he is about to leave for the party when his servant tells him he has got a phone call.

Kunal asks him who it is and the servant tells him that one of his ex girlfriends from last week [ apparently Kunal is a playboy in this]. kunal doesnt seem to remember and he tells the servant to take the message from the gal. the servant does as he is told and he then out of shock let the phone fall down. kunal turns back and asks him what has happened and he comes to know about Oscar. Kunal is very angry and he immediately calls his friend who is Nimmo's boss and tells him to get the best doctor for oscar and not to let the gal that is Nimmo go anywhere.

the serial finishes on eijoo

preview for next week: Swati is apparently a host of a news channel and she is at the same party where Nimmo is and where the oscar incident happened. Swati is live on tv and says let see who is the berahem who tried hurting a poor dog and when she turns to see, she is shocked to see Nimmo, her mom and kanta bahen there (these two have landed there finally). Immediately she asked her assistant to stop filming...

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27 March Update

Show starts w/ Vikrant & Nimmo talking abt how Kunal loves Oscar more than he has ever loved anyone else. Vikrant tells Nimmo that Kunal has asked her to stay @ the party as he wants to kill her.

Swati is @ her office talking to a collegue. (It's Kavya's brother from ka. the one whose always after girls.) He gets a call abt a news. He tells Swati abt Kunal Sehgal's party being a very important news. Swati tells him that the whole city's news reporters will be @ Kunal's party. Kavya's bro (sorry they didnt mention his name) shocks her saying that there has been a murder @ the party. He then tells her its the murder of a dog.

@ Kunal's Party- Some wierd reporter is talking crazily about dogs and how dogs even have their rights. Everyone else thinks he's just talking crap. Nimmo on the other hand is thinking why all these reporters are bothering her. She thinks after all its just a dog. Vikrant comes there and takes Nimmo away from all the reporters. As soon as he leaves her to a side, Nimmo starts arguing w/ God. She says how coincidentally he just happened to take her wish seriously for once. Nimmo calls dad @ home but he isnt there. KB picks up the phone & starts bothering Nimmo abt the party. Nimmo tells her to give the phone to dad & that its an emergency. KB just shakes the matter off so Nimmo tells her to tell Mom to come to the party immediately. KB gets so over excited that she drops the phone to go tell Mom leaving Nimmo on the other end yelling Hello, Hello??

Next Scene- Mom & KB arrive @ the party. She somehow get in & Nimmo meets them at the entrance. Nimmo immediately hugs mom. She starts talking abt her earring. Mom tells her that they'll get another one if she's lost it. Nimmo tells her that Oscar has eaten her earring. KB comments saying why would a dog eat an earring. Nimmo says that the dogs here even eat almonds.

They show KB go up to Oscar. She starts whispering in the dog's ears abt how the earring wasnt real diamond and that he should take it out. Vikrant is seeing all of this so he goes to Nimmo & tells her to tell KB that she should stop whatever she's doing or else Kunal will end up killing her before he kills Nimmo.

Swati arrives @ the scene & is making her way to Nimmo & Oscar. As soon as Swati sees Nimmo she stops the transmission. Since the show is live, her boss is viewing it & sees that the transmission was cut. He calls Swati & tells her to start it again. But Swati argues w/ him & says that her sister is here & that she wont continue. Her boss tells her that she is fired. After Swati gets off the phone w/ her boss she tells Nimmo, Mom & KB to go home before the scene actually gets worse. Nimmo says that she wont leave as Kunal has asked her to stay & that if she leaves then Vikrant's job will also be in danger since it was his responsibility to keep her there.

Vikrant tells Nimmo that Swati is right & that she should just go home before Nimmo gets in anymore trouble. He touches her hand & tells her that now they both in this together & that if they'll lose their jobs they'll lose them together. Nimmo agrees to leave. The ambulance arrives as they are all leaving. KB sees how the dog is carefully being taken into the ambulance. As theyre leaving KB poses for the cameras taking pictures. KB comments that in the next janam, she would like to be born as Kunal's dog.

After they have left, Kunal comes in his hot red car. He quickly asks the guard where Oscar is. The guard tells him that Oscar has already been taken to the hospital. Kunal rushes back into the car & goes off for the hospital.

@ Nimmo's House- the tv is on & everyone is watching the news about Oscar. Nimmo comes & sees the tv & continues crying. KB comes & tells her to stop crying. Dad says that this is all KB & Mom's fault. Nimmo was wearing normal earrings but they forced her to wear the long shiny ones. Nimmo says that this is all her fault. She says that she had gotten this job becoz of Dad's hard work & now because of her Swati also loses her job. Swati comes there & tells Nimmo that it is okay & that she shouldnt be feeling this bad. Nimmo goes away from all of them.

Next Scene- shows Nimmo sitting by the window. She starts arguing w/ God. She says that this time she truely prays that nothing should happen to Oscar. She also says that since God never listens to her, she is gonna try bribing him. she says that if Oscar becomes fine then she'll go to Siddhi Vinayak mandir barefoot walking backwards.

Next Scene- It shows a lady in a jail walking w/ chains all over her. In the background a judge is saying that for the murder of the dog, Oscar, Nimmo is to be given death. They show a really scary image of Nimmo in jail. Nimmo wakes up from her dream. she is talking in her sleep saying that she hasnt done anything. Swati & Naina wake up & console her saying nothing will happen to her. The bell rings as they are trying to calm Nimmo down. Its really early morning right now.

Nimmo goes to see who is at the door. She opens it to see Vikrant. He says that he has good news for her & that Oscar is saved. He says that now both their lives have also been saved. Nimmo is so happy that she once again hugs Vikrant. This time however Vikrant also accepts the hug & doesnt react at all, infact he is very happy. As Nimmo is hugging him, she tells Vikrant to let go of her & that someone will come. Vikrant is confused as what is she talking about. They let each other go to see that Vikrant's chain had gotten stuck on Nimmo. They both say sorry. Vikrant says that he should leave & that he'll see her @ work. Nimmo hurriedly tells him that she had prayed to go to the mandir if Oscar is cured. He tells her not to worry abt it, take her time, & also offer prasad from his behalf.

After he leaves nimmo gives the happy news to the family. They are extremely happy that nimmo isnt in trouble. As it is early morning they all go back to sleep. Nimmo looks up & says she will surely go to the mandir.

Nimmo leaves for the mandir barefoot walking backwards. She is talking in her head saying nothing should go wrong now. She continues walking.

Next they show Kunal & Vikrant in a car leaving for work. Oscar's on the back seat. (Wow, shouldnt he be at home resting?Confused) Anyways Vikrant starts a topic on girls. Kunal talks abt how many of his girlfriends have got looks but no brains. & the ones that have brains dont have the looks. He wonders when he'll find such a girl. Vikrant says he has already found one. One that has come into his life like a storm. (Nimmo??Confused)

They show Nimmo again walking backwards. There is a traffic jam closeby. Kunal is also stuck in the traffic jam. Nimmo is about to jinx herself saying dont let anything go wrong. "Uh-Oh Gadbad Hogayi" Oscar sees Nimmo & starts barking. Nimmo is closeby & hears Oscar & then sees him. Oscar who is in the back seat has the window open. He jumps out and starts running for Nimmo. Nimmo forgets all abt walking backwards & starts runningLOLLOL. Kunal sees Oscar jump out so he also leaves running after Oscar. Vikrant is not gonna stay behind & also runs after them.

 Nimmo<-------Oscar<-----Kunal<---Vikrant! (Scene seem familiar??) It's from a promo video.

Nimmo finds the ladder which she ends up climbing. Oscar is at the bottom barking. Kunal & Vikrant reach Oscar & Nimmo. Vikrant sees its Nimmo at the top of the ladder trying to shoo Oscar away. Vikrant tells her to come down. Nimmo falls from the ladder and Vikrant & Kunal end up catching her.

Siddhu ji appears. You guys know what happens, right? He talks about the bells & that if one bell rings than there is a connection. If two bells rings there's confusion. Episode ends with Nimmo in the arms of Vikrant & Kunal.

Next Episode:

Siddhu ji is eating a banana that was given as a prasad. Nimmo is also in that line in which prasad is being handed out. Siddhu ji comments on the banana & Nimmo gives some quick answer. Siddhu ji ends up talking abt how patience can be very fruitful!!!LOL

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hey thnks for the awesome update but can someone plzzzzzzzzzzz update the 28th one plzzzzzzzzzzzz Cry Ouch
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Update Of 28th March by towhid

NImmo began to talk. SHe said to Vikrant, see sir! this is the dog. He wants to bite me. He's so dangerous. He always follows me. Kunal gets annoyed and tries to say sumthing and Nimmo says, u shut up! U don't know. For this dog yesterday our stupid boss wanted to kill me and fire Vikrant. Oh! God so strange ppl. Don't care abt human, but cares dogs so much. Vikrant says, nimmo! this is that person. Nimmos ays, who?? Vikrant says, Our boss Kunal sir! Nimmo thinks Kunal puts gun on Nimmo's head and she says, noo! Sir I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. Oscar is so cute. It wanted to make friendship with me. It was me fool who was running from him. I'm sorry. Then Kunal gets a call and attends it. Vikrant says to nimmo that pray for me also to God. Then Nimmo buys pooja ki thali and it was for 20 rupees. But there was sum ppl b4 also who bought plate for 100 rupees. They didn't let Nimmo go forward in the line, because her plate was cheap. SHe got angry and left the place. Sidhu comes again. And they both talk and it was really funny talk and the same talk from yesterday's coming up.
Kanta calls every1 and tells them that it was nimmo on tv last night. Then a boy gives them paper and they sees that nimmo's news was on page 3. Then Nimmo's uncle and aunt come to their house. It seems they also live in the same hosue. BUt they were juz out of house for sum days. Nimmo has a cusin boy also who is probably same aged as nimmo. Nimmo goes to Swati's office and talks to her boss and gives him sum emotional examples. Probably he's gonna give swati the job again
IN office everybody laughs at Nimmo and calls her who let the dog girl. Nimmo goes in Vikrant's cabin. He gives her a pair of earring. Nimmo thanx him and then she also droppes the ear ring by mistake and they both sits down to take it and got hit in head. Nimmo remains sitting and Vikrant says, Nimmo r u planning to touch my feet. Get up. and plz sumtimes wear that earring. It'll make me happy. Then she leaves
Sameer calls Swati and tells her that nImmo came to swati's office and her boss insulted Nimmo. Swati goes to Nimmo's office and yells at her that how dare she to go to her office. She says, she lost her self-respect in the eyes of swati's boss. It's not good to b so nice alawys. it sumtimes hurt others unintentionnally. Vikrtant listens to all of these and thinks, what if I'll give swati's job back. Then her family will b happy on me and I'll probably win Nimmo's famillie's heart.

Tomorrow: Nimmo is walking around the room wearing that earring. Her cusin Candy sees this and asks her, what're u doing?? She says, from where on earth have u come here? He says, I was here since u were walking around the room. And u didn't see me? OMG! What happened to u nimmo?

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29th march update by towhid

Nimmo puts a sorry card on the dressing table. Swati comes sees and laughs by reading it. Nimmo yells at her that I did it so hardly and u r laughing. THen Swati indicated to the bed and NImmo sees that Swati also put a sorry card for nimmo on bed. They both laughs. Then Naina comes and tries to patch up between them. They pretend that they r still angry with each other. Then both laughs and then 3 of them fights and shares emotional moments.

Kunal is trying to choose a dress but can't decide. So asks for KK's help. KK says, u have everything. Y do u have to decide? HE says, that's the prob that's y I can't choose.THen Vikrant comes and asks Kunal for a favor. Kunal asks wot is the prob. Vikrant says, remember that girl. Kunal says, ohh! ur current girl.YEah what happens to her? Vkirant says, no! NOthing happened to her. It's abt her sister. Her sister lost the job. THat's y I was wandering if u can call in the channel and tell them to put her back in job. Then my girl will b also happy and I'll also create an impression in their family. Kunal says, anything for u.

Swati, Nimmo, Naina, Candy all r playing caram. Candy asks every1 abt bf. Nimmo says, I want a boy who is normal and average looking. Who can keep me happy. I don't want to make my life fancy like stories. Then she goes to her room and stands infront of mirror holding the ear-rings. Swati and Naina asks who gave it? SHe says, Vikrant sir!! THey say, uuuhhhhH! luv case. She blushes and says, no! not like that. I even don't know how to luv sum1. I can juz accident. Naina says, luv happens automatically. It's like that song Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain. U know in that song there was aamir and pretty. And in ur life it'll b u and ur guy. When u'll fall in luv naa then if u'll jump from a high building then also there will b sum1 who will hold u. Then Nimmo dreams at night that she and vikrant r dancing on that song. THen she thinks Vikrant is going near to her and she says, noo! sir! not now. After marriage. It's not right to do b4 marriage. THen she wake up and thinks abt those ladder scenes and what nainaa told her abt luv. Then she wears the ring and comes in hall room and walks around. Candy asks what happened? Nimmo says, there is a great confusion in my life. Don't know wot to do. Swati comes and says, if sum1 will shout in dream that, not now! sir! after marriage. Then obviously there is sumthing. NImmo blushes and says, that means u didn't sleep. Swati says, nimmo u r in luv. Nimmo thinks i guess swati is right. I'm really in luv probably.

Kunal calls Swati's boss and tells him to put swati back in job. Every1 is eating breakfast at nimmo's house. Neeta tells Nimmo to invite Vikrant in a dinner. Coz he helped them a lot. Nimmo says, okay! I'll tell him. Then swati's boss comes at home and gives swati a bouquet and tells her to join the job. Swati thinks what's wrong with boss? sumthing is fishy. Every1 says, congrates Swati for getting back the job. Then Nimmo looks up on the sky and thanx to God and says, I guess u hired a good ear surgeon. U listened to my prayer carefully. Keep it up.

Swati and Nimmo gets ready for the office. Naina gets ready for a beauty contest. Swati says, u can pass in first round coz they need beauty for first round but then later they need brain. THen three of them shares a pillow fight. Naina got a call from photographer and they say they'll do her portfolio in juz 40,000 (50% discount). Naina gets happy, but also gets worried for the money. Nimmo gives her Nimmo's savings from childhood. It was like 7,000. Then Naina goes to her mom. Neeta kept sum money for renovation of her shop. She promises Naina to give that money. Kanta asks her, then what'll happen to renovation? Neeta says, I won't do it. When Naina and Swati will progress in their life, they will open a shop for me. Kanta says, And we'll name te shop "Neeta ka kaamaal/Kantaa ka Dhamaal".

Nimmo comes to office and tells vikrant that she brought a gift for him. He says, wow! I luv gifts. Give me that. Nimmo begins to unwrap the gift by herself. And then she showed him it's a pet dog. Vikrant says, Kutttaa??/ Nimmo says, yeah! sir. Kutta was the occasion that made us friends. So I brought it for u. And u can give it ...(i'm sorry. I forgot what was the word). Vikrant gets confused. ANd nimmo asks him don't u know wot does that word means. VIkrant says, no! then nimmo shows him that hitting dog cutely on it's head is called that word. Then Nimmo invites him for the dinner. VIkrant gets xcited and says, I was waiting fo rthis opprotunity. Nimmo says, jiii? Vikrant says, no! Nothing, I will come to ur house tonight. THen they both arranges sum files and nimmo's dupatta stucks with a handle of drawer and she thinks it's vikrant who is holding it. She says, sir! what r u doing? SUmbody will come and see. Sir! Then she realizes that Vikrant is not even in the room. He left the room sumtimes ago. Nimmo takes her dupatta back and episode ends.
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30 March Update

Today's episode starts w/ KB doing some shopping for some sabzi to prepare for the dinner. Kandy is also with her along with his parents. After KB gets some sabzi she says that she'll leave & that Ketki (Kandy's mom) should continue shopping. KB leaves and Ketki continues with her shopping. While she's busy with the shopping, Kandy is slowing crossing the road that too without looking on both sides. Vik happens to be driving on the same road at that time. Kandy suddenly comes in front of Vik's car & Vik trying to put the brakes on. Unfortunately for him & Kandy, Vik doesnt put his brakes on in time & bumps into Kandy. Ketki sees this & screams. A crowd quickly gathers. Ketki starts yelling at Vik saying its his fault.

Next Scene:- Nimmo is @ home helping for the dinner. Nimmo breaks a dinner set. KB comes & says dont worry breaking of glass is a good shagun. Dad comes & says this shagun has brought a loss of money for the dinner set. Mom tells Nimmo to clean the mess up. While cleaning, Nimmo starts arguing w/ God that what sorts of things u cause ppl to think. Instead of thinking of their loss, ppl think abt shaguns. Naina comes & tells her to stop cleaning & KB will do it. She takes Nimmo into the room. While theyre in their room Mom & Dad talk & say that Nimmo has feelings for her boss. Naina & Nimmo come out. Naina has dressed Nimmo in a pretty black dress. Nimmo says that it wasnt necessary as she likes to show herself as she is. Mom tells her that sometimes its a good thing to dress specially for others.

@ the hospital :- Kandy's parents come w/ Vik along w/ Kandy on a stretcher. Doc comes & says its an accident case & he cant do anything until police comes. Kandy's dad comes w/ the police & tells Doc to go ahead. As they leave, policeman asks Vik abt the accident. Vik says to wait while he makes a call. As he's calling (probably Kunal), Kandy's dad tells the policeman that he's gonna call someone powerful & then get away with all of this. Police tells Vik to stop the call & come to the police station. They leave.

@ Home :- Nimmo is lighting some candles. Everybody else is commenting abt how Vik hasnt come or called. KB starts singing  "Inteha Hogayi Intezaar Ki Aayi Na Kuch Khabar Mere Yaar Ki". Nimmo tells KB that Vik might be stuck in traffic. The phone rings & Nimmo picks it up. It Ketki from the hospital. She tells Nimmo that Kandy is in the hospital & that they should come quickly. Nimmo & everybody else leave.

@ The Police Station :- The policeman is questioning Vik. Vik tells him to let him just make one phone call. Policeman asks him who he is or if he has any id. Vik gives him his card & tells policeman that he is VP (Vice President, im thinking) of Sehgal Group of Industries. The policeman quickly stands up.LOL Policeman also apologizes. (Power! Unbelievable!) Vik asks to make the phone call now. He calls Kunal.

@ The Hospital :- Everybody else arrives @ the hospital. Ketki starts a big scene. Swati is there! With her camera crew for the story!LOL She starts her broadcast talking abt the accident of a man hit by a rich guy's car! She goes towards Kandy's ward. Shocked "My Family" is her reaction when she reaches there. Her sidekick says of course where ever the camera goes, ur family's there first.LOL She asks them who's accident happened. Nimmo tells her that it was Kandy. Swati stops the broadcast. She calls her boss to tell him that. He says its okay & that its her company she can do whatever she wants. Doc comes & tells them that Kandy is okay & can leave within some time. Mom tells Nimmo to go home & wait for Vik while they finish formalities.

@ The Police Station :- Kandy's & Nimmo's dads are arguing w/the policeman asking why Vik was let go. Nimmo's dad threatens the policeman saying that his daughter Swati is a news reporter. But then Swati calls & tells him that Kandy is okay & that they should reach home. They both leave. Outside the station, Kunal comes in his car w/ the lawyer & drives right in front of the two roughly. Kunal & lawyer walk past the two & Nimmo's dad comments on how rich ppl are. Kandy's dad says let it go & sarcastically says "Youre not gonna marry your daughter to him, are you, then let's go!"LOL (Will Happen Soon!!!)

Kunal comes into the police station & asks where Vik is. He introduces himself in front of the officer saying he's Kunal Sehgal. Outside the station, Vik & Kunal talk. Vik asks Kunal if he could leave for Nimmo's house.

@ Nimmo's Home :- Everybody is waiting for Vik to arrive. Vik calls & tells Nimmo that he's outside her house. Nimmo comes outside to receive him. He tells her that he got into an accident & had to go to the police station. He tells her abt some weird woman accusing him of all sorts of things & says her name was Ketki. Nimmo is Shocked. She tells Vik to go home & rest as he must be tired. They can have dinner some other time. Vik tells her that it's okay & he'll have the dinner today. Nimmo is reluctant. Dad comes out & tells him to come in. After they've gone in, Nimmo is like why did u have to have Vik sir do the accident, that too of Kandy's.

Inside :- Kandy, his mom & dad are in another room. Dad introduces Vik to mom & KB. Vik says how can he forget KB as she is already so famous. Nimmo comes in & tells mom that Vik is the one who caused Kandy's accident. Dad introduces Vik to Swati. (A pretty casual intro btwn the two. Nothing Special) Many of you are eager to know abt Naina & what the preview said. Dad introduces Vik to Naina. Naina is like ErmmConfused. Just staring at Vik. @ this time Kandy's mom & dad come out & see Vik. They are shocked Shocked. Ketki starts yelling @ Vik. Kunal's lawyer comes at that time & says that a case has been filed against Kandy & his parents for trying to cause a fake accident & claim compensation. Vik has no clue whats going on. Vik tells lawyer that they were not at fault & he was. The police man that took Vik to police station also comes. He says he has arrest warrant for Kandy's parents for filing a fake case. Vik tells both lawyer & officer to leave. They do so & Ketki continues yelling at Vik. Vik tries to explain but Ketki continues. Vik leaves.

Outside the house :- vik tells lawyer & officer that he'll speak to Kunal. Inside Ketki is continuously yelling. Angry Nimmo's mom tries to make her understand that she continued to yell at Vik even after she knew that he was Nimmo's boss. They start yelling at each other. Ketki says she'll leave the house. Nimmo's mom says fine, lets do the batwaara & split up. Nimmo tries to help by saying that she'll quit the job but doesnt help. Everyone goes away. Nimmo goes & starts arguing w/ God. She says why doesnt he stop troubling her. Why trouble her family & not just her. Episode ends w/ Nimmo angryAngry.

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4th March update by Sanna

Today's episode starts out with Vik & Naina. Vik is telling Naina that he loves her a lot. Shocked& that she should give him another chance. He says that he gave Nimmo the job only because of Naina. Vik also mentions that they have known each other for 6 months. Shocked

(So now we know that Vik & Naina knew each other from before. Vik must have done something that caused Naina to be angry with him. )

Vik gives Naina the necklace that he bought for her. He tells her that it will look great on her & that if she'll wear it then it might give Vik some hope that they have a chance together. After saying this Vik leaves. Another girl comes to Naina & asks Naina if she knew Vik. Naina says yes. The other girl tells Naina that she is very lucky because Vik is the person whose company is sponsoring this beauty contest. Naina is shocked. Shocked

Next Scene Nimmo gets into a taxi to go for work. Who's driving it? Siddhu ji of course. Nimmo asks him that he also runs a taxi?? He says that not even a taxi, he could run the world too. He does another one of his confusing talks & confuses Nimmo. Nimmo starts thinking how many times she has met the same guy in different places & wonders if he is not following her. Siddhu ji drives Nimmo to her work. After getting out of the taxi Nimmo wonders that she didnt even tell the taxi driver where she wanted to go but he still dropped her at work. Nimmo is again confused.

Inside the office:- Nimmo reaches her desk & sits down. She starts looking up & talking to God. She mentions how since many days everything is going so well for her & wishes that it continues & thanx god.

Naina's beauty contest :- Naina is doing her ramp walk in front of the judges. The judges ask Naina how many members are there in her family. Naina replies 5. The judges talk amongst themselves. They then tell Naina that she is selected in this round.

ConfusedHow does the # of family members have anything to do with being selected?

Naina reaches home & gives everyone the good news. Everyone is ecstatic. Everyone sees how Dad is not responding to the news. Naina asks if he is not happy. He says he is really happy. KB tells him to show the happiness then. Everyone leaves except Dad & Kandy's Dad. Kandy's Dad asks Nimmo's dad(Anand's the name, right? Never paid attention to his name.LOL) why he's not so happy. Anand replies that he is happy but is worried because now Naina's demand for money will keep increasing. Kandy's dad says dont worry as i'll give you money. He says he got 3 lakhs from the share market in which he invested his money & that he'll give 1 lakh to him.

@ Nimmo's Office :- Vik is telling everyone that Kunal's cousin sister's pre-engagement party will be tonight. He tells everyone that the office staff will all have various duties that they are to fulfill. Vik goes to his cabin & also calls Nimmo there. As soon as Nimmo enters the cabin, she asks Vik if his "special" work is done. Vik replies its done only 50%. Nimmo thinks 50% from his side & 50 % from my side makes a total 100%. (She is thinking about the feelings of love that Vik might supposedly have for her.)Unhappy Vik gets a text message from someone is extremely happy when reading it. (Might be from the judges saying Naina has been selected in round 1.) 

Vik is very happy Big smile and goes up to Nimmo & starts spinning her round and round. Just then a man comes in asking for Vik and Vik accidently lets go of Nimmo & she falls. LOL After the other guy leaves Vik tells Nimmo that he is sorry. He makes her sit on a chair & tells her that his "special" work is done 100%.

@ Mom & KB's boutique :- Mom & KB are talking. Just then Nimmo walks in & hurriedly tells the two that tonight is Kunal's cousin sister's pre-engagement party. She wants a nice dress for the party. Mom tells her not to worry & that she'll have a dress ready for her.

Later :- Nimmo is getting ready. Mom brings her a beautiful dress & Nimmo puts it on. Swati tells her that her neck looks empty & they start trying different necklaces. Naina remembers the necklace Vik gave her & gives it to Nimmo. Nimmo likes it & thats the one she wears to the party.

After Nimmo has left, KB is doing some housework. Someone calls Anand & tells him that they'll be coming. Mom arrives there & starts talking to KB. She starts talking her dreamy talks abt Naina & Swati.

@ Kunal's House :- Nimmo arrives & is astounded to see such a huge house. She starts talking to some waiter & leaves for the hall. In the hall, she meets Vik. Vik starts talking abt the food counter & then sees the necklace. He praises it & Nimmo tells him its Naina & that whatever is Naina's is her's & whatever is her's is Naina's. Listening to that Vik is delighted thinking Naina may have forgiven him. In his happiness, he gives Nimmo a kiss on her hands & tells her that he might tell her his dil ki baat tonight. Someone comes & takes Vik to the dance floor.

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5th April Update by Sanna

Show starts w/ Kunal doing a dance for the sagaai. He dances on Balle Balle from Bride & Prejudice. Nimmo is also getting excited w/ all the dancing. (Who wudnt. Its eijoo yaar!) One by one every member of Kunal's family is introduced. Nimmo is called outside by some guy. Nimmo goes outside to the garden.

Garden:- the music is still playing very loudly. Nimmo can hear it outside. Nimmo is just really in the mood so she also starts dancing. (I can tell already that we're gonna have a lot of dance scenes in this show!) When dancing she accidentally hits a sprinkler w/ her foot. Water is spraying all over the garden & waiters are running everywhere. Nimmo wonders that it has started raining. She imagines Vik dancing w/ her on the song Aao Naa from Kyun Ho Gaya Na. Dream ends w/ a waiter telling her that she has just spoiled the whole food counter. Nimmo is shocked.

While all that was happening outside:- inside music has stopped. Guests are shown. Two men are shown talking. They are talking abt the groom, Saket, how he is very lucky to get a rishtaa in the sehgal family. Samar is also a grandson of the Sehgal family. He comes & greets the two guys. He goes off to a side but can still hear them. Guy 1 says that he wants to get his daughter married in this family. Guy 2 says then why not Samar. He is his dadi's fav. Guy 1 says Samar used to be the favorite. Now Kunal is the fav of his dadi. Samar is angry and obviously jealous. Shagun ceremony is abt to start. The shagun is given by the two jethanis (Shraddha & Parminder) of the bride's mother. Exchanging of rings happens. After that, a guy comes & tells them that some girl has spoiled the food counter. They all go outside.

Dadi tells Nimmo to come closer & explain yourself. Nimmo gets nervous & starts talking crazy. Parminder asks who told this girl to be in charge of the counter. Vik replies that he did. Dadi says that since today is the sagaai, he is forgiven. They all leave except for Nimmo, Vik,Kunal, & Oscar. Kunal tells Vik to call some ppl. Vik leaves. Nimmo is also abt to leave but Kunal stops her. He scolds her for always messing things up whenever there is any happy occasion. He tells her to get out.

Nimmo is in a bus. She starts arguing w/ god. Some guy is next to her asks her why she is wet. She said she had a shower. Nimmo is continuously arguing. The guy leaves thinking Nimmo ke dimaak ka screw dheela hai. Conducter comes & asks Nimmo where she wants to go. Nimmo replies Jahanam & then says Andheri. He tells her Andheri passed half an hour ago. Nimmo gets off the bus.

Nimmo reaches home. KB asks her why she is wet. Anand asks the same but Nimmo starts crying & goes to her room. Anand comes there and asks whats wrong. Nimmo tries to answer but he cant understand her as she is continuously crying. As Anand is abt to leave Nimmo asks why does this always happen to her. She starts comparing herself w/ Swati & Naina. She says she has no special qualities. Dad tells her that her special quality is her happy go lucky nature & living her life to the fullest. Nimmo feels better. Episode ends w/ Nimmo & dad hugging.

Tomorrow:- Vik, Nimmo, & Naina r at a restaurant. Nimmo asks Vik why did he have to bring Naina along. Vik says he wanted Naina to be there along w/ Nimmo. Nimmo closes her eyes & Vik gets up & says I love you very very much NAINA! Nimmo is shocked & looks at Naina. Naina also looks at Nimmo.

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