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PTHHT (FANFIC)Hurry Pg. 35 NOTE!!!!!! (Page 2)

simrin Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2006 at 7:47am | IP Logged
sound good cont soon Smile

indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 March 2006 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Part 1
The whole gang is hanging out in the canteen. Dhruv keeps lookin up at Vedika, and she feels a little uncomfortable...
Dhruv:(to himself)Wow. agar ek baar mein isi ke sakta ke mein isi kitna pyar karta meri life baan jati.
Ved: (to herself)Yeh Dhruv meri hi taraf kyun dekhra hain?? Mere teeth mein to kuch nahi hain na....
Rudra: So Vedika, what's new?? Tumhe hamari party ke liye koi date mile ke nahin??
Hearing this Dhruv looks up to hear Vedika's answer..
Ved: Nahin Rudra, mera koi date nahin hain, mein akeli nahin aa sakti kya??
Niharika: Tum akeli kaha hoi, mein aur Suraj tumhara saath aayenge na? Kyun Suraj...
Suraj busy looking at Tara, hears someone call his name, and wakes up..
Suraj: Kya kaha di?
Niks: Maine kaha, ke mein aur tum Vedika ke saath Rudra ki party mein jayenge na?
Suraj: oh haan I guess, agar mein apna sara homework time pe finish kar paya to...
Tara:(to herself) Ye kya Suraj.....Tumhe ana hi parega, varna mein tumhe aaj kese kaho ke mein, mein tumse pyar karti hoon....
Dhruv: Suraj... tum apna saara homework ghar lana, aur mein aur tum mere room mein homework karenge.
Rudra: Anyways, enough talking abt skool work....Vedika tum 2 minute mere saath wahan chalogi?
Vedika: Kyun??
Rudra: chalo na pls???
Veds: Aacha (to niks) mein abhi aai
When they are leaving together you can see Niharika and dhruv's face looking down wondering what they were talking abt?
Niharika and Dhruv go and get some food, while they are doing that, they are talkin abt what they are going to be wearing at the party tonight...

Now Rudra, and Vedika...
Vedika:Kya baat hain Rudra, tum mujhse kya baat karna chaata ho akele mein??
Rudra: Wo mein soch raha mein aur tum kyun nahin saath mein.......umm......hum kyun nahin saath....ummm
Vedika: Rudra tum saaf saaf kyun nahin kehte ke tum chaate ho ke mein aur tum bf/gf ho jaye?
Rudra:(surprised) Umm Vedika, kya tum sach mein meri gf banogi??
Vedika: Haan baba!!! Chalo abb mujhe ghar jana hein.......aur abb to party ke liye kuch zyaada hi tayari karni paregi...mein abb host ki gf jo hoon?? Hain na?
Rudra: Haan Haan Chalo
They go back to the table and they are walking hand in hand......seeing this Dhruv and Niharika's face completely shatters..
Vedika: Ok humari baat ho gayi, abb Suraj hum chale??
Suraj: Haan Chalo Chale
Niks: Waise Vedika, tumne aur Rudra ne kya baat ki??
Rudra: Woh to tumhe aaj raat party mein hi pata chalegi....(smiles sneakily)
Dhruv: Abb Bhaiya hum bhi chale??
The End!!!

Sorry it was soo shortCry, I had a lot of h/w and stuff so I'll update soon with a nice long one!!!!
Wow that actually takes hard work....pls reply with comments...and if anyone wants to continue pls e-mail me so I can let you know of my main story idea. or

Pls reply with comments I'm really nervous!!

Edited by indiandoll89 - 19 March 2006 at 3:45pm
moderngirl Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2006 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Dont be nervous happens....

your first part was ROCKIN Clap

Cant wait for the next part. Tongue Tongue Tongue
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 March 2006 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
only one comment was it that bad?????
I'll update next on tuesday!! I hope there will be a few more comments!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2006 at 8:38am | IP Logged

please cont soon!
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2006 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone!! Thank-you soo much for your wonderful comments...I've been really busy with school work and events at school so I'll update my fan fic tom
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2006 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Cont when u can!

i'll be waiting! Wink
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 March 2006 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Thanks so much Dk*s_Jaanu_Guli and Moderngirl for commenting on my fanfic.....Here is the next part

Part 2
While they are walking towards the parking lot Tara pulls Vedika aside and ....
Tara: Tumne aur bhaiyya ne kya baat ki?
Ved: Uff Tara yeh tumhe baad mein pata chalega...Aab mein ghar ja sakti hoon???
So they all head off to their houses to get ready for the party. They party's dress code is indo-western (fusion)
Niharika is wearing black dressy pants with a embroidered red kurta top. Suraj is wearing blue jeans with a white top that has silver embroidery on it.Vedika is wearing blue jeans with a green top that has a one shoulder strap. Suraj is wating by the door, and he hears the clik clak of high heels, and he turns around and is amazed by how beautiful his sisters look.
Suraj: Wah di!!! Aap kitni khoobsurat lag rahi ho....
Niks looks down all shy
Suraj: Aur Vedika....
Vedika looks up waiting for a compliment with her and on her hip (just like a model)
Suraj: mein tumse ek saval poochu?
Veds: Haan poocho...(expecting to hear that how can she look soooo beautiful....her daydream breaks when Suraj says...)
Suraj: tune aaj kitne containers make-up ke use kiye hai???Yah phir tumne mask hi penliya??
Veds: Suraj!!!!!!!!!!!!I swear I'll kill you!!!!
She runs after him around the whole house
Miks: Guys Guys Guys STOP!!!!!!!! Hume party ke liya der (late) ho rahi haa....Aab chalo
Veds:Haan Haan.... hum aaj party mein late nahin ho sakte
While they are driving to the Raizada House..this is what's happening there...
Rudra: Dhruv tum kahan ho.....jaldi karo.....aur tara tum bhi neeche aao
Dhruv:Relax bhaiyya mein kitchen mein hoon aur khana check kar raha hoon.....aur phir bhi party suru (start) hone mein dus (10) mins baki hain na??
Rudra walks to the bathroom and checks his reflection in the mirror
Rudra: (thoughts) Wah Wah tumhe nazar na lage....aaj to party meun har larki tum pe fida hone wali hain
Rudra's wearing a navy blus suit and a crazy bhadni shirt inside (like this one)
Dhruv comes in while Rudra's checking himself out
Dhruv: Aap to hamesha aacha lagte hain...aaj mein kaisa lag raha hoon?
Dhruv's wearing a black sherwani(like SRK's in K3G during the "Yeh Ladka Hai Allah" song I hope you know what i other word he looks amazingly hot and really good looking!!!)
Rudra: Haan aaj tume bhi kafi ache lag rahe ho, lekin mere jitna nahin
Tara: Bhaiyya... camera ready drkho....mein arahi hoon
Rudra: chalo.. maharani aarahi hain
Tara is wearing black pants with a blue short top and she is wearing her duppatta in the Rani Mukherji style during Shava Shava from K3G
Dhruv: Wow Tara.....tum itni baari kaise aur kab ho gayi??
Tara goes all red in the face
Tara: Stop it Dhruv bhaiyya
Rudra: Nahin Tara....Dhruv saah bol raha hain.Tum aaj itni sundar lag rahi ho. ke mere paas shabd nahi hain
While Tara is abt to tell them to stop embarassing her, the dorrbell rings, and dhruv goes to answer it.
Dhruv: Arre Akshay, Malini...kaise ho tum dono??
Malini: hum theek hain Dhruv tum kaise ho?
Dhruv: Mein theek.....
Rudra: Tum log iske saath kyun baat kar rahe ho...Yeh meri party hain tum log ander chalo...Aur Dhruv tum yahaan hi rahoge kyun ki tum darwasa kholo ge...
Dhruv: lekin Bhaiyya Cry
Rudra walks away with Akshay and Malini who have sad faces. Dhruv turns back to the door and looks down. Then the doorbell rings and he opens it with a sad face... but once he sees who it is.. his face lights up bcuz he sees
Vedika: Hey Dhruv!!! kaise ho tum??
Dhruv: Mein aab theek hoon!!!!!
Vedika: Kya matlab?LOL LOL
Dhruv: uhhh Niharika aur Suraj kaha hain?
Veds: Woh gadi park kar rahe hain...
Suraj: Kaun gadi park kar raha hain??
Dhruv: Hum aabhi tum log ki hi baat kar rahe the..
Rudra: HEY VEDIKA!!!!!!!!!
They all turn to see Rudra completely drunk.. Ouch Ouch
Vedika goes up to him and is abt to try and lift him up when Dhruv comes to help her and there hands touch and that makes Dhruv all Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
Ved: Suraj yahaan aao aur mujhe aur dhruv ko madat karo
They take the drunk Rudra to his bedroom, and there Vedika looks disgusted to see him in this state
They walk down to the party and Dhruv tells everyone to enjoy the party.So they all keep dancing and socializing.
Vedika is all sad bcuz she wanted to enjot this party with her "bf" Tara goes up to her and...
Tara: Veds why are you so sad?? the party has just begun..
Veds: Nahin Tara woh baat nahi hain... Actually mein aur Rudra ne aaj hi decide kiya that ke main or woh aaj se bf gf ban jayenge...
Dhruv and Niharika are seen standing directly behind Vedika and Tara.. and you can see there faces directly shattered and all of their hopes have broken Cry
Slowly Dhruv and Niks go off in opposite directions and just stand alone in the corners..Veds notices Dhruv and.
Ved: Dhruv, yeh kya?? Aab Rudra yahaan nahin hain to aab party ki puri responsibility tumhare upar haan...Agar tum hi nahin dance karo ge to ye kaise chalege??
Dhruv: Nahin Vedika aaj nahin mein nahin kar na chata..
Ved: Mein kuch nahin sune wali..tumhe mere saath dance karne hi parega..
So she drags him off to the dance floor, while they are dancing the song "Aashiq Banaye Aapne Remix" is playing and so they dance really well and then all of a sudden they whole dance floor clears out and makes a circle aroung them while they are dancing and they keep cheering them on.....after when the song finishes..the DJ puts on the title track of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai....and theyare still in the center of the dance even though they don't want to they still have to dance....and they have to do english dance on this song so...after a while every1 else also joins in and Vedika and Dhruv walk off to where Niharika is sittng....they sit and talk for a while..Meanwhile with Suraj and Tara....
Suraj: Yeh Dhruv kahan gaye?? Mujhe uske saath h/w karna hain...
Tara: Suraj tum apne aap se kyun bata kar raha ho??
Suraj: Aare nahin Tara mein to baas...
TarA: Dhrv ko dhund rahe the??
Suraj:yah mein woh.....uske saath mujhe h/w karna hain..
Tara: to mere saath mere room mein chelo...woh aabhi kuch der main aaj jaye gaa....
Suraj: Aacha theek hain... Embarrassed Embarrassed
So they go to her room...and he sits on her computer chair while she sits on her bed facing him...
Tara: Suraj, mujhe tumse kuch kehna tha??
Suraj: Haan bolo Tara??
Tara: magar tum ek vaada karo, tume apni eyes ko baandh rakho ge,aur mein bhi apni eyes baandh rakhun gi?
Suraj: Haan Haan... aab bato bhi...
Tara: Suraj..... Mein bahot dinno se tumhe yeh kehna chati thi ke.......
Suraj: ke????
Tara: Ke mein tumse pyar karti hoon....
Suraj: Kya???? and he opens his eyes while her's are still closed... he gets up while she is stil saying that she doesn't know how or when but she loves him...he puts his hand on her mouth to stop her from talking...and...
Suraj:Tara..... I want to tell you something also...
Tara: Suraj..kya?
Suraj: mein bhi tumse pyar karta hoon..
Tara: Kya saach????
Suraj: Haan main to yeh batane se bhi daar rahe tha kyun ki mein yeh nahin janta tha ke tum mere bara mein kya soch thi ho??
Tara: OMG!!!! I have to go tell Veds and Niks
Suraj: Tara ruko....phele mujhe ek hug dedo?
Tara: Suraj.......tum bhi na...
She comes to him and then makes him shut his eyes and then she runs away....he stands there looking after her......

The End!!
I hope you guys liked it...I also hope it was long enough..Next part will be better...I really hope this wasn't too boring!!!

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