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  The Chat with Manoj Bohra

Be it the rich spoilt brat in Kkusum, the Dhruv who has a crush on Jiya in Shararat, or the Prem and Yudi in Kasautii Zindagi Kay... He is a man known for his roles! indya.com chats with Manoj Bohra!

  •   The Chat with Manoj Bohra

      Be it the rich spoilt brat in Kkusum, the Dhruv who has a crush on Jiya in Shararat, or the Prem and Yudi in Kasautii Zindagi Kay... He is a man known for his roles! indya.com chats with Manoj Bohra!

indya:  Hi Manoj Bohra and welcome to this special chat on indya.com!
manojbohra: Hi all!
indya: Here are your fans... Eager to know more about you on the chat! Are you ready?
manojbohra: Yes... Very much!
guest83: How do you feel to be part of the celeb chat on indya.com?
manojbohra: Oh, it feels great! It is nice to chat with the fans as you get to know what they feel about you and also helps to improve.

guest40: Hi Manoj! I am Vasudha Jain from Delhi. Your acting in Kasautii Zindagi Kay is absolutely mind blowing! How is it working with Shweta Tiwari?
manojbohra: My god! I call her an 'institution'! You get to learn a lot from her!
guest27: How did you enter the glamour industry?
manojbohra: My family has been part of film making, I am the third generation, this is my calling!
guest27: What are your upcoming projects?
manojbohra: As of now, I am involved in a stage drama called Playing crazy about love! It also has Helen making her first stage appearance!
guest87: Hi Manoj... Which is your favourite serial on television?
manojbohra: Kasautii Zindagi Kay, this is the only serial I watch to see my appearance and I have the same ringtone on my phone too!

guest88: Can you tell us what you would have been, if not an actor?
manojbohra: Hmmm... I would have been a jockey. I love horse riding!
guest95: Hi Manoj, this is raha here. I am a big fan of yours, I wish to marry you! Will you marry me?
manojbohra: How sweet! But then, I am already hooked, booked and cooked. You came in late raha!
guest63: Who is your favourite co-star?
manojbohra: I like Shruthi Seth, Shweta, Tina Parekh and Farida Jalal!
guest27: Who was your first crush?
manojbohra: I don't remember but I was in school then.
guest27: When did u last fall in love?
manojbohra: Two years back!

guest27: Your favourite place to holiday?
manojbohra: Maldives! It is an amazing place.
guest64: Did you ever fall in love with any of your co-stars?
manojbohra: No, never! I don't like to mix 'emotions' and 'work'!
guest27: Your definition of love...
manojbohra: Communicate, understand, express... That's about it.
guest63: Where would Manoj be, in another decade?
manojbohra: He will still be chatting with you all, but he would be in a movie by then!
guest88: If given a chance to act as Mr Bajaj, will you accept the role?
manojbohra: Of course, I will. I would have given something extra from my side to get it!
guest27: Which was your first show?
manojbohra: It was Just Mohabbat, where I played the role of Kabir!
guest27: How was it facing the camera for the first time?
manojbohra: I was so nervous... It was not easy and was so much of hard work.

guest83: What do you wish to win at the STAR Parivaar Awards - favourite khal nayak or favourite beta?
manojbohra: I would want to win all the awards! I pray all you guys to vote for me! I can be very good in my work. What better eligibility?
guest83: Share your experience of being part of Kasautii Zindagi Kay
manojbohra: Ahh... It began very well. They wanted to make the character big. I didn't believe them then. I started in giving more and more, I worked hard and now, I am enjoying every moment of it!
guest87: The best joke you have heard till date?
manojbohra: Would probably be... that Shweta and me are having a scene!
guest95: Your fans believe that your are the next big thing on television, what do you have to say about it?
manojbohra: I really thank you guys! You guys boost and encourage me a lot. Thank you very much.
guest87: Which character of yours does Manoj Bohra resemble?
manojbohra: Yudi
guest104: How fast and how many times can you pronounce your name without errors?
manojbohra: 1 million times!
guest105: Manoj, who is your costume designer in the show Kasautii Zindagi Kay?
manojbohra: Teejay Sidhu. She is my girlfriend... She knows the trend and I met her in the church!

guest105: Hi Manoj, I am your big fan. How did you celebrate this Valentine's day?
manojbohra: You would love to listen to it! I packed up by 6 that day. And know what... Knowing my plans, they made me shoot continuously for 16 hrs before that day. But then, they also helped me that day. I decorated the terrace with balloons. It was like a small room, made cozy. There was cheese cake, there was a full moon and I had my lap top for the music. It was amazing!
guest94: When is your birthday? Have you really got your eyebrows pierced?
manojbohra: My birthday is on August 20. And I have pierced my eyebrows.
dpt_bmw: Which city are you from and who is your favourite co-star (Kali, Jiya, Mukti)? Don't give a diplomatic answer.
manojbohra: Hehehe.... I was born in jodhpur, brought up in Mumbai. My favourite co-star is Mukti - I enjoy working with her.
guest87: An actor you have loved to work with?
manojbohra: I would love to work with Rani Mukherjee. She is very talented!
guest104: When will Manoj marry?
manojbohra: May be by the end of this year. They say this year is the 'year of soulmates'! So, if we are soulmates, we get to marry.

guest105: Why did you agree to do the role of Prem? Are you happy being Prem?
manojbohra: I did not think much, I was at the Mumbai Times party and they called me and said that they wanted to meet me. I knew that Kasautii Zindagi Kay was a huge show. I am very happy!
hot_n_sour: Can you recall any funny or memorable incident on the sets of Kasautii Zindagi Kay?
manojbohra: Always with Mukti - We have funny incidents together!
dia: Hey Manoj, who do you think is a better jodi? Prem-Mukti or Droov-Jia?
manojbohra: Prem-Mukti
guest87: The person you can never forget in your life? Why?
manojbohra: Pandit Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
guest87: The moment that you would never like to remember?
manojbohra: One thing that happend in the morning - opened the door and saw the midday outside my neighbour's house - I was kneeling down and going through it when he opened the door! Gosh... It was so embarassing!
guest27: How is to act as Prerna's son?
manojbohra: Prerna and Anurag are very popular and I am privileged to be their son.

guest64: What is it that turns you off in a woman?
manojbohra: I hate women who are clumsy!
guest64: Ok and, what is it that you love in women?
manojbohra: It is long hair, big eyes, sensitivity! Sensitive women are a real good company.
guest27: What are your hobbies?
manojbohra: I like horse riding...
guest90: What is your favourite colour?
manojbohra: It used to be yellow, but now it is red as I have become more passionate and loving now!
guest83: Your hollywood crush...
manojbohra: Too many not one...there are too many hot women out there. I like Helen Hunt and would love to go on a date with her!
nanish: Will you be coming to Dubai? When? You have many fans here.
manojbohra: Yes! Don't you worry. I will be coming there on April 19 for a show! Will meet you all there.
guest111: What will happen to Prem next on Kasautii Zindagi Kay?
manojbohra: That is for you to watch!
guest27: Why did you choose to be Prem, right after doing a good role in Shararat?
manojbohra: Prem is a good guy! I think it is Yudi who is the bad guy...

guest87: What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
manojbohra: I love water and underwater sports!
guest117: The happiest moment in your life?
manojbohra: I read a book called The Alchemist. I must admit, i was totally mesmerised after reading the climax!
guest121: How many girlfriends did you have during college?
manojbohra: One at a time!
guest117: Do you have any pets at home?
manojbohra: I don't, but i am a pet lover though.
guest90: How is Ronit Roy as an actor?
manojbohra: I think he is very good and controlled. He knows his job and I think this is still a beginning for him!
guest128: What is your height and weight?
manojbohra: I am 5' 11'' tall and weigh 73 kg!

sonyaibrahim: Hey Manoj! I just love your style and attitude in Kasautii Zindagi Kay! Is Yudi anything like you in real life? Will we be getting to see you in movies anytime soon?
manojbohra: Yudi is is an extension of Manoj! I must share this with you. Mr Ashutosh Gowarikar had infact called me up and said that the only thing I saw around the city was your hoardings! Saleem Khan (Salman Khan's dad) said that you have done full justice to your role! I love your role
amrit_k16: What is your favourite movie?
manojbohra: Andaaz apna apna and Matrix
guest117: Any regrets till now?
manojbohra: Not at all! Glad to have a life like this!
stuti4000: Choose one: Shararat or Kasautii Zindagi Kay
manojbohra: Kasautii Zindagi Kay anytime!
siddhu1287: What about Mukti... Will you marry her in Kasautii Zindagi Kay?
manojbohra: Ahhha! that is a secret!
nanish: Is there something else in life that you would want to do, other than acting?
manojbohra: There are a lot of things, I like to produce films, to open up a charity! I am very social in that way!
guest121: Did you train in acting before your debut?
manojbohra: I did a lot of theatre!

guest52: Manoj, do you feel really special today?
manojbohra: Yeah man! Something like this has never happened before.
guest111: Do you have siblings?
manojbohra: Yes, I have an elder sister who is married and settled now.
dia: Your favourite hangout in Mumbai?
manojbohra: The Subway!
guest40: Rate yourself as an actor out of 10?
manojbohra: 5
hot_n_sour: Would you rather play a romantic or a bad guy?
manojbohra: I don't know - I am confused. It was very initially very difficult to be Prem, now I am Yudi. The transition is taking time!
guest213: What do you prefer most- holiday to hillstation or to the beach?
manojbohra: Beach! I am a very beach loving guy.

coral_grl: Are you going to have a website so that your crazy fans would know more about you?
manojbohra: Yes and very soon!
guest149: What is your wildest dream?
manojbohra: That is a funny question, I can't think of any right now.
dia: Which one of these languages do you want to learn - Tamil, Bengali or French?(If u don't know them already!)
manojbohra: French
guest300: If a girl says "I love you", what would be your reaction?
manojbohra: I love you too!
attarwf: Manoj, you have a wonderful sense of humour on screen!
manojbohra: That's the way I am.
pab: Your role is very confusing... Humans do not have a reaction like such! What is Prem's philosophy in this?
manojbohra: You should ask the writer and not the actor!

ashima12: What is your favourite dish?
manojbohra: I like dhal chaval, aloo paneer, paneer is my favourite
ramlamehak: Whom would you like to be with on the beach?
manojbohra: With my girl friend
tia: Your biggest strength?
manojbohra: ...is my meditation
ramlamehak: When will you come to Pakistan?
manojbohra: I really want to come to Pakistan! I will be doing a play out there.
dia: Do you like children?
manojbohra: I love children!
guest324: How is it working with Tina Parekh?
manojbohra: She is a darling
i_luv_prem: What do you like about your girlfriend?
manojbohra: Her smile!
dia: Wat is your lucky number?
manojbohra: My lucky colour is 1

guest315: What is the most weird comment or compliment that you got from your fans?
manojbohra: I have got a lot of compliments - nice hairdo, good eyes! But the most memorable... when someone asked me "Are you Devanand?"
glamarous_girl: Are there any plans of doing a role in any pakistani drama as other actors like Rajiv and Amna are doing?
manojbohra: I would love to do them if good roles come my way!
sonyaibrahim: Are you a superstitious person?
manojbohra: I am not, but I do believe in stars, gems, etc...
guest323: One wish that you want to come true?
manojbohra: There are so many man! Too many to start with
guest126: If u had a chance of being in a movie but you would have to opt out of Kasautii Zindagi Kay... Would you take the offer?
manojbohra: It depends on the role... May be a Sanjay Leela Bhansali would have to offer me a role in his movie!
guest304: Hi I am Priyata and I am one of your greatest fans. Please tell what is your nickname?
manojbohra: Manjo, MB, Mannu, Maniya...
glamarous_girl: Hello! How are you? I am from pakistan. I really like your acting. So tell me about your future plans?
manojbohra: In the future... for me to see!
maytrii: If you got the chance to act in a movie then who will you choose as your heroine - Sushmita Sen or Aishwarya Rai?
manojbohra: I would tell the producer to please cast them together! They have never acted together!

tia: Have you ever cheated in school or college?
manojbohra: Oh yes! I have cheated in my exams.
guest259: What kind of music do you listen to? Who is your favourite artist?
manojbohra: My favourite is U2, I like listening to a lot of classics...
guest213: When you are in problem, the first person you remember is?
manojbohra: GOD!
tia: Do you fight with your sister?
manojbohra: I used to, actually I still do!
sonyaibrahim: Describe your personal style
manojbohra: I am very much a 'jeans and T-shirt' kind of a guy!
guest323: One secret desire
manojbohra: I want to go to Rani and say please do a movie with me.
maytrii: Asha Bhosle or Lata Mangeshkar... whom do you like the most as a singer?
manojbohra: Lata ji!
guest149: What is the 'motto' of your life?
manojbohra: Smile and win the world over!

indya: Well, with this we have come to the end of the chat... Any last messages to your fans, Manoj? Email id that they can contact you at?
manojbohra: Keep watching me and please do vote for me and I love all my fans! Please wait till I get my website done! Thank you indya.com for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this fabulous chat! Love all my fans

indya: That was Manoj Bohra with us on the chat! It's bye for now... But we shall be back with more exciting chats on indya.com!

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