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This is the continution of last part. If u can understand clearly, i will send some moreSmile. please give me your opinions.


sanju chachu talks to ria and tells her he will never accept yash, she tells him that when he had married maya even then people had objeected still he married her so why cant she, he tells her y is not right for u cant give u anything and that the kutumb will never accept him. Gayatri overhears all this. (evesdropping is a family tradition)


p, ria and sanskriti are having breakfast, g is serving them, ria doesnt wannna eat and p tells her if there is no prob then why not eat, doorbell sounds and hiten comes, p takes him out of the house to talk to him, tells him not to discuss anything about yash and not come to his house ever they will meet outside somewhere if need be. After he leaves sanskriti comes to talk to hiten, he has brought letters for r and s but she sends him off and refuses to take the letters.

G brings juice and medicines for P and insists that he have it in her presence, being preoccupied he snubs her, she is hurt and walks out of the room, p realises his mistake and scolds himself by saying sometimes donno what happens to me, main kisi ka gussa kissi aur par nikal deta hoon. Gayatri talks to ria and tells her to postpone the idea of marriage for the time being and time will tell whether their love is true and she will get to know yash better. Ria looks happy

maya comes to talk to sanjay(her husband) and tells him he has made a wrong decision, he says yash is not of strong character, she asks him what is the diff b/w yash and p when we can love why cant we accept y, she asks sanjay to stand up for his daughters happiness, he says he will never accept yash. All 4 brothers sit and discuss the situation, umesh says that maybe they were not able to give their daughters the right environment for growth and so the first guy ria came close she fell in love with him.

umesh suggests that they find a right guy for ria who will love her soo much that she will forget yash. yash calls ria and g takes the phone and tells him not to behave this way, she cant keep saving him from p always, and warns ria that she should be sensible and not do anything to spoil the peace in the kutumb. Kavita and ajay fight over shobits adoption. Badi and choti dadi do some funny stuff at the fitness centre.

P comes to call g for dinner, she is upset and doesnt reply, p says sorry but adds that it was her fault as she kept insisting, g says why are u insisting that i have dinner with u now, he says she shouldnt avoid food because of being uopset with him, she says she doesnt wanna have dinner as she has already had. P looks disappointed and says he wanted to have dinner with her and she didnt even wait for him. The doorbell sounds and Yash comes to the mittal house.


Yash comes to the mittal house, p holds him by his collar, umesh asks p to leave him and takes yash to a room to talk. There he tells yash that he not the right guy for ria not because he doesnt have money and status but because of his character and values, when he hates these attributes in his own son how can he accept yash. Sanskar suggests a match for ria - ketan poddar (played by manav of choodiyan). Gautam and ajay got to meet him for an official stuff come back impressed and tell umesh about it.

sanjay goes to meet yash in his hostel and tells him to forget ria because the plans that he has made with ria to have a family will never be fulfilled because ria cant bear children. He says he doesnt feel the need to give the reason for that to yash. P calls g from office and praises the veggie that she had made for lunch, they have a cute and naughty talk and then the same b/g song is plyaed which was played on p birthday cake cutting time. (teri meri dosti sab ko pyari hai.....)

umesh tells p that he has to gog to goa for a day and that he has already booked his ticket. G and gaytri are in the kitchen and p comes there asks g for one of his jackets and tells them that he is going to goa. Gayatri talks to umesh and convinces him that he should send g with p and they should stay there for more than a day so that they get to spend time with each other and also have a long awaited honeymoon.

when p sees g packing her sarees in his suitcase he wonders and she tells him that umesh and gaytri have asked her to do so. He calls up the agent and books one more ticket and g says she cant go by air as she gets air sick. They start their usual fight over this gaytri comes and tells them to go by car. P and G stand back to back. (so maybe the fights are gonna start again)


Pratham and Gauri take their blessings from Gayatri by touching her feet. Gayatri reminds them to take good care of each other. Just then, Ria and Sanskriti come out leaving for college. He warns Ria at that time to not meet with Yash. He tells her that the only reason she has been granted permission to go out is to attend college. He then tells Sanskriti to watch over Ria. They leave then.

On the trip, Pratham is hearing on the radio a fast number. Gauri says that she doesnt like fast numbers and halts the radio. He offers her cotton to put in her ears. She switches the station to a slow song and tells him to have the cotton instead.

Ria and Sanskriti see Yash and Hiten at the college. Ria tells him to please leave her alone as she has been granted permission to attend college only. Sankriti informs Yash that talk of Rias marriage is going on at the Mittal house. Ria abruptly leaves. Yash is upset. Outside, Sankriti tells Ria to not ignore Yash as he will lose hope. On the other hand, Hiten tells Yash to be strong for Ria at this difficult time as she needs his strength and support.

On the jeep, Gauri shouts Prathams name telling him that she is hungry. He has cotton in his ears and therefore pretends as if he didnt hear her call him. He tells her then to look around and find something she can eat. She says that she cant see anything of that sort. He offers her chips but she tells him that they are stale. He tells her to eat it as it is her only option available at this time. Pratham sees a girl asking for a lift and voices the sentiment, "Mujhe to meri janat milgayee." Gauri tells him that he will not give lift to this girl.

Umesh Mittal tells Sanjay that he has looked for Ria a suitable boy called Ketan Podar. Sanjay tries to steer the topic of Rias marriage. He suggests to sent her foreign to study. Umesh Mittal tells him that it would be just a temporary solution and that they need something more solid. Umesh Mittal recieves a surprise guest- Ketan Podars father.

Ketan Podars father tells Umesh that they will have to hurry the marriage between their children as he cannot stay in India that long as he has some other important business matters to attend to. He tells Umesh that they will have to arrange the marriage in 2 months time. Umesh Mittal consents. Ketan Podars father says that he will come to their house today to look at Ria. Sanjay looks on helplessly.

Pratham gives the lift to the girl. He turns the rearview at an angle to look at her putting makeup on. Gauri gets frustrated and tells him to watch his driving. He says that he is doing that well enough. They have a conversation in which Pratham tries to flirt with the girl further irritating Gauri.

Manav suggests that they adopt Shobbit. Nandini is surprised and look up at him. She is about to say something when he receives a business call. He tells her then that he will be leaving and that they can later continue the conversation. She looks at him go with a mixture of emotions-longing and fear being the most prominent of them.

Ria doesnt want to get ready in terms of clothing for the Podar familys inspection. Sanskriti persuades her to do it anyway for the familys sake. Umesh Mittal tells the truth about Ria and Yash to Ketan. Ketan says that he doesnt care about Rias past, just the future. They go in.

Outside the hotel, the girl kisses Pratham thanking him for the ride. Gauri is distressed from the situation and angry at the girl. At the reception, Gauri asks for a separate room. The lady tells them that there is no vacancy. Pratham says that then he will go the other girls room. Gauri says that it wont be necessary and concedes to share the room with him. There is a cute song in the middle of this scenario. Pratham then smiles. I think he was just purposely testing Gauris like for him.

At the Mittal house, Ketan Podar is taken with Rias beauty and agrees to the marriage. Ria is surprised at this and distressed in general from the turn of events

(a piece of conversation from the episode-kutumbfan)

Gauri: Meri bhook se jaan nikli ja rahi hai.

pratham: Ghas foos khaogi

Gauri: Main kuch aisa khana chahti hoon jo maine dekha ho aur jo khaya ho

Pratham: Apne aas paas dekho. Agar aisa kuch mil jaye to mujhe batana. Main le aaonga.

Gauri: Agar kahi restaurant dikh jaye to jannat mil jaye.

Pratham sees a girl asking for a lift.

Pratham : Mujhe to meri jannat mil gayi

(conversation between the girl and pratham)

Pratham: Aapka naam kya hai

Girl: Laila

Pratham: Such a nice name.

Girl: Aapka kya naam hai

Pratham: Pratham..Pratham Mittal

Girl : Aur ye

Pratham: Gauri..Gauri Mittal

Girl: jodi bahut achi hai

Pratham: Hamari?

Girl: Nahi aapki aur gauri ki

Pratham: Aap mazak acha kar leti hain.



in the hotel room intending to start a fight p rushes for the washroom first to freshenup, g doesnt bother and calls gayatri, who tells her about rias marriage alliance being finalised, g is soo excited, she runs to tell p, who in his own excitement hols on to gs hands, which embarresses both of them.

hiten calls and sanskrirti tells him that rias marriage is fixed, yash wants to meet ria but hiten stops him, yash cries. p has a meeting with some guy in the hotel, after that he calls home, speaks to ajay chachu and warns sanskriti not to let yash know about rias marriage being fixed till he comes back

p goes back to the room and knocks, g takes her time to open the door as she thinks he has returned from lailas show, she teases him about laila and goes to sleep, p pulls at ht eblanket and g reciprocates, and in that tug of war p pulls g very close to him, they are both embarressed and a typical romantic plays in the b/g.

nandini calls and tells shruti that manav wants to adopt shobit, kavita heras this and is upset and tells shruti that shobit is her son and that noone can take him away from her. karan comes to meet umesh mittal and after alot of initial drama he tells umesh that he wants shobit. Ketan comes to take ria for cofee, she wants to tell him abot yash but he says he already knows and still agreed to the wedding because it was love at first sight for him. When ketan goes to attend a call ria imagines yashs presence there.

while leaving the hotel p tells the manager to provide them with 2 quilts next time and both p and g laugh at it. they spot laila and g says she would have been happy to have her company in goa as well, when laila says that since her shows have been postponed she cant go to goa, g asks p why he lied about the show and p says she should have know that he is here for business and not to watch shows he also quick to point that it was g who lied about being sleepy while she was not when she delayed in opening the door the previous night.

then the manager brings g a box of choc and says they are from her husband, P actually blushes when g looks at him surprised. He says he did this to save himself the trouble when she gets her hunger pangs on their way to goa. the end.




the first scene was that P & G go to a beach.And Gauri rushes towards the water. P refuses her but she goes. Then P starts takin pictures.While takin pic. he saw two beautiful women dressed up in western dress. He cleverly says G to come their as he would take her photo. Instead he takes pic. of Those two gals. When G realizes it she goes & is back in a blue sleeveless top & a kind of tights.( sorry i did not paid much heed). Well when P sees her from back he never realizes that she was G. He rushes to her & says ," Excuse me Could i Take a pic. of urs."

When g says ,"yes" P is shocked. He says G that she was really looking beautiful.At the same time two foreigners start taking a pic of G. P Shouts at them Saying,"Wot r u up to?"They say," we r just taking the pic.This women is very beautiful."P refuses & says that she was her wife. Then G says ,"Tum toh meri pic. lete nahin . maine socha main bhi western kapre pehnlu toh koi toh meri photo lega.Tumne phaltu mein un becharon ko daat diya."Then P says that he would take her photo.He also says,"

," U r as such very beautiful.You dont need to be dress up like that."When he is about to take photo he says to G that theres some prob. in a camera.Then G makes a Frustrated face & P immediately clicks to take pic sayin ," Ab aayga asli roop" G rushes after P to catch hold of him & then as usual theres a beautiful romantic song & they both stare at each other. Then at the hotel G keeps on sneezing.P tells her that she was not well so he would call the doctor.G says that there is no need as she would be alright.P says,"Pneumonia bhi ho sakta hai." But G says ,"Plz ill be fine."

Then after some time when G is alone in room the waiter comes twice in the room & one by one gives her medicines & fruits. Those were obviously sent to her by P. Then third time when P comes G angrily opens the door & says," Ab tum kya laaye ho." He says,"wot nonsense". Then P dips the thermometer in the hot tea. Then he keeps that in Gs mouth.Obviously thermometer showed the wrong readings as 104.After this P forces G to sleep.

After some time P brings the hot water & a cloth & says,"tumhari patti karoonga." When he does that G angrily says ,"In fever , thunde paani ki patti karte hain naaki garam pani ki." P says," Har cheez mein prob. hai" & goes away. Then G decides to check her temp. again.Then she was normal.She went down the hotel lobby & asked the receptionist to check whether she had fever or not.Receptionist clearly said that she was perfectly all right.

In the meantime ,behind G , P was discussing with an agent to go to water sports.G interrupts & says ," No P , we cant go as im suffering from fever. " Then in hotel room P says," G tumhe koi fever nahin hain." G says," Yeh toh mujhe bhi pata hai. But u tell me why did u lied." Then P stammers a bit & says,"woh Gauri... woh mein tumhare saath ek din aur bitaana chahata tha isliye. Mujhe tumhare saath rehna pasand hai aur is waqt ko rokna chahata tha. Par Kya tum is waqt ko rokne mein mera saath dogi."

G agrees & gives her hand to P.P also holds her hand. The story ends. Well frendz in b/w the story they also showed that Riya requests Yash to meet Ketan just once.In the resturant , Ketan tells Yash to forget about Riya as he loves her.Yash angrily holds his collar & says him no. Then Ketan says ,"You truely love Riya so ill definitely help u both to marry her.But right now u talk with her."Yash realizes that hes a good guy.

Pratham comes across Laila (a dancer that he had met initially on a road trip to Chiplun with Gauri last week) while he and Gauri are checking out of the hotel. Pratham greets her a bit enthusiastically, and Gauri watches with irritation as the girl flirts with Pratham. Laila tells him to stay for her show in Goa as he had missed her shows in Chiplun. Gauri comes in on the conversation and says that he wont be able to stay as they are leaving for Bombay. Upon Lailas questioning, Pratham says that only Gauri is leaving for Bombay, and that he was just going to see her off on the station.

Gauri turns. Pratham asks her where she is going, and says that he will see her off. Gauri declines his offer saying that she is quite capable of leaving alone. Then Pratham halts Gauri asking her to wait a second. He tells Laila in the presence of Gauri that he wants to leave with Gauri. He answers that he was just joking. He tells her that he has to go to Bombay right now, but with permission of luck hell be able to view her show someday. Gauri advises, "Sochlo." Pratham replies, "Sochliya." They both look at each other and smile. Laila voices the sentiment, "Cute couple."

Nandini receives a phone call from her ex-husband - Karan. Nandini tells him that he has no right to ask for Shobbit. Karan in a threatening manner asks if Manav knows this piece of information about the child's existence and to think of what will happen if poor Manav were to discover this truth. He then cuts off the line. Nandini looks very upset by this ominous click of the phone. Nandini hurriedly picks up the phone again as it rings. However, Karan was not on the line but Kavita. Kavita asks Nandini to meet her at the house

Swarthi is upset and Tusshar offers to uplift her spirits. He reaches for his guitar. Swarthi irritated at the gesture asks him rudely to please not play his song. Natasha comes in then saying that it appears of no use sending him to Swarthi in reference to the act of cheering her up. The two elders of the house enter. Choti dadi is up to her usual antics and that as usual get Badi dadi riled. Swarthi, Natasha, and Tusshar all finally smile.

At the Mittal house, Kavita apologizes to Nandini. Kavita says that she is extremely sorry for one moment forgetting in her selfishness that she was about to deprive a child of his mothers shadow. Nandini tells her not to apologize saying that Shobbit is just as much her son as in actuality he is hers and perhaps even more. Kavita says that she knows that Nandini cannot see her shamefaced, and that is the reason she is probably saying this. Kavita tells her sincerely that she however now really wants for Nandini to adopt Shobbit. Nandini half-heartedly smiles and fully agrees.

At the office, Umesh Mittal discusses an important tender that they have to fill for a prestigious project. Rajesh and Ajay tell Umesh Mittal that he can definitely count on them, and that there is no need for him to worry on the subject. Pratham comes in just then, and Umesh Mittal seems pleasantly surprised to see him. They ask him about his trip and how he has lost weight. Pratham says that shouldnt his mother be the one saying this dialogue, and they all share a good laugh.

The women are gathered on the sofa in the main hall. Gayatri asks about Gauris health and trip. Gauri responds that she is fine and so was the trip. Kavita asks Gauri if she has brought presents them. Gauri responds in the affirmative. Archana reminds Kavita that they had gone for a specific purpose, not shopping. Kavita says that since Gauris response was in the affirmative, she probably done a lot of shopping. Gauri replies yes. Gauri and Natasha exchange pleasantries. Badi Dadi says something to which Choti Dadi responds with a smart-alecky comment. Consequently, they all laugh

Hiten phones Sanskriti trying to persuade her to go to the movies with him. Sanskriti declines continually the few times that he insists. Hiten asks her of whom she is afraid of. Sanskriti takes with Prathams name, and Hiten overthrown by the comment puts the phone down

Ketan brings Ria to a nice restaurant and pleasantly surprises her with Yashs presence. She was initially in a bad mood but this makes her smile contently. Ketan leaves telling them to talk for half an hour as much as they can whilst he leaves to attend to an important meeting. Yash and Ria have a nice and fun filled chitchat. In the next scene, Hiten comes to Prathams office, and Pratham offers to take him to a restaurant for a good cup of coffee.

Prathams cupboard is untidy, and this mess frustrates Gauri. Gauri greets Gayatri as she enters and informs her. Gayatri tells her to consequently arrange all this accordingly. Gauri asks, "Mai?" Gayatris answer is the affirmative. Gayatri explains that Gauri is his wife, and that as such she will have to be the one to teach him the mannerism of living. Gauri asks if she may clean his cupboard. Gayatri responds, "Beshuk." She warns her though to not throw any of his things no matter their uselessness. Gauri says yes. She goes to the closet and looking at the mess mutters, "Oh, my God!"

Hiten and Pratham are on the steps outside of the restaurant when Pratham receives a business call. He tells Hiten to go up, and that he will be there in a few moments. Hiten spots Yash and Ria there. He then hurriedly leaves and goes on outside to try to make Pratham change his mind about coming inside. Pratham sees Ria but with Ketan. Somehow, the situation was arranged and managed well before his entry.

Pratham opens his closet and is shocked to find everything prim and proper. He calls Gauri and asks her why she touched his cupboard. She tells him that she did this for it was very untidy, and that she set everything. She states that it took her full two hours to do so. He comments in askance that it took her just two hours to arrange a well-maintained closet. She points out that it wasnt kept but unruly. He says that it was fine for him the way it was before. She says that she will do it then the way it was before and that it will take her only two minutes. He says no leave it as it is.

He then asks her to arrange the clothes from the suitcase in the closet. He in the process takes the album from the suitcase, and keeps complimenting a girl with a blue top. She tries to take a peek thinking that those pictures are probably of Laila. She finally obtains the album from his hands and discovers that those photographs were of her. He teases her again, and they both smile. There is light song in the background in sync with the light mood of the couple.

The first scene starts off with Pratham looking for something in his closet. The he shouts for Gauri..."Gauri, mera wallet kaha hai?".."Gauri!"

Gauri walks in and see that the wallet is lying on the table. She hands it to him and says "Samne padi hui cheez to tumhe dikhayi nahi deti na". Pratham says "Mera purana wallet kaha hai?" Gauri gets mad and gives him his old wallet and throws the new wallet on the bed and says, "Pratham, tum toh kisiko gift dete nahin or koi de to lena jante nahin" Pratham just looks at Gauri and smiles knowing that Gauri had bought the new wallet for him.

Everybody in the family is having breakfast at the table and Pratham joins them. In the back Gauri and the MotherInLaw are buying mangoes from the seller. Pratham's mom tells him to give 200 rupees to Gauri so she can pay that mango guy. Pratham comes and sits next to Gauri. He takes out the new wallet and tries to see if Gauri saw him. He takes his time taking out the money so that Gauri will notice that he is using the new wallet. Gauri sees the wallet but does not really react the way Pratham wants her to. So Pratham is diappointed and leaves after giving the money. Gauri smiles after he leaves.

Meanwhile Gauri talks with Ria and gives her a gift. Gauri says that Ria seems happy and thinks that it is because of Ketan. Gauri tells Ria that Pratham will be happy to know that she is happy. Ketan calls Ria when Gauri is there. Gauri tells Ria that she will leave to let them talk on the phone. Ketan invites Ria to the movies, Ria is hesitant but says yes when Ketan says that he will call Yash too. After hanging up the phone they show Ketan thinking "main apni chahat to pane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon" (meaning he really likes Ria and is doing all this friendship with Yash to patao Ria for himself...I think)Since later they show Yash waiting outside a theater for Ketan and Ria. While Ketan and Ria come to a different theater. Ria is looking for Yash but then Ketan says that maybe Yash is running late and why don't we go inside and I'll leave a ticket for Yash at the counter. Ria hesitantly agrees and so Ketan and Ria go in to see the movie.

Nandini is returning to her car after shopping and she sees her ex-husband. He tells her that he knows that her husband does not know that Shobhit is her son. Nandini tells him to mind his own business and that she will worry about whether her husband knows that or not. Then she drives off.

Swati tells Tusshar to join office again. This time too he agrees and shows up at the office. Sanskar and Pratham tell him to concentrate on his music and have fun. But Tusshar insists that he wants to balance everything. So finally Pratham gives him some work to do.

Back at the Mittal home...Samay, Natasha, Tusshar, Swati and Pratham are all ready to go for a party. Gauri is not ready yet so Pratham tells them to go ahead and that him and Gauri will be there soon.

Pratham calls for Gauri and she comes out of the room looking very beautiful.

She says it takes time to get ready nicely you know. Pratham is just staring at her. They show her walking slowly towards Pratham. Suddenly she trips on the carpet and Pratham catches her and helps her get up. There is a romantic song and loads of eye contact here. She says "thanks" and he says "you are welcome" and still more eye contact then finally he says "chale?"

At the party, everyone is dancing then all of a sudden Samay has some stomach pain but then he gets better after a while. Pratham notices that some guy is asking Gauri to dance. Gauri looks at Pratham and then says no to that guy. Pratham seems happy at this and has a mischievious smile on his face then this girl comes up to him for a dance and he says "sure". So he starts dancing with this girl but the whole time he is trying to see how Gauri reacts. Gauri runs out of the party to the car outside. Pratham sees her leave and runs after her. He asks Gauri "why did you leave the party?" Gauri does not say anything. Pratham says "Gauri you are jealous" Gauri says "no" Pratham says "Gauri you are Jealous...you are so jealous" Gauri starts crying and sits in the car. Pratham goes and sits in the car and says "Oh god, Gauri please don't cry" He gets a tissue and wipes her tears. A song plays in the background. He tells Gauri "I don't like to see girls cry and I like you better when we fight" He also says that she looks beautiful when she smiles. Gauri just looks at him slowly smiling. Then he says if you don't believe me then let me call someone...he calls outside his car "Aree bhaisaab" And then Gauri says "Pratham please" And then she laughs and they both laugh. That is where it ends.



In the first scene P is lying half asleep on the bed.G comes & then

is about to go back.When P realizes that G is behind her he holds her

hand as she is about to go.

Then P says,"G mein naa... bahut dino se tumse kuch kehna chahata

hun." G saya," Kaho naa...P" P stammers & says ,"G mein tumse yeh

kehnaa chahata hun ki..."

G says," Ki???"

P says,"Pata nahin aaj itna nervous kyun ho raha hun. G, I ... I ....

I love you." G wants to smile but does not.

Still P very lovingly holds her hands & makes her sit on the bed with


Then P says,"G, Kal raat jo kuch bhi meine Mr.Agarwal ki party mein

kiya , woh sab mazzak tha.Lekin jo itene dino se tumhare aur mere

beech ho raha hai woh mazzak nahin hai. G U r the only woman in my

whole life for whom I really care for. Chalo ab meine tumhe keh diya

hai aur ab tum bhi mujhe kehdo."

G says,"Kya P."

P says,"Wohi jo meine kaha hai Ki I..."

G is all blushing.

P says,"Kehdo naa... G ki tum bhi mujhse ..."

G Then says,"Yes P. Aaj shaam ko Ketan ke ghar wale humare ghar aa

rahe hain.Mein toh tumhe bataana hi bhool gayee."

P says,"woh nahin G.Tum Sharma kyun rahi ho??Tum bhi mujhse kehdo ki


G is about to say somethin but in the meantime Pratham's Mom calls G

& she very cutely says P,"Bye"

P is frustrated & syas," Kya zaroorat thi apna muh kholne ki.Bilkool

Bevakooph hun." After sayin this He hides his face in the blanket.

Afterwards P was sitting alone in Drawing Room & Was just saying to

himself,"Pata nahin G itnaa time kyun laga rahi hai ."

In the meantime Raghu (servant) comes & says,"Aapko G memsaab ne upar

chat pe bula rahi hain."

P angrily says," Theek hai ! Tum jao" Realizing that actually G has

called him He gets excited & says,"Wah aakhir G ne mujhe woh teen

words bolne ke liye bula hi liya.Der aaye durust aaye!!! Aakhir mana

bhi kaise karegi. Kya Koi larkee PM , Pratham Mittal ko manna kar

sakti hai.Lekin ek baat toh hai , G ajeeb nahin hai samajhdaar hai.

Kya jagah dhoondi hai confess karne ke liye."

He very enthusiastically goes up & says,"G tumne bulaaya"

G says,"haan P actually meine socha ki aaj raat ki duty hum Honeyy(

sorry i did not get the name) Caterers ko de dete hain . Meine unke

baare mein bahut suns hai."

P says,"Tumne yeh kehne ke liye mujhe upar bulaaya hai."

G says,"Ek aur baat P. tum upar reh kar raghu ko kaam mein supervise

karo.Mujhe aagayee bahut kaam hai" And then she leaves.

P is really irritated but looks cute & says," Kya zarroorat thi muh

kholne ki!!! Ajeeb larki hai. Chaa" In the meantime Raghu says

something about the work to P & P says,"Abbe Chup."

Seein P all frustrated,G looks back at him & laughs very very


Well this was today for P & G.

I think now G will act in the same way for sometime as P did it.He

also teased her a lot.Well regarding Ketan & Riya, Today was their

engagement.When Ketan is about to place the ring in Riya's hand , he

sees that she was already wearing a ring.

The programme ends.

Well frendz I again say I do not want to explain the Yash Riya thing

coz' i get bored in writing about them.Regarding Manav, he has come

to know that Shobhit is Nandini's own son.

Anywaz tomorrow i'll see the repeat telecast & if possible make

necesary corrections if needed. But till that time U read this only

to have a vague idea. One more think P has got his hair cut & now he

is looking very decent.In b/w coz' of long hair he was loosing his

charm. But now he looks cute just as in the breeze ad.Well G is

looking more beautiful after the improvement in relationship B/w her

& G.




The first scene is the continuation of yesterdays episode.Here Ria and Ketan exchange rings.But ria has already worn the ring yash gave her.So she makes an excuse infront of everyone that she is unable to remove it as it s tight.So Gayatri saves the situation bytelling her that she can wear the ring in the other hand.so the engagement takes place.

then choti dadi says that as a tradition of mittal family they have a family antakshari after ever ceremony. G suggest teams of boys vs girls and p accepts the challenge

they sing songs and p is blushing in almost every song. then he sings - Intahan ho gayi intezaar ki.....then g sings - katte nahin kathi hain didn yeh raat, kahni thi tum se jo dil ke baat lo aaj main kahti hoon , and stops there, poor p was expecting her to say I love you as was in the song, but she tells him to sing the next song with "H". He is diappointed and goes to have water, g follows him to the room and asks for water.

she repeats ps yesterdays dialogues like whatever happened just now was a joke but whats been happenong b/w them for the past few days was not a joke and then she says - I love you pratam, he is surprisingly shocked and she repeats then they both blush and she asks him to say those words and this time he plays hard to get and says maa aa gayi, they both laugh and the same song is played which was played when g falls and p prevents her fall.

next morning p is exercicing in his home gym and g is outside the room talking to raghu. p is watching her and then he increases the weight and pretends that he cant lift. g comes in and reduces the weights but he puts them back again and lifts thenm and then laughs. those the scene was cute i didnt really understand what they were trying to convey through that scene

g is going with the 2 dadis and gets off for some work on the way, while the dadis are waiting they receive an sms on g mobile, choti dadi sees it and the message is from p saying ILU, she replies ILU2, he is happy and then he sends a message which reads as i am dying to take u in my arms to which choti dadi replies and i am dying to take you in my lap - choti. poor p on realising what has happened is really embarressed.

then g leaves from the fitness centre and is waiting for a taxi when p calls her and scolds her for not keeping her mobile with her always and tells her about the blunder and then tells her he is waiting close to her. she sits in the car and asks him if he was following her he says pm never follows girls its the opposite all this is very light hearted and g says that she loves him 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 and he says its ok only till 2 because he may not be able to digest the overdose of love.

there is more, ria tells gayatri that her enagement ring is too loose and gayatri says she will get it fitted and give it to her. also manav is upset about the truth being withheld and nandini says she tried since he didnt wanna listen she decided not to for fear that she may loose him. manav says he doesnt wanna talk about it and walks off, poor nandini is very hurt and upset.the end.

============================================================ ===================



the family is sitting in the hall and mr. poddar calls talks to umesh and fixes the wedding date after 15 days. the other brothers return from office and say they lost the contract by mere 5 rs to mr singhanaia. umesh looks at natasha and samay. that was the scene we thought he was angry at gauri.

all the women are doing holika puja, suddenly one mobile rings tussar picks it up and reads a message - thank u beta without your help i wouldnt have managed it, papa. he wonders and swati takes the mobile from him, and tusshar ticks her and finds out that she was the one who gave the details to her father. samay heres this and looks pleased. again in the hall umesh is talking and is upset that swati chose the wrong way to help her father. natasha apologises on her behalf. again samay is pleased

next morning all the oldies wish each other holi, and sanjay chachu is colourting pratham while he is sleeping and g looks on and is smiling. p thinks its g tickling him and when he gets up she is laughing, he looks at the mirror and thinks it was gs doing he colours here when she comes and thne she tells him it was chachu he wishes her happy holi.

ketan calls ria and tells her yash is adamant and wnts to celebrate holi with her, ria tells this to sanskriti and p walks in but he hasnt herad anything and wishes them happy holi. ketan calls and tells p in a disgised tone that yash is gonna be there to play holi with ria. ketan brings yash alongwith his friends and sends him into the house. p tells hieten to inform him as soon as he sees yash.

everyone is enjoying on the terrace and p is standing alone. g ask him why and p tells him about yash, he asks g where ria is and seeing ketan with gautam, p worriedly looks for ria and spots her with yash on the ground floor, and calls out to yash. Also they show manav and nandini, he forgives her and is willing to accept shobhit. the end.



pratham runs after yash to beat him up but yash escapes, he then slaps ria and g intervenes. Umesh decides to prepone the wedding by a week. ria calls ketan and requests for help. ketan meets up with yash and suggests he dress like him and they will swap places somewhere on the way to the mittal house.

yash is waiting for the barat when he spots ketan, ketan looks at him and suddenly some guys attack yash from behind he looks at K and realises he has cheated on them. he fights and some how escapes and calls sanskriti she tells ria about the mess up and hiten also realising that the dulha is ketan and not yash talks to them. thats it for today. no scenes b/w p and g at all.

tmrws clippings - yash and ria runaway on a bike and get married in a temple, some lady is shown with an arti welcoming ria home, yash and ria are sitting together, hiten is lighting some candle in the room, pratham comes there with a stick looks very angry. so tmrw alos no trace of vanshita mittal.



> yash comes to the wedding place secretly . and here > the muhurat is ready and p's mom asks gauri to bring > rhea. G and swathi go to bring rhea and meanwhile Yash > and rhea try to escape from there. yash takes rhea on > bike in front of all and run away P trys to stop but > alas he cant.ketans father insult umesh mittal and > they leave the place. P is very angry and goes to the > hostel hoping yash to be there. but here yash and rhea > get married in a temple. they return to the hostel and > their friend hiten and other friends vacate the room > and decorate the room for them. then here P is very > much angry and comes home and says to everyone that > rhea is dead for him from now onwards -and goes to his > room. gauri goes behind him and trys to calm Pratham > and tell him to not think like that about his sister > but P wont listen to her and says he doesn,t want to > hear anything more about rhea. and here hiten takes > yash and rhea to a new house where hiten's uncle used > to stay and tells yash they can stay in that house. > and while going away ketan sees hitan, yash and rhea > and phones P and tells the address of yah and rhea. > and yash and rhea prepare a name board of theirs and > open the door to put it outside their house. when they > open the door they see P standing in front of them. > and the episode endsssssssss.

pratham asks ria to come home with him and she refuses saying she is now married to yash. yash returns ps bike keys, and p says he had once told Y that he can take any of his things anytime but ria is not a thing and goes away. in the room he cries on gs shoulders and says why did ria do this and how will he tell mom and dad about her wedding.

g consoles him and says that she will tell M&D. Next morning p comes down and realises he has brought the wrong car keys and decides to call g and ask her to get the keys, while he is dialing the line is busy and suddenly that girl comes and tells him to redial. then says her name is VM and he says his is PM and later she says that i have cometo meet you as u are my father.

pratham is shocked and just then g calls on his mobile and offers to come down with the car keys but p takes that girl and runs away. they take a taxi and the mannerisms of that girl are just like p, adamant and snooty. in the restaurant p asks her who has sent her and she gives him a letter from her mother Anu who writes that he might think its a joke but V is his daughter and he better take care of her.

p tears off that letter, later they go for a joy ride and later while V is having a cool drink Anu calls and p tells her to tak her daughter away, she says she will meet him at a certain place at 3pm sharp. when he calls back at that no. he is told its a PCO no.

G tells mummyji about ria and she fears telling umesh but he overhears and says that its a big mistake ria has made as yash cant give her anything and he doesnt accept such a marriage. Archana and natasha are crying and kavita and gayatri console them. Umesh and rajesh go to the doc and he says its notsomething major he can samay can survive with one kidney as well but needs to take care of infections and high BP. Natasha brings him soup and he rudely rejects it saying there isint any salt, Natasha looks worried.

Yash buys the groceries and is worried that it cost him 500 rs he has only 65 rs left and ria says she has made alloo parantha for him it turns out to be plain paranthas with boiled aloo(funny), yash enjoys it even when there is no salt. that it for today. the end.






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wow another gr8 update
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WOW, a whopping 7,854 words. I have NEVER seen a update THAT long before. Hats off to you. WONDERFUL!Clap




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WHY WE CANT WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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well what r u talking about??

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