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Armaan's final confrontation with Jassi

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 3:09am | IP Logged

 i know that directors have changed the story and really i don't know where it is finally going!but lot of people are still interested to know what happens when armaan finally proposes jassi according to the original story! i imagine that they will make up all these changes to finally show the scene according to blf! on the basis of that imagination i have changed it as much as i can to suit the present situation with that! those who are not interested to read it,please skip it! i am posting it only on the request of the interested people!!(don't expect that this is gonna happen as they have changed the story alot!)!

 This scene begins where armaan comes to know whereJasi and Purab has gone from Bebe and he is heading towards the restaurant!


Close up of a bar, a hand puts a drink. Music is heard. The camera pulls away from the close up of the drink, and we see people coming into the bar/restaurant. Among them are Purab and Jassi. Jassi's face is a bit serious. Purab sees an empty table and he tells her so, pointing in that direction. She smiles a little. He helps her to the high stool, she thanks him and then he sits in front of her. Some  singers are singing romantic songs. A waiter in a uniform comes to greet them

Waiter-Good evening

Jassi-Purab-Good evening.

Purab-(to Jassi) May I order for you?


Purab-(to waiter) In that case, two tropical cocktails, please.

Jassi-Ay no, how embarrassing, but It's just that I don't drink.

 Purab (to Jassi) -don't worry, you don't have to drive, I'll drive.

 Jassi-( smiling just a little) I won't worry.( now you will not worry because you are Jessica not Jassi anymore! So, drink baby drink!)

They show the musicians, then the people in the bar. Sitting at the bar they show a famous singer( I don't know who he is gonna be!) having a drink listening to the music. A woman approaches him and we can see she is asking him for his autograph, to which he agrees.

Close-up of Jassi, she shows a big smile which quickly disappears as she looks around the bar, biting her lip. (she looks uncomfortable). Purab notices and asks her.

Purab-Is something the matter?

Jassi-(smiling) no no, it's nothing. Would you excuse me a moment, I'm going to the restroom.

Jassi leaves, Purab remains smiling and enjoying the music. We hear more music as we are shown the musicians again.


Bindiya is sitting at her desk, resting her head on one hand. In the background we see Naaz holding her head with both hands.

Naaz-And how much longer do we have to wait here?

 Bindiya-Until Jassi calls, I can't move from here, don't you see that she said she would call me?

( I am supposing that Jassi by that time has disclosed to all the fact that Jessica and jassi are the same!)

 The phone rings at that moment.

 Bindiya-Ay, I hope it's her! She picks up the phone.


In the restaurant Jassi  is calling on her cell phone from a hallway, where you can still hear the music in the background.

Jassi-Hello, Bindiya, What's up? This is Jassi. What happened with Armaan sir?

Bindiya.-Ay what's up, Jassi. We are here very worried about you. Armaan sir already left. (There is a pause) .

Jassi-And you don't know what he was thinking of doing? or where he was going?

Bindiya-Noooooooo! And what's up with you, where are you at?

Jassi- I'm here in a restaurant/bar with Purab. (Pause)

Jassi-No, I didn't tell any one where it is.

Bindiya-Ay Jassi, don't worry. Don't be nervous. Look, Armaan sir said, as he was leaving, that he is not going to let you go, and that he was going to go and find his peace, and since he's been drinking so much, I think he went to sleep. I saw him a lot calmer, Jassi. But don't you worry, tomorrow I'll give you all the details. Calm down, OK?

Jassi- Well, Bindiya, I'm going to try to calm down, yes! At any case if Armaan sir kept drinking, he probably went to his apartment to sleep, don't you think?

Bindiya-hmmmm! May be!!,BTW, what I could not find was that notebook you told me to look for. But tomorrow, calmly, I will keep searching for it, is that OK?

Jassi-Well, if anything happens I'll call you later. Well, bye Bindiya.

Jassi puts away her cell phone and walks back towards her table.

Outside in the street, Armaan's car arrives, and parks directly behind Jassi's car by the curb.. Armaan gets out of his car and walks to stand next to Jassi's car. He pats Jassi's car and decides to walk inside the restaurant.

We are now inside the restaurant again. We see all the people clapping as another song begins. Close up of Purab shows him happy, lightly tapping the table to the rhythm of the music. With a big smile on her face Jassi arrives at the table.

Purab-Everything OK?

Jassi-(still smiling) Yes, everything OK.

Purab-(smiling but looking her deep into her eyes) I noticed you've been a bit tense.

Jassi-(hesitating a little)- Noo, nothing serious. (smiles again)

Purab-(concerned) did I create any problem?.

Jassi- No no no, you haven't caused me any problems, really. And everything is very well.

Purab-Then, you can now be more tranquil?

Jassi smiles, but as Purab looks towards the musicians, she takes a deep breath and looses her smile.

We see the singer, and then Armaan walking in. He hesitates at the entrance. He looks around, stretches his neck, and decides to keep walking in.

Jassi smiles again as Purab turns to talk to her.

Purab-(smiling) I understand your stress very well. It is typical of living in big cities. One can never enjoy anything!, as opposed to Mauritius...

Jassi smiles brightly

Purab-....To live and work is a pleasure there. Being all the time by the sea You see people who are relaxed, enjoying life!, and you are going to enjoy your life! (he points a finger towards her to stress his point) instead of living and working  in such a city. And when you go outside you are not going to breathe smog, no, instead you will see a blue horizon, and at night the moonlight reflecting it's light on the sea. Wouldn't you like to go there and change your life permanently?

Jassi stops smiling and she looks pensive for an instant.

Jassi-Surely. Yes!

Purab-In that case (he picks up his drink) To Mauritius.

Jassi picks up her drink and they touch the cups, as she smiles.

In the background Armaan sees them, as he bends forward over a lady's shoulder to get better look. The lady gives him a dirty look and Armaan seems to apologize and he moves away.

Purab and Jassi take a sip.

 Purab- I travel back to Mauritius tomorrow, if you like I can find you an apartment or a house with many windows.

Jassi-Well, thank you, but we would have to first see about the costs.

Purab-No, I don't want you to worry about that. Should you decide to go with me to work, I will take care of everything. Agreed?

Jassi-smiling she nods in agreement.

Pura-Then lets toast to having you in Mauritius.

They toast and as they take a sip as ARMAAN APPROACHES THEIR TABLE!!!!!!!

 His lips are very tight. Jassi nor Purab have noticed him yet, as each is facing down into their glasses.

Armaan-Good evening!

Jassi jumps in her chair, and puts down her drink very quickly.

Purab just looks at him!

 Jassi's eyes are opened wide as she asks- what are you doing here  Armaan sir?

Purab's face is serious

Armaan-Don't get up, I simply came over to say hello.

The waiter comes to the table and asks Armaan.

Waiter-Does the gentleman wish to order something?

Jassi-No, the gentleman is not going to order anything, Thank you.

Armaan-(ignoring Jassi)-Bring me a whiskey. (and then looking at Purab and Jassi) do you wish to order another drink?

Jassi-No thank you.

Purab-(to the waiter) A whiskey for the gentleman.

Armaan gets a stool from the next table and brings it over to sit next to Jassi.

Jassi looks annoyed and maybe a bit nervous, she moves her hands under the table.

Armaan-I know that the gentleman is trying to take you away to Mauritius, Jassi. (then looking at Purab) You know, I didn't know that you want to take her away, I didn't imagine it!

 Jassi- Please Armaan sir, the decision is mine!

Purab- Forgive me, forgive me, but Jassi told me that she is planning to leave Mumbai and thus, I found it legitimate to make her the offer. At no moment did I come to tempt her to leave the city.

Armaan-Fine!, It seems LEGITIMATE to me (he didn't yell, he stressed the word).

Jassi bites her lip in silence

Jassi- Armaan sir, you know that my return to Mumbai is transitory, and ... (she sighs, searching for her words) …..afterall I am at full liberty to go whatever I want!

Armaan-(calmly) Of course you are in liberty. I simply wanted... (then to Purab) Excuse me if I'm bothering you (back to Jassi) ...for you to listen to Gulmohur's proposal so that you will stay and work again here! And………[DRAMATIC MUSIC (not the musician's)] (to Purab) that is also legitimate, right? (he smiles)

Purab's face if very serious and he doesn't answer.

Armaan- Purab!, Purab, my friend, let me tell you that when Jassi took over my CEOship at Gulmohur,she had been the best CEO that we have ever had. She was freeing the Company out of major debts that we incurred, because of my fault!

 Jassi is just listening with a serious face staring ahead.

Armaan- We were about to reach zero debt, besides, she just threw the best launching that we've had in many years!

Jassi looks embarrassed, she looks down for a moment. She begins to bit her lips again as she again looks ahead.

Armaan-and she had a genial idea, a brilliant idea, because let me tell you my dear friend that Jassi is brilliant!, to save our points of sales. Tell me with the heart hand, tell me, do you think I'm going to allow for a woman like this one to leave me?

Purab is still serious and silent

 Armaan-No, right?

Purab-Of course no, but, as far as I understand, the success that she had as CEO is not everything and besides it's a past thing! Now she has been a model and she is very successful in this career also! and now she wants to change the whole environment. She wants a change in her life.

Armaan-(finishing a sip from his drink) and that is perfectly understandable. Believe me, I know, I truly know why Jassi wants to change her life totally.

Jassi looks like her eyes are getting watery, she is still silently sitting by Armaan, mainly just looking ahead.

Armaan now looks at Jassi.

Armaan-Miss Walia, I know Gulmohur has not been the best thing that has happened in your life. (now he looks at Purab) ...it was probably the most horrible thing that has ever happened to her.

Jassi's eyes look red and as if they are filled with tears.

Armaan-besides it was late when I realized her talent, her intelligence and above all things, that wonderful being that she has inside of her (he looks at Jassi again, but she is just staring ahead still) we discovered all this little by little, Purab, and little by little we fell in love with each other!


 Jassi's still looks the same!

 Armaan-...at what exact moment that happened, I don't know, but I know I found out too late, when Jassi already had a lot of resentments deep inside of her due to all the problems that happened and all the misunderstandings that happened and... (he now looks at and speaks directly to Jassi)...we haven't had the time to clarify, right?

Jassi doesn't answer, she looks away, not at him…….

 Armaan-(back to Purab) In the same manner, we will surely keep believing in her, believing in her work. We will request her to take us in her hands to take us out of all the terrible problems we have. I know that Gulmohur is not the best Company. Look, it's a Company filled with defects, and maybe the biggest defect of Gulmohur is me. (to Jassi) But Jassi, I know that you have a lot of pain inside you that we have caused a lot of bad things for you, and that you look at us as a heavy burden, and I want you to know one thing, that we all love you. The employees, the secretaries the receptionist, the messenger, and of course, me!

Jassi-(exhaling and looking at him for the first time in a while) No more, please, sir. (her voice is cracking as if she wants to cry) I have to leave Mumbai and I will never come back to Gulmohur, and you know it.

Armaan-I know, but it's just that I need, we at Gulmohur need that you give us another chance.



Purab- I understand your position, but I also think I understand Jassi's. I think that what she now needs is to breathe fresh air. I think she needs a calmer lifestyle, near the sea, less stressful, it's what she is needing.

Armaan picks up his glass and lifts it towards Purab and says.

Armaan-Salud (good health)

Purab does not reply Armaan clicks Purab's cup which is on the table, and adds

Armaan_Health, Purab, to Jassi's health!, You know what?, I agree with you, she needs a change of scene, she needs fresh air, besides, my proposal can't beat yours. Just think, how can I compete with the sea, as opposed to the holes in Gulmohur, or a golden sunset as opposed to a sunset filled with concrete-jungle of this city. Starry nights wonderful music, with the smell of the sea must be incredible as opposed to low class clandestine bars that are very dark and play vulgar music. I can't compete with you, Purab. But I want you to know that I think your proposal sounds good, sounds wonderful for Jassi, it's just... (and now looking back at Jassi who is looking down with her hand over her mouth)...Miss Jasmeet Walia, I simply want you to listen to me and think of what I want to tell you. I can't offer you paradise, I am so far away from that!, maybe all I can offer is those four walls that we shared together for such a long time!!!!!

THE ROMANTIC BACKGROUND MUSIC BEGINS (not the musician's music).

Armaan-...without the need of having to hear how the waves crash on the shore of the sea, nor to see how the moon falls behind the horizon to live what we lived Jassi, to FEEL what we felt!. (looking at Purab) We had enough with the moon over Mumbai, that pale moon which has inspired so many poets throughout time, and it's what we want to live again, because we discovered that this is where life was, beating! (looking at Jassi again)

(Jassi looks like she can't take all this anymore, she is not angry, she is sad? on the verge of tears? silent, serious, not able to look at Armaan)

Armaan- ...that's why I don't want to lose that Jassi! (he too sounds like he is about to cry now)

Jassi-(takes a deep breath) Sir, please, no more! I don't want to talk about that and much less here. (Now she looks him straight in his eyes)-Leave me in peace. I have asked you a thousand times. (she is not yelling, she is speaking softly, begging him)

Armaan- Fine. I don't want to ruin your evening. Quite the contrary. I just wanted you to give me another chance, so I'll leave you both and excuse me!!!! excuse me!!!!( his voice is cracking!)

Armaan gets up, takes his glass and leaves the table.

 Jassi follows him with her eyes

Jassi- He is not going to leave, he is not leaving.

She begins to get up

Jassi-It's best that we leave now Purab, Let's go.

Purab-(stopping her) No, no no. Calm down. Be calm because I think you and I need to talk. We are not going to go from here.

Armaan is seen walking among the crowd towards the bar. There are tears rolling down his face. He finishes his drink and asks the barman for a double whiskey.

Armaan-(crying and talking outloud to himself) I can't loose her. I can't loose her.I can't loose her.I can't loose her.I can't loose her.I can't loose her. I can't loose her.I can't loose her.

*********************************************( thanks friends ! i will post the next later!)

smita24 Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 3:16am | IP Logged
what is it ??? Confused
Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 3:24am | IP Logged
 this is the protion of the story when armaan finally confronts jassi according to Betty La Fea! they have changed the story but if they dont change the end then this may happen! i posted it on the request of some people as they are still interested in BLF! anyways , if u don't like it ,skip it!
smita24 Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 3:28am | IP Logged
Thanks buddy. I hope Arman did not get his liver bursted after so much drinking.
jas Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 3:47am | IP Logged
thanks!! Rumi
queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Awww.. Rumi, our poor Armaan!!CryCryCry Purab's calmness is infuriating CensoredCensored ... Armaan has really come a long way... he knows all he will get for his pleading is a kick in the teeth from Jassi, and the chance to give Purab a sense of one-upmanship... but he's a man who has nothing to lose - he needs Jassi so bad, he is risking all his pride for herOuch

If Purab really is so confident that he is the better man with the better proposal and better moon and stars, why dosn't he leave Armaan and Jassi alone for just 10 minutes to have a heart-to-heart?!AngryTongue Is he afraid they'll have exchanged hearts by the end of the session??Wink (like they havn't anyway!!!)

Thanks a ton, Rumi!!
samie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 5:05am | IP Logged
vishakha Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2005 at 5:32am | IP Logged
That was so sweet of you.

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