Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #9: Slap Special Edition!

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #9: Slap Special Edition!

Fairy: Zor ka jhatka haye zoro se laga haan lagaDancing
Shine:  Dhinka chika dhinka chikaParty
*Two nautankis were singing out of lungs*Pig
Minu comes with her dandaBroken Heart
Minu:STOP why the hell u guys are singing like that, I am not able to concentrate on my work, there is so much spamming on the new promo ufffSleepy

Shine: Chahe koi humein jungli kaheSilly
Fairy: Nahi not this song lets sing dill toota dil tootaStar
Shine: That creap dont have heartAngry hmph

Minu: will u both tell me what happenedAngry

Fairy and shine: U dont knwShocked
Minu: whatShocked

Fairy: that na that creap naGeek
Shine: Ooo miss story writter we have to tell her in this janam onlyTongue
Minu: will u 2 tell mePig
Shine: Shayam ko thapad padaDay Dreaming

Minu: what and u guys are telling me now. Chanta pada hayee pada. PartyDancing

A BIG THANKYOU and3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: SmileyFace
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain

Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Weekcindrella255 
Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
Videomix of the week Khushix
Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: mahi0809
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShinningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
Best character of the week: shobrakapoor
Costume of the week: SmileyFace

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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A furious Akash leaves the house.. But Manorama is adamant and refuses the Payal Alliance ... Pushed by Khushi, Arnav comes down to the hall and  tries to convince Mami in the way Khushi had tutored him , But Mami is not convinced  and rudely interrupts Arnav.. A short tempered Arnav leaves the scene followed by Khushi ...Manorama is full on  noutanki mode, she packs ehr bags and threatens to leave  the house...Arnav goes to mami , informs  Manorama that the marriage of Payal and Akash will happen irregardless of her disapproval and that she is bound to lose her power, status, authority   if she stands against the proposal .. Realizing the futility of ehr protest, manorama meekly comes back to the house  but filled with anger against Payal inside her heart ...The Raizada Parivar decide to visit the Gupta Household the next day seeking Payal's hand  for Akash..

The next day the whole family of Raizada's arrive on the doors of Gupta's sending the Gupta's into a tizzy and electrocuting A unprepared Shyam ...Shyam immediately goes into his room and hides there in panic..

The Raizada's come into the house, express their interest in Payal and request Gupta's permission to make her their  DIL..The Gupta's are a bit hesitant considering the difference in status but Nani assures them that Payal will be well taken care of..The Gupta's are relieved and accept the alliance.

Khushi brings Shashi out of his room  to introduce the Raizada's ... Shashi recognizes Anjali and gets highly agitated .. A worried Khushi immediately takes him back to the room ...A desperate Shashi urgently wants to inform Khushi about Shyam but is unable to do so ..

Buaji tells  Khushi to fetch Shyam from his room , to introduce him to Raizada's ..Arnav feels jealous and angry and as a reluctant Khushi goes to do Buaji's bidding..But Shyam has escaped and the Raizada's do not get to meet him..Meanwhile Anjali is calling Shyam from her mobile and Shyam's mobile inside his room goes off, which is heard by Anjali..a Puzzled Anjali tries to check but the departing Raizada's hurry her to the car...

Arnav sees Payal standing by the window , hesitates  briefly, tells his family to proceed  and that he will catch up later..As soon as the family goes ..Arnav enters the house, apologizes to Payal for the previous breakdown of marriage ...Payal reassures him and points out that it is Khushi who  felt the most and that she blames herself for the incident..Arnav swiftly and quickly negates this and takes the complete blame on himself ..Khushi is moved by his statements ..She wants to talk to him but a embarrassed Arnav hastily moves away refusing to speak  or listen to her..But the doughty Khushi will not be shaken off so easily ..She deflates the Tyre of Arnav's Vehicle ..forces him to listen to her words  and then waves him off ..

Arnav calls up for the replacement vehicle, which is overheard by a startled Khushi who is amused to know that Arnav does not know how to change a wheel.. Khushi changes the wheel for him and Arnav takes his leave after a bit of joshing between them ...

A disturbed Shashi  is listening in increasing agitation as Khushi is talking about the members of Raizada .. A worried Khushi and Payal tries  to comfort him.. Shashi manages to pull the  engagement ring from Khushi's hand and throw it away..Shyam comes just then, picks the ring and hands it to Khushi and also congratulates them for PAYASH union..A surprised Khushi  asks how Shyam came to know about the alliance when he was not there..Shyam quickly recovers, manages to say that he met Buaji in the hall and she gave him the good news ...

Buaji and Khushi are laying the plates and asks for  an extra plate for Shyam..Buaji  enquires whether Shyam has come .. Khushi  is surprised by Buaji's poser  and is faintly disturbed by the various factors regarding Shyam..

Khushi is laying the plates, when Shyam comes out of his room talking to Rani Saheba .. Khushi listens in silence ...

Anjali is planning on having Satyanarayana Pooja in the house before Marriage , orders Shyam to be at the pooja ..Shyam promises to be there .. The next day dawns ..Shyam is all dressed and ready ..Arnav refuses  to come to the Pooja and walks away ..Shyam  is busy attending to his calls.. Unknown to Him and others ..Anjali invites  Gupta's to the Pooja , on coming to know that the whole family had gone out for shopping..Anjali invites Khushi for the Pooja..Just then Shyam interrupts Anjali calling ehr rani Saheba ..Khushi gets flabbergasted to hear the same name and tone and she lands at RM, Preoccupied about Shyam  as she begins to piece together various unconnected  scenes...

 Shyam goes off to the terrace midway through the Pooja .. Anjali tries to go in search of him..Khushi stops her, tells Anjali that she will call Shyam and walks to the terrace ..She finally comes face to face with Shyam and discovers that her fiancee n Anjali's husband are one and the same...Shocked, outraged .. Khushi gives a hard slap on his face , throws the ring and walks away ..A terrified Shyam pleads for understanding ,reminds her of Payal's wedding ..  Khushi is in great turmoil and does not know the correct action to take as she is worried about her sisters life, Arnav and Anjali's bond ... she is in  distress and  unknowingly collides  against Arnav, crashing  the cup to the ground.. Arnav sharply scolds her  for bumping against him..A speechless Khushi kneels down and begins to pick up the broken pieces of the cup...Arnav is puzzled by Khushi's UnKhushi like behavior , concerned..he too bends down, realizes that Khushi is deeply troubled , lifts her up , enquires the reason for her tumult .. Khushi breaks down and hangs onto Arnav's Arms.. Arnav grows very concerned , begins to think and arrives at the conclusion that it has got something to do with Khushi's fiancee.. he asks the same ..and from the way Khushi jerks  away..Arnav understands that the Fiancee is the culprit, clenching hi s jaws to control his mounting anger, he demands to know what Khushi's fiancee did ..Khushi begins to reveal when she remembers the strong bond between Anjali and Arnav..she continues to look at him..


Yes, I'm talking about the tyre deflating scene only. The scene is the chosen scene for this week's Funny Scene. When Arnav refuses to listen to Khushi, Khushi reacts in typical KKG style and with the help of her hair pin let the air out of the front tyre of ASR's SUV.

Having blocked him from going, Khushi thanks him and apologizes at the same time, earning quarter a smile from him. The real fun starts after that. When Arnav called for another car, Khushi was stunned to find that the great Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't know how to change a tyre. And what does she do? She makes an general announcement for the benefit of the present crowd. "Today's breaking news, Arnav Singh Raizada does not know how to change a tyre!"

Arnav, obviously, got really offended to it and tried to brush it away saying 'big deal' and he challenged her whether she could change a tyre herself. Well, by now he should know, you don't go about challenging Khushi Kumari Gupta! She changed the tyre herself while Arnav was sulking in the background. The local kids added to the fun when they started to tease Arnav by referring him as uncle while they called Khushi Didi. A furious Arnav went to rip Khushi apart when she referred him as uncle as well but ended up helping her a little. 

The best moment comes at the end when Khushi very cheekily states that even though she should say sorry to him for deflating his car's tyres, she won't say it. Arnav proved again that he's always going to have the last word when he got himself seated in the car, called Khushi softly and very sweetly said 'thank you for changing the tyre' and then added a very devilish, "even I won't say it" to make Khushi and the viewers jaw drop.

What a hilarious scene and what amazing performance as usual by Barun and Sanaya. I'm sure you all enjoyed the scene a lot and for those who've missed it, go and catch it now. There might not be a lot of scene to laugh at in the coming week. Happy Weekened!

Joota scene is the scene after watching it we all are about to break our TV screens.
The Joota scene of the week is
" Khushi's babuji tried to tell khushi the reality about Shyam but she didnt understand anything. Then Babuji took her engagement ring and threw it on the floor. Shyam comes there and picked that ring up and passed to Khushi and tried to impress her with his sugar coated words and covered up his lie. After Khushi left from there he threatened Babuji and asked him to not try to reveal anything as it may harm both of his daughters lives."
It was such a disgusting scene and we all were about to throwi joota at his face. But happy that finally he got exposed .

Hi my fellow ArHi comradesHug ...
Lets gang up and beat the living daylights out of ShyamEvil Smile lol...ok ok returning to reality ROFL 
Though this week was the highlight in PayAsh's love story till date, but we got some ArHi moments scattered here and there amidst the cute flame called PayAshDancing... This time there's wasn't a particular scene that grabbed my attention, but I was eyeballing several teeny tiny moments between ArHi these week that just fluttered my heart, and beckoned my soul towards a plush romantic paradise Blushing. These heart felt moments were Khushi explaining Arnav how to talk with his heart infusing his feelings with words. I just cannot forget Arnav's expressions at Khushi's lines of "Kuch Kuch hota hai mami ji...Aap nahi Samjhain gi" then his What Crap expressionStern Smile Ermm. It was Khushi's moment of pure loved filled bliss and Arnav's 'Is she in the right frame of mind' showcasing the total extremes of the two character with one who believes in eternal love while the other who does not even understand the meaning of the wordClap.
Another moment that captured my interest was the moment when Khushi found out Shyam's devastating truth and her heart were ripped out due to the severity of the betrayal Disapprove. Even though she did not love him, she was still linked to him. He lived in her house, became her fiancee, played with the emotions of her family CryUnhappy. She was distraught and this was when Arnav stepped out of ASR's shoes and smothered Khushi with his affections, placating her heartBig smile, and comforting her shaky body Thumbs Up. It wasn't a hot moment between the lovers but it definitely was a defining moment in their relationship. It showed that Khushi can depend on Arnav and he would always be there for her in her time of need. It also showed that in times of stress, Khushi would always turn towards Arnav for support Approve. It was a magical moment where ArHi were emotionally bonded Star. Haiii wish time could freeze and Arnav and Khushi could stay together forever like this in love Heart and harmonyDay Dreaming...
       ...Live life, work hard but party harder my dearies!!
      ...With tons of luv, Yours truly, Mahi Heart

This week's scene was definetly the one between our favorite brother and sister couple. Who you ask?? Well off course, it is our lovely pair Shyam and Khushi.

Now Khushi is younger than Shyam but if bhaaiya is going to misbehave then behna has to step up right?? Well that is what our lovely Khushi did by slapping her dear brother!!

That slap went right down to Shyam's heart and now he will still not change, but off course it is the thought that counts right?? Yes it isLOL

So that was this week's best Rakshabandhan scene!! 

See ya all next week with more Shyam and Khushi scenes Big smile They are the best bro- sis pair on tele!! 2nd only to Arnav and Anjali Tongue

This week had both high points and low points...

One whole day was dedicated for Mami's nautanki...It could have been better if it was short...

And Thursday episode was completely filler except for a scene or two...

The monologue of Shyam with Shashi which was absent for past few weeks, Lavanya asking ASR 2 select sari for her, Shyam searching his jhoothi, Lavanya searching her earrings jus to divert khushi's attention while Shyam descended the stairs...

We get that build up is essential for revelation and suspense factor creates tension but it was quite dragged ...Hope next week will be an eventful one

Sharmi Smile

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hello everyone! so im straght away comin to my topic. this week is nt at all like last week im a bit confused in choosin d BC!Wink so after a long thinkin ive decided d BC is none other thn our hottie...Tongue
eventhough khushi too rocked in this week's epi. i lovd arnav more cz of variety of reasons. before tellin dat i juz want to tell dat d transition in arnav is juz fab! a heartless angry  young man has changed to a carin person who understands his mistakes! Wink

at first he stood with khushi's stupid plans for his own brother. this is wat we call care for siblings!Smile khushi became a bit i mean more filmy. at first he reacted against it but later he agreed for his brother! he tried to make mami understand in khushi's style but it was an utter flop. d best thing is dat atleast he tried itWink

after d plan becomes unsuccesful he didnt become desperate. he understood dat inorder to conviince mami he should use his own style. he made khushi believe dat most of d people give importance to money nd power. [but arnav everyone r nt like dat]
arnav is nt only concerned abt his family but also abt others. when babuji's condition become worst he asks wther he should call a doc. he even helps khushi in openin d door! love this quality abt him!!Wink
nd guys do u know dat arnav has developed d ability to become patientLOL when khushi wiped his hands with a dirty towel instead of scoldin her he ignores her nd asks her d way to washroom! wow! wat a change over arnav bittua!
later d best part was he understood d mistakes done by him nd said sry to payal for his wrong doings. but i still dunno y he didnt tell sry to payal infrnt of khushi. maybe he doesnt want her to see his soft side! he ignores khushi cz he doesnt want to show his love twrds her! there's a sayin dat we try to ignore d person whom we loves alot. guess arnav is followin dat principle!LOL
when khushi punctured his vehicle instead of remindin her of her aukat nd tellin d cost he listens to her. im sure if khushi would've said sry he would've told thnku to her. instead khushi tried to play with while he too was playin with her usin d same tricks applied by her!! nd he strted behavin nicely to khushi. it was shown when khushi came to his room accidently he was askin her wat do u want? do u want to talk somethin importantSmile barun truely rocked with his expressions. juz loved his actin!! superb actin barun!! hats off to u!  
i think u all r thinkin d same as i thinks. khushi too was gud in her own ways [for eg: doubtin abt shyam] but this week's epi was full of arnav's gud side!] so im stoppin nw see u next week!!

The most irritating character is one who annoys us to the extreme  every week.  This week's most irritating character is again Mamiji who seriously is doing a pretty good job at annoying the hell out of everyone. It was honestly sad to see how she treated and behaved with Payal and her and her family in such a bad way. Isn't she supposed to shower her blessings when she's going to the girl's house to ask for her hand for her son? It was a bad scenario over all. Plus it's very obvious that when Payal will come as her daughter in law, she will surely make her a victim of her kitchen politics which is so not happening. And what was up with the drama she did after Akash expressed his desire to marry Payal? The whole situation seemed pathetic because of her. She seriously needs to get a life

Hiya everyone and welcome to funniest character of the week section. So we had another interesting week with some really boring and pakko scenes and some really cute ones...ahem ahem the arhi Hug...Day Dreaming

So in between all this there were some funny scenes too but not many so deciding the funniest character again was a hard one..!! Anyways after giving it alot of thought (lol i just thought about it now) i have decided that the funniest character this week Goes to our very own Arnie...YaY..!!
Letter to ASR:
Dear Asr, i gave u the funniest charactee of this week awards...its a great achievement and one of the most prestigious awards on IF...i demand a Hug for thisROFL
Lol okay m back to the way he told Khushi "Tyre change karna ka liya sorry...main bhi nahi bolo ga" It was so hot yet so funny...i was blushing and LMFAO at the same time...(no jokes i was)Shocked
So this is it for now...don't cry i'll be back next week same place same time...Bye bye folks...hum hain rahi IF ka phir mila ga chalta chaltaBig smile

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incidentally, there are two moments from this friday, one the epic SLAP and tw the EPIC shoulder-head touch Wink.. can you ask for more?

The avis and the title of the newsletter says everythingDay DreamingI was waiting for this moment since forever and yayyy this epic moment is here. Eithout my bakwaas song is from Action Replay dedicated to one and only one creap and cheap ShayamDeadLOL

Hi peeps...its hershi!! So i just joined this week to work on this awesome NL! woohoo!! how awesome are these people?!!! Very awesome =D i hope i can live up to their awesomeness as i bring you COSTUME OF THE WEEK =D

No points for guessing that this week...costume of the week has to be Arnav Bitwa!!!

Sexiness personified?!?!? I AGREEE =D Gosh he looked amazing in here! The white shirt with the black vest and black tie and black pants suited him so well!!! His black and white outfit put colors in our life hehehehe! This scene was also absolutely amazing!!! The spoilt brat that he is goes "I call for another car and a driver" and she goes...woww...weirdo. LOL! 

Though my fav part was when he goes "kya paana hai?!" I know for a fact EVERY SINGLE ONE of YOU in your head said "Tumhe paana hai" just like i did hahaha!!! 

SO bigde nawab wins Costume of the week for this week!!! This has been my fav look of his so far!

Thats all from me for this week...see you all next week!!! 

Love. Peace. Arnie <3

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Pride and Glory
An Acidic Rain With Warm Quilt

A Chill in the Air awoken her,
As her Heart begin to distinguish the secrets
She pulled the Things Out and desist Everything 
Her Broken heart and Bewildered Sentiments,
She come across to the truth of the Games
Even standing in his presence she can't breathe
The Truth is devastating and taken her Near to death,
She's Hurt, Her Innocence, Her Self Respect Hurt
No Buzzing sounds, No more Violins of Harmonies
Just a depressing Silence Walls and a Roars of Cries
The depression destroyed her to no End,
Left her Empty and Closed Off Her eyes where of darkness
Reflected from his soul Her heart had been shattered,
Left broken and cold Lonely days, lonely nights,
Running blind, lost my sight, I can't seem to feel right,
In the end, lost the fight and shattered all Alone
Her Heart throbs and all she grabbed Pride's Arm
A Man who always stands beside her
A Man who shares her Joys and pain
A Man who knows her deep anguish,
A Man who can wipe away her tears,
A Man who can feel her Soul,
Unsteady and unable, she fights her emotions,
Struggles to feel stable, while feeling like storms over oceans,
She's Lost, Broken, Alone, And Forgotten.
 She's Hurt, Betrayed, Beaten,
  craving the comfort of being numb,
He taken away her agony and soothed her with a Warm Heat
A Love which Reflects through his Eyes, Voice, Heart and Soul.

Dialogue of the week has to be the Shyamu Kaka and Sanka Devi face off!!!

The way she told him off was amazing especially when she tells him he DISGUSTS her!! 

Here is the exact dialogue:
"Apne sirf humara nahi, hum sab ka vishwaas toda hai! Aap uss pyaar ke layik hi nahi the jo humare parivaar ne aapko diya! Ghin aati hai humein aapke iraadon ke baare mein sochke!!"

and also when she says "Paar aane ki jurat bhi mat kijiyega!"

So glad to have her finally telling him off and then ofcourse the slap made everything better!!!

Well thats all for this week! 


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Here is ur gift

Sancho (-Murphy369-)

Here is ur gift

This week we got to see all types of scenes and Shyam's truth finally out topped it following the ArHi hug. Small ArHi scenes here and there were cute as well. Without doubt, the rating is 5 out of 5.  

WHAT A SLAP!!! Viewers loved Fridays episode, kya thapad tha yaar CVs.. one of the best slaps in Indian television ROFL.. Looking forward to the future week, lets just hope Khushi is shown to be smart and exposes Shyam cleverly instead of getting trapped by the cunning man also we want to see Khushi-Arnav get close!!!!

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

ASR's new clothes, by madmaxine

Hunters and Gatherers, by sharneil92

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Made by: ..Ragzz..
Here's a little something for you!

the winners are two girls agaain <3 sorryy i always come with 2 winners : thaat's not my fault its theeir fault LOL they maake all the beautiiful stuff :) i juust Give theem awards Hug first of all the 1st winner is almost every week here so i gues you must knoow her well noowLOLBig smile
yep yeep i"m talking about Joo <3Hugshe maade too muchgorgeeous avis this week :) posting some of them Big smile

and the second winner is an amazing and freaaaking awesome avi maakeer :) she is totallyy magical Day Dreaming her haands are too good yaaar <3 i alwaays faaint seeing her woork and i feel so goiod after using itLOL you got whaat i mean na ?LOL she's a totaal pari <3 yeep yeep i'm talking about our unique pari <3Hug " paritha" love you jaaanu <3Heart

congraatz my lovely princesses <3 Hug
Here's your gift!

Happy DroolingROFL
with love...maria (miss-pakiie-KMH)

Made by: -Komal
For you, hun!

nothing neww naa ? areey everyone waake up naa ? do make many & maany icons LOL the winner is alwaays the saame and i must say ; she's really awesome <3 usske jaaissa koi naahi Big smile she makes so stunning stuff :) i'm alwaays bluffed and now i'm too Day Dreaming but todaay there are two winners : two brilliaant PS users & two persons who actuallyy love each other very muuch too :DBig smileLOL
two greaat buddies <3 [okaay i'll stop myy nonsense noow i guess]
yees i'm talking about Oour Deaar Ragii <3 ...ragzz...


& the 2nd winner is none other thaaan "Jojo" oour little baabyy <3

congraatz girlz <3HugHuglove you both <3 $
Gifts for you!!

Feel free to flaunt your status, guys! (:

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Nikki_C..-Niru-..memories_im--Sobi--shilparoxx--Siva--.infinite.stardust-S.Stephy--sumana13--desigirl_18-Garima-bmtdluverchammak_challo.Mandy.pinky_blueskiesGirlabouttownDark-Huestinsel..Sakeena..* Unnati *.Saraa.aa123.80--sunshine--shybabe-Kina-.hea.SillyPepper-Deepali--Araina-mishti_17ragzz.khushix..RamKiJanaki..

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