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Dil Jo Na Keh Saka:Fan-Fic(Part 42,Pg 52) (Page 9)

insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2006 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Fantastic!!cont soon

blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2006 at 2:59am | IP Logged
GREAT FANFIC!! omg i love ure fanfic..ure AWESOME!!
sweetz_gurl Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2006 at 4:25am | IP Logged

Originally posted by blah_blah

GREAT FANFIC!! omg i love ure fanfic..ure AWESOME!!

Thank u..........Tongue

sweetz_gurl Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2006 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Part 7

Kripa makes a puppy face.Angad's heart melts.

A:theek hai chalo..pass mein hi aik bohut acha restaurant hai..

They both heads to their car.They both goes to a near by restaurant.They take their seats.

A:So Kya khao gi..

K:Kuch bhi mager mujhe bohut bohuk lagi hai let it make fast please..

Angad thinks for a while and then smiles and opens the menue book.He looks through the pages and stops at one.

A:Yup got it..So kya lo gi tum Sea food khati ho na..

K:Haan..i think thats a good idea.

A:So here is ur menue...Uhh Soup of Ants , Chicken of mouquitoes , Black poisonous Scorpions...

Kripa makes faces as she was clueless what Angad was talking about.Kripa confusely snatches the menue from him and was shocked to see a blank page.Angad was fooling her.Kripa starts to hit him badly and really hard.


Kripa stops as she comes to sense that what she was doing.She don't have a right to hit him.Kripa embarassly leaves him.Angad understood his uncomfortably.The orders their lunch.Soon their foods arrives.Kripa just can't herself as the smell of the food was delicious.She quickly grabs a spoon and was about to take some rice when Angad hits his hand on her really hard that Kripa takes her hand back.


A:Tumhe kisi ne sikhaya nahi ke apni plate mein khana chahiye..

Kripa just stucks her tongue out and serves herself.After some time,they leaves after paying the bill.They both sits at Angad's red beauty when Kripa's cell start ringing.

K(on cell):Hello..oh hi mom...per mom mein...lekin....ok mein aa rahi hon bye...

A:kya hua..

K:drop me home Angad...

A:what why..u promised to spent a day with me..

K:lekin kal holi hai na..bas isi liye mom ne bula liya hai..

A:oh..ok mein tumhe chor deta hon..

Kripa nods and After 15 mins,they arrives at Kripa's house.

K:ok Angad thanx for a lovely lunch..

A:its time we will try that sea foods..


A:ok ok..


Kripa turns around to go when Angad stop her.


Kripa turns to him..


A:woh tumhari earing..

Kripa looks at his side mirror that only one earing was there.


She takes that and was about to go again when ANgad stops her again.


K:Yes Angad! tumhare liye..

Angad hands her a round box packed in gift paper.Kripa smiles and takes that.


Taking that Kripa gives a cutest smile ever.For once Angad's heart skipped when Kripa smiles so sweet.Kripa runs to her house while Angad also smiles to himself and leaves to Prithvi's house.Kripa enters the house.

K:hi mom..

G:kitni dair laga di Kripa..

K:woh mom sorry..

G:theek hai..jao pehle change ker lo..aur phir aa ker mera haath batao..


Kripa goes upstairs and comes down after changing.She helps her mother all day long in Holi's preparation as in Sharma house there was a elder peoples get togthering and at Bose house there was a younger peoples get togethering.

At 9 o'clock,Angad was getting bored now at Prithvi's house.

P:Angad...ab tera kya program hai Kripa ko patane ka..

A:uhh zayada kuch nahi bas kal Holi hai to kal dekhte hain ke kya hota hai..

P:ohh..well kal ke din to tum kuch na karna..


P:kyon ke kal mein aur Kripa holi khelne mein busy please don't disturb us..

Angad winks at him and runs outside.

A(yells while running):yeh to tum kal dekh leina..

And he runs out to his car and goes to his home.

At Sharma House,Kripa was laying at her bed.Her back can be seen as she was waken.She was thinking about Angad,His smiling style,His walking smile and when he acts like children and make people laugh.Thinking this she also smiles.While at Khanna House,Angad was opposite of his bed.His feets were facing where he sleeps and his face was facing where his feets rest.He was also thinking about today when Kripa smiles,when she got uncomfortable,her short temper and when she was hitting him in the restaurant.

Day Three!!!!

Next Morning,We see Kripa dressed in a white churidaar.She slips some white bangles in her hand.She sticks a bindi on her forehead and applies a pink gloss.She was looking stunning.Kripa goes downstairs as she had to take breakfast and then leave for Prithvi's house.She quickly got downstairs,she was heading towards the breakfast table when her mom called.


Kripa turns around.Gayatri was standing with a pooja ki thali.She takes some Red colour in her hands press it in her forehand lightly.

G:Happy Holi..

K:Samme here mom..

They both hugs and leaves to take breakfast.

While at Khanna house,we see Angad yelling really loudly.


J:WHy should i give u..dekho to kitne ache lag rahe ho..

Then we scan Angad's whole body and he was only in a blue towel wrapped around him.


J:Then tell me what is it..u love Kripa or not..


J:theek hai ye lo.. get out of my room.

She quickly changes into white shirt which was like a vest and a blue jeans.He not even takes his breakfast.

N:aray kuch to kha lo..

A:nahi mom mujhe jana hai..

He was tying his shoe laces.


As she was about to say Angad leaves.

A(yells while running):BYEEE MOOOMMM..

N:Pagal..kabhi nahi sudhrega..

Angad quickly gets into his car while at Sharma House Kripa was also getting in his car.They both hurrily starts the car and start to drive.Finally they both arrives there at the same time.They both comes out of their cars at the same time.They both were amazed by looking at each other.

A:hi Kripa u look gorgeuos..

K:hi..u r also looking that bad..

Angad smiles and they both head inside Prithvi's loan where the party was held.They both meets Prithvi.

P:Well tum dono aaj maza karna kyon mein aaj ka din yaadgaar banana chahta hon...


P:aik min mein abhi aya..

A:So Kripa..kal ka kya khayal hai kal phir restaurant chalein...wohi sea foods khane..


A:sahi to keh raha hon..

Kripa was about to turn around and walk when Angad holds her by her wrist and pulls her towards him.Kripa was shocked.Angad quickly shows Kripa her purse so that she would not take it to the wrong sight.

A:Tumhara purse..


A:kal tum car mein hi bhool gayi..

They both leaves each other while Kripa takes her bag back.


A:ur welcome..

Prithvi who winked Angad from behind of Kripa to not tell her that he was coming to her to spread all the colour on Kripa.His both fists were full of red colour.He slowly and slowly stands behind her.And all of a sudden he spreads that all on Kripa.


ANgad laughs at this.Prithvi runs from there as Kripa runs behind him.Angad also thinks something naughty.He also takes some colour.Kripa who was running round and round and happened to pass again by Angad and in the mean time Angad spread that all colour on Kripa and that colour fell on Kripa forehead where they fills sindoor.Kripa stops as she don't know about it.Now she also takes colour but instead of taking some she grabs whole plate and spread all on Angad.They both spread colour on each other while running.By seeing them Happy,Prithvi feels jealous but for today he ignores.Mishti comes from behind and also spreads colour on him.Angad and Kripa who stop play was now standing by a side talking.Angad looks at Kripa who was trying to get all colour off but it was not.ANgad looks at Kripa eyes.He keep starring at her beautiful chocolate brown eyes.After a while,he start singing now knwing anything what words were coming out of his mouth

A:Soni Soni Akhiyon vaali, Dil deja ya deja re humko tu gaali. (Angad sings while going back from her but still looking at her)
Boys Chorus: Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain. (All boys start to sings behind Angad as they dance a little with Angad)
Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain

K:Jhooti jhooti batiyon vaale,
Bholi soorat, dil ke ye kaale.

Jhooti jhooti batiyon vaale,
Bholi soorat, dil ke hai, dil ke ye kaale.
Girls Chorus: Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.
Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.

P:Jaa kudiye, jo kar le.
Gora badan tera rang diya.   (Prithvi sings while walking around Kripa)

K:Oye mundiya, vaada raha,
Suli pe jo na tujhe tang diya. (Kripa sings while Spreading colour on her)

Boy 1:Main suli pe chad jaanva,
      Tu bol abhi mar jaanva.

Girl 1: Main tujhse agar dar jaanva,
        Dil naam tere kar jaanva.

A:Yaad rakhna mera kehna,
Ye Dil ek din mil jaane hain. (Angad sings and he goes to Kripa and spun her around)

Boys Chorus:Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain.

Girls Chorus:Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.
Boy 1: Kyon mujhse door khadi hai,

Girl 2: Badi masti tujhe chadi hai.

Boy 2: Kyon mujhse door khadi hai, dil ke nazdeek badi hai,
Aa lag ja gale tu kisi bahane se.....

Boys Chorus: Bahane se.... bahane se....

Girl 2: Badi Masti tujhe chadi hai, har ladki door khadi hai,
Main aagayi phir bhi tere bulane se...

Girls Chorus: Bulane se.... bulane se....

A:Soch kar tha tujhe aana,
Aakar vaapas ne jaana.

Boys Chorus: Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain. (All boys drink Bhang together)

Girls Chorus: Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.   (All Girls go back while they drinking)

A:Soni Soni Akhiyon vaali,
Dil deja ya deja tu gaali.

K:Jhooti jhooti batiyon vaale,
Bholi soorat, dil ke ye kaale.

Boys Chorus: Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain.

Girls Chorus: Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.

Boys Chorus: Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq mastane hain.

Girls Chorus: Ye aashiq lut jaane hain, dil sab de tut jaane hain.

(SOng From Movie Mohabbatein,Soni Soni)

Angad and Kripa both dance with each other on dhol.All were dancing like crazy and spreading colours all pver the place.Prithvi first stopped and saw Angad and Kripa dancing and someone in his heart he felt jealous but again continued dancing.

To be Continued

Sweetz Gurl

Edited by sweetz_gurl - 28 March 2006 at 7:20am
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 March 2006 at 7:34am | IP Logged
continue soon its great
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2006 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Amazing!!! Clap
sweetz_gurl Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Only 2 one really liked it.. Cry
sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 28 March 2006 at 10:46am | IP Logged
awesome thnx 4 a long part

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