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Dil Jo Na Keh Saka:Fan-Fic(Part 42,Pg 52) (Page 51)

sidra01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2007 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
wow awsome really cute that witch naina hope angad has god senses now Clap

insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 April 2007 at 10:22am | IP Logged
awwww it was amazing
Mehandikhan Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2007 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
great plz cont soon. Clap
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2007 at 5:09am | IP Logged
great part Smile
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2007 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Clap awesome
IndianCutie13 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2007 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
great part
popgirl Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Nice Part Continue Soon Clap
sweetz_gurl Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2007 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Part 42

Next Morning,Angad was coming downstairs and headed towards the breakfast table.He went near the table and grabbed an apple and was about to turn to go when Naina roared in anger.

"Angad..where are you going?"From yesterday she was so mental after knowing that Kripa still exists.She was angry on herself that she could have done something to throw her out of the country but now her game was finished.

"I am going to hospital,where else?"He said like the most wierd person in the house from her mom.

"No you will not go today to the hospital"Naina said this with a stern in her voice.She didn't wanted him to go and meet that Kripa again.

"But why...i will go and no one can stop me not even you"Saying that he furiously turned around but Naina stopped him again.

"Angad..Okay..i know you'll not listen but you can eat your breakfast..."

Angad looks at her and then thinks he should sit and eat something with the family.He sits back and takes a toast and starts to apply butter hurrily.

"Angad Dadi called today and she was asking about Kripa...i just said when you'll wake up'll tell her but i think we should tell her the much time you'll take to not tell her the truth..."

Angad puts the toast down and puts his both hands under his chin.He thinks about Kripa in the hospital and then his son with her and at the same time he remembers Karan in the story.An idea pops up in his mind and it'll be better for Kripa to stay away from Karan.

"No..we'll not tell Dadi the know mom she is not fine and you are saying me to tell her...sorry mom i can't"

"But Angad...she is coming here and you think she will not be aware of it when she will reach here..."

"No..i'll not let her know...just wait and watch"

Saying that he got up and went to his car.There was a perfect idea and he knew it will be easy to convince Kripa.He became more and more happy when he started dreaming his idea.He was lost in his world when he lost the balance of the car and crashed into a tree.He became unconsious and got his head damaged.He was rushed to the City Hospital by some people.Kripa was going to her cabin when she saw some people rushing a person but she just ignores and goes into her cabin.Karan on the other hand was coming out of a ward talking to a person when he sees Angad's head covered with blood.He gets surprised to him in this state.

"Wait...What happened to him?Karan asks with concern.He takes the stretcher on which Angad was lying to the operation theatre and talks with some doctors.The doctors bandages his head and says he is normal.Karan runs towards Kripa's cabin to give her this news.He opens the door and rushes to Kripa.He tells him the whole incident and Kripa becomes teary and before Karan could continue,Kripa ran outside to where Angad was kept.She opens the door to the room and sees a unconsious Angad.She comes near him and cries.She feels why she is here if she doesn't care about him but then she can't see him.

"Why you again came into my made my life a mess.."She cries again when she feels Angad reacts.He opens his eyes slowly and touches his head in pain.He trues to sit up and Kripa helps him up.He looks at Kripa with small eyes.Kripa quickly wipes her tears.

"You are fine was just an small injury so don't need to worry..."

"I don't need to tell me..i am doctor too"

"But a doctor cannot help himself out in any case..."Kripa says frustrated and was about to turn when Angad called her.

"Kripa i want to talk to you..."

Kripa thinks for a while to listen or not or to turn or not.She just stands where she was and in the same position.Angad understood her unknown feelings and spoke.

"No its okay...i'll talk to you someother time.."

Kripa thought that Angad still cared about her thats why he understood her emotions.

"Actually i am really tired and my head is aching like hell"Angad says teasingly and this cause Kripa to burn like fire.She storms out of the room while Angad laughs at his childishness.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------

Angad gets discharged in the evening and decides to move to Kripa's house as it was urgent to talk to her.He checks Kripa in her cabin and finds out that she left the hospital just an hour ago.He thinks that she might reached her house till now.He heads towards her house by a taxi.Soon he reached her house.He didn't knew what to do what will be the reaction of her when she will open the door and what will she say?He became scared to press the bell button.It became impossible for him to press it.He slowly puts his finger on the bell and starts to tremble and his tremble cause the bell to ring.Kripa opens the door and her mouth drops open.She didn't thought that Angad Khanna could figure out her house's address.

"How you reached here?"Kripa asks terribly surprised as to how he got here.

"I thought that you will invite me in and then ask me this question..."

Kripa quickly shakes her head a bit and then tries to smile to him and leaves his way to enter the house.Angad enters and looks around.He was impressed that Kripa still maintain that cleanliness.At the same moment he sees Aron playing with his cars on the floor.Seeing this,the moment brings tears to his eyes.

"Angad?"Angad quickly wipes his tears and faces Kripa.

"Sorry....i disturbed you but i had to talk to you"

"Sure go ahead.."She says with a smile and this caused Angad to be surprised as he didn't expected her to be nice to him.

"Kripa i never told Dadi about our separation..because she is really not fine...i know its my fault i should have told her before but when i started to know that she is losing her care and is becoming weak i tried to hide my sorrow to her...she did visited us many times and i always made excuses that you are went to UK with friends and with my child...she always asked my child name but i never knew that its son or daughter...what should i answer...i told her that i have a daughter and then named her Priya i never knew you will also come to my life again and i had to lie to Dadi again...but she is visiting us again...and i don't want to make an excuse...i don't know what will i answer this time..."He says very tense.

"So what can i do...?"Kripa asks in very desperate that something bad he is going to say.

" you just pretent to be my wife...for just few days...after that i'll not come behind you...i promise..."

Kripa doesn't answers.She becomes blank and didn't know what to answer.

"Aron go to your room right now...and Angad you out of the house right now.."She says furiously.

"Kripa please..i am not in a hurry..take your time and i will ask from you again but please don't say no"

"Angad get out right now"


"RIGHT NOW!!!"She screams.

Angad just lowers his head in desperate and makes his way out.Kripa shuts the door with a loud noise.She couldn't believe Angad could demand such a thing which she will never accept.She forgot all about him and herself and now she can't recall those bitter memories.She just went to the kitchen and drank cold ice water to cool her down.

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------

Next Morning,It was a Sunday and Kripa decided to go for some shopping.She doesn't felt like telling to Karan so she took Aron along herself.She went to the shopping mall and went to buy some shoes for Aron.She took many pairs for him and Aron was quite happy that he is getting new shoes.Then she bought some T-shirts for him and then she decided to do some window shopping for herself.She went to a very expensive shop and looked for some expensive embroidry sarees.Her gaze fell on a very beautiful and expensive saree.She goes near to the saree and looks at it.She holds a corner of the saree in her hand.A girl comes to her.

"Hello Mam...Your choice is really good i must say...its really beautiful and i think it will look definately good on you and i think you should try it in the room...its only Rs 50,000"

"No No...its ok...i does not feel like buying it.."

The truth was she couldn't afford this expensive saree and saying that she turned around and bumped into Naina.Both were equally shocked to see each other.None of them had courage to speak.Naina broke this tension.

"I thought you might had died..but i must say you are pretending to be strong.."

"I was never weak Mrs Naina Khanna...the reason i spared you is my parents never teached me to take revenge...but what you did i can't forgive"

"And i am not sorry for it.."Naina said this very bitchily.

"You will be sorry...i will make you sorry for this..."

"Hey girl..first of all no one can challenge me and if you are daring to challenge me then i accept it.."

"No Mrs Naina Khanna..i don't challenge anyone...i just try to bring them down to earth who thinks they are flying in the sky..."

Naina becomes very angry on this.She was controlling herself terribly.She can't stand her and she was making her burn in fire.

"You...poor lady..who let you come in this shop...your kind of people comes in this shop to steal and i'll not let that get her out.."Says Naina loudy in anger and then smiles.

"You think doing these stupid and silly things you will make my weak and let me down....i think you are making yourself so cheap infront of you will be so rich from me but do remember that you will beg for money from me one day...."

Aron who was standing just beside her gets scared that why the two are talking so horribly.It was like he was watching a horror movie where one witch is yelling and trying to scare her mom.Saying that she left from there with Aron leaving a insulted Naina in front of everyone.She couldn't think a poor girl can talk to her like this infront of many people.She also walked out of the shop quickly before someone would have asked questions.

Kripa goes to her house and sits on a chair thinking what just she had said and what is going to happen.What can she really do she don't know?She doesn't have that much power to come across Naina.But then yesterday's incident flashes in her eyes.She remembers that she had to answer something to Angad too.What she will answer she also don't know about it.Just at the moment,she sees Karan coming out of her room in anger.

"What is this didn't even told me that you are going for shopping...i was worried yaar"

"Sorry Karan..but i thought you should relax now...stop worrying for us...and i don't want you to take stress about us in any way..."

"What nonsense...what happened to you...why you are talking rubbish?"

"Please Karan try and understand...--"

"Just stop it..and tell me whats going on in your stupid mind"She looks at Karan and feels how he reads her emotion that what she is going through.

"Karan its just an headache nothing else.."

"Then why is your face so low.."

Kripa looks at Karan and bursts into tears.She tells him everything what had happened in the shop with Naina.She also tells him about lastnight's incident when Angad tells her to come back.Karan was very shocked to hear this.

"Now what you will do..?"Karan asks axiously to know her answer.

"I don't know has been so tough for me to decide anything...i can't make any decision...and as for as Angad there is just a NO to him...i can't go to that hell again.."

"And the things you told to Naina aunty?"

"I just don't know anything what to do.."

"I have an idea..."

Kripa looks at him and wipes her tears in hope.She waits for him axiously that he'll tell him the way to follow.

"Kripa just say Angad that you'll stay at his house..."Kripa was shocked to say anything.

"How could you could you say that...after what he has done to me...he does not TRUST me Karan...he threw me out just because he doesn't had trust on me...and now i can't go to that house..."

"Yes..Yes are right..He threw you out because he doesn't had trust on you and now you'll go to that house and make Naina suffer everything which you undergone...the same will happen to her...make Angad to believe you as much you can and then you'll fulfil your promise to take revenge on her"


"Make Angad angry on her then he will throw her out..."

"I can't do it Karan...i will parents didn't teached me to do that..."

"But Kripa you have to there is no other way you can do anything..."

"Karan i had said no and no means no....i will not go to that house...c'mon Karan what will i tell Aron..."

"Don't worry about him i'll let him know..."

"But Karan you just don't understand...Angad told Dadi that i gave birth to a girl but you know that its not true..i can't play with Dadi's feelings..."

"Kripa try and understand...its very need to--"

"Karan i am not doing this...don't waste your time"

Saying that Kripa angrily runs from there to her room.She was very upset today.She couldn't forget what had happened with her by Angad and Naina.She can't forgive the two.Kripa didn't wanted the time to repeat itself.Naina is like her mother and she can't behave with her like anything.But the fact she also can't forget is she never behaved like a true woman or a so called mother.Kripa just closed her eyes and pressed hard to let the tears of pain come out of her eyes.Right now,she couldn't share her pain and sorrow with anyone.She thought her loneliness will kill her one day.She thought that she can't pretend to someone who is very dear to her and that is Dadi.She don't want to loose her self respect in her own eyes.One thing she thought was final that she will not melt for anyone and will not go to Khanna Mansion once again.Right now she just want some peace but her mind wouldn't let her be.

To Be Continued..
Keep Reading..

Sweetz Gurl

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