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Dil Jo Na Keh Saka:Fan-Fic(Part 42,Pg 52) (Page 34)

blah_blah IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 August 2005
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Posted: 28 June 2006 at 10:16am | IP Logged
fab part! Clap

shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 October 2004
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Posted: 28 June 2006 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Awesome job on the last few parts! Angad is such a cutie! I love it how he tries to pacify Kripa Embarrassed LOL
sweetz_gurl Senior Member

Joined: 06 September 2005
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Posted: 09 July 2006 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Part 28

Everyone claps while Angad kisses on her cheek when her mouths drop open and a photographer takes a KoDak Picture.

The Next Day,Kripa was in her room combing her hairs when she sees Angad standing behind her.Kripa quickly stands up to see him.

K:Angad what are you doing here?

A:Don't worry Hunny,i didn't came through window..i came from everyone's blessings..

Kripa blushes.

A:God..You look soooooo Hot when you blush..

K:Angad stop it..why are you here?

A:So Unromantic you are!

K(wines):Angad why you came here,anything important?

A:Well i was thinking if we could go anywhere tonight..

A voice comes from behind.

Voice:But don't you think we should also go with you both..

They both look behind to see Mishti,Prithvi,Aaliya and Josh.Angad mumers to Kripa.

A(mumers):Shaadi hui nahi aur maangne wale pehle hi aa gaye!!

J:You said something!!

A:Oh No...You all here!!Anything serious?

M:No Josh thought that we should go somewhere...

A(Talks in his teeth to Josh):Josh Why You Brought All this Army with you?

Kripa laughs.

J:Chill Man!!!

K:Angad they are right..We all need a break!!

A(mumers):Kripa samjha karo na..

Ad:Hey Hey noo mumering..Jo kehna hai Sab ke Samne!

A(Try to Smile but inside boiling):Ok..We all go to our beach farmhouse only for night...

J:Thats the spirit!!!!

Saying that they all leave.

K:Angad you are soooo cute..I love you!!

A:Me too Dear!!

K:What Me Too,Me Too..I want to hear the same from you..!!

A:Sweety..I have some work..Bye take care!!!


But Angad leaves.At Night,Angad comes at Kripa's house and takes him to the farmhouse.While All friends also caught them at the beach.Angad leads them to his farmhouse.They all enter the farmhouse.

Aa:Wow Angad Its amazing..Your house is soo beautiful..

J:Yup Dude..

Kripa was also very amazed by the house when her eyes falls on Prithvi who was just standing outisde.

K:Aray Prithvi..Why are you standing'on in!!

Prithvi comes inside to Kripa.Angad rolls his eyes.Kripa puts her hand on his shoulder.

K:I felt happy that you came Prithvi!!

P:Kripa i didn't wanted to come but you called me thats why i came...just for you..but don't expect something much..Please!!!

Angad who was listening all this conversation gets a bit angry at Kripa.

A(thinks):Oh God Kripa,Why don't you leave him.Don't show this sympathy to him..

K(to Prithvi):I can understand Prithvi...But If Angad is not your friend anymore than we all are!!Don't think you are alone!!

A(interrupts):Com'on Kripa!!!

He took Kripa to the living room while Josh comes and pats at Prithvi's Back hard.

J:Come buddy!!!!

They all go to the living room and sits at their place.Mishti sits with Kripa while Prithvi sits left side of kripa but lil far away.Angad and Josh sits across Kripa and Mishti and Aaliya.

J:Lets Play Somthing..!!

Aa:Raat bhi hai aur Moka bhi!!

J:Wah Shairo Shairi!!!!!!!!!!!

Aa:wanna Bet!

J:Shoq se!!!!!

A:Dil ke dard ko zuba par laate nahi

Everyone looks at Angad.Angad clears his throat while Josh gives him his eye.

A:Dil ke dard ko zuba par laate nahi
Hum Apni Ankhon Se Ansun Bahate nahi

He Looks at Kripa now.

A:Zakhm Chahe Kitne Bhi Gehre Kyon Na Hon
Hum Dettol Ke Siva Kuch Lagate Nahi

Everyone start laughing while Angad throws his hand on Josh hand.Josh kneels down infront of Aaliya.

J:Bhul se kabhi hame bhi yaad kiya karo

A:Wow!!Go on Man!

J:Bhul se kabhi hame bhi yaad kiya karo
Pyaar Nahi to Shikayat Kiya Karo
Itna bhi Ghair Na Samjho Ki Baat hi Na Karo
Phone Nahi to SMS hi Kiya Karo..

Everyone again laugh at this.Aaliya start boiling at Josh while Josh sits at his place again.

P:Ek tu teri aawaaz yaad aayegi

Kripa turns her face to other side to look at Prithvi who was sitting alone.All Looks at him now.

P:Ek tu teri aawaaz yaad aayegi
Teri Kahi Hui Har Baat Yaad ayegi
Har Lamha Pehli Mulaqaat Yaad ayegi
Yeh Zindagi Ab Tere Bin Kat Jayegi

Kripa feels sad for him.Angad was just boiling every minute seeing him.

K:Dard kaisa bhi ho ankh nam na karo
Raat kaali sahi koi gham na karo

Angad looks at Kripa in disappointment.Kripa continue looking at Prithvi.

K:Gham na zahir karo tum kisi per kabhi
Faaslay kam karo dil milatay raho

There was a silence for few minutes.Josh clears his throat to break the ice.

J:Well i think we should leave!!

Aa:I think too...

Angad gets up and leaves to his car.Kripa looks at Angad going and follows him while All looks at each other.Outside,we see Kripa coming behind Angad.

K:Angad..Angad..STop Angad Please..

Angad stops and turns around angry.

K:WHat is this Angad..Why you--

A(angrily):You go inside to your lovely friend Prithvi!!!


A(shouts):I don't like him damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angad holds her from her arms and takes her to the car way.He kind of throws her on the car and leans to her.

A:What do you want from me?Why are you doing this!

Kripa was just too shocked to listen all this from Angad.

A:WHy you always so that..!!

K:Angad but what i did?

Angad start clapping.

A:You are behaving like nothing happened!!!!I hate the way you see to her and he see to you!!!i hate the way he talks to you...and i hate the way you treat to her..........

Kripa start crying.

A:Shut up i said!!!!!

Kripa now start crying very much.Angad drag his hand to his hair and hit his hand beside Kripa.

A(loudly):Shut Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kripa stops crying and starts sobbing.Angad again drags his hand to his hairs and turns around.He puts his hands on his eyes.


When he turns around to say sorry to Kripa,he sees that Kripa is not there.


He looks around and then screams his name.


Next Morning,We see Kripa collecting her things for leaving to hospital.She was more throwing than collecting things.Finally she leaves outside when Gayatri bumps into her.

G:What happened to you today?

K:Mom Please i am no in good mood..Bye

Kripa storms out of the house when she sees Angad in his car in front of her house.He comes out and heads to her.

A:Hi Kripa..

Kripa just pass her way and sits in her car.

A:Mar Gaye!!!

Kripa reaches Hospital and was heading inside when Angad comes from behind and holds her from his arm.

A:Hey Kripa..I am Sorry..Please Forgive..

K:leave my hand!!


K(loudly):I said leave my hand!!!

Angad leaves her while Kripa heads inside.Today they were bit busy.The whole day,they get to treat some patients and Angad tried to talk to her but Kripa didn't gave him any chance.At last,When Kripa was about to open her car door,Angad came from behind and held her from her arms.

A:Kripa i am talking to you all day and you are--

K:Enough Mr Angad Khanna...

Now Angad sees Kripa's eyes terribly.Her eyes were quiet red and teary.

K:Everytime you always blamed me..and i sufferred..i..i don't know how am i sufferring this if someone else was in my place,she would have left you..but stupid i am..i fell in live with you..yesterday when you yelled at me i thought my love,my trust and my soul ended at the moment..i didn't expected that with you Angad..

Kripa turns around to open the door when Angad again holds her.

A:Kripa please!!

K:No More Please Angad..Let me Go...Thats It..!!!

Kripa opens tha door and leaves to his house.

To be Continued..
Keep Reading..

Sweetz Gurl
lucky-moon Goldie

Joined: 05 December 2004
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Posted: 09 July 2006 at 8:24am | IP Logged
awesome part plz do continue
insia12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
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Posted: 09 July 2006 at 8:46am | IP Logged
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 October 2004
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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Awesome job on the part! Awe, I feel so bad for both of them Cry
Divjot_10 Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2006
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Posted: 13 July 2006 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
It was a great yet kinda sad part. Retarded prithvi always buttin in Angry ..urghhh Hopefully Angad will succeed in gettin kripa back this time. Plzzzzzzzz don't let them be apart for toooo long Cry ...k... Bye It was an awesome part Clap Good Luck and plzzzzzzzz continue soon. Bye
Divjot Smile
sweetz_gurl Senior Member

Joined: 06 September 2005
Posts: 519

Posted: 14 July 2006 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Part 29

Kripa opens the door and leaves to her house.Angad follows her.Soon it start raining when Kripa's car stops.Kripa starts her car but it doesn't start.Angad stops his car beside her and opens his windor.

A(yells in the rain):Wanna help?

Kripa just ignore her and comes out of her car soaking in rain.She starts walking while Angad just follows her slowly and slowly as her walking speed.Kripa's clothes were sticky now.Her clothes were looking transparent.She hugged herself and looked behind to see Angad's car.

K(yells):Leave me alone...just go away...i can protect myself!!!!!

Angad just looks at her sadly and zooms his car.Kripa lowers her head and starts crying.Soon we see a car coming from behind and some guys were cheering.Kripa listens the voices and start walking.When she felt the voice growing louder and louder,she start walking fast now.Every minute she was walking faster and faster when she sees Angad's car stopped in front.Angad reverse back his car and again opens his window.

A:Come on..sit in the car...

Kripa just turns her face to other side.Angad start racing the car and horning but Kripa just start walking.Angad again zooms his car.Kripa again hears the same voice of boys.But this time she turns around and sees a car coming towards her.She quickly start running.Soon the car reaches close to Kripa.There were some boys in the car drunk.

Guy 1:Hey Girl..Wanna enjoy with us?

Guy 2:Lets go it'll be fun..

Kripa start walking fast now.A Guy jumps out of the car and comes close to Kripa.He holds her by her arm and start kissing her.Kripa yells for help.She yells Angad's name when another 2 guys jumps out of the car and heads to Kripa.They were about to kiss her when a car comes reverse back.Angad comes out of the car.

A:Leave the girl!

Guy 1:Who are you..The girl's brother?

The 3 giys start laughing.

A(Seriously):No but the girl's to be husband..

He punches the guy in the stomach.While another guy were holding Kripa.Kripa was trying to free her hand but he was holding her hand too hard.

A:Leave the girl's hand..

Guy 2:If i don't then?


He looks at his hand and punches him at his face.Kripa runs to Angad and hugs him.Angad hugs her back and looks at the boys with killing eyes.Angad aparts from her and makes her sit in the driver seat.

A:Kripa you go home..


A:Don't worry about me..i'll see you later...

Saying that he closes the door of the car and Kripa drives.Angad again turns around and the scene goes black.Next Morning,Kripa was sitting on her bed thinking about Angad.

K(thinks):I should call him and ask him about how is he? no..i should go and meet her..Yeah..thats right!!

Kripa gets up and changes.Soon she leaves to Angad house.When she enters Naina was sitting in the living room.

K:hello Aunty?

N(thinks):Yeh larki yahan bhi..

N(to kripa and trys to smiles):hello Beta..

K:Aunty can i meet Angad!!

N:Yeah sure..he is in his room when i'll call him..

K:no its ok aunty..i'll go and meet him..

Kripa turns around to go and Naina gives her a killing look.Kripa opens the door of Angad's room when she sees Angad bandaging his arm.There were scars on Angad's shoulder,lower his lip and on his cheek.His shoulder was wounded and that can seemed light someone stabbed a knife.Kripa quickly runs to him.


K(worrily) this all happened?

A:Nothing just..

K:oh my God your arm is bleeding..

Kripa then remembers the last night.

K:Angad..why did you do this?

Angad lowers his eyes and sadly says.

A:Because i can't see anyone misbehaving with you or touching you..

Kripa looks at his cute face and quickly hugs her.Angad hugs her back.

A:I am sorry Kripa...forgive me please..

K:I love you Angad...

Angad and Kripa just hugged each other for more 10 minutes and then aparted.

A:Now you want to spend your day here or wanted to go to hospital too..

Kripa smiles to him and Kripa helps him to bandage his arm.After that,they leaves for the Hospital.Few weeks passed by and the day of their wedding came.It was Mehndi in Kripa's house and all women were putting Mehendi on Kripa's hand.She was wearing a green lehenga with embroid work on it.She was looking very pretty.Her all hairs were tied up in a bun.They all were enjoying and the night went crazy.Next Day,it was Sangeet and last night of Kripa.She was getting ready when Angad's phone rang.Kripa picked up the call.

K:Hi Angad..

A:Miss you Jaan..

K:Angad its only a day now..can't you be away for only a day..after that i will be yours na!!

A:But i can't wait till tomorrow na!!

Kripa hears Gayatri voice.

K:Ok Angad..i have to go..



A:ok are so unromantic..


Kripa puts off the phone and smiles to herself.


The same night too went crazy.They sang song,they all danced and enoyed alot.Mishti forced Kripa to dance and she did so that too and Aaliya made movie of that.The night went so good and the day too.

To Be Continued..
Coming Up Next:The Wedding!And a Sad Angad too!!!
Keep Reading..

Sweetz Gurl

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