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Updates - EMAET episodes today and future (Page 26)

faye Newbie

Joined: 17 February 2006
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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Hi to all,

The song that Shareb and Banjo sang goes something like "yeh dil hai tumhara".   Which movie is this song from, please can someone tell me. Warm regards.

music girl Newbie
music girl
music girl

Joined: 07 March 2006
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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 4:04am | IP Logged
hi pple wats up
sory Faye cnt tell u wat movie dat song was 4rom cuz i dnt know ma self, but i wud jus like 2 say dat sharib and banjo,wat were dey thinking!!!!???? wasnt it obvious dat twinkle wos dying 4 sharib and so was he. dey wud hav been so good togeather! Confused
RiyaDutt Goldie

Joined: 08 October 2005
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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by faye

Hi to all,

The song that Shareb and Banjo sang goes something like "yeh dil hai tumhara".   Which movie is this song from, please can someone tell me. Warm regards.

Hi Faye, The name of the movie is DIL HAI TUMHARA ....starring preity and arjun rampal...

hope this helps...
princepete2003 Senior Member

Joined: 04 October 2005
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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 7:42am | IP Logged
i feel like there is lot of hype being created on this show now...what are your opinions people?
goodstuff Senior Member

Joined: 11 April 2006
Posts: 456

Posted: 21 April 2006 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
A lot of Twinkle fans here..! She is talented no doubt, but it seems like she can only sing a certain kind of song, like the ones with heavy voices..I never heard her sing a soft song, or atleast hear her sing it good. in Challenge 2005 she sang bad. I don't think duet is her thing. And if that Banjyostna just opened up more and practiced holding notes a little, she might just get their pair some stars..she can sing both soft songs and heavy ones. Oh well. I want Shareb and Banjyostna to win, or Aish and Ujjaini. I would actually listen to their songs.
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 October 2005
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Posted: 21 April 2006 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
hi everybody!

Update as on 20-4-06

All the contestants sing a song from Satte pe Satta.. Total votes, 14,56,000

Jodi No.1 : Sanchali-Rajeev

The judges rating is either twinkle-viswas or ujjaini-Aishwarya.. But its Sanchali-Rajeev.. They start singing Jai-Jai shiv shankar.. But Sanchali loose the track and judges say they are to be disqualified for this round.. So, the contestants are asked for if they can be allowed.. And the contestants agree with this.. But Hariji doesnot agree with this.. At last they get the chance to sing again.. they get 19.38% of the votes..

Jodi No.2 : Ujjaini-Aishwarya

The judges rating is either twinkle-viswas or ujjaini-Aishwarya.. And its Ujjainii-Aishwarya.. They sing pyaar hua ekraar hua hain of Nargis and Rajkapoor.. I felt that they could have done much better.. Hariji says, they have got votes because they got good stars in EMET magic.. they get 18.71% of the votes..

Jodi No.3 : Twinkle-Viswas

The judges rating is either twinkle-viswas or Sinchan-Irfan.. But its Twinkle-Viswas.. They sing ude jab-jab zulfein teri staring dilipkumar and vaijayantimala.. Viswas was good but Twinkle can improve.. they get 16.33% of the votes..

Jodi No.4: Sharib-Banjotsna

The judges rating is Sinchali-Irfan.. But its BS.. They sing aaja-aaja main hoon pyaar tera staring Shammi Kapoor.. Their chemistry has improved this time.. they get 13.03% of the votes.. the judges are very surprised and want to know on wat basis the public is giving the votes.. They ask why they have to give the stars if the public is gonna vote the way it wants to.. Even i think its quite right..

Jodi No.5 : Saptak-Joyeetha

The judges rating is either Sinchan-Irfan or Hrishikesh - Prajaktha.. But its JS... They sing pardesiya yeh such hain piya staring BIG B and Rekha.. They were good in their singing.. they get 11.33% of the votes..

Request by the Live Audience

Relatives of all the contestants have come down today to see the performance of the contestants.. So, relatives of SI and PH request that these 2 jodi's should also be allowed to perform.. So, that they can also get the chance to see the border jodi's perform.. The judges to agree to this and so, the these 2 jodi's also perform today.. And one person also request that if SI is voted out, they must be given one more chance with the VETO power because, of the demise of Mr.Rajkumar in Bangalore and so they were not given the votes...


They both sing gaata rahe mera dil.. Hrishikesh was marvellous    Less and hariji both praise them a lot.. Less says, Hrishikesh ne toh hilake rakhidya.. They get 9.58% of the votes


They both sing a song from Khel-Khel mein of Rishi kapoor and nitu singh.. I dnt remember the song... They were really good.. Sinchan was really good with the song... They get 8.88% of the votes.. The judges say that in today's performance, the border 2 jodis were the best...

Though the eliminated jodi is SI, the GRUVEE gurus use the VETO power for them and keep them in the contest.. They justify it by saying that Sinchan-Irfan have improved a lot and are improving also.. But they request for one more VETO power..
Anuradha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 October 2005
Posts: 16330

Posted: 21 April 2006 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Update as on 21-4-06

hi everybody!

Todays Guests

Here is the update for today's performance round.. The guests today are Vivek Oberoi and Amrita Rao for promoting Pyaare-Mohan

Group Performance

The contestants start singing mohan ki ek radha from Pyaare - Mohan.. Shaan joins them and a real good singing by all of them.. Enjoyed it.. Dnt miss them.. Vivek and Amrita enter the stage.. Vivek is playing the character of Mohan in Pyaare-Mohan and he is a deaf.. So, he does some fun with his character...

Jodi No: 1 - Sharib-Banjotsna
Today they are showing an AV on the contestants like how they did during C2005.. They sing Kambakth Ishq from Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Before that, a small AV is shown from the movie clip where Fardeen runs to save Urmilla from comitting suicide.. Here, Banjo is having a gun in her hand and she says, "Sharib tum apna jodi Twinkle ke saath hi banao.. main tumhe maar dalungi agar hamein EMET mein 7 stars nahin mile toh.."

Judges comments and Stars

Amrita - She says it was Very impressive.. They have a very original voice.. While is the important one..

Vivek - Fabolous.. very well co-ordinated and good singing..

Hariji - Lot of energy was there in singing and performance.. Sounded good.. Sur thoda idhar-udhar gaya but good - STARS - 5 STARS

Less - Good Chemistry.. Jadoo Kam laga STARS - 5 STARS

Jodi No: 2 - Saptak-Joyeetha

They sing Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam from DDLJ Before that, a small AV is shown from the movie clip from DDLJ... The karwa chawth scene.. Joyeetha says, woh Saptak ko khanna nahin degi unless woh acha perform karein... But today it was Saptak day.. He sang very well   Clap Clap

Judges comments and Stars

Amrita - Good Show.. Wishes them best of luck...

Vivek - He says, stage pe screen se jyaada chemistry dikhayi di.. They are showing the movie songs also when contestants sing...

Hariji - He says Saptak sang very well.. He is very impressed by his performance.. And claps for him also.. Saptak gets emotional STARS - 6 STARS

Less - Saptak was very focussed on the song.. STARS - 5 STARS

Jodi No: 3 - Sanchali-Rajeev

They sing Kaho naa pyaar hai from KNPH Before that, a small AV is shown on them.. Its the island scene where Hrithick and Amisha goto and Hrithick places a flag.. The same scene is repeated here by the jodi where Sanchali picks Rajeev's shirt for the flag and says, he has to concentrate on the singing...

Judges comments and Stars
Amrita - Is jodi se hamein pyaar ho gaya hai.. Good Co-Oridnation

Vivek - He says, Mazaa aaya, good performance..

Hariji - Good performance.. Sanchali ne sambhaliya hain.. STARS - 4 STARS

Less - he is giving Stars is only for performance and not for singing.. STARS - 6 STARS

Jodi No: 4 - Irfan-Sinchan

They sing Akele hain toh kya gum hain from Quayamat se quayamat tak.. Before that, a small AV is shown on them.. Its the scene before the song where juhi tries to cook.. Here Sinchan is trying to cook and Irfan brings lakdi and other stuffs where both of them curse each other...

Judges comments and Stars

Amrita - Sung Fantastically well...

Vivek - Irfan had a head ache and then too he sang well.. Sinchan was very good.. Advices Irfan that he has to keep going and the victory will follow him...

Hariji - Very Good but energy was low STARS - 5 STARS

Less - Good Improvement.. STARS - 5 STARS

Jodi No: 5 - Prajaktha-Hrishikesh

They sing Chand Chupa Badal mein from Hum dil de chuke sanam.. Before that, a small AV is shown on them.. Its the Phere that Ash and Salman take... Here PH take phere and say that woh log saat janmon tak acha gaayenge aur jeetenge... atlast Hrishikeshsays saat janam kya ek janam hi kafi hain tumse palle padne ke liye.. Hrishikesh was tooo goood... Clap Clap

Judges comments and Stars

Amrita - Very good.. Kuch hi married jodi hain jo acha gaana bhi gaate hain.. and they are one of them

Vivek - Praises Hrishikesh a lot.. For his voice quality also... He says agar kisi pe ghussa karna hain toh gaana gao, they will enjoy it...

Hariji - Hrishikesh was very good.. God Bless them... STARS - 6 STARS

Less - Very good chemistry STARS - 6 STARS

Jodi No: 6 - Ujjaini-Aishwarya

They sing Its the time to disco from KHNH.. Before that, a small AV is shown on them.. Here Ujjaini and Aishwarya walk on the road discussing abt somethings like Aishwarya's girl frnds and other things.. At last his girl frnds are some kids.. Ujjaini was marvellous.. Hats off to her.. She has already sung the song in C2005..     

Judges comments and Stars
Amrita - Fantastic singing...

Vivek - Praises Ujjaini a lot.. Shakes hands with her for her singing.. It was really wonderful performance..

Hariji - It was Ujjaini's day.. Ash supported ujjaini well.. STARS - 7 STARS

Less - Creates a drama for them by saying their EMET was not good and other stuffs.. But then praises them for taking his advice into consideration STARS - 7 STARS

Jodi No: 7 - Twinkle-Viswas

They sing Bumbroo from Mission Kashmit.. Before that, a small AV is shown on them.. TV are practicing for the contest.. And they fight for Twinkle always supporting Sharib.. Viswas is shown with a gun and an poster which says "Mission Sharib".. Viswas sang really well...   

Judges comments and Stars
Amrita - You have original voice and Twinkle was very good...

Vivek - Praises Viswas.. And asks Twinkle to do a dance step which she did during her performance.. Seethi bhi bajata hain..

Hariji - There can be much better performance.. I expect a lot from you.. STARS - 5 STARS

Less - He says, everytime he has been cutting them stars because he always felt they could have done better.. But today there was real magic... STARS - 7 STARS

Thats it for today.. A real nice show today.. Sorry for delaying as the show was really good and i was enjoying it.. Seems like SRGMP is gaining
meera_005 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2006 at 1:25am | IP Logged

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