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Congrats Kiran Di!! *Party Time* (Page 2)

Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 5:58am | IP Logged

CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS kimi on completing one year in IF Clap

i m really lucky to  find friend like u.njoy all ur cool n good posts.keep posting more posts.hope u complete many moreeeeeeeeee years in the IF Smile Tongue Tongue

congrats once again Wink

uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm good cakesWinkBig smile

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damsel111 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 December 2004
Posts: 6268

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

hey kimi

ager tum na hote tu humara kia hota hehe
v ave spent sum great moments together
al the best sweetheart
luv alwayz mehr

uhh mehr nahi mahir LOL
kyun zara sahi kaha na....
guyz i ave changed the spellz of my name.... Embarrassed ..

Edited by damsel~~ - 17 March 2006 at 12:43pm
zara29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2005
Posts: 6051

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mehr

uhh mehr nahi mahir       
kyun zara sahi kaha na....
guyz i ave changed the spellz of my name....

hahahaha..yup! MAHIR! LOL
btw dont u lyk 2 tell ur friends,the reason behind changing ur name's spell Tongue LOL Wink
by the way..where is this busy b*ndriya Wink ...yahan per reply karni ki bhi fursat nahi kimi ko! LOL
harleen grewal IF-Dazzler
harleen grewal
harleen grewal

Joined: 31 October 2005
Posts: 3755

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kimi_dost

Sweeto, itni jaldiShocked

Abhi toh 15 more days to go (as u mentioned)TongueWinkWink

Thank you so much EishuHugHugHug

Lakin this is a surprise for me coz I didn't even notice that I am abt to complete 1 YR with IFBig smileTongueTongue

Thanks Deepthi bhainaBig smileBig smile.......Kiran bhai ka aashirwaad appke saath hai...hahahaLOLLOL

Thank you lil  sis Anum, and JassiSmileBig smile

Aur yeh deepa ko toh thanks whanks ke jaroorat nahi haiAngryDeadLOL........teri class toh video ke baad loongiEvil Smile

I am gonna reply later onEmbarrassed(mujhe v toh lecture dena haiLOL)....I am working on videos right now......and also not feeling wellCry......didn't even go to office tdyCry


  LOL.....congrats.....Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!

Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Star Plus Channel
Joined: 31 March 2005
Posts: 12001

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by EiShA

Ok...cant keep the suspense any longer.....Tongue

About an year ago, IF was blessed with an angel known as Kiran. Kimi to many of her friends, and Kiran to some....but shes My Kiran dii....You're an year old on IF Kiran dii....Congrats!!


Originally posted by EiShA

Now let me bore you with one of my lecturesLOLTongue...Let me tell u ppl a bit about my Kiran dii....(waisay iv said all i wanted to say in my thank u speech, n u dont need to know how much i lov u...so just a little more abt u.)


Aur tumari thank you speechLOL....baap reLOL

btw..Me still don't know how much u love me.....mind telling again??LOL

Originally posted by EiShA

Hot.headed,tomboyish and whacky....Kiran the clown can make any1 laughLOLTongue.

Me and hot headed??ShockedShockedShocked

kya kool hain humLOL.........have u seen that movie kyaWinkWink

Ya...me can make any1 smileLOL....lakin uska advantage v mujhe hee haiWinkWinkLOL....it gives me a gr88 pleasure to put smile on some1's faceTongueWink

Woh insaan hee kya jo kisi ko do pal kee khusyian na de sakeWink..ehemmmmmmTongueLOL

Originally posted by EiShA

Behind her *ahem* truck-driver image image, lies a very emotional sweet person. A side to Kiran Di's personality that very little people know. One of my bestest Di's on the forum, Kiran di is som1 who has always been there for me whenever iv needed her. Considering how friendly she is, Im not surprised at the amount of friends she hasWink. I know this is very early, 15 days to be exact, but i wanted to make sure I was the first one to wish her--which is why i planned this surprise bash for her. Yep, we're gonna keep partying till the 31stBig smile.

Oyee Sweeto me not a truck driverLOL.....I am car driver..lolzLOL

Aur emotional word ka meaning toh u can tell better..kionWinkWinkTongue

Eishu, thank you so much yaar for this lovely postSmileHugHug

I didn't even notice that I am about to complete 1 yr with IF.....I had totally forgot abt itEmbarrassedLOL........waise toh itni important dates mein bhoolti nahi hoon...lakin past few weeks.....phewEmbarrassedLOLLOL

Originally posted by EiShA

Iv PMed loads of ppl (Kiran di's friends actually) To write stuff about Kiran di, but not many have replied, and sinc eim so impatient, i couldnt wait any longer to post this topicTongue. So , to the ppl I PMed , plz PM ur lines, and ill edit my post to add them here. Here is what a few of Kiran di's friends had to say about her..

And whts this.......80% of my friends don;t even know abt this postLOL....u shud have asked me to list the names of all my friendsLOL..hhaha..coz I have friends from diffrent sectionsTongueSmile

Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Star Plus Channel
Joined: 31 March 2005
Posts: 12001

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by EiShA

Iv PMed loads of ppl . Here is what a few of Kiran di's friends had to say about her..

Deepthi di(DeepAnBH):Kiran Bhai, a girl I have known for long now. She is absolutely cracking and full of enthusiasm for life. She shoulders a lot of responsibility on her delicate shoulders at times. Behind this bubbly character is hidden a sensitive character who dares to speak what she believes in. Kiran is about to celebrate her first anniversary on IF. I wish the very best and hope she has many lovely years ahead here and in life as well. It is wonderful to be associated with you Kiran…….

Thank you jaaniHugEmbarrassedTongue....your wishes mean a lot to meBig smileHug

Kiran bhai ka aashirwaad v appke sir par haiWink.....sada suki rahoTongueWink...lolzLOLLOLLOL

Waise most ppl think ke me hoon don bhaiConfusedLOL........u better start giving them explanationsAngryLOLLOL.........I am only ur bhaiTongueSmile....not don bhaiCryLOL

I still rem when we first met, me was arguing with uCryLOL (stupid me...was so scaredCryLOL aur phir v I was trying to argue with channel modCryLOLLOL)

Originally posted by rose82

uffff...1yr over...how i wish thr was no march 31st itselfDeadLOL.pata nahi kaha kaha se aa jaate haiConfused..kaash mein is user id ko ban kar sakti thiWinkkam se kam IF pe sukoon toh mil sakta thaCry...


you want to ban me??Cry

Yeh nahi ho saktaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCry

IF ko sakoon toh meri wajah se milta hai......and if I get banned to IF ko sakoon kaise milegaWinkWinkLOL

I wish we had never metLOL

You dufferAngryDead........tu aake mil mujse yahoo pe phir tujhe dekhti hoonWinkLOLLOL

Originally posted by rose82

ok..itna sab kuch likha..if i dont write atleast 2 sweet words...mein IF pe zinda nahi bachoongiOuchCryWink

Abb aai ho na line parWinkWinkTongue............you better write some goody goody stuff abt me warna...Evil SmileLOLLOL

Originally posted by rose82

Kiran is a very thoughtful and fun person to be with.she's too sensitive.the best part of our relation is we fight most of the times..thr r times i felt..omggggg..this kiran naAngry..but i just cnt live without her frndship!i'll say she's a combination of hot n sweet!i wish she gets all the happiness she actually deserves...i cud go on n on....but i just wanna say 1 thing......kiran,u know how much important u r for me.my whole system gets depressed if i dont speak to u.i love u...n thnx for entering my life!Embarrassed

Wah wah..kya makhan laga rahi hoLOL

waise atleast I am less senstive than youAngryLOL

hot word is for youDeadLOL and sweet is for meLOL

Arre I know how much me importand for youLOLLOLLOL....actually I didn't know until u wrote that PMWinkWink.........bata doon kyaWinkWinkLOL

wohi.........in which u wrote ke "agar tu ladka hoti toh mein tujhe propose karti"LOL

Even if I was a boy toh mein tujhe reject kar deti/deta coz me younger than you..lolzLOL

Acha jokes apart..........all I want to say is that I truely love you (as a friend okAngry...abb phir se mat keh dena ke agar tu ladka hotiLOL)

Jaani, your friendship means a lot to meEmbarrassed......thank you so much jaan for all the wishesSmile


Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Star Plus Channel
Joined: 31 March 2005
Posts: 12001

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by taurus

hey Kimi Di.....................congrats.........on completeing ur whole 1year at IF m really

very Happy 4u.


Especially For You ! Send these beautiful roses to say that you care.              Bunch Of Good Wishes... Send these flowers on any occasion & make your friends/ loved ones feel special.



Kimi di may u complete more n more years like dis ova here n of course wid all of us heheheheLOL..........kimi di u hv complete a year at IF but i feel dat ur here 4 a long tym once again a congrats 2 u.Tongue...................still long way 2 go

kim di i wanna say a special thanx 2 u 4 all ur,help,guidence,support n luvEmbarrassed.

n at da same tym i wanna apologize 2u if eva i hv hurt u........as i keep kidding wid u..............Embarrassed

i appreciate ur gr8 n superb work dat u hv been doing at our Kk forum (well known as our mad club...........)ur so busy these days dat u hardly post  there now..........but stil weneva u get tym u do post there..........n tak part in our silly,idiotic talks..........hehehehe LOL

i mus say dat ur a gr8 member of IF.........n a very imp part of it

keep up da gud work n keep rocking...........Embarrassed

n yeah i pray dat u soon get another gud job as m sick of ur dis job $ office ppl.lolz

loads of luvTongue,


                   Red Roses... Add a warm note to these bright blooms & make your friend/ loved one feel special.

take careSmile

ur lil sis


Anum, my sweetest lil sis, thank you so much for all the wishesHugHug

And ofcourse I will complete many more years on IF only if you will be with me here as wellTongue

Waise its been more than one year on kumkum forumSmile.......I was a silent reader on kumkum forum for about a month.....then after about a month I finally decided to registerTongueTongueWink

Aur yeh thanks whanks kionAngryEmbarrassed......can't I help my lil sisTongue......I am always here for you lil sis.......I don't call u sis just for words...I mean itTongue

Mein itni v busy nahi hoon ke kk forum pe post na karu....these days I am just a silent readerWinkWink....I don't participate much coz I don't like the show anymore....and I don't watch it anymoreTongue

Aur no need to apologize for anythingTongue......I know you welllWink.....and u shud know me tooAngryLOL

Mein kisi ko dost kehti hain toh sirf jubaan se hee nahi, dil se dost kehti hoonBig smileSmile

Thank you lil sis once again.......Take Care JaaniHug

Kimi diEmbarrassed

Edited by Kimi_dost - 17 March 2006 at 7:16pm
Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Star Plus Channel
Joined: 31 March 2005
Posts: 12001

Posted: 17 March 2006 at 7:31pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by seeragurl07

Congoratulations Kimi.......rab tenu bahut deve aur tu yahan par aur 25 saal aati rahi. LOL patry kithe a??


Lets have some champagne and have a blast

Have av blast at ur first anversiary at IF

Thanks yaarBig smileBig smileHug

lakin yeh champagne tu peeni aa??LOL

Mein taan 25 saal aati rahoongi lakin tera saath hona chahida..hahhahaLOL

party 31st nu milugi...hahahaLOL

Originally posted by norzar


kimi congratulations so much yaar

you are very special to me

i share a very sweet relationship with you, you were the one who encouraged me to be active in theis froum

i wish you all the best and alot fo happiness

keep smiling

thanks eisha for this great topic for our friend kimi. she really deserves this


Jaan, thank you so much for your wishesTongueHug

In such short period of time, we became such good friendsTongue...I am lucky to have found a friend like youTongueSmile

yaar you very sweet friend and mature/understanding personEmbarrassedTongue

I am glad I encouraged you to participate in discussionsTongue

Thanks once again.Tongue

Take Care


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