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Indian Idol 6
Indian Idol 6

My Meeting with Idol Contestants

mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
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Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Hello guys and gals and sweeties and beauties and bro but NO SIS okTongue

how ya all doing?
Looks like Idol section is quiet today.Well I was also out from couple of days because I was in Bombay and you know what I met all your Idol contestants.Smile
So you wanna know all details ?I even mentioned some of you guys names..well let me tell everything in detail here.

   So I called Sony and got all the contact details of Idol contestants and decided to meet everyone one by one ..So first I called Panna and we decided to meet at food place called musical food .Panna came little early than expected and here is what we talked

Me: Hey panna whasup dude? so how is life ?
panna: life is cool mans after Idol just busy with gals gals gals are the first guy I met     after Idol.LOLI heard lot of gals are waiting for me on IF tooWink
Me:waiting ? they are already mrs.panna gill .you know saba  started fan club for u and there is one more Maera and hennahaider and again buttercup.tarun ,saba ...
panna: wait wait these are girls name or guys ? I am not that type mans ...Confused
Me: No No panna these all are beauties on our IF ..and even our IF dont have broke back mountain gays(  I am not sure We may have but why to tell ..ghar ki baat ghar ke andar) LOL  
Panna : oh really then tell them I am coming on  IF soon ..ok mans see ya nice meeting you have     fun ..some girls are waiting for me so let me go ..anyway dont you think I look like Saif ali khan ..I dont like if  anyone doesn't give me that compliementAngry
Me: Ok Saif see ya soon Tongue
  Well after panna I decided to meet Ravi Tripathi ..I was scared to meet him becuase of my post on him but I thought he is a nice guy ( remember he said some good sentence while going out of Idol some karma karte jao fruit khate jao something something)Smile

So I called Ravi and when I said I m mans he agreed to meet me at place called Revenge of Masti .When I reached there he was already waiting for me

Me: Hey Ravi how r u man ? I am mansTongue
Ravi:I know I know wahi na NOFAN wala .Angry.bahut bolta hai aaj tara NOMANS karta hu Angry
Me: Sorry Ravi yaar that was all for fun ..
Ravi : fun? calling uncle is fun?Thanks God Anjali closed that thread ..pata nahi what you guys would have made meAngry
Me:Ravi no man you know kachhori she gave you so many good compliements Smile
Ravi: I am not ullu .kachhori is for eating not for complements ..
Me:No no we have good member with Id kachhori and even aditi started some fan club for you
Ravi : really kya ? aaila thanks man for telling ..anyway next time be good on IF ..nahi to I will become Mod and then your meter downWink
Me:Ravi I am sorry bro that was all for fun I mean even on IF we do act ..we fight we smile we laugh so dont take it seriouslySmile
Ravi : ok tu bolta hai to thik hai but tell that Shajjo also to write good rhymes on me and your chair person and co-chairperson too ..Big smile
Me: no problem Ravi we all are with you ..any other message
Ravi : say my hello to kachhoriEmbarrassed and thanks to Anjali

  Thanks God I am still one piece .So after I sort out differences with Ravi I decided to meet Monali thakur Tongue
  I called her and we decided to meet at place called No-Diet Food.This time I was nervous ..oh Monali so cute girl.I have to impress her.Finally wo ghadi aagayee aagayee ..she was looking great well for me stunningTongue

Me:Hi Monali how r u ?I m mansTongue
Monali: hi Mans I know u wrote so much on me on IF so you can call me MonuEmbarrassed
    Almost I fell down from chair ..I was flat ...Tongue
Me:oh  u r so sweet thats why u have fans on IF like me ,prayas,inaaki .Anyway thanks Monu
Monali : mans thanks baad me first order some cake for me Tongue
  I ordered big cake for monu and it came so fast too .May be NO-Diet people know her dietLOL
Me:Ok monu so how is life after Idol
Monali: life is good but I miss pizaa please order pizaa na Tongue
   I ordered pizza and it came too
Me: So Monu who was your fav judge in IdolWink
Monali: Sonu know farah used to eat my half pizza and anu sir used to eat half.only sonu sir was on diet so he is my favourateLOL
Mans:oh good I am on diet too Wink
Monali:Really ?? then order some cheeze sandwitch for me ..I though you will eat half thats why not ordered yetSmile
Me:Monu for you everything sweety but please diet karo naTongue
Monali: mans dont say diet word here.These NO-Diet people hate that word and they might through you out...anyway order some icecream please chocolate one vanilla and one mix .And dont wait for me I know you are busy so I will meet you on IF soon.Embarrassed
Me:ok Monu u eat dear and take care of your health so weak Tongue
monali:oh mans u r so sweet .Embarrassed.this is the best compliement ever I got ...thanks mans bbye see yaa
  Well after monalis meeting my heart was full of dreams and my pocket was less heavy than before..Wink

   After Monali I decided to meet Antara ..we decided to meet at place called Village Diet
Me: hi Antara I am mans
Antara : how is sumesh Embarrassedoh yeah and hi mansLOL
Me: Sumesh is fine ..still busy with your fan club Smile
Antara :I know sumesh and karish are doing great job but sumesh is too good Embarrassed
Me: yeah he is. so antara who was your favourate jury member
Antara :Anu ji because we both have 'A' common in our names.Ask sumesh also to include 'a' in his name LOL
Me:Sure for you he can add all 'a' in his name .LOL.anyway antara keep singing and all the best and visit IF some day
antara :sure but I am scared of few peoples they think I am from US settled in village...Confused
Me: dont worry all IF guys and gals are cool they just do some mastiTongue sometime and we have     moderators also who are always behind us with warning meter.LOLAnyway nice to meet u Anatara bbye
        Well after two girls I decided to meet Amey date..I called him and we decided to meet at place called Mom's kitchen .Now I know why all girls are mad for him ...Amey came on time and I was on time too

Amey: hi mans thanks for calling me
Me:Hi Amey thanks bro ..u know I am your fan too and even I started some Mrs.Amey date contest on IFTongue
Amey:yeah I saw it but you have to talk to mom regarding that I mean she will tell u details about the girl she is looking for meSmile
Me: no prob bro waise we have Megha , we have xmrs.datex,then payal,ayesha,prap,sakshi,swetha,shilpa ,puja , natasha ,IndianGirlNeha.even we have jury like purva ,sonyaee,jaysp, megha to select mrs.amey date .You know Connie started fan club for you and  you have tons of fans like siddh , IamKashish,ammara,cool water,Tani91,Abhi rocks ,vaibhavi,Aditya.sadia,couple of AnjalisSmile.
Ameya: oh thanks mans for telling me but final jury is mom so dont forget to ask her Smile..I heard even IF moderators are fan of me.Embarrassed
Me:Sure amey will ask mom .. .Even IF mods are fan of you and I am fan of Mods ( warning meter down please)Tongue
Amey:yeah now days I am busy with all girls telling all to meet my mom..hope mom likes someoneWink
Me:ameya what about you ? whome you like ?Minal?Tongue
Ameya: I like all girls as such even from idol ..I like minal , antara , monaliAngry
Me:ok ok got it anyway hard luck amey and take care man .All the best I know u r too goodClap
Amey : thanks mans..sure will come on IF some day ..tell my all girls to keep rockingTongue
Me:Sure Amey but whoever gonna win Mrs.Date contest atleast talk to her please
Amey: ok will try to talk with mom on this .LOL..anyway bbye mans
     After I met Ameya I went to meet minal .she is sweet and nice girl .

Me:hi Minal how r u ?
Minal : fine mans just tell Sonyaa to write more on me and Amey JiEmbarrassed
me: Ok Ji I will tell but you also go and meet Amey's mom JiTongue

Then I wanted to meet Sandeep , anuj and Karunya but soni didn't allow so just called them for 2-2 minutes.Here is my converstation with them

Me:hello sandeep this is mans from IFSmile
Sandeep:hi mans how r you ?Do you think I copy Udit jiConfused
Me:no sandeep anway what is secret of your smile ..its goodTongue
Sandeep:thanks actully I was born in hospital name called HasmukhLOL and in that all hospitals all nurses used to laugh all days and night.WinkEven Farah ji know them and she like me and my smile lottttEmbarrassed
Me:ok sandeep have fun and dont forget to visit your fan club started by princessno1Clap and all the best bbye
After that I called Anuj
Me:hi Anuj ki haal haiTongue
anuj : sorry mans I can't talk right now I am scared of all Amey fans and u r one of them bbye and take care

After that I called Karunya but he was busy in preparing dosa as he is fed up of pizza and all food Wink couldn't tell him about harshmm and all his fans on IF including me

   At the end of my trip I got messages from three jury members.Here are they
Anu's message "mans ye vada hai mera ek din I will make u listen my songs you are my future audiance "
  well Anuji stop copying songs and I will be your fan right nowWink

Farah's message
         & ; ; ; ;nbs p;   "mans thoda performance pe dhyan do"
      Farah ji performance pe dhyan hai everyday its going down I mean yoursWink

Sonu's message "mans tell all gals on IF that sonu is still young and start some Mrs.Sonu nigam contest for me yaar"Tongue

Man's Request :Friends I wrote this just for fun and I mentioned some IF members name too but please dont mind if you didn't like something about you or your favourate contestant.I just wanna make you smile so smile if  you still haven't

  Happy Holi and Enjoy guys ...Just keep smiling and lets make this place more beautiful

Don't forget to  post your comments here Smile

Edited by mans - 16 March 2006 at 6:49pm

IndianGirlNeha Groupbie

Joined: 08 March 2006
Posts: 114

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
i'm soooooo sad right now Cry becuz amey is out....shocked really and in depression.....but reading the interview with Amey jus cheered me up a bit...thnx for that.....
mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
Posts: 5141

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
sorry datex will try to correct it ..oh neha let me add u also in da list ...cheer up and keep smiling Smile
*Sweet.Sabz* IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 May 2005
Posts: 12214

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

LOL Saba ...guy name Angry u feeling alright LOL
but dat was funny ...made me laugh

dats wot i expect outa Panna LOL
but yeh! i m da only Mrs Panna Gill Embarrassed

n Saba n Mrs. P Gill ...r da same people ...n dats me LOL

Edited by ~Mrs.P Gill~ - 15 March 2006 at 1:32pm
mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
Posts: 5141

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
hey saba it was not my fault ..panna thought its guy name Wink
mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
Posts: 5141

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
you welcome malvika .This section is really queit so thought to cheer up you guys Smile
prap IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
Posts: 5872

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
this is good mans LOL LOL .....thanks you cheered me up......happy holi to you too......... Smile
*Sweet.Sabz* IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 May 2005
Posts: 12214

Posted: 15 March 2006 at 1:39pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by mans

hey saba it was not my fault ..panna thought its guy name Wink

didn't i say i expect this from Panna LOL

but yeh ...change Mrs P gill 2 Saba Embarrassed...u making it sound like they r 2 different people

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