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I am not depressed : AMEY - CHAT

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Posted: 15 March 2006 at 8:13am | IP Logged
another option is that sony TV and the judges can request Anuj that under the pressure of media and atmosphere step down...this will automatically pave way for Amey to perform again in the next gala...but that will take great guts...and why will Anuj agree...will he!!!!

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Posted: 15 March 2006 at 8:13am | IP Logged
maanmalik asks hope u dont repent by not taking a chance given to u by the judges
celeb says Hi, thanks for the compliments. But then, I don't have any complaints about that. Such things happen in Indian Idol and I was prepared for it. Thanks a lot again. I love you all!

sneha10 asks I think you are busy with your fans.Anyway dont stop your singing.This is not the end but the beggining.You take it as a challenge & prove the peoples decision wrong.I wish you all the best & practice your singing & you will surely be on the top.You left
celeb says Thank you, Priyadarshini. Thanks a lot!

priadarshini_dol asks hi Amey, its priyadarshini from kolkata .depressed mat hona, u r my Indian Idol,not my only, u r the Indian Idol of ur numbers of fans. u r the BEST Singer, u r the WINNER. wish u a very very successful and honourable musical career. hum aapki dil hi dil
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

asks hope you are not repenting at not availing a second chance by the judges after being voted out
celeb says No. There's no point repenting. And I know that the road does not end here. :)

juhi.saxena asks WHAT R U DOING ON THIS HOLI
celeb says This Holi I could not do much because I was busy with interviews and stuff. But I won't miss my next one for sure! How was your Holi?

priadarshini_dol asks Amey hi Amey,its Priyadarshini from Kolkata,24,dancer and a novis singer....i just love to hr u, u hv such a fabulous voice,just i dnt have a single word tht how tallented u r...
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... Love you all

shadowcat_rocks asks Hi amey,u r truly an indian idol.the way u took the vote out was amazing...hats off 2 u!but y did u refuse a re-match?
celeb says I refused the re-match because I thought that would be unfair to the game. Many people, in the past, had been dropped but they were not given a second chance. But then, this is just the beginning for me, na?

priadarshini_dol asks Amey do u thing tht we must hv to learn music from childhood? if one can sing well,and hv a very good sense of taal and lay, but never having any proper training,and if he or she wants to take music seriously now ,can she do better ?plz plz answer this qu
celeb says Personally I think that one should learn singing from childhood itself. Training is very important for controlling one's voice.

payal520 asks Hi Amey!!!!!!!!! How are you! I am so upset that you are voted out! The saddest day of my life1 But dont worry, the future holds so much for you!! You will def succeed!! Your fan Payal
celeb says Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

anujain77 asks Amey what do u plan after being voted out of Indian idol
celeb says Even before enterin Indian Idol 2 I used to sing... and I will continue to do that. Dont know waht I will get, album or playback performing - but I will continue to sing - that's definite

priadarshini_dol asks hi Amey its Priya from kolkata,u hv a huge fan following , everybody just juve u from their do u feel becoming a celebrity from an ordinary boy ?
celeb says I don't know if I am a celebrity. But I do know that I am very much loved. Thank you guys!

payal520 asks Hi Amey!!!! I really wanted you to be the next Indian Idol! You were the best! But, you left the show in such a dignified matter! You have become more than an Idol for me!!!
celeb says Hi, thanks for the compliments, Payal.

sonyaee asks Hi Sandeep!!!! Im Zee. I am your youngestt but BIGGEST fan Im only 14. I reallyy luv u,yur singing, voice, performance, smile, EVERYTHINGG!! plzz email me at I will b the most happiest person aliive!!
celeb says Thank you, Zee!

priadarshini_dol asks hi Amey,its Priya from kolkata, I can sing and obviously i hv no comparison with u cz u r just fabulous, but i really feel to c u singing infront of me and atlst sing 4 lines with my fevourite singer Amey Date ,and thts u.... hope my dream comes true...ha
celeb says When that day comes, it will be my dream come true too :)

uths_vin asks HI Amey and Sandeep how r guys both
celeb says Good. Really Good!

sonyaee asks Sandeep, this is a message from your fan Zee: Heyy Sandeep its Zee again! I luv yooh! I hope u win!!! What kind of girlfriend do u want?
celeb says I want somebody who's nice, cultured and goodlooking. Hope to find her soon :)

sonyaee asks Sandeep, a message from your fan Zee: Hi Sandeep!!! Whats the secret behind your cuuute smiile??
celeb says My cute smile? It's because I always keep my heart so pure and I try not to think anything evil

sonyaee asks Amey, a message from your fan Zee: Its Zee, Hi Amey!!! I am so sad u are out! But plz dont b sad, thers more greater things in store for u than Indain Idol!! You rockk!!!! who do u think is gonna win now?
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

Megha_Amey asks hiii amey!!!! sooo sorrrryyyy i cudn't vote...i dont live in india!!!! im sooooo sorrryyy!!!!!!!!!! *cry*
celeb says oh...

sonyaee asks Sandeep, a message from your fan Zee: Sandeep I just love youuu!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will hope and pray you win!!!Sandeeeeeeep how tall are you??
celeb says I am Five - ten. Whats yours?

priadarshini_dol asks hi Amey its Priya from kolkata,bengali, last night i didnt sleep, just again and again i c ur face whenever i tried to close my eyes,i just shattered when i c Amey crying
celeb says Thank you! I can't believe I am so loved!

anu4598 asks Hi Amey.....I'm Anu from Dubai.Basically a south indian from Gods Own Country ....Kearala. I'm a regular viewer of Indian Idol. n yesterday it was very sad to knw that u lost ur chance.Don't worry Amey.U r a talented person.So pls Be Happy ok. I like ur
celeb says Thank you, Anu. Thanks lots

payal520 asks Hi Amey! I loved your Satrangi Re so much! I am so upset that you are out :( Too sad :( Its okay, you will be someone great in the future. Looking forward to hearing more of you in the future. All the best! Your no. 1 fan Payal :)
celeb says Sure. I ll do that. Thanks a lot, Payal.

Ayesha_1111 asks Amey i miss u terribly. Don't loose hope. Be strong and i know you will make it big one day. For me you are my Indian Idol! All the best for your future.
celeb says Thanks :)

Megha_Amey asks dear amey, this is megha from canada...itz really very sad u have been voted out...but plz dont lose hope...ur a true winner and winner's never lose hope..always keeping smiling :)
celeb says Thank you, Megha

tigresseyes asks Hi! It's Supriya (19, USA)Sandeep and Amey, you both have the most adorable smiles, great personalities, amazing voices...& not to mention are very hot! Q:What do you dislike about Indian Idol? Best wishes and Happy Holi! You guys rock! Keep Smiling!
celeb says Thanks a lot Supriya. What do we dislike about Indian Idol? Only one thing - we have to be without our families for too long.

priadarshini_dol asks hi Amey priya frm kolkata, sky is ur limit, u r the log aapko support nehi kiya ,ekdin wo apke darwaze ke bahar line me khare hoke aapse autograph mangenge,its true tht tallent never dies.
celeb says Thanks, Priya!

Megha_Amey asks hello amey, i dont know marathi at all, but im gonna try for u: Amey, maajha tujhyavaar prem aahe, tu jagaatla saglyat saglyat saglyat chaan mulaga aahes :)
celeb says and you are a chaan mulgi, Megha :)

payal520 asks Hi Amey! Im Payal from US! I wish they would let NRI's vote because then you wouldve definitely reached the top! It really sad...You will definitely be missed and I wish you all the best in your future. :)
celeb says Thanks

nirupamabag asks are you nervous with the performance of karunya
celeb says used to get scared only of her hair. But not anymore :)

payal520 asks Hi Amey! I am Payal..What was the first thought that came to your mind immediately after the result was announced? Thanks and I wish you the bestestest future.
celeb says First I was shocked. But then, I told myself that I should take it easy... Just chill. It was a moment I will never forget

priadarshini_dol asks Amey, its priya, mein aapko duniame sabse jaada payer karte hain, i love u and i worship u my Idol..... b always as cutest,sweetest,nicest,sensitive as u r now.....
celeb says Thank you, Priya

Megha_Amey asks hi amey, itz megha here, what do u think went rong this time? u were the best amongt the lot, what do u think must be the reason u didnt get enough votes this time?
celeb says I really cant think what went wrong. I thought I sang quite well... But then, I dont have any problems :)

pyaaripreeti asks Hi Amey, This is Preeti from USA. I was shocked with the public votes. I have completely lost interest in the Indian Idol now. This is just ridiculous. But you dont lose hope. I know it is easier said than done. Goodluck and best wishes always. Luv u.
celeb says Thank you for the compliments, Preeti. But do keep watching Indian Idol :)

payal520 asks Hi Amey! :) I am Payal, your biggest fan! You will always be my Indian Idol!!!!
celeb says Thanks :)

Ayesha_1111 asks Amey you have left a strong mark in our hearts. You left the Indian idol stage with dignity.I m absolutely proud to be ur fan!
celeb says And I am proud to have your love, Thanks Ayesha!

Megha_Amey asks HI AMEY!!! it was heart-wrenching seeing u leave the stage, and the decision you took was something only a man with high thinking can take..i applaud u for that, and congratulations for reaching so far, even wen good talent was being voted out!!! all the
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

alisha027 asks hi amey...wish u avv happy holi..whn s ur personal album comin out?
celeb says I want to, but I don't have the rokda. Ha ha. But lets see

payal520 asks Hi Amey!!! I love you soo much! I cried so much when the results were announced!! I was in complete shock! But, I know this is not the end of it!! I know i will be hearing your beautiful voice soon.
celeb says Me too. Thanks Payal

priadarshini_dol asks hi amey hum aapko dil hi dil me puja karte hain.
celeb says Thank you!

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey, I was very upset that u were out. I wish u all the best for ur future!
celeb says Thank you Ayesha

payal520 asks Hi Amey...I am Payal from did it feel seeing the audience/people you knew well walking out of the show??
celeb says It felt real good to know that so many people liked me. Really good

payal520 asks Hi Amey! You are an amazing singer. It is completely unfair that you have been voted out so early. You definitely deserved to be in the top two! I am disappointed in the voting...I wish i couldve voted for you....I hope you have a great future and hope al
celeb says Thank you!

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey, Wishing u a very very Happy Birthday in advance. May all ur dreams and wishes come true. May u live a long and happy life.
celeb says Thank you! asks hi amey! im suzette from Dubai and a grat fan of urs. where do u stay in Mumbai?
celeb says I stay in Bandra

Megha_Amey asks hi sandeep..FINALLY A SONG BESIDE UDIT JI'S and a nice job as well!! now..dont chose any more uditji songs..plzzzzzz, and good luck :)
celeb says Sure. I ll take your advice ... thanks Megha

payal520 asks Hi Amey!! Payal again...who do u think should win the title now?
celeb says Karunya

xneelux asks Hi Amey..I am neelam and I am from the US...we were deeply upset that you were voted out...You were one of the best ones
celeb says Thanks, Neelam!

payal520 asks Hi Amey...if you could change something about your last performances (the holi and ar rehman song) what would it be and why?
celeb says I really dont think i should change anything. Everything went the way it should!

sonyaee asks Amey, congrats on two great performances in the last gala. Which one was your favorite- holi ke din or satrangi re, and why?
celeb says Thats a tough question coz they were both from diff genres. I love both of them very much

ashley_gal01 asks who is your favourite singer?
celeb says I dont have any one favourite singer. Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Lataji ... I love them all asks I wud just like t wish u Best of luck 4 the future and i know u will show the janta what talent u have within u!!!
celeb says Thank you!

sonyaee asks Amey, you became an idol for us all with your dignified exit. You proved you're a winner tonight!!! What do you think about Anu Malik's offer, to sing for him in the future?
celeb says Yes, Anu Malikji really liked my voice. I look forward to working with him.

payal520 asks Hi Amey...I was very touched by what you said about not wanting a rematch... you are such a humble and sensible person. In my eyes, you have been a bigger idol. Best of Luck to you!!
celeb says Thank you

xneelux asks Hey Amey...You ROCK and the janta does not know who the better singer is..My name is Neelam and I am from the US...I think you are one of the best singers on indian idol
celeb says Thanks Neelam

only4me_piscean asks hi amey, very shocked that u were out.u r a matured person.whom do u think wil b the next idol?i am proud to say that iam ur gr8 fan.
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

opinto30 asks hi amey, i am a very big fan of urs n very very dissapointed with u being out.
celeb says Please don't be. Just pray for me ... :)

sonyaee asks Hi Amey, you're a hero for us all. I couldn't stop crying after yesterday's episode. You are the Indian Idol!! Will you consider doing shows in the US/Canada sometime soon? We would love to hear you sing live.
celeb says Sure. When I get the opportunity i ll come to the US or canada

payal520 asks Hi Amey! I will miss you so much!!! Next gala will definitely not be the same without you...You were a great performer and singer...the complete package most deserving of this title!! I am so sad..I hope you succeed in your future. Luv Payal
celeb says Thanks payal

afsheen_ans asks Hi Amey Im afsheen Frm Pakistan,main aur meray husband app k ko buhat pasand kartay hain,we cant understand how we willc ontinue watching show without u,wht you feel to watch the top three finalist in the show without u.
celeb says Feels bad. But tis okay :)

Megha_Amey asks hello amey, i wanted to say i really respect you and your mother very much, she always supported u, even in this decision of not having a re-match was very genuine for both of u, ur and ur mother's respect has rised so much in my eyes, all the best :)
celeb says Thank you, Megha. I ll surely convey your regards to my mother. thanks a lot!

soumi1280 asks Hi Amey..u r the best,i wantd to ask u whether u hav a girl friend or not?
celeb says Not yet. But I am looking ...

catchjamila asks hi amey this is jamila from egypt. am feeling bad that i wont be able to chat with u today as i m going out at that time. wanted to talk to you. so can u please give me ur id or just add me in ur id is .take care.and dont
celeb says owww! I did want to chat with you, Jamila...

afsheen_ans asks Hey Amey,Afsheen here, What u did yesterday was a very graceful decision,Idol means perfect not only in singing but in nature as well.and you are an idol in you,wht u think
celeb says Thanks Afsheen

Megha_Amey asks hi amey, i prayed for u day and nite, but i guess my prayers werent enough, i could not vote becuz im in canada but i did everything i cud to get you votes, itz really sad to see you leave...hope to see u back very soon as a rockstar yourself!!! all the b
celeb says I hope so too :)

sashazara asks hi amey.. i am vijaya from sydney. i have been watching ur performance on this show intently and am shattered at your exit. i couldnt sleep last night and have still not reconciled to the fact. you shouldnt have admitted in front of the cameras that you w
celeb says Thanks for everything, Vijaya. I am really happy to have fans like you

karufan asks Amey, i cud not believe u got out, its jus too shockin.But ime sure u'll definitely get a chance 2 present ur extremly amazing talent somewhere else.
celeb says Thanks.

sonyaee asks Hi Amey, we all love for your talent and honesty! You have both a golden heart and voice. May we hear your singing for years to come. Keep smiling :) Hope you get a great break in the music world and win much praise and accolades from everyone!!!!!
celeb says Sure. I ll do that. Thanks a lot, Sonyaee

lookieitsbrookie asks hi amey will you marry me?
celeb says Hmmm... Now, let's see ;)

asks hi amey,i m erum mughal from pakistan.i m very sad abt u.i wanted u to be the indian idol from the bottom of my heart.lekin koi baat nahin aap is se out hoye tu kya hoa agay aap buhut oopwer jao ge (INSHA ALLAH)lekin aap ko vote out nahin karna chahiye th
celeb says Thank you, Erum!

sarwat_2005 asks Sandeep u r my most fav. singer,will u plz tell me which song u will sing on moday?
celeb says I really don't know ... Let's see :)

celeb says Thanks, Maala...

dil_k asks i am proude that i was voting for u ur the best a i like what u said to ur fans
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey,The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. There is a famous quote by Huxley The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm. I know u will never
celeb says Thanks Ayesha

tigresseyes asks Hi it's Supriya. Sandeep and Amey, do you get time to answer email? What would you change about the voting system? Can't wait to hear your mellifluous voices in the future; you both will definitely go far; never give up. You guys are awesome! Wish you suc
celeb says Right now we cant get time out of our busy schedule to answer emails. But we ll in the future!

Megha_Amey asks hi amey, itz megha...out of the top 12 contestants, who was the most special contestant for u? please chose 1!!
celeb says I liked everybody... Because everybody was equally talented and our wavelengths also matched.

maira1390 asks hey sandeep..i hope u and karunya are in the top u think that anuj should have gone instead of amey?
celeb says Amey sings very well. Even Anuj believes that. But Anuj does not sing very well. But what's done is done. :)

sarwat_2005 asks Sandeep i love u so much..we pray 4 u u love me?
celeb says Love yu all :)

Shomi1205 asks Hi AMEY, After the shocking result I just felt like crying. But,I do hope y will have a fabulous career in near future.Lots of Love.Bye......
celeb says Thanks a lot, Shomi, for all the love

sarwat_2005 asks Sandeep what do u think who will be next indian idol?
celeb says They all have the right qualities. And Anuj and Karunya sing well :)

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep who is ur fav. judge?
celeb says All of them. Farah really used to encourage me

simply_sabah asks Hi Amey I am Sabah from Pune.Just wanted to tell you that you are a winner all the way. For us we have already found our indian idol.Your true spirt and sincerity will take you a long way. Inshallah!!
celeb says Thank you, Sabah

karufan asks Sandeep, though i'm a fan of Karunya, i'd like 2 sy that u have a very sweet smile
celeb says Thanks a lot ... I am a fan of Karunya too :)

sahanakannan asks cuz obviously, not a lot of ppl think dat u deserve to go out. and i wud be surprised if there were 50 anuj fans... where does he get the votes?
celeb says I don't know, Sahana. But hope the future holds better stuff for me :)

celeb says Thnaks

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey, I just love ur singing as well as ur dancing steps. I loved ur dancing steps in RDB and holi ke din. satrangi re was one of ur best put so much feel and soul into that song.Keep rocking!!
celeb says Sure. I ll do that. Thanks a lot, Ayesha

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep who is ur fav. singer ?
celeb says I have a lot of favourite singer - right from Ravi and KK, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan ...

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep we r crazy about u..u r so sweet
celeb says thanks :)

legend_amey asks Amey u r a gem...u have grace, dignity and wonderful have great voice and u r very handsome...u r going to be a legend...I luv & respect u v much!!!
celeb says thanks, mon ;)

maira1390 asks hey sandeep....if u r in top two...who would u like to compete with?
celeb says Both Anuj and Karunya are okay with me .. they are both good singers

ashwani30goel asks Hi Sandeep, I am Ashwani from I vote you approx 10000 times I wish u to become indian idol 2
celeb says thank you Ashwani

Shomi1205 asks Hi Amey ,Who is your isparation in singing? plz do ans.
celeb says I don't have any one inspiration... have many :)

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey, You always sang brilliantly and got good comments from the judges still at times u ended up in bottom 3. Why do u think u didn't get enough votes?
celeb says Really don't know, Ayesha. Beats me!

sarwat_2005 asks Sandeep in next gala plz wear blue colur...plzzzz
celeb says Hmm... now do i have blue clothes? Lemme check.

Ayesha_1111 asks Hi Amey, what r u going to miss the most in indian idol?
celeb says I ll miss everyone on Indian Idol, right from the Director to the chai walllah. They all loved me so much.

legend_amey asks I 'm going to stop watching Indian Idol!!! I can't believe that the people of India are so deaf and blind...can't they recognise talent when they see it... today is the saddest day of my life...I never thought I would ever feel this way for a contestant..
celeb says Thanks yaar, but dont feel bad pliz

n-mahajan asks Hi Amey , Well i got to tell u hats off the way u reacted to the events which followed after ur dismisal was very well u r a real idol . Congratuation to me and many more u r the winer. I whant to know how u feel that u r Celebrity now and whats ur next p
celeb says Dunno if i am a celebrity but its a god feeling to know that i am loved asks Amey...we love u so much...plz come back 2 Indian Idol..PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE from the whole of the Uk
celeb says thanks yaar

simply_sabah asks Hi Sandeep its Sabah from Pune.U were great in the last gala round.We heard a new voice of Sandeep.Hope you will not sing any Udit Narayan song in the next gala! Best of luck.
celeb says I ll take your advice. Thanks Sabah

sonyaee asks Hi Amey, if Sushmita Sen came to meet you one day, what would you say to her and why? Keep smiling :)
celeb says Why, I wouldn't know what to say. Maybe i ll just sit here and stare at her...

celeb says thanks

sarwat_2005 asks Sandeep ur a sweet innocent boy with sweet smile on a sweet face...i love ur voice..i m sure u'll be next indian idol..
celeb says i ll succeed now that i have your blessings. thanks...

swadip asks Hi Amey! We love u. and u have become the Indian Idol. Ur exit from the show evoked the voice of the nation that u and only u are the Indian Idol.
celeb says thanks a lot swadip

afsheen_ans asks Sandeep wht u feel when u were in bottom 3
celeb says I felt very bad. You can never predict what the janata can do. But i wont lose heart

tigresseyes asks Sandeep and Amey, wish you both success and happiness in every aspect of your lives.
celeb says thanks

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep who is ur fav. contestent?
celeb says I like all of them :) They are all so talented

swadip asks Amey, Now u r out, Who do u think will become the Indian Idol, Sandeep or Karunya. Question of Anuj being the Indain Isol doesnt arise.....
celeb says Really cant say, Swadip. They are all so talented...

charanbir101 asks Sandeep, what u think of ur chances becoming next indian idol?
celeb says Of course I can become the next Indian Idol. The othrs are good, but so am I!

Megha_Amey asks hi amey!!! i want to tell u ur an amey-zing dancer!!! hehehe, i loved ur RDB punjabi step, as well as holi ke din, dharmendra step!!! amey-zing!! u made me dance along with u...and since im punjabi..i absolutely loved ur RDB bhangra!!! AMEY-ZING!!! :)
celeb says Thanks Megha

sr.3 asks amey whtts ur future plans ??after voting out wht u miss in indian idol
celeb says I want to continue singing. I ll miss everyone on the sets, really ...

rared7 asks Hi amay, I am rashmi. I love u and i am always listening ur songs.
celeb says Thanks a lot rashmi. Do continue being my support.

fancy.npl asks hii AMEY,,its a pleasure chatting wid u,, i havent even dreamt of chatting wid u,,,,not just me but im sure whole india was shocked yesterday when u were voted out,,,amey we all lovve u so much that we all r in a big hope that u 'll come back,,will u come
celeb says Thank you! Thanks a lot... I m so lucky to to know that I am so loved.

amrita_khadge asks Hi Amey, ths is Amrita from Nepal. I was really very disappointed yesterday. I hadn't thought that u would be voted out at this satgs. How r you feelng right now?/
celeb says I am feeling alright, Amrita. What's done is done...

sr.3 asks hi i m samiya amey '''''which ur fav song and y
celeb says My favourite song is the one from I Rangeela

navneeta_pathak asks Hey amey being d best among all d 4 did u really expect 2 b voted out?
celeb says No. I was shocked. But i got over it...

legend_amey asks Amey u r Amey-zing!!! :)don't ever lose heart...take care of ur self and ur mom... u'll get something much much bigger than this...remember u have fans like me who would die for U!!!
celeb says thanks a lot! I really need fans like you!

fancy.npl asks hii amey this is anjali from delhi and im in the cue of ur million fans,,as im just 13 and u r 26 so u r like a brother to me and as a small sis i would ask u one thing--will u be my bro??
celeb says Sure. I m always here for you, Anjali

me_gyanzz asks amay..r u really satisfy wit the rsult??
celeb says :) I have to be, na?

sarwat_2005 asks sandeep which is ur fav. movie...who is ur fav. actor and actrss..?must reply of my all questions plzzzzz
celeb says My favourite Actress is Aishwarya and my favourite actor is shahrukh. Movie is Andaz Apna Apna

Megha_Amey asks HAPPY BIRHTDAY IN ADVANCE AMEY!!! dont lose hope, i strongly believe in destiny, and i believe ur destiny has something bigger than IDOL waiting for u!!! have the best birthday ever, and enjoy!!! :)
celeb says thanks :)

emily4ever asks hi amey how r u?im emily from bangladesh yesterdays episode was one of the most shocking of all. u r my most fav contestant and will always be. what r ur plans 4 the future? plz answer.
celeb says I want to sing.... always

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Thanks sumesh for the chat transcript those Zee and Megha answers were funny. LOL
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tnx Embarrassed
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thanks for keeping us in loop SUmesh
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Megha tho chagayi hai chat pe....Amey or maa ko pattane ki kochish kiya hai...LOL LOL LOL

"you are a chaan mulgi, Megha"
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

BTW whts that mean?

Hope adi not listening Wink Wink Wink    

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coolindiandesi Newbie

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Posted: 15 March 2006 at 9:16am | IP Logged
thanks. i too wish to chat with amey or karu? when do they comeline and on wich site? where do u know b4 hand about their chat schedule? please tell

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