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Happy holi and My meeting with IF buddies

mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
Posts: 5141

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
IF sweeties, cuties and beauities and all my bro and ofcourse guys and gals and all friends ...Here I am back...Today is holiiiiiiiii so let me share my live /realtime and face to face experience with my IF buddies ...

 As you guys know I was out of IF from couple of weeks you know why ? Because I was busy in meeting couple of my If buddies face to face , realtime , aamne saamne ..so here is my experience with them ...Here you go ...

   I was thinking from long time to meet Sakshi so last month went to Delhi ...as soon as I landed Delhi I called a cab .
  Cab wala : Namaste bhaiya ki haal hai ?kidar jana hai .
  Me: Ji namsate ..bhaiya yaha ek IF update wali sakshi hai pata hai ?
  Cab wala : lo kar lo baat ..kon nahi jaanta unko ..unki wajah se to cab me wireless internet hai     ..wo sabji lene jati hai to bhi likhte rahti hai.hum to soch rahe unse cab (taxi) ka bhi update likhwayee .LOL
 So as usual cab wala started his blah blah ..anyway afterall I am gonna meet sakshi so its ok I  can manage him for few mins.Finally he droped me to sakshi's place ..So here I am standing at sakshi's door and doing ting tong,,ting tong ..house bell is also like her ..before I press it does ting tong ...may be updates ka effect

 Me: Hey saksh how u doing ? I am mans...see finally we met Smile
 Sakshi : Hey mans good to see you .Anyway Qazi and ruppu won Fame gurukul, Debojit won sa re ga ma     and Amey is out of Idol
 Me : Sakshi I am not here to listen updates yaar LOL
 Sakshi : oh ok sorry sorry ..we just started some awards in IF and probably you will get few too..voting will be closed next week.
 ME: Sakshi I am not here to vote for awards ..
 Sakshi :Well good you told me ...anyway do you know we have some holi contest in which you can     play holi with colour of words ..you want me to add you in contest ?
  Well before sakshi writes my name to contest I just started running ...I was planing to meet Lata next day but as Sakshi didn't have time because of IF work I decided to  meet Lata same day ...for my surprise cab was waiting for me ..may be he knew I will be back after sakshi's updates.
Before he starts I said " Bhaiya jara Lata ki taraf chalna ..pata hai na lata ?
cab wala: Lata kisko nahi hai pata ..jo bhi yaha aata puchta hai lata ka hi pataTongue
   hmm Delhi cab wala also part time shayars.Smile.kya kare have to listen after all Lata ko milna hai

Cab wala suddenly stoped in between and said " sirji Lata ka pata pe nahi jaana ..lata to yahi Road pe mil jaana " Smile
   and there you go Lata is standing on road and doing something on cell phone ..traffic is jam and they all are shouting and honkig but lata is busy so I thought let me surprise her ..so chup chaap I went to her and as she was busy I got chance to peep in her cell phone ..she was writing message " I am out for few mins then will come on IF ..you guys have fun "LOL

Me: Lata sweety see who is here ? me mans
lata : oh mans I just sent message on IF ...sorry I couldn't vote for FKG round but I read all stories on my mobile
Me: Lata thats ok ..I am here to meet you not to discuss FKGSmile
Lata :oh thanks mans and thanks for dedicating songs for me .Even I dedicated songs for you ...just wait let me dedicate one more song to you.
  Lata started writing on mobile again - 'song for mans-tum paas aaye ye muskuraye...Smile
I think she is busy with songs so let me try some other place
Well before leaving Delhi I met Raghav too..as such its very easy to find Raghav in Delhi..just say pagal hu mai and cab wala will take you to
 raghav and cab wala will not dare to ask you money for that.LOL
When I went to see Raghav he was busy in writin some stories ...initially I thought   its a girl I mean raghav got some tere Naam hair style ...lambe baal u know LOL
  Me : ragahv bro ki haal hai me mansSmile
  raghav : hey mans did cab wala charged u money?Angry
  Me: nope but why Tongue
  Raghav : pagal hu main Angry
  Me: yeah I mean thats your Id right?
  Raghav : nahi pagal hu mai ..Angry
  Me: thats ok ragahv so how is study and everything
  Ragahv : pagal hu mai ...I am just joking mans so no one can mess with me .anyway see u on IF but pagal hu maiLOL

     Well before I also start saying pagal hu mai let me go Wink
...cab wala smiling at me as like he knew all this.I tried to avoid his comments and said" bhaiyaa sidha airport chalna..karachi jana hai "
  Cab wala - Karachi koi baat nahi abhi jate hai cab me ..
  I was like what is wrong with cab wala ..he saw my red face and  he said " sirji cool mai to majak kar raha tha u know just kidding lata ne sikhaya ye word :)

   I tried to call sweet_si_anu but some guy picked her phone and said she is busy in study and when I lied that I am her teacher he said 'aap kon ho mai bhi teacher bolke yaha aaya hu' looks like someone from IF is already there :)
 somehow I got the flight to karachi it was almost evening when I landed there.I thought let me meet ammara bro first.I called on cab and this cab wala was more pakau than previous one

Me -salaam walekum bhaiyaa ...muze ammara se milna hai ..pata hai ammara?
cab wala: Ammaraaaaaaaaaa ..sabji kon nahi jaanta unko..karachi me terror hoga bhai logo ka but cab walo me terror sirf ammara ka LOL
Me: Nahi bhaiyaa ammara is sweet and good and nice girl
cabwala :ha wo to sweet hai nice hai lekin ammara ko adat hai sabki ek aankh nikal leti hai ..wo dekho sab cab wale sabki ek aankh gayab ..meri to bach gayee jab main kaha mai bhi IF pe huWink
   You know you have to just bear these cab walas sometime ..somehow he dropped me to ammara.
     Ammara was busy on computer writing something and smiling and talking to herself
ME: Ammara bro I am mans
Ammara : mans bro chalo tumse baat nahi karni ..tumne wo movie game band kar diya now I am busy and even my cousin james bond is helping me
 As Ammara was busy I decided to meet sam bro..it was very short meeting as sam bro was busy with lot of cuties and beauties so finally we decided to meet on IF .
  Now only rooma left in karachi so I thought let me call her and find out if she wanna meet or not .So I called her
Me: salaam walekum kon bol raha hai

Rooma's mom: walekum saalm aapko kon chahiye

me:hum rooma ki school se bol rahe hai unke chemistry teacher.Rooma ke sath thoda chemisty ho jaye aur paas ho jaye isiliye phone kiya

Rooma's mom : oh accha accha shukar hai allah ka ..ye ladki padhti hi nahi ..jara aap hi samjayeeLOL

well after that no one came on phone ..may be rooma got scared of chemistry teacher:) unnecessary I tried to be over smart ...sometime it doesn't work ..Wink

Fianally I am back to airport..my next flight was in morning so thought to catch up some play ..it was some comedy play with name 'shadi  ke baad kuch kuch nahi hota hai'
Next day morning I was in dhaka ..was scared to meet our moderator living.doll but thought let me say hi /hello atleast

  she was busy in giving some warnings  to people..somehow she got few mins.
Me: Hi mumu just thout to say hi that why I am here ..I am mans anyway
mumu : mans I remember ..so many times we thought to raise your warning meter.anyway be good on IF
Me: I am not here for warning meter mumu ..Smile
mumu : oh so u wanna complain about some post ..see mans mods are doing their best to keep forum clean ...
  well let me go and say hi to arshi ..when I went to meet arshi ..God she was siting in one room and all qazi's postes around her.
Me: Hi arshi how r u Mrs.QaziSmile
Arshi :oh mans I am fine thanks .just waiting for Qazi I know wo ayega wo ayega wo ayega ....Embarrassed
  ok mans jayega but now where ? Well let me meet sameer bro in germany ..so I took flight to  Germany.I called cab but langauge problem :)  dont know how I am gonna manage

cabbie : sir hello thank you oeirojr orunro orundsgt LOL
me : hi see I wanna to meet Sameeeeeeeeeeer IF rockers bockers shockerz sameeeeer...LOL
Cabbie : sameeee swattttttt sameeeeeeeeee swatttttLOL
me:yes sameee swat ..
God somehow he droped me to sameer ...well Sameer was as usual busy with IF ,cell phone ,messangers and what not
Me: whats up sameer bro?Tongue
sameer : mans boro kaha gaye the itne din ...mai to ekdum busy ho sab ladkiyon ke sath

Me:mans boro? call me bro sameerAngry
sameer : oh sorry galti se mistake hoke jyada  'o' type ho gaya LOL
Me: Sameer u r talking with me ..u r not on IF .Anyway Sameer kitni  g/fs hai Tongue
sameer : IF par 10 hai phir msn pe 7 yahoo pe 9 aur phir baki other forum par  11 Tongue
Me : ye g/f hai ia inko g/f ki training de rahe ho sameer
sameer : mans bro mai to hu hi aisa .Wink
me:anyway sameer so chalo thoda germany dikhao yaar

sameer : nahi mans bro busy hu ..4 hours msn pe 6 hours yahoo pe 10 hours IF pe ..phir 2 hours     sleep bhi lena hai.Anyway milte hai na kal IF par LOL
Me:Ok sameer see you on IF ..
    After sameer said bye I mean he even didn't come out of house kya kare ...msn , yahoo , IF and all these girls ..
  I got few hours so I called Sunenahari and moony sis
me : hey moony sis me mans bro
moony - kiya haal hai mans bro ..dekha meri hindi mast ho gayee sameer ke sath
Me: yeah I can see so hows reunion ?
moony - wahi baate washi time pass wahi masti..waise do u like salmaan ?
me :yeah I mean he is ok
moony : dont say just ok he is the best just check out his pics in my signature ..

Me:sure let me come to IF Tongue

    Then I called sunenahari
Me: hi su how r u
Sunenanhari - hey mans I am fine ..just came from work so tired but will talk with you few mins on IF
Me:Ok su see ya on IF
   well everyone is just intrested talkin on IF :)

   After coming back I took 2 days rest and again decided to meet few more IF buddies who are in US...so went to DC area and met swetha and saher ..first met swetha..I met swetha in her college campus
Me:hey swetha whasup ?
swetha :hey mans how r u ? thanks for joing arijit fan club.he is my chhotu
Me :yeah he is cool ..so haven't seen u on IF
swetha : well now days me and my sis both are contesting for same guys so no time ...we just keep fighting you wanna meet my sis ?

Me :sure but on IFTongue

Swetha :sure mans ok will call u soon bbye take care see ya soon on IF Smile
Me: But swetha you said u gonna make some special hydrabaadi biryani for meTongue

Swetha : yeah why not ..will bring u special biryani on IFWink

Me: Biryani on IF?Confused
Swetha :and some cake too...u know I got so many birthday cakes in my birthday on IF and even I gave few for some IF friend's  birthday too..IF is soo cool..everything is free and easy to make

Me:Swetha no problem I will arrange your marriage on IF and that is also without guyTongue

Swetha : chalega atleast my sis will not fight with me for some guy LOL

  well now  let me try atleast  saher ..may be she wanna meet
so I called saher
Me: hey saherz whaz up ?Smile
saher: hey manz how u doing?Tongue
Me :ma in dc wanna meet ?Tongue
saherz :ma busy with study so see u soon on IF ...Smile
   well sonali is also not that far so I tried to call her but I guess her mom thought I am the guy who is giving trouble to her so I got good dose and good big lecture.
   No make my mind fresh I called Pari I mean Chinni
 Me: hey chinni pari how r u ?
 pari : hey mans thanks for calling ..so nice of you ..I was just telling about you to my friend Smile
 Me: who ? which friend?
 Chinni : someone spec....
  phone got disconnected and within a second I got call from some guy

HE: hey mans u bleep bleep bleep bleep **** stop calling otherwise gonna kill u on IFAngry

Me: ok bro kill me but only on IF Tongue
    Well after all this hungama I thought let me meet ani mam  atleast I will get chance to meet her hubby and  some tea too
 Me: hi ani mam how r u ?
 Ani mam: mans good to see u.please come have some tea .
  Ani mam called somone and asked him to prepare some tea
Me: so Ani mam how is your family ? where is you hubby
ani mam : oh sorry fergot to introduce u ..he is there tea wala I mean he is making tea let him  come
 Well tea was really good and a fter tea I got some more energy so decided to meet Seema .So I took flight to AR and somehow got hold of her ...
Me: hi seema chalo akhir mil hi gayeSmile
seema :seema? who is seema ? I am vicky bhai Cool
Me:Vicky u mean our IF movie wala ...oh still vicky's hangover so anyway how u doing and how is your family?
Seema : family bole to sab maal log kya ...ha julie hai ruby hai ayesha hai tina hai....Milau kya sabse
Me:sure but call them on IF Tongue
  suddenly one small cute kid came and went to seema and said
kid : vicky mummy I wanna chocolate LOL

    well while Vicky mummy was busy in giving chocolate I started running.....

    Very soon I have to plan one more trip to Kolkota , banglore , bombay and few more states in US to catch few more friends.Its already long story so dont wanna make it  big thats why stoping here .
  Now I am on IF to meet you guys again.I know its hard to get time to talk on phone or in person so here I am ..right here right now :)

       anyway Bura mat mano holi hai
so Have fun and enjoy guys ..I miss you all

Edited by mans - 15 March 2006 at 9:27am

qazi_luv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
Posts: 6691

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
HAPPY HOLI MANS!.... Big smile
mans IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
Posts: 5141

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
happy holi richa oh u r in canada too ...next time will try to catch up with u also LOL
qazi_luv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
Posts: 6691

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 1:57pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by mans

happy holi richa oh u r in canada too ...next time will try to catch up with u also LOL

KYA MATLAB? tum canada mein hon?

kothra IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 35947

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
happy holi to all of u FG Members
sweetlata IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 August 2005
Posts: 6531

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
haha mans 3 o clock in da nite,u made me laugh yaaa u remember everythin?lol yeah i read all da stories on my mobile haha and then da cab wala knows my pata hehe and then what waz that,there waz traffic jam,coz i waz typin on my phn lol ! Mans u rock man!Everytime u cum,u do sumthin Great,to bring smiles on our faces. lol yeah i typed that all on my mobile hehe
koenigbobo IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2005
Posts: 31323

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
LOL damn mans bro ur funny man

sweetlata IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 August 2005
Posts: 6531

Posted: 14 March 2006 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
BTW it waz nice meetin u.U cud have stayed for a while,i'd dedicate songs to you like dhal gaya din,ho gayi shaam,jane do jaana hai. . .
abhi abhi to aye ho,abhi abhi jaana hai. . lolz

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