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FF-In Lamhon ke Daaman Mein-Updated Part29@Pg58 (Page 55)

saru.g IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 9:59pm | IP Logged

Hi guys... I'm back with my update of my FF "In Lamhon ke Daman mein" after a very very long time... I thought I couldn't continue with the FF due to my changed timings after marriage... But thanks to my frnds chotu n rachu who continuously asked to continue to FF... so I thought to continue with it n want to make sure that I'll be updating it regularly...

I hope u enjoy reading my FF the same way like u did before and ofcourse its all your encouragement which made me to write almost 29 parts... and as usual all your comments and suggestions are always welcomed in my FF...

But I know I stopped updating it 1yr back and many of you would have forgotten the story in my FF... So for all of u I'll be giving a brief story of so far happened in my FF.

If u r a new reader then please read my past updates in the following links.

First Thread (Part 1 to 12 ):

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Third Thread (Part 26 to 29 - Current Thread):

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saru.g IF-Sizzlerz

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All the characters and their charecterizations in my fan fiction are same as YRKKH. My story started after the 2 months of akshara having msicarriage... With naitik's support akshara came out the grief of her misscarriage and Rashmi got married to Nikhil.

Story so far:

Akshara and Naitik are living happily with their family at singhania's... They celebrate their 2nd Anniversary with lot of surprises and happiness... Naitik gets a foreign offer for their jewellery and had to go to Switzerland for the project... The family decides to send akshara too with Naitik... Both Singhania's and Maheswaries goes for picnic.. All the family members enjoy der and play games... After returning, Rashmi goes to canada with Nikhil.. Naitik and Akshara goes to Switzerland and they were given a cute house to live by their clients... There clients were John and Christepher...

With cute nok jhoks and surprises Naksh's life moves on peacefully @Switzerland... Naitik makes akshara to go for Singing and Designing classes during her time when Naitik was at ofc... akshara learns designing and also starts helping Naitik in making the designs of the jewellery... Her designs were appreciated by the clients... The project gets completed in Switzerland... Naitik gets one more offer from the same clients.. But Akshara and Naitik decides to make the project from India itself. They accept for it... Then akshara gets to know that she is pregnant... both were very happy at the same time akshara is little nervous thinking abt the past... so read the story from now on in detail.. :)

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saru.g IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:00pm | IP Logged

Part 29

Akshara n Naitik are so happy thinking abt their baby... both r not able to sleep... Both turns to each other... and look into each others eyes...

Naitik: kya hua?? neend nahi aa rahi hai kya??

Akshara: hmm...

Naitik: mujhe bhi... mein bahuth khush hu.. isiliye neend nahi rahi hai... lagta hai aapko bhi..

Akshara: mujhe khushi bhi hai aur darr bhi ...

Naitik: akshara... is baar sab kuch acha hi hoga... (he caresses her hair)

Akshara: hmm.. aisa hi ho... jab hamare ghar wale ko pata chale toh woh log bahut khush hojayegaa naa...

Naitik: haa subah hote hi hum unhe phone karte hai...

Akshara: naitik.. hamara toh abhi tak raat hai... lekin vaha subah ho chuke honge... hum abhi baat karte hai naa... is baar mein maa se puch kar ache se apna khyal rakhlungi... is bar aisa kuch nahi hone doonga...

Naitik: theek hai...

Naitik dails singhania's number... He gives the good news to all... All r very happy... and all wished that akshara would have been there with them... Akshara speaks to G3 and G3 asks her to eat well and take as much rest as possible and not to strain herself with the work... Naitik talking to G3...

G3: tum log yaha hote toh acha hota munna...

Naitik: maa... ab kithne din.. bas ek hafta... hum india aane wale hai...

G3: acha... bahut acha kiya tum ne... lekin beta... bahu ka do mahina chal raha hai... tum doctor se poochlena ki akshara itna lamba safar kar sakti yaa nahi.. kyu ki pehla teen mahine bahut khyal rakhna hai...

Naitik: haa ma... mein zaroor doctor se poochloonga...

G3: ek aur baat beta... bahu ko vaha khyal rakhne keliye koyi bhi nahi hai... mein aajau kya?

Naitik: maa... hum hi vaha aanewale hai na... ithne mein aap kyu pareshan ho rahi hai... hum doctor se suggestions leke ek or do hafte vaha aajeyenge... aur tab tak akshara ka khyal mein rakhoonga...

G3: munna... tu ofc bhi jaana hai naa..

Naitik: maa.. yaha is project ka kaam almost khatam ho chuke hai... mein ghar par hi rehta hu...

G3: theek hai beta... bahu se koyi bhi kaam nahi karwana... tum akela sambhalna mushkil toh hai... lekin tujhe hi sambhalna hoga beta... bahu ko aaram karna chahiye...

Naitik: maa mein aapki bahu se kuch bhi kaam nahi karne doonga... mein hi sab dekhta hu... aap chinta mat kariye...

Both keeps the phone...

Naitik: dekha... sab aapka khyal rakhne ka keh rahe hai... mere taraf koyi dekhta bhi nahi... Tongue

Akshara: naitik... aap bhi naa... bache ki tarah sabka attention maangta rehta hai... vaise bhi aapka khyal rakhne keliye mein hu naa...Embarrassed

Naitik: haa... pehle apne aap ka khyal rakhiye... ab chaliye sojayiye...

Akshara: naitik... mujhe neend hi nahi aa rahe hai.Ouch

Naitik: lekin akshara aap samay se sona zaroori hai.. mein aapko sulata hu...

Akshara: kaise?Confused

Naitik: pehle aap letiye...

He makes her to lay down on bed... he slowly soothes on her head...

Naitik: mein aapke liye maa ki tarah lohri toh nahi gaa sakta hu... lekin aapko sulane keliye ek kahani sunata hu... (he starts saying the story in a very low voice, so that akshara slowly gets into sleep)

Akshara slowly gets into sleep.. aftr some time naitik makes sure that akshara has slept and then he also sleeps... Its 6 in the morning... Both r in deep sleep... suddenly naitik remembers and wakes up...

Naitik: aaj se mujhe alert rehna chahiye... akshara ko kuch bhi kaam karne nahi doonga...

He goes into kitchen... makes some tea, keeps it in the flask and comes to their room... akshara is still sleeping... so he sits by her side and keeps looking at her... after some time akshara wakes up...

Naitik: good morning... Big smile

Akshara: good morning... Confused .. aap ithni subah uth gaye??Shocked

Naitik: haa... mein papa banne wala hu... todi responsible hona chahiye naa... isiliye subah uthkar aapkeliye chai banaya... Smile

Akshara: naitik... uski kya zaroorath thi... mein banati hu na...

Naitik: nai nai... aap kuch nai karna hai... yeh meri order hai... aaj se naa sab kaam mein hi dekhloonga...

Akshara: khana bhi aap hi banaenge??Shocked

Naitik: haa... mein banaloonga... sab kuch mein hi karloonga... aap bas aaram karni hai...

Akshara: kyu mujhe aap ithni saza de rahe hai?? Ouch

Naitik: saza???Confused kya saza??Shocked

Akshara: mujhe aapke haath se banaya hua khana khani hai na... yeh toh saza hi hai na... Ouch Tongue

Naitik: akshara...Angry mera khana uthna bhi bura nahi hai... aapne ek baar picnic mein khaya thi na... tab keh rahi thi ki acha thi...

Akshara: haa baba... mein mazak kar rahi thi... aap acha khana banate hai... ab naraz mat hoyiye... mujhe naa abhi bahut bhook lagi hai...

Naitik: mein abhi naashta banata hu... batayiye aap kya khayenge??

Akshara: mujhe naa kuch khatta... kuch theeka... acha chodiyee.. aapko jo acha aata hai... woh banayiye... mujhe toh bhook lagi hai...

Naitik: theek hai... aap thoda fresh hojayiye... tab tak mein kuch banaloonga...

Naitik comes down and quickly browses in the internet about some curries and takes the recipe... he quickly starts making roti's on one side and cooking aalu curry on the other side... he add tamarind and mirchi to the curry to make katha and theeka as akshara asked... akshara comes down aftr an hour... Naitik is also almost done with his cooking.. Naitik makes akshara to sit in a chair... n then feeds her with the roti n curry he prepared...

Akshara: woww yummyy... naitik yeh bahut acha hai... thoda katha aur thoda theeka... yeh toh meri man pasand khana ban gaya...

Naitik: haa... ab is halath me na aap aise hi aapka jo man kare woh khana khana chahiye... isliye aapko jo bhi khane ka man kar raha hai, mujhe batiyiye aur mein banaunga... (naitik also eats while feeding akshara)

Akshara: yeh sab banate rahe toh aap kab ofc jayoge??

Naitik: askhara... aapko pata hai na.. yaha ka kaam almost khatam ho chuke hai... sirf baaki jewellery delivery toh karni hai... iskeliye mein ofc jaana zaroori nahi hai... mein yaha se woh kaam dekh sakta hu...

Akshara: acha... ab aap bhi fresh hokar aajayiye... tab tak mein ghar ka saaf safayi ka kaam dekhleta hu...

Naitik: kya??? aap karenge?? nai nai... mein aapko khana hi nahi banaya diya.. kya mein aapko ghar ka kaam karne doonga??? nai nai.. bilkul nai... sara kaam mein hi karta hu... aap dekhte rahiye... aur bas aaram kariye...

Akshara: kya?? aap ghar ka kaam bhi karlenge??Shocked aap se nahi hoga naitik...

Naitik: kyu nahi hoga??? pehli baar toh zaroor hai lekin mein ache se karne ki khoshish karoonga...

Akshara: lekin naitik, mein karoongi naa... kyu aap... (Naitik stops and lifts akshara to take her to their room... he is climbing the steps...)

Naitik: akshara aap kuch mat kahiye... aap bas aaram kariye... ek hi hafte ko baat hai... uske baad hum india chale jayenge... aur vaha aapka khyal rakhne keliye sab log hai... tab tak mujhe aapka khyal rakhne ka mouka dedijiye...

He makes akshara to sleep for some more time... he takes very care of her so that she will be happy and then he doesn't allow her to do a single work... 2 days goes on like this... their jewellery comes frm india and naitik delivers them to the client... n then he decided to go back india as soon as possible... so both visits doctor to take her suggestion as akshara will be traveling for 8 to 10 hours...

To their shock doctor suggests akshara not to have any long journey as she has to be very more careful during the first three months.. so the doctor says them to wait till akshara completes 3 months... naksh r disappointed with this as there is still 40 days more to complete three months... Naitik informs this to G3... all the remaining family members are also disappointed with this...

Naitik and akshara comes home...

Naitik: hum yaha aur ek mahina rukhna hai... acha hai na.. mein aapke paas hi rehne ka mouka mil gaya... Big smile

Akshara: kya mouka naitik... mujhe bore ho raha hai... mujhe kaam bhi nahi karne dete hai... kamre me aaram kar karke tag gayi hu... Ouch

Naitik: akshara... humara bacha keliye aap aaram karni chahiye ...

Akshara: hmm.. Ouch

Naitik: aap todi dher aaram karlijiye... mein ghar ka kaam khatam karke aajata hu...

Akshara: kya naitik... jab dekho kaam kaam kaam... Angry .. kamre mein akeli reh rehkar mein thak chuki hu... aapko mere liye thoda vakth bhi nahi hai... Ouch

Naitik: akshara... kaam bhi zaroori hai na... do minute aajaunga...

Akshara: LOL LOL

Naitik: kyu has rahi hai?? Confused

Akshara: yeh dialogue kahi suna hai...   Wink

Naitik:LOL LOL ... kya karu madam... vakth badal gaya... aap meri position li aur mein aap ki...LOL ...

Akshara: ab samajh mein aaya na?? jab mein kaam karthi thi tab aap aise hi bol rahe the...

Naitik: haa madam... mujhe samajh aagaya...

4 more days passes by. John and Christefer visits them... They thank naitik for delivering the best designs to them and their customers were so happy with their jewellery... Naitik and Akshara are very happy to hear this...Naitik insists on staying ther for one more month and continuing there another project in Switzerland itself... Clients r happy to know this...

Precap: Singhania's and Maheswaries in Switzerland... (dont be disappointed with the precap... it will be fun filled )

Please do hit the like button if you like the update... your valuable comments and suggestions are most welcome... will be waiting... Big smile

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saru.g IF-Sizzlerz

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As I'm updating aftr a long time, I dont know who will be interested to read the FF now... so those who would like to receive PM for the Update please like this post...

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Omg..saru diHug ..r u updting?? Big smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Rachu.m Goldie

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Originally posted by saru.g

ohh... One more telugu person added... finally we r 4... Big smile

@rachu: No need rachu I will post here itself... No problem... Big smile
hey motham 5 netho kalipi...

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Originally posted by Hinakshara

Omg..saru diHug ..r u updting?? Big smile

yes rasha.. finally updating... but not dat good one...

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