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arshi ff untold things

deuthi Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged

She woke up at midnight.looked up with curiosity in hre eyes.this all must have been a dream,she thought.she hoped most dearly,but to her vain,she  saw the absence stars she had once hooked  above her like she had in her old room….dejected,she turned around to her jiji.she sighed.jiji wasn't there near her anymore….she could see the only layer of pillows seperating him from her….

She slowly got up to see him fast asleep his back facing the ceing,a hand on the pillows and legs straight.he wore a blue shirt that strictly complimented his fairness and his mouth was slightly opened.

So this is how Arnav slept….she thought smiling to herself.sure this way of sleep deceived him.he talked like a man,walked like one,even sat like a man,with dignity in every movement of his,but no way  had she thought he slep tlike this.he  slept like a child,with no worries.Khushi adoringly shook her her head thinking this with a smile on her lips.

What had happened between them in the past few days?She had come to know the truth about Shyam,how he was anjali's husband and still agreed to marry her.she had to tell this to someone,but he had blackmailed her with her sisters marriage.he had told her that if she did tell anyone at her house he would do everything in his power at the RM to break of jiji's marriage.So she had to keep this from buaji and her amma,but not jiji……how could when she always knew what troubled me…and the wonderful sister she was offered me help.She told me to go the mandir and wait there while she got help.

Naturally she went to the mandir willingly enough since it was the only place she could get peace,just when she thought she would bring aakashji for help,she saw none other than the last person whom  want to face right now,marching towards me.Apparently jiji too had crossed over to the other side,she had liked arnav from the moment he had said sorry to her and she always told me how I misunderstood him.

I should have known she would've send him.i watched him come towards me with concern in his eyes,concern which I knew would turn to pure hatred when I tell him the truth.I did not want to tell him anything.the thought of losing him for ever when he knew……..i knew he would blame me…..

But there was nothing I could do.this was not the time to be selfish.anjaliji had a right to know and if there was anyone to tell her it was arnav…tears had betrayed once more as I saw him blurr right in front of me.the very thought of his blurred vision sent an ache in my heart.but with all the courage that I had I waited him to speak first.

"khushi what happened?why r u crying.your sister told me that you needed to talk to me about something,what is it"?arnav

"i….want …….to"khushi started.

"its ok.calm down ok.jus tell me wats wrong….."arnav.

Apparently the friendship between them which had arised when they helped payal and aakash was showing in his words.he was more kind to her,he acted less strangely and his anger was more or less gone…..

"my shyam……."khushi blurted in between the tears

Arnav froze.he clenched his fists.he so did not want to hear anout her fiance.not directly from caused him pain which he was unwilling to accept.

"if you had problems with your fiance,u should talk to him not me"arnav said angrily turning to leave.

'her shyam?' so now she was claiming him hers in front of me? Arnav thought..

"no wait" khushi said still crying.

"please you have to hear me."she retorted

Arnav started walking back to his car when she yelled after him."MY SHYAM IS ANJALIJIS SHYAM……….."

She said in a hurry without thinking about his anger.

Arnav stopped dead in his tracks.

Khushi felt weak.her legs could no longer hold her,she sat down immediately at trhe steps of the mandir crying,that was all she could do right now. Soon arnav would start unleashing his fury on her which she was destined to take all the time.she felt numb all the way to her heart.she looked down to the ground tears from her eyes falling down……

Arnav wasn't sure what he heard,did she just say that?he thought.what did she she mean?he turned slowly towards her shocked to see her sitting on the ground.

"what?"arnav asked.

Khushi didn't hear a thing,she was too weak.arnav came closer,shook her from her inner thoughts.

"what?your shyam is di's shyam?what?"arnav asked.

"yes.the man I am…….i mean was engaged to is your jeejaji"khushi replied

"how……I mean when did jeeju….."arnav started.

"he was our paying guest,I didn't know……I didn't know…….."khushi whimpered.

Minutes passed.all the while arnav looked down at khushi not knowing what to say.

"he told if I tell anjaliji or my family he will break jiji's engagement.i didn't know…..didn't know……"khushi kept on saying thinking if she tells that she didn't know over and over again he would believe her.

Perplexed arnav looked again into her tear stricken eyes not knowing what to do.

"give me a day"he told and left abruptly leaving khushi stunned.

The next day,the worst day of her life cam with the solution from arnav.

"Contract marriage "he had said.hehad  promised her,jiji's marriage for he wanted to save his di's marriage.Contract marriage to save the most important person  of their lives.

Khushi knew her sister couldn't have another marriage failure.she had agreed to this thinking that.

Their marriage was short.just them.her family except jiji were fussing about breaking their shyam babua's heart.she knew they would never forgive her.jiji cried hearing the news.only she knew what I gave up.

Still thinking it was painful khushi thought.he did manage his house by simply saying that he fell in love with khushi and khushi too had the same feeling towards him.everybody felt it was natural that he would fall in love with some one like khushi.mami was still angry with that.lavanya left without looking back.khushi did try to explain.but she was far too mature.she said that arnav said he never loved her.she said that she was a deal.she had nothing much to say nor to look forward to in this house so she left……

Deal…….khushi  thought.that was what this was………after their so called "marriage" he never spoke to her.all he said after  they came to his house was "left side of the bed is mine"

She looked at the was 1 am.She once agin looked towards her left towards him before falling to sleep.the first day of her marriage was over………….…………..

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deuthi Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 7:42pm | IP Logged
hey guys this my new fan fic.tell me if i should continue...

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
sounds interesting can't wait to read the rest please pm 

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deuthi Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
24 views and 1 comment.??????plz reply guys!!!!!!!

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deuthi Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
it was morning.khushi woke up with a start.she looked towards her left  to see arnav missing..she looked at the was 8am.
"huh!i'm late.i have to go down and join the aarti.but first i will bathe and get ready"khushi thought.
suddenly the bathroom door opened.arnav came out already in his suit but with wet hair.
He had not appreciated her presence and he never did.without even turning back he swiftly got out of their room.khushi saw this, hurt clearly in her eyes.she got up to bathe but froze,...
she had nothing to wear.she hadn't taken anything from her old home.well that was impossible since buaji didn't even allow her to enter that house anymore...
she reluctantly reached for the phone to call up her jiji hoping to the heavens that she does pick up.
tring ...tring...
"hello?"payal said
"jiji,its me khushi"
"khushi i have been meaning to call you i have to ask a lot,how are you,how"
"jiji not now.i am fine.i guess.exept i am sitting in arnav's room waiting to take a bath but realised i didn't take any from there"khushi said.

"dont worry,i will come there to give you your clothes.just relax,ok"payal replied and hung up the phone.

down at the dining table...nani was sititng at her usual place,arnav to her right followed by a vacant seat then shyam and anjali.the other side was occupied byt aaksh,mami and mamaji.

"chotte,where is khushi?sisn't see her for the aarti too"nani said.
arnav felt shyam stiffen at his side.he clenched his fists.
"yes saale saahb,is hse shy to face us?"shyam replied with a smirk.
"cjotte,she must be having trouble,its after all all new to her.see to her will you"anjali

arnav was more that glad to leave sitting that sitting their to wait for another say from shyam.
he reached his bedroom to find khushi sitting without bathing in the position as he left.
he could not avoid her more.he knew that.
"what the...why the hell r u sitting here not moving at all?"arnav asked
"i want to bath"
"so then bath...dont tell me you dont know where the bathroom have hidden in there..."
"no yes i mean i have..."said khushi smiling.
arnav was irritated by this...
"so now what?everybody is waiting for you to come so that they can have breakfast ,and you are just sitting here.i guess the attention you have right now is not enough?1st trapping my sisters husband and now enjoying the luxuries of this house..."arnav instantly regretted this,he knew it was not her fault,but his anger once again took control over him.
tears welled u pin khushi's eyes.she didn't look up at him.
"i have no clothes to wear once i bathe"khushi siad.
arnav froze.he had not thought this through.he didnot think about that...
"khushi i..."arnav started.
"its ok.i have told my jiji to come with my dress.she will be here any minute."khushi said.
the door bell rang.aakash opened the door to see payal to his delight.
"payalji...u here?"aakash said
"yes,i had to give khushi her clothes,she forgot to take them after the marriage..."payal
"right...i thought...well come in are things at home.did buaji calm down with khushi?"

"yes.i explained  to them the truth that they were in love and she's some what calmed down"payal said
no need to say that she had calmed down once she saw shyam's true colour,payal thought.
payal reached khushi's room to see arnav there.seeing payal he was relieved and with an apologetic glance towards khushi he strode off.
after her bath,khushi came down with payal.
"i'm sorry.i'm sorry to have kept you waiting..."khushi said.
"its ok khushi betiyan,payal why dont you join us today?"nani said.
"ji,me?but i..."payal started.
"i dont want to hear a are going to be here in this house in a day or 2"nani said.
payal smiled and sat next to akash shyly.everybody except arnav smiled.he was looking at khushi all the while.khushi sat down next to payal.
"arre,khushiji not there,near arnav"anjali said smiling.
khushi looked at arnav but didnt move.sitting near arnav meant sitting near shyam too...
arnav could easily guess what was in her mind and willingly sat to his immediate right seat,next to shyam so that khushi could sit between nani and himself.away from shyam,arnav thought.
sensing this khushi got up and  sat next to him.
arnav looked over to his right and mouthed a sorry to khushi.khushi smiled at him before looking at her plate.
arnav was relieved that khushi forgave him.he was calm now.smiling to himself he too dug into his plate.
thing could be better now he thought,with a sideways glance over to khushi...
maybe marrying khuhsi wasn't that bad after all...

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Nice ff... Continue soon.
dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
liked the update glad khushi answered arnav back  glad she did not ask him to get her clothes either that snake as  usually up to no good 

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deuthi Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
next part will be super romantic...akash payal wedding coming up guyz...

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