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KZK updates from 13-17 March

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KZK update for 13 March in brief-

Sneha's shocked to hear Mukti's allegation on Sharad telling her that he raped her. Sneha breaks down. Mukti tells her that she did not want to hurt her because she's her best friend but she just could not hide such a big truth from her. Mukti tries consoling her and telling her that it IS difficult to digest. Sneha grows wild at her and Mukti tells her that she has got proof but when she puts on the tape it turns out to be a blank one. Sneha slaps Mukti and tells her that only Prem knows her well enough and is aware of her intentions to get into this house and be a part of the rich and the famous. sneha tells Mukti that she is always there with Sharad and will not allow her to cause any harm to her family. Mukti's hurt. Sneha breaks her friendship with her and storms away.

Anurag is upset and is thinking about Mukti. He is upset and ignores his food.Sam tells him that they need a solution quick but this is no way to get there and he has to take care of himself. Anurag agrees. just then, Sneha comes there crying and tells Anurag all about Mukti's allegation on Sharad. Anurag tells her that everything will be alright and Sneha leaves. Anurag's anxious and calls up Rishabh and tells him everything. Rishabh and Prerna leave.

Rishabh, Prerna, Anurag,Sam, Sharad,Sneha, Prem and Jeevan are present, waiting for Mukti. Everybody's tensed. Mukti comes and tells them everything all over again. Nobody gives her a positive reaction and she's disheartened but she tells them that she will not give up on the truth.

That's it!

KZK update for 14 March-

The episode continues with yesterday's last scene when Mukti tells the whole family that Shravan himself confessed in front of her that he is the rapist and she cannot hide the truth and will stand up for her justice. Everyone is confused and worried. Sneha is very angry. She goes to Mukti and asks her what she wants. Sneha tells her that nobody here is going to beleive her when she says that Sharad is the rapist because everyone knows what a gem of a person Sharad is and he will never think of doing such a thing.

Sneha tells Prerna that when Kamini was saying things against Mukti, it was Sharad who fought with his parents and maintained that Mukti's a nice girl and she will never do such a thing. Prem also joins in and Prem and Sneha agree that Mukti is doing this only so that she can get all the good things in life without having to do anything for it. Sneha reminds Prerna that afterall Mukti's a driver's daughter and such people can stoop to any level to attain the riches that they want.

Prerna is shocked and confused. Mukti tells them all to beleive her. Mukti tells her that she had the entire conversation with Sharad on tape but..just then Prem interrupts and tells her that she must have lost the thing as usual. Mukti's shocked. Prem tells her that he really has his own doubts whether Mukti goes to search for evidence..or 'buy' it..Prem tells her that she bought the waiter because of whom he had to go to jail and now all this ruckus. Prem tells her that he doubts whether she has even been raped! Sneha seconds him whole-heartedly.

Sharad, who was keeping quiet all along speaks up. She goes to Mukti and tells her that he is very well aware that whatever has happened with her is extremely bad but that does not mean she will put the blame on whoever she wants. Sharad reminds her that he and Sneha had been with her all along and he was the one who gave her the 2 lakhs when she asked for them. Sharad asks her why the hell will he give her the money so that she gets evidence against him? Mukti is shocked and moves back in fear of Sharad. Prem seconds Sharad and tells everyone that there's no guarantee of whatever Mukti's saying and that the very next day- she will blame Tusshar as well.

Sneha starts taunting Mukti when Anurag tells her to stop.Anurag tells Mukti that he may be right in judging Sharad and he may be wrong as well- but she should not make hasty decisions which will land her in a mess as she does not have any proof. Rishabh joins in and tells Mukti to trust them and they will get to the real rapist and they are always there with her..but they cannot doubt Sharad for no rhyme or reason. Mukti tells them that she has come to them only because she has sole belief in them and that they will never let her down.

Mukti turns to Prerna and tells her that she can bear everything if she is there by her side. Mukti asks Prerna if she is with her in this war for the truth. Prerna tells her that this time around she cannot help her. Mukti's shocked. Prerna tells her that it is not possible for her to trust her. Because of her, she doubted her son and he came out unscathed but now Sharad? What is she to do if Sharad turned out to be innocent as well? Prerna tells that she will never be able to face Sneha if such a thing happens. Prerna tells her that this time, she is NOT with her.

Mukti leaves. Everyone is confused. Sam goes to Prerna and tells her that it's a difficult for her to choose between two daughters- Sneha and Mukti but she has to decide with a cool head and think and that they will have to find out the real culprit as soon as possible. Prem is shocked to hear all this and asks Prerna if she still doubts Sharad. Sharad is pissed off and leaves. Sneha is angry and leaves as well.

At the Gupta house,
Sneha tells everyone about all that happened and everyone's totally shocked. Kamini tells Shailendra that she always knew that Mukti's up to no good but after what she has done today- they cannot keep quiet otherwise they will be disgraced in public. Shailendra agrees. Kamini & Shailendra leave for the Bajaj house.

Rishabh,Prerna and the kids are sitting in the hall, thinking, when the Guptas barge in and demand an explanation from Rishabh and tells him that all this will not be tolerated by them and they have to do something. Rishabh tells him to keep his cool and not to fly off the handle as everyone has their thinking caps on and everyone wants a solution to the problem. Kamini blames Prerna for always encouraging Mukti when she has been wrong. Kamini tells her that she encouraged Mukti to go against Prem and now Mukti has dared to go against Sharad as well. Prerna has no answer and is dumbfounded. Shailendra and Kamini demand that Rishabh throws Mukti and Jeevan out of their house.

That's it!

KZK update for 15 March-

The episode continues with the last scene when Kamini and Shailendra demand that Mukti and Jeevan are kicked out of the house. everyone is shocked by the suggestion. Tusshar tells them that it is just a plain mistake on Mukti's part and they should all stnad by her and not abandon her when she needs them the most. Kamini's least affected. Prerna tells Kamini that they really cant blame Mukti in such a condition and they cannot give her such a big punishment for something which she is not totally aware of. Prerna reminds her that Mukti has no family other than them. Kamini tells her not to support Mukti especially when she is pitted against Sharad. Kamini tells Prerna that they all know Sharad and he will never do such a thing. Prerna assures Kamini that she will handle the situation and persuade Mukti to change her mind.

Kamini tells her that she's granting her one last chance on her insistence but if Mukti continued with her foolishness then she will not bear anything against her son and she will surely take some drastic step. Prerna tells her that Mukti has been with them ever since she was a kid and she also has some responsibilites towards her and she just cannot throw her outta the house. Kamini tells her that she is not concerned because of all that and tells her that due to her 'responsibilty' towards Mukti, she has now become 'responsible' of creating this huge mess where everybody is at a loss. Kamini and Shailendra walk out.

When Kamini and Shailendra along with Sharad-Sneha are walking towards their car, they see Mukti and Jeevan standing outside the house, staring at them. Sneha gives Mukti a snide look and they all go away. Mukti is disheartened.

Meanwhile, Anurag and Sam are discussing the whole matter and Anurag tells Sam that he is unable to come to any conclusion regarding Mukti. Sam tells him to keep his cool and they have to think hard about what has been happening over the last few days. Sam tells Anurag that it is possible that someone's misleading Mukti to accuse Sharad by some fake evidence. Anurag tells her again that he is no state to comprehend. Anurag goes into a self-pity mode and wonders why all this happens to them when they are looking forward to some happiness. Sam tells him that he should not act weak at such a time.Sam gets a call telling them about a financial crisis at their London branch and that they will have to leave immediately.

Anurag calls up Prerna and tells him that he needs to go to London and will not come back for a few days due to work constraints. Anurag tells Prerna not to accept defeat to the ongoing conditions and that she needs to be courageous enough. Prerna agrees and Anurag hangs up.

Prerna goes to meet Mukti. Mukti is sad and looks on from her window. She turns around when Prerna comes from behind to meet her. Prerna tells Mukti not to think that she is alone and that they all are with her all the time. Mukti asks her why the Guptas were here. Prerna tells Mukti that she's constantly adding to her woes. Prerna reminds her that the last time when she doubted Prem and it turned out to be a farce, there was a big mess and now if the same thing is repeated, she will not be able to face Sneha. Prerna tells Mukti not to put her into a dillema when she will have to choose from her two daughters- Sneha and Mukti. Prerna assures her that they will fast find out who the real culprit is and she does not need to get worried and most importantly- she should not take any hasty decisions. Mukti is sad.

Mukti tells Prerna that she has never wanted Prerna to go through any dillema in her life because of her. Mukti tells her that this is the most difficult time of her life when she is losing her family - the Bajajs, and also losing her mom- Prerna. Mukti tells Prerna that she has her upbringing and that Prerna's always taught her to stick to the truth and everything will be clear. Mukti tells her that she will not leave the truth for anything in the world.Prerna gives up on Mukti and leaves.

The next day,
Mukti and Jeevan go to the Police station to file a complaint against Sharad. The Inspector, Sawant, is the same one who Shailendra had bribred the last time. Sawant sends Mukti and Jeevan to the constable to record their statement. When they leave, Sawant calls up Shailendra and tells him all that is happeneing. Shailendra tells him not to file any complaint against Sharad and that he will receive the money soon. Sawant thanks him and hangs up. Sawant goes to the constable and yells on Mukti and Jeevan. He insults them and tells them that he is not recording or filing any complaint any complaint against Sharad as they have no proof of Mukti's character. Mukti and Jeevan are shocked and forced to leave the police station.

When they reach home, they see the Bajajs & the Guptas standing outside the house. Jeevan and Mukti are confused and walk up to them, in the garden. Kamini tells Prerna that she had agreed to give Mukti one last chance on her saying but after what Mukti has done today she will not take it any more and today a decision has to be taken. Prerna and Rishabh are shocked. Kamini tells her that Mukti was on her way to very well lodge a complaint against Sharad and only because they had power with them, they could prevent her from doing so otherwise they would have been in a real fix. Kamini tells Prerna that she can no longer take anything against her son and his character.

Prerna goes to Mukti and asks her why she had to do all this? Prerna reminds her that she'd assured her that she will take care of everything and she need not take such hasty decisions that will cause harm to anyone. Mukti is quiet. Sneha is shocked and asks Prerna why she's still supporting Mukti after all that has happened. Prerna tries to defend Mukti but Rishabh stops her. Rishabh tells her that he was quiet on the entire matter up till now but they cant go on Mukti's doubt this time because if it is proved wrong, they will not be able to compensate for the injustice they will be doing to Sharad. Prerna is shocked as Sneha tells her to choose between her birth- Sneha and her upbrining- Mukti. Prerna is in a big-time dillema.

That's it!
KZK update for 16 March-
The episode begins with the continuation with yesterday's last scene with everything heating up between the Bajajs and Guptas because of the matter of Mukti. Prerna is in a dillema and wonders what to do. Prerna tries to explain the matter to Sneha but she is no mood to listen to her. Sneha tells her that she's had enough and is now not going to listen to anything that Prerna has to say. Sneha tells her that today her relations will have to go through the test and she has to decide today. Prerna is shocked.Kamini seconds Sneha and tells Prerna that if she continues to shelter Mukti in her house then the Gupta family will break all ties with the Bajajs. Prerna and Rishabh are totally taken aback.

Rishabh turns to Jeevan and tells him that he needs to understand the situation which is going on right now. Rishabh tells Jeevan that they all are very sorry for whatever happened to Mukti but now Jeevan needs to take Mukti out of this suffocating environment so that Mukti can think better about what she has to do with her life. Prerna looks at Rishabh with utter disbelief and asks him as to how he can say such a thing. Jeevan interrupts and tells Prerna that Rishabh's right and it's better to get rid of the problem before it becomes a headache. Mukti agrees with Jeevan and tells Prerna that she has never wanted Prerna to suffer because of her and she will not bear it if Prerna has to choose between two of her daughters just because of herself. Mukti tells her that she is leaving the house and does not want more problems for them.

Mukti and Jeevan leave to pack their bags. Prerna is at a loss of words and goes inside. Rishabh and Tusshar follow her. Mukti and Jeevan pack their bags and are leaving. Sharad,Sneha, Shailendra,Kamini and Prem look at her sternly and all of them leave. Meanwhile, Rishabh tries to talk to Prerna but he is unable to. Prerna just looks at him tearily and Rishabh feels guilty. Prerna remembers the rainy night many years ago when Jeevan had come to their door with a very small Mukti. Rishabh had told Jeevan to resume the job from the next day onwards and to take his daughter inside. Prerna had bent down, asked Mukti her name and kissed her.

Prerna snaps back to reality and is very sad as she recalls all the time she spent with Mukti. When Mukti and Jeevan are leaving the house, Mukti turns around to look at the house for one last time. Mukti remembers the time when she was small- Prerna was playing old man's bluff with lil Sneha and Kasak. When they had finished their game, Prerna had noticed Mukti standing there, sad and forlorn. Soon enough, Prerna asked her to join in and introduced Mukti as Sneha's younger sis and Kasak's elder sister. Then all of them played together. Mukti snaps back to reality and tears fill her eyes. Mukti runs to the Bajaj house and raps on a window, calling out for Prerna. Rishabh stops Prerna from going to her just as Sneha enters the room. Rishabh leaves the room and Sneha stares at her in disbelief.

Mukti and Jeevan leave the house and are sitting on a lonely road, all by themselves. Jeevan is sad and tells Mukti that he always knew that the moment they started to fight for the truth nobody will give them company because afterall everything is forgiven for one's own blood- no matter how dirty it is.Jeevan tells her that the people who they trusted the most turned their back on them.Jeevan tells Mukti that they are going to leave the place immediately. Mukti disagrees and tells Jeevan that even earlier when he'd decided to leave town, she was not with him and this time along she has taken it upon her to tread on the path that will give her justice because she cannot let the thing that happened to her, happen to others as well and she cannot let Sharad go scotfree. Jeevan tells Mukti that her pop is always there with her.

Jeevan and Mukti go to a chawl (a building which has one-room flats to accomodate large number of people). Jeevan buys a room on rent and hands the keys to Mukti. When they are going towards their room, Shravan comes over there and tells Mukti that now she must have deciphered the reality of people like Rishabh,Prerna and Anurag. Shravan tells her that the same thing happened to him and his family abandoned him when he needed them the most. Shravan tells her that he's willing to be with her on this path of her justice if she joins forces with him. Shravan puts his hand forward and Mukti shakes it - only to wish Shravan all the best for his life. Mukti tells Shravan that she's aware of what happened to Aparna and she firmly beleives that whatever happened to Aparna was totally justified as she was treading on a wrong path. Mukti tells him that she cannot cross the limits of right and wrong that she has set for herself. Mukti tells Shravan to leave siding with the wrong and return to Anurag. Shravan is dissed off and leaves.

Jeevan and Mukti go to several attorneys to fight their case against Sharad but everyone backs off as soon as they hear that they will have to fight against Rishabh and Shailendra. Mukti and Jeevan lose hope and wait for a bus at the bus-stop. Prerna and Rishabh stop at the traffic light and Prerna notices Mukti just when the lights turn green. She tries to call out for her but it is too late.

Prerna is upset. Prem comes to her with some food and butters Prerna up and tells her that he fully understands the phase that she's going through and blah blah. Prerna tells him that she's glad he understands her. Prem tells her that he's glad she trusts him this time around. Prem leaves and Prerna takes consolation from the fact that Prem's growing closer to her.

At the Gupta house,
Sneha is upset and thinking about Mukti. Kamini tells her that she need not worry about Mukti as now nobody will take up her case. Sneha is wondering how Mukti can ever think that Sharad will rape her. Sharad tells her to trust him and their love and leaves for office.

When he reaches office,
He sees the same tape (where he'd confessed his crime to Mukti) playing in his cabin. Sharad takes out the tape from the player and breaks it. Prem calls him from behind and asks him why he's so worried and that he has more copies of the tape. Prem and Sharad go to each other, laugh and then hug.

That's it!

The episode starts with Prem telling Sharad how his attempt to create a double life created such a huge problem. Sharad then goes and reminds Prem how great it is to have a friend like him. There is a flashback to a scene where Sharad is asking Prem to help him get out of the trouble he had got into with another girl in Panmeshwar Sharad reminds Prem of what had happened with him and another girl when Prem came and saved him. The scene recalls where Sharad is asking Prem to help him get out of this mess because Mukti has seen him with another girl. Sharad goes on saying "Chal woh toh handle kar leta lekin meri gari[watch] andhar reh gayi" Prem tells him "Yaar Sharad I swear, how can you be so careless! Tu itna irresponsible kaise ho saktha hai?" Prem suddenly asks him what about his sister and if he still loves Sneha. Sharad tells him he married her because he loved Sneha and still does. Sharad ask Prem to please get him out of the mess and Prem tells him to just wait and watch and Mukti is the one who will be saying sorry and not Sharad. The scene returns and Sharad thanks prem. Then a scene starts where Sharad is asking Prem again to get him out of the rape situation. Prem then goes on asking Sharad why he had to go rape Mukti saying she was a nice girl and he really liked her. Sharad tells him he had no intentions to rape her. He said he thought because she slept with Prem one night that she was an easy-go girl that anyone could do anything with. The scene returns to them two again. Prem tells Sharad that if he had not raped Mukti that day Prem could have got his property. Sharad asks him why he made so many copies of his confession video tape and Prem tells him he wants something else as well. He tells Sharad he wants 20% of his company. Sharad tells him not to worry.



The Scene ends. In the next scene Prerna is seated and Mr. Bajaj is about to leave to go somewhere.



Bajaj notices Prerna is worried and tells her that he knows the relation she had with Mukti and what it meant to her. He tells her he knows how much it hurt her when Mukti left the house. Bajaj tells her that just because someone leaves the house does not mean that life stops. He tells her that "Iss ghar ko, muhje, Humari bacho ko tumhari zaroorat hai." Prerna tells him that she is not worried because of Mukti, she is worried because she was not able to understand a girl who she brought up and gave her own "sanskar" to. She was not able to understand her mission by all this. Prerna tells Bajaj that she will always be on Mukti's side but Mukti does not believe her because no one trusted her. She says Mukti left without thinking about us so I won't be worried about her either. Bajaj tells her lets go bring Mukti back. He says he sees the love for Mukti that Prerna has in her eyes and that Prerna has always thought of Mukti as her daughter and never done any segregation between her own and Mukti. He says he knows how much Prerna needs Mukti because he can see the pain for her in her eyes. Bajaj tells Prerna it is their duty as parents to help their child find the right path and guide them. Prerna becomes all cheered up from her gloomy mood and says "Aap theek ke rahe hai Mr. Bajaj, agar hum Prem ko teek kar sakte hai toh Mukti koh kyun nahi?" Prem is listened to their entire conversation from where Bajaj started.



Bajaj and Prerna come downstairs to leave to get Mukti while Prem is sitting on the couch and asks them if they were going on a date even after knowing where they are going. Prerna tells him they are going to get Mukti. Prem tells them that one day she will suspect Tushar as he is the only male left in the house besides the servants but then goes saying they are too old to do such an act. He tells her who knows how many girls she has slept with and what not. Prerna gets furious and gives him a big slap. Prerna reminds Prem what he was before and that he was the one who slept with girls all night and was always drunk. She tells him that he became "good" because they were there to support him and help him become "good."  Prem says that Mukti will not come back. Prerna tells him that he is no one to make such a decision because it's Prerna and Bajaj's house. Prem says that he also lives in the house and has a right to decide otherwise…. Prerna cuts him off and says he has forgotten he only lives in the house and that it is their house. Prerna says that she will bring Mukti home no matter what and if anyone has any problems they can leave the house.



Mukti and her father (forgot his name) are at the police station requesting the officer to write their report but he does not pay attention. Her father goes to say that "Meri behti keh rahi hai ke Sharad ne…" and stops. The police officer is astonished and ridicules with him saying "Teri behti keh saath kya? Teri behti keh saath kya? Apni behti ko toh samhjata nahi hai aur muhje sahmjane ayaa hai" The police man goes on saying to teach your daughter first "yaha waha moo nahi marne ka toh yeh din dehkna nahi parta." Her father gets furious by what he is saying and grabs the police man's collar. The police man gets furious and tells his men to lock him up. Mukti begs the police officer to forgive her father and promises they wont ever come back again. He lets them go but warns them not to return.



Prerna and Bajaj are at where Mukti and her father are staying and are going to their room while Shavan is trying to persuade Mukti to join him and together they will break Prerna and Bajaj and make them punish for what they have done. After a while Prerna and Bajaj reach their room and are listening from the door. Mukti continuously tells him that she does not want revenge and does not want to go on the wrong path as he and his mother have. She only wants justice. The episode ends.



Precap: It's holi and Prem is asking Sharad if he wants a beer. Sharad says he has to participate in the family events and that he is the "shareef" dhamad of the house. They both laugh and it ends.

Hey everyone this was my first update for this show. I will be doing them every Friday if all things go well so please let me know if I need to adjust my style or anything else. Please let me know if there is any problem.



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me 1st....thanx a lot..i was waiting Smile
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Thanx for the wonderful updates but to short, plz update in details story Ronitfan..........
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thanks for the update
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thx for the update
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thank you
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Thanks a lot for the awesome update dear Sukhi.
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thanks Tongue

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