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Hey Memsaab

Thanks a millionSmile, this must have taken you so much of your precious time, you such a dedicated TD fan, you deserve a big Thumbs Up, for all your hard work.....................

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thanks memsaab! cheerz
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The Beginning...

Vijendra and Suhasini Bhonsle have two daughters. Vijendra loves Disha more and Suhasini loves Rano more. Anil Bhonsle is Vijendra's younger brother and Sukanya is his wife. They have a son Gautam. Gautam has been working hard on a project. He has been trying to fix an appointment with Kanaka Empire.
Everybody but Disha leaves for airport to receive Inder who is arriving India from Boston after three years. Inder comes to Bhonsle House taking earlier flight and surprises Disha. She is home alone. They talk about missing eachother in past three years. Inder tells Disha that he loves her but Disha just smiles.
Inder talks to Disha about his girlfriend. Infact it is Disha's picture in his purse. Inder is all over Disha. He tells Disha that he loves Disha and that he missed her. Inder does not get chance to talk to Disha. He makes lots of excuses but still does not get to talk to Disha.
Rano is so happy that Inder is back. She thinks that the gift that was meant for Disha is hers. Disha teases Rano who is upset that she did not get enough time with Inder. Rano asks Disha help her put on the necklace on her neck. Disha feels sad. Inder had bought this necklace for her.
Inder talks about doing business with Kanaka. Vijendra and Anupam talks about DK Saigal. DK Saigal is looking for a face to launch Kanaka Diamonds. He is not happy with the top models' faces. Disha and Rano go to the office with lunch for everyone. Afterwards, Inder, Disha and Rano go for shopping.
DK Saigal gives Taaj 24 hours to search the face. Taaj sees Rano at the mall and takes her photographs. Inder sees Taaj taking Rano's photographs and beats him. Rano feels special that Inder fought for her. Taaj manages to bring the photographs. DK Saigal looks at the phographs.
Taaj took Rano's pics but DK Saigal notices Disha in the pics and asks Taaj to call the girl in the office. It is in Disha's face that DK Saigal sees the ambassador for Kanaka Diamonds. He asks Taaj to call her. DK Saigal is in the gym. Taaj tells him that he was not able to find the girl. DK yells at Taaj when he tries to help.
He tells that the traidmill be on move while he is in gym as he knows that one day he will run on it (he is lame!). Sukanya is unhappy at the house. Anil tries to tell him that Vijendra is doing good for all. DK receives a call from Sanya from Switzerland. She says she missed him and is coming back to India.
She says instead of going to Euro tour, she is coming back India because she missed him.She asks if he missed her. DK does not answer Sanya's question instead asks why she had to call? She says she would meet him in two days. Vijendra wants Disha to look after the business after his retirement, she is not sure and she talks to Gautam.
Disha tells her father about her dreams of a boy having an accident and a man running behind him. Suhasini is not very happy about Disha joining the business and Disha could she that in her behaviour. Sanya tells DK that he is ignoring her and he tells her that she knows how he is.
DK is continuously looking at Disha's pictures in his laptop and Sanya asks who she is. DK asks how she is. DK tells her it is his new model for his company and that he never saw a divine face like hers. Inder, Disha and Gautam reaches late for the appointment. They stay back. Inder receives call from his father.
Gautam finds Disha's picture in Inder's purse and asks Disha all about it. She tells him that they like eachother. Gautam is happy for Disha and Inder. Inder tells them that they are alrady talking about an engagement. DK enters hotel and sees a girl talking on a phone. DK approaches but it is somebody else.

Gautam Inder and Disha decides to celebrate and the decide to go to the Disco. DK is watching people dancing from upper level. He is about to leave when he notices Disha on the dance floor. DK comes down and Sanya thinks he came for her. Sanya sees DK staring at Disha.
Inder leaves with Disha as some guys start pushing her at the floor. DK is about to approach, Sanya stops him. Inder receives a call from Rano. They talk about now being a family. Disha is cornered by DK. He talks to Disha about a modeling assignment. She refuses but he keeps on asking her to think about it.
Disha's chunni gets stuck. She slaps DK thinking he hold it. She later figures out but DK has already left. DK keeps on thinking about Disha. He can't understand why Disha slapped him? Taaj comes to DK and tells him that he could not find the girl as Mumbai is too big a city.
DK tells Taaj that the girl is in the same hotel and asks him to figure out what she is doing there. Taaj fixes an appointment for Disha, Inder and Gautam to meet DK for the next day. DK is eagerly waiting for Disha the next day. He watches Disha on video camera.
DK keeps on looking at Disha's face at the video camera. He is happy that now it is his time. DK enters the meeting room. Disha is shocked. She keeps on remembering her slapping to DK and gets nervous. Disha could not do the presentation properly. DK leaves but sends message that they got the contract.
Suhasini is hiding about Rano and Inder's relationship and Sukanya wants to know what Taai is hiding. At a late hour, DK is relaxing and he receives a call from his assistant that a girl wants to meet him urgently. He asks to send her in. DK goes to his office to meet the girl, it is Disha. She is already waiting for him.
DK asks Disha what he can do for her. He asks her to call him "Dushyant" as she is not his employee. Disha says sorry for her behaviour that she does not know why she reacted that way that night. She says she is grateful that in spite of that and her bad presentation, he gave the contract to them.
She bids him goodnight and is about to leave when DK asks her name. She tells him her name is Disha. Disha tells DK that if there is anything at all that they can do, just tell her. They would do anything for him. DK tells her about the modelling assignment he talked about before and gives her a copy of contract to read.
DK tells Disha to do modelling and all she has to do is wear the jewelleries and nothing else. Disha is shocked. Disha asks what if she refuses? DK says that the contract would be snatched away. DK says he can't wait forever and asks her to reply in 10 or 11 minutes and leaves. Disha is shocked.
Disha cannot believe that a person like DK would stoop so low. She thinks over and goes back to DK. DK asks what her decision is. She tells him that the contract is precious to her family. Disha tells him that the contract is precious to the family but not as precious as the family's honor.
Disha tells that her family may get sad but will be happy that she didn't take wrong steps. She tears the contract. Disha is leaving and DK warns her about consequences. He says he would give her more time to think. Disha leaves saying she doesn't need any time. On the way she tells Inder and Gautam everything.
They decide not to tell anybody at the home. There is party for the contract and engagement of Inder and Rano. Gautam Inder and Disha are shocked. Disha cries in her room. Inder tells her that he would tell everybody. Inder is about to tell but Aai asks Disha to stop him. She does so and Rano comes and takes away Inder.

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try to post them at ur tumhari disha site
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DK's Conspiracy and Vijendra's Death

Disha overhears Anil and Sukanya's conversation and finds out that she is not their's but their servant's daughter. Disha knows truth about her birth. Vijendra and Suhasini tell her that she would always be their daughter. Disha is walking on the road thinking about her childhood. She is nearly hit by a car. It is DK in his car.
DK says even God wants us to meet and asks her about her decision. She tells him her decision is always final. Suhasini and Aazoba talks about Disha and the financial problem the family is facing. Disha is surprised to receive a call from DK. DK again asks her to do modelling and Disha again refuses.
DK tells Disha that he is very aggressive and gets what he wants. She would do modelling for her. DK tells Disha that she doesn't know the limit of his aggressiveness and hope that she doesn't to see it also. DK, Miss Roy and Taaj are talking. Taaj asks why he plays chess alone. He says sometimes you need to loose.
Since nobody can beat him, he beats himself sometimes. Chess is good for business as it is a game of brains. Vijendra and Anupam arrives. He tells DK that Disha told him that you are behind ruining my business. He tells DK not to play chess as it is a game of brains, not of betrayal. He gives check to Shikha Roy and leaves.

After Anupam and Vijendra leaves, Taaj says the step came to be a bad one. DK laughs over it. DK watches the news of TV that the bank whose check Vijendra had given to Sikha Roy has been closed. He tells himself that he would create such a circle that Disha will have to dance in his tunes all her life.
Sikha DK and Taaj talk about bank being closed. It was DK who was after the bank being closed. Disha receives a call. DK says it is "DUSHYANT KUMAR SEHGAL" and his numbers are always correct. DK talks to Disha about his and her father's position. He tells Disha, that much of amount he can throw for her.
Disha tells DK that the Bhonsle family would never end and her Baba has enough courage to fight. DK comes to Disha's house. When asked by Disha, he tells can't he come to his future home? Everybody is angry and shocked of DK's visit. DK again tells Disha if she agrees, everything can be fixed.
Vijendra yells at DK. Disha stops him from making his hands dirty by hitting DK. Vijendra asks Disha to go inside. DK warns not to dare. For his last attemp, he gave him answer that can be seen in his family member's faces. Vijendra asks DK to get out of his house. DK laughs and asks if anybody needs to say anything else.

DK says if you can pay me five times the price of the house, I would give this house back and leaves laughing. At home, DK is drinking. DK calls Disha and tells her that he has booked a bed in city hospital for her father. He looks at Disha's pictures and says he is having so much fun in the game. He is giving what he promised her.
Vijendra gets heart attack. Disha tries to pacify Aazoba who is worried about Vijendra. DK sends people for packing at Disha's house. Disha gets them out of the house. DK calls again. Aazoba asks Disha who is calling, she tells him its a wrong number. DK taunts her for lying.
He tells Disha that if she comes to her senses, she pay a visit to him at his house at night and disconnects call. Disha goes to DK. She asks about the contract papers and he mocks he did not hear what she said. Disha takes the contract papers. DK tells her to sign the papers. She signs the papers.
DK tells her that he is not a bad person but she made him do it all and he became bad. Vijendra and Gautam are looking for Disha. DK calls and tells Vijendra that Disha is doing the modelling. Disha is brought home and Vijendra tears the contract. Vijendra is able to get loan from Mehta to pay DK.

Vijendra is leaving to get money from Mehta. Disha ties her goodluck charm given to her by Rano on his wrist. Disha tells Aazoba that she feels responsible for all the mess. Aazoba pacifies her. Taaj tells DK that Vijendra has been able to arrange money from Mehta. Mehta is DK's rival.
Sukanya and Rano's taxi meets with an accident with a car. It was Vijendra's car. DK is stunend to hear about Vijendra's death. He tells Taaj that he is a hunter not a killer. Suhasini does not let Disha touch her baba's dead body. She blames Disha for everything
Disha is shocked and not in senses with her Baba's death. Inder slaps her and takes her to his room when.... Everybody is shocked to hear the sounds of DK's support stick. DK pays a visit to Bhonsle house. Inder tries to hit DK when he sees him there. Anupam stops him saying that it is not a right time.
He goes to everybody in the room. He gestures to everybody that he is sorry. He sees hate in Disha's eyes. He tells Aazoba that he is sorry and says that he prays everybody have the strength to comeover the loss. Inder comes out after DK and gives him some lecture. He says that he would definitely meet him again.

Inder comes out after DK and gives him some lecture. He says that he would definitely meet him again. DK gets home and Sanya is waiting for him. He tells Sanya how he is and she replies she can try. Rano tells Disha that she feels guilty of her father's death. She feels she could have saved her father.
Suhasini comes in the room and asks Rano to leave. she tells that she needs to talk to Disha. Suhas asks Disha to leave her and her family alone and asks her not to show her face to her. Disha decides to leave the house. She writes a letter to her father, leaves at his feet and leave the house.
She says she was her father's, She is her father's and she would always be her father's Disha. DK is at his place, alone, playing piano. Disha appears in his house unexpectedly. DK is still surprised by Disha's visit and is shocked when Disha asks him, "Will you marry me?"
The family readies itself to perform Vijendra's last rites but cannot trace Disha. Aajoba is restless. Rano tells Inder that when Disha is upset she goes to temple.She must be there. Aazoba tells Inder that it is better if Disha doesn't see her father's body going out.

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i like the story in pictures thing because I never watched the beginning of the show it was really easy to catch up with the pictures and the little writing its really neat too good job to whoever made itClap
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woowww thankss memsaab they're great really really appreciate it !! Big smile

Love Asian Princess

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HI Memsaab!!!

Thanks Alot U have done a gr8 job!!!!!ClapClapClap

Love Eran!!!!

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