CID SB: Bride Black Series - March 13-16

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This series, THE BRIDE WHO WORE BLACK had been aired before. Here are the updates written by priya.nair

The Bride Who Wore Black Part 1 
Repeat ~
Oct 3rd 2005

In a heavily guarded house a girl is putting makeup when she hears another girl crying out loud . She goes out to check and sees a girl pleading to a man to let hergo home . Along with the man is 2 body guards and they say that she is really annoying and to do something about her. the guy says no problem and shoots her on her head. The first girl is shown all shocked( Effects were good).

Pratap comes to the place called LoversPoint where Abhimanyu, Samar and Jasmine are with a body covered in mud. The body has been slit in the neck less than a day old and with no identification. Pratap saysas its lovers point lot of people visit there but Samar says that there is a track of a car that has skidded due to the rains and got stuck in a hole. There is also a track of a tow truck indicating the driver of the car should have been there for some time and possibly seen something.

Niyati cleans the body and Ajaatshatru sees bangle pieces in the water. Also the guys hand smells of Mehendi.Pratap and the team are questioning the owner Lokender and his wife of the car. They say that while they were waiting for the tow truck they saw a girl and guy arguing in a car. The guy is tellig her that she cannot ditch him in the last min and she says she has her life and cannot help anything. The girl tells the guy to leave her home if not she will kill him. Lokender wife's also tells that the girl had a lot of bangles in her hand and mehnedi too and it looks like she was getting married soon as her clothes were like that too. Lokender tells them by that time their tow truck came so they left.

Akshay comes to Bob ( he is so funny lookingand cute) and sees him with Boxing gloves and healthy food stuff . It was a funny scene where Bob tells him he is trying to become like Pratap. Akshay tells him he has some secret job for him. He tells Bob that he has to find outin the city where there are shaadi's happening.

Ajaatshatru is playing darts and Samar and Abhimanyu are drinking coffee and discusing the case when Akshay comes there and says as this is not shaadi season It has become easy as there is only 3 shaadi's to which Samar says thats sad and Akshay says don't worry your turn will come. Akshay continues that there was only one person who has had Mehendi and shows them the photo Samar is stunned seeing the picture and there is a flashback where he is with this photo girl telling Jasmine that this girl is his wife to be. Akshay says that this girl name is to which Samar says Hira. Akshay is like oh wow you know this sitting in the office. Samar says are u sure this girl is getting married. Akshay seeing his crestfallen face and tells him fear not Samar your shaadi ka turn will come soon. Samar says I was supposed to be getting married to this girl till 2 months ago. Abhimanyu says that this girl must have comitted the crime to which Samar gets angry and tells him that is not possible.Abhimanyu tells him that he is thinking like a CID officer and although she is Samar;s friend he may not know her well. Samar says that is not possible to which Ajaatshatru says that now they will find out who really Hira is.

Samar, Tejali and Ajaatshatru goes to Hira's house. Wedding Celebrations are in full swing . Hira's dad Satish(he is the actor who was Inder;s dad in Tumhari Disha) on seeing Samar gets angry and asks him why he has come there after the insult on that day (they did not say anything about it). Ajaatshatru says they are from CID SB and they need to meet hira.Hira's Uncle (he acts as Abhay;s Dad in KKusum)tells them that Hira is sick and resting . Ajaatshatru tells Tejali to go bring Hira. Satish gets angry and Ajaatshatru just ignores and follwos Tejali. Tejali enters the house and Hira's mom ( she is also seen in many shows) tells she is sleeping. When Tejali removes the covers she sees it was just pillows there and no Hira.

Preview Hira is crying and holding on to the guy at Lover's Point. Hira's Mom tells Ajaatshatru that Samar had come there last night. Someone telling Hira that this is her new house and she will be there forever.Bob and Jasmine in disguise as wedding
singers. Satish saying that they need to leave as this is shaadi ka Mahaul.CID SB team leave saying they will be back.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----

The Bride Who Wore Black Part 2 
Repeat ~
Oct 4th 2005

Tejali asks where is Hira. The mother says they do not know where she is and has been missing since last night. Satish tells them to leave as this is their personal matter but Ajaatshatru informs them that now Hira is a part of a murder. The mother says that is not possible. Hira did not want to get married and that was due to Samar as he had come last night to meet Hira.She saw Hira speaking to someone outside the houe and when Hira came back she asked hira who she was speaking too and Hira replied Samar.Samar says he had not seen Hira for 2 months. SAtish tells them to leave as his prestige is at stake and once the shaadi is over they can talk to Hira. Ajaatshatru agrees to leave but on the note they will come back soon to meet Hira.

Hira is shown in a house where there are flashbacks of her holding the dying guy who keeps shouting hira and dies. Hira looks at the blood in her hands and runs to the bathroom to wash them.

In CID SB Tejali is upset that they came back and she and Akshay tell Ajaatshatru that what he did is like accepting defeat. Ajaatshatru explains that they cannot do anything as that is shaadi ka mahaul but they will find some alternate way. He asks Akshay to call Bob and asks Tejali toget Hira's number from Samar and find out where Hira had called last from the phone company Niyati tells ajaatshatru that the person has injection marks all over his face and they look like botox. ajaatshatru tells samar to find out from which clinic he was getting this botox treatment done Bob and Jasmine come to the shaadi house dressed as cooks and tells hira;s mom that the old maharaj is sick so they have come ( they show bob had tied up the real maharaj ). While Bob is managing the food Jasmine goes to search Hira;s roo. while searching she hears footsteps and hides. she sees a man only his legs come to the room and from the bedside table take something and leave. Jassmine checks the table but finds nothing and is left wondering who the man is and what he was doing in Hira's room. They show the girl in the first episode ( who saw the muder) crying and the guy who killed comes in with Hira. He tells her now she is going to be living her . Samar is in the last clinic and there he finds out more details about the dead man. The receptionists says the dead man was a model and that he had come to remove his wrinkles on the face and his name is dev. Samar takes the address and goes to the house and sees hira"s pictures over there. He calls pratap and tells him the details he found. Pratap tells him he is coming there . Right then someone hits samar on his head. pratap hears the noise and calls samar but samar is lying on the ground  unconscious.

Preview Pratap and Akshay are talking to someone who tells them that Dev was not a model but a model coordinator and apiring girls went to him. They show a ring of fire burning. Jasmine tells Bob that when she was searching a man came to the room but she did not see his face. Ajaatshatru,Pratap and Akshay are standing at a gate and Ajatshatru asking why did Dev send girls pictures here.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----

The Bride Who Wore Black Part 3 
Repeat ~
Oct 5th 2005

The limping man is looking at Samar's unconscious body and then removes Hira's pictures and scatters it around the body.Tejali and Pratap are stuck in a traffic jam.The man lights the papers and forms a fire around Samar;s body and leaves. Luckily Tejali and Pratap come there . Samar says he does not know what happens beside when he was talking to Pratap someone hit his head from behind. Tejali says that all the evidences have been burnt but Pratap says lets send to Niyati and see what she can find out.

Pratap brings the papers to Dr Niyati and Niyati after examining that says that these are burnt photographs( There is a funny scene here with Niyati and Ajaashatru Ajoo is impatient and Niyati cracks soem jokes). .She sees that on one of them there is some thing clickwell written on it and Ajaashatru says most likely that is a studio name . Pratap, Abhimanyu and Akshay go to the clickwell studio where the owner tells them that Dev is his regular customer but not a model but model cordinater. He brings all his models there to get their portfolio done. The owner continues and says that he gives Dev one copy of the photo and he sends another set to another address by post. Jasmine tells Bob about the guy in the room . She says that his shoes were very weird. One was bigger than the other.They decide to search in the mandap . There is another comdy scene where Bob is trying to get the maid to eat the ladoos. Right then Satish comes there and he sends them away . Bob notices that Satish is limping and goes and tells Jasmine.

All the guys ( 3A&P) come to the address given by the studio owner. They see the house locked and the outside looks like no one has been there .The opposite house's watchman says that there is something odd . For the past year no one stays there but lots of letters come to that house. Then exactly 2 hours later a car comes there a person takes the letter and goes. Ajaatshatru thinks that there may be some alarm in the letter box which informs the person to come and pick it up. He decides to send a mail and keep an eye on the house.

The postman comes and drops a letter at 3:15. At 5:12 they hide and they see at 5:15 a car comes there. A guy comes and picks up the mail and the CID team follows him. Satish is asking his wife whether she got any parcel. The mother is upset that all he cares is about the parcel and not the daughter who has been missing for 2 days. Jasmine hears this and calls Ajaatshatru and tells him what she heard. They also tell her they are following a car where the guy also has a parcel. Jasmine thinks it may be the same and Ajaatshatru says  they will find out soon. While Jasmine is talking they show a guy listening in only show his hands getting locked.( I thougth he  would do something to Jasmine) but he just walks out and thinks that CID people are follwoing the white car and he needs to do something.( This guy does not look like Satish)  He takes something out of hsi pocket like a phone and presses a button and you get to see the car bursts into flames.
Preview : Akshay is askign what happened all of a sudden,Ajaatshatru is saying tthat some one has used a remote control bomb. Akshay gets a call from Bob telling him Jasmine is missing. Satish is asking who is inspector Jasmine and Bob says Meri wife Jassmine writes a car number in Blood. Akshay and Pratap  see that and say that this is Jasmine's work as only a CID person would  do this. Ajaatshatru is very angry and he says what do they think Kidnapping a CID officer. they will soon be caught.

  ------------------------------------------------------------ ----


The Bride Who Wore Black Part 4 
Repeat ~
Oct 6th 2005

Jasmine finishes the call is going back to Bob when a guy closes her mouth. Satish and his wife is seeing at the same time talking.Jasmine is brought to the room and the person who;s hand we saw before we get to see his face. It is Hira's uncle and he has a knife in his hand and he tells Jasmine he overheard the conversation and got to know she is from CID and hence he also blew up the bomb.

The 3 A's and P are stunned and get out and try to save the guy but he is dead. Akshay is asking what could have happened . Abhimanyu says he must have known that he was being followed. Akshay says then he would have tried to escape to which Ajaashatru says that someone knew about it and hence blew up the car with a remote control.As they are trying to figure out how someone knew that they were following the car Akshay gets a call frrom Bov saying that Jasmine is missing. Bob asks Satish and his wife where Jasmine is and Satish asks him who is Jasmine .Bob says she is Meri Wife a CID inspector and that they are there on an undercover mission (This scene was too funny . Bob was in charge and he was doing the acting of being a CID officer so well. I am still laughing writing this) A's and P reach there and bob tells him that Satish is the kidnapper as he was limping Satish says he has hurt his leg thats why he was limping and that turns to be right. Ajaatshatru asks Satish about the parcel and as he cannot say that in front of everyone  all the guests are asked to leave. Satish says he has a big loss in business and right then his friend Sanjay said that he can help him on a condition. The condition was he wanted his son married to Hira and the parcel was the contract papers that stated that.Akshay asks him if he knew someone who limps for which Satish says the only person is Kailash his neighbour.

Jasmine is brought to a house where she sees Hira and asks if she is fine. Hira says she is fine except that she has been given some injection due to which she feels very uneasy and giddy. The guy who killed the girl in the first episode is also there .He asks hira's uncle who is really Kailash the neighbour why he bought a CID inspector.Kailash tells him boss do not worry the car is waiting and we shall leave after erasing all evidences in this house, All the girls go to the car while Jasmine manages to escape. She sees the truck number and with blood writes it on the ground. She then goes in the truck . sje asks Hira how did she get into this racket. Hira says that she wanted to become a model so she met Dev who is a model
coordinator.Dev was sending her to Paris for an assignment. She actually was all ready to run away with Dev when she met her
to be husband. He said he had no problem with her modeling after marriage so she went that night to tell Dev she would not be able to go with him. Dev tries to tell her that the people she is working with are not going to spare her. Right then she continue that Kailash uncle came there and said he has come to take care of the work. Dev tells him to spare Hira and he will get much better models but Kailash does not listen and kills Dev and brougth her to that house.

The CID men go to Kailash's house where the servant says he has run away leaving his car behind. In the car they find a lot of sand and the servant says that he has another house near the sea. They go to the sea house and there they find the number of the truck left behind and Akshay is impressed at Jasmine;s Cid work. Jasmine finds that little of the back of the truck is open. She throws her dupatta out through out.

In the bureau Ajaatshatru tells Akshay that he is sure Kailash heard Jasmine talking and hence blew the car. Akshay tells him that Samar is talking ot the traffic police, pratap is trying to locate the truck and abhimanyu is checking the nakas. Ajaatshatru is very angry and he says what do they think, its not simple to Kidnap a CID officer and plan a escape they will be caught. Akshay gets a call of an accident where a driver of a car was behind a tempo and from the tempo a dupatta came on his windshield As the tempo was in Tank road three cars one with akshay and Akatshatru, another with pratap and another with Abhimanyu go to Tank road. The surround the car and the truck and arrest Kailash and his boss after Hira tells them what happened .

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thanks Natasha...

i actually missed this case coz i think i was on holiday!

Bob-Akshay scenes were too good today!! LOL
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Thanks....but does anyone have the vidoe of it??
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Originally posted by harleen grewal

Thanks....but does anyone have the vidoe of it??

 i found part one! but i dont noe were the other one's are!

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They will be posted up in the next three day by Nomi.
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shaks this story was pretty good. i liked it
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thanks but anyone has a video
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hey BOb n jasmine doin such gr8 job in disguise.......luv d comic timing between d 2......hey can any1 put both their pics frm this story in r gallery...PLs.......

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