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poonam kg
poonam kg

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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by hetal

hi poonam..sis..but i like pakhi.. Smile

sure Di u can call me anything whatever u wantSmile.........u r the first person who knows my real name.Embarrassed.....and dat time u also say dat kii u like u call me pakhi.Tongue

why do you like airforce?

i love my country so much n iwanna do something for my country Smile.......and when i recently visit 2 my brother's place who recently join army as "officer commending /medical officer(doctor in army)."...den my eyes r just spread up.Tongue........what a royal life of army .Tonguei stay there 4 one weak and everyone treat me very specially .Smilei feel like princess there.Embarrassed.......but the q. raise dat why i love airforce among all wings of army den my ans. is dat ........coz i love the height of sky , so i just wanna feel dat heights.Big smiledats why i wanna join air-force.Tongue
what do you like about arjun?

oh kya kahoon.Embarrassed.....i love his eyes he have most facsinating, Tongueimpressive Tonguen expressiveTongue eyes of dis universeEmbarrassed........n i also love his sweet n innocent smile.Embarrassed

if i talking about the cha. "arjun" den i must say dat.......i like his way of expressing his love its slow n soft have depth Tongue....n its totally pure Tongue..pure as soul .pure as god.Smile
how many hours do you spent on IF?

if i m free den 3-4 hr. ...n if i m busy den 1-2 hr.Tongue
what was your first impression at saarrthi forum?

saarthi fourm is like my familySmile.......coz before joining saarthi fourm i always think dat on the internet max. ppls. telling lie.....n they never reliable.but here is only n only saarthi fourms which changed my view.Smile.....i find so many great persons n frnds here.Big smile
who was your first friend on IF?

shiva is my  first frnd on IF .Tongue
how often do you visit historical places in Rajasthan?( so many palaces...)

well i visited so many palaces junagarh fort n lalgarh palace (bikaner), .......aamer fort(jaipur), ........ city palace and jag mandir (udaipur),.n jag mandir is really very beautiful palace.its situated in a lake like udaipur is the city of lakes.Smile......n u remenber the "song chamkati shaam hai" from "yaadein" its shooted at jag mandir  udaipur..Tongue

i recently visited at sonar fort at jaislmer.n its only fort in india which is the living fort .Tongue.n its a amazing experience 4 me 2 see the ppls lives in a fort.Smile

but i only went there when any guest comes 2 my homeTonguecoz i love 2 going place wid full of nature n greenery instead of historical palaces coz i love nature.Smile

thanks 4 ur wonderful q.HugHug

amina877 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
wow Big smile
congrats poonam Clap
i hope u have fun Big smile Wink
poonam kg Goldie
poonam kg
poonam kg

Joined: 11 March 2006
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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:31pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by rajeev4aamna

Congrats Poonam! Chalo Jaan ur turn 2 be on the hot seat LOL Enjoy ur time! ...........thanksssssss alots hunny.Smile

My questions
-Wat do u enjoy doing the most?

i love watching moon n stars at night.Tongue
-Wat is ur fav past time?

log-on 2 SIF.Smile

-Wat 3 things u cant live without?

saarthi, SIF, my PC.Smile

-Wat 3 people cant u live without?

arjun  , my whole family, my frnds.Tongue

-Wat matters the most in any human...Their internal or external personalities?

only internal beauty coz external beauty changed wid time but internal beauty never change.......Smile.if a person have external beauty but no internal beauty at all den dat person have no means 4 me.Smile

-How wuld u define luv?

love is the most beautiful n purest feeling of dis 4 me is the name of faith n the name of understanding..Tongue......true love always have a depth means sacerifies totally giving not taking at all........pyaar kuch lene ka nahin balki dene ka naam hai.Smile....true love never wants return.Smile
-How wuld u define friendship?

frndship is the only relation which is made by us coz all realtions made by god but frnds choosen by us.....most important thing in frndship is trust n understanding.Tongue

-Wat is more important in a relation, luv or trust?

trustTongue never exist w/o trust ;; w/o trust is like body w/o soul.

-How much does honesty matter 2 u?

very much...i myself is avery honest personTongue..........n i also expect dat everyone should be honest 2 me..i like 2 hear a unpleasent truth instead of a pleasent false.Smile

-Wat makes u mad?

arjun!Heart arjun !Heart arjun!Heart arjun !Heart arjun!HeartHeart

-Wat makes u happy? of kids.Tongue.....full moon,Tongue rain.Tongue
-Describe wat Saarthi Forum means 2 u...

alots i can't imagine my life w/o SIF .Tongue

-How much do u believe in God? in destiny?

ya i belive in destiny but not much.....but i blindly belive in god...i always find god wid me in each n every turn of life.Tongue
-Wat do u plan 2 achieve?

i wanna become a fighter pilot.Smile

-Wat is the meaning of family?

lotssssssssss , i can't live w/o my family Tongue....i have "home sickness."but my family say dat i have a "room sickness"LOL ....coz i can't live w/o my room.Embarrassed.........when i m selected in engg. my brother wants dat i choose the collage of pune or mumbai .but i refused coz i can't live w/o my family.....but now i think dat if i  had choose the mumbai collage den i have a chance 2 meet my arjunEmbarrassed
Ok now sum really hard ones... Wink ...... i m ready.Wink
-Wat wuld u rate my Jaan on a scale of 1-10 (In btwn if u dont know who Im referring 2 its Rajeev Khandelwal (Sujal Garewal of Kahiin To Hoga...Hes in my siggy))

i know very well dat who is ur jaan....Wink......rajeev is from my rajasthan so he is like my brother.(waise except arjun everyboy is like my brother.) i give him....100/10......afterall he is my teesha's jaan.Tongue

-Wat wuld u rate me on a scale of 1-10? n y?

infinite/10 ........jaan i don't even  dare 2 rate u .......u r precious 4 me...... tum mere liye anmol ho.Embarrassed
-Do u want 2 say sumthing 2 me? Any msg?

u r a very sweet n clear heart personTongue....always remain like dis coz its really very rare to find a person like u in dis time.Big smile

Chalo 4 now...Kaafi hai...Will let the others warm ur seat more LOL Once again Congrats n Enjoy! ......sure i m ready ...n thanks once again.Tongue

Luv u Lots.....Teesha

loves u too hunny.HugHug

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poonam kg
poonam kg

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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:32pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by tunna

congo pakhi... amen poonam... Thumbs Up thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much tuhina.Tongue
i think every1 els hav alrdy asked all ques... no probs. ur q. is good.Tongue
my only ques.... why ur user name was pakhi b4... i thought ur name was pakhi??? Tongue

well i don't like my real name much so i make my ID as pakhi.Big smile


thanks 4 ur q.TongueHug

poonam kg Goldie
poonam kg
poonam kg

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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:32pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by diya7000

Hai Pammu congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will ask my questions later.

thankssssssss alotsssssss anu.Big smile.i m waiting.Smile

poonam kg Goldie
poonam kg
poonam kg

Joined: 11 March 2006
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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by raj_sahil

well hy poonam it's me former member of week tamaana...Winkfirst of all conjs. for the new member of the week...thankss alots tamannaSmile

well here is my questions goes...

1= why do u like i said before dat i love my country .n i love the heights of sky.Tongue

2= if u get a chance to marry some one from saarrthi serial whom u will choose ~ why.

arjunHeart 4 sure..Embarrassed...coz i like the way of expressing his love .....his way is really very soft.Tongue....n it have depthTongue n true love always have a depth...........not only in saarthi ,if u ask dat with whom i wanna marry in this universe den my ans. remin the same .......arjun n only arjun.Embarrassed

3=what is love for u discribe it.

love is the most beautiful n purest feeling of dis 4 me is the sacrifies totally giving not taking at all. love 4 me is the name of trust n is pure ..pure as god pure as soul......but i believe in true love only not in affairs.Tongue

some more question will be on there way ok...sure i m waiting.Smile


thanks 4 ur sweet q..Tongue

poonam kg Goldie
poonam kg
poonam kg

Joined: 11 March 2006
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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:35pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by saniyarumani

congratulations Poonam awwwwwww saniya its so sweet of u .Smileits good 2 see u back after a long time.TongueHugHug

here are my questions

1.what is one thing you like in karan grover? oh goshhhhhh only one.....Embarrassedok.............

his eyes ....i love his eyes...he has very fascinating, impressive n expressive eyes.Tongue
2. honesty to you is....

honesty means alots for me .......i always being so much honest in my life ..n u know dat.Smile
3. If you had to play a role in saarrthi what would it be?

bhoomi.......coz its very innocent charTongue.......n yeah obviously its wid my arjun.Embarrassed
4. which is one character in sarrthi closest to you? i mean which character is more like you?

bhoomi....coz i m very innocent like her.Embarrassed
5. what is your favourate pasttime.

log-on 2 SIF .and music ....Smile

thats it i wont bug you now bye!!!!!

thanks alots 4 ur amazing q.HugHug

poonam kg Goldie
poonam kg
poonam kg

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Posted: 14 March 2006 at 4:35pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ne_sha

hi pakhi congratulations and hapy holi in advance Smile .

thanksss alots neshuTongue n how is ur exams going on.Wink...happy holi 2 u too.Big smile
my ques. are as foll.Big smile
choose one
karan or neha ......karan 4 sure.Embarrassed

bhoomi or manasvi ...difficult one....ok bhoomi.Tongue

chocolate or ice cream ...oh god i love both.but i m mad 4 chocolate.Smile

suit or saari ..well i had no chance 2 wear saari yet..but 4 future i love saari.Big smileEmbarrassed

ethnic dress or western outfit .. both...but if i choose one den ethenicTongue

yahaan or tum bin ....tum bin 4 sure.Smile

sonu nigam or mohd. rafi ..haila ye kya baat comparision yaar......but i say sonu.Smile

lataji or shreya ghoshal  i like shreya so much but lataji is  unmatchable so.......       lataji 4 sureSmile

old movies or new movies

soft romantic new tum-bin.Tongue

mushy tracks or peppy tracks

soft romantic tracks.Smile

which genre of movie do u like
comedy LOL or emotional Cry ....emotionalEmbarrassed

ur fav. colourTongue i love blue i have max. things which r blue....except blue white n black.Big smile.but i don't like red colour.Ouch

choose b/w karan and jimmy shergill ...karan!Heart  karan !Heart  karan !Heart  karan !Heart karan !Heart & only karan!Heart

the fantasy u wish to come true Wink .marry to karan grover.Embarrassed

what do u like the most about I.f.

i find very good persons on SIF.Big smile

how much time do u spend on I.F. daily at an average LOL

haila!!!!!! ok 4 avg. 1.59.59 hr.LOL

who is ur fav. member on I.f. Embarrassed (no need to be diplomatic, be specific)

OMG !!!!!!! u wanna kill me kya,Embarrassed most diff. q.........i love each n every one Smilebut i know dat u gonna kill me 4 dis.LOLLOLLOL...ok some names......shiva, shirley, tina, hetal Di,teesha, neshu, saniya, shazy, anu, lisha,sana,gunjan, tuhina,barbie ,pinky sapna,mamta,ena,megha, marrium,zeshaan,khushi.Big smileTongue

that is it 4 nowSmile Smile

thanks alots gor ur wonderful q. neshu.HugHug

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