Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Megz's VirMan Fantasy: Soumini gets VirMan married

IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
shoutout to everyone who liked my previous fantasy..and to all the ff writers on this forum for being so talented-(booksfreak07 your 'beautiful' series is amazing! Embarrassed) now thanks to you'll you'll have to read another one of my paagal fantasies. ErmmLOL
Soumini gets VirMan married

'Hey beautiful,' whispered Viren, slinking his arms around Jeevika's waist. She ignored him and continued to concentrate on the spices she was adding to the paneer makhani she was making for dinner. 

'Ermm,' Viren thought, 'new tactic.' He put his hands on Jeevika's shoulders, wanting to alleviate the literal pain in her neck after serving a thousand guests that had come that day for the party Dadaji had thrown to celebrate Viren's victory over Jaiswal. She still ignored him.

'I'm not talking to you,' she said matter-of-factly.

'Why?' he asked, with that cute 'I'm-so-confused' smile on his face.

'For the past two months my husband was apparently trying not to get murdered, and I was cooking food. That's the height of awesomeness,' she said sarcastically. Viren scratched his head, then realized. She was talking about the Jaiswal fellow. 

'But Jeevika,' he whined, but she sailed out of the kitchen before he could defend himself. 

Virat and Maanvi analysed the couple carefully and then both reached a common conclusion: Uh-oh.

'It's all your fault,' said Virat, gorging on the delicious kababs his bhabhi had just made. Sometimes he felt that his Jeevika bhabhi should audition for MasterChef.

'Why my fault?' asked Maanvi defensively.

'All this started happening only when you came into the house.' 

'Excuse me,' she said, her eyes a pair of hot coals, 'but all this was happening much before the wedding even, and you knew about it.'

'Kay kay, meri Choudarain,' he said, throwing up his hands in defense. Come to think of it, an angry Maanvi looks more delicious than a piece of vegetables and flour, he thought to himself with a smile.

'What are you smiling about?' she asked suspiciously. 

'Just wondering how lucky a guy can be,' he said, slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her into the dimly lit storeroom near the kitchen, 'when his own mother invites his girlfriend to stay at his house,' pushing her against the door which slammed shut as he said the word 'house'. 

'Oye,' she said,glaring at him,, 'I'm not your girlfriend. And just because I allowed you to hug me once doesn't mean I'm going to allow you to do it again.'

'Who's talking about hugs?' he asked mischievously. 'I have a reputation for a lot more than just that.' 

He pressed her lips to hers, his arms suddenly filled with a fierce urgency. After having his heart broken once, he'd never thought he'd get attracted to a girl again, but strangely enough Maanvi turned him on in a way that even his ex-girlfriend didn't. Perhaps it was the way she was so feminine, and yet she didn't have her head floating in the air. 

And okay fine, perhaps she couldn't make kababs the way his Jeevika bhabhi did, but then, that was the only area where his Viren bhaiyya got luckier. 

Maanvi pushed him away and tried to open the door, but in vain. Virat reached out for her waist and pulled her back, crushing her neck against his mouth and travelling down till he had reached the strings that tied her salwar kameez. He slowly began untying them with his fingers.

'Get away you Chep!' she screamed, though she could feel the hairs on the nape of her neck tingle as he moved his lips over them. 

Soumini Bua, who had been telling in delighted tones to her friend about how her nephew had won a case against a powerful builder, was shocked to hear the loud voice coming from the storeroom. Oh god, she thought, what is that girl up to now?

She immediately hurried to the kitchen and opened the storeroom door. Lying on top of each other, with their hands wrapped around each other's waists were her younger nephew Virat and that godforsaken girl, Maanvi.

'Tum log kya kar rahe ho?' she asked, dropping the phone with an appropriate amount of horror on her face. Virat entangled himself from Maanvi and got up, feeling a chill run down his spine. Damnit! Why did she have to come just when things were getting exciting??!

'Woh Soumini bua, hum log gir gaye,' said Maanvi lamely, immediately jumping to an excuse before Virat could say anything. 'Woh hum log...hum log storeroom saaf kar rahe the, or galti se main phisal gayi.'

Soumini rolled her eyes. 'You might not be used to it, but we have servants in the house to clean our rooms Maanvi.' 

She turned around and stomped away. Virat gazed at her for a nanosecond then turned back to Maanvi.

'Let's continue,' he said with a wink.

'No way,' she said disgustedly. He pulled her back by the arm. 'Even Soumini Bua couldn't save you Maanvi. Now what will the poor bandariya do?' he whispered enticingly into her ear.

Maanvi scowled, then fluttered her eyelashes. 'Oooh Virat, you have no idea of this bandariya's tricks..' she said in a mock high-pitched tone, running her hands over this chest. Virat felt his heart do a million high jumps as she pulled him back into the storeroom for more. 

Soumini sat in her study, pondering over the scene she had just seen in the morning. For some strange reason she was unable to get the vision of Virat on top of Maanvi out of her mind. Had those two really been cleaning the storeroom, or something else?

No one knew the dangers of young love better than Soumini. At the same time, she wasn't about to let it interfere in Virat's life. He had got distracted once, but not again. She had to make him successful and get him married to someone cultured like Jeevika, and not that mischievous Maanvi. 

'Virat, what the heck? Please, I'm not that type of girl.' 

'You're behaving like I'm asking you to spend the night with me. All I want you to do is go for a date.'

'At nine 'o' clock in the night?'

'There are lots of restaurants open at nine in Chandigarh. Come, let's go.'

'My Beeji will kill me if she ever comes to know.'

'Sssh Maanvi,' he said suddenly, covering her mouth. 'Don't say stupid stuff.'

'You're behaving like I'm actually going to die. Look, all those fainting spells, it wasn't some kind of brain tumor okay? It's just that I have a weak immune system, like the doctor said.'

He surveyed her carefully. 'What?' she asked impatiently. 'Nothing,' he said softly.

Soumini was fast asleep when suddenly her cell phone buzzed.

She read the SMS carefully and then saw the photo attached along with it, feeling the level of dread in her heart increase with each moment. She had been right! Someone had snapped a photo of Virat and Maanvi holding hands at one of Chandigarh's five star restaurants. She suddenly formed an image of the next day's headlines in her mind. 'Virat Vadhera, the scion of Vadhera family, and the most eligible bachelor in Chandigarh-IS IN A RELATIONSHIP!' 

She immediately hurried to her father's room, her heart thudding. Oh no. All of her society friends must have seen the photo by now. She could just imagine the gossip it would create.  She bit her lip as she knocked on the door. How would her father react? What if he-god forbid-actually liked  the idea of the both of them together?

Dadaji looked at the picture grimly as Soumini showed it to him, hurriedly explaining what had happened. He then looked at her, and the impending dread of what they had to do was visible in the eyes of both the two.

There was no option. Virat and Maanvi would have to-gulp-get married


'So this is how your Virat Chachu and Maanvi Chachi got married,' said Viren seriously, covering his twin sons with the blanket. Of course, since they were only six, he had just told them the censored version of the story.

'Papa papa,' said Inder, the elder one, 'what about you and Mumma? How did you'll patch up?'

Viren gulped, thinking of the fiasco that had followed. He had known about Virat and Maanvi, but he had procrastinated when it had come to telling Jeevika. Needless to say, till one month after his brother got married, she had spent more time in the kitchen than in the bedroom. 

It was the only month in Virat's married life when he had not got burnt omelettes for breakfast. 


please press 'like button' if you liked my OS! Embarrassed

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Sorry it took me soo long to read, but that's probably your fault anyway Tongue
I had to literally stop in the middle of reading soo many times just to get my laughter under control. I just keep imagining swamini's face when she saw them together! And I love the name chaudhrain LOL
Gosh, you know I love your writing skills, you're seriously brilliant. And thanks for mentioning me, that was incredibly sweet of you!!!!
I just loved how you used the whole jeevi angle in the OS. Soo cute, I'm not very fond of jeevi as a couple on the show but this just made me drool.
And please keep writing!! You're an amazing writer with soo much creativity inside your head, never let it go.

Lots of love!!! Smile

PS My brain still can't get over the bebo main bebo song. I keep listening to it and it makes me smile everytime that I do, reminding me of your OS. Oh, and I noticed there's a line- hum ko bhi kya khabar thi, ishq hai apni tu tu main main- hahaha, totally applies to Virman!

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Lovely...Hope Soumini does the same in the show also...

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if d title didnt give me a heartattack, then the story did..LOL
oh my...swamini bua's thots...ROFLROFL
poor lady...khandaan ki izzat keliye kya kya karna padta hai..ROFL
n bechara viren...an angry jeevika is so rare...but lucky virat got gud food at his bhai's expense...LOL
sooo cute fantasy...Smile

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Okay megz seriously grl u r awesome beyond words loved this.
speciall u gave the explanation of ahem in store without crossing line and also the end of omlettes and children was PERFECT 

AMazing and miss u reHug

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Posted: 08 December 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
wat timing swamini bua..Clap
thnk god u went into dat storeroom..nw thnks 2 u VirMan r married..
god i love dese 2..der romance iz simply rockin..Heart
superb update sweets..Hug

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Big smileBrilliant Post!!!!ClapClapClap

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oye teri yeh kya tha?

sweet surprise indeed:D...maanvi on top...virat on top...swamini kaminis horrified face and dialog Tum log kya kar rahe ho?...Damnit! Why did she have to come just when things were getting exciting??!part...'Let's continue, part ;)...the mms aaand...oky ill stop blabbering here...Smile

that was totally kool megz...

oh and i totally love viren part...bechara

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