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WRITE dedications to APU/MONA (Page 3)

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no one can deny tht they both hv strong feelings for each other.Embarrassed ClapTonguebut AA doesn't look the type who wud break the marriage - he is rather committed.LOL LOLBUT tht is not able 2 stop him frm admiring M way 2 much.Clap
its so obvious it shows everytime. TongueTonguethe media smhow doesn't ever notice it ConfusedOuch.anyway it says they r good close friends. Tonguebut the truth is ( acc. 2 me tht is_, tht he........likes M so much....tht maybe he actually loves herEmbarrassed.
he misses her when he is not shooting wid her. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he says smthng magical happens everytime they r 2gether. Wink
he says there is nothing wrong or bad about M. NOTHING tht he thinks shoud b changed. for him she's good as she is. Wink
if she says she's fat, he tells she is PHAT ! Tongue
2 be serious, if she tells him she needs 2 reduce, he says no need she is just great as she is. TongueWinkEmbarrassed
he likes her face. Embarrassed
he loves her eyes. Tongue
he likes her smile. Tongue
he likes her nature. Tongue
he doesnt hv problems connecting wid her (he says no problems while shooting any scene). Embarrassed
even if they fight he says they r harmless squabbles. Embarrassed
he wants 2 work wid her for the rest of his life.Wink
he actually can't take his eyes off her. Clapproof ------ALL the vids v hv seen -- Popkorn Jassi's b'day, Ajk, even in tht diwali spl, and of coz in KKHN43.
In kudkudiya, he kept on looking at her. stealing glances. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
When dadi said 'Mona jaisi koi nahin' the way he cheered it showed his affection Embarrassed
also when tata salt khara kalakaar award was given 2 M. Embarrassed
recent epi. he actually smiled at her during the scene. Embarrassed
AJK no need 2 say anything abt tht.Embarrassed
Kudkud- it was all written on his face. Embarrassed
when asked abt their wedding , M asks him 'kar le?' which was ok. i mean she is smart while answering. but AA said " haan. bhagaa ke karni thi (wanted 2 run away and marry) " when asked why 'bhagaa ke' he said ' inke daddy se dar lagta hai mujhe' M was blushing - smiling, laughing happiily..................so mayb they were talking abt A-J's wedding, but why he said 'bhagaa ke'- (i mean no need for tht acc 2 serial or at least he knew they will never show tht)..plus he said inke 'daddy' not 'papaji'....anyways . WinkWinkTongue
of course tht kiss....even if it was acted upon, he was feeling great and happy and blusing red. Embarrassed
when he entered after tht, his fingers were moving on his cheeks, he felt very shy & looked at M with love. smiled at her . all this is acting? if yes, well they r SUPER actors, if no..........Wink
overall i an say they definitely r close,MORE than just good friends, and fine tht he's married, a yes man who wil listen 2 his wife, but i dont think tht stops him from loving M. Tongue
i wud rather nnot mention how he bcomes an introvert, a guuuud husband, an actor wid a typical forced smile pasted on his face, a dikhaava guy when he's with SS. Dead
wid MS, he' 's his own self. he laughs, enjoys, talks openly....Wink

one day perhaps v may seee him wid MS.Winkbut if his destiny wants him 2 b wid S sticklani,Crythen all the best 2 him.Big smileLOL

wht i only mean is, if he misses Mona when she's away, when he loves her as she is, when he can't stop admiring her face, eyes, nature, when he finds her his best, extremely special co-star & friend, then can u call all this as 'just friends'?

i cant.

wht do u ppl think ????Embarrassed

do post ur viewsTongue

insouciance IF-Rockerz

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ok people, i though that we all must write dedications to AA/mona..we have done it several times earlierEmbarrassed, but this time, tabs has promised us that she will give it to him...i am digging for some of the earlier dedication threads and i'll add them to here.....so get ready and write your dedications......

special thanks to JD who gave me the idea and love to hema who didnt know where to write the dedications......

there are many old dedication threads also..i'll request the mods to merge them with  this so that it will be one BIG thread


enigma, you must come up with another madterpeice...apu will be really glad to read it....and deepa and bluelotus tooTongue

a special invitation to

Jprasad,bluelotus,deepa,jyothi,prachi,rumi(kabhi to aao yaarCry),aishah(woman...tell AA how much you lowe himEmbarrassed),hansa di and her toddlerLOL,sheena,piyu, ammu,puni,abs(awwww abs),tina, jassie,onlyjassi,indiainspires,tabu,anju di, enigma,moni(awwwwwwwwwww...how could i forget the most awesome person i have ever met in my life...moni, how about writing about the bhootified moan running with a sword to kill AA on the plank screaming  BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDLOL)


some old threads that i felt AA must read...i'll add more later


  • enigma's thread on armaan's thoughts



  •  II's thread......dare NOT show thisLOLLOL


  • prassy's thread


  • tabu's thread


  • sheena's thread


  • koolsana's thread


  • tab's thread


  • ammu's thread


  • enigma's thread


  • prachi's thread


  • sheena's thread



  • prachi's thread


  • thedon's thread


  • my own thread where prachi has written beautifully





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Dearest..Handsomest..Sweetest Apurva..

I will never be able to explain to you..what you are for me in plain simple words..and nor will you be able to imagine or beleive..that somebody can be soooooooooooo soooo soooooo crazy about you..!!

Apurva for me you are going to be at the toplist No.1 to 100 for the rest of my life..!! You may feel it is exageration but it is a fact for me...beleive it or not..!!

And please understand my love to you in Unconditional..I dont expect anything from you except for the fact that..please remember at any point in your life..even when you are 60 or 70 years old..there will be one person who will still be vouching & praying for you specially & ofcourse your family and your happiness..always..!!

And my love towarsd you is pure white..it is like What Meera had for krishna bhagwaan..I swear..!! It is unique & special like your name.."Apurva"..!!

I respect Amitabh ( And I knwo you respect him too..)..but for me you are above Amitabh also..so this is just a example for you..as to how much I adore..you..!!

Well you must have read one of my romance explanation of Armaan &Jassi..recently through my friend..I adore you & mona as pair..( With due respect to your wife..Apurva...YOu both make a adorable..pair...too.!!)..but please understand because We all are people who fell in love with you and Mona as a pair..from day one..!! But I must confess Apurva ..You & Mona..are the greatest ever HISTORIC..pair..with Greatest ever CHEMISTRy..I have ever seen..And I bet you..people who differ with this point..are completely blind or biased..or non romantics..I swear..!! because it is impossible that somebody cant see the MInd blwoing CHemistry that you both share..!!

And APurva please note that I have one wall in my room full of your snaps wit Iclicked through the stills of JJKN epsiodes..and magazines..!! Mostly yours & you and Mona as pair..!!!

And Apurva..I knew from the first inetrview thatIread of yours in 2004 jan..That you are one of the most humblest  down to earth..sweetest ..person ever..in this industry of all fake people..not only industry but otherwise also..You are one GEM OF A PERSON..!! I ADORE YOU..with all my life Apurva for the person that you are..Please remain the same without any AIr about your..towering popularity..!! God Bless you..!!

And..Let me tell you..I watch all your and Monas scenss..at least 10 times..before I sleep..everyday..!!..And I have at least 500 pictures..of you in my album..I may look childish or Kiddish..but I am elder to you Apu..he he..he he..I am 35..But that is only Physically and mentally & heartilly I am still 18..and will be so always..!!

Apurva ..You & Mona..have fulliled my life by giving me all those romantic scenes soo beautifully & makeing me complete because in my Life I missed those precious moments as the person whom i loved at my college days..(during my degree course..)..did not reciprocate..adn I missed all that ..And so when you both are together I feel..I am complete..!!

Love you..Love you..Love You..!!

I want t say zillion more things..but..I am sure you  will get tired..so..but I want to send my feelings to you..specially & you & Mona as pair..one deication each.....here I go...

This is for you....


"When you are around..The sun is always shining..
Since I set eyes on you..Well I just cannot stop smiling..When I go out on the streets I feel I should hug everyone I meet....Thats the effect you have on me..!!

Apurva.."Tumsa koi pyaara koi masoom nahin hai..kya cheez ho tum khud tujhe maloom nahin hai.."

Apurva.."Yeh zameen ruk jaaye Aasmaan jhuk jaaye..Tera chehera ..JAb nazar Aaye...."

The lines below..is for
Apurva & Mona..as Armaan & JAssi..

and also for you both as persons..these lines are dedicated to you both..

"Its amazing how you speak right to my heart..without saying a word you can light up the dark..Trails I made, but I can never explain..what I feel when you dont say anything ..

These lines are specially for Armaan & Jassi.....the smile on your face lets me know that you need me..Theres a truth in your eyes..that says you'll never leave me..the touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall..You say it best ..when you say nothing at all..!!!
All day long I can hear people talking aloud..but when you (Armaan / Jassi) hold me (Armaan / Jassi)..near you..you daraw apart teh crowd..I tried as much to explain but never can describe whats been said between your heart & Mine..(Armaan & Jassi)..

Love-Hema..(Apu & Mona you will remain in my heart for ever..till I die..)

VERY VERY IMP...message..Apurva I can die for you..!!Bye..Wish you all the very very very best ..what you desire in life always..!!

And convey my love to all the cast & crew of JJKN..specially MOna..and I cant thank enough in this life my dear friend Tabassum..We call her Taby..for passing this message to you Apurva..!!

And I want to meet you but scared because I may faint..maybe next time when you & Mona work again together I will surely make up..and come to mumbai to meet you all..!!


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insouciance IF-Rockerz

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can we merge all these threads Tongue and make it one BIGG thread Tongue ...can any mod help Smile
Hansa-Tapori IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2006 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Dear Apurva, I am a biiiiiiiiig fan of yours. JJKN is the only soap I watch and that too because of you. My 2 year old daughter is also a huge fan of yours and calls you AMAAM. The moment she sees you on screen, she starts screaming - "Mamma Amaam, mamma look, AMAAM!!!"

I think you are one of the best actors of the small screen and a wonderful human being. I love your humility and simplicity which comes through in all your interviews and acceptance speech at the ITA awards. Please please, don't ever change.
prachi4AJ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2006 at 1:07am | IP Logged

Armaan - A character as Unexplored as a Hidden Desire,as Complex and full of Surprises as an Unsolved Mystery,as Fiery on da Exterior as Anger itself,yet as Soft on da Inside as a Humane heart,as Vulnerable as a Pure Emotion,as Touching as a Sincere Pretenceless Sentiment,as unmarred by all Superficial,Frivolous Falsities as da Soul dat Belongs to a Pure Heart,As Beautiful as a Comforting thought to a Lonely,and triffled Heart,Armaan - A character Deeper Than Pain,A Character More Blissful than da very feeling of Love itself..............Armaan,A Character which Defines da Very Essence of da meaning of its own name..........





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some treasure of letters dug up - Tongue

doctor rupaka...1st page please..this is the most touching one

I love Armaan Sir simply because he was my inspiration to come out of the most humilating and traumatic experience of my love. I liked JJKN from the very beginning and the reason was Jassi and her attraction to her boss, an impossible relationship at the time Most girls would relate to her, a defense mechansim called introjection. But then I fell in love with Armaan. Armaan was in the boardroom with Jassi presenting the false balance sheets to everyone and Armaan loosing everything he had in a single sweep of fate, his family buisness, his family's trust, money, power, his honor, face (a very Eastern concept), and above all his love, a love which was so longed for but was sadly misconstrued. I had been through a bad marraige, was going through a very hostile separation that subsequently ended in an equally hostile divorce. That was the time when I needed support and there was none coming forth. My family was in India and I was all alone in a strange country. All the friends that I had were my ex's and they left with him. I had also lost it all and the only thing that was familiar was JJKN And there in JJKN was Armaan going through the worst phase of his life. After having lost all that he ever had, there he was yearning for his love, the Devdas Armaan, then the Armaan who gets a hold over himself and the Armaan struggling to establish his lost credibility. It was all that I was going through. To begin with it was inspiration, then I bonded with Armaan and it was this character that kept me sane. I would just rewind and keep on watching JJKN just to keep from thinking. It is not an exaggeration. Anyday that I was at home doing nothing, I would just keep rewinding JJKN and watch it the whole day. And I would just like to thank Apurva for playing the role so well that I could relate to it and it made me face each day that brought a new problem with it. It was a fixation, but whatever, it kept me from getting depressed. Not once in the one and half year did I feel depressed. There were ups and downs, but no depression. I'm a die hard fan of SRK, but its AA that I love. The fixation is gone, but I simply love him. He has been a lifeline and he wouldn't even know what his portrayal of Armaan has done for me


Dear Apu,

Hi Apu,this is me Prachi - Another name for a Never - say - die fan of the Ur Onscreen Character - ARMAAN SURI.

I always thought that NO MAN,and when I mean NO MAN,I really Mean NO MAN - Cud EVER evoke in me such a feeling that arose in me when I came across Armaan.

Armaan is the anything BUT Hypocritical - and thats what touched that Corner of my heart which was so Inaccessible to the whole world till then !
Sometimes I feel Armaan is so Real,so Bereft of Pretences,so unknown to Falsity,so Away from insentivity,that even his Realism seems Unreal to the Cynical minds of bitter-than-reality-world !
The Virginal Character of his Soul is indeed the Biggest Mystery ! It lies there,Unseen,Unfelt,Untouched - perhaps a Trifle Hurt,for it his Armaan's Vulnerbility which is his Apeal.Beneath that Fiery exterior lies a Heart - A heart that wud even put Pure Gold to Shame by making it doubt its purity !
Oh what else can I say ! For I am myself in want of words,to express the unexpressable is indeed the most difficult task,to which I am currently on.So,I can just define Armaan - In Words,For that is my ONLY medium,so I wud Define thus..............

Armaan is Purity Of Thought.
Armaan is the Soul of an Unexpressed Emotion.
Armaan is a Sentiment Undefined.
Armaan is What Solace is to a Bleeding Heart.

All these words are Mere words,so I'd just say that they're just my thoughts inhibited by my words,Bounded by my pen.Yet,I hope they did help in making u see that Corner of my Heart which has been filled with the magical name - ARMAAN SURI.

Ever Yours,



Apurva and Armaan...= My Joy=My happiness..=My life

Arz kiya hai...."Dil cheez kya hai..aap meri Jaan lijiy..bass din mein ek baar..aap apna chehera humein TV mein dikha deejiya.."..

"saanson ki zaroorat hai jaise..zindagi ke liye..bass ek jhalak aap ki Apurva..har roz chahiye..mujhe jeene keliye.."

"Nazar ke samne ..jigar ke paas..Aap rehete ho...Apurav Agnihothri.."

"Mein Tulsi tere aanganki..koi nahin mein tere shilpa..tere saajan ki..."

"Jaise Radha ne maala japi shyam ki...meine odhli hai chunariya..Armaan aur Jassi ke naam ki.."

""Yeh mera prem patre padha kar..ke tum naaraaz na hona..ke Apurva tum meri zindagi ho..ke tum meri bandagi ho.."
..Tujhe Apurva mein ..Chand keheti thi..magar ussmein bhi daag hai..Tujhe suraj mein keheti thi..magar ussmein bhi aag hai..Tujhe itna hi keheti hoon..ke mein mujh ko tumse pyaar hai..janam janam ka pyaar..hai..sirf pure pyaar hai.."

.."Tujhe ..Ganga mein samjhungi..tujhe jamuna samjhoongi..Tu dil ke paas ho itna..ke mein tujhe apna hi samjhti hoon...agar kabhi marjavoon..rooghat se..woh hoga tere intezaar mein intezaar mein.."..



Dear Armaan Sir,

I love you!! I think you are the best, you're really sweet and I think you have got damn sexy looks. I love everything about you, but to tell you the truth when jassi started at first I really idnt like you but now I am in love with you!! You have mind blowing hair and to sum it up you're perfect and therez nothing wrong about you...

Lots of Love from your number one fan



Dear Armaan Sir/Apoorva Agnihotri..

You ROCK!!I hope you are always as sweet and down-to earth and humble as you are now; and PLEASE believe me when I say you really are the best looking on Indian TVi loooowwweeee you Armaan/Apoorva; you are sweetttteessssttt and I TRULY will be really really sadddddddd if I don't get to see you on TV everyday(no joke); Your dimples are tooo CUTE; and I loved your hair during the Goa episodes; so make sure it always stays like that...I almost forgot--nice rapping on NB esp. the tune from Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena!!


Much looooooovvvveeeeeeeeee



Armaaaaan! Apurva!!! I love you both! You are the apple of my eye...The sun in my life...the reason I sing, "My dil goes MMMMMMMMMM..." I have dedicated numerous poems, stories and I even have hot hopes for you! Everytime I think of you I smile cuz mischief comes to mind. You are a chocolate bar and a yummy piece of cake.        You are like a fine bottle of wine. You are my aloo matar and my palak paneer. You take my breath away and make my head spin all at the same time. I think...ahem...ahem....ahem...oh! I think ahem all about you!

Apurva, you make the world go round. You are love. You are a hot man. You are the reason I love Armaan! One of these days, I will really whisk you off to the moon away from all of IF. You are the bestest actor on Indian TV. You look so eatable when you come onto the TV screen.

Armaan, When you cry, I cry...when you smile, I smile...when you yell at Jassi, I do too!   I love the way you talk....I love the way you smile...I love the way you get mad...I love the way you walk from behind....I love the way you walk from the front too! I love your silky brown hair...I love your puppy dog eyes...I love the way you say damn it! I love the way you run Gulmohour....you are ssssssooo yummy.

Armaan Suri, you're the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Armaan Suri, I'm awfully fond of you;
(woh woh, bee doh!)

Armaan Suri, joy of joys,
When I squeeze you, you make noise!
Armaan Suri, you're my very best friend, it's true!
(doo doo doo doooo, doo doo)

Every day when I
Make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's
Cute and brown and chubby

Armaan Suri, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Armaan Suri, I'm awfully fond of you.

Every day when I
Make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's
Cute and brown and chubby

Armaan Suri, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Armaan Suri, I'm awfully fond of -
Armaan Suri, I'd like a whole pond of -
Armaan Suri I'm awfully fond of you!
(doo doo, be doo.)

jprasad lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvves Apu and Armaan. Yummy!


Armaan...i love everything about you..your eyes your nose your dimple your cheeks your ears your shirt your pant your suit your dyed hair your jassi too!!(yeah i love her only for you... )your dad your mom your family you sis your friend all only for you...and if you tell me i will love george bush too...
armaan i like your attitude your romance your smile your teeth your anger your tears your ego and your sweet harsh words...

Armaan i love you... ! and i know you love me too...
ps:i love you even more because all my friends love you too but know they cant have you...

Apurva...thanks for making me love armaan a lot!the credit goes to you and yes you win every single award of my heart....from best actor to best everything....


Dear Apoorva,

Your so Cute.I love your acting in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nehin.I love your cute smile and your dimples. You look really hot in Red. Your such a great actor. I just love the way you play the romantic role of Armaan. Your such a hotti. My heart just beats so hard when I see you on Tv. Your role as Armaan seems so so real. All my friends adore you so much but me I just go crazy when I see you or hear your name. You have a great style of being a romantic person. I just extremely love you and yes we also love Jassi and ur wife Shilpa. Your such a great actor. I love you so much. I never miss an episode of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nehin because of you. Your just amind bowing actor!Wishing you all the best of luck in your future and hope to see you in more serial's and movies.

Your Fan


Hello Mr Agni,
First of all may i take this oppotunity in to say that i love you ..and sorry i do not love you more than chocolate ..please don't be sad that you lost to modified co-co beans
Anyways, your role of Arman suri has touched souls worldwide (no, really-worldwide: India, USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Korea..you name it and at least one person in every country has a box-set in their house and has a subscription to Sony and watches you everyday )

You are a fabalous actor, and win in most departments~except for the clothing department*sorry*..But other than that Mr. A you are da mann!..may i say you are a serial thief..because you have successfully stolen many girls and guys(?) hearts out there..and you keep on doing so..all you have to say "Jassi" and girls from around the globe will drop at your feet..Sir, you have no idea how much you are loved..Do visit IF some day (its the place where you gave your CRAZE FM interview)..and you will get a snippet of how much people here adore you..yes we lowe ya

Your screen presence is fantastic..you owe me a fuse Mr. Agni..as they say "AGNI by name, AGNI by nature"....you have a remaining consistency to set idiot-boxes alight...Okay, i really want a new fuse now..if you don't mind

May i also add you and Mona rock together..and another question: Do you rehearse scenes before-hand?, because they come out so wonderfully naturally

Okay, i hope i have expressed how much i love you Mr. Agnihotri and i will kindly remain an ardent fan of yours..even when you're 60..And many other ardent fans will continue to support you and love you no matter what~Yes, that also means when you're bald and grey..

Btw: you rocked in Pardes!

See you soon,~I hope

The very best in martial life~btw your wife roxs!

Yours sincerley,

Miss Moni

prachi4AJ IF-Dazzler

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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shraddha di ! Tongue Clap

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