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"Aao to Welcome, Jaao to Bheed Kum" (Page 18)

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Posted: 13 March 2006 at 2:46pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by dolly

can someone update me whts going on Confused

Dolly ji,

Update ki zaroorat nahin  hai bas comment likh dijiye. So many people are doing that in this thread. Without going into depth of the issue they just  commented....

desimam Goldie

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i support abhi, seema, appaji, nsinhaji, surpremi , soulsoup if all good members are planning to leave and go somewhere let me know i will also leave and come there.
seema_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2006 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by adwarakanath

Originally posted by Swar_Raj

Chatbuster..bad language is bad language. Religion is religion whether i follow what. We belong to Gandhiji's nation..respect all religion. At the same time we are followers of Bose babu to. Ek thappad marre to tum usko do lagayo...but all this have the meaning in the way You approach it. We donot have to follow all religion but gives us no right to make fun of other religion...we can disaggree but why make fun of such a delicate issue...who ever does it is just a sick person and if it is ha[ening then we should just inform the mods and leve it..arguments with such brain dead people leads u nowhere. If they had sense..they will not mock any religion or nation. We all pride in our nation and religion. I feel proud to tell that i am a hindu and from india. My kids born here sometimes face problem in school and u know what kind of problem???? My daughter was being bashed to such level that we left the school..reason she gets awards in subjscts or is good in studies, becuse of her some XYZ students were not getting award and same student used to tell her ..go away. U people take best jobs here...Poor thing she used to cry and this is 6th grade...I did not blame kids is what they hear in their home,csociety,
But u know who went to school board to fight this..same grades parents of other kids. Although it was same community. They came blunt to those parents..saying your kid is not behing beacuse u have a indian kid...Your kid is behind because he is not studying....but we still changed school and now she loves her new school

So it is out thinking my dear. ..Rishte main to hum thumharre bbap lagte hain...this could said just in light totally will depend on circumtances and how you take it.
I have been a reader for long ...created accoount now as t is hard to read with out account ...never saw this kind of problem created by one member..Mr AD..ofcourse is very talented..have seen numerous posts and was his post was deciding factor for me to vote for sare as we see it after few days in US. But looks like he was taking advantage of being popular. I have seen some of his posts which had really bad words ...sorry but earlier i used to follow his posts as thought he is great knowledge...but lately it seemed he is more interested to create could u create a post sayinf mods are not doing jobs and are a reader and a hema fan..never felt that way.

Bottom line chatbuster..itis old saying...Apni Akal (Brain) her kissi ko jyada lagti is like a mother for who her kid is the best... Sahi baat hai Swar ji, apni akal yahan par sabko hi zyaada lagti hai, but u r no exception to that rule either

and that seems to be the mind set here....we should is a open public forum where you ask and talk and donot demand the way he was. This intelligent kid as per me is now only a selfcentered kid.
Well time for me to get kids from school so will talk later more if needed. See Swar ji again u r passing ur opinion abt Abhi being self centred, tell me for how long have u known Abhi? how closely have u know him?? just kisiko bina jaane aapne itna achha character summary de diya uske baare mein?? bhai maan gaye aapko Clap

Hello Everyone. I had left the forums, but someone alerted me to this thread and particularly this post.

I wish to clear up some points.

Swarrajji, thank you for your kind appreciationSmile.

Let me make one thing very clear. In my life, I've never been guilty of what I've bolded. I've always tried to play down sensation, at school and in college. I've never ever tried to fish for attention by doing oddities. No. That is just not me. I come from a family where my parents taught me first and foremost to respect my Country and then everything else. They've taught me to be calm (which I am not...dunno why), analytical, respectful and have a certain amount of humility and pride. At the same time, they've taught me to protest against injustice, be it directed against even the PM if necessary. I might sount quite arrogant writing this, but I can safely say that I've seen more life than many youngsters of my age and I've gone through a lot. More than you can imagine. It has taught me never to angle for praise or create sensation. Injustice is injustice. And an insult against the country is an insult against the country and it's people who love this country.

That thread questioning the moderators was warranted and many people agreed with me. The matter was solved amicably. There was certainly a biased flavour to the closure of certain topics. Let us attribute that to the atmosphere in the forum during those days, because it was just after the finals. I questioned the mindset and the attitude. I repeat I did not wish to attack any mod. I even said I am sorry if it appears that way, but that's just the way I write. I'll say it again. When the mod was blamed without reason for being biased, I was the first one to come out in open support garnering all senior members to support her. How can you forget that?

I am dead against moral censorship of any sort. In a democracy, it doesn't make sense. But it ends there. Profanities should be censored. Posts against national sentients must be immediately censored and a warning issued. It is my personal belief that the Nation comes first before anything. An insult to the nation is more grevious than any personal insult. That said, I am not at all defending my tirade against that member. I accept I was way over the line. I apologised in public in that thread itself and I apologised to Bhaskar Bhai and Priyaji that day itself and the post was edited and the thread trashed.

Here are some points -

1) Mods have repeatedly, during this whole episode said that we should've reported the posts using the report button. Do you know how many such posts of only that particular member I've reported? And many of us have? Umpteen, let me tell you. What difference did it make? Nothing. No action was taken, and we didn't even get any acknowledgement of the reports.

2) I find it highly suspicious, curious and also amusing that the mods repeatedly say - We didn't notice it. Please give us a link so that we can take appropriate action. I simply can't digest that so many mods did not notice any of that member's posts, which I will tell you, are not hard to miss. She does it in every single thread discussing the contestants and most of them are/were on the first page itself.
Absolutely filthy language, more than what I had used for her, was used against a particular contestant and his supporters in the Picture Gallery section which says - No Comments. It is an oft visited section, and I simply can't believe the mods missed those comments. But my attack on that member insulting our National Sensibilities, was edited and trashed and still a mod finds it almost 4 days after the episode, after the apology and everything. How come?

3) There are people here who still are going around who've repeatedly made comments such as -

    a) 'Nari ho, nari ki tarah raho'. 'You're a woman, behave like one'. That is an absolutely derogatory statement, y is no one taking action against that??Absolutely amazing behaviour. This person has called this same victim a terrorist simply because he/she supports a certain contestant. What kind of sensibility does this member betray by calling his own compatriot a terrorist? This same member has repeatedly attacked people who don't support his favourites, without provocation. He has made blasphemical statements and yet has gotten away with each one of them. I would like to question - Do people only get banned for profanity? Not for any such bigoted statements? Or personal attacks without provocation? I find this highly improbable. Apparently those personal attacks are allowed but standing up for one's country counts as "trying to attract attention" here

    b) 'Assam is in China'. All of know what happened in 1947, 1979. All of us know why ULFA was formed. I'll tell you why I am so passionate about the North East region although I am a South Indian. I've escaped death twice, by God's grace there. First time, dad was there for a Science Conference. We had boarded our bus at Guwahati Railway Station and had just exited the doors when a bomb blast blew the bus following us to shreds. Recently, I had been there for a Science Congress. About 1000 school kids had congregated at Cotton College Guwahati for the National Science Congress. The day we arrived, a bomb blew up at two places. The railway station and near a hostel of the same college. We were lucky we had taken a different train and a different hostel. I've seen the hate with my own eyes. The people are absolutely aghast at the kind of treatment the region recieves. Pt. Nehru had said - My hear goes out to Assam. I fully support that. I've seen girls of the Bangalore team almost being kidnapped in front of my own eyes. To this fire, people here are adding fuel. There are a lot of members from Assam. What will they think? This is unacceptable.

    c) One member even said - Debojit is not even Indian. What kind of a statement is that? Debojit is Pakistan's Voice. What statement is that? To my knowledge, those statements were never deleted. Those statements have been made repeatedly in so many threads. I can't believe for one moment that NONE of the mods noticed it. Aren't these an absolute character assasination of a person, a compatriot and a part of the country which's gone through more than it's share of slander?
If it was any other country, the two mentors who took this stance along with all these people here would be booked under law. It amounts to TREASON. It is a crime under Indian Law. And here, we, the people who take false pride in Unity in Diversity, are hell bent on reviving the past of Divide and Rule. I actually sympathise with the separatists if this is the case.

4) Some members who aren't even very active here, have insinuated that I've been given 'Repeated Warnings'. Who are they to know? How can they even know? Why are they saying these things without information?

    a) The first time I was given a warning, I had in jest teased a person - Here, take this chocolate and go to bed. Pray, what is so 'vulgar, hateful, bigoted, sexually harassing or racially obscene' in that statement? When the member herself knew it was in jest, what prompted the mod to give me a warning increase for that? I still haven't gotten an answer for that.

    b) The second time I got a warning, I totally accept I was wrong. I accepted the warning, apologised to the mod who gave me that warning. Till that time, we would'nt see eye to eye. Today, she calls me Bro and I call her Didi. At that time, after the walkout and after the statements against Assam, I was incensed. I was reminded of the incidents I've faced. I couldn't control myself. But yes, I accept I was wrong.

5) From then on, I've behaved. I haven't used profanities. If I had, I'd have been banned then and there because if I get a 60% increase, I'd be automatically banned. I've survived for a month and a half. So please stop levelling such accusations without knowing the full story. It is not in good taste and it doesn't help solve the matter. If I don't support your favourite, does not mean I am always vulgar in my comments. Please understand that.

6) There is a certain member on this forum who's still going strong. He/She had brought in 2 multiple IDs and had raised hell one day. The member with those two IDs (I don't know whether it was her or her friends) had, in very cheap, vulgar words, bashed a lot of us including respected senior members like - Niraj, Appa, Raghav etc. It resulted in one member Shantibai, who's so loved by all, to leave the forum. Raghav is such a gentleman, he's never ever bashed a contestant or even decently criticized. He's only stuck to writing about music since he himself is training classically. He has been bashed left right and center. He's left. Gumshuda Bhai, who used to regale us with his witty humour and was the most funny persons, was attacked unnecessarily. Now he's left too. He was very disappointed. He was the first person to raise his voice when Debojit was labelled as the Voice of Pakistan. Gum Bhai himself is Pakistani and is one of the most wonderful and magnanimous people I've known.
The member who instigated this attack is still going strong here, although the member's 2 fake IDs have been banned. But why is the perpetrator still scot free?

7) No one is perfect. I am far from being one. I know my faults and I am trying to rectify them. That said, even the mods aren't perfect, and they should understand it. Due respect to them for wonderfully managing such a volatile section until now. But I am really sorry to say that the way things have been handled in the last couple of days, it leaves a lot to be desired out of the management.

8) I heartily thank Mr. Vijay for creating such a wonderful site where we get to interact with the Subcontinental Diaspora around the world. I commend him in his efforts for creating and managing the largest such forum on the internet with so many other pressing engagements.Clap
That said, there's one thing. With great power comes great responsibility. And power, if left unbridled, leads to arrogance and corruption. His comments were in extremely bad taste. And that too coming after the whole matter was resolved and my friends and I had started posting normally. When you're the owner of a website that has a membership of over 1,00,000 members, you have a responsibility towards your guests. Some of us who take such an active interest here and treat it like our own, are part of this great big Indian Family. Telling a family member - Aao to welcome, jao to bheed kam - is just not appreciated from someone in your position. And the comments you made against me without knowing me or my background was high unacceptable.

9) I was accused of posting 'Vulgar, hateful, bigoted, sexually harassing and racially obscene' postings. My friends will know how off the mark and how incredulous that statement is. I respect women too much to even think of sexually harassing them. I'd rather cut my hand off first. And since I respect my own country like anything, I respect the feelings of other countrymen too. You will not find one such comment from me anywhere. If you wrote that, it was because of hearsay. And it was very ill-timed and in absolutely bad taste. Just because you're the owner of a site does not mean you level such allegations. You could have been a little more thoughtful and could've researched my background a bit more. Would you want to present such a visage to the family you've brought together? You created this site. To us, you're The Godfather. Would you want us to think of our benefactor in such a way?

My contributions to the section were conveniently forgotten. My timely updates, my detailed analyses, pieces of information here and there frequently, rare articles, tributes to the great singers and musicians, rare songs...everything has been marred by one controversy. I am disappointed to say the least.

I seriously and sincerely wish people take the trouble to go through this writeup. And see. Seeing through the curtain is the main thing.

'Sunlo to, chilman...uthegi nahin,
jalwon ki roshni, milegi nahin'.

We Indians have always been a peace loving country. We've never, attacked a country without provocation. And now we're fighting among ourselves, because of a person who's insulted the nation. I am deeply saddened by this Cavalier Attitude shown towards the Motherland. I hope in future such a blasphemy isn't done.

Thanks for reading through.

Abhilash Dwarakanath. Thumbs Up
seema_17 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by desimam

i support abhi, seema, appaji, nsinhaji, surpremi , soulsoup if all good members are planning to leave and go somewhere let me know i will also leave and come there.

Thank you Desimam ji, we will let u kno if such a place is found. hopefully the need won't arise, but if it does we won't hesitate to move out Smile

apparaohoare IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by fm_qazi

Originally posted by dolly

can someone update me whts going on Confused

Dolly ji,

Update ki zaroorat nahin  hai bas comment likh dijiye. So many people are doing that in this thread. Without going into depth of the issue they just  commented....


Rightly said Qazi ji. LOL 

Dolly ji aap ko short mein update dene gaya to 10 -12 page ho jayega.  So please follow qazi'jis advice.  If you like Abhi just write down something in his favor and if you don't like him, then write something against. LOL



seema_17 IF-Rockerz

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Dolly di a certain member had written something against our country, and has been doing this for a long time. Abhi being patriotic as he is, responded to this person. he used harsh language, realized his mistake and apologized to the mods and the other party right there in that thread, and all was fine.... then four days after that, a mod comes in all of a sudden and bans him for that post. then on the request of other mods, unbans him, but writes below his AV apologized, ban removed. meaning that Abhi apologized and the ban was removed, then Abhi was upset due the that comment. the other mods and came, we all had a talk abt it, and everything was going back to normal. then Vijay came in with hs statement, and the mod that banned Abhi came in as well after the thread was closed
Swar_Raj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2006 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
Mr Ad..saw your response..not sure where u putting me there...I felt more frustration of yours there. All I see is the same repeat of what u have said in previous threads.
Basically u and others think that new poeple are idiots and to them in a thread if their nation was being bashed..we feel pride and honor sir U are totally wrong. New or old does not matter..we were born Indians and will die Indians. I said that to Mr Chartbuster before too.
What you do also shows yuor culture
FOr your warnings..not interested why U got them U wrote those phrease and it seems u forget to quote something one can get banned ofr saying choclate...i thing there is a user with that ID too.
ANyway if u have warning..u need to be careful.
Moreover you admit that u made mistake so instead of clerifying it you are kind of making it a news so that your friend can join you in threatning other members ...specially new ones like me as we donot know anyone here. But sir, it does not matter. I will still say if you abide by one can ban u... Mods have apologized too. So why is this drama in continuation???????
U talk about being near danger...My dear sir we have liven in danger..I am from J&K...the things I have seen ..U cannot even imagine.
My brother is a commdt in CRP and won a award in 26th jan for his contribution in J& K...we lived a life under bombs. Except me as I moved away ...all my family is in forces. THe hatered i have for those terrorist..u cannot imagine..but i will not use any unappropriate word as it is not my culture..and yes if they badmouth my nation..will not leave them either

Just becuase U are old member and say things any way U want is no justification..All i said was a general view Which is this is a public thought with others..and abide by rules..u donot like it..Oh Well.....Personally I will also love to see u on the forum as no one can deny the incredible threads U have created. and number of friends u have made.   
*dolly* IF-Sizzlerz

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yeh kyaa ho raha hein Ouch
is this all neccsssery?????
because of all this so many members are leaving.
the only problem with abhi is he is a little short tempered....but a nice guy doubt about that...
and if he will leave I will miss him and surely other members too Ouch

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