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Go on Moderators! Ban Everyone! (Page 9)

Bhaskar.T IF-Sizzlerz

Retro Podcast Team
Joined: 05 January 2005
Posts: 18842

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 10:57am | IP Logged

Originally posted by adwarakanath

Why is this being ignored?

Nothing is being ignored. We are talking about that only.


greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 12566

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simplyskud

Originally posted by Bhaskar.T

Lets get one thing clear. It is true Abhi is a very good memebr as to posting music related stuff. I have no doubt about that. But that does not mean he can use the language he used in that message. Those 4 and 5 letter words are just not allowed here on IF. Just because he has good music knowledge he can't be allowed to post anything and then get away with it.

Next about the tag. Well he was banned and then unbanned. So it is quite natural that the tag will remain.

Agreed Bhaskar. Profanity is not to be allowed. If abhi has used the same, he is liable to be penalised and u mods did it. He apologized and his ban was removed. Fair enough.

On behalf of Abhi, we all are sorry. Now can you take off that filthy looking tag. That will be first step to get over this incident. Else don't expect us to be normal when you guys yourselves aren't ...

Confused Confused Confused

If that cannot be removed, we all have our rights to voice our opinions before we leave the forum once and for all.

Or we don't have those rights as well and only you mods have all the rights ??

You guys have all the rights, kind sir.  Please do voice your opinions here.  We are here to listen to you and if possible solve them too.

And we have been repeatedly saying that the tag will be removed.  Cant we have some patience here.   If we say it will be removed, we mean it and we are not doing any lip service here. 
Bhaskar.T IF-Sizzlerz

Retro Podcast Team
Joined: 05 January 2005
Posts: 18842

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adwarakanath

Originally posted by Bhaskar.T

Originally posted by adwarakanath

Originally posted by Bhaskar.T

Originally posted by Surpremi

To Mods: Maybe use a few PMs b4 openly dropping the bomb on members. I have had several warnings from cops for driving over the limit - no tickets yet .. Wink Try to be sensitive to members feelings and not stick by the book. You know what I mean

It was done and is done always. Abhi has been told many times not to use that langiage on the forum. His warning level was also increased.But he continued doing it.


My first warning was given by this same mod for saying something as silly as - Here take this chocolate and go to bed.

What is so profane about that?Angry

Apart from that attack against Mohinis, have you seen anything profane from me?

Check your warning meter. And see the what you had written earlier.


My first warning was because of that chocoalte joke, teasing 'singhnilima'.

My second warning was totally warranted. I know I was guilty of profanity against HR and AS. I fully accepted it then, I fully accpeted it now. I apologised in the very same thread and I apologised to Jemdi who gave the warning.

After that, did you see one profane post from me until the mohinis thing?

So you agree to the second one too. Let me come with another one and you'll say fine yes but after I was okay. Come on Abhi grow up now. Stop all this and get back to the forum. That is if you want to. I am trying to make you understand from yesterday. Told you so many times. Youa re like a kid bro here. Listen to what I am saying and not make such idiotic issues.


Qwest IF-Rockerz

Banned for Advertising
Joined: 24 February 2006
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Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:04am | IP Logged
As you know I have made this conversation with you last night and I will request you again we need to be more careful and cautious to each other and respect every one.

I apologize to you and to your team on his behalf, please do not want to carry on with this conversation any more at the same time we cannot be abusive either, but he is not that kind of person. He is very intelligent and bright young man. I am sure we see more great writing from him days to come.We all love him.
Love ARR

Edited by Qwest - 12 March 2006 at 11:08am
Surpremi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 November 2005
Posts: 3388

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:07am | IP Logged
So from one IITian to another:

Bhaskar: Abhi is one of us - we do not want to create any ego issues here. I have no ego so I am saying I am sorry for whatever any member has done wrong so far. Please remove that tag from Abhi's name at the earliest time possible. My request and we are all happy again.

Mods plz refer to my thoughts to you and members : ditto.

Yaar, I do not write much and you guys will make a writer and a poet out of me.... Wink
simplyskud Goldie

Joined: 16 December 2005
Posts: 1292

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bhaskar.T

Why on behalf of Abhi............. Why not Abhi......... Why create this topic. All this could have been done amicably through messages. Earlier too we did that. So why this time........

Why not on behalf of Abhi ?? Aren't you speaking on behalf of your fellow mods as well (the mod who put the ban on Abhi isn't even around) ... so why cannot I ??

I see something wrong in the forum (I cannot view certain thread which all of a sudden have been deleted instead of just being closed) and I cannot voice my concerns ?? What kind of forum is this, then ??

I've not seen messages resolving anything so amicably ... it never does. I got a warning once and I had to pursue a mod to remove it rather than it being removed on it's own inspite of my neutral and fair posts.

Bhaskar, I still haven't got answers to my questions either.

Just two of them. Please answer. Don't ignore.

# Why is that filthy signature still appearing for Abhi. He apologized and everything's done with. Now why is it still there ? Isn't it the vilest form of derogatory character assassination you'll ever see ?

# Why were the threads trashed instead of being closed (whether or whether not the member asked for it .... generally the threads are closed but we can still view them .... this literally went off)

If Abhi's questions aren't being answered, I can understand it. Even mine aren't either. A lot of beating around the bush is taking place but no concrete answers.

seema_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 December 2005
Posts: 5093

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Abhi, Skudbhai, Qaziji..... plzz i ask all of you to calm down right now. till now i have always thought of you guys as the most rational and easygoing ppl on the forum. we can all solve this out better if we r calm. trust me! if we start yelling at the mods, they will just get more upset with us.
I will also ask the mods, to stay calm right now. really if u start replying to all the messages in an agressive manner then it will look like a parent bickering with a child. Priya u r a global mod, i kno u r not biased, bhaskar u r not biased either, nor is Jemdi, so plzz plzz let us solve this rationally, i kno u can do it. Priya, i kno in times of crisis all of u mods stand up for each other but why shld u have to face the fire for the deeds of some other mod, let that person come up here and answer to all our queries, we all have something to ask of him/her. it is only fair to u guys and us members if thatmod can come here. i think atleast we r entitled to that r we not?
greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 12566

Posted: 12 March 2006 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adwarakanath

Originally posted by adwarakanath

You asked me what I wanted, Priyaji?

I'll tell you. I had apologised for that post against Mohinis. To you and Bhaskar. I said I won't repeat it again. That thread was trashed that day itself. Everything was normal.

Agreed.  Things were normal. 

Out of the blue, a mod who usually never sets foot in here, bans me citing that post. How will she even know about that post unless someone has been PMing her? Because that post was thrashed.

We work round the clock.  Yes, when such posts are made, it is reported as well.  The person against whom attack was made reported the post also and pmed Mods for action.  This is what is normally done by anyone who is attacked on the forum.  The ban was not out of the blue.  We have always repeated that any profanity will be dealt with in the manner it ought to be.  Profanity is not encouraged and will never be.  

As in other cases where there has been extreme profanity, this case had it too and the warning levels were increased.

I was saddened and I opened a Goodbye thread to wish all my friends in here. That was closed without any explanation. I noticed, in another thread, Bhaskar had given the explanation - It was turning into a War Serial, so I closed it.

That was not closed without explanation.

I had a talk with Bhaskar. He was very understanding. He had the ban repelled.

Good.  Trust that is one thing you are happy about.  I hope you continue to remember that Bhaskar is very understanding and do not take him amiss otherwise.

But then what do I notice? 'Apologised. Ban Removed' sign below my AV. Why this insult? So that everyone can know the mighty mods have humbled someone?

I have explained this to you.  It is not an insult.  YOu were banned.  When the apology was noted, we have UNBANNED you.  By no stretch of imagination was it intended to hurt you or insult you as you seem to have understood it.  It is just a routine thing which is posted there when the member is banned or unbanned.  You will find this below most members who have been banned.

Then I saw a 20% warning increase. And the post was quoted with the words - This guy knows this kind of post is not tolerated. He should've been banned ages ago.

Where did she get that post from, after the thread was thrashed/locked? You mean to say a mod who never sets foot in here usually, will dig thru mounds of piles for one post? Something I can't digest.

You forget that you have personally attacked a fellow member.    Please do not try to make it appear as if you were warned for a non existent crime.   What is it that you cant digest.  Sometimes, as GMs we post in some sections, we dont post in some.  But we always keep an eye on all sections. 

I talked to Bhaskar. He was understanding. The warning was decreased with the words - Has sincerely apologised and has been doing very well. Warning decreased on recommendation from other mods.

Nice message. I can read between the lines quite well.

Why read between the lines.  Why not read the lines and be done with it.  Problems occur when you try to read between non existent lines.

This was the same mod who had given me a warning increase sometime ago for saying something as silly as - Here take this chocolate and go to bed.

Sarcasm as a way of posting is fine, within limits.  In a public forum, we cater to a whole community and not a select few members.  You cannot hurt or attack members and be sarcastic to anyone.  Everyone is here because they want to come here.  They dont come here to get bashed or attacked or insulted.

So ultimately, faces are more important than your own country which was humiliated in so many posts by that character. Her post calling all Vinit-fans to ask for banning Debojit fans was allowed to go to 3 pages before it was closed. Fantastic.

And now Bhaskar gives a flimsy excuse that I requested him to close the thread? Arey, I wasn't even online after I wrote that. I was flabbergasted to see the thread missing when I logged on. That hurt.

You ask me what I want? I want a public apology from THAT mod. You know who it is. I want my warning levels decreased to zero. I want the Mods to apologise publically to all members who've been affected by this. I want 2 more mods sanctioned for this forum because too much nonsense is being ignored. And mainly, I WANT THE MOTHERLAND TO BE RESPECTED.

We all respect our MOTHERLAND.  All of us love her and you are not the only person in the forum to love your motherland. 

In so far as your warning levels are concerned, the thumb rule is your subsequent behaviour is taken into account to reduce the levels.  Strangely, your levels were being considered to be reduced, when this incident happened.  What can we say now.

None of us are coming back otherwise. You can kiss goodbye to a musical forum. Be happy with your Antakshar, Word Games and dumb polls asking whether Vinit is a midget or not.

Thanks for wishing us all the best for our lil posts here AD.  You forget that till yesterday, you were happily participating in them. 

Why is this being ignored?

We ignore nothing here, Mr. AD.  Least of all a post like this.

Edited by s.priya - 12 March 2006 at 11:21am

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