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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Gargi: u cant kick me out!!!

Dk: Look! Don't argue w/ me!!!! Vas gave me everything back!! And now all this is mine again!!! And I don't want people like u here! Since day one you have been my problem!!! And I want all my problems to go away!!!!

And he yells

And tells her to leave!

Gargi is quiet

And she packs and leaves!

Disha: Dk??

Dk: I don't want to listen!!

Disha doesn't say anything!

He walks off!!!!!

Disha looks at him!!!

Ved comes

He doesn't know they are back!

When he steps in

He sees Disha!!!

He is shocked!!

Disha looks at him!

Ved: Disha you??

Disha: Yes!!!!

Dk comes back out

Sees him

Ved and Dk look at each other!

Dk: I have already thrown Gargi out!!!!

He says that

And he doesn't want to tell anything to Ved

And he should realize what Dk is implying!

Ved looks down!!

Ved goes and gets his things!

Disha: Stop!!!

Ved stops

Dk looks

Disha: He wont go anywhere!!!

Dk: Disha???

Disha; No Dk! You made ur decision on choti ma.. now its my turn to make it on Vedant!!!!

Ved looks at her!!

Disha: No questions no answers!! Ved you just go in ur room!!!!!

Ved looks at Disha

Disha; Go!!!!

Ved is quiet

And he goes

Dk: Disha??

Disha: Dk.. he cant leave this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk is like okay!

Suhas and the rest

Are back at Bhonsale House!!

they are happy!!!!!


After all of this!!!

They are okay!

So everyone is happy again!!!

Except Rano And Ved

Who are missing each other like crazy!!!!!!!

Both keep looking at the others picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few days later

Everything is back to normal!!

Ali keeps calling Dk!!!

But he wont answer!!

But finally

Dk answers

And he says no!

He wont do anything!

Ali is like if you don't do this

Then I will tell Disha everything!!!!

Dk is shocked!!!

Ali hangs up!

Dk: hello!!???

Dk is like damn!!

Ali heads towards the house!!!!!

Dk is like I have to get Disha out of the house

He calls

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
And asks her to come to Kanaka

Disha is like why!

Dk is like don't ask questions

And just come

Disha hangs up

And she leaves!

Dk is thinking in the office!!

He's like should I risk it!!!

Should I tell her the truth…. And let her be angry?

Or not tell her and lie to her!!!!

(well I think we all know what he should do)

Disha arrives

Ali arrives at Saigal House

But finds out Disha isnt there!!!

he's like damn!

Disha goes in

She smiles!

Disha; Why did you call me?

Dk goes and tells the security guard not to let anyone in here!!!!!

For the next hour!

He's like okay!!!

Dk closes the door

And he locks it!

Disha: so why have you called me?

Dk is looking at her!

He's all worried!!!!

He closes his eyes!!!!!

Dk: I have to tell you something!!!

Disha: Yes!

Dk: Look…. I told you about the problem w/ Mehika……..and u forgived me for that!!! But what I am about to tell you…. Perhaps this will be even worst!!!!

Disha gets worried!

She's thinking what could this be?

He starts talking

And lets everything out!!

And he confesses all the illegal activities he was doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how he had stole the diamond at the party…. And everything!!!

(if you guyz recall that one episode and he had hid it in his stick)

DK: Disha I didn't know what to do.. I kept doing it and doing it… and kept giving you lies after lies!!!! And I couldn't tell you cuz I was afraid what if something happened cuz u were pregnant!!!!

Disha is completely shocked!

She is crying!!!

Dk is like I apologize to you!

And I know that maybe u might never forgive me again!

Dk: I am willing to face any punishment!!!

Disha yells at him!!!!

Disha: you lied to me????

Dk is like here we go!

Disha; You lied to me?? I considered you my everything!!!!!! And this is how you pay me back!! Satya even had told me about you… but I didn't want to believe it cuz I knew that MY DK cant do anything like this!!!!! And for all the bad things I had to said to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All becuz of YOU!!!

Dk is sad!

Disha: How could you???? How could you do this to me?

Dk: I am sorry!

Disha: Well this time! Its gone to far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disha; I worked and worked despite u not letting me so we could work something out!! My working was better than you doing this!!!!!!!!!! What must Satya think about me???? And he might not even forgive me!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: Disha..

Disha: No! I don't want to listen to anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wipes her tears

And she walks off!!!

Dk is looking around!

And he is helpless!

Disha is feeling sad!

She's walking on the roads!!!!

She goes to Satya

And comes in

He's surprised to see her

She's crying

Satya: Whats wrong?

Disha tells him everything

And she apologizes to him!
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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
And for the slap and everything!

Satya is like don't worry!!!

I am not mad at you!

Disha is like ur such a good friend!!

Satya: At least you still consider me as a friend!

She smiles!!!!!

They are talking!!!!

Dk is thinking about Disha!

And he's like this time I have really blew it!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on

He arrives home

Ved is there

Dk asks him if Disha is here!!!

Ved is like no!!!

Dk goes to his room!

He stands by the window and looks out!!!

Disha comes

Ved: Brother's back!! He was asking for you!!

Disha: Okay!!

Dk turns around

And looks at Sum's picture!!!

Dk: Ma this time ur son has really blew it!!! For this act of mine I may have lost Disha forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now I know that I wont feel guilty for not telling her! And whatever may come in my way I am willing to accept is!!! If there is one thing that is true….. I love Disha very very much!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her more than anything!!!!! And w/o her my life is incomplete!!!!!!!!!!! But I probably know the love that she had for me….. wont be the same anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He wipes his tears!!!!!!!!!!!!

He turns back!!!!

And walks away!!!

Disha walks in

And she cries!!

Cuz she heard all of that!!

For a few days

They don't have communications!!!!!

Disha has been thinking a lot about him!

And their relationship!!

Dk is just thinking about Disha!

One day

Satya calls Disha up

And Dk picks up!!

Satya asks for Disha!!!

Dk gets a little irritated

But gives her the phone!!

Satya is asking her for something!

Disha: Satya.. u know I resigned!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk is listening!!!

Disha: I am sorry Satya!!! I cant do this project!!!!

Satya begs and begs

Disha: okay! But only this one and I wont!!!!!!

Satya; thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They hang up!!!!

Disha tells DK

That she has agreed to do a project w/ Satya!!!

After this..

She will never do one again!!!

She walks off!!!!

Dk is mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk tells her she wont go!

Disha is like I will go!!!!!!

I told him I would!

And I will!!

And no one can stop her!!!!

Dk is looking at her

W/ a mean look!

Few days later

There's a envelope for Disha!!

Dk gets it!!!!

Disha opens it!

And they are tickets!!!

Dk: Where are you going?

Disha; I am going and will be back in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: Is Satya going w/ you??

Disha; Yes!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Disha packs her things!!!!!!!!

Dk doesn't know what to think!!

Disha is ready!

And they both go!

Dk is getting irritated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sees them driving off

And both are smiling!

Later on

Dk takes out his drinks!!

And pours a glass for himself!!!!!!!!!

He's about to drink

But before he does

The doorbell rings

He goes

Its Ali!!!!!!!

Dk: You????

Ali: Hello Dk Sir!!!

Dk: What do you want? I told Disha and she knows everything!!!

Ali: I am not here about that!… I am here to tell you about where ur lovely wife has gone!!!

Dk: What?

Ali: Do you know she has gone w/ Satya?

Dk: Yes!!!!

Ali: Do you know where?

Dk: Where?

Ali: Mauritius!!!

Dk is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: What nonsense are you talking about?

Ali: I am not! She has gone there w/ him!!!!!!!!!!

Dk is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali is stirring it up

And he's getting irritated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali: How does a husband feel when his wife is w/ another man in another country?

Dk tells him to shut up

And leave!!

Ali: don't tell me I didn't warn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He leaves

And gives a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He goes to the table where's about to drink

But he's so mad!!

He throws it

And it breaks!!!!!!!!!!!

He cant take it anymore!!!

And he says

Tomorrow he will fly over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's upset!!!

He goes inside the room

And Disha's info is there!!

Where she is staying and everything!

He picks it up

Looks at it!!

Next Morning

He takes the flight

And lands in Mauritius

He goes to the hotel where Disha is!!!!

Dk asks for Disha!

The lady says

That she has gone out!!!

And doesn't know when she will be back!!!

Dk is like okay!

I will wait

He checks in

Lady gives him the key

And he goes into his room

He's in the room

Thinking about Disha!

And how she is out w/ Satya!

He's so upset!

Dk goes back to the lobby

He asks her has she come yet???

She's like no sir!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Dk is like please call me as soon as she comes!

She's like yes sir!!

Dk waits and waits

For the call

But it never comes

He slowly falls asleep!!!

next Morning

he wakes up

He's like oh man!

He goes

There's another lady

Dk asks her

Lady says that I saw her going out w/ someone

Dk: It was a man?

Lady: Yes!!!

Dk: Do u know where they have gone?

Lady: Sorry I don't!!

This bothers him soo much!!!

His wife is w/ another man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk goes out

And tries to look for her

But nothing!

He comes back

In the late afternoon!

Lady: Excuse me Sir! I saw her!!!

DK: Where is she??

Lady: She came and she left!! She had said about going to this place!!!!!!!!

Dk sees

Dk: where is this place??

Lady tells him!

Dk: late night dinner huh??….

He goes freshens up!

Cuz he's been out all day!!!

And he goes to the place

He arrives there!

Its decorated and everything!!!!!!

Dk looks

Getting irritated!!!

He's looking around!

And then he spots Disha!!!!

Her back is turned!!!!!!!!!!!!

He comes to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Standing behind her!!!!!!!!!!

Taps her!!

She turns around

And has a shocked face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disha: Dk????

Dk: Surprise to see me??? So this is ur project?

Disha looks around!

Dk: Are you here for buiness or for a vacation??

Disha: Both!!

Dk looks at her!

Disha: The business part already finished!!! Vacation has just begun!!!

Dk has an angry look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: you don't realize what I was going through when I found out that you were here w/ Satya!!! I can take anything from you! But this…. I cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: U have really hurt me Disha!!!!!!!!

Disha: what about you hurting me????

Dk: That was different and this is different!!!!!!!!!!! Look at this!! What you two were going to have a romantic dinner?? So much for being friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's upset!

Disha can see that!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: U know what… I wont argue here… u two carry on what you were doing!! No one has never given me this much sorrow except for you!!!!!!!!!

Disha has watery eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk is about to walk off!!!

Disha holds his hand

He looks at her!!

Disha comes closer to him!!!

Holds his face!!!!!

Disha: Do you really think I can ever be anyone's except for you??? Do you really truly believe that?? Deep down inside!!

Dk is quiet!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Disha: What did you tell me? You can never love me the way I love you! You said that right? Before we got married!!! Well guess what… you are right! Becuz I love you more than anything in this world!! And I came here for a reason… and that reason was for you! And I wanted you to find out….. and I wanted you to come here… and I wanted the lady in the lobby of the hotel to tell you that I was here…. All my plans were successful!!! And so did this plan………….

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They call clap their hands

And start singing happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disha is smiling!!!!!!!!

Ved is there

Ali is there

Satya is there

The whole family is there!

Dk is completely shocked!!!!!!!

He is speechless

He doesn't know what to say!!

And all the guests are there as well!!

Dk is like am I dreaming??

Dk looks at Disha!

Disha is smiling at him!!

Disha; I did this all for you! Happy bday DK!!!!!!!! You forgot that today is March 12!!!

Dk is like oh my god!

Disha: Ali…thank you!

Ali: My pleasure!!!! Sorry Dk Sir had to lead you on thinking that something was going on here!!!!!!

Satya: Yep!! This was all Disha's plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is watching!

They are waiting for Dk to say something!

Dk: I don't know what to say!!!!

Disha: Say the words which I have been wanting to hear from you for the past week!!!!

Dk: I love you Disha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She hugs him!!

And no TD Hug

And actual..

Full hug!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is like awww!!!!

They all clap!!

Rano and Ved are both there

But are miles apart!!!!

Rano is trying not to look

Ved is doing the same thing!

Gargi enters the party!!

Dk looks at her!

Disha whispers to him

Disha: I invited her!

Gargi: happy bday Sunny!!!!!

She smiles!!!

Dk says nothing!

Dk goes around

And thanks everyone for coming!!!!!!

They all wish him!!!!

The cake comes out

Dk and Disha cut it!

She feeds him!!!!!

She's the 1st to feed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk feeds her as well!!!

Dk cant believe this!!

Disha did all of this for him!

Everyone enjoys the rest of the party!!

Disha and Dk are together

Dk: So you have forgiven me for everything????

Disha nods her head yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disha: Ali came to me and told me everything as well.. and confessed!!

Dk: You have made me really happy today Disha!!

He kisses her on the forehead!!!!!!!!

They hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the party….

Dk and Disha go to the hotel!!

Dk's room cuz his room was the honeymoon suite! But Dk didn't know that!!

Disha: How you like the suite?.. I had told the lady to give you this room if you had come!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: You are too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She smiles!!!…

Disha hugs him Disha; I love you Dk!!!!

Dk: I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ENd!
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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
monday i will post the holi special!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you enjoyed this one!!!!
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Posted: 12 March 2006 at 12:25am | IP Logged
awsome guli!!!!!! Clap

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