Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

Detailed Update 8th March COMPLETED!!

shimmer1 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2006 at 3:39pm | IP Logged

an ok episode

scene1: parvati working in her office Mayuri comes (I hope they brought her back so tht nikhil and mayuri fall in love)...parvati asks her wen she came mayuri answers tht she ws here a long time ago she ws just waiting for parvati to look up at her.

parvati asks her how fatima's wedding was.

mayuri says: it ws very gud alot of fun, and fatima missed all you guys alot. badi ma do u know how popular ur katha is in lucknow wen i told ppl tht i assisted u then ppl surrounded me in such a way as if iam the superstar. Didnt Soham tell you abt the popularity?

parvati: yea he told me he also forwarded me some fan mail (over some kathaa??? puhlease)

mayuri: fan mails? wow badi ma now ur a star writer, ok now tell me wen we are going to start writing the 2nd book?

parvati: 2nd book ? ur seeing how much there is here i dont have the time to write another book

mayuri: oh ho badi ma work will continue for the rest of our life but writing is ur hobby this is one thing u love. ok we will do this tht we will meet only once a week wenever u are free but please badi ma u have to write the 2nd book. imagine how famous u will become    

parvati: ur rite i shud write this 2nd book and not bcoz i love to write or tht i want to bcome famous but bcoz for Om's memory the orphanage i want to make mr.mehra has given the land for tht and i want to return his money asap. i dont want to use the co.'s funds for tht. the 2nd book tht i will write and the money tht i will get from tht   i will get the orphanage built as fast as possible. if my 1st book ws for Om then the second book will be for his dreams.

Mayuri: then it's a deal between you and me badi ma tht wenever u start a new project in memory of bade papa then its expenses will be handled through the income of the books you write. And everyone time you the mahaan writer writes a book mujhe jai si naa cheez aaapko assist karegi done?

Parvati smiling says: done.

Scene2: parvati coming down the stairs on the phone talking abt some reports etc. she is leaving for work. Shilpa comes and tries to talk to parvati, but parvati says they (her and kamal) are already late and they will talk in the evening. Parvati and kamal leave. Shilpa seems upset tht she didn't get to talk to parvati.

Scene3: suyash's house. His MIL and DIL together in the lounge.

DIL: whts up why are u hanging ur face is everything ok

MIL: suyash's flight is 2hrs late

DIL: so? Be thankful its only 2hrs late otherwise…

MIL: wht if the flight is 8hrs late, then my whole plan will get spoilt

DIL: wht plan did u make tell me too

MIL: you don't watch Tv do you? The serial wives never tell their husbands their plans they do everything on their own. Why shud I tell u?

DIL: ok baba don't tell me iam sorry I asked made a mistake forgive me. But u don't need to worry

MIL:  why?

DIL: bcoz suyash's driver just called the flight has landed by now suyash must have cleared the customs. He must b abt to come any minute.


Scene4: suyash in  his car talking on the phone to mr.sinha telling him to hold an urgent meeting at work and he will reach in 2hrs, after he has been home then he will come to work. His car suddenly gets spoilt, the driver goes to get a mechanic. Suyash calls mr.sinha and informs him he will b late, gets out of his car and walks around a bit.

Another car comes and stops next to suyash's car a girl's voice calls out from the back seat as she is lowering her window if she can help him. Suyash bends his head to look in the car towards her (and some funky music starts up) they focus on the girls lips, then eyes as she slips of her shades, then the camera runs over her cleavage showing top, then her whole face. (It was almost like suyash was checking her out LOL But obviously he wsnt it was just ekta's way of introducing a new character).

Suyash says no thanks. But she insists tht he wont find any mechanic here. Just then the mechanic comes he tells suyash it cud take around 3-4 hrs. suyash finally accepts her offer for a ride and gets in the car.

 NewGirl (since they haven't yet told her name I will use 'new girl' for her once she says her name I will use it) : does India tax for talking? Its just tht u r so quiet so I thot mayb u know (suyash smiles) thank god at least u smiled. Where shall I drop u?

Suyash: actually I have to go to Bandra but u can drop me anywhere on ur way. Ill manage from there

Newgirl: why anywhere? I will drop u to ur destination

Suyash: no no thts alrite really

Newgirl: my car wont stop on the way like ur car (I wudve been funny if it just did) so you know

Suyash laughs and says: alrite I appreciate it thnks very much. My name is SUyash Mehra

Newgirl: Anisha my name is anisha

Suyash: very nice meeting u anisha

Anisha: iam from Australia I just landed a little while ago in India. Actually I just love India and especially the Indian food. Well in Australia I have done a hotel management course and I want to open an Indian restaurant there thts why I have come to Mumbai to understand the functioning and all (suyash the whole time is looking in the other direction)…your not getting bored are you?

Suyash: no no. but you see I have no other option either. Just joking (laughs)

Anisha kinda relieved: now thts a gud one

Suyash: anisha where are your parents in India?

Anisha: in Australia my dad he is a businessman (aren't they all hun aren't they all?) and…

Suyash: excuse me no iam not getting bored but my house is here if u cud just tell ur driver

Anisha: yea sure, driver stop the car for a minute

Suyash: thank u very much anisha very nice meeting you

He gets out of the car and says bye.

Scene5: suyash is entering his house.

MIL: stop rite there (she starts doing his aarti)

Suyash: mama wht is this isn't the first time iam coming home from abroad

MIL: I know this isn't the 1st time u have been and tht u have gone lots of times

Suyash: but

MIL: wht date is it today tell me

Suyash: today is taaeeess (sorry don't know wht no. tht is in English )

MIL: and wht day is it?

Suyash: Wednesday so?

MIL to DIL: he has really become old

Suyash laughing: why

MIL: today is ur birthday

Suyash: haan theek hai and iam not old yet its just the work stress (he touches their feet and starts looking for something in his pocktes)

MIL: wht are u looking for?

Suyash: as always I had brought u a gift but I don't remember where I left it

ANisha: maybe you are looking for this? (she is standing at the entrance and holding a pink coloured box)

Suyash: ah anisha come come please come in, how come this is wid you?

Anisha: Um well I think on the way it fell from your pocket and landed on my seat..here u go

Suyash: oh I c thank u so much, mama this is anisha she gave me a lift from the airport

Anisha: namaste aunty

MIL: hello beta

Suyash: the car stopped, and anisha this is my mama and papa (she touches their feet)..and mama this is your gift and this time its not a watch its sumthing else

MIL: son today is ur birthday and ur giving me a gift

Anisha: oh its ur birthday today

Suyash: yea

Anisha: many many happy returns of the day

Suyash: thank you thnk u so much

MIL to anisha : come on come inside

Anisha: uhh no aunty not today but someother day

MIL: ok go but at least have some sweets

Anisha: ok thank you, ok then bye and aunty thanks a lot for this moo meetha

MIL: meethai

Anisha: yea rite

Suyash: thanks very much anisha (she leaves)

MIL: such a sweet girl doesn't seem like she has come from foreign

Suyash: ok mama I have to get ready and to office

MIL: but u have just come now

Suyash: yea there is a very important meeting and anyways coz of the car getting broken down a lot of time has been wasted

Nikhil enters well actually from inside the house he is going outside, sees suyash and says: happy birthday dad

Suyash: thanks kid

Nikhil to MIL: granny iam going to the gym I mite be late on the way back

DIL: today we must celebrate widout the party whts the fun

Suyash: no papa no celebration no party, mama I don't know how long it will take me to come back you please make papa understand (he goes inside I guess to his room)

Scene6: (a boooring and irrelevant scene so iam going to try and cut it short keyword TRY lol) parvati is screaming at an employee abt why he didn't get some file ready, and he knows how important these reports are so why isn't it ready till today. Answer the question why isn't this file ready. The employee answers tht he didn't have gaurav sir's approval and tht he ws waiting for gaurav's approval (kamal is just sitting and watching). Gaurav enters just as parvati starts talking again.

Parvati tells the worker why were u waiting this responsibility is urs, if gaurav sir didn't have time u shud have come straight to me, I wud talk to gaur…

Just then she spots gaurav standing at the door and stops talking. Gaurav has some file in his hand wich he says is ready bhabhi. Parvati tells the employee to leave. He goes.

Gaurav tells parvati he is sorry for the delay, she says its not abt saying sorry gaurav bhaiya you know how much pressure is on us. Gaurav bhaiya if we finish this project in 40days we will gain so much profit and we will have so many other options open for us too then. But god forbid if this isn't complete then…

Kamal interrupts her and tells her not to think like tht and tells her, her efforts wont go to waste, rite bhaiya?

Gaurav says yea bhabhi kamal is rite. Parvati says not only my effort kamal our effort rite gaurav bhaiya? Gaurav looks shocked and I don't know why but for some reason he doesn't look too happy either.

Scene7: suyash mehra's office (he ws cool in this scene) he shouts at the workers asking them wht sort of behaviour is this, and asks them if they know tht if mrs parvati agarwal hadn't reached over there at tht time then tht staff member cud have been killed. Is there no value for some1's life?! (the workers look scared and guilty…lol thts our suyash) you guys are only concerned abt ur management union conflicts.  

He tells them tht he doesn't want to any staff member to be hurt becoz of union and management fights is tht clear?!! Now iam making myself very clear if another incident like this happens then I know wht I have to do I will shut down tht plant! Is tht clear?? Please now go!

The workers leave. Suyash looks angry and frustrated.!

Scene8:  gayatri and samir coming down the steps infront of the mandir, samir is kinda holding gayatri, well her hand. Gayatri thanks him. Shilpa comes chaya whose reading a magazine in the lounge looks up.

Shilpa: gayatri where are you guys going?

Gayatri: voh..

Samir: chachi iam taking gayatri to the hospital for a checkup

Shilpa: WHY?

Gayatri looks at samir, who looks just as shocked. Chaya also looks up wondering whts going on.

Shilpa: I mean me and chaya are going to the market, and we were going tht way so we will take gayatri wid us?

Samir: thts gud they will take u

Gayatri smiles

Shilpa: uhh chaya shall we go?

Chaya: yea coming

Just then anisha enters the agarwal house. Samir sees her and says :you! Wht a surprise! (they hug) anisha wht are u doing here? U were going to come last week rite?

Anisha: your talking as if u were waiting for me for one week

Samir: yea I wsnt waiting

Anisha: shut up, well actually I just changed my plan in the last minute

Samir: as always

Anisha: yup so whts up and where is shruti?

Samir: she has gone to Bangalore for some important work

Anisha: this is not done she knew I ws coming to Mumbai and she went to Bangalore

Samir:im sorry on her behalf…come on ill introduce u to everyone (as they are standing and watching looking confused)

Anisha spots the mandir and says one sec ok?...samir says ok. She goes up to the mandir and kinda prays. Then samir explains to everyone this is anisha shruti's friend who took a lot of care of them wen they were in Australia. Then he introduces anisha to everyone chaya, shilpa, sonu, 'hot and happening vandy maasi' etc.

shilpa, gayatri and chaya leave for the hospital. Anisha tells everyone tht she loves the fact tht they all live in a joint family. Dadi comes and tells anisha to stay in their house since she is shruti's friend and to bring her luggage from the hotel. She agrees. Sonu goes to show anisha her room.

Scene9: pallavi having a check-up wid the doctor who tells her she is absolutely fine. Doctor tells pallavi its gud tht she comes for regular check-ups. Pallavi agrees saying she wants to be healthy. The doctor give pallavi her reports, she leaves the doctor's room.

Scene10: they show pallavi walking in the corridor of the hospital, chaya and shilpa are sitting in the same corridor. Pallavi sees them. A nurse comes to shilpa  and says tht on this form they need another signature of gayatri's husband and where is he?

Shilpa looks at chaya both are shocked. They look at the form and it has samir's signature on them they are shocked. The nurse tells them its ok if he is not here and if he comes next time then to send him. Pallavi is watching and hearing all this.

Shilpa thinks to herself: tht samir has signed on this form wht if my suspicion is rite. No but how can samir do this

Chaya says: are u thinking the same thing I am thinking? See wht happened bcoz we gave so much sympathy to gayatri

Shilpa: yea I have also felt this for a long time chaya, samir and gayatri  (pallavi looks surprised at hearing this) I wanted to talk to parvati bhabhi but

Chaya: parvati bhabhi? Come on shilpa bhabhi whts wrong wid u? parvati bhabhi is busy in her other work she doesn't have time to listen to all this…hmpf parvati bhabhi (chaya shakes her head and walks away from shilpa)

Scene11: pallavi walks away from shilpa and chaya and goes to the nurse's room who had come wid the form to shilpa. She asks the nurse for gayatri's form and she says she is part of their family and she will get his signature for her. The nurse says its ok and he can sign later.

Pallavi says he is flying out of the country tonite, she says she will keep the signature and keep it.  The nurse gives the form to her.

Pallavi thinks to herself: shruti went out of Bombay and new chemistries have started to develop here gud. If parvati bhabhi finds out abt this then? (she looks smug)

The episode finishes on her face

THE END (iam soo sorry I took soo long but I told u the problem I ws havingBig smile n thnks for readin em)


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Thanks a lot!
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thanks yaar
RiyaDutt Goldie

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nice update, thnx Smile
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Thanks yaar Big smile
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thnks for barin wid me Embarrassed
preeti85 Senior Member

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thanks...that was a long update
shimmer1 Senior Member

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lol yea

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