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NSDT#2(AR)PART 65-PG35[completed]April 26 (Page 7)

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The car reached the BINTANG WALK area of Kuala Lumpur.

 The first thing Armaan Riddhima along with their two childern did was that they took a short journey in the Tram.Ridz sat on the window side n luvd the scenario.
 Emaan n Arnav peeped out asking their luvly questions 4m their dad.
EM: papa train
AR: nahin beta yeh train nahin Tram hai.
ARNAV: pan
AR: pan nahin Tram
the kids laughed along wid Ridz.She tuk Arnav n made him sit on her lap
RI: mera baccha dekho bahar kya hai
Arnav lukd out 2 see the dazzling lights of the city.
Emaan in her fathers arms was eating chocolate like a gud girl she didn't made her clothes dirty n Armaan tuk care of this coz if Ridz will see untidy Emaan she'll frown at Armaan 4 giving her the chocolate.
 RI: Armaan dekho kitna khoobsurat nazara hai na..
Armaan lukd out.

AR: wow its beautiful.

They were in the Tram seeing the whole city which was illuminated by lights n hundreds of people were walking it lukd as if their was a race as who wud reach his destination first.A blend of traditions,beautiful buildings n few sights of calm trees made their short journey memorable.

 Wen the Tram passed underground the city and  Ridz was a bit scared but  her husband's  arms had such a divine feeling that she wud feel most secure wen they were around her.
The nearby passengers smiled at this sweet happy family.

 After getting out  they took a short walk in the Bintang walk area .

[Anyone who has been to Kuala Lumpur (KL) would surely have heard of Bukit Bintang, or more popularly referred to as the Bintang Walk. It is located in what is called the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. You can get to Bukit Bintang by taking a taxi, by bus or by taking the train.It is the ultimate place to be and be seen when it comes to the KL night life. It is the center of KL's night entertainment and recreation. If you stroll along Bintang Walk, you will be greeted by glitzy lights and a multitude of international restaurants and pubs that line the entire street.]

 They den headed towards the CENTRAL MARKET OF KUALALUMPUR


 It was about 8 pm

EM: mumma
RI: aley meli beti kya ho gaya kya chahiye bhookh lagi hai awe mama k paas aao
Ridz tuk her gave Emaan her fav chocolate biscuits n the girl chuckled eating them happily.
Arnav saw his siter eating alone he also started 2 pull Armaan's shirt
AR: han merey sher tuhjhey bhi chahiye chal
After the kids calmed down they walked ahead examining the market .
RI: kaafi rush hai
AR: hm Madam yeh Kualalumpur ka nightmarket hai.
RI: par hum toh Central Market aaye they na
AR: haan wahi ek hi baat hai.

 RI: Armaan kitney saarey log hain na yahaan imean koi African hai koi American koi Italian aur koi hamari tarah Indian.Itna variation hai toh kya yeh market har tarah k logon ki requirements fulfill karti hogi i don't think so.There r so many customs n traditions aur...

She was interrupted by Armaan..

AR: Riddhima yeh Malaysia hai india nahin jahaan u've different sectors of market 2 but different things.yahaan sab kuch milta hai choti se choti aur badi se badi har cheez tumhain yahaan mil jayegi.aise hi thodi yahaan itni rush hai
RI: hmm aisey lagta hai ki saara Malaysia yahin uth k chala aaya ho
AR: acha batao kya lena hai
RI: Emaan aur Arnav k liye kuch garam kapdey aur le letey hain coz beaches pe pata nahin kitni thand hogi aur waisey bhi woh khel khel kar sab ganda kar dengey
AR: correct so chalein
they went in a garments shop n bought few sweaters n other clothe 4 their kids.
they did sum shopping 4 themselves too.
Next they purchased sum things related 2 the reqiurements 4 the next 7 days 4 the house ,sum more accessories n den fully tired they went in a restaurant.
Emaan chucked seing so many tables wid so much food on them
EM: yay !!!papam khana
AR: hmm meri princess hungry hai abhi mangatey hain khana

They ordered the food n wid sum more sweet fmily moments they returned back.

 Their return journey was very gud as it was abt 10 pm n the ride was full of cool breeze ,beautiful scenaries n all.
Ridz felt refreshed after the ride n so did Armaan.It seemed the cool air soaked their tireness.
It was 10.30 wen they reached.
 Saniya n her mom came out of their cottage as they heard the horn n then saying gud night they went back n AR proceeded 2 kids room ,pampered them after chancing thier dress n den went 2 their room.
 Ridz was going 2 change with gown in her hand when Armaan pulled her closer .Lifting her up in his arms,he took her to the bed.He gently placed her on the bed with their eyes locked conveying a hundred feelings without any words to each other...As he moved in she switched off the lights.


Next morning Armaan and Riddhima plan to go to a beach alongwith the kids to have fun but by the time they get ready its noon, and then.
Armaan: ab pehley kuch kha pee lein phir chalengey beach pey
RI: hmm bahut bhookh lagi hai waisey bhi lunch time ho gaya hai
EM: mama khaana
RI: awe meri bacchi ko bhookh lagi hai chalo ab hum khana khaney jayengey ok.
Armaan had the map of the island 2 make out things easy.
Soon they reached at a restautant
they ordered a few Malaysian cuisines n were eagerly waiting 4 the food 2 arrive.
RI: kitna time lagayengey.bachon ko kitni bhookh lagi hai
AR: relax riddhima khana bas aata hi hoga.waisey bachon se zyaada toh mujhey unki mom hungry nazar aa rahi hain
RI: shut up armaan yahaan stomach main chuhey kood rahey hain aur tum ho ki ab bhi tang kar rahey ho
AR: haan toh ship pe kuch kha letin lekin tumhara hi man nahin tha meri bahon se alag honey ka.poorey time mere haathon ko pakad kar bas samandar ko dekhi ja rahi thin kya dekh rahi thieen tum waisey.
RI: main bas behtey huey paani ko dekh rahi hi bahut sukoon milta hai dil ko ek ajeeb si thandak mehsoos hoti.
AR: hmm ab tumhara dil ko aur thandak mil jayegi here cums the food.
she laughed a little at his tease.
They then had the food.

AR: yummy nice food na
RI: hmm seriously it was gud.see Arnav kitney mazey se kha raha hai arey mera bacha aur kha lo plz
She fed arnav n emaan was fed by her father.
ARNAV: nahin mama pani
RI: pani yeh lijiye beta
EM: papa ice ceam
AR: oh toh aapko ice-cream khani hai bilkul apni mama pe gayi hai.dekho zara apni mom ko ice cream k naam par kitni khush ho gayi hai
Emaan chuckled lukin at her mom n ridz smiled seeing the bond b/w daughter n father.
AR: aisey kya dekh rahi ho mana ki main irresistable hoon par ab main sirf tumhara hoon toh aisey toh mujhey tum bedroom main bhi dekh sakti ho
Ridz blushed at his comment.
RI: Armaan tum na kabhi nahin sudhrogey
AR: jo sudhar jaye woh Armaan Malik nahin
RI: I know pata hai Armaan tum is world k best husband honey k saath saath is poori qaynat(world) k best father bhi ho
Armaan smiled seeing her emotional ,realizing her feeilnds.
AR: acha ab centi mat ho emaan ko dekho main ice-cream order karta hoon.
 In a few min all were licking their fav ice creams.

After cumin out of the restaurant,
AR: waisey buzurgon ney sahi hi kaha hai
RI: kya
AR: yahi pehley pet pooja phir kaam dooja
Ridz laughed at his sentence while she headed 2wards he car
RI: ab hum beach pe chalein
AR: hmm 3 toh yahin baj gaye lets go.
After a short ride they reached the Beach.
It was a mind soothing view.

 They didn't know ow the time passed.They enjoyed a lot becoming a kid once again with their angels.
It was now 6.
 Twice they made the mud house but the tide took it away but the third time they made the sand castle a little far n it was safer.
 Emaan n Arnav were playing around the castle running n catching each other.They had made themselves much untidy but Ridz was happy 2 see them enjoying the place .She  was recreating herself by the scenario in front of her as well..
The waters beating the sea-shore,the setting sun n the company of his soul-mate made this moment a memorable one.
 She was looking deeply at the red sun...

AR: aisey kya dekh rahi ho??

RI: bas yahi Armaan in paanch salon main mainey apni zindagi ki har khushi payi hai. tum miley ladayi jhagda kiya, phir pyaar hua.Tumney mujhsey khud se bhi zyada pyaar kiya sabsey zyada aur mainey bhi tumhain toot kar chaha hai.yeh teen saal hamari shaadi k bahut hi khoobsurat teen saalon ka har lamha mainey apni palkon pey saja k rakha hai. hamney jo bhi khwab dekhey hain aaney wali zindagi main zaroor poorey karengey aur apney bachon ki har khwahish ko hum mil kar poora karengey .Armaan main jitna pyaar apney bachon se karti hoon shayad ussey bhi zyada pyaar tumsey karti hoon.mera saath kabhi mat chodna.hum hamesha saath rahengey na
Armaan's eyes were filled wid tears.She luvd him a lot she knew but her words made him touched.

AR: haan Riddhima hum hamesha saath hongey hum ek saath jiyengey aur ek saath marengey.zindagi k har pal ko hum mil kar jiyengey .Apney bachon ke har sapney ko poora karengey aur hamarey sapnon ko bhi.hum apni zindagi main kabhi kisi doosrey ki wajah se koi problem nahin aaney dengey.main waada karta hoon Riddhima ab har mushkil k aagey hamara pyaar khada hoga aur har pareshani ussey takda k wapas chali jayegi hum tak nahin pahunch payegi.

He assuringly put his hands on hers.

AR: I luv u riddhima n even more than dat I adore u.tum meri zindagi ho
RI: I luv u 2 Armaan.

They hugged each other warmly.

The kids saw their mom dad in such an embrace they also got an urge 2 hug them.,
They rushed 2 them.
Emaan put her hands on Armaan n Arnav on his mom
ARNAV: mama
Ridz n Armaan seperated n smiled seeing thier little creatures.
They hugged their children.
Armaan hed all 3 of them in his arms.
An old couple was sitting near them 4m a long time.
They were smiling seeing this sweet family 4m a long time.
Wen the 4 got seperated the couple cud not help themselves 4 talking 2 them
OLD woman-u've got a nice family .ur children r so cute.
RI: thanx
OLD MAN: how many yrs u've been married?
AR: 3 yrs.actually v celeberated our third anniversary a week b4.
WOMAN: how cute.
WO: If u don't mind why don't u have a walk 2 the beach n meanwhile v can play wid the kids our own grandchildren don't live wid us .My son lives seperately.
Ridz was sorry 2 hear dis n understud the Western tradition where son usually gets seperated 4m his father after marriage.
AR: ofcourse v won't mind at all.its so kind of u.
AR: beta dekhiye uncl aunty k paas rahiyega koi shaitani nahin ok u can play wid them jaisey aap dadu aur nanu k saath kheltey hain
Emaan n Arnav nodded.
The old couple shaked hands wid the 2 kids n kids sooon started interacting wid them afer a bit hesitation.

Armaan n Ridz held their hands in hands n walked 2wards the beach.
Their were so many people- quite hot girls in thier short dresses.
Armaan smiled at Ridz wen he found lukin at them givin a disgusting luk 2 their outfit.
AR: kya hua??
RI: kuch nahin tum udhar mat dekho woh ladkiyan unhain kapdey pehenney ki tameez nahin hai how disgusting kitni vulgar lag rahi hain
AR:relax yaar v r in Malaysia yahaan kitna blende hai cultures ka.pata nahin kahaan kahaan se log aatey hain why do u bother.
RI: bother kyun na karun tum ladkey un ladkiyon ko hoor ghoor kar dekhtey ho toh hum bechati ladkiyan pareshan toh hongi na
She left his hand n folded her arms across her chest
AR: acha toh yeh baat hai lekin janeman abhi tak mainey tumharey siwa toh kisi ko aankh utha k bhi nahin dekha
RI: Acha tum toh doodh k dhuley huey ho hai na
RI: arey yaar main do bachon ka baap hon thoda lihaaz rakhta hoon.

Just then a group of girls passed by wo were in mini-skirts.
Armaan just agve them a side-luk which was unfortunately noticed by Ridz.
She fumed in anger.


Well that's all for tonight.Since I don't have time to write an installment for virtue n vice,I decided to update this ff in short parts on a daily basis as I don't need to write it since it already has been written...

I hope you are enjoying the honeymoon of AR...

Don't forget to share your comments...

love u..

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[Written by ME]

It was the sangeet day of Shanky n Padma's marriage..

 All were busy in preparations.Gupta house was beautifully decorated.
The boys were made out n the girls began their dance.
but these boys cudn't remain patient
AR: arey yar yeh bhi koi baat hoti hai hamein bahar nikal diya
RA: haan yaar khud toh mazey kar rahi hongi aur hamein yahaan bhej diya not fair at all
AT: kuch soch Armaan
SHUBHANKAR: yes Dr. Armaan kuch toh sochiye
AR: idea
they decided 2 go inside wearing lady's outfit
Ridz,Anjy n Muski were dancing on mere haathon main nau nau choodyiyan hain...
the boys eneterd in n sat wid the lady's.Armaan was lost in Riddhima .Ridz was luking beautiful in blue saree .Atul was staring at Anjy n Rahul ad his eyes fixed on Muski.HE didn't know wat was happening him these days.he had started liking her each n every act.he wud luv 2 b wid her.He was unaware of the fact that he is falling in luv wid her.
Armaan cudn't control himself n he also wen to Riddhima n hiding his face partially he started dancing wid Ridz.the rest 3 also joined him but very soon their dupatta revealed their faces n it was Muski who recognised them
she switched of the dvd player n tuk out their dupatta
The girls stared at them
AT: ARmaan kuch yaar warna bahut pitayi hogi
AR: aap log hamein aisey kya dekh rahey hain hum bhi insaan hain bore ho rahey they aur waisey bhi ladkon ke baghair har party adhoori hoti hai
RI: really lekin hamein tum logon ki koi zaroorat nahin
AR: Eidhima plz yaar
all boys plz plz
AR: dhol bajao yaar v r not goin anywhere
then all started 2 dance on Desi Girl
they had a wonderful time.Armaan also made Pdma dance a bit n all had fun
after the party ended
Riddhima was seeing off the guest wen Armaan made her a signal to cum 2 terrace
she sumhow excused herself n went there
he was busy lukin at the moon wen she came
AR: pata hai Riddhima yeh chand tumhain dekh kar sharma jata hai dekho kaisey nazrein chura raha hai kabhi badlon main chip jata hai mera chand is chand se kayi zyada khoobsurat hai
RI: Armaan baatein banana toh koi tumsey seekhey acha batao kyun bulaya mujhey
AR: seedhi si baat hai subah se akeley time spende nahin kiya na isliye
he said thi holdingher from her waist.she shivered as she found his hands on her bare waist
he moved closer to her n whispered in her ears
AR: aaj tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho
she lushed slightly as his eyes were full of luv
He kissed her forehead
AR: I luv u
he cupped up her face n kissed her cheeks
She closed here eyes
HE moved more loser 2 her n was abt to kiss her wen she ran away
AR: aey arey suno toh
RI: baad main
she ran away 2 her room n Armaan sighed saying oye hoye
next day was mehndi
Padma was applied mehndi n then al girls also did the same
Ridz was passing by the kitchen wen Armaan pulled her aside n was surprised 2 see tears in her eyes
AR: hey kya hua
HE cupped up her face
RI: aaj main bahut khush hoon Armaan aaaj kal ma ki zndgi khushiyon se bhar jayegi woh ab akeli nahin rahengi hamesha mere paas rahengi par dar lagta hai kahin in khushiyon ko nazar na lag jaye jab bhi main khush hoti hoon hamsha kuch na kuh ho jata hai
HE wiped her tears
AR: aisa kuch nahin hoga kal aunty ki life ka bahut bada din hai aur tumhain nunki khushi main unka saath dena chahiye na ki yeh motey motey aansu bahaney chahuye main tumhari khushyion ko tumsey door nahin honey doonga trust me
she lukd at him nseeing his luv she hugged him
AR: acha apni mehndi toh dikhao
She put forward her hands n he saw the mehndi
AR: DDekh lena tumhari mehndi bahut drk chadhegi after all I luv u sooo much
she blushed n smiled
AR: yeh hui na baat
RI: Acha ab chalo warna koi aajayega
AR: nahin abhi nahin plz
RI: Armaaan
she glared at him
AR: ok ok
they went inside.

it was the marriage day
the barat has arrived at the venue.boys were from Padma's side
Shashank was sitting in the mandap n Padma was brought down by Ridz n Anjy
She was lukin very beautiful in her bridal attire
All eyes went up n Armaan's eyes were fixed on Ridz.She was wearing a maroon lehnga n was lukin gorgeous.He sighed seeing her.
then all the ceremonies began n Shashank filled Padma's mang wid sindoor.Nani blessed them
finally they were married
after that it was the ritual to drop the jewellary on the bride's hand on the girls n the one on whom it'll fall will get married soon
Padma first went 2 Kirti den Anjy den Muski but none of them got it
Then 2 Ridz n it fell upon her
she tuk it n blushed slightly n Armaan was smiling.HE winked at her

it was the time of bidaai wen Armaan tuk Ridz to a corner
RI: ARmaan kya kar rahey ho wahan bidaai ka time ho raha hai aur tum masti kar rahey ho chalo chodo
AR: shh bahut bolti ho tumhain pata hai tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho
She blushed
RI: tum bhi bahut achey lag rahey ho
AR: so Dr. Riddhima kya kehti ho Dr. shashank se baat kijaye
She lukd at him
AR: a aisey kya dekh rahi ho mujhse aur doori bardasht nahin hoti main toh ba us din ka intezaar kar raha hoon jab hamari shadi ho aur tum dulhan ban kar merey room main baithi aur
RI: Armaan plz
AR: kya hua sharm aarahi hai
she nodded
AR: oye hoye
he kissed her forehead n den was abt 2 kiss her neck wen she pushed him n ran away

The bidaai was done n Padma was sitting in Shashank's room at gupta house.
the room was beautifully decorated wid flowers
Shashank went n sat near her
he put her ghoonghat up
SH: tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho
She blushed slightly
SH: yeh tumhara gift
 He gave her a packet n wen she opened it she found a beautiful diamond set.
PA: bahut khoobsurat hai lekin kya zaroorat thi itna kuch karney ki
 SH: arey waah jiski itni khoobsurat biwi ho woh yeh sab kyun na karey aur waisey bhi tumhara haq hai ispar..
 She blushed
SH: tum khush toh ho na

 PA: aapney yeh kyun poocha main bahut khush hoon..

A broad smile came on Shashank's face...

 He kissed her forhead n removing her dupatta as moved in n she switched off the lights...

[Don't wonder guys..Old couples also have a right to romance..Isn't it?? lols!!]

The morning
Ridz n Anjy knocked their parents room n Padma opened the door.She was wearing a red saree fully dressed
AN: arey waah mom aap toh tayyar bhi hoayin dad kya k rahey hain
 PA: woh abhi so raheh hai
 AN: haan aapney unhain raat bhar jagaya jo hoga
 PA: badmash.
RI: Aapko is tarah khush dekh kar main aaj bahut khush hoon maa

 She hugged her..

 Few days passed n today Karan called Armaan n told dat he'll b cuming 2morrow
Armaan was so happy
he went 2 tell Ridz but she was busy in the ward he paged her 2 cum m2 the fireescape
She went in wen got free as soon as she eneterd Armaan lifted her up in his arms
AR: Riddhima Riddhima aaj main bahut khush hoon bata nahin sakta kitna khush hoon main aaj
RI: ach acha batao kya baat hai mujhey neechey toh utaro
he put her down
 AR: kal Karan aaaha hai seedha mumbai litney saaloon se mainey usey nahin dekha kitna bada hogaya hoga na. I missed him a lot
 His eyes were filled wid tears
She cupped up his face
RI: yeh oh khushi ki baat hai fir yeh aansu isliye
 AR: yeh toh khushi k aansu hain

 She cud feel his pain of separation.She kissed his tears n cheeks n hugged him.Now they were just waiting for tomorrow.

next day at Sanjeevani
Armaan told everyone dat his bro is cumin all said dat they'll go to airport 2 recieve him but Ridz said dat she'll b takin off early n will prepare Karan's room n dinner for tonight
Armaan first didn't agree but later had 2 say can he annoy his princess
in the eve all left 2 get Karan while ridz was at Armaan's house arranging everything
At the airport
A hansum humk landed on the grounds of Mumbai.He was wearing a blue lining shirt wid the collar button open.He had put on black jeans n was lukin dashing.
 HE came forward n seeing Armaan he almost ran 2 him as he cud recognize his bro but Ammy cudn't since he has not seen him 4 ages
 He hugged his brother..
AR: Karan
 He had tears in his eyes n Karan also had waters in his eyes
KA: I missed u so much bhaiya
 AR: me too kitna bada hogaya hai ,kitna handsome bhi.. aakhir bhai kiska hai
KA: bhaiya yeh log kaun hain?
 He introduced Atul,Anjy,Rahul,Muski 2 him n he was happy 2 meet all
KA: bhaiya hamari bhabhi se kab milwaogey
AR: sabr karo intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai
Kaarn sighed n all sat in the car
then they proceeded 2wards the house
Ridz opened the door.She was wearing a the white saree which Armaan gifted her the day he gave her kada n payal.Armaan was lost in her bauty as she was luking extremely gorgeous.
KA: bhaiya bhaiya
he came out of thetrance
KA: mana ki hamari bhabhi bahut khoobsurat lag rahin hain lekin iska yeh matlab thodi hai ki aap unhain ghoortey hi rahengey
Ridz blushed at this
 All went in
AR: tujhey kaisey pata chala ki yeh hi Riddhima hai
KA: aapki aankhon main inkey liye pyaar jhalak raha tha
Ridz blushed once more
he saw the table which was set wid so many eatables
KA: kitna sabkuch merey liye wao bhaiya order karkey mangwaya
ANJY: nahin tumhari bhabhi ne aaj Sanjeevani se off lekar yeh sab kuch tumharey liye khud banaya hai
KA: sachi
AR: hmm
KA: wow bhabhi u r gr8 shaadi k baat toh bhaiya k mazay hongey aur merey bhi
she blushed even more
RI: main abhi aayi
she ran 2 the kitchen
AR: pata hai usney tera kamra bhi set kiya hai.sharma k bhag gayi main usey bula k laata hoon
He went inside the kitchen
her bak was facing her he tiptoed to her n slipped his hands round her bare waist .She gasped realising his touch
RI: ARmaan
AR: kaisey pehchaana
RI: tumhain pehchanney k liye mujhey aankhon ki zaroort thodi hi hai tum toh meri dhadkan main rehtey ho tumhari aahat bhi pehchanti hoon main
he smiled n nuzzled in her neck
AR: I luv u thanx yeh evening itni special bananay k liye
RI: Armaan hamaray rishtey main thanx aur sorry ki koi jagah nahin hai
AR: ok ok sirf pyaar ki jagah hai hai na
She was dumb as he kissed her neck n traced a shower of kisses on her neck line
KA: yeh bhaiya kahan reh gaye
AN: woh ridz ko dekh kar sab bhool gaya hoga
KA: main unhain bula kar lata hoon
Armaan made Ridz face him
RI: Armaan kya kar rahey ho koi aajayega
AR: toh aaja naey do u r so irresistable
He held her more closer n kissed her forehead
his eyes shifted to his lips.HE was moving towards them n she parted her lips 2 recieve his upon hers as she was completely under his spell just then Karan arrived
KA: agar aap donon ka romance khatam ho gaya ho to bahar chalein
they jumped apart.Ridz's face was blushing
Karan smiled n went 2 her
KA: thank u so much bhabhi aapney mere liye itna kuch kiya bhaiya is luky 2 have u
she placed her hand on his head
RI: mainey toh yeh sab apney liye kiya hai apnon ko khushi dekar jo khushi milti hai main usey ganwana thodi hi chahti thi
ARmaan lukd at her she was so selfless always she cared abt others.he felt himself luky 2 have her as his soulmate
KA: bhaiya fir se mat kho jayiye agar aap donon ka yahin rehney ka iraada hai toh main sabsey keh deta hoon ki u guys want 2 romance for sumtime
RI: nahin humk chaltey hain
she was blushing deeply
KA: u r very beautiful bhabhi
RI: thanx
they went out n Ridz showed Karan his room
he liked it a lot.
AR: wow Riddhima tumney toh is kamrey ki shakal hi badal daali kaisey kiya yeh sab
RI: bas merey haathon ka kamaal hai.Karan tum fresh hokar neechey aajao ok
KA: ji bhabhi
sumtime later Karan came n all didn't stop praisin Ridz for cukin such beautiful snacks.
then she set the dinner table wid help of anjy n Muski.
all ate the dinner n kept praising ridz
KA: waa h bhabhi aapkey haathon maion toh jaadu hai iotna badhiya khana mainey ya toh maa k haathon ka khaya tha ya fir aaj kha raha hoon
she smiled
AN: don worry shaadi k baad Ridz tujhey roz aisey hi khaney khilayegi
RI: di plz
she was blushing
MU: hai kaisey sharma rahi hai

all sat for a long time chatted n then Armaan left Ridz home.
it was a gr8 day for him
wen he returned bak he found Karan sitting in his room
AR: tu yahaan kya kar raha hai
KA: aapki luvstory sunney aaya hoon
AR: tu thak gaya hoga ja jakey soja
KA: nahin bhaiya plz plz
AR: ok
he then narrated the whole journey of his luv life n went the 2 bro's drifted 2 sleep they didn't know.

next day at breakfast table in Armaa's house
KA: toh bhaiya bhabhi ko propose katney k baarey main kya iraada hai
AR: haan yar is baarey main toh mainey socha hi nahin ab saari problems solve ho chli hain so I think ab mujhey yeh kaaam kar dena chahiye after all ab main uskey bagahir nahin reh sakta
KA: toh kiasey karna hai yeh
AR: woh toh baad main sochengey pehley main teri bhabhi se unkey papa se baat karney k liye toh pooch loon
KA: how cute koi kaam bhabhi se bina poochey nahin kartey abhi se joru k ghulam ban gaye
AR: tu sudhar ja

Armaan went 2 hospital
He said 2 Ridz to meet him at the terrace
Wen she came he hugged her from bak kissing her shoulder
AR: I luv u
She smiled n closed her eyes
RI: I luv u too
Getting out of his grip she asked
RI: acha batao kyun bulaya mujhey yahaan?
AR: koi wajah zaroori hai tumney paas bulanay k liye
RI: Armaan
AR: ok main yeh eh raha tha ki(he held her hans in his n kissed them) ab main tumsey door nahin reh sakta to gar tum kaho toh sasurji se hamari baat karein
RI: kyun bahut jaldi hai
AR: haan plz haan boldo
he made a baby face n she nodded blushing deepply.
AR: oye hoye
he hugged her warmly
 They were lost in each other's embrace wen the pager rang n they went for their duties

In the evening Armaan told all they have 2 cum on a cruise for a special party in honour of his brother just a welcum party.He asked shashank n Padma also 2 cum along wid nani
AN: ARmaan tum itny excited kyun ho isparty ko lekar
AR: Woh tumhain kal pata chalega I hope sab theek se hojaye
Anjy wondered wat he was upto
ARmaan called upon his dad n told abt hisplans his dad came in the night n the 2 brothers n their dad had a gr8 time 2gether after age
AR: kitna acha lag raha hai na itney saalon baad ek saath carom kheltey huey
KA: haan bahut
VI: Sab Riddhima ki wajah se bhagwan ne usey hamari angel bana kar bheja hai
AR: hmm meri angel
he went in a dreamland
Karan n Vijay smiled
they coughed
KA: bhaiya khwabon se bahar aajayiye aur apni chance chliye how do u do this always aap hamesha jeet jatey hain
AR: dats my style bro aur aaj bhi main hi jeetunga kyun dad
VI: lets see
 They played long n Armaan won finally.. Then they slept waiting for the next day.

Armaan had asked leave frm Kirti alreay 2 prepare everything very well.Afterall arranging for a party at ship was very difficult
 In the evening all came .They were mesmerised to see the arrangemtns...The arrangemtn for a party at a ship was extremely beautiful.Everything in the night made it look even more exquisite..

All appreciated Armaan for this wonderful party...But Armaan's eyes were searching for one face.The intern gang talked to each other for sometime.Armaan excused himself and went away from some work...Just then he saw Ridz entering the party with her family.A smile formed upon his face..

 As Ridz came at the centre of the party hall, the lights suddenly switched off n spotlight was on Armaan.He was wearing a black suit n Ridz wore a red saree which Armaan gifted her 2 wear tonight.She was looking breath taking.


Any guesses guys???

Scroll down for one of the most awaited parts of this ff..

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged

Today on the birthday of my Shona-Shilpa Anand ,here is a TRIBUTE to my shona and KASH and all my lovely readers...






 The ship was beautifully decorated in red n white colour.The atmosphere was made extremely romantic..

Spotlight was on Armaan

AR: doston aaj ki yeh shaam bahut hi khaas hai yeh party mere bhai ke aaney ki khushi main toh di hi gayi lekin issey bhi zyada important baat k liye di gayi hai.aaj main aap sab ko us ladki se milwaunga jo mere jiney ki wajah hai mei zindagi hai-Riddhima Gupta the spotlight was on her also now as well as at Armaan

AR: Riddhima I luv u ... I luv u very very much.Tum meri zindagi ho.Tumharey hi dam se mera wajood hai, tumharey baghair main adhoora hoon.Subah agar tumhara khoobsurat chehra na dekhoon toh mera din acha nahin jata aur raat ko tumhein muskurate jaatey huey na dekhon to theek se so nahin pata .Tum mere har pal main rehti ho.Ttumhara pyaar lahu bankar meri ragoon main daud raha hai .Tumsey hi din hai aur tumsey hi raat.Ttum hi sab kuch ho mere liye.. Main tumsey bahut zyada pyaar,beinteha ishq aur apni jaan se bhi badhkar mohabbat karta hoon aur karta rahunga...Jab hum old age mein pahunchengey tab bhi main tumsey utna hi pyaar karunga jitna aaj karta hoon.I promise to be with youalways go together through every thick and thin of our life..I promise I will remain by your side forever till eternity and even beyond it...I promise to give you all the happiness in this world...I can see my future only with you...You are the last woman in my life with whom I wish to spend the rest of my life.Are you ready to live with this idiot are your life ? Will you marry me Riddhima??

He knelt down before her n extended his hand towards her.Tears were glistening in her eyes asbea well as many people standing there as an audience to the world's best love story..

AR: janta hoon tum haan tabhi kahogi jab tumharey papa haan kahengey toh tumsey pehley unhi se pooch letey hain

He stood up n walked towards Shashank.He knelt down before Shashank n Padma and joined his hands holding the mike in between his folded palms...AR: Sir main apki beti se beinteha muhabbat karta hoon.Uusey hamesha khush rakhunga, duniya ki saari khushiyan uskey qadmn main rakh doonga .gham ko usey chooney bhi nahin doonga .Agar kabhi koi museebat aayegi toh dhaal ban kar Riddhima ke aagey rahunga aur sab sambhal loonga.Mera wajood Riddhima se hai.Uske bin main kuch bhi nahin...Woh hai toh main hoon..Kya aap apni beti ka haath merey haathon main dengey plz...

SH: yeh toh main bahut pehley hi jan chuka tha ki koi hai jispar meri beti mujhsey zyada bharosa karny lagi din jab Mihir ki death hui thi toh main aur tum Riddhima k room main jab gaye they toh mainey dekha ki Riddhima ne merey bajaye tumhain hug kiya daud kar .Main tabhi samajh gaya tha ki woh tumpar bahut bharosa karti hai aur mujhey khushi hai ki aaj tumney yeh baat mujhey batayi.main hamesha yahi chahta tha ki meri beti ki zindagi main aisa koi aaye jo mujhsey bhi zyada usey pyaar karey mujhsey bhi zyada uski care karey aur Armaan tumney hamesha har museebat main uska saath diya hai,usey sambhala hai .Main bahut khushnaseeb hoon jo mujhey tum jaisa damad mila hai...Har baap yeh sochta hai ki uski beti shaadi se pehle us par sab se zyada bharosa karti hai.Jis din beti apne papa se yada kisi aur par trust karne lagti hai toh us din uske papa ko yeh ehsaas hojata hai ki woh insaan uski beti ko hamesha khush rakhega...Armaan tumhare liye Riddhima ki khushi se badhkar kabhi koi cheez nahin rahi hai.I'm so proud of Riddhima ki usne apne jeevansathi ke roop mein tumhain chuna hai.

Both men smiled and hugged each other...


Shashank took Armaan's hand n went near Ridz SH: Riddhima do u luv him betaShe nodded shyingly

SH: toh Dr. Armaan ab ap meri beti se dobaara sawaal poochiye aur agar woh haan kehti hai toh aaj ka din hum sabki zindagi ka ek yaadgar din ban jayega...

Armaan knelt down once more n asked Ridz the same question..She gave her hand in his saying yes n everyone clapped happily..Armaan kissed her hand n slipped the diamond ring in her finger n kissed her hand she hugged him tightly tears of happiness ran thru her cheeksAnjy then came n gave ring 2 Ridz to make Armaan wear it.. RI: di aapko pata tha AN: hmm isney mujhey bataya tha toh mainey socha ki tumhari engagement ka issey acha din aur kya ho sakta ho toh chalo ring pehnao useyShe made him wear the ringA round of applause was heard...All congratulated her...

Ridz took aashirwad from nani n Vijay malik..

Padma and Shashank had a tinge of tears in their eyes.Ridz saw them and water formed in her eyes as well..

She hugged both of them and Anjali joined them as well in the family hug...

Armaan sighed...

AR: Main na kehta tha champ ki Riddhima meenakumari hai.apne saath saath isne baki Gupta family ko bhi waisa hi bana liya.Dekho sab basket ke jaise khushi ke mauke par bhi aansun baha rahe hain..

A smile formed on everyone's face and Armaan's dimples formed as he saw his basket smiling at him saying thank you to him from her eyes.

He winked at her making her smile broader...

KA: toh bhabhi r u ready 2 becum Riddhima Armaan Malik she blushed deeply at this. ATUL: ladies n gentlemen lets call upon our newly engaged couple on the dance floorArmaan n Ridz went 2 dance floorArmaan placed his hand on Ridz's waist n Ridz's one hand was in his other rested on his shoulder.

mere haath mein tera haath ho

saari jannatein mere saath ho - 2

tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan

tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

mere haath mein tera haath ho

saari jannatein mere saath ho

tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan

tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

mere haath mein tera haath ho

saari jannatein mere saath ho

They both were lost in each others eyes.Armaan made Riddhima undergo a circle n then dip her down n again pulled her up.This time he pulled her more closer caressing her bare waist makin her shiver.

Tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye

Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye

Jitne paas hain khushbu saans ke

Jitne paas hothon ke sargam

Jaise saath hain karvat yaad ke

Jaise saath baahon ke sangam

Jitne paas paas khwaabon ke nazar

Utne paas tu rehna hamsafar

Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan

Tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

Mere haath mein tera haath ho

Saari jannatein mere saath ho

Armaan made riddhima's hand round his neck n placed both hands on her waist.He kissed her forehead ..

Rone de aaj hamko do aankhen sujaane de

baahon mein lene de aur khud ko bheeg jaane de

hain jo seene mein qaid dariya woh choot jaayega

hain itna dard ke tera daaman bheeg jaayega

Jitne paas paas dhadkan ke hain raaz

jitne paas bundon ke baadal jaise

Jitne paas paas chanda ke hain raat

Jitne paas nainon ke kaajal 

Jitne paas paas saagar ke lehar

Utne paas tu rehna hamsafar 

Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan

Tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

Mere haath mein tera haath ho

Saari jannatein mere saath ho

Adhoori saans thi dhadkan adhoori thi adhooren ham

Magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain ham

All clapped n admired the lovely couple.Then Ridz brought something for her n Ammy to eat and after that Armaan pulled her to a corner of the ship where they were alone along with the sea under the moonlight..a cool breeze passed through them making the shiver a little..

RI: Armaan kya kar rahey ho koi aajyega toh

She said inspite of being happy to get some time with him alone.She was enjoying the scenario in front of her eyes and closed her eyes to let this moment sink in..

AR: aajaney do ab toh official permission mil gayi hai.We are engaged sweetheart..

He said while pulling her closer in the lock of his arms around her waist...

RI: ArmaanShe his his chest slightly going even more red...His fingers on her bare waist were making circles making her go numb..He next pinned her to the wall and looked at her lovingly with passion in his eyes making her lower her eyes in shyness.. AR: I luv u

RI: I luv u too

She whispered blushing badly..

He kissed her forehead ,her eyes ,cheeks and then her chin..

he cupped up her face n looked at her luscious lips with many desires flooding through his body...Finding his eyes on her lips she looked down and as she felt him leaning in,she closed her eyes.Their hearts were beating rapidly with the heat between them..His lips were just a few millimetres away from her lips when Karan came from nowhere and caught them red handedKA: oops sorry I didn't know u guys were romancing here...I'm really sorry for disturbing your moment...Ridz ran away blushing.. AR: arey riddhima Riddhima suno tohKA: becharey bhaiya.Better luck next time.. AR: becharey k bacchey ruk abhi batata hoon tujhey

He ran behind him n Karan hid himself behind Ridz who was standing with Padma ,Shashank, Vijay and nani..

KA: bhabhi bachao mujhey AR: ruk ja tujhey toh main chodunga nahin PA: arey bas bas kyun dauda rahey ho iseyKA: woh aunty bhaiya aur bhabhi romance kar rahey they aur main chala aaya bhabhi bhaag gayin door, isliye bhaiya mujhey peetney k liye pakad rahey hain.Apna golden chance miss kar diya jo inhoney...Armaan n Ridz were embarrassed RI: main abhi aayi

SH: arey arey rukiye madam aap kahan chalin? kya ho raha tha Dr. Armaan.

He said a bit sternly scaring Armaan..

AR: sir kuch nahin nahin kuch bhi toh nahin

He said nervously...

All laughed at Armaan's state n the duo flushed together.



PART 60 has AR getting engaged finally..

I hope I will get long comments for this proposal part...

Silent readers atleast now come and let me know what you think about this ff.There are soo many views but so much less comments..Atleast, you guys can press the like button...

Thanks a lot people for your lovely comments regarding the previous part.Thanks to all those who pressed the like button as well.

love u all my wonderful readers...

Take care!!!

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wil edit aftr ma xamz get over

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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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heyy asma di
awesome parts
the proposal was mind-blowing :)
loved the part
cont soon 
n thx for pm

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Will surely comment asmi

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